The Joke Was On You! Your Stupid Phony Aids Rumors Did Not Work! I Did Not Care!


The only reason that I am mentioning this is because I know that some feel stupid after they thought they had gotten over by using a phony twitter account pretending to be me then finding a way to connect it to my Paper Blog account.

It is so sad how jealous and envious people are of me!

I am still not going to remove anything by reporting it, I am keeping it on so that my enemies can continue to make a fool out of themselves.

Keep Up The Good Work Because None Of You Will Ever Get The Chance To Bring Me Down! More Power To You! And I Am Still Not At All Upset By It!

I Am Not Affected At All By Your BullShit!!! It Is All So Pathetically Humorous!

I am HIV positive and i feel completely…..hmmmmm…… is there a word to desribe my feelings?

A Career In The Medical Field, My Temporary Missionary Position?


1189561-200I had enrolled in school to become a “medical assistant” back in the year of 2006 and just when I was about to start classes a full time job came through with good enough pay for me at the time. I was making a little over twelve hundred dollars a month for the entire year at J.C. Penny with a lot of responsibility as “head of the hosiery department in sales support”.

I was a very successful associate in my own right yet working in a department store was just something planned for the time being, although it ended prematurely due to the envious jealous enemies that set me up to get fired while my managers were off one particular day (these trashy people were always coming into the store trying to keep tabs on me and trying to make me lose my job by telling lies but it never worked out because I was too sufficient of an employee).

They knew that my personal managers were never going to fire me due to previous failed incidents of set ups that they had tried within the past so they waited a day when they knew my managers weren’t going to be in and played on the policies of other store managers that were present. “I was fired on account of verbally threatening to put my perpetrators six feet under the ground!”

My personal managers had told me in advance to just continue to ignore these idiots like I had been when they would enter into the store with there ulterior motives/schemes and I had agreed, however, the rage of hatred that I felt for them got the best of me on that day since I am highly in tune and I did genuinely want to kill that ugly bitch along with her ugly daughter .

Anyway that was the past, and my point is that I had resorted back into the medical field a while back and am now still a currently certified/licensed health care worker assisting patients within assisted living facilities and within their homes and etc. I’ve done from 10 to 12 hour shifts working cases of hospice, bed-bound, stroke victims. Six to eight hour shifts of dementia patients, deaf and blind patients, psychiatric patients and so on, I’ve even worked with child care.

1483866-200I took nursing level courses and passed with high scores as an assistant. I only have one next test to pass and I can become a registered nurse. This all may sound nice and good but the reality of it is that my heart really isn’t in it.

I was always extremely naturally good in psychology (because of the extra sensory perception), I had the intelligence, spunk and confidence to become a lawyer and I have the mind, ability, and sufficiency of a business woman yet these fields were never a heated passion of mine to directly pursue. My genuine thrill and drive has always been to write even though there were other things that I could and would succeed in.

The day that I would be taking vital signs (Blood pressure/Pulse/Respiration), hygiene care (Incontinence/Bath Services), diabetic care (Skin Care/Foot Care/Meal/Medication) was far from what I ever expected. I never truly desired to but here I am.

More than one spiritual adviser told me in the past that I would become a nurse but I did not believe it. That position was something I had never portended for myself and never desired but I am capable. It is still up to me whether or not I actually decide to take that next step. I’ll have to think about it.

In all honesty, the medical field is not really where I want to be but I am a very independent woman so I have to support myself in a way that is conducive in some form or fashion. I would never go down to low scale.

I’ve had some bullshit to deal with along the way and prevailed though. One incident took place back in June this past summer, a lady at an agency that I worked for at the time got mad at me because she was caught on a “phone recording” advising me to do something that she later denied but her voice didn’t lie. From then on she had given me attitude and I sensed that she would eventually attempt to get me fired, and the bitch did write and sign papers of a false termination that I later fought through my “Union” and won later this September while I still continued to work my other health care jobs.

The agency wrote a letter of acknowledgment to my “Union” for my reinstatement for the “wrongful termination write up” there at that particular agency. I accepted, reinstated, then I resigned and then told the supervisor of personnel that she was a lying fat bitch who covered up for the ugly out of shape fat bitch who tried to unjustly get rid of me. I would never go back there!

Since then, my work has been going smoothly.

