Black Magic & Voodoo Witchcraft

Black MagicBlack Magic is on the rise as predicted by Mony Singh in the article he wrote for “India Post” in 1994. Black Magic is dangerous and can destroy one’s health and wellbeing, it can also kill or make the individual commit suicide in extreme cases. The innocent soul seldom finds out that he/she has become a victim of Black Magic.

If you think you have become a victim of black magic here are the indications that will help you understand your situation.

Initial stages of possible Black Magic or Spirit Activity

  • Your sleep is disturbed
  • Fatigue and lack of energy to live day-to-day life
  • You have Fear
  • Disinterest in life
  • Hopelessness
  • You are irritated for no reason
  • You get angry for no reason
  • Severe Depression
  • Dryness of mouth at night
  • Obesity in some cases
  • Sudden Chills and Goose Bumps
  • Tightness around body parts
  • You start forgetting things in the spur of the moment and experience memory loss
  • Your access to the dream world is blocked: No remembrance of dreams when you wake up
  • Your professional career suffers
  • Irrational behaviour of people towards you.
  • Blockages in the inflow of moneyThere are many symptoms and it all depends upon the state of consciousness the victim is at and the kind of Spirit World influence that is affecting the victim.Advance Stages of Black Magic/Spirit Activity
  • You dream of dead bodies and horrible looking people who want to kill you in your dream
  • You dream of snakes & dirty places
  • Waking up suddenly in fear with shortness of breath
  • Dreaming of falling from Heights
  • Dreaming of Snakes, Scorpions & Spiders
  • You see black dots or smoke flying all over
  • The stomach bloats like a pregnant women’s belly and the area right above the navel tightens up & when touched feels like a golf ball is in there
  • Tightness and heaviness specially in shoulders and chest
  • Extreme hunger in case entities have taken charge of your body
  • Constant headache
  • Your complexion darkens
  • Itching, burning and stinging pains in different parts of the bodyFinal Stages of Spirit Possession/Black Magic with very little recovery time left
  • Cancer of blood or other body parts
  • Shrinking and malfunctioning of kidneys
  • Excessive alcohol consumption resulting in liver damage
  • Substance Abuse
  • Heart Attacks resulting in sudden death
  • Medicines do not work baffling the medical practioner: resulting in doctors using stronger treatments
  • Suicidal attempts or thoughts of self destructionAdditional symptoms pertaining to women only
  • Bruise marks around thighs & vagina
  • Rape in dreams by spirits with an orgasm that is real
  • Irritation in the vagina with Leukorrhea/Leucorrhea
  • Complete stoppage of monthly periods, irregular periods, painful periods, Dark Blood
  • unable to conceive due to psychic blocks so as the woman stays barren all her life
  • blockages in fallopian tubes and/or unable to hold the pregnancy resulting in miscarriage
  • Unexplained convulsionsAdditional symptoms pertaining to Spiritual People
  • Your interest in the divine consciousness takes a nose dive, you lose interest in your prayers and meditations.
  • Body shakes like a pemdulum when one tries to meditate or pray
  • One gets attracted towards unholy desires like homosexuality, Non-vegetarian food, sex & other vices
  • Your kundalini shakti becomes inactive in case your kundalini was functioning earlier.In serious cases where demons, devils or evil entities have taken possession of the individual’s body, the individual can commit suicide or become a killer. Sudden violent behavior is quite visible in these individuals.Important:
    The spirit activity increases 2-3 days before the Dark moon nights and the full moon nights. If you are a victim your condition will worsen around these periods. It will help you keep a log of the events around these periods. Please check the dates for the Full Moon Nights and the Dark Moon Nights that are listed at the end of this page.

    Voodoo Witchcraft
    (Very Cruel & Deadliest of all)Voodoo Witchcraft comes from the African continent & is extremely lethal. In the last few years it has spread into other parts of the world & is being mixed with other forms of Black magic to harm and kill people.

    The clothes, hair, nails and picture are used to make a doll that resembles the victim; the heart area of the doll is kept open for the final ritual. A ritual is performed and a heart is pulled out from a live animals body while it is vibrating and placed into the heart area of the doll, at this point the doll is infused with life connecting the doll with the victim with an invisible psychic chord. Once the doll and the victim are connected, 2-3 inch needles are pushed in the doll at specific acupuncture points to break the energy system of the victim. As the pins are pushed into the doll the victim feels as if a needle is being pierced into his body. The victim can be sitting thousands of miles away and will experience the attacks instantaneously. If the victim was made to eat or drink food and/or water that consists of “Masaan” (Ash of the Dead) infused with negatively charged energy by the black magician, the effects are life threatening and gives unlimited control over the victims Mind & Body. The prime focus of the black magician is to destroy the immune system of their victim. In case of a man: head & temple area, thumbs & big toes are targeted to break the immune system. In case of women, breasts and private parts are attacked to terrorize & harm the victim. The individual can be killed using this technique in as little as 28 days (one Moon cycle). If the individual is physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually strong it becomes very difficult for the attacker to kill the victim within a specific time period and the attacks can continue for years until the victim or the black magician dies. At present many forms of black magic are being used all over the world, the problem is rising at a horrifying rate and the governments are not interested in looking into the problem and making laws to punish the Black Magicians. In the past few years hushed up research has been done at the Stony Brook Medical College, New York. USA and they have concluded that Voodoo witchcraft can kill people. 90% of Vietnam is dominated by the practice of black magic; Parts of Asia including India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia are the areas where the science of black magic is spreading like wild fire. In the west: America, Mexico & parts of South America, England, Eastern Europe & Africa are some of the areas where Black Magic & Voodoo witchcraft is on the rise. Here are some of the effects one can experience on the physical level if one has become a victim of Voodoo Witchcraft: In Voodoo the effects are not gradual but start instantly and the intensity of these attacks increase to higher levels depending upon the weakness of the individual.

  • Waking up with a jerk and in fear within moments one falls into the first stage of sleep.
  • A Dark or Grey smoke is seen in front of the eyes when awake.
  • One’s complexion turns dark & as the time passes it turns to darker shades of black.
  • Stinging pains in different parts of the body.
  • Shooting stinging pain in the tongue and one wakes up with extreme pain with a blister on the tongue.
  • Burning of palms as if they have been put on fire
  • Lips and other body parts get swollen in the spur of the moment for no medical reasons.
  • Constant Fatigue/ Low Energy
  • Mood Swings & extremely negative thinking that can lead to suicides
  • Jerking/Twitching of muscles or body parts
  • feeling of ants crawling on the body or body parts vibrate
  • Heaviness/Tightness in the whole body or certain body parts
  • In serious cases where spirits have taken control of the house where the individual is residing: one can experience dripping plasma from the walls, unusual activity of the insects & other wierd phenomenon that is unexplainable & unrealistic. Some of the unusual activity is only visible to the victims.
  • Whether it is Black Magic or Voodoo witchcraft the effets are intensified on and around the Full Moon Nights and the Dark Moon nights As the attacks continue the victim is torn down on multiple levels; gets bed ridden and eventually dies of no apparent medical reason. The doctor’s cannot help him because the symptoms misguide the doctors into giving the individual stronger treatments with every passing day and one day the body gives-up. If any of the above symptoms match your situation, you should immediately get professional help. There are some specific mantras in the Rig Vedas that can start protecting you immediately. Here are some precautions that you can take from becoming a victim
  • Do not eat or drink any item from anyone unless the person shares that food item with you.
  • Sweets/Desserts that are filled with “Ash of the Dead” and charged with negative mantra are used to create an opening in your auric shield and that opening is used as a channel to control your body & mind.
  • Black Magic is done using your picture, clothes, hair, nails, blood, saliva, skin tissue & used menstrual pads
  • Women get affected with black magic more easily than men, in women the effects can be observed on the surface while in men it works as an undercurrent and is not visible.
  • Black magic can also be done by touching your body or looking straight into your eyes.
  • Anything that carries an aura can be charged with negative energies to create an opening in the auric field of the victim. Examples: Clothing, jewelry, piece of paper, stuffed animals or stuffed dolls e.t.c
  • Black magic can also be done using your name and your mother’s name hence do not give sensitive information to everyone
  • There is nothing irrational about black magic as it is an ancient science and can be mastered to hurt or heal people hence follow the rule of Trusting in God but staying on Guard Important:The spirit activity increases 2-3 days before the Dark moon nights and the full moon nights. If you are a victim your condition will worsen around these periods. It will help you keep a log of the events around these periods. Please check the dates for the Full Moon Nights and the Dark Moon Nights that are listed below.
    If any of the symptoms listed above match your situation, your life is at serious risk, you should seek immediate help.

614 thoughts on “Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic

  1. It’s Hard For Adversaries To Accept Truth: Posted By Miss LaToya On May 16, 2020


    Jealous and envious people often try to outdo or compete with those who they know they’re inadequate to, and feel threatened by.

    We don’t entertain them within our minds as we live our day to day lives unconcerned about their unwanted existence. Yet, we appear upon their minds as a constant reminder of the incomparable and repetitious torture in relation to their own shortcomings, and inevitable downfalls.

    For about two weeks now, adversaries have been working against me to no avail. They have made an effort through working a spell or spells to mask and block the good energy innately generated around me in an attempt to unnaturally lower my spirits and prevent further advantageous things from entering into my life.

    They come to my blogs and/or get wind of my writings. They observe my peaceful and satisfying lifestyle. They resent my spiritual blessings and protections; and they are heavily disappointed at my consistency to successfully hold versatile jobs, and earn steady well-paid incomes.

    I and certain members of my family were born intelligent and meant to do well no matter who or what negative source endeavored to intervene. We were always much stronger and more knowledgeable than the demonic individuals who crossed our paths.

    They also come to my blog to look for clues or ideas within my writings, actually believing that I would unwittingly or tactlessly (clumsily) divulge some type of information to counteract the intangible/celestial arrangement that surrounds me.

    This tug of war that adversaries delusionally hold onto is a battle in which they constantly fight on their own against themselves. I’ve never held onto the other end of their ropes as I let them fall to their defeat a long time ago due to the fact that they didn’t stand a chance at ever destroying me.

    They just need to wake up, realize, and finally accept it.

  2. Intangible Peace:
    Posted By Miss LaToya On May 3, 2020


    Luck and fortunate circumstance have never been a stranger within my life when it came to particular occurrences.

    I’ve constantly been having a lot of great luck; the universe is very consistent. My family and I are blessed.

    The positive energy within and around my family and I that exudes out into the atmosphere generates a magnetism to continuously reflect back accordingly.

    My beloved and respected Ancestors and Orishas guard with a fierce peace, power, and protection each and every day.

    In the past, we’ve had to go through so much in life due to the many unsavory and demonic people who unfortunately inhabit the earth without them being able to conquer our spirits, or the essence that shines over us.

    However, when we are good/spiritual people a huge percent of us have to battle with the lost souls and principalities of the world, and beyond.

    The most important element of the situation is that we successfully made it through as those of us with strong faith and foresight knew we inevitably would.

    We did not fret when certain events infuriated us and brought out the inner vigilante derived from our strength.

    We knew the day would come when the universe would snag the unscrupulous up into the clutches of its supernatural jaws to display for our warranted observation.

    We are often allowed the privilege to satisfactorily witness the retributions of spiritual vindication granted by the powers that be.

  3. The Depth Of Ignorance:
    Posted By Miss LaToya On April 5, 2020


    I awoke this morning to the adorable sounds of birds chirping outside my window. They always sound so cute! Their chirruping lasted for a good hour.

    I also awoke to a headache that intensified two days ago; the results of adversaries working against me through black magic-when will they learn or accept that their efforts are in vain?

    It doesn’t ever matter what is going on within the world they are still preoccupied with trying to overcome me. When 9/11 hit they didn’t stop, and now with this corona virus they are still at it. World events do not distract or deter them from their envies and resentment being put into action.

    They are trying to communicate with me through dreams in an attempt to manipulate me into their false perception of what should be.

    I have an extremely strong spirit and strong mind; I do not and have never thought the way average, or below average people do. No one can steer my mind from the truth or of my definite nature, it is impossible; yet, reason does not register with sick people.

    My adversaries know who to mess with and who not to so they are just acting stupid right now. My conquering of them was, and still is, too much for them to handle. The idiocy they showed was too much for them to bear. Nevertheless, their nonsense attempts at trying to undermine the facts of their defeat is a total waste of time.

  4. hello im a innocent victim of blackmagic hex, spell binding negative energy some lady put this on me she started this on me 2010 this is a emergency i can’t call 911 they think I need mental health. Please someone if you can help im dealing with a very severe case I need help i have little money thats why i have not got treatment my health care can not help me please if you can help contact me ASAP phone # is email is 5108572592 /
    OMG i read an article you have on this site im so suffering the lady that put this hex on me had a doll named after me and the chest was opened OMG
    Please can someone help this is serious i can tell you more when someone contacts me god bless this is a 911 text i need help fast

  5. (

    Everyone who has had a breakdown of some sort is not weak, crazy, or dangerously unstable.

    A breakdown is spiritual within many instances. A Yoruba priestess even acknowledged this fact to me years ago. I know firsthand as my own mother was a victim of brujeria in the early 1980’s.

    I was even targeted. My aunt tried to flip me out when I was eighteen years of age by putting the hallucinogenic drug mescaline into a hot pot of black eyed peas that I had cooking over the stove.

    People often use recreational “trip” drugs to increase the chance or enhance the effect of mental and chemical alterations of the brain while also performing the negative spiritual influences within black magic/voodoo/witchcraft.

    My aunt went a step further in her malicious attempt by also putting tainted hiv fluids inside my food. Anyone educated would know the disease would not survive within the air and within a pot of scalding hot water.

    Nevertheless, I didn’t lose my head or have a breakdown, my mind was too strong with faculty and awareness, and I didn’t, of course, become infected with aids either.

    I was young, innocent, and very spiritually inclined, so divine intervention took over and protected me.

    My aunt Tina (Ernestine Lawrence) has been hiv positive since the 1980’s due to intravenous drug use and promiscuous behavior from the 1970’s on up and instead of using her limited time to spend changing her life around for the better, she continued to do tons of constant dirt. She and other envious and jealous ruthless dummies, whores, drug addicts, and degenerates attacked me and other family for decades.

    They’ve in addition done it to others, however, when they came after my mother and I, they messed with the wrong individuals. We are people of the light and they are people of the darkness. My ancestors and orishas were ready for them all, and the universe was recording and keeping record of every notorious deed in which was repeatedly done toward us.

    Tina had poisoned food of my mother’s years ago too while neighbors were working black magic/voodoo/witchcraft against her.

    My grandfather was driven to mental affliction before he was killed and found dead in the Hudson river.

    My aunt Charise was drugged and raped which caused her to be afflicted with mental illness.

    My grandfather, mother, younger aunt, and I were targeted for manipulative breakdowns because we were all very smart, strong, and fighters who could literally kick ass if needed be. We weren’t the type to back down or be bullied by anyone, and we were all good upstanding people.

    The intent for causing mental, emotional, and spiritual breakdowns are to weaken one, to render them as incredible, and to lower their self esteem and spirit.

    Certain evildoers want those of us who have knowledge in which threaten their unscrupulous ways either dead or labeled as crazy.

    1. Yes you is so very right,my daughter and her father people has had black magic put on me.even when I go to get help they turn against me ms.lander is on that work against me for my daughter,who do I trust???? Even had me put money in my shoes and bring to her please help or tell me what to do next.Thanks

  6. Iam a 20 year u.s. military veteran. .service connected. Yes. My ex that has 6 now adult kids all. Kids. All 6 are and put in street drugdealers homes for the mother. ( Rosa lopez portorican. She Rosa lopez said she put a spell on me. – MY NAME IS THEODORE DELAPAZ I SERVED 20 YEARS OF MY LIFE IN U.S. MILITARY. ( IAM FINDING OUT THAT THERE IS A FEW PEPOLE TWO FEMALES AND ONE MALE THAT IS DOING WITCH CRAFT ON ME IAM NOT TOLD THER NAMES BUT. AS I READEF

    1. As I have approved your comment publicly I just want to let you know that I am not posting your address and telephone number publicly I’ve kept that private as I do for everyone that wants me to personally contact them.

      Listen, this is a wonderful time in the universe right now where a lot of people’s dirt is coming out into the open and their indescretions/negativities are being revealed and are greatly catching up with them.

      Their lies are also being exposed.

      It is the time for all of the people that took from us (to drain our energies/hinder our blessings/cause blockages) to dishonestly attempt to rise  just to tragically fall back into where they utterly belong and that is within the gutter.

      Their shit couldn’t last forever and they only hurted themselves because the worst that they’ve done and continue to do are the deeds that automatically reflect back to them beyond the maximum.

      Everything is coming back to them but much worst.

      Us good and deserving people are on top and will continue to rise even higher where we ultimately belong according to what is preordained. We will now receive much more than what we were suppose to from the start.

      So as we continue to win the battle and uphold the fight within “spiritual warfare”-and these are words of caution-just make sure that you’re in the right !

      People often like to intentionally mislead, tell half truths, and flat out lies without mentioning the wrong that they may have done just to get back at another.

      There are two sides to a story and sometimes three.

      So like I said if you want to retaliate with supernatural intervention it has to be justified.

      That is why I always win and defeat my own enemies and whoever attempts to do me wrong. And it also has to do with the high level that one is on within “mind” and “spirit” and that inclination and connection to and within the universe and what sources/forces you’re working with.

      So if you seriously want payback towards this person insure there is nothing you’ve done to her (that went on between you two because from what you wrote why would you have dealt with someone like that in the first place?) that will come back to you!

    2. Hi I’m in Texas and I need to talk to yo can I send u my email address and phone number it’s a emergency someone ripped my stomach open and my ears hurt in at Elgin tx

  7. Hello I need someone to help me. I strongly believe and from the things that r happening in my relationship with my boyfriend that never use to happen I know his jealous X baby mama have put a hold on him as they would say tie him the things this woman has done to him. Our relationship was good up until he leave her after that it’s just problems for us and he keep fining him self being pull back to her and he don’t know y he has start to get angry at me once it comes to her it is killing him. I live in St.Elizabeth Jamaica and am asking is there anyone who knows someone we could visit to help him and save our relationship. Please am asking I really need ur help

  8. Dear Miss Latoya

    I fit all the symptoms you listed, down to the final stage. Earlier this year I went to see a psychic. This man was not just a typical palm reader, tarot or card reader, he would touch your palms and see your life pretty much. I was struggling with some questions I needed answered at the time in order to know what steps to take next.
    Later on I found out this man was not naturally gifted, atleast not completley. He acquired these techniques by occultic techniques. About two weeks after having met him, I also found out he was also deeply immersed in witchcraft. He even boasted about killing people with black magic in a matter of months, and that, ”it wasnt even that hard”.

    Now you see, he told me this because my grandmother on my dads side, practices this stuff. I was suspecting if she had done anything to me, she hates my mother to death, and has stated multiple times the desire for my misfortune simply for being my mothers daughter. And upon opening that topic, is how i found out he himself was very very much into witchfraft. He offered to help me, by teaching things of that nature, you know. I repeatedly refused, and even called him a psychopath for being happy about killing people with this stuff etc etc. A week after having told him that, I woke up one morning and my chest flattened out, hips narrowed, my facial structure seemed to be almost melting etc. Eversince then, my body hurts immensely, so does my heart and head 24/7. i cannot breathe, it feels as though someone is squeezing me at my neck. The doctors cannot tell me anything. They do not ever find anything. And yet I am still so physically weak and in pain, its almost impossible to get through the day. All my endeavors have failed. The worst part is that, it seems as though Ive lost myself. Its been six months, and I cannot feel emotion anymore, or think or be the way I used to. Its a very odd feeling, of your body being cold on the inside. Even if your flesh is hot. The inside, especially around the heart area, feels cold and empty.

    I am almost unreckognizable now. All my beauty is gone. I didnt even notice how bad it got until a few months in, because of the extreme body pain,

    I dont know what to do anymore. I’d really appreciate your input and some help. Thank you very mcuh. Your post was very helpful

    1. Yeah, this Cathy Barge is indeed from Whitestone, NY. She is short and dumpy and she wears black-rim glasses she is ugly in the face and she looks whipped.

      I mean I am going to be forty-three years old next month and I look young and innocent with a pretty complexion and the cute little body/figure of a pre-teen or little girl even-not saying that’s a standard or everyone’s preference-I’ve just taken care of myself and lived a clean lifestyle and it shows.

      Cathy is a wicked, miserable, envious bitch and it is written all over her essence.

      She has an obvious mental problem and she had the nerve to claim that she has a degree of some sort in relation to a social worker. The last thing the world needs is another nut out there that is ignorant and that thinks that they can use a position that they are not really qualified for to psychologically manipulate
      vulnerable individuals who wouldn’t know any better.

      Fortunately there are people like me and others out there that are actually of substance, value, intellect, knowledge and spiritual elevation that are able to reach genuinely high achievements and use them productively.

