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The German Shepherd

I had my very first pet when i was seven years of age. It happened to be a male full-breed German shepherd. My grandmother had brought it into our home because she had intended for it to grow up to become an attack dog. The moment i first laid eyes on the pup i was excited and happy, he was just as cute and little as i was. We instantly became attached to one another. I named my new pet “Brownie”. I fed him, walked him, played with him, and had him doing tricks! I taught Brownie how to jump through my hula hoop and i learned just how intelligent and talented my baby shepherd was.

Not so long after, i returned home one evening to find out that Brownie was nowhere to be found. I searched the backyard and all over the inside of my house and discovered that my mean ole grandmother had given my precious puppy away. My grandmother didn’t approve of the way i was raising Brownie. I gave him care, love and affection. And i was teaching him how to instinctively respond to people, and the things around him. She wanted him to stay chained up in our backyard all day and night without any communication so that he would turn out to be mean and vicious and protect the home. In my opinion, my grandmother had a few screws loose! I don’t feel that one has to mistreat or neglect a dog in order for it to learn to protect you. If you give them good care they will naturally love and protect you.

I ran up to my bed and cried as much as a little girl could cry for the puppy i didn’t think I’d ever see again. Later that particular evening, it just so happened that i accompanied my mother to the store and spotted Brownie there right outside tied to a rail. The person who had my puppy was inside the store. And as i waited for my mother to return, my intuition told me that was indeed Brownie, but still i wasn’t completely sure. Then we made eye contact and he kept staring at me and reaching toward my direction. When my mother came out of the store i told her that i was tempted to snatch Brownie back up. But we just left and went about our way.

Two to three years later i got another puppy. This time a female German shepherd who was mixed with collie. She was awesome in every way, and we were together for seventeen years until her legs gave out. And that is the only negative thing about having a German shepherd as a pet, having to put them down to put them out of their misery.

There were other breed of dogs that came and went while i had Brandie but she was the one i always kept close to my heart and never got rid of. And her shepherd traits had a lot to do with her great personality. Between the short time that I’d spent with Brownie, and the very long time that was spent with Brandie, they both proved to be very loyal, keenly intelligent, protective, obedient, sensitive and playful companions.

I do plan on getting about two or three puppies to raise in the future. I like the collie and Labrador breeds. They are also beautiful nice dogs. So whether i get just two pups or three of each, the German shepherd will definitely be one of my choices!


2 thoughts on “The German Shepherd

  1. Try a white German Shepherd LOVE THEM . We had one for 10 years and this one for 6 years they are so nice and fun to be with. besides they are really nice looking.

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