Natural Powers Of The Caul And Occult Is Nothing To Fool Around With


Death In The CardsIn October of 2007, I did one of my necessary rituals using my head Orisha’s veve to invoke his spirit along with another important undertaking that was involved regarding the certain elements in which my “natural” spell was conducted. As usual my rituals usually consist of protection, veneration, blessings and whatever else that my situation or desired needs and wants may call for which always happens to automatically fall into compliance with the universe due to my special birthrights.

I am not a person of spite but a person of definite justice. Just like what I am innately of by heritage and spirituality we do not play around. We have no time for foolishness-not to say they we do not have a lighthearted nature-we love to laugh and indeed have a great sense of humor that is often also at times sinister but we are not idle spiritual beings/individuals. We have grave/serious purpose and state of mind.

Within my ritual I had also cursed a few of my enemies and offered them as human sacrifices without me having to do any of the physical dirty work. I absolutely do not believe in doing animal sacrifices (even though my enemies have performed numerous animal sacrifices upon me), viciously and morbidly cutting up poor animals while they are alive to go through such horrendous pain (burns me the fuck up!).

That is what my ancestors and Orisha’s are here and there for they take care of my obstacles and have my back while working out and smoothing through the rough edges-especially when it comes to the troublemakers.

One of my enemies went by the name Of Mike Heyward. He was an asshole who’ve I written about in the past who had made up sexual lies about me due to the fact that I did not want him (I very coldly rejected him) and treated him with a very nasty attitude because he use to always try to push himself on me even after I had already cordially explained to him that there was never nothing that was ever going to go on between us.

Well, Mike had gotten his-and badly! It didn’t take long either. The next month Mike was killed on November 24, 2007 and I was jubilant when I first got the straight story some years ago (Between my dreams, visions, messages, feelings and other investigation). I felt he got just what he deserved because he was nothing more than a worthless piece of shit who tried to be more than what he actually was.

Grim ReaperMike was just one of the many who received a backlash through the slick and diverse techniques of the universe which can make occurrences appear ordinary and/or coincidental through whichever means that are convenient and available to fit the script.

Others who have set out to hurt me only have hurt themselves in the process and that is simply just the way that it is and how it goes. I am in no mode or fashion disturbed or affected by what I am not of and not designed for.

Even after Mike’s death I’ve at times had felt his anger and distress (still mad because I did not want and desire him-when people die they do not change, they take along everything with them within their personality) and seen his effortless rage, his spirit is not in a good place. He’s had a violent anger towards me, however, there is nothing that he or anyone else can do about it, I have tremendous power and privilege within the spirit world.

Lately it has been kind of quiet in regards to him, but last year around the time of the anniversary of his death I could feel someone trying to give his spirit an elevation of some sort to come after me yet it was all in vain. Inconsequential people are of absolute non effect. One cannot subdue the dirt and wrongdoing that multiple-times folds back unto the direction of the individuals who first embarked to begin with.

Again now, it is November and it will make about seven years since his passing.

The caul and it’s power is a very beautiful and mysterious thing that is in existence and it is a part of life that should not be taken lightly. Though whether one is born with a caul or not people should not set out to harm, ridicule/criticize, or thwart someone simply because they are unique and different in thought pattern, lifestyle, mode of being and whatever else (and especially because of the fact that they cannot get over on them or through jealousy and envy).

There is a reason why certain people possess certain attributes of spiritual power. People who have tried to interfere in my life have received mental breakdowns, strokes, heart attacks and quite a few other misfortunes on account of their negativity backfiring and I have been fortunate enough to get the opportunity to acknowledge these occurrences with these people face to face and/or intuitively then later having it verified.