    2. I believe one of my fiancés female friends put voodoo on our relationships. I have been cut off from the dream world but because I am part psychic myself I can still get little parts of warnings that voodoo have been done by a jealous female and she keeps coming around to see how much damage her work have done. I have small kids and don’t want them to continue to witness this and have my body to continue going through the things she makes both me and him do to each other. I love my family deeply and hate that we ran in to this evil person and we are very good people. can you help us please or tell me what I must do . People will do a reading a see what I see but want help us with out money and that is something that is limited to us because f this jealous person. I feel so sad and hurt I could cry but my high self Is in tune so now I am ready for war with what ever raft this is this person sunt to my family. Peale help a kind hearted soul person and give me some advise to beat this evil ….I don’t want to be evil back just some good kind please . thank you kindly oh and the person have my school picture. They stole it out my car one day I just don’t know who it is or why.

    3. You know, I never ever got to the point of feeling sad or hurt when my enemies came after me with voodoo/black magic or anything else. They could never hurt me mentally or emotionally with their words or actions.

      From what I’ve learned through their ignorance is that they try to hurt others with the things that would hurt or bother them.

      They were oblivious to the fact that there is a world full of people out there that are on different levels and with different mentalities.

      What effects some or most will not at all effect certain others.

      They didn’t seem to understand the distinction within individuality, they didn’t have the knowledge or experience to step out of their zones to adapt to the facts and realities of the diversity of life they were only familiar with the limitations and generalizations that they were use to.

      And what I had to realize is that everyone wasn’t as emotionless and unaffected as I was.

      So I didn’t feel any hurt but I felt anger and contempt because I knew what my enemies were about and what they were doing and what they had done to other good people and I am a good person though I do have a violent temper when I am provoked and I am vengeful, it is within my nature, when people do me wrong I fight back viciously.

      So I may not be the person for you to come to because I have the gift of clairvoyance and the foundations of my own spirituality and view a lot of things from an unconventional perspective.

      Just like other things in life voodoo/black magic has to also do with the mind as well as spiritual and physical and emotional and it all depends on how one’s mind works when it comes to defeating it. How you view things, what you believe in and etc… You have to be stronger than the negativity and if and when what is worked on you is the opposite of your true nature or desires it backfires making it easier to combat.

      My passionate fiery side along with my spirituality enabled me to beat and further prevent these evil spells.

      You as a person with some psychic ability as you have claimed say you are aware of what is going on around you but you should find your own path and solution that is befitting to you through meditation and divination.

      A person of true ability is protected and guided by spirit. They’d already know to listen to their inner voice of wisdom that leads them to truth. You shouldn’t go to outside sources you wouldn’t need to. You should know if you really have a gift.

      Information comes to people with extra sensory perception naturally and automatically through energy.

  9. My body keeps swelling it been over 10 years I need help especially in my feet,arms ,hand I ready for happiness please help me

  10. Cathy (

    My accurate premonition came to be rather swiftly as “I hit the nail on the head” as usual.

    Cathy/Catherine Barge the bitch that I wrote about here (   came into work Wednesday morning on April 4, 2018 and called me “A stupid bitch” in an attempt to provoke me while proceeding on with a lie to use against me in a malicious effort to try to get me fired from my job.

    Cathy called up the agency stating that the lady that we work for was on the floor crawling after falling off the bed. Number one, I had just checked in on the lady and she was asleep. Number two, the lady lays on a mattress that leans straight up against the floor she’s not balanced on any type of railing it would’ve been impossible for her to fall out of a bed that is actually right near floor level. And the woman is not any type of invalid.

    If the lady really rolled to the floor shouldn’t Cathy had rushed to her aid to help her up instead of coming toward my direction to start a fight?

    Cathy couldn’t even get her lies straight she hadn’t planned the treacherous incident very well (What set her off is that she saw a fresh cup of coffee sitting on the floor by the lady a cup of coffee that she was suppose to make. Me fixing the lady a cup of coffee that she asked for interrupted Cathy’s obsessive compulsive tendencies and she just blew the fuck up. If she’d known that was actually the third cup of coffee that I’d made for the lady Cathy really would have flipped her lid) I said to myself this sick, lying, jealous bitch.

    I went into the lady’s bedroom who had awoke and that was now sitting up on the bed and acknowledged to her the lie that Cathy had just told because she didn’t know what was going on as she had just waken up.

    “Don’t argue back with her” the woman told me. “I like the both of you”.

    Cathy is on the phone with the agency telling them “She’s crazy, I told you she was crazy!”

    And what had I done? Absolutely nothing!

    Cathy told me that I was jealous of her because she is white and “under privileged”. Did she realize what she was saying?

    She also told me that I speak illiterate (I’ve never ever heard that one before) and that I am skinny with bad skin. I had to laugh inside at this neurotic psychopathic bitch she had told on herself in so many ways.

    Cathy is very jealous of me as well as others I doubt that I am the only one and of the way in how I carry myself. She is high strung and extremely insecure. She is intimidated by the fact that I am a very intelligent and attractive female of color (black/African american) that doesn’t fit into the negative stereotypes that many prejudice other races perceive that we should be or classify us as.

    Whoever used her to come after me- because I know she is a part of a link from my sick and jealous enemies- knew that she was stupid.

    Cathy is nothing but a low scale piece of trash that cannot deal with the fact that I exceed her within character and mentality she is nowhere near the high level that I am on even though that she is a white italian that probably needs to believe that she is superior especially over a black American person who just couldn’t be exceptional as a lot of us truly are.

    Well, I didn’t get fired and Cathy was livid I could feel all of her negative energy directly in the pit of my stomach. Since she didn’t get over with her lies I bet at her next attempt among others she will try to turn the lady that we work for against me.

    I don’t care I go to work to do my job and will continue to keep everything professional without feeding into anything I refuse to even mention Cathy because she has nothing to do with me yet if she keeps mentioning me to start conflict that is totally on her.

    Cathy/Catherine Barge is so pitiful, predictable and transparent.

    The devil is always busy and his flunkies are running as hot as the hell that they are all scheduled to burn in within due time. Us good folk have nothing to worry about our further blessings are on the way.

    We reign as the darkness will never overpower the light.

    1. I believe I am attack by voodoo witchcraft I am having these things crawling inside of my head comes to my face through my nose and throat I would feel things enter my vagina through my side into my stomach and I could feel like my womb is vibrating then on top my head I feel it crawling in my temple this has been going on for sometimes now and I noticed certain time it gets worse right now am having a headache these things wriggle like worm and snail my hair would fall out where these crawling and wriggling happen I would feel like fire on my body and my right foot would get swollen everywhere I go these people would follow me and keep on attacking me don’t know what to do am getting tired and frustrated

    2. One night I was sleeping and felt like three needle has been put in my stomach literally I felt this thing are there any herbs for this and these people would be knocking things I could hear it even in my sleep

    3. hi can you please contact me latoya my name is frankie ortiz
      I have one of the most severe cases you will probley ever hear about. Im a victim of a woman puting blackmagic /hex/spell binding negitive energy on me i feel im in last stages, but im a fighter this woman died in feb 2019 her stuff backfired on her. God removed her from my life i had no knowledge what was going on she smiled in my face and was putting evil on me everyday for 10 long years she wants me suffering a slow death she used live animales in her work she had a doll named after me and the chest was cut opened i suffer / have 2 demonic entity attachments incubis she somehow did this to me sometime i can see people hitting me in head ugly faces my feet burn hands burn seen black smoke honestly out of your list i have 97% of the symptoms this evil force had me believing in unreal events you are really going to be shocked this is a very serious case im dealing with you don’t hear of this kind of thing to often it had complete control over me in 2014 thats when i seen black smoke too In 2017 i think it possessed me i gained 40lbs in a month only my stomach theres she much i can write it’s really hurting my health inducing serious illnesses on me then she had given me something to drink it was magic i believe looking back. it’s affecting my children as well i don’t think i have much time left latoya please i am asking you for help this is 911 emergency please do whatever you have to do it’s hurting me badly im attacked daily in every way there is im suffering with no money it’s very hard to get help i don’t know where to go. It would mean alot if you can help me and it’s been so hard dealing with this no one believes me they think oh she needs mental health then im embarrassed to tell anyone i made it this far and im going to win this battle god is the only one who never left my side he has been there with me the whole time. thank you for hearing me and your time and effort god bless you i look forward to hearing from you soon

  11. Basic stuff, let’s get to the marrow and send them into the abyss with leviathan. Be not afraid, I go before you always, come follow Jesus and He will give you peace.

    1. To each his or her own I don’t follow Jesus and I have enormous peace, peace of mind, peace within the home and peace within spirit. I have a contentment and fulfillment that I’ve never experienced with what I don’t identify with within spirituality (God/Jesus) and within life itself.

      All vile individuals and negative energies or principalities will automatically and inevitably receive and experience their own befitting stages of penalties.

      When one has foundation, truth, knowledge and protection there is nothing to fear the fight is already won. Like I’ve always said “The darkness cannot overpower the light”. It is just that some are not able to correctly distinguish the true darkness from the genuine light.

      Whoever loves and believes in God and his son Jesus and they bring to them the satisfaction (peace, strength, salvation etc…) that they need and/or desire then that is absolutely fine and beautiful.

      Yet those two are not every individuals answer, remedy or communication and I am a perfect example. So yes, be happy and faithful to what you believe in and what works for you but it’s not going to change another individuals truths within their own experiences, values, beliefs and connections to what they are of and in which they actually identify with when there is solid foundation and realities of circumstance.

      Just because one is not familiar with something else or something other than what is generally taught and believed in through out mainstream doesn’t mean that it isn’t the truth or that it isn’t right or that it doesn’t exist.

      So if God and Jesus is your thing and what you worship and follow, no problem, but don’t think that by others constantly stating it on my blog is going to stop or change the veneration that associates with other particular deities or spiritualities.

    2. Dear Misslatoya

      Ive once again come to need your advice and guidance. I have for 5 years had to fight the evil cast at my family from a very malicious jealous person. Infact it is I who raise her children after she abandoned them, leaving them in the uncapable hands of their addict father. It is I who has helped these children flourish from the abuse once inflicted upon them. We had at one point thought we had conquered her dark magic spells but it seems it is starting again. All was going well and it started with everyone arguing with each other, everyday. I have every entry to my house garded, but sadly an iron gate door at my front door some how fell and killed 1 of our cats. Never has it ever fallen and upon inspection I noticed the horse shoe that protects the front entry had dropped to the ground. This is entirely impossible as it is held by a hook and can only be removed by lifting it off the hook. It has never and hasnt since and can’t fall. My pets are dying off one by one. When my Ginger cat who ive had for 12 yrs and is my world just vanished, just took all the life from me. It may seem silly to others but losing her and not knowing broke my will. My horse, my chicken, my cats and last night my guinea pig. Ive just want this to stop. I cant expose her without looking crazy. I welcome any advice

      Thanking you

    3. There is nothing silly about having so much love for your pet that it has put a damper on your heart not knowing about the safety of its welfare after a separation or the sudden disappearance especially if it was taken from you. That is a natural reaction our beloved animals are a part of the family and we enjoy having them around us it is a special connection.

      When there is a lot of love and harmony within the home and amongst those with healthy relationships whether it is a mother with their children, companions/lovers and other individual adoring and cordial unions those in particular (not everybody) who don’t have that kind of household communication, friendly associations and compatible situations they tend to get envious and jealous and voodoo/black magic is often used to break up these happy relationships through causing unnatural conflicts which result into unusual arguments and disagreements.

      The same goes for if one has a high self esteem, is successful (whatever success is defined by according to each individual depending on their own personal fulfillments, accomplishments, and preferences), and etc… People that are lacking within these things don’t want to see others experiencing them when they are unable to they are bitter and resentful and set out to hurt you. They are miserable and want to get back at others for their own shortcomings and disadvantages by trying to cause them pain.

      Of course, this is a very irrational mindset and behavior but these people are sick and twisted logic doesn’t register to them.

      What you need is a shield so that the evil won’t effect/affect your life and the things around you and your family anymore. You may at times be attacked as we all are by negativity but it will have no power over your life.

      And stop worrying about anyone calling you crazy never fear to speak up about the truth that you know regardless of the ignorance and stupidity of others they are the genuinely sick ones. If you listen to that garbage you’re letting them win. Don’t limit yourself to their small and insufficient minds. Their mentality and lacking of particular knowledge should make you feel so good and proud to not be walking in their shoes they’re blind to the many realities of life especially when their ability to discern is restricted by their inability to learn and influenced by the average bullshit within and throughout this filthy society.

    4. Thank you misslatoya for your wise words. Ive gathered my emotional self since writing you and have pulled up both sleeves with sheer determination not to let this beat us. Ive kept a loose log of incidents over the years but ive gone back over the notes and put as much detail as I can and im going to keep a more detailed log. Ive installed mors CCtv cameras as it seems to keep them away from the house. I know this cause im getting flashes of light trying to blind the cameras, also they had made the mistake of thinking nobody was home and they unscrewed my power box but where heard and they ran off leaving the box pulled apart. My guess is they wanted to cut the wires to the camera. Anyhow im not giving up. Thanking you again

  12. (

    I don’t usually get Illuminati mail from scammers and spammers and although I do actually know individuals that are or that have really been affilliates of the Masons and Eastern Stars (associations to Illuminati) I don’t understand why anyone would fall for that dumb shit.

    Now since I wrote a post about my repugnant thought of just the idea of joining Illuminati if I was actually insultingly presented some other asshole has come to spam my site under Illuminati facade along with other continuous cons of fake voodoo healers and spellcasters.

    They all need to give the shit a rest you’ll never get advertised here on my blog! Go and get a real job, oh you probably can’t that is why you try to scam.

  13. I’m sure that I’m as astonished as most that people can do such ugly viscous things to each other.
    It can only be the enemy working through individuals who don’t know any better.
    It’s the work of the enemy -setting up people via greed , jealousy, power – EGO things. If one is secure with God & knows themselves , they are harder to corrupt.
    Ego is different than self-respect & therefore respect of others
    Many people also don’t realise that thoughts that pop into their minds are “random” & they don’t have to own them. Eg inappropriately lustful thoughts.
    Our EGOs are a weakness & can make us vulnerable. The “desiderata” is one of the better credos to live by.
    Taking selfies & competing on Facebook is NOT the answer. Neither is showing too much flesh ! We are more than our bodies.
    We are happiest when distracted from ourselves especially when doing good deeds for others.
    Ask God via Jesus to come into your life open your heart to him & invite him to live in your heart. You will be surprised at the subtle ways in which your life will change. Also get prayed over by GOOD Christians. I’ve been healed of a few things so far.

  14. Who I should seek immediately, I am under those symptoms. My enemies live in an apartment around. I am very scared.
    I live in South Florida. Please help!!

  15. I am a 55 year old female. I have all the symptoms. Please help me. I can’t deal with this anymore. I am already going thru too much in my life. My beautiful complexion has gotten real bad from 1 week to the next. PLEASE HELP ME

  16. *Are you having the dream of becoming a member of Illuminati? Are you a man or woman business man or business woman or an artist,Politicians and you want to become big, Powerful and famous in the world, join us to become one of our official member today in the great Illuminati,you shall be given an ideal chance to visit the Illuminati and his representative after registrations is completed by you, no sacrifice or human life needed, Illuminati brotherhood brings along wealth and famous in life, you have a full access to eradicate poverty away from your life now. it only a member who is been initiated into the church of Illuminati have the authority to bring any member to the church, so before you contact any body you must be link by who is already a member, Join us today and realize your dreams. we also help out our member in protection and links in drugs pushing and other businesses for fast wealth without risk,email us Illuminatimasons6@, you will be rich and famous for the rest of your life and your family and any body close to you, Illuminati make there member happy so i will want you all to also be a new member of the Illuminati if you are interested, urgently reply us back now, we are ready to make you a member of the Illuminati..after the due consultation and initiation that will make you a full member has been taken place,you will be given 1000000$ for a start of a life filled with happiness,pleasure and wealth email; or call on +2348128337510 or whatsapp; +2348151937428.*🔺

    1. You’ve got to be out of your fucking mind! I’d never sell my soul to the devil! I have too much self love and self respect, and far too much of my own natural and original knowledge, creativity and talent to accept a personal invitation to hell-I don’t need to-my celestial destination is one rooted within beauty and truth!

    2. May God bless you .
      In the Christian world there is a belief that some are seduced by the enemy to agree to a life of “Heaven-on-earth”.
      This has added value to the enemy of making others disgruntled with their lives. One can live happy enough lives without riches. There is a difference between having what one needs as opposed to having what one wants.
      Will God forgive those who sell their souls? Don’t know.
      *One’s soul is their life essence. *
      Will the enemy torment those who have sold their souls, ,very possibly.

  17. Clark on March 30, 2016 at 5:10 pm said: Dear Miss Latoya,

    I am very happy for you having found self-awareness in your personal universe. Hopefully, you are at peace. However, I must beseech you to discontinue posting photographs of other people who may not be of the level you have attained. This is a very negative act that can only perpetuate even more negative vibrations. Innocent people have been hurt by your words, accusations and postings…individuals who have done you no harm and who in fact, hardly know who you are. If you are correct in your perception that you have been wronged, committing a similarly unsavory act only brings you down to the level of those who have wronged you.

    Please remove all name references and photographs of other people from you webpages. Such slander, justified or not, are not the actions of a highly spiritual individual.

    I hope you realize that although you have traveled a long way to attain the level of enlightenment you have achieved, you…as all of us do…have a long way to go. Every day is a lesson. Your message has been received. Hopefully, they have learned from it and will eventually grow as you have grown.

    Please remove the photos and names. it has caused great harm. A person of your insight is way above such negativeness.

    Thank you.

    A Bit About LaToya by misslatoya(

    Miss LaToya said 1 year ago

    They weren’t too hurt when they were parading through the streets laughing at me because they knew that they had Brujeria inflicted upon me and since they were so proud of what they had done back then they should just be proud and take credit for what they have done now and should just take my posted photos of one of the numerous of perpetrators as a contribution of recognition to the unfavorable actions that were done unto me.

    What if I hadn’t stopped the evil? It would still be going on now as there are still assholes who do not want to give it up as they are too sick for their own states of well-being.

    None of them are strong enough to endure what I have been through that is why I laugh at all of these drunks, crackheads and whores who need these crutches in order to survive, crutches that they thought that I was going to need to depend on as a source to cope boy did I fool them!

    I am a natural born writer and I do not owe anyone an explanation as to why I accurately chronicle the experience of my life. If what I express within my creativity and talent of literature is interpreted by those in particular as a lashing back at those who have done me wrong then that is simply just all of the guilt that is entertained within those who are utterly at fault.

    I am not and I have never been a liar I have spoken the truth and if the truth is too painful to endure too bad. And if anyone wants to start some shit about it bring it on!

    And please do not insult my intelligence with talk that is so obviously written to me within a patronizing and manipulative fashion Mr. Clark, I am not taking down shit!

    Oh poor Lizette, she doesn’t want her face shown in a truthful article that I wrote about years ago in regard to an incident that she and others had took part in, and that many others know about, yet she did not mind to expose her vagina to the array of “universal” penises all over and throughout the New York area of queens and beyond. The whore that would fuck different niggers every night for years and who was continuously having a numerous amount of abortions how in the world could her rotten ass have escaped disease I bet her nasty ass has caught every STD known to man.

    If she were able to dish it out back then “baby ho” should be ready to take it much harder now!

    Why does she want to hide? She once ran to live in Puerto Rico with her grandmother years ago but that move did not last for very long I guess it was too boring for her. She came back to New York stayed for a while then ran down to Raleigh, North Carolina; Bitch can’t hide from her past.

    Those Brujeria Bitches along with the rest of those sick degenerates who all took part (All of them liars who deliberately and constantly told all of their outrageous lies while sulking within their own misery, envy and jealousy, cannot handle the truth.

    All of them extremely ignorant, severely stupid individuals who are on the lowest of levels when it comes to intellect and mentality and who by nature could never rise up to reach extraordinary comprehension and perception, let alone, what is of standard.

    All of them are deeply sick within the mind and mad because none of them were shit as they were all born to be nothing and will never amount up to being anything).

    They all are doomed and so are their children as a result from their own dirt and trashy genetic “seeds” who were born ugly and many of them slow and retarded, and also stricken with Autism.

    “This Clark person is full of shit too”. Read more of the truth that the liars (They all know who they are those that worked the Brujeria) do not want to hear and admit to through the above link

    I could have posted this Clark Hardcastle link-originating where the silly and obvious alias came from because George thinks that he’s such a genius but he is just a sick and twisted jealous/envious male gossipy bitch-last year but I knew the sick mother fucker would have just deleted the link of him being sloppy just as he changed his number to private years ago after he got caught and felt stupid for crank calls to my home and to an associate of the family at the time.

