A Message To My Readers Regarding My Previous One Hundred And Twenty-Four Posts


I use to blog at blogsource.com they said they would shut down their site in June of  this year but the site was still available just not active so i added all of my posts from between when i first started in late January of 2006 up until May of 2007.The name of my popular blog was Titled “My Voice” by Miss LaToya Lawrence: My Voice is all about my creativity, and issues relating to society. Everybody may not agree or like what i say but i don’t care because i speak the truth and that’s all what’s important.

(We regret to inform you that on September 8th, 2007, BlogSource will be shutting down. Please copy your blog posts and links to your computer or another blog site before that date as they will be lost and unavailable to you from BlogSource. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We would like to thank everyone who has participated and wish you much success in the future. )



About misslatoya

I am a genuine clairvoyant born with the caul/veil. And I am a natural born writer. I was born with second sight and have many intuitive gifts. I taste, smell, hear, see, feel and know things. I have strong, intense empathic and telepathic ability. I communicate with the dead. My life itself is a constant supernatural event as I experience these occurrences altogether on a daily basis. Music: I like all types of music My hobbies: writing, reading, my spirituality Turn ons: the truth, knowledge, intelligence Turn offs: ignorance, liars Books: true crime novels, particularly st Martin’s true crime library series

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