Update: The Demonic Dunce Douchebags Strike Again

 1000376-200As always I was right up on it and right on point! I have to admit though even after all of these years and ever since childhood I still sometimes scare myself with how accurate I am. I will never understand why my enemies continue to endeavor numerous vain attempts against me because they never have worked, and I will forever be ahead of them!
When you are of a much better quality as a person in mind, body, spirit and you hurt one of their “own” kind and/or get the best of them they cannot handle it, so they all gather together to plot and to gang up on you. 
I’ve been going through this ever since childhood and I do not have to say a word nor do I desire to. I sit back and observe with wisdom as I have that “Brain Power”, that great supernatural ability. Without a doubt, and I guarantee that every one who has ever fucked with me in the past and in the present has suffered immensely in return. And the universe always allows me the pleasure of witnessing their fates in the process.
My Ancestors and Orishas and the powers that be laugh at these fools. I am special, I am not of these assholes (thank my lucky stars!). What do I care as I am unaffected by bullshit?
They want me to be bothered by what they say and do otherwise why would they do it? (Obviously in reality particular things are bothering them as they cannot deal with and accept truth) They want me to fight back and forth and defend myself regarding their phony/bogus statements. I am not the type though, I never fell for the games and it is easy to consistently recognize the set-ups that they do.
It does not faze me. It has absolutely nothing to do with me.
Their actions go straight back to them-literally. And I just continue to advance.
This is all so pathetic and strange how I always go on with my life no matter what never thinking or caring about them yet my enemies have nothing else to move on to but to continuing with thinking relentlessly about me. And not only is it showing on the internet it has been apparent for years registering through my clairvoyance and manifesting through life, and I am not by myself in knowing about this.
It has always been about their jealousy towards me and even a bit about my attitude since I despise and have no respect for their kind. And I do not give a fuck if the truth hurts and you refuse to admit it -You Mother Fuckers are ate up with jealousy and that is all to it!!! (This shit is big!)
They are all just mad because they lost their battle. They are not on the level. They are fucking weak-minded. They are all so tremendously dumb as they cannot see and do not know the things that are by nature beautifully designed, revealed to me and, that are and have continuously been taking place.
As always much love and respect goes out to my spiritual connections thank you so much for the knowledge ,the power, and the protection. You all have given me so much love and respect from the beginning til beyond.
This garbage all speaks for it’self (So stupid, and as I have said before all so transparent):
moma me | 20/06 2014 18:53

yes she is very sick, and twisted
Latisha | 01/07 2014 15:29

Miss Latoya jus a sorry ol security guard at jc penny ha ha! Who she think she is da Good Lord only know. she think evry 1 is jealus of her but why who know? She jus a sorry ol bag o bones who got no life. She obsess wit evrybody who got wat she dont got an dats a good soul. Da Good Lord hav mercy on her soul amen. Time has come dat da truth finnaly come out!
darlaG | 01/07 2014 15:20

all her blogs are talking sh** about this one and that one, plus I know shannon lee wolf and she is the nicest and most truthful person I’ve ever met. she would go out of her way for any caulbearer of the light and has helped me to grow spiritually with my caul. its all lies latoya tells. i agree that she is sick and is in serious need of help, i would suggest an exorcism to begin with. thank you for this question moma me.
LoveHeart | 15/07 2014 13:33

I agree with all of the answers above! Shannon Lee Wolf is a beautiful and loving soul and a real life caul bearer. Miss Lawrence is sick!! To say the lies she does about her! Shame on her!
Maya | 15/07 2014 13:40

She only hates Shannon because Shannon is the real deal she can only dream of being. Her blogs about her are sickening

Is miss lawerence sick?


Is miss lawerence sick?

This Website Question Just Could Be Geared Towards That Reality Show Star “Miss Lawrence” And Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With Me-Nevertheless And Just In Case I Still Feel It Necessary To Speak My Peace In Regards To The Psychotic Assholes Who Do Wish That I Was As Twisted As They Actually Are (Certain Enemies Were Just Trying To Work Evil Black Magic On Me The Entire week Before Last-The Third Week Of June-. They Had Started On The Thursday Or Friday Before Around the 12th, Even So They Failed At Everything, All Attempts To Drain My Energy And To Drive Me Up A Wall To Lose My Mind And Flip Out).

Answers Do you know correct answer?