    George Owens aka Clark Hardcastle(

    George is Clark and they both are Taalib! He never was too bright even though he thinks that he’s the smartest thing in the universe yet never knew what he was actually talking about. He thinks that he’s so intelligent and that is so funny as he is nowhere as intelligent or bright as me or my mother. If he was so smart why did he sleep with a woman who had AIDs? We knew the woman had it back in the day before it had got out to everyone! We knew one day he was going to get his! Nigger use to call my home back in the nineties every Saturday and Thursday then hang up, what a sick fuck! We saw him on our ID caller plus we had *69 him (when the feature first came out he had no clue about it) and got his answering machine with his voice and name yet he still denied it and we weren’t the only one’s he had done it too. He’s such a big liar and not a very good one only the dumb ones he can fool! Stupid ass George also got arrested for tax evasion/fraud (


    Hey Georgie, Georgie Jose can’t get it up! Mrs. Perez had said. But you got it up didn’t you “Georgie boy” (and caught something big-the big A) even though you said her daughter was stupid and that you didn’t like white meat. I have an excellent memory! When I was fifteen years of age do you remember telling me that slut bitch Joanne Anderson slept/fucked two of her brothers? I bet you’d deny it but I remember! You just loved to run your mouth but you ran it once too many!

    George liked to listen so much to Tina’s (my jealous low-life aunt) lies as she was and still is a drug addict that has been on everything and as it was what he wanted to hear because he was just as much trash as she was he was so hard up he probably fucked the bitch and caught another strain of HIV.

    He negatively predicted what my future was going to turn out to be because I was a good girl and wasn’t doing the dirt that everyone else was doing. Well I’m the only clairvoyant around here and I am the daughter that good mothers only dream about and I am spectacular and turned out exceptional when everybody else’s children around the area wasn’t shit and turned out to be nothing. George would tell nothing but lies on me and my mother but I got a whole lot of truths on him that he’ll never know about!


    I remember when this guy by the name of George Owens (who always thought he was the smartest thing in the world and that he knew everything but was nothing but a dumb ignorant undesirable fuck who didn’t know what he was talking about who’d constantly gossip about everyone then go smile in their face) said “She can’t even do this”, talking about me doing the annual account for my mother who was conservator over my grandmother’s affairs years ago as my mother would ask him to do it once a year (he didn’t even know me personally or well enough to know what my capabilities were but I knew him as I could read him like a book and knew that one day he would get his and he sure has gotten his! I won’t mention what it is though as I have already discreetly mentioned it in a post last year).

    And I thought that was interesting since the lawyer over my mother and another professional woman had stated that he didn’t know what he was doing as he kept getting it wrong every year. The annual account didn’t start getting done accurately until I became the one to complete it from then on and it was documented, we didn’t need him. The stupid ass George Owens even got arrested for tax evasion ( he goes by a muslim name now. I’ve always filed and done my taxes completely on my own without the help of anyone every year. I’ll tell you, jealousy is a bitch. (

    1. George use to screw Lizette’s mother back in the day then come talk about them both like dogs to me and my mother. He caught Aids from Lizette’s mother yet they all try to cover for one another they are all sick together.

      All of them have just gotten back all the dirt that they have done, the lies they’ve told and they have much more to come because the universe has my back and Karma is a bitch!

    1. Hi Miss latoya i have been feeling strange vibrations and pins and needle on body for three years. I feel it worse at night. What could this be. I like to lift weights but it feel like im losing weight feeling these tingling feeling

    2. “Witchcraft, Voodoo, Black Magic and whatever other names of origin that is used to describe the type of negative energies that are being utilized through individuals and principalities target people all over the world from all cultures and all walks of life.

      It is a very cunning and underhanded method of attempting to manipulate, weaken, control, punish and kill someone out of jealousy, envy, hate, revenge, desire or demonic influence.

      Curses all have and are all done for specific intentions and are definite and distinct forms of a crafty robbery as they block, prolong or steal from us time and opportunities.

      There are innumerable effects of curses that manifest variously within and upon different individuals depending on their own state of mentality, lifestyle, and overall circumstance. There could be the same spell used on two or three people and all situations can result in totally conflicting outcomes as every instance is not the same.(”

      I copied and pasted the above text and link above that I myself originally wrote on my other blog as a summary so that I didn’t have to in too many ways repeat my own words and waste time just to give you an understanding of why negativity is done and how everyone is affected differently even if the same intent was directed toward them.

      For the most part, yes, there are many different sensations such as itching, tingling, aching, pulsating,tremors and etc… that an individual can feel and experience as a result of negative energy these penetrations manifest in a variety of unnatural vibrations.

      And in many instances the conditions do get worse during the night and after hours. I remember years ago (while my enemies were trying to conquer me with Brujeria) when I use to get overwhelmed by the annoying and multiple evil physical sensations of negativity due to me being sensitive spiritually I use to have to go outside and take a walk and by the time I’d get halfway down the block my symptoms would just disappear and I learned from that.

      I had to get out into the air, out into nature it wasn’t the definite cure all within that moment just a temporary aspect of relief until the next future attack but a clue to how one of the elements of “air” can battle negative energy such as all elements are used within rituals that I’d do to fight back with-“Earth” (dirt/wood), “Air” (wind, the oxygen we breath), “Fire” (candle burning/incense)and the most powerful “Water”. I had to get my evil witchcraft spirits spiritually extracted for a permanent relief. I got all that shit removed.

      Yes, negative energy can also have a minor or drastic effect on one’s appearance and can make one lose weight;can cause skin eruptions, mimic diseases and etc…

      It is all evil and sick but indeed real.

  18. Hello my name is Mary Johnson and I think my Ex Ashley McCuin has put a spell on me. I’m always having these painful headaches as well as hair loss now. I have been to the Doctor they keep telling me there migranes. Please help me.

  19. Someone please help me! My children and I have just recently had to move in with a man that wants to force me to be with him. He recently bought me a 2 litter soda, I seen him take the soda in the kitchen. Very quiet and quick. So I asked him did he get me something to drink? He then went on the porch to bring me a cup of that exact same soda filled ice. I asked him where did he get that soda? He told me he poured it on the porch and he had NO VALID reason to do that. I did sip the soda but then I thought about it and I went to pour it out and rinse the cup and pour me new soda. Later that day he gave me a watch. I thought it sweet until I woke up this morning scared. And I felt darkness around me like spiritual darkness. I don’t sleep in the room with him. I took the watch off as I was reading these signs and I’m sending this message but I’ve been blocked from my dreams and that’s where God talks to me and 70 percent of the signs I’ve just read in this article I’m experiencing. Please tell me wat to do. I love GOD and Jesus Christ.

    1. The first sentences are interesting as it reminds me of a dream that I had about a month ago about a lying, unattractive slut bitch that had to move in with a guy because he was withholding her money from her and she was doing whatever she had to do to get her money back and I thought it was good for her as she was no good. He must have a lot of dirt on the weak bitch if she had to move in with him and couldn’t make it any other way.

      You know, undesirables have worked negativity on me for years out of jealousy and I was never affected by it their black magic/voodoo/witchcraft never did anything to me mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually, I mean I’ve always known and felt what they had done because I have a gift but they were all too stupid and dumb to realize that they could not hurt me at all. I was too smart, too strong, too spiritual.

      They may have delayed certain opportunities within the past with their spells having an affect on others and through blockages but that didn’t even stop me as I still accomplished goals by getting the jobs that I wanted and making good money, living peacefully, and enjoying my life and blessings because I am a good and very unique individual that no one can stop or destroy.

      I have so much love around me I always did I never had to go out to find love. I am a very honest person, I’ve never been on drugs or alcohol or had the desire to, I never ran around with men I never desired to I am very attractive and guys always ran after me , however, I didn’t want any of them I am asexual and proud! And I didn’t need God in my life to be this way I was born this way.

      And my entire point is that I was always my own individual that never got mixed up in the ways of the average range of society it wasn’t within my nature. Yet I notice that many that have gotten caught up within the perils of society claim to be with God or run to God when they hit rock bottom and I guess because God’s standards are so low that he accepts anything no matter who they are or what they’ve done just as long as they obey him in the fashion that he sees fit.

      I’ve never had these problems and I don’t gravitate towards God my Ancestors and Orishas have always had my back and have protected me and they wouldn’t just accept anybody If I wasn’t the genuine person that I was we wouldn’t have that alignment and balance and as my head Orisha unfortunately doesn’t have the power to create (because if so the world would be a better place) he does have the power to destroy, and I like that.

      If you love God and Jesus so much why don’t you go run to them for help? Many keep hollering about their problems but if God is their number one source why are they complaining?

      God is not my number one source and I am not complaining at all as what is around me never let that black magic/voodoo/witchcraft shit snatch me in it’s trap.

  20. (

    Tracey said 6 hours ago:

    Just want to warn everyone about Tonita Poyser. Behind the scenes this woman is a demon witch who thinks she’s powerful and thinks she has control over a lot of people. She and her Mother and family has done a lot of evil acts such as blood sacrifices, death curses etc to people in order to gain power, money etc. Her Mother Cecelia Bond is even worse!!!
    I know this to be true about them as I have experienced it firsthand with them.
    They act like they are Godly people going to church every Sunday, but they are not.
    For anyone who knows this woman, her mother and family, just be careful, cause you never know what they might have done to you. These people are very evil and dangerous.

    For anyone wondering what is this purpose of this post, I think it’s time we start to expose the evil ones who are doing evil, there are more good people on this planet and if we all come together and pray in God’s light to drive out the darkness, I believe surely one day we will be able to overcome all the evil people out there, and evil intentions towards humanity.

    These people who practice these evil acts don’t want people out there to know the real truth about them, and will try to make their victims look like they are the mad or bad ones. It is time to start exposing them for what they truly are!!!

    Miss LaToya said 0 minutes ago:

    First of all I just want to say that as a truly gifted and intelligent and knowledgeable woman with a strong and open mind I am well aware of certain low-minded and ill-intention people that may write to me for dishonorable results or silly set ups and it is not that I take every comment that I respond to as truth or as a cordial expression of similarity and sharing but I use certain topics and elaborate valuable input through my inner voice of spirit.

    So what I am saying is that I take the good out of bad situations or circumstance and use it as an advantage and to my own advantage. Special people are always ahead of those that are calculating.

    Now I don’t feel that everyone has an agenda when they contact me I just know that I am a target as many of us that are good, gifted, strong and that speak the truth are among people who’d like to see our downfall as that is evil’s mission, however, it doesn’t bother me.

    When I notice a tactic used that may be thought to “reel” me in spirit moves me to take that opportunity to exercise wisdom. And that is just my acknowledgement in general because I am not and have never been anyone’s fool!

    I commend anyone genuine for taking the initiative to write what is on their mind especially on a issue that has and that continues to wreak havoc on this entire world.

    When we expose evil for what it is and the evil doers for what they are it weakens what they do in secret because it is made known and brought out into a “conscious” reaction of conflict to activation.

    The more we expose the truth the more we destroy the negative energy that inevitably creates a positive change. And while we are doing that we also bring about and bring forth our purposes of what we are here to accomplish and fulfill more healthily and abundantly.

    Us good are here and in reality we do reign we just need our day and time to shine ultimately and it is here and coming.

    Those of us that are on the level and/or that have the insight would not have to wonder or automatically doubt or question an individual’s motives as to why they would publicly put out their messages as for many of us it is a necessity as we ourselves are naturally inspired and propelled by the “energy” to express ourselves and to speak out the much needed truths that need to be told. For many of us it is a calling, a gift, and a “power” that is handed upon us through the universe to utilize.

    When spirit speaks to us we have to listen and act upon it.

    Genuine power is within the truth. And the liars hate the truth and definitely do not want their true identities and true intentions to be out there at all. They are vicious deceivers and master manipulators who indeed turn everything negative around on us truly good people.

    Of course, they try to make us out to appear to be the bad ones, to be the liars, and then they call us the crazy ones in a vile and vain attempt to scare and to discredit us as we can see through them and discern them for who they truly are and into the notorious depths of how they operate.

    We don’t fear evil and we do not fear them, in fact, we are the intimidation/threats to them and they know it that is why they try so hard to destroy people like us but we that have knowledge know that it is impossible for the darkness to overpower the light. They prey on the fear of the ignorant or the uninformed that is why it is so very important for the proper information of what is going on to be known and as to their tactics of pattern.

    When we authentically walk in truth there is no need to fear anyone or anything as the truth is what has us maintaining and standing strong to begin with and when one has the knowledge on top of it we can indeed move mountains while no one will be able to ever move us because we are concrete. We just sit back and watch our enemies panic and wait for them to come up with their next batch of ludicrous schemes to worm their ways out of.

    Good people do need to come together yet they have to be wise enough in doing so because those that are evil do everything within their efforts to try to prevent that from happening through all types of manipulation against us in general. Many of them are so sick that they believe their own lies and they are sometimes convincing to those that are not able to read into them as well as we can and they just continue on to cause even more trouble and unnecessary confusion.

    It seems though now as so many of us have went through this with these kinds of people they all are not getting away with these things as they use to anymore and have gotten caught. The dirt that they have done to and upon us we as individuals were strong enough to handle and disperse (circulate/branch out/produce) yet they are genuinely cowardly people because they cannot handle and stand up to their defeats, consequences, and punishments and will do all that they can to resist and stall.

    As long as this imperfect world is within existence there will always be negativity along with evil people only once the world ends and that new paradise begins within all of our own celestial destinations according to our own fates when we make our transitions whether good or bad will there finally be a genuine end to all bad things and people.

    But of course, we as a people here on this earth for the time being are very capable of making great positive changes to a much better world and better ways of living but we as good people would really have to be determined and have that internal “fire” to continuously fight for what we want and make that happen by no means turning against each other within the process of eliminating the bad people in their destructive actions towards us and our designs. We all have to put our minds (knowledge/intelligence), talents, and uniqueness together and make some beautiful “Magic” for all the world to see.

    And P.S. And just for the record: most people within the church just masquerade and are true demons (demonic individuals with the mark of the beast) and many congregations are in disguise just temples and bodies of devil worship and evil supernatural practices.

    1. (

      Tracey said 4 days ago

      Thank you Miss Latoya for discerning the truth, as we know when God wants to reveal something to us he opens our spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear properly.
      I can most assure you that the post is truthful and is not meant in any malicious way, apart from to expose the real truth.
      Why I decided to write that post, I don’t know, but as they say God moves in mysterious ways.
      As we know, once those people that commit these types of disgusting actions are exposed it starts to weaken them, and this is just what we need to show them that we are not afraid of them, that the good people out here are much stronger than them because we walk in the light.
      As I said before, there are more good people on this planet, the evil ones are just small fishes in the ocean, the more we pray, we will overcome them and their evil actions.

      All the best

      Miss LaToya said 11 minutes ago

      I was always able to discern the truth and I have always spoken the truth and I understand that you as well as certain others believe in the God that is referred to within the bible and that is fine because everyone has the right to go with what they identify with and/or feel connected to.

      I have no problem with what you have faith in, however, I don’t, and I just wanted to make that clear. I always knew and believed that that God was real and existed but I never really believed that he was this good God that a lot of people think that he is and there is nothing than can or that will ever change my mind.

      I blame God for why the condition of the world is in the state that it is in because none of these evil, terrible, negative things of all kinds have to be going on (not just evil witchcraft but all bad things). And I’m tired of hearing about sin being the cause that is just nonsense as God is really the cause of sin as his expectations of what he created to be is not aligned and within agreement with all of us humans within human nature and it is not necessarily human nature to why people “so call” sin it is under the circumstances in which we have to live in this world with all of the different opinions, perspectives, lifestyles, rules, and so on why some of us have to do what we have to do to survive because there is so much ignorance and too many generalizations.

      And some may say how Adam and Eve sinned during the beginning as they were deceived by Satan yet if God didn’t want the two to eat from the tree of knowledge why did he put the tree in the garden to begin with? And what was so wrong with having and becoming knowledgeable? For their eyes to become open into the discernment that God wanted kept hidden through the facade of a preferred reality that also existed? Why was that such a sin?

      There is so much that I could get into and so much that I could debate about and I have every right to doubt and to question God because I did not ask to come here into this sick world and God did not at all do me any favors by me being here. If I hadn’t been born I would not have known anything about this life or about being here to begin with so It would not have been hurting me.

      I was definitely born with a strong gift of second-sight and have been able to foretell things since childhood within intuition, visions and dreams. I also have the gift of telepathy and empathy and a link to the spiritual realm as I have communicated with and have felt many spirits and have had many deep spiritual encounters both positive and negative and I am seldom wrong when it comes to what I know and have seen It is just within the interpretation of certain things that may sometimes have to be distinguished depending on what it is.

      I have an outstanding comprehension so it is not that I don’t understand there is but so much that I can state and analyze within this one post but I am entitled to how I think and feel.

      So my point is that Individuals don’t have to like, agree, or even believe in God to be genuinely good people. There are Atheist out there that are good people and there have been those that have made some very reasonable and plausible suggestions as to what God is really about implying how evil he himself is through their own interpretations of the bible, what he allowed and allows to continue to go on and so on, and I personally agree with some of them.

      God gives life to any and everything and as he is suppose to be omniscient he already knows the trouble these people are and that they are going to cause yet still let’s them be born. I could never love and/or respect a God who gives life to trash and if it was so necessary for God to create these people why not put them all in there own separate zone and let them all be sick and ignorant together and kill up each other instead of causing havoc to the good who are trying to live decent and healthy lives according to their own unique natures and of their own learning and discoveries?

      It is unacceptable and inexcusable the way God is. Why does God let bad things happen to good people? Why does God let certain innocent children and animals suffer? Why doesn’t God fix the earth if he is so good, what is he waiting for, sitting on his high horse while all of this crazy shit is going on?

      I’ll never forgive God for all of the unnecessary things that I had to go through in life because of sick people if it weren’t for my Ancestors and Orishas I would have been in trouble. For all the garbage I had to go through since childhood on up I have said to myself “I see why they killed Jesus. He died like a dog and deserved every bit of that crucifixion”.

      I don’t at all, of course, expect everyone to agree as there are a number of reasons that I don’t like God, however, there are many all over the world that feel the way that I do-that God is not truly good or even the only divine source and it makes sense.

      It is said that life is not fair but it is God that is not fair.

      There are many of us that by nature have a very positive connection with other energies of the universe and those of that actually mean us well and that help and protect us. God claims to be the beginning and the end but that is not enough for me no one can say where God actually came from, how he himself came into existence, he is not male or female but a type of energy. I mean, how did he develop it is all so strange I mean he just appeared just like that?

      There is so much that we don’t know and cannot honestly speak on but from our experiences we know that there are indeed intermediaries that work on our behalf, and that through faith of the things we have experienced there is much more to life and to the stories that we have been told.

      I don’t believe everything just because it is said to be because there are too many contradictions but I go by my own reality and what has maintained me and that has brought me through. And there is always room for learning and growing as life is continuously a learning experience but some of us have old souls and are ahead of our time just learning what we already knew through confirmation.

      Many of us have experienced and went through things that others would not believe or say was impossible but when one’s third eye is open or one is open spiritually we know what has occurred and what is possible and able.

      I didn’t write any of this out of anger or spite or to be mean I am just acknowledging that we can differ within our thoughts and feelings and still be really true good people that steer toward the same positive goals of peace, happiness and harmony and the right to live the life that is the most befitting to us as our own individuals without the presence and interference of those that carry a demonic nature and ill intentions, jealousies, and other destructive motives of those kinds of people that are negative and unsettled.

  21. one thing I know, my husband’s ex hates me with passion. even though she’s married to another man and have his kids. the hate exploded when she found out that we’re married. zShe even made a comment to make me disappear. Im not putti g much attention to this crazy woman but ….Today I experienced repeats of stingy sharp pain in my stomach lasting for 4-5sec, was 5 or 6 of them. It knocked me down, made me scream and cry from pain. It was unbearable. Since yesterday i didnt feel good, i felt like after the excessive gym workout or something. My whole body hurt. I’m super healthy and it was odd. My husband suggest that it may be her, she used to deal with those people in Peru and also in US. We are truly in God believers, not a magic or evilish stuff. Always positive with faith in God. However it was something very bizarre and I can’t explain it. How can I protect myself

  22. What you have described is all right.But a voodoo curse is more danger than we think.Only a simple doll dirties everything it touches and hurts seriously everyone that manipulates it by curiosity.

    1. Spirits do exist. Untimely deaths, untimely actions, wrongful thoughts – all don’t leave your body even after cremation, and certainly not upon burials. Watch out. My work demands payoffs, nothing free as there is never anything free! Let me know if anything is free anywhere. Hidden costs are there.

    2. Thank you for your input you make a valid reply, however, many make the error of jumping to conclusions as soon as one makes a comment or statement I’ve been in situations such as these with people who are quick to make judgement without knowing all of the facts.

      It is not wise to solely base opinion on a person’s few words, especially without knowing them. I cannot speak for Gino and no way am I trying to but in all fairness and honesty he did not go into detail or fully explain himself. I don’t know what he was suggesting but I know what he said is possible.

      And, I personally did not assume that just because he mentioned negativity following after death meant anything of a generational curse, the thought never crossed my mind as I am quite knowledgeable and aware that witchcraft/voodoo/ black magic is not just limited to the living.

      The souls of the dead can still actually harass others that are living with the methods of witchcraft/black magic/voodoo as they are in union with the devil. The negative energy continues on after the process of dimensional transition as there is no barrier within the spiritual realm.

