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Marked For Death


Monday, March 26, 2007 at 1:18 PM EDT

  •  Yes, i am a human being. But i am not one of the average human beings walking around here on earth. Anybody just by looking at me may not know that and i don’t care, however, some should atleast be aware that there are a lot of certain and serious things going on here in the world and should be a little more up on it and stop taking what they consider usual for granted.

    This past saturday a very unattractive and unintelligent woman approached me at my store with a girl she said was her daughter. The woman got mad because she wasn’t intelligent enough to comprehend what she asked me about an article of merchandise. She called me a asshole, which easily could be ignored. But then she threatened me, talking all about what she would do to me.


  • I could have easily ignored that too. I’m kind of hot-tempered at times and what tipped me off the scale with this piece of trash was the arrogance that she had like she could have everything in the bag. Then she went as far as putting her hand in my face. That really did it. She went and really performed in the store and her young daughter had the nerve to tell me that i didn’t know what i was doing when i threatened her mother back.


  • They may believe that everything worked out in their favor. I’ll tell you, they are very naive. Things are not at all what they seem. What they did is borrowed a little time for me.I am a child of the caul. A lot of people don’t know what some people like me are really about and what we are capable of doing. I’m very powerful. I wake up feeling the spiritual power that i have. Every time my spirits reveal something to me it “always” happens without a doubt.


  • That woman is in trouble. In five days from this past saturday she is liable to have either a stroke or heart-attack. And there after her days will be numbered. She called me a lunatic for not fearing her or what she thought she had the upper hand in pulling at my job, now she’ll see who’s really in control because her fate right now is in my hands.


  • She angered the spirits that are around me and they will make sure that i have the things that i need and want. Certain people are just going to have to learn the hard way that i am not one to be fucked with, especially when i am not bothering anyone.

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