moma me | 20/06 2014 18:53

yes she is very sick, and twisted
The link to this web page can be found here :
I came across this bullshit yesterday. If I actually were sick and twisted why are these jealous bitches and bastards worried about it?!
If being genuinely smart, unique and unconventional with a high self respect is the new crazy-then I’ll be that loony/crazy mother fucker that inferior idiots cannot deal with because they are not on the level.
( If I ever was a drug addict or the type to have let men screw me and dog me out I’d be okay. But since I am not within that category-never having experimented with drugs and not being the type to go to bed with anyone as a part of my lifestyle I am targeted -Asexual is a part of who I am, what I was born as and what I will naturally remain. I am targeted for other things also but mainly because I never got messed up in life- as a person born of the caul I am spiritual and protected by birthright and guided by divine foundation).
I take no offense, though. It is deep just how important I still am and still continue to be to those who do not have a life, and to those who cannot bring me down.
(The disturbed people always call the sane sick when they are the actual ones who are twisted and lacking in quality)
It is both sad and very funny (I ignore and laugh at them all without pity).
Since I am a very intelligent woman with a very strong sense of self who cannot be manipulated, who is unable to be brainwashed and/or controlled, who is nowhere near the vulnerable type, who is strong and confident in her beliefs and abilities, and who does not fear anyone or anything, and one who cannot be ruined – I am set out by the retaliation amongst certain others to be considered as a “nut” because they failed at trying to scramble my mind with true insanity and incompetency?
Well I am flattered!
And welcome to the real world where people of substance, knowledge, and power do not back down! Only the strong survive.
To whoever and whatever: If you want to start a weak and obvious transparent campaign to attempt to tarnish or berate my persona go ahead and waste your time looking for assurance and validation from others because you cannot accept truth and reality.
It will not stop me from living or enjoying my life and it darn sure will not stop me from being me!

I never gave a fuck about what anybody had to say about me and I do not give a fuck about what anybody wants to think!

There are no apologies for who I am as I am very proud of myself. I love myself.
I am protected by truth and sustained by spirit, I have much peace and purity that comes from within and a strength, confidence, drive, and happiness that no one can take away. I am blessed-
                                                                                                          Sincerely Miss LaToya Lawrence

One Of My Family “Curses” Lifted



“Toya”, I love you why you don’t love me? My mother asked me months ago back in December along with telling me that she was going to listen to what I’d say (through my natural wisdom and experience and insights) because she knew that I had been through a lot in life and was ahead in what was going on around us, and that she wished she was dead.

Those words of my mother’s (Patricia Lawrence) were very short lived as she’d go totally in and out of her personality changes or just forgetting and/or intentionally vehemently denying the particular definite utterances that she would and had spoken unto me.

I know that Patricia is miserable inside. And she is so very bitter and jealous of my life and character.

I cannot express the numerous attempts that she has made to verbally sabotage me amongst her doctors (therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and so on ), the certain adult protective service workers, mobile crisis workers etc… and other fellow mentally ill patients who were on the psychiatric ward with her and who attended her out patient day program.

The lies that she tells, the delusions that she feeds into, and the paranoia that rules Patricia is utterly revolting.

Yes indeed she is a chronic paranoid schizophrenic but a very devious and conniving one at that.

My mother has always been jealous of me through and to numerous extents, however, in this time, day, and present, she “takes the cake” at being a true no good evil morbid disturbed bitch while constantly and endlessly showing her true demonic colors and feathers.

Patricia use to smoke weed and sniff cocaine yet she claims I am the one who is currently on drugs (I have never ever experimented with drugs within my entire life and I am very proud of that-I am way too strong and love myself  way too dearly so I know that my mother is without a doubt crazy!)

My mother contracted genital warts from sleeping with my father many years ago when I was a child ( she hadn’t seen him in years and just had jumped right into bed with him ) Patricia got what she deserved I say!

She also contracted Hepatitis C which she claims she got from a blood transfusion due to her enemies making her bleed through her vagina for three consecutive years ( My enemies could never make me bleed continuously, my body had never been abused or disrespected by my own hands and actions so therefore I was greatly blessed).

Nevertheless I am the one who prostitutes instead of actually attending to a legitimate day to day job and the one who had once laid up with a jail-bird nigger for whatever reason and illusion that she needs to fabricate down to her liking and/or false sense of advantage ( I am totally asexual and a very successful hard dedicated worker who has never had any kind or type of venereal disease so I know without a doubt that my mother is crazy!)

Patricia also insists that I’ve stolen over two thousand dollars out of her bank account ( which I never did and never knew anything about-if she  really even had that money to begin with because she is clearly not in her right mind regardless of the fact though that she knows how to manipulate the heads of those who are oblivious to her deceitful, conniving, and deliberate nature and of those who are right along with her in her low class ) to financially support all the drug addicts and jailbirds who supposedly live within our apartment building-that I absolutely do not personally know at all-( I’ve never associated with anyone within the building, just greetings and casual chats) along with one of her ex boy friends that was suppose to have been killed in a car accident over thirty years ago but whom she still and always believed to be alive following us around and communicating with her through her television set and through physically nudging her through out parts of  her body.