      Even when voodoo/witchcraft/black magic is placed upon us it can pass down to others or affect others around us and be present at death it all depends on the type of curse. Any curse is the ill/negative intent toward and upon another. Generational/family curses are just so called sin or recompense for iniquities and negativity that was passed on to specific members, an entire family, or just an individual of ancestry because of the rebellion of our ancestors.

  23. I believe that the house I live in , myself or other family member has been cursed with some sort of Black Magic or Vudoo spells. Now that I’ve read the symptoms I am even more convinced of this. I am NOT a person with alot of money *( I live pay day to pay day),and I believe I need someone to help me get rid of this spell . How can I find out if I’m correct and if so what can I do to stop this? Is there a way for me to find out where or from who the black magic or Vudoo is coming from and Why? Is there anyone out there that helps or is willing to help people in serious need, like me, free of charge . I don’t dare tell what I suspect to my family for fear they well not understand and I fear they are also affected/infected with this . I’ve had this intuitive sense about this since my late teens – early 20’s and I am 51 now. I am EXSTREAMLY worried that this whatever it may be is trying to kill my children ,and I have concerns surrounding my oldest daughter and my mother in a very serious way. I feel one of them or both of them are going to die very soon. Things have gotten so ugly between the two of them and I fear suiside and or murder headed towards my daughter and murder at the hand of my mother and or towards her.My mom is NOT A NICE PERSON AND THREATENED MY DAUGHTER WITH A GUN AS OF only 2 weeks ago.She is trying to ruin my daughter’s life and tear the family apart. My mother could very well be the original source/cause/reason for why this is happening. I don’t want to wait for my daughter to be dead to get rid of whatever this is. It needs to stop! I need some help.

    1. Get prayed over by GOOD Christians it’s made qa difference in my life.
      I have more peace and a growing confidence in God.
      I too had chaos in my life, l was ignorant of the ways of the enemy -as I’d been brought up as a Catholic – a religion l despice now as it taught me NOTHING in the way of protecting myself spiritually. As teenagers we toyed with Oujia boards & as an adult l saw “Psychics” not realising that it was a sin & made me vulnerable to attack from the enemy.
      This life IS a test, we may not always get what we want, but it’s a wise person who recognises what they need – & we don’t need much at all on a physical plane.
      Getting what we need on a spiritual plane can make all the difference.
      Also try & pray for those who sin against you for they are “blind” to the truth & know no better x

  24. I don’t know if schizophrenia runs in my family but when I was young I never had this problem until I had a relationship with an older man that was silly 13 14 years older than I was or if it was a nervous breakdown and I lost touch with reality because my mother died or if a Muslim did it or if it was a head injury in a car accident

  25. My husband is a victim of witchcraft and hypnotist. The woman put some potion to his sandwich and drink. Now after my husband eat that food. My husband wants to divorce me and until now he stayed with her in the Philippines. How can I get back my husband from her. Please help me.


    1. I’m taking four ppl to court whis is practicing voodoo on me because the pervious landlord’s wife was thinking I’m messy with her husband but her husband try to associates with me but I did not go their , but the wife started putting her religion around the house mud over door and other crazy deranged stuff and did threads . So i took it to courts for protection order the courts denied the protection order but set me up a court date for 12112019 . The courts do not believe anyone who practice voodo can harm another. This neighbor 2692 Divot PL Columbus Ohio 43211 next door to me know pervious landlord’s wife Carmen Henderson, Phillips who has a Grudge against me because her husband try to associates with me. Remind you when I lived in pervious landlord’s rental property I stay to my self and my rent was mail to them. The courts want me to have proof about voodo that this neighbors and the pervious landlord’s wife practicing voodo religion next door on me . Wow me I just know pervious landlords had put mud over door took a brick and broke it up put in a v shape and kill a animal and put two pieces of wood with nail put in ground put in back yard when I lived in pervious landlord’s rental house between 09072008 . Now next door I feel like something in my lower body then come up to my upper body. This neighbor next door got to be where I’m at if I’m up stairs or down stairs. My family member think I’m tripping. They want let me stay at their home. And the Hotel cost too much.

    2. Get you a Male friend . You do not have to do anything with him . I noticed when you move on too the asshoe come back barking up your tree. The bitch he with has other guys barking up her tree . The asshoe wants competition

  26. There are few things that is happening in my 9 months baby, after her rice ceremony. Her complexion had changed to dark. Also a dark black mark is observed in her left thigh. For one an a half months my baby is sick. Every week her body weight is reducing. Please help

    1. oh god is she alright now? I dont know what religion you are but islamic duahs and prayers have helped people suffering from black magic in the past perhaps you could consider using those to help you. Also make sure its not some medical problem and really is dark magic. just keep positive and believe she will grow up happy and healthy.

  27. Hi frnds

    This all things happening to me.

    Pls tell me what are remedies.

    Because it has control mind and body

    Pls help me tell me remedies

  28. Warning/Beware
    Posted on April 22, 2017 by misslatoya (

    Words of caution: In trying to hurt the good people the no good only hurt themselves we are fiercely protected in every way by a higher power. And we are in no way whatsoever effected by the small traffic scattered down below we ride above on bigger planes heading in clear view.

    Life is no joke and I have said many times that logic cannot be explained to sick people and I have seen life teach these kinds of people the most harsh lessons when their times called for it.

    I have to honestly say that my life is doing very well I am truly happy within myself and it never took me a long time to get there I’ve always been secure within my state of being since at a very early age so I don’t relate when I’ve heard others say “it takes a long time to get there” as they speak only for themselves while generalizing within their own personal life and/or experience.

    I have so much peace I have all of the things that I need, I laugh every day, I am doing very well on my job as usual and I am shocked that my boss recently revealed high praise and compliments to me regarding my work and performance as I and a few others didn’t think that he seemed to appreciate us.

    Some have already waken up but what some folk still don’t seem to understand is that you can’t go around messing with spiritual people and not eventually reap the consequences.

    A message came to me a few weeks ago that I got the best of all of my enemies and that they feel that it is just no use in getting the results that they want. It also came to me how they wish that I was and how they want me to become trash and that was never a secret to me because they always envied my character.

    As a person genuinely born with a caul there is not really too much that anyone can do around me without me knowing about it especially when it caters to me and my life it has always been that way that is just something that certain people like me are naturally inherited with by birth and something that we are very blessed with, and it is nothing to take lightly or for us to take for granted.

    When we keep quiet about or do not mention certain things it does not mean that we’re not aware of those situations and/or happenings.

    It is no secret that individuals often get angry at us for “knowing things” and for being wise in ways that they definitely do not appreciate, however, that is absolutely not my problem.

    I woke up again this morning after having a dream about Danielle and how some of the affiliated people around her (no one of any importance just her lame personal associates as she is a flunky) are on the internet trying to pose as me in posting and commenting online ( or just making up shit or both) as a way to get back at me for speaking the truth about her and Bibi on the job in the recent past. And as disappointing to them as this may sound it is really useless if they think or feel that this nonsense will have any effect or impact within my life if anything it is really more enlightening.

    People of trash have always been jealous and envious of me ever since I was a little girl and have always told lies on me and it has never affected me or stopped me from being happy within myself or succeeding in whatever it was that I wanted to do, of course, that is why witchcraft was used for so long within the past to attempt to make me look bad within the public eye, to cause blockages within all aspects of my life and to destroy me as that is usually what pathetic people resort to against others that have something wonderful going on for them within life.

    Yet they cannot use their witchcraft anymore as an aide in seeking the illusions and delusions of deceit to appear as a false reality in order to manipulate circumstance and the perceptions that others have upon their targets.

    That witchcraft shit never worked on me. And now they’re totally on their own even though they still try to work spells and bring the witchcraft back but it is to no avail I am much more powerful and certainly much stronger within spirit and personality my enemies are all weak that is why they cannot move on, band together, and continue on.

    Why would an army of garbage have to come up against one or two people for so many years unless that individual was a threat and why would it take so many to come up against one person? It is all explanatory within itself. It is not easy to take down individuals like me.

    And what is really absurd is all of this went on through word of mouth none of these people ever met me, sat down and had a conversation with me, and it is so strange how they tried to ruin someone who never did anything to them yet that is what evil does-attack the good.

    Trash have gotten away with bringing good people down for so many years through their underhanded tactics that they have finally come across one that they could not get over on.

    It only adds extra credence to the fact that these types of individuals are innately incapable of elevating within the mind only to remain within that tremendously low level of function and understanding and their actions are a sincere reflection of themselves.

    It is constantly the same things with them: talking about and lying about other people-who cares? The shit is tired! All this shows is that this is what bothers them and what brings them down in return they use this method on others assuming that they would be hurt in the same fashion that they themselves feel wounded.

    No, I am sorry it does not work like that with me and those of us that are not of that nature and insufficient mentality. Yes, we are aware and we do watch our backs but we do not sit around thinking or worrying about the lies that ignorant and sick people spread about us and we damn sure don’t care about what any of them may have to say.

    That is surly a dark place to be in what a miserable world that my enemies live in where they have no true self esteem where gossip rules and reigns within their world where the thoughts and actions of others either make or break them where what is important to them in their fallacy is bullshit within our own genuine reality.

    See, they don’t even realize what they constantly show this is not shit that will harm us but this is the kind of shit that they actually show others in which in how to destroy them.

    They are ridiculous within every sense of the word.

    We live and are rooted within truth and can see above and beyond the scope as we are in tune to nature and to our surroundings we are productive beings serving our purpose, survivors climbing to higher planes, adventurers who welcome challenge and winners that thrive within the universe.

    We are not confined or limited, we do not fear, and we are definitely not afraid to be authentic within our selves.

    1. Hi, I am the same as you. My son is married to someone who is soooo jealous but I think she has used black magic on him but soon it will wear off and praying for that it does and he has the courage to leave her.

  29. My ex used black magic on me. Let’s just say I threew 4 bricks through her windsheild and spraypainted a nice giant upside down cross on her house so everyone would know.

  30. One Day one aunty touched my my both hands and saw continusly in my eyes for about 1min I was stunned at that time and after coming home I felt tired….wether that aunty do black magic

  31. Hey mrs. Lotaya my name is Alexander I am a victim of voodoo black magic there’s 2 lady’s that are doing things to me they won’t stop till they put me in a box they been trying to kill for the past months but am still breathing they haven’t touch me yet even in they live inside of my soul am staying strong and positive. Am getting tired of the way there attacking me day by day night by night I need help am a beliver only on God. Thanks to mighty all God am still breathing. I someone help.

    1. Hello Alexander, it is something that you mentioned the term “box” as it is a spell that is mostly known and proficiently done among us people that are spiritual and that are spiritually inclined with occult power/ability more so than others-not at all saying that we’re the only ones that are knowledgeable of and about it but I don’t hear it too often or at all mentioned from those who are not inclined.

      Whenever guys are attracted and/or interested in me I feel them in my thoughts, I feel and pick up on their energy and etc… There was a guy out of many that didn’t know me personally (and one that in particular who was also instigated and sent by my certain enemies with them giving him false information about me as usual) but that was interested in me for years and he wouldn’t let up, trying his best to work love and lust spells on me, communicating to me telepathically, coming up to my job to get my attention on two occasions at two of my different jobs.

      I didn’t want him at all and he knew it yet kept on for years until three years ago when he finally left it alone. At one time I actually did a ritual and put him in a box as he was so annoying and what I did it had scared the shit out of him.

      Now I am not at all comparing my situation to yours or judging you by it but are you sure that you did not give these women a reason to do these things to you because even I myself had to incorporate the universe to cause the death of another guy through spiritual means (he actually is dead, he got killed) for maliciously going around spreading sexual lies about me and nothing had went on between us just because I didn’t want him so he ignorantly thought that he could bring me down by spreading rumors so I taught him the ultimate lesson and I absolutely have no regrets whatsoever.

      A lot of times people complain about what others are doing to them but they don’t mention what they may have done or tried to do to those other people.

  32. Dear Ms Lotaya.
    Hope you are well. My ex boss had a voodoo doll made of me and did other evil work against me. He targets my private parts and bores me all day and night for me to have to touch my private parts. I am in so much pain and burns when I pee. I have not had sex with my husband for almost a year because of this issue. This man is evil and two of my Co workers died because of this man. We work for a Fortune 100 company and the man that got him fired was choke to death and died two weeks after the man was fired. The other lady was killed also by Voodoo doll, she had a relationship with him and threatened to tell his boss because, he had a high position. After he was fired he wanted to get back to our company and put his spirit through me and also a voodoo doll. I am still standing because of my faith in Almighty God. I pray Almighty God would take this evil from me. Last night I asked Almighty God to get rid of this evil man. Please help me. God bless you .

    1. I do know about corruption within the workplace yet your story is and sounds like a bunch of sick and perverted fabricated bullshit, however, I have a true tale of how my own certain enemies are angry at their Voodoo and Black Magic not being able to take affect/effect and constantly following and worried about my life and what I am doing and continue to use people to act upon and to do their dirty work undercover but they are stupid because I am ahead of them and taking care of all of them spiritually.

      At One Of My Current Jobs
      Posted on February 10, 2017 by misslatoya(

      I’ll always have and keep more than one job because I am very smart, sufficient, and capable so I can afford to let one of my occupations go to eventually find a replacement for another if or when I choose to according to my preference because I do not have to just settle for anything, however, it does get tiring going through the process of job hopping here and there yet when I do I constantly get something even better.

      Yes, there is nothing really out there too much these days in terms of desirable work in regard to what is average and it is hard for many to find work that is why some of us do certain jobs for the time being just to keep a steady money flow, to continue to utilize and advance our skills and to further occupy constructive time-those of us that are genuinely productive.

      Of course there are also many who deserve the proper work and positions that they are qualified for yet we may have to wait for a more opportune time especially within the things that we really want to achieve. When I told a bus driver for Coach USA a few years ago as I road and when I use to travel back an forth to work in New Jersey doing a twelve hour shift on the Alzheimer and Dementia ward to assist and give out medication to the patients at the residential facility I had expressed to him that I did not want to eventually become a nurse and he said to me “Do you think that I went to school to become a bus driver?”

      So a lot of us just make do for the time being and not because we can’t do any better and not that we’re even doing bad at all within the present it is just what we may not always prefer. In my case though just like certain others we intentionally have others attempting to try to hold us back because they are unable to go anywhere in life and if or when they do get to certain positions they get there dishonestly and underhandedly.

      At one of the stores that I am at right now the travel is very convenient and that is an advantage and I am content as I am able to adapt to any surrounding and I have true peace and happiness within so I am at ease. However, there are these two sick and miserable jealous bitches by the name of Bibi (in short for Bibiashia or something like that) Zihair and Danielle Davenport who only got their positions through favoritism before I got there.

      Bibi got her job as assistant manager because she was friends with Diana the prior store manager who got transferred to another store because she was doing such a terrible job at handling the one where she was at (but within her mind Diana actually thought that she was being promoted) and Danielle only got her position as whatever manager she is supposed to be because she is friends with Bibi.

      Neither Bibi nor Danielle is actually smart or capable at being within these manager positions that they were not qualified in to begin with. Danielle had at one time left to go be at the store where Diana was but shortly returned back because she was so miserable there Danielle, Bibi, Diana and another female manager who recently quit and had also got a further tip to “Go before they grab you” all use to walk around the store in these positions talking all day and not really doing anything and getting away with shit because they all had their jobs secured to a certain point while doing their dirt.

      There are a lot more details that I can get into but to make a story short I came close to whipping Bibi’s ass last year as she tried to abuse her position by trying to fire me out of spite when she didn’t even have the authority to when Danielle stepped in front of her, I assume Danielle assumed that because I am little/slim that she could scare me or whip mine some people make the mistake of looking at size as an advantage and then get their asses kicked!

      The only thing I had to be cautioned about was getting arrested because those two didn’t know me at all and I would have killed those two bitches as I had expressed “She is not worth me going to jail for”.

      For the rest of the weeks they kept Bibi away from me and at a distance I didn’t have to communicate with her at all or too often as that was great for me because she is one sick and disturbed bitch that I cannot stand and that I hate to be within the same presence of.

      The day before yesterday Danielle came into work yelling and raising her voice at one of the workers there at the store I could hear her mouth over the music that was playing. She kept telling him that he didn’t do his work and he insisting that he did and she overriding that he didn’t. Danielle told him that if he didn’t want to work that he should leave and never come back!

      I had said to myself “Why is this bitch trying to be tough all of a sudden?” The bitch has problems that she needs to keep to herself and I had a strong feeling that she was going to try that shit on me and she did later within the day.

      She summoned me over the loud speaker to dial an extension number to call her and I did. “LaToya, I got an email about the storm we’re going to have tomorrow”, so before she could finish I said “So you want me to clock out?” And she told me yes.

      Danielle waits until seventeen minutes after 12 o’clock noon to tell me to leave when my shift ended at one p.m. The storm wasn’t going to be until the next day and I had not that much over a half an hour to finish out the rest of my shift so what was the problem? Why was I the first and only one to be notified of this bullshit at the time?! I don’t know why these two stupid jealous miserable bitches try to be slick when they are not.

      Stores do at times have to cut hours especially to prevent lay-offs but I know for a fact that they do and had have particular hours available and have had many times purposely cut my days and hours to keep and to benefit for themselves and/or to give to some one else. I remember the times when Bibi would get pissed over the long hours that I was doing and tell me that she would clock me out just so she could illegally take out some of the hours that I had worked because the bitch was so jealous of me and didn’t want me to make too much money there. For two weeks straight I as well as other workers had recently waited outside while we would arrive to the store on or before time and no one was there to let us in. I had to phone Danielle to tell her that no one was there to let us in one time.

      When I first began to work there a while back they purposely didn’t train me for my position as pricing coordinator for the whole entire store yet I learned on my own because I have the brains and ability that they don’t. I’ve done pricing before, however, every store is different and has their set of standards that have to be met with and while my job is not a hard task for me to perform I have to admit that this is the worst place where I have worked in terms of management.

      This store is much unorganized and under corruption by certain employees and they need to be investigated. Those who do the right things get mistreated and those who do the wrong things get over.

      I am definitely not the only one with complaints for these unethical assholes that have undeserving titles of management.

      Some of the staff does come to visit my blog from time to time and think that I don’t know about it or that I am unaware that they come read my blog and I think that is funny as I am a clairvoyant who can read them like a book that is why I laugh at them inside when they get mad when I confront them with the truth on there motives and they get manipulative thinking that they can threaten me and others by making us loose our jobs by influence if we don’t comply with their “abuse of power” within our place of work.

      Since last year they’ve been curious and some curious to see if I was going to talk and write about them but as always I was ahead of them and didn’t care but since they were so worried now they can come read this!

      Danielle and Bibi are jealous and intimidated by me and they may be able to talk shit to the other workers there and get away with it but for the first time Danielle got loud with me the day before yesterday and that will be her last because if she does it again she is going to get seriously hurt. Bibi tried to start her shit too because I do not fear them and will not kiss their asses both of these bitches are beneath me and nowhere near the level of my high intelligence and I refuse to bow down to trash/garbage such as themselves.

      Bibi is a whore, I can tell, her and Danielle are both ugly and undesirable within appearance and Danielle is so stink and funky-looking wearing the same shit everyday she had the nerve to get jealous of my winter coat when she saw it last year I look far younger and better than the both of them as their both worn out and tired. They both suffer from low self esteem and use their positions of management to dominate and to compensate for their own feelings of inadequacy. Their titles don’t bring them up any higher than what they are they’ll forever be losers and they know it but they try to lie to them self.

      Bibi and Danielle are the ones who need to leave and never come back as it would be a much better environment without them. A lot of people have quit and there are others who are about to quit soon and I am going to leave too because like I said before Bibi and Danielle are not worth me going to jail for as I am very tempted to take an instrument and bust the both of them in the head. They both are scared and need their jobs because they cannot genuinely hold their own and they wouldn’t be able to survive out within the real world as they aren’t competent enough to succeed as a legitimate employee without having anyone to give them a free ride.

      I can attest that this comment is true by a customer as I myself have experienced Bibi and her fucked up disposition and lies:

      Toys”R”Us 57 Google reviews
      Triangle Plaza II, 30-02 Whitestone Expy, Flushing, NY
      Redkiss Artistry
      11 months ago–
      On 03/15/2016 at or around 1:25 thru 2:00pm, I noticed a bin with strollers, about 5 pink owl designed and a few red and blue ones. I picked the Pink owl design from the bin advertised for $19.99. The register scanned $29.99, i advised the price advertised and she radio the GM and manager. They said no theres no sign stating $19.99. I ran over there to show them, but it was removed. The GM and manager were standing near the strollers and moving around the bin. I asked, “where is the sign?” they said “what sign”? I explained the situation, they said no only the red and blue are $19.99 the pink owl design is $29.99. I told her, there was a sign advertising all the strollers within the bin for $19.99, they said “i dont know what to tell you, theres no sign, maybe someone changed it” Very rude, and bothered, surprising it was the GM and manager (named Bibi) She walked to the register with me, saw it and said no this is $29.99. I told her, there was a sign, she rudely and so disrespectful, in witness of the cashier Junita, which also said she has problems with that managers attitude, said “there was no sign” i soon realized her and the GM took off the sign to avoid honoring the price, and admitting to the error. It was a $10.00 difference, i told her, check the cameras, i am not lying. She said, “there are no cameras”

      I was stunned, and disgusted. She was intentionally being rude and disrespecting my intelligence to make me believe i was seeing things. I filmed 2 customers telling the cashier they saw the sign and were also going to purchase one. Once my father walked over to the bin, and took pictures of the surveillance cameras the GM yelled “just give it to her!” and Bibi, walked away annoyed, she was beyond rude, i have never encountered such horrible customer service, and person. she should be investigated, seems her employees are being harassed. They didn’t even want to give me the name of the GM or Bibi. I will never return to this location.


