Reflections On Certain Parts Of My Life

In My Own Words By Miss LaToya Lawrence

My Past, My Present, My Future

( I’m A Sweet Child Of The Caul, One Born With The Great Veil )

I can’t run from who i am. And i don’t want to. I was born with a caul, bestowing to me the gifts and powers of “Knowing” and “Healing” along with many connections to the spirit world.

I am reminded every day of my birthright as my personal spirit guides, guardians and informers envelope me with great spirituality.

It is no amazement to me how i am unaffected and undisturbed by things here in the world that are considered hurtful and distressful to many. My mind does not entertain what it deems as “bullshit”. And what is bullshit in my opinion may not be the same bullshit to others, yet that is what makes me so special and unique-My way of thinking, living and being.

I am very unusual and very proud to not be normal. I am a genuine individual.

My mind thinks ahead, my eyes see beyond, my mouth speaks the truth, my body interacts with energies and my spirit feels the weight of the world. One may wonder how i am able to bare such beauty, power and burden with such ease, grace and longevity. And i’d simply acknowledge that i am concurrently and consistently sustained by the natural forces of the universe that are aligned with me.

Some may think that i talk a lot of shit. But i am all the “shit” that i talk-and, with no apologies. I am a old soul in a fairly young body speaking my wisdom and truths as i know it to be.

 My Temporary Trial In The Past

My Nature Making It’s Way ( And It Feels So Natural )

When my nature calls out to me, i scream out inside. And i beg for it to “Please Come Get Me!” “Please Take Me!” And my thoughts scream “I Love You!”

It is so desperately drawing me near to my destiny but something is caught in between trying to keep us apart. I know it’s the evil and negativity of this world that doesn’t want my nature to flow. It would rather have me live what this world considers to be normal. Innately, what is natural to most is very unnatural to me. It is totally foreign. I refuse to be lead by the world. This place will never claim me. I’d rather perish.

My nature tells me certain things to do that is infinite to the state of my well-being until the day we make our ultimate connection.

My nature is my real mother, my real family who let this world borrow me for the time being-all the while not leaving me without my true natural state of heart and mind. I am not influenced by this sick place called “The World”. I can and will not be deterred from the absolute woman that i am and, i definitely mean at no cost!

Negativity makes me want to vomit. Positivity makes me want to holler. I am caught up in the rapture of my natural beauty, knowledge and creativity and there in the bosom of my destiny is where i forever want to be.

I can handle anything this world puts out because i am carried in the wings of my spiritual mother and family as they shield and guide me with wisdom and strength.

My spirits grip tightly around my brain, loving me and keeping me grounded in my nature. They are my sisters watching over me-i am one of the babies in our family.

My nature’s force to take me gets stronger and stronger and i continue to welcome it because i always pull further and further away from a place here that does not at all suit me. I have already made a ultimate connection with certain powers but i still yearn for the arms of my natural mother to wrap around me so that i may begin to live more abundantly in spirit the way i was inevitably meant to be.

I already have the privileges of not worrying and fearing so where there may be minor blockages my nature cannot and will not be denied. What is suppose to happen eventually has to come to be one way or another in my case. There is no other way. It is so natural.

My nature calling to come get what belongs to it.

Again, i have to say that i want to scream! I want to scream out in excitement. I feel the love that my nature has for me and we will fight until the end for one another and, we will win. There is no doubt. My anticipation is overwhelming with wonderful passion.

 My Future

Living In The Light ( I Live My Life Right )

My mind thinks up high as i ride on my spiritual plane. Sometimes i look down, and can’t imagine taking steps on a dirty ground. I wouldn’t know how to walk. I keep my feet in the air, enjoying the great winds that keep me afloat. My eyes steady seeing through each cloud. No longer a mist but a view in the sky.

I watch my stars as they begin to open and rise. Then i discover a revelation that comes to me as no surprise. Determining my pathways, my reasons, my whys. I have a lot of knowledge do to my nature and much experience. I also have a lot of strength that was gained through my nature and by my experience.

All throughout my years i have survived in such a way. Never desiring to go astray, as i gracefully made it day to day.

I did not choose to be this way. This way chose to be in me. And it is so innate for me to not want to do what is considered to be “What’s In”.

I’m a sophisticated lady who is living in the light. Certain kinds consider me to not have a life-not because i don’t-but because i live my life right.