My mother is in no way getting away with the negativity morally or spiritually as I feel the tremendous amount of bad energies that she carries exude from her tortured body and soul. It shows up all over her and the more that she does the worse she gets.

Patricia looks terrible. She has never been an attractive woman though now she looks like a total piece of shit. Her hair fell out months ago so she constantly wears either a do-rag or scarf outside and most of the time around the apartment. The majority of her teeth are missing and rotted due to the lithium medication and graves disease that resulted from consumption years ago. The lithium medication had also caused her face to be covered with hideous imbedded blackheads and enlarged facial pores which smell like vomit from a distance if they are squeezed.

Patricia barely washes, her breaths smells, her ass smells, especially when she goes to use the toilet-the stink sings like a humming bird.

I hate this woman so much, she is so much trouble ( such a big liar so jealous and malicious towards me), I know who she really is and am so glad she has been extracted from my life by the laws of nature. Patricia’s departure from my life is in no way any loss but a great momentous gain.

When we are anointed and walk in total purity of truth and spirit people or things who are and that are not well suited for us are and have to be dismissed from our surroundings in order for our further well-being and further advancements.

Light never walks in peace with darkness so all evil and negativity no matter who or what they are or who or what it is must be removed. And by natural tendency whatever the matter would never be missed, just relieved and utterly enjoyed without.

-LaToya Lawrence




My Mother Is All Bugged Out/My Enemies Tried To Use My Own Mother Against Me In Order To Bring Me Down And Failed!


1443226-200As I have said before, my mother had her first mental breakdown when I was about seven or eight. The incident occurred while black magic was being worked on her during the early eighties.

She was diagnosed as manic depressive back then and she told me that the only reason that she was put on medication was because she was going to whip this woman employee’s behind who had acted very rude towards her so the Creedmoor psychiatric facility had against her will given her some anti psychotic or sedative medicine to calm her down.

My mother and I have always been very different in character even though we were able to relate to one another within certain aspects. She had always loved me very dearly because I was so very smart and so very unique and so very strong, and of course because I was her baby.

When I was a child I loved her for who I knew her to be as a mother yet there were certain things that I did not like about her and as I grew older I really did not love her at all the way that she loved me.

My mother’s illness and personality often got into the way and I would over look it still standing by her side and treating her without any prejudice or judgements. She had always loved me, cared for me, and treated me good and I appreciated that and that was all that mattered and that was all that was important at the time.

Even though I was very young I tried the best to take her unfortunate circumstances into consideration since we were both related to people in our family who were of a no good character and who were out to get us spiritually, and physically. We had a good close relationship.

I did not care about what she did in life or what had happened to her it was about the ways in how she treated me.

My mother would not have come as far in life if it wasn’t for me being there and helping her out. She has even expressed to me in the past (even again just the year before last) that if it wasn’t for me she could not have gone on.

1401926-200I am not going to get into our entire life story but to make a long story short people have always been very jealous of my mother and I. It all originated with particular members of the family Amanda Byars ( my great grandmother deceased now) Willie Lawrence (my uncle deceased now) Ernestine Lawrence (my aunt still alive now). They were all dope addicts and street-runners, liars, and trouble-makers.

My mother, Patricia Lawrence had stopped taking her medication in the early part of April 2013 and began to get severely paranoid and delusional throughout and towards the end of the rest of the year. My mother had never been that long without taking her medication.

In the past, when she’d skip her medications it wasn’t for such a long period of time and after a two-week period of hospitalization she’d come back to her normal self.

It was a diagnosis of bipolar in the distant past, however, for a while now she has been diagnosed as a Chronic Paranoid Schizophrenic.

I cannot put her situation totally on mental illness because I know without a doubt that it is the affects/effects of black magic that had been previously worked on her last year and that is currently being maintained on her now.

Our enemies could not and will never ever get me because I am too strong and too equip in the mind yet poor Patricia was vulnerable to their tactics and has turned on me.

“I know exactly who is doing this evil and why and I know the others who are involved here is a hint to one who is partially involved and some of the reasons are because of a bitch or two or three that I dogged out on the internet amongst other non related motives. It’s a combination of things”:

When people are too smart and of a good-nature evil miserable rotten people will do everything within their power to destroy their reputation or credibility by driving them crazy (by making them lose their minds/giving them breakdowns) lying on them to destroy and ruin their character (mind games/psychological manipulation).

All of these things are aided by black magic when these people cannot break a person down in any other way naturally.