      Very disorganized!
      This toy store is very disorganized. The store manager has the nastiest attitude. Some of the workers are helpful while others are slackers. The line is ridiculously long when they don’t have enough register open. Overall, this toy store sucks and the store manager is to blame. Diana, you are terrible on being the store manager. I don’t know how Randy can trust you with this store. Smh!!!

    2. This past Friday, Sunday and Monday which was yesterday I enjoyed a nice and wonderful day at work doing my occupational activities and so far everything was professional as it should be and that is the way that I like it; to go to work enjoying what I do with no bullshit just doing good business, providing sufficient performance and helping out the customers as they need and inquire none of us that are genuinely productive and constructive and that mean well have any time for nonsense just peace and contentment.

      When I got off the job I went straight to the neighborhood grocery to pick out some items and was so delighted to come across a great quality non dairy plant-based buttery spread that I had heard of and a non dairy vegan/vegetarian cheddar style cheese that I hadn’t paid attention to even notice was stocked there in that supermarket for as long as I have been going there. Now I don’t have to go out of my way or spend a fortune to buy my certain other non dairy items to indulge in as they are at a reasonable price and nearby location.

      My day was made after I left that supermarket as I love to eat and live healthily it is just exciting to me to know there are so many foods becoming more available for the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle to choose from. I love my soy meat (textured soy protein that I deliciously discovered years ago back in the early nineties) I love my very vanilla non dairy soy milk, vanilla non dairy ice cream and non dairy alternative cheese and butter all made from plants, fruits, vegetables and vegetable oils.

      Our own personal environment and lifestyle play a significant role within keeping our aura/energy field as well as mind, body, and spirit maintained, unaffected and protected against negativity and darkness and that livelihood comes natural when we are in tune to the universe within our own specific innate tendency.

    3. I’ve been going on delighting in my life as usual with my own personal blessings, peace and contentment through my own daily living and enjoyments not thinking or caring about a thing or any other soul only that of what concerns, inspires and satisfies me as should be.

      Of course, by nature I am a very observant and alert individual without even trying to be as our spiritual antenna will buzz into activation through sharp/keen intuitive ability even if or when at the certain times that we may be distracted or not even paying attention, spirit will beneficially and spontaneously attract our attention during the most immediate of situation or circumstance no matter what big or small.

      After I had the little incident at work about a month ago the thought had came into my mind to change my cell phone number after having given it to Danielle since I had never wanted to have given it to her within the first place and had never planned on calling her ever again since I had more recently found a direct number to the store where I could get into contact with an employee to let me inside the doors during the store’s closed hours.

      One time in the early morning I had waited about an hour before anyone noticed to come open up the door to the store because there was no one around close enough to hear a knock at the glass doors while the store was still closed. So once I had gotten in I asked Danielle if there was any way for me to call and get through to someone in the store (the store manager had given me a number some time last year however that number didn’t work when I tried it). Danielle gave me her cell phone number instead so I could call and relay for her or someone to let me in if needed be. Why didn’t she just give me the direct store line for after hours as she wanted me to call her that exact moment so that she could obtain my cell phone number, “So i’ll know that it’s you when you call”, she claimed.

      I was hesitant but I gave her the number she just wanted mine now because I had her’s.

      Anyway, I had a precognitive dream about Danielle last night in regard to her inquiring to me about the digits to my cell phone number; the whole scene had played out clearly with me discerning more of the details of the vision later on within the afternoon today. When I awoke this morning I received a text message from Instagram asking me to use a six digit number to verify my Instagram account.

      What Instagram account? I never signed up for Instagram I’m not even interested in the site. Social media sites of that nature is definitely not my thing and never have been. I only signed up years ago at Facebook and Twitter just to use as a tool to connect with my blog since I am creative.

      I had a feeling before this even happened that she may want and try to retaliate against me as enemies often try to do when they were the ones to start unnecessary shit to begin with. In this case, though, I happen to have a blog where I as a individual chronicle the honest pages of my life through self expression as well as a vehicle to also express my natural talent through the art of writing as many of us love to do and I am inevitably inspired by spirit, a higher power that connects with me throughout the universe and the energy is wonderful.

      What I write is my business and I speak in truth and that is the problem many people live on lies and don’t want to hear or believe in the truth. There are many sick people who attempt to and that do believe within their own lies when they are ignorant and/or crazy enough.

      For so many years I have had undesirables from within the past who were and who are still envious and jealous as many of us have those individuals in particular who will continue to resent us for having and being everything within mind and character that they will never be.

      One of my favorite quotes is definitely a true quote and that is: Never Try To Fuck Up Someone’s Life With Lies When They Can Destroy Yours With The Truth!-And that had been my actual story with no good trashy people who had to learn the hard way. They tried for years to attempt to destroy my life with ridiculous lies starting from childhood on up because their lives were and are so messed up on account of their own doing and/or because they were foolish enough to let others set them up and bring them down it just ate and eats them up alive to see good people with genuine backbone who are upright with a strong sense of self and mind of their own.

      When people lie on us and put things on us that is not there due to their own lack of understanding or maliciousness we know that it has nothing to do with us but I also think that it is insane because most of the people that do those sort of things from my experience have been the ones that have the most dirt on them and always go after the innocent ones who haven’t done anything or haven’t done the negative things that they have done yet they try to make us out to be the worst people in the world and that is why we can laugh at them while the saying bears true: We don’t have to worry about the lies they tell on us because they already are destroyed by the truths that we are able to expose on them. Lies spread faster than the truth yet lies don’t hold up as the truth will always eventually come to the light!

      So sad, an attempt by an asshole and other trashy assholes in the minority to create a phony Instagram page to slight me and, of course, to attempt to falsify a reality and/or just a set up to create and escalate some more bullshit. Sick people are so unhealthy within the mind as they do not have a life and cannot move on from being defeated within their own conflict that they send out to others that backfire upon them.

      The bitch was stupid because I don’t give out my number and aside from me being notified within a precognitive dream as dreams are always accurate when one doesn’t give out their number or who they give out their number to is narrowed down to just a very chosen few it is obvious when foul play is involved and as I am a fighter and a investigator I phoned the corporate office of Facebook which owns Instagram today and I spoke with someone who also verified my discovery by tracing my cell phone number back to the person who tried to sign up the account under the number of my cell phone and the agent was able to tell me a location, how many times, and on the exact days the attempt was made. Don’t fuck with me!

    4. I spent a long day at work yesterday getting a lot done and cordially interacting with the customers and not too long before I was about to end my shift Danielle coincidentally paged me for an update on what I was working on as it was just about time for me to leave and while we were standing at the customer service area a customer that I remember had come to me earlier inquiring about an item approached.

      I remember directing him toward the location to where the product was located but I had forgotten what it was that he had wanted because I had dealt with so many people during the entire day but I asked him if he’d found what he was looking for.

      He replied to me that he had and with anger in his voice he told me with Danielle standing right next to me as she was helping out another customer that “Yeah, that Bibi, she don’t know nothing about nothing, but she’s supposed to be an assistant manager, huh? I asked her to go and get me the manager of the store and she told me that there is no manager but I know that is a lie”, he concluded as he was obviously pissed off, he was furious by the confrontation that he’d had with Bibi and her attitude and substandard performance toward him.

      Danielle kept quiet. I told him that I would go and get the manager for him and I went and did so and while I did it seemed like I was getting a mild interrogation from the store manager on the situation with getting questions asked of me such as “What happened, how did you know about it and why didn’t you help him?”

      After I’d told him that there was a customer that was very upset and had acknowledged to me that he had inquired from the assistant manager to see the store manager and that she told him there was no store manager. I explained to him that I didn’t know the entire details to what went on as I had nothing to do with it and that I knew the customer because he had come to me earlier on and that I asked him if he’d found the item that he was looking for all I did was direct him toward the area of the product when he had asked me about it, the man didn’t seek any other assistance from me other than that.

      It appeared to me as if the store manager was just really disappointed because I was there in present to witness another personal complaint by another in regard to Bibi’s negative attitude and unprofessional behavior. I bet if I was the one who had gotten into the confrontation if would have been just fine and if I had of been in the many complaints of Bibi’s track record I’m sure that I would have been gone just out of spite because I am one of the good ones.

      I genuinely and generally never get into disputes with customers it is unnecessary and if it were to happen it would not be of any of my intentional doing as through out life we all come into contact with various types of people bearing all modes of disposition that is just part of life and nothing to be penalized for we just have to use our brains, ability and experience to handle the situation within the best manner possible while attending to perform our responsible duty in the workplace.

      When one is sick and/or abusing their authority within the workplace and they keep getting away with it because it will be covered up by fellow colleagues that is an entirely different story.

      A week ago, the store manager summoned me and other coworkers at the store into his office for a routine update for us employees in regard to our job requirements and on the ongoing improvement within our customer service to give the customer the best experience possible when they come into the store and we were given a document to sign our names to it as in agreement toward those reasonable goals.

      And our manager expressed and explained to us that it is okay and that we will not be found at fault to interrupt our assignments when need be in order to take out the time to help the customers no matter how frequent they may require assistance.

      Yesterday the store manager brought to me the same documents and I had said to him “Didn’t we go over this already?” And he said yes but that these reprinted documents now had each of us employee names written on them so that he could hang them all upon the break-room walls with our signatures on them so I resigned the paper.

      As associates and team members actually adhering and abiding to professionally accomplish a goal set by ethics, Bibi-even though she didn’t get her position honestly-as assistant manager should be setting an example instead of contributing to a problem.

      Whereas certain other members of staff are doing a much better job at being decent and productive toward the service of the customer and work environment it sure is interesting how the same code of conduct doesn’t have to apply to a corrupt member within a managerial position.

    5. Shortly after I quit working at Toys R Us eight months ago it had got back to me that Bibi got fired as she was caught stealing from the store. See, the bitch got her’s even though she thought she was untouchable. The bitch couldn’t fight the universe and her inevitable karma!

    1. Number one:

      If you do not have the “special spiritual power” to remove the witchcraft/voodoo on your own or have the power yet don’t know exactly how and need help in getting rid of it you’d have to find someone knowledgeable within the occult or who has access to the things that is needed in relation to aiding into the situation, who is not afraid, and who is strong enough to take on the particular negativity and conquer the evil energy that is attached to the individual and/or to one’s life.

      Number two:

      As in my specific case at the time when I was crossed up I was already born with natural spiritual power and I had knowledge of the occult but I had to work with someone else who also had a psychic ability who had other spiritual people working with her but it was the utilization of my “special energy” combined with the work that we both did (because I had to do my part too) that went into conquer the evil.

      Years before that incident I had contacted and worked with a Yoruba Priestess ( that I had found through another person that I contacted who was born with a caul/veil and that was a published author of a novel written in regard to being born with second-sight and the other spiritual things that go along with it who had gave me a reading as I had further questions in regard to my life as one being born as a caulbearer myself and as to the spiritual revelations that I was receiving and to the natural supernatural occurrences of my experience and that was surrounding me and my life in general.

      I did not fully understand certain things as I had did at a later time and as deeply as I do now in order to had protect myself from even having to eventually seek help from someone else in ridding myself of Brujeria and other evils of witchcraft and voodoo alike that were directed towards me from jealous enemies.

      Aside from that within the far past I’ve spoken to two more Yoruba Priestesses, A Babalawo and a Curandera, and they all were able to see and to recognize what I was born with and the life that I was destined to have they were legitimate people within having the ability and power to “See” as they were accurate without me having to tell them anything and none of them lived anywhere around me they weren’t even within my state of location.

      One of the Priestesses confirmed to me that my enemies could not destroy me but that I had the power to destroy them and a psychic had revealed to me that I was more powerful than the other psychics that I had been talking and going to and that if anyone were to ever tell me otherwise that it was definitely not true and she was correct as it all had come to be and is still taking place as I speak. The other psychic that I mentioned at the beginning of this comment (the one who helped me remove the witchcraft) admitted to me that she had never come across anyone like me and didn’t know exactly what it was the gift that I have. As far as I am concerned it wasn’t meant for her to know.

      I work alone with my Ancestors and Orishas ( and the supernatural power/energy that was bestowed upon me by birth and that continues to evolve around and within me (

      I am not at all claiming to be the best within the entire world because I do not want to be I just know that I am a rare type of breed and that no one else has what I have within the fashion and design that I do. And I have went through all of this to explain a point and the point is that those who may fear to remove a witchcraft or voodoo from another may not be equip to due to the fact that they may not be strong enough within power. Some may not actually fear the evil but they are just not meant to get involved with the negative interaction of the circumstance as what is around us spiritual people often doesn’t want us to be or have any apart of it and that is a good thing there may be some other spiritual being (person) connected to a specific path that is more suited to indulge within the matter so it is not always about fear but about balance, compatibility and distinction.

      We can indeed have the power but we do not have the authorization (we may not even want the authorization) to take part in it if it is not within our best interest things in life are so much different for us spiritual people who are born with gifts of this nature things that only people like us understand.

      Last yet not least, when a person such as me and others who are unique within their gifts does their own voodoo or magic, whatever one wants to term it as, and is completely justified within doing so within accordance to the universe and to our own state of being those in particular who are scared to remove it from those that are within the grips of it have every reason to be afraid and should not bother to touch it!

    1. I did receive your private message that was sent to me a little while back I’ve been busy with working late hours overnight for the holiday season, and with running errands for my own necessary matters, and haven’t had the time to correspond too frequently.

    2. Hey All,

      I am going through certain issues and I need help and advice. Since you all are quite intelligent and helpful, I would like to share my issue and seek advice.

      First, I hate black Magic, Satan, Demons and everything that is made to harm humans. If I am given powers, I prefer to eradicate them all.

      Now the issue.

      Has anyone heard of “Masaan”. Its a graveyard magic basically related to Hindu Cremation Ground. There are different types of Masaan done on people. Even one is done to kill someone.

      Well, First, I would like to know that how many types of masaan are there that are used in black magic? Second, what is actually used in masaan to destroy someone’s life.

      Its very well understood that a magic is always sent with the help of some evil spirit or Demon or a Jinn. No magic can reach anywhere without a source.

      So, what source is actually used in Masaan.

      I have a person with me whose life is a living hell. Something entered her body from anus 4 years back after eating some sand like thing. She was raped many times in her dreams which seems like originally done. Her mood swings like anything. Angry, sad and even crying without any reason.

      She is facing this from past 4 years. I met her around 2 years ago. Her condition is much improved from that time. I took her to many sacred places and churches. However, the condition is not entirely healed. Something still remains in her causing the same issues but frequency is changed, Previously it was everyday. Now, its weekly. But still, problem is a problem.

      Can someone pour some light and advice what to do next. If I can become powerful enough to see such problems, I would love to kill them. But at current point, I can’t. Need help.

    3. i was a victim too for 4 years but last summer 2016 i just found what is really going on.
      what i did is
      1.Salt Bath every day and pray God to bless the water to cleanse me
      2. Crystals i have so many Selenite Crystals that i use to grid my house and room. I meditate and ask the selenite to remove the entities inside my body. i had 5,000 dark entities and i manage to remove it by myself by the help and guidance of God
      3. Pray psalm 50, psalm 91, psalm 101, psalm 140
      4. wear a protective stone: black tourmaline, black obsidian, onyx – i wear all of them
      plus i grid my stone
      I am feeling better now and getting stronger but the demons are just around the corner watching me when i will be weak again.

    1. As a very open-minded naturally unconventional human being that was born with extra sensory perception and having had firsthand experience within personal as well as other particular worldly/social circumstances and situations I understand a many of things and am able to relate to various settings and different types of people and happenings.

      However, the occurrence of Black Magic and the like is and can be quite complicated and confusing to those in general who do not quite grasp the exact concept and intent as the manifestations incorporate, hinder, and also produce transformations and predestination upon nature and upon individuals. The sensations, energies, vibrations, moods and instances that envelop within and around the body, aura and surroundings as a result of the supernatural occurrences are descriptions and definitions of the experience itself that when going through the whole ordeal it may be difficult to elucidate but those of us who are aware already know the explanation.

      I am so glad that you reached out to gain a little more clarity that I am able to give because accurate knowledge is very important and when we share vital information to the right people we become more certain, powerful and equip.

      I even sometimes respond to the phonies and to the assholes publicly and only because there is always someone else out there who is being real/sincere and that may not want or feel the initiative to come forward for their own specific reasons whatever they may be yet they still need to receive the message so I know how to convey without them even having to ask.

      And it is spirit that works through me and that moves me to do this when the time calls for it! So I just trust believe and go along with it because spirit has never led me wrong and I have forty-one years of life to give testimony to and to account for all of my experiences spiritually and socially I only speak of what I know.

    2. Dear Latoya, I consider myself a very logical person and it has to make sense. Im also an empath emotional empath mostly but as I grow and learn as an empath I have had more physical symptoms. In sayin this my family has been under attack by an ex jaded partner. I can not prove this and I have kept a lose journal of events. Its becoming more obvious that she has put a hex on not just me but her ex and her 2 children that were placed in my care. If her hex is as hateful as her soul is, we are all in trouble. My health is not good and im at a loss on what to do. Meditation, cleansing, and the likes help but never fix it.its caused my partner severe mental breakdown and has violent outburst which now has the law involved and we were informed he will do prison time and now under a new law he is facing being deported to his home country. His ex is greedy and she shows no care towards her own children. They will also have some soul damage but on the whole they are blossoming into the person God intended them to be. If you could please offer any advice id be forever grateful

      Thanking you Cassandra

    3. Wow, you are clairsentient which is a part of clairvoyance/extra sensory perception. Aside from our revelations that become more vivid and fluent as we grow through out understanding we do come to recognize and value the connection within our nature.

      As you know, being an empath is a very deep experience as you can “sense” and “feel” things tremendously. Not only do we have the innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others we are also affected by other people’s energy as well as energy itself.

      We get vibes and pick up information from places and objects, I remember picking up a piece of cardboard years ago while I was in my early twenties with a guy’s name on it and got the slight feeling come over me that he was dead and it was true the guy had been dead for a while before that and I got that feeling just from touching an item with his name printed on it.

      Our gifts as being clairsentient is not limited to what we are able to feel it does extend beyond the emotional. Aside from knowing the intentions and motivations of others we perceive physical discernment and spiritual impulses and we do actually get effected physically through our own bodies and through what is around and that surrounds us. We continue to learn more and more about ourselves as we continue to go through the motions.

      I do relate to you and it is very wise of you to keep a track in your journal of the incidents and happenings that have taken place it is a good and solid reflection that you can always go back to examine and to genuinely compare and add with the current occurrences or incidents.

      As having the ability to take in so much of what is within our universe and beyond isn’t enough it is so ridiculous to have to go through unnecessary hardship or interference on account of sick and evil malicious people who are tormented within their own conflict and vexation, especially when you are living your own life and aren’t bothering anybody just concerned about your own future and contentment within living day to day.

      Listen to your voice of guidance and trust within yourself there is a way out of this dilemma.

      A lot of things go on in the world that we as various types of people know and experience that are indeed actual and that we indeed know are the definite origins (source) of what brings into cause and effect our minor or major difficulty or setbacks that we may not be able to “so called” openly or generally “prove” all of the time but that is what the culprits hope to count on (the truth not being apparent) and that is why spirit and divinity has our backs and will bring us out of their environmental and universal camouflages and masquerades of deception with them being unexpectedly exposed within ways that we ourselves may not have ever consciously imagined.

      I hope that it gives to you at least a little comfort to know that what you may not be able to demonstrate as the truth within your situation your loved one is genuinely at no fault of their own since they were being affected by the influence of the spell and their breakdown and outburst is not a “real” or “natural” affliction it is just a reaction and result of the evil even though it did take place. It is something how the falsifying of actions can project such true consequences through vile spiritual manipulation. What you may not be able to prove in general is common knowledge to all of those that are aware within probable reason under circumstances.

      Don’t be discouraged by the negativity no matter how bad it may seem or appear to be the light would not be shining if it weren’t going to lead you into the direction of a solution.

      Your door will open and you will be set free and their door will slam locked shut. And I am not just saying that because whatever it is that is keeping you going would not be giving you the fuel to survive if it weren’t going to drive you out of that dark tunnel.

    4. Thankyou for your words MissLatoya. I red your reply to my family and its given us the drive to push on. I’ve been struck down with kidney stones and I was questioning if I had the strength. I need to trust my instincts more. I know I’ve had help by the spirit world. Including the morning I was woken by tapping on my window. It frightened me but as It be my security camera caught no visual but it did catch the tapping and a whisper that said. ‘Edgar Poe’. It was an important clue that led me to confirm one of the sources. We will push on and can’t wait to tell of the day they are exposed.
      Thankyou so much

    5. Never doubt yourself, just keeping moving forward as you have been and striving for the best to come out of things, and always remember that a strong faith sees the invisible, believes the impossible and receives the incredible! I wish you all of the success possible.

  33. What We Speak
    Posted on November 10, 2016 by misslatoya(

    “Voodoo/Black Magic Removal And Reversal by misslatoya”

    Gene Gee said 1 month ago
    Hello I have been going through some mental/physical stress for some time now all started about 4 years ago I was so HAPPY it was amazing to me I didn’t know what to do with Then I told someone very close to me about my happiness and they ask for a picture of me ..I always being kind hearted gave this person the picture.. not long later this I went to bed one night and awoke in a start something like a fear I had never felt before was standing at the foot of my bed.. and I haven’t been the same person since..Im not an angel far from it but I’m soft hearted and always wish the best life can give others.. I don’t wanna hurt anyone yet this person has a deep hatred for me and they were always perfect in my eyes..i would have taken food out of my own mouth if they were hungry..i just wanna be happy again with no self doubt ..I HATE FEELING this way..I deserve to be happy after all the crap I have been through..can you help me truly? I poured sea salt at the doorway to my bed room and the next day I awoke to see an old black stump standing outside the door..What was that? Why wont they leave me alone =( if you can help please get in contact with me..

    Miss LaToya said 5 days ago
    It is sad that too often we as certain individuals are unable to share our thoughts, feelings, desires, accomplishments and etc… Especially when it is of a very positive nature as it is a very natural thing to relate. There are many of us that are not apt to carelessly or intentionally/deliberately tell our business just for the hell of it without significant purpose or forethought yet just mention things out of a pure inclined method of ordinary expression.

    If we get a head ache, feel tired, want something to eat, we may often convey these sensations to another, of course, by just innocently relaying the words: “My head hurts”, “I am exhausted or I am sleepy, or I need some rest, and “I’m hungry”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those acknowledgements, however, we sometimes harmlessly give out too much information to the individuals who are wired up with the wrong type of ill-nature and sick minded mentality.

    When we reveal our goals, aspirations, accomplishments, how good and well our lives are going and indeed how happy that we are and are feeling there are many negative people out there that definitely do not want to hear about that at all, chiefly when they themselves are not experiencing these wonderful and pleasurable circumstances and outlooks. They’d rather hear about us having difficulties and problems and when they don’t they will intend to cause trouble for us so that it brings to them a satisfaction.

    That is the reason a lot of people will lie about their good situations by pretending that they are doing bad or poorly within life so that others will not attempt to set out to tarnish what they fortunately have around them and/or that they have advantageously built around them, believing that if these particular other people think that they are not so well off that they would leave them alone and not bother to try to interfere with a success that they are not aware of.

    I’ve been told years ago to watch what I say because of how jealous and envious people were so eager to attempt to perpetually cause blockages along my pathways, I was told to keep more of my business to myself. As often as we speak we do not always immediately take into consideration how our words can cause and inspire resentment and discontentment within those that are envious and/or jealous of our happenings.

    Aside from within other daily life at times even here on my blog my enemies keep tabs on me and when I have expressed my genuine happiness on my site I would feel them trying to work negative energy toward my way to smother and to block me from feeling those beautiful natural sensations. And when I mention my jobs and the success that I have and have had on them forget about it, they definitely be desiring to put a stop to it as they have never wanted me to have any means of employment they’d rather me to have been an unintelligent incompetent individual and a bum out in the street because they felt that I and my family had too much to begin with yet what business is it of theirs?

    What I and my other family members that were successful have was achieved and earned honestly.

    Almost every job that I’ve had for over a decade my enemies have tried to interfere within not to mention my other natural talents and abilities in regard to my natural destiny but I am a fighter by nature and never let them win so I know all about others wishing bad on us for and after revealing our words of bliss.

    I talk about many things as a writer and as a freedom of natural expression and as my spiritual connection to the universe inspired by spirit and my goodness that I share should serve as an inspiration that no matter how much others try to pull us down we can inevitably rise above and prevail within our own distinctive fashion that is specifically designed for us.

    So do be careful who you talk to and what you tell and share with others only confide in whom you know that you can absolutely trust if you have to confide anything at all. You can also be protected so that no matter what anyone tries to do that it will not ever touch you again but that it will boomerang back to them many times worse but you say that you do not want to hurt anyone back in retaliation-you are so different from me!

    Who ever comes after me I definitely go back after them with a fierce vengeance and I do it many times when they are at the least expected.

    Yes, many times those who work evil against you want you to fear so they put a negative energy around you to try to scare you and make you afraid it is a manipulative form of control and to weaken you.

    There are different solutions for different situations and different individuals and I understand your circumstance completely but you must know that ultimate unbreakable consistent protection comes with genuineness and that means and includes a solid foundation built upon a particular mentality and spirituality that will exude within your lifestyle and not one that is geared for everyone but that is geared within your own distinctive state of being and that is within accordance and concordance with the universe in it’s relation to your innate sphere of dimension.

    You would have to be prepared and ready for that I in particular have been connected to that revelation from birth and childhood on up and have had an awareness that brought me into development. I don’t know if so many others are within this type of celestial path because it was never taught to me much like everything else it has come naturally but it is very important to know what we as spiritual beings or beings of the light are aligned and in balance with in order to maintain sufficiently.

    What We Speak | “My Voice” Weblog By Miss LaToya Lawrence pinged 5 days ago
    […] Voodoo/Black Magic Removal And Reversal by misslatoya […]

    Gene Gee said 5 days ago
    Thank You so much for replying to my message ..I wish I had gotten advice so good in the past and I wouldn’t have to deal with the negative energy now that tries to vex me so .. As the old saying goes ..”Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”.. lots of truth in those simple words wish I had taken them more to heart.. Bless You..

    1. Thank you very much, I found out people can use shoes in a lot of curses.I have had a person take one foot of all my shoes and bring it back 3days later… I have since started living for Jesus….pray for my wife and I..please

    2. People use all sorts of different items to conjure, during invocation, and within hexing or trying to cross up a person, nothing is off limits or too far fetched.

      There are all kinds of individuals and all types and uses of techniques but when those of us are linked and firmly connected unto our own particular spiritual zone and within what we believe in and know to be true and that is specifically appropriate within a divinity that inclines and caters to our own individual nature and needs we automatically incorporate our own necessary intangible tools.

      Our material as well as spiritual representations are significant and serve and reflect of a power that is far higher than of what any evil could ever surmount.

      So, of course, our prayers and natural meditations will consistently be stronger than those that are unjust and that are within opposition.

    1. When people have to join in and work together against you it is because they are weak. I know I’ve had a lot against me for years ever since I was a child. They believe their unity makes them stronger against those who they outnumber. They don’t know genuine strength.

      One can be the most kind and silent with the vilest of resilience and one can be the most mean and loud with the vilest of cowardice and vice versa it all depends on the individual. Nice does not define one as being “soft” and mean does not define one as being “hard”.

      A lot of nasty-natured people in general are sick and conflicted when their attitude is directed towards everybody “unnecessarily” it is not a sign of strength.

      Only an extremely strong person can stand alone without any fear against an army and not be defeated and the reason is-and this is very important for you to acknowledge and to always remember since it is the very truth-because it is not the “quantity” it is all about the “quality”.

      You can have millions of people against you let’s even say practically most of the entire world storming at your feet to demolish you yet if they aren’t shit and do not measure up to your caliber of intellect, spirituality, character, purpose and/or so on then their efforts are and will be within vain and they do not matter they are sure to fail.

      They may not have the “eye” or “mind” to recognize or to fully discern all of the true value and/or attributes that are within their target. To them you may not be “shit” but if that were the honest truth why would they all put so much energy into trying so hard to tear you down and especially for so long? Why waste time (even though they really have no meaningful life) on a person that is nobody with nothing to offer themselves or anything or anyone else? It all speaks for it’s self! If you have nothing going for you no one will bother you because you will be just like them in their ignorant scope of view.

      One person of “quality” would be able to mentally and spiritually tackle and survive literally thousands or millions of assholes of “quantity” with ease. There are some, though it may be rare in this day and age, that someone could put a gun to their head and they still would refuse to be controlled, and I know because that is just how stubborn I am when it comes to something I would never go against.

      A person of substance does not need to form a group to build themselves up they are able to stand and conquer on their own because of their strong sense of self and foundation of being within their own mere existence, the mind is a very powerful thing and it is a weapon that is more mightier than any sword or number of people that have a lack of knowledge within the areas of numerous modes of distinction and variety.

      Take all of those of “quantity” and get them alone by themselves with none of their fellow flunkies to run to and just see how far they will get and just how fast they will become a wimp, even when they attempt to struggle to put on their air of toughness you are able to clearly see through their facade. And they turn on one another also as they are not all true friends they use one another, lie to one another yet come together to devour those who are better.

      Then there is the situation where coincidentally there are numerous of people who may work against one separately yet they are not at all working together or may not even know one another they’re just a number of single enemies for different very reasons of their own whom decided and just so happened to use or to be involved in the same method and source of vessel by reaching out to the many supernatural forces of Voodoo and Black Magic.

      The necessary requirements are to spiritually block all and any from being able to cause harm and to bring any negativity of this kind into one’s life then to put up a spiritual shield that no one is able to break through not even a person of great spiritual power or supposedly great spiritual power (caulbearer, priestess, babalawo, curandera, santero, rootworker and etc…). Now how you want to go about that is entirely up to you and according to your own beliefs.

      Another thing to remember is that not everyone can or will be helped no matter what because there is a such thing as karma to those who have to get back what they have put out-not that good people always have a happy ending and get rescued because life is very unfair and unjust for a lot of good people so good people often times are put through hardships that they definitely don’t deserve while no good people seem to have the lenient rode yet they themselves are suffering mentally with their own chains of demons and bondage of skeletons that their counterparts won’t and don’t let them live down so they are not truly happy as they have to live with a tight short leash wrapped around their necks by their own circle of fellow blackmailers and manipulators.

      What I am saying is that a lot of people go around seeking help from Voodoo and the like or complain when bad things happen to them yet forget about the things that they may have done to others and a lesson or penalty just may have to be experienced and/or learned when they are unable to get any relief or remedy to solve their problems.

      Life is mysterious and not always explainable and none of us have all of the entire answers even though some of us can interpret and see what many others cannot the enlightening thing about these circumstances and situations in which I definitely do know and believe is that none of this life is or will be a permanent state of familiar occurrence it will all end one day when transitions are made, and definitely one day when the world comes to it’s grand finale.

  34. I am a victim of this kind of voodoo me and my husband our children also our complexion s and body structures are changing drastically we really need help.

    1. There are many forms of Voodoo and Black magic that will indeed manifest a physical response that is not natural as the negativity invades and violates the body and spirit.

      Evildoers even at times also intentionally attempt to disfigure and/or to alter one’s appearance especially if or when one is attractive and appealing within looks and manner of being.

      There are all types of motives behind the unscrupulous, the majority of evildoers are undesirable in every way they do not have any magnetic appeal except among others that are within their same category and often times they are not even acceptable or preferable among one another as they do not even want themselves or ones that duplicate their likeness within their many repulsive forms and fashion, and they desperately seek to take away from those that are the complete opposite of them whatever that may be according to the different levels of morbidity within their own disturbed mentality.

      Of course, no healthy minded individual wants the unnatural strains of evil and negativity trying or succeeding to cloud their minds, dull their auras, create a mask of illusion to become a false truth by taking over their constitution.

      The normal reaction would be to repel and seek to find a solution to rid oneself of this abomination.

      Obviously in any case of an inflicted spiritual assault done by others or within the other worldly negative vibrations, energies, and/or forces that occur within our universe of uncertainty and corruption along with what is guaranteed and that is not tainted we have to go by and through the means that are necessary to get out of the unfortunate situation within a method that is going to work.

      You would have to decide on what route you are willing to take depending on your beliefs.

  35. Evil is no match for the good and within a world of more negativity than anything the positive still have their upper hand/advantage. Just keep moving and reaching for those preordained celestial stars because the sky is indeed the limit. Fight, conquer, succeed and continue to progress no matter what. The only way to go is to survive!

    Posted on October 17, 2016 by misslatoya(

    This past Friday morning on my way to my job as I rode the bus I noticed a woman with white skin sitting up front by the window. It was a lovely day out and the sun beamed in on her nicely colored shoulder length blond tresses.

    As we both took the bus to its last destination I stopped this female stranger on the street to ask her if that was the natural shade of her hair.

    The lady who appeared to be within her fifties or maybe even sixties, hell, she could have been older than that the way a lot of people look really good for their age these days and who spoke with an accent that may have been either Jewish or Russian or something else actually explained to me that she would use highlights and the such.

    We exchanged a few more words as I told her how I had watched her on the bus gazing at her strands as they shined beautifully in the light of the sun.

    “Well, I just wanted to tell you how pretty the tone of your hair is”, I genuinely expressed to this women that I’d never seen before in my neighborhood.

    She stood still then smiled and said thank you with true appreciation within her voice and we departed to our own further destinations.

    I use to color my hair when I was in my mid twenties to early thirties now I just stay with my natural pretty dark reddish brown shade as I have no desire to dye my locks anymore. I am lucky to come from genes where we all have a very good grade of healthy and good growing hair and I have that natural luster to mine.

    I wanted to go blond years ago when my hair length was hanging all the way down to my back yet I would have had to constantly bleach it if I wanted to maintain that permanent color after the new growth came in back then and I did not want to strip my hair so I just settled for other shades until I found one to stick with.

    Those days are gone now and I do prefer my own tone even though I had fun with experimenting with certain different shades.

    I’ve worked at JC Penney, Bloomingdale’s, Sears and Macy’s and at my current workplace I have a very important job that requires full time hours. Aside from the other important jobs that I’ve had working in retail where I was only in charge of certain departments or just working certain areas, now I am in a position where I am responsible throughout the whole entire store.

    “We believe in you”, my manager addressed to me a while back. And I haven’t had any problems at all taking on this role that I enjoy and that I’ve been doing very well in and soon I’ll be overlooking others who I’ll have to assist.

    My coworkers are so nice and good to me, and I to them, we’re all very professional.

    I had a great day yesterday on the job full of energy and initiative as usual yet even more so.

    The Holiday season is coming and we’ll be doing the yearly overnight shifts which I love even more before we’ll go back to our regular daily morning shifts. I’ve finally completely ditched the health care field as I was doing it on the side to do something that I really want and my preparations are so becoming as it gets me fully ready for the store and business of my very own that I will be venturing into and opening up one day within the future.

    The universe is wonderful and forever in effect granting us our wants, desires and needs, the things that we deserve and that are within our destiny all that we have to do is to believe and mine have always come sooner than expected.

    I always give veneration and praise to all of my good Ancestors and Orishas as they have my back and faithfully lead my pathways.

  36. Here is my honest reply to an obnoxious comment:

    Space where I acknowledge the bad stuff that was done against me and see the way out and feel weak when trying to get out of the bad situation? What dumb shit is that? Oh, how my enemies hate the fact that I am indestructible! They just give themselves away!

    I don’t understand this question at all as I have never been a weak individual to begin with.

    I have always been an extremely strong person mentally, emotionally, and spiritually I was born that way and life experiences have constantly come to make me even stronger and no amount of darkness was ever able to break me and especially not any of my enemies.

    If anything, I broke all of their asses as I am the one with the natural energy/power to destroy them all through my Ancestors and Orishas.

    That was one of the entire points of my enemies working witchcraft on me to begin with they wanted and tried to take away my strength and confidence yet they were never able to do it. They are such weak people that cannot deal with resilient individuals like me people as we are threats to those kinds.

    Voodoo could never weaken me I was always stronger than Voodoo/Black Magic/Witchcraft and far stronger than my enemies so if you never saw a weak space in any of my articles that is because there is none.

    I was never hurt by my enemies and I definitely never was broken by them or anyone else in life for that matter. Just because they intend to cause hurt or harm does not mean that they succeed in doing so with everyone. I am one that they could never get to and it ate them up inside.

    In general, trash is nothing and nobodies and nothing to be defeated by and definitely nothing to be hurt over. They get hurt and defeated very easily that is why they always try to hurt people like me back and need and used sorcery as their crutch because without it they can’t dare to beat anybody they aren’t shit they are just sick people.

    And now, they can’t even use their Voodoo anymore so they know absolutely that they can’t beat people like me fair and square it isn’t possible. They can only resort to underhanded ways that always come back to swallow them up deeper than what they set out to leap into.

    I was unaffected because of my individuality and as a spiritual person born with a veil as I am nowhere near like the average human being.

    And as far as energy put into my writing, my writing is energy it is a power, writing is a gift that I have it was one of the things that I was born and meant to do and it takes no effort as it flows out naturally and automatically and it has to do with my connection to the universe not whatever you have conceived within your phony bullshit.

    Name: Anne



    Comment: your site has been a big fat blessing for me this afternoon. thank you for the effort you put in. I am reading the different things you post etc. as I wait for you to reply to my previous message… Thank you thank you. Your site is a treasure. keep up the good work.

    Time: October 14, 2016 at 3:19 pm

    Contact Form URL:
    Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.

    Name: Anne



    Comment: Im not sure if my other message went through, but I really needed that help privately. I didn’t want it posted to the site. thanks so much.

    Time: October 14, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    Contact Form URL:
    Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.

    Name: Anne



    Comment: I am so appreciative of your site. I read a lot and have one question. What is the space where, you acknowledge that the bad stuff was done against you, you see the way out and feel weak when you are trying to get out of the bad situation that you are in.. do to the darkness that seems to be so heavy that is surrounding you?
    How would I be able to attach so much to the joy and good things that I can feel the strength to get away from the darkness that tries to over power me?

    Time: October 14, 2016 at 2:53 pm

    Contact Form URL:
    Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.

    1. Hi Latoya, I was just able to see your reply. I think you misunderstood me, I wasn’t talking about you. When I said “you” I wasn’t talking about you, Latoya, I meant person. because I hear many people say they feel like I described in my question you replied to, So I was just curious. I don’t think I explained my question well. i think it was lost in translation. sorry for the confusion.

    2. In that message I sent you, somehow my email address is posted to your website. Can you please remove it? I’m not sure how that ended up happening but someone ended up contacting me because me email address was posted here. thank you.

  37. Please help me, I have been experiencing all of this. Where can I find someone to help me!

    Iam in serious need of help. Iam a very good person. I help those in need, and I have been experiencing the most horrible time in my life because of their doings and they have turned it all on me. That people should be afraid of me because I’m bad. When it is them that done this and when I tried to tell someone everyone thinks I’m crazy. I have gone through all of that, and it’s making me sick but I have been trying my best to keep positive. I’m trying, there were times I almost gave up, gave up on my life. I’m here and I’m seeking help. Cuz I can not do this on my own, I’m dealing with s man and a woman that I use to love and cherish and I’m just hurting, but I’m doing my best to keep on being strong. My babies need me, my son needs me! Please help me…

    1. The people who do these things to you and others know exactly what they are doing because it is all a game. They will sometimes include to putting a negative energy around you to indeed make others react within irrational ways toward you and to intentionally influence them to think or feel that you are crazy, in general. It is just to prolong your state of negativity that they have inflicted upon you and to destroy. Don’t ever worry about what people say or think about you just worry about what you know to be the truth and take it from there because reality outweighs everything not the ignorance that is within others.

      Yet not everyone would think or believe that you are actually crazy-trust me. When people worked Voodoo on me everyone within my circle believed me, they backed me up, and I had a lot of spiritual people who wanted to help take it off of me and they did! So it all just depends on who you run into and the type of people that you are dealing with.

      A lot of us within the world know that Voodoo is real it has been around since the beginning of time and anyone who would say Voodoo and the like does not exist or does not act as a weapon among many is being a hypocrite and is being very contradictory, and what I mean by that is no one can say that God or any other divinity exists without Voodoo having it’s own existence.

      Voodoo is just a supernatural force and energy used for good or bad.

      And not that the bible is one hundred percent the accurate truth because it has been rewritten and adjusted by human being folk-and not that we all have to believe in or agree with everything that is stated within the bible but the book clearly does attest to the reality and existence of sorcery and the so-called penalties for it.

      In the eyes of the God of the bible white magic (positive supernatural forces) and black magic (negative supernatural forces) is all demonic and those of us who may indulge are doomed to a lifetime in hell.

      I absolutely know better than that for anything of force to be used as good from my own particular experience and what I am in connection with to be a call for destruction or as a disguise for demonic entrapment even though that may be the case for some depending on their circumstances, however, I am not here to encourage or discourage any belief system I just let experience, reality, and truth according to our own journey speak for itself.

      No one has to give up and no one has to hurt or suffer because of these sick people that is why many of us spiritual people of the light are around we are making great change within the universe and within this battle, we are winning! It is going to be alright if you believe and eventually it will all come to an end.

      Meanwhile, protect yourself in all means possible do not be a victim be the victor!

  38. Where do you get your facts from? Voodoo has been around a long time and is no more evil then Christianity. It is a very primal religion yes but all they symptoms you have listed are also the same as many medically scientific conditions and illness.. make sure that the people reading this don’t go off their medication that is a solution to their issue because they believe it’s a curse when in fact it is depression or bipolar disorder or any of the many other scientifically explained and treated symptoms you have listed. You should go more in depth of the process of elimination to find out if some one really has a hex/curse..

    1. Facts come from experience and to some Christianity is evil-whatever floats an individual’s boat, different strokes for different folks.

      The only one who needs a history lesson is you and making spiteful accusations as to the mental health of those who are savvy in regards to voodoo and misconstruing their words and inquiries along with the vital messages and truths of particular signs and symptoms that some may experience when negativity manipulates in an attempt to actually mimic certain ailments and also to bring about particular situations. It is not within the mere words themselves but within the interpretation depending on circumstance.

      And clearly you have no discernment.

      Maybe you’re the one who needs to get back on their Hiv medication since you seem to be talking out of your head. Or maybe you need to get off that Crystal Meth is that fair enough?

    2. I have not insulted anyone .. you have and by the way you seem to be overly defensive to a open mind.. I now know why you are haunted.. I speak because I am a voodoo, voudun practitioner and I am also apart of the NW pagan and occult community while also attending mass on Sunday’s. with the way you talk I doubt you are apart of any respectable church and if so then dose your pastor or priests know how you behave? This is a clear warning to all who read this blog and I’m not even the one who discredits you. you did that that yourself by your response to my opinion on a open opinion blog.. have a good life, I hope it gets better.

    3. You are not at all worth responding back to and I should not be wasting my energy but people like you need to be exposed.

      Listen, I am not going to be constantly responding back an forth to you in regard to your ridiculous shenanigans as I have constructive things to do within my life, I have no time to idle around with an inconsequential individual offering no intellectual gravity and who has nothing better to do than to attempt to inspire negativity against others.

      I detected that you were one involved within the activity of the occult and knew what you were personally about the moment I read your first comment as I get strong intuitive vibes-and that is definitely not an opinion but a foreboding-so you just confirmed what I already sensed.

      Not saying that everyone that comes to this site is being genuine because absolutely there are a lot of bullshitters out there and I am not at all oblivious to it yet that is just the way life is as we find that everywhere.

      However, you did insult my visitors in general, and there are those who are being real and honest and do not deserve to be unjustly manipulated by you as if anyone who is not weak-minded should fall for your absurd tirade anyhow, perhaps you’re angry and bitter at the good who endeavor to conquer and to not be overcome or overtaken by the negative effects of Voodoo.

      Does it spoil all your hopes and desires of spiritual entrapment upon your demonic ventures?

      “Overly defensive to an open mind”, what type of antic bullshit is that mind-game supposed to play within? Surely not mine! You kill me, thinking that you can get over with your mediocre mindset. You’ve none other than displayed a very narrow-mind full of dictation within your comments to others.

      “Haunted?” That is another hilarious mode of pretense coming from you, you never quit do you?

      “And the way that I behave”, Aw, I am a bad girl because I used a few expletives in my corresponding to you. Oh well, shame on me, especially since I have no apologies!

      The only clear warning going on around here is that any demonic figure and action that dares to negatively invade in on the territory of the positive within any form or fashion of their divine and/or universal mission or calling whether celestial and so on will definitely have a run for their money (and that means “a challenge” in case you are unable to accurately comprehend the term)!

      “Discredit?” Those are purely your choice of thoughts as I do not need anyone or anything to verify my state of being as truth validates within it’s own self and beyond the range of what is visible to the human experience, the bigger picture revolves around the higher spiritual level of consciousness a plane that you’ll never get to ride on as you again have confirmed your lowest of intent and negative of vibration.

      I indeed genuinely do have a good life and it does continue to get even better, even though I know that you meant it snidely with affectedly false insinuation.

      And please do not write to me again as your address will be disregarded.

    4. the facts question was a actual question so that I can look further into it. No need to be so rude and offensive.. I did not mean any cruel intentions. Now that you have spoken the way you have, may I ask your full name so I don’t need to look it up? Just for politeness of course.

    5. Yeah, of course, there has been a sudden change to innocence now within the true ulterior motives that were originally intended by you due to the fact that you were instantly caught by me. That is what you get for diving into a river that was too deep for you to swim in.

      You should learn not to underestimate those whom you already have preconceived notions of that you know absolutely nothing about because those dangerous waters are liable to drown you out for the kill, especially when you do not thoroughly know who you are messing with

      I am very sharp and keen and I have a radar that you wouldn’t believe possible so please do not make me laugh with the phony and transparent shift done in your obvious calculating fashion.

      What a sick degenerate that you are.

  39. Hi my name is Felicia, I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I have a mother in law who is doing witchcraft to me. She is stopinger my periods so I can’t get pregnant. Also my husband mistress is working with my mother to get me away from her son. She is also married and exchange money back and forth for sex. His mother Carolyn Browder Cammack and Kayleigh Murphy and my husband been working against me. I have 13 year son name Chauncey Cammack. My husband been trying tout turn my son against me so he can tell the Judge that he wants to live with his dad. His mistress been stickinger me with needles and making my face dark. I been using Florida water. Please help me so I can get the shit off of my face. They are trying to makexplain look ugly.

    1. Hello Miss latoya

      I am looking for answer.
      Why i see my enemies in My dreams. Especially when i am abt to have periods and ovulations. I am not able to get pregnant. Even thou i try alot. You are very sharp at knowing things thru your powers.
      Thats why i need help
      Let me know what are the charges for it and for the other time you helped me before.

    2. Hi Kindu,

      As spirit motions me to speak these words right at this moment through automatic writing I confer to you that dreams reveal messages, especially the precognitive dreams which are always accurate one just has to know how to correctly interpret/discern them as many of the premonitions can sometimes seem and are sometimes jumbled or skewed. There are often clear as well as hidden knowledge and communication to be uncovered and discovered for our assistance, guidance and etc…

      So it is very important to pay close attention to your dreams and to know the difference between a relevant dream of precognition in comparison to just an ordinary one of the subconscious mind which deals with our psyche on particular levels of psychological distinctions yet that can also reveal to us certain messages of self-improvement, empowerment and further development so all factors may at times come into play all depending on the instances of our situation and universal directions.

      Some dreams reflect on our spiritual travel during our unconscious state of sleep and some dreams don’t even mean anything at all just a form of the imagination during our temporary resting period exercising its faculty.

      Observe what you feel as well as what you see when you have these dreams because the sensations that you feel give you further details into comprehending what your being shown and told also. Most importantly, don’t doubt if you need to write down those visions and scenes then go over them and deliberate what may not come to you right away will surface again spontaneously or by something else that may inadvertently trigger it. Sometimes you may forget and not realize until you are actually experiencing the dream as a reality that all the pieces entirely fit in together and become a descriptive solved puzzle.

      You have a specific intuitive ability and you have noticed when they are heightened along with the correlation in between, and that is great!

      Our enemies often appear to us within our visions while we are awake, in our dreams while we are asleep, through empathic ability and through telepathic ability to send and to give to us a warning and alerts for our own benefits so that we can make an attempt be protected and prevent their designs and endeavors or put a stop to them. It is a higher power and those benevolent connections on the other side of the spiritual realm that is contacting us and looking out for us.

      Constantly express your appreciation and never take the privilege for granted we should be very thankful for those warnings and revelations whether good or bad that is suited for our best interest to guide us with luck and to bestow upon us preservation.

      To you it seems that you are describing a scenario of your enemies that are trying to prevent you from conceiving a child and you are being notified through your dreams as to the means and to the cause of your problems accordingly and you are aspiring for help in return.

      Anything to that effect is obvious enough as jealous, envious, unhappy and disturbed individuals are extremely discontented with seeing others who are more fortunate than they are with the things that may make them happy and that may bring further joy into their life whatever that may be in particular. Whatever it is that you may want or that they think that you may want they will try to stop.

      And it is not always about you it may be the thing where if they were in that situation of their own in what they define as a misfortune or downfall that the same circumstance or occurrence would hurt them and they erroneously assume it would bring hurt to you or to someone else because their minds are unable to rise to a level of dissimilarity within the individual nature of essence in relation to one’s state of being.

      The bottom line is people like them are very resentful toward others for having and experiencing the things in life that they wish that they could obtain and enjoy and instead of just being happy for another person and trying to enhance their own life for the better within their own possible means they’d rather tear that other person down to make themselves feel satisfied it is merely their own realization and feelings of inadequacy along with inferiority.

      There are a lot of sick people out here within this day and age people who are sicker than ever and there is no excuse or explanation for the vile ways of their actions except for the fact that they are demonic.

      There is no charge for the approach in which you perceive that I helped you out in the recent past.

      And also by the way, I had received a message from you that you claimed to have emailed me though it never reached me. I doubted you had sent one at all.

    3. Hello, Miss latoya

      Thank your reply and thank for helping me (million thanks from the bottom of my heart)
      I have been seeing this same dream since a year now
      The thing is my enemies keep doing black magic on me and my family. They just don’t want to stop. They keep attacking us by dangerous means of black magic most of the time it’s for killing us.

      I did send you an email last time.
      Last time you’ve mentioned that i need a solid solution to put my enemies to an end permanently. I didn’t understand like how to put an end to them?
      What do i have to do?
      And i have a request, I want to know the details of what this guy have done (black magic) this time on us. Because our festival “diwali” is approaching on 30th october. It’s a no moon night and anyone who is attacked by black magic this time, they effects of magic will multiplies.
      Is there anyway that you can help me to find out what is he up to now? What kind of evil black magic he have done on us now and specifically attacking who in my family?
      We got to know he did something again on us few days ago.
      Do let me know how much you will charge for this.
      Thanks alot
      For me this is quite urgent to know.

    4. From my own personal experience when I dream about something continuously or on an ongoing basis from time to time that means that the dream is without a doubt a definite revelation. It means it is either something that is absolutely happening/taking place or something that will eventually come to be or both so there is relevance within the repetitiveness which is a good thing.

      And also enemies sometimes actually believe that they are slick enough to try to interfere within my dreams spiritually in an attempt to throw me off yet as a person who is protected and that is able to see beyond those endeavors the tactics have never worked I could and can still detect when they are trying to tamper with my dreams. I am never vulnerable to spiritual attack during my sleep, children of the light have twenty-four hour protection no matter what so that is also a factor to take notice of.

      Listen up Kindu, I have been polite, courteous, and honest with you, even after I quickly did not want to be bothered you kept contacting me in the recent past without me responding back. You obviously didn’t get the hint. I did give you feedback this last time and it still isn’t enough for you and I do not understand why you keep hounding me with these same stupid questions especially after I have already explained certain things to you.

      You don’t know what you want to do you’re too weak and needy.

      Your culture has a lot to do with what you believe in and how you are affected by it. If you had a strong spiritual foundation and sincere connection with the universe (Ancestors/Deities/Or whatever your inheritance and/or preference and divine path) accordingly you wouldn’t need to worry about anybody trying to kill you yet we all have by nature what may work for us that may not work for someone else.

      It is annoying how you keep bothering me and you have really turned me off for good this time with asking me about what did I mean about put an end to them (your enemies). I said you need to put an end to your situation by getting the negativity removed out of your life and you know that.

      You claim to have spent loads of money on other spiritual workers who have not solved your problems and I informed to you that you already know what is going on in your life you just need to put a stop to it for good so that you could move on but regardless you continue to ask over and over again questions to answers of what you’ve already been told I have no time for nonsense or any bullshit games or your need for attention.

      You want to play the fool go and play with someone else. I am not at all interested in your problems or solving them I am tired of hearing this shit. And by the way, I am not buttered up by any compliments or flattery or even offers of money I cannot be bought or persuaded so I don’t know why you mentioned how sharp I am and paying me. I’ve always had, and I do not need praise.

      In the beginning when you came to me months ago I told you things would work out within your favor at that particular time that was then and this is now I have no desire to work on your behalf and I don’t like the negative vibes that I utterly feel around you at this time and I don’t want any part of it. I could have ignored you again but the vibes that I felt inspired me to let it all out plain and simple.

      Sorry if my words seem harsh, nevertheless, I don’t tolerate what is not of me.

      Here is a recap in case you do not remember:

      On Thursday, August 11, 2016 12:43 PM, kindu kaur wrote:

      Hello Miss latoya,
      Was not feeling well these few days. Couldn’t reply you.
      I have attached 2 pictures of my enemies. So far I can only get old pictures of them
      The lady name is “Ravinder kaur” (nickname is reena). Her date of birth is 24th November 1985. Her mother name is “shinder”
      The guy name is “kuldeep singh” (nickname is keepa). I do not know his real date of birty. As he came to Hong Kong with fake passport.
      His mother name is “kulwant”, and dad’s name is “jeet”
      The both lives in Hong Kong.
      Both of them have been troubling me since many years by doing black magic.
      I see them in my dreams all the time.
      I don’t know why.
      If you could help me find out what are they up to. Why are they after me so much.
      Thanks for helping me.
      Looking forward to hear from you soon.

      LaToya Lawrence
      To kindu kaur Aug 13 at 3:24 PM
      I’ve seen a lot with what is going on with you and I have seen that you already know why these people are after you and why they have been causing you turmoil.

      I also have seen drug use and jail time done by this guy.

      I’ve also seen that you have already sought help more than once within the past and present so it is not that you need to know what they are doing or why, you need a solid solution on how to put them all to an end permanently, and I do not mean death I mean a permanent way to stop the negativity.

      kindu kaur
      Aug 13 at 7:03 PM
      Thank you Miss Latoya for taking your precious time out to help me.
      Till now we have not find any permanent solution to get rid of them.
      Only thing we are doing is wasting lots and lots of money curing ourselves from spiritual healers.
      right now we are all under debts too because of this.
      You mean to say this guy uses drugs and been to jail? I do not know about this. Since its been years now i am not in contact with him nor with the lady.
      What about the lady? Is she still involved with this guy or she is not?

      I don’t know what to do. The thing is they use very dangerous means of black magic on us every time. All of them were life threatening.

      Sorry sometimes I just want them to be dead.
      I question myself, my god that what have I done wrong to them? I do not understand.
      Why they want to see me completely destroyed?
      Why can’t they just leave me alone?
      What do they want from me?

      My mind is blank. I try my best to be strong all the time and keep hoping for a better future.

      May I ask what is the solution to stop them? Is it by doing back black magic on them or seeking out other spiritual healer?

      Thanks for your time.

      kindu kaur
      To latoya Aug 30 at 7:13 AM
      Hello Miss latoya
      What happen why you don’t reply?

    5. I am sorry.
      I won’t bother you again.
      I didn’t mean to..
      I am just confused and scared sometimes. Maybe due to my lack of understanding or whatever.
      I didn’t compliment you for my need. There are not much spiritually powerful people out there who can tell everything so accurately. That is why i asked for help, i am sorry if you feel offended.
      I am not needy. I am just in a situation where i dont know where i should head to.
      Anyway thanks alot for whatever help you’ve given me. And keep inspiring people..

  40. my mother in law did bad sort on me ,I use to leave with her and one day she took my shoes ,she left the second day she bring theme back,its was in 2015,now we are 2016 and I am sick,not feeling good,I know I need healing professional,because she went to her country to get the bad magic I need help email back with suggestions to save my life with my kids plz ,she’s so evil,she prays and thene she do bad magic ,I believe what she done to me it’s to kill me

    1. Nope the most powerful voodoo hex you would have been dead.. I suggest you seek medical advice from a certified doctor first.. if you have any voodoo/hex/ curse questions please feel free to contact me. If it truly is a hex/curse I can also advise on ways to counteract it if need be.

    2. Who the fuck are you supposed to be?

      If it was the “most powerful” voodoo hex she would be dead? You’re out of your fucking mind! And I can personally attest to that as I have over thirty years of experience of having been attacked numerous times with all types of voodoo/witchcraft and to a powerful extent where I was utterly aware yet remained unaffected and I have a lifetime of supernatural experiences due to being born with a veil.

      And I dare you to challenge me mother fucker!

      There is no one or nothing more powerful than the “divine” and it is divinity/divine intervention that has the upper hand and that decides the outcome of our situations not any devil nor demon nor principality and darn sure not any negative voodoo worker. You aren’t qualified to be giving anyone any insight or advice.

      I had evil spirits extracted from me and it was truly a very magical occurrence and ordeal something that you could never imagine or make it through. I give praise to others who have undergone such a trial with the grace of fortunate advantage through the natural blessings of the universe. How dare you disrespect those who are more resilient and more knowledgeable than you.

      I have escaped numerous chances at death and other extremely negative encounters that were intended by my enemies but I never believed in them I consistently believed in myself and within the higher powers of the universe that have always had my back and that continue to secure my pathways.

      So don’t you ever bring your sorry ass back to my blog trying to insult other people’s intelligence, trying to undermine them and talking this upside the wall shit.

      Nobody needs you to tell them how to analyze and weigh out the scope of their dilemma they are able to think for themselves. You cannot judge someone merely by a few words within their sentences you don’t know their entire life story, where they’ve been, where they’ve come from, where they’re going or the other contributing factors regarding their circumstances you ignorant, miserable punk bitch.

  41. I really need a help my friends baby is suffering with this symptoms that you mentioned in ur blog plsss help me out make evrythng normal

    1. You go see a doctor, one that is able to take your head out of your ass. No, as a matter of fact maybe you should leave your head up your ass because the last thing the world needs right now is another shit-face asshole who cannot smell their own shit.

  42. Hello,

    I feel so really good and am truly happy inside (that continuous innate joy from self and spirit that no one can take away) and I am also so very proud of you all in particular (my visitors) the ones who are sincere and determined just keep hanging in there and keep instinctively seeking and making a positive change within your own personal world and within the “distinctive” world around you and always remember that the darkness can never overpower the light.

    And whatever it is that you are or may be going through, or that you know through experience and wisdom, there is always some one else out there on the level who knows or understands, has went through it too, and whom can relate so never let anyone “gaslight” you (manipulate by a psychological means through the tactic of deviously switching things around by intentionally withholding and presenting false information in an attempt to make you doubt your own true perception or recollection and to even question your own sanity as they utterly with deliberation and cruel or frivolous intent contradict or deny knowing anything about what they claim to be just within your imagination when you are indeed sharp and keen enough to discern and challenge their nonsense).

    Never fall for the game yet stay ahead of it!

    Most importantly, though, always believe and trust within yourself even when or if others don’t because we that are strong cannot be conquered-Message from LaToya

    The Peace Within
    Posted on August 20, 2016 by misslatoya(

    In my own words as always:

    Although a serious person I have always been one to constantly laugh and to consistently find the humor within a lot of things, even within the negativity of people I have to sarcastically mock, that is just within my nature.

    We all have our deep moments here and there, however, no situation and no one have ever been able to take away the fun side of me and no one should ever let anyone or anything steal away their joy. I joke around and laugh everyday, even silently to myself sometimes as we cannot always express or demonstrate our amusement out in the open or to just any and everyone.

    I’ve been in situations and circumstances in which others would have, or even have, considered being difficult periods that I would just swim on through with such ease and comfort. What may have appeared as a hardship to them was absolutely nothing to me because of my wavelength and disposition. I am as unconventional and laid-back as they come, occasionally too nonchalant.

    Everything all depends on how we look at ourselves, the ethereal, the world around us, and the aspects in which that also surround within the universe. We are all distinct individuals in our own right.

    I’ve been through too much far too early on in life on account of others at the age when I was totally innocent and blameless of any wrong-doing on up yet failed to lose my inborn high-spirited persona. I overcame tenaciously and was compensated gracefully.

    I have too much love, knowledge and spirituality around me to not have peace and contentment inside.

    Laughter keeps us healthy and love keeps us strong.

    Love is found everywhere and within anything that attracts our senses gravely and valuably it is the essence of being within relation to our well-being, self love is priceless and the genuine love that is given to us does not come for sale.

    Love has our backs and never lets us down and love would never allow anything to break it apart from us.

    Love has many origins there is not just one source or vessel in which this intense affection stems and flows from or through.

    We find and come across love in so many ways, forms and fashions the most vital thing is to cherish what mode attributed according to what shifts within harmony to our own unique states of existence.

    When I look at my life and where I am at and acknowledge the predicaments of others who are not as well off as me mentally, spiritually, physically and lifestyle-wise I recognize how lucky and fortunate that I am and that I never had to undergo anything within their severity.

    So I just as those who have shared my experiences and that have walked in my shoes or similar ones we have a lot to appreciate, to be thankful for, and to look forward to through faith and belief in what hasn’t failed us yet. -latoya lawrence

  43. Spiritual Attacks
    Posted on August 30, 2016 by misslatoya(

    On Sunday, August 21, 2016 I woke up in the morning sometime around one or two a.m. I estimate as I did not look at the clock to turn off the fan as I had gotten a little chilly. Right after, I entered straight back into my bed to return to sleep yet I was unable to.