I do not think that my mother will ever turn back into her normal self and if she does it will be too late because I have no type of respect or love for her. She is straight up trash just like her grandmother, brother and sister.

Patricia goes in and out of it, talking out of her head, accusing me of being against her, spitefully lying on me, forgetting what she says and does. Just last month she told me “I love you so much”. Then this month she told me “You’re a liar, I never said that!”

The doctor’s and social workers all tell me that I am not alone that NAMI is a support group for and with people who go through the same thing with their mentally ill relatives. I do understand that, however, mental illness is indeed a very deep and ugly burden but it is not mine to bear and I do not want any part of it especially one that is induced by forms of black magic.

People in my Mother’s situation do nothing but cause confusion and bring trouble to the innocent one. “Not really”, someone at a mental crisis facility told me in response to that statement in which I had also made to this person I was speaking to over the phone. “These professionals (police, ems and etc…) that they talk to know that they are sick”.

“What about the professionals who are sick too in there own little ways?” I say.

Nowadays it is up to the EMS (Emergency Medical Technicians-Paramedics) to evaluate a person before they decided whether or not to take an individual into a psychiatric facility, not the police. The EMS should not have that type of authority, I came across some corrupt ones just as I have some policemen and women. There are no good sick people in all fields of work who cannot be trusted, I firsthand experienced their style.

You just have to be extra careful these days and watch your back.

1476915-200People use to come to me years ago and tell me “You know you are the only one with any sense in the family”, and that was definitely the truth. Not that I put any faith into what people say or gossip about as I know many of those same people would gossip about me in other subjects since I was of a higher class and they could not bring me down due to the fact that they did not understand me.

Do not get me wrong-I never thought that everybody was against me because not everybody was, and not everybody is against me. That would be an absurd statement to make and a false one at that. I on my own just had to clarify that because some may misinterpret how I express myself-there are people who always believed in me, who were for me, and who still have my back.

And even though I had already knew that I was the only one who wasn’t messed up what could I do?  They (my family) all had done forms of drugs, smoked, drank, and indulged with men through their own lustful and insecure desires.

They all (my mother and her siblings) took a very bad genetic group of traits from their very mentally ill and sick grandmother, Amanda Byars.

I was never like any of them and am so very proud of that I took after my mother’s mother side of the family. I wish that my grandmother Catherine Lawrence (deceased now) had never married and had any children with Amanda Byars’s son Willie Mason Lawrence deceased now) because she fucked up the bloodline.

It doesn’t matter anyhow in regards to me though because my Orishas and Ancestors got me. My bloodline is strong and pure and no negative energy or any negative people can or will be able to destroy me and our family circle.

(I still have good distant relatives who are still alive they just live in different other states than I do)

They got my mother and they can have her. She is just a burden that I will not allow to tie me down with her lies, delusions, conniving, paranoia, and crafty talk against me and to get over. Even if my mother is not totally aware of what she is doing due to the spells that are  upon her she is not someone healthy for me to be around.

When I put her in the hospital recently the last few times I felt a great weight of peace and relief. In other words the only connection that my enemies have with me is through her because she is now totally demonic just like them and has to be dismissed away from my life as we are not of one another and I am just delighted by that.

It is so sad that my mother has been seized and attacked but I am so glad that I was not caught up into the mist. When she first had the breakdown years ago the demonic seed was planted and now it has blossomed and manifested it’s ugly heads.

Once the seed is planted and embedded it is reoccurring, ongoing, permanent. When the seed is not planted-as in my case-since the positive energies around me never let the seeds of black magic and/or demonic activity take pivotal root within my spirit and auric field.

I kiss the “crazy” Lawrence family goodbye once and for all!

No one could ever steal my true identity (my natural self) away from me and as I always wanted to spread the beauty of my own independent and unconventional wings quietly I had to separate myself from all negative demons even if it meant letting go of all maternal ties to my mother.

I do not even recognize what was left of Patricia Lawrence anymore.

Someone told me not to abandon my mother and not to let these enemies do her in but I disagree, my mother is not as spiritual as me. She had a gift, it wasn’t nowhere near as strong as mine but she let them get inside her head and sway her mind like a puppet/a rag doll and I am tired.

What good is she to me? She is just an anchor ready to sink me down into the muddy rivers of a ship that is right along with her and I darn sure ain’t gonna let that shit happen!