    I was kept up by insight and warnings of a paranormal means as I often do during those occasional times whenever I am simultaneously experiencing the activity and operations that automatically notify me of circumstances through my presence itself as well as through my thoughts.

    A very sick family that a long time ago lived on my old block by the last name Anderson constantly remained within my mind along with another guy that kept flickering in and out the entire time until my mind became solely occupied with precognitive thoughts of him-I don’t know his name but I’ve written about him in particular many times as he spiritually harassed me with another guy for years after he approached me in the year 2008 as I was on my way home from work one night and the other had approached me at my workplace in the year 2006 on Christmas eve. I often communicated with them two telepathically (

    “Anderson’s” is exactly what was stated as spirit acknowledged to me.

    Spirit also had informed to me that the certain members of this family wanted to prevent me from continuing to write and publish posts of what I undergo, have undergone, and what I know. I in the process actually saw visions of them literally desiring and trying to interfere to no avail.

    Now I have been writing ever since the age of ten and had the opportunity to get published by a mainstream publisher back then, and I have been blogging and writing on the internet for over ten years utilizing my creativity and talent along with my knowledge and ability. I will never allow anyone to stop or to manipulate me within any form or fashion whether it is verbally or spiritually. I have a celestial calling in life driven by innate and divine influence and it shall be carried out wholeheartedly regardless of who objects or who cannot handle the truth.

    By succeeding and continuing to move forward we fiercely show the devil and the demonic that they are not going to win over us.

    When my aunt Tina poisoned my food years ago and I was rescued by spiritual guardians( had received messages of all kinds including information of how Joanne (a member of the “A” brood) had took part with Tina a long time ago against my mother with indulging in voodoo. I mentioned that bitch here as initials JAF, her maiden last name and other last name by marriage toward the end of this post ( she is the dope fiend junkie/prostitute that had sexual incestuous relations with two of her brothers and had slit her wrist. There is a lot of dirt on her brothers and father as well.

    When revelations of the Anderson family subsided then the guy that flickered in and out became the sole preoccupation of my thoughts. He was attempting to make me become amorous and lustful by trying to send me romantic fantasies of him while later also trying to spiritually tamper with my vagina once again as he and that other guy had tried before a few years ago and I had written about here as I consistently kept a track (

    These no-good guys wanted to have sex with me in the past and are envious and jealous along with certain others because I love and respect my self and my body, and they could not talk about me truthfully within any sexual and derogatory way.

    Demonic people endeavor to take/steal away our good and positive energy because they operate on such a very low level of vibration with one another that they are unable to naturally generate energy on their own to come up to our high level of vibration so they desperately have the need to rob and to drain us of our good luck and other good attributes to use for their bad purposes. No matter what, though, by trying to get our energy will not bring them up from where they are yet we still have to fight by staying aware and unyielding to their tactics that are intended for our destruction.

  44. I believe in the real and true Thy Father God, The Almighty Jesus Christ of Nazareth, The Holy Spirit, My self and inner Love and Strengths. But, something is burdening my life with VooDoo Demons that are getting worse everyday. For the past 20 odd years I have been hearing voices, feeling like a demon is raping me in my anus and poking at me 24 hours a day. Here in Bronx, NY this seems to be a norm and therefore no speaks of it. I am a proud born and raised American and never would have thought that all of these sorrowful undeveloped countries find it funny and/or right to rape and kill though such a cowardly way to represent Lucifer. The worse is that I know that there are some jerked off perverted child molesters that live around me and they are doing this not decent smart hard working people. I am now at the stage of suicidal thoughts and feelings which really upsets me because LOVE MYSELF! And I am loved by those who love me. Why kill myself when I am not the Rapists they are. I have been fighting this all by myself and feel so disgusted at the “reality” of these nasty sad unloved idiots. A spiritualist told me that they stole something personal of mines to do this to me because of jealousy. How sad! But I understand why they are. I am by far better than them in every sense of humanity. I pray and backslides every day because of all of the crap they have against my life. What a bunch of dumb cowards. May the Hand of The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth be upon their sorry souls through every generation of their being past, present and future. May The True and Real Thy Almighty Father God set upon their heads the coals they continuously reap on themselves through my misery of their existence. AMEN.

  45. My Power/Ability
    Posted on August 25, 2007 by misslatoya(

    Originally written by LaToya Lawrence Saturday, March 11, 2006 at 4:06 PM EST

    When i was two and a half years of age my mother taught me to read. When i was three i learned to write. And, at the age of three is when i first began to take notice of my psychic powers. I didn’t exactly know what the abilities were i just knew whatever i saw, thought, or heard would end up happening not so long after.

    I’d never spoke to anyone about it during that early age. What i was experiencing came natural as breathing. By the time i was seven i thought having visions, reading thoughts, and sensing things before they occurred was something that everybody had. I was very young, i didn’t know. But my mother knew about me. She told me all the time how gifted i was, she observed it in me early. I didn’t know what being gifted meant, though. My mother also has certain spiritual abilities.

    I saw my first spirit at the age of three.

    When i turned seven i was honored in the auditorium of my elementary school for being one of the most exceptional readers attending there. When i was ten i past tests that high school students couldn’t pass. My IQ was tested when i was fourteen and the results came out above average. And i have an outstanding comprehension. So anybody who would consider me crazy for the way that i think, feel, or behave about certain things would have to put a “handle on it”. They’d have to call me knowledgeably crazy!

    In the year of 1982, my evil wicked great-grandmother took my mother and i to one of those Botanica stores. She had this Haitian man read my mother’s palm then had him dress up a candle for her to take home to burn. We didn’t live with my great-grandmother, we were visiting her in Manhattan at the time.

    So when my mother brought the candle home to burn i had got a very bad feeling but i didn’t speak up about it. I was only seven. My mother would’ve listened to me. She never underestimated me because of my age. But that is one thing i regret and have hated about myself, sometimes not speaking up when i get the inkling that something is wrong. And, doing something when i knew better.

    This has followed me to adulthood, however, i put a stop to it. It is said that some things are better left unsaid. I’ll say everything i feel should be said nowadays. I’ve always spoken my mind i just speak it a little more.

    Anyway, after the candle burned for seven days negative things started to happen in our life. I noticed that something was trying to block me from succeeding in school, and when it couldn’t all of a sudden all of my classmates who use to like me turned against me. People harassed my mother in the streets trying to encourage her to have a nervous breakdown, then my teenage aunt got gang-raped.

    My great-grandmother worked witchcraft on us to prevent us from succeeding in our life.

    We struggled with “Brujeria” for a long while. My mother was and still is a very intelligent woman and so am i. My great-grandmother hates us for what we have and what we were able to achieve.

    As i get older, my powers get even stronger.

    Certain sick people see me as a threat so they joined in with my great-grandmother and one of my aunts to try to block my spiritual powers and to literally destroy me. I’m not going to get into all of the details as to what went on, however, i will let you know that Divine Spirit works in ways that are incredibly awesome!

    Not everybody believes in witchcraft and not everybody believes in people having innate supernatural abilities and experiences.

    They believe it is myth or mere delusion due to a mental illness.

    I know the real deal.

    I have a neighbor who’s mother was born with a veil and she inherited the power of seeing spirits. She’s eighty-six years of age now and has much experience with spiritual matters. She told my mother how people killed her sister by working witchcraft.

    I feel sorry for the people who are in the dark about these things.

  46. Targeted (Part One)
    Posted on August 26, 2016 by misslatoya(

    As good people in the world we will become targeted at times by the demonic.

    Like I have expressed before there are a combination of reasons why my enemies who are known and who are unknown to me through out the years have worked and have attempted to work black magic on me and also on my family aside from the obvious envy and jealousy but another reason they had came after me aside for me knowing things through clairvoyance/extrasensory perception was for what I had divulged through a book that I had written mentioning dirt that was done by some of them.

    The only people within life that I have ever had any problems out of were junkies and other types of trash as they all operate and function on such a very low level of intellectual comprehension and spiritual vibration. There are some that are within a category all by themselves and that are exceptions; however the majority of them are fixed and stationary.

    As a person of higher consciousness I was able to connect or adapt to all types of universal channels, people and situations accept those in which were incongruous with my state of essence as well as existence. I was never meant or destined to intermingle or associate with these types of individuals yet through unnatural circumstances and certain life detouring events I had to make acquaintance just like so many of us unintentionally have done only to be protected and unaffected by the grace around us due to the fact that instances was beyond our control and because we are a strong group of folk with grave purpose and that had vital divine influence and guidance.

    There are sometimes always so much more to a story, detail, and the interpretation. It is the wise mind that analyzes weighs out the facts probabilities and possibilities as well as the never knows. Nevertheless, one does not have to cater to the ignorant mind that draws up inaccurate conclusions within their undeveloped scope of view or faculty.

    All that matters is to include and strive for the truth. And liars hate the truth. And one person’s fact can be another person’s fiction depending on the elements and aspects of diversity as well as wavelength. I had to figure out a long time ago as a teen why one would be accused of telling a lie when they are definitely telling the truth aside from the other person’s lack of knowledge (ignorance) and deliberate denial (intentionally lying while indeed knowing the truth).

    There were enemies that wanted to shut me up, part of the reason they wanted me to go insane, figuring if I was considered crazy that I would not have any credibility but their Voodoo didn’t work back then because my mind, spirit and constitution was much stronger as I am of the light and have so much legitimate belief in what I know within the universe.

    Chapter five titled “The Trip” signified the physical travel along with the mental travel that was endured in this genuine excerpt:

    You see, my aunt Charise was sixteen years old in the summer of 1982. A trip to Virginia was organized by a neighbor on her block. Any of the teenagers who wanted to go had to pay a fee. Charise’s money was given up front. There would be no refunds for anyone who canceled out.

    Two or three days prior to the trip, Charise and one of the other girls scheduled to go got into a fist fight. Charise beat the girl’s ass. But long before that incident, Charise had decided not to go to Virginia.

    “Look, you are going”, Catherine hollered. “After I done spent my money!”

    Charise had no choice whether she liked it or not she would have to go on account of her mother.

    The trip lasted for a week. When it was over and the teenagers had returned, Pat received a phone call. “Charise is sick”, said Mrs. Boatwright, the neighbor who’d organized the trip.

    “She’s sick?” Pat asked

    “Yes”, I am going to bring her home”.

    When Mrs. Boatwright brought Charise to the house she wasn’t sick in the way Pat thought she would be. Pat figured maybe it was a stomach ache, but it was quite the contrary. Charise was sick out of her mind.

    “What happened?” Pat exclaimed.

    “I don’t know”, said Mrs. Boatwright.

    Charise walked up and down the street talking to herself she was very hyperactive, like she was on a trip.

  47. Targeted (Part Two)
    Posted on August 26, 2016 by misslatoya(

    In Virginia, someone had slipped mescaline into Charise’s soda, and she was raped repeatedly. While she was under the influence of the drug three guys one of whom was Mrs. Boatwright’s son Larry Butler and his cousin “Gerard” whose name was Henry Frasier took turns having sexual intercourse with her. Afterwards, they drugged her some more. Revenge seemed to be the motive hurting Charise was a way of getting even for her having beat up their friend.

    Charise was very incoherent and she was hallucinating. As a result of all this Charise spent time in a psychiatric facility. Different types of medications were prescribed and she would have to be on medication for the rest of her life.

    No report to the police department was made about what had happened Catherine was in a state of denial in her mind no harm had been done by the assailants.

    “Nobody did anything to her”, said Catherine. She didn’t care about her baby daughter.

    When Charise was admitted into Elmhurst hospital back in the early eighties we came to find out that Larry’s mother, father and sister worked there and closely monitored her to make sure that she was further incapable of revealing the truth about what was done to her yet Larry and the others went around bragging about the incident and never did any jail time.

    In fact, when I had brought this up to someone in the 1990’s they had informed to me how they remembered them bragging about it.

    So why not brag about it now? Why is it supposed to be a secret after I wrote about it just as other dirt done by perpetrators?

    There is consistently justice within the spirit world that is in accordance to the very physical universe that is around and that is surrounding us and no matter how long that it may take retribution to occur it does come well-served and well deserved even after it is long forgotten about because time frame is totally different within the spirit realm I’ve mention before a few years ago that one of Charise rapist’s got brutally killed while I still lived on that block I remember the day of the funeral as I was on my way home from work ( charged with fatally stabbing Persian GulfWar veteran Henry Frasier, 40, during a May 10 fight over an NBA playoff game. He had even suffered a long battle with schizophrenia before he died.

    One day if not already, all will get their’s, it is inevitable.

    Larry and many members of his family for years now have been crackheads but I doubt that is the ultimate.

    Chapter three titled “Death” signified my grandfathers untimely demise and the mystery behind it.

    In the beginning of August 1977, the family received a phone call, Willie Sr was dead. His body had been found in the Hudson river, naked and decomposed. He was identified after his fingerprints were examined and matched up with his army records.Willie’s face and body looked severely burned his height was the only way that he was recognized. After the river consumed Willie’s body and left him to drift along it’s waters the heat from the sun had cooked him.

    During the early seventies my grandfather Willie Mason Lawrence worked as an assistant dispatcher for the New York City Transit Authority and at his job a bottle was thrown down to the ground toward his body by an individual. The glass bottle broke directly at his feet the evil street symbol to signify death.

    Willie Sr was a highly intelligent man and his sharpness could not be denied not even by a neighbor on the block where we lived who admitted it to my mother years ago who worked in the same field of work as he did and had known his professional capabilities. My grandfather also had the gift of extrasensory perception that is why he was called “crazy” by assholes he knew too much and told of the harassment that he experienced with these sick individuals.

    Trash wants to cover up his murder by saying that he committed suicide, that is pure bullshit. That may be what they made it look like or wanted it to look like but there are members of the family who never believed that and I his grand-daughter LaToya definitely knows the truth as I saw it in a vision a long time ago while I was asleep what really happened.

  48. Hello my brothers child is 3years old and had a bad sickniss but is healing now but last night her whole room was full of fruit flies he managed to kill them all do you think its vodoo or black magic cause they were only in her room and theres a black cat everynight infront of their window pls help us thank you in advance

  49. I need help I think this might be happening to me I’m thinking evil stuff I want to kill myself everyone around me knows what I’m thinking

  50. Misslatoya I’m experiencing alot of unnatural things happening to me and my family over the years everything as been torn apart and everything is getting worst as the days goes by I would like to explain it to you could you plz send me ur email address plz…its really serious and I am seeking some serious and good help..

  51. My situation started when I started dating a man that was married. I didn’t know. He kept saying and bringing documuments in effort s of proving that they were getting a divorce. Many times I told him to go back. And I had not had any compassion for 4_5 years. He moved in with me. Telling me how horrible she was. On day she called me. She kept saying bible verses and some type of other stuff I couldn’t understand. After that I started drinking alcohol everyday. He would drink all the time, my mental health changed, I was not supposed to drink on my medications, I have bi polar disorder, I started to have mental breakdowns at work and loss my job, car, all of my hair feel out and won’t grow back. I’m almost sure she put some type of spell on me. We are no longer together. I started hating him because of my continued thoughts of his wife put a spell on me. I don’t want to hurt her. I just want this spell to get off of me. I’m positive that she put a spell on me. My life was great before I met him. PLEASE HELP ME I’M LOSING MY MIND.

  52. Lies Do Not Become The Truth
    Posted on August 18, 2016 by misslatoya (

    My enemies are the cause of incidents that they blame their targets for in an attempt to make the occurrences appear natural or as some type of personal flaw or disadvantage when all along the situations and circumstances are brought about by them through the mechanisms of black magic/witchcraft that they consistently intend to cover up with lies to the unsuspecting and uninformed.

    I remember when they were working their Brujeria at one time back in the year 2004, desiring for me to lose my mind they wanted me worse off than an aunt of mine who had flipped out off of mescaline that was laced in her soda decades ago and that had also been ‘mentally tampered’ with by a man that she had married. She hadn’t been completely right in the head after being with that retarded husband of her’s and often displayed mild non violent erratic behavior out in the street (talking to her self and etc…).

    They in particular (These perpetrators have recruited many assholes throughout the years) set out to destroy the entire family-not knowing that they would only be able to get those who were cut out from the same cloth as they was as well as Amanda Byars the grandmother of Junie, Tina and Charise who they genetically had taken after but no one from Catherine’s side of the family like me and others who they did not know-and had done the same thing to my grandfather (Amanda’s son) because he was a very bright, gifted and successful man.

    They killed him and wanted it to appear as if he was crazy. I don’t understand what is with these truly sick individuals that want for people who are better than them to lose their minds just so that they can feel better about themselves already being low to begin with.

    If they can bring someone who is out of their league down to their level or lower it brings a feeling of great satisfaction. They don’t want to be alone in their degenerative nature it hurts them too bad and serves as a reminder of their own shortcomings and inadequacy, especially when people like us refuse to accept them.

    They were unable to make me go insane by working black magic/witchcraft against me, in spite of that fact, they are so disappointed and gung-ho out of their own true states of mental illness and failure at achieving my unmeant downfall that they feel the need and desperation to create the facade of me being crazy because they couldn’t do it literally.

    The “crazy” tactic is so pathetic and really doesn’t faze me one bit and it is an obvious method of their “defense mechanism” that is extremely transparent because people like them cannot handle reality.

    And they cannot deal with people like me that they are unable to control.

    Of course, my enemies are not going to openly admit to all of their negative envious and jealous inspired actions that were done up against me all through out the years up until now and they do not need to as I have constantly been steps ahead of them knowing through preternatural as well as intellectual ability along with basic common sense that is why they are angry and humiliated and have to work strenuously in an effort to hold onto their survival state of illusion and delusion.

    I know just about everything that they do!

    They try so hard to turn and to twist things around as liars and manipulators always do but the truth cannot be smudged nor distorted within the eyes of those who are able to openly see as I can.

    My enemies can ‘masquerade’ from the truth by their ‘inability’ to recognize or ascertain what makes someone or something different yet that ‘handicap’ of theirs is not an escape from the truth that is known and not able to be concealed.

    Of course they know the ‘real deal’ but how can they come to grips with honesty and fact when they are so sick that they undoubtedly want to believe within their own outrageous fabrications?

    To examine the truth within their errors would only prove the extent of their stupidity.

    They are still working against me spiritually and with ineffectual lies but too far gone and in denial to realize that they are merely wasting their time and further digging their own ditch.

    In The Eye Of Truth:(

  53. Hi I don’t know what to say as my own family members are involved and they can know what ever i think i just want to get rid of this shit and want to be further resistant from attacks as they are my family members its very difficult to avoid further attacks but will be very if is there any ritual that can be performed in home to get out of this and avoid further attacks. This is not the first time they have done i am being troubled again and again and dono how to get rid of it very desperate

    Plz help me plz help me
    Thank you

  54. Please assist me my husband has asked for a seperation he is cheating and has someone else there is alot of black magic and demon activity goin on. I have tried couple people for help but nothing I can’t get help he is worse please help me i have two small kids

    1. I remember you wrote to me before Karishma why don’t you leave him? Get yourself out of the situation. Why are you staying with him? Just take your children and go.

  55. Vain Attempt! No One Can Bring Us Down!
    Posted on August 9, 2016 by misslatoya(

    I received a message from some of my demonic devil-worshipping enemies who think that they are incognito.

    They did not think that I would suspect them, however, I know exactly who they are and I know exactly where they are located and I know who they are affiliated with.

    This is what they started off with:

    “I wonder if you have the courage to read this post. You’ll probably delete it immediately, because you want to keep people in the dark about the truths in your life. Latoya, you say you hate liars. Well, here is some truth for you to chew on. There is not one lie here”.

    They would be surprised to know that I know far more truth about them than the lies and exaggerations that they have falsely entertained upon me and upon my mother. I am an old soul with exceptional gifts, intelligence, and an excellent memory.

    And I am far above any manipulation tactics by enemies in order to attempt to discredit and/or to destroy. The bullshit is over no one that actually counts is listening to their lies the truth is out about all of the years these people have tried to ruin my mother and I. They were able to get Catherine, Tina and Willie because they were garbage just like they were and they killed my grandfather. But I am a fighter, a survivor, a person of substance and I dare a piece a trash to try to take me down there is no way in hell they will ever succeed!

    It is something how these sick people think that they know more about another person’s life better than they do when they actually don’t know anything at all. And what they think or believe no one over here actually gives a fuck. Patricia was never a crack-head and she damn sure was never a dope fiend who skin-popped or whatever that junkie shit. Nobody knows my mother better than me and if anyone wants to fuck with mama they are going to have to fuck with me!!!

    But I guess that I don’t know what I am actually saying because according to them I am so deranged.

    I also bet that they would be very disappointed to know that I had a genuine laugh off of everything that was written.

    But of course that would be expected of me because I am so deranged.

    Their addresses were a sincere reflection of themselves and absolutely not anything of me. I don’t even understand why they’ve wasted their time. Their sick mentality and extremely low to non-existent levels of intellect exhibited a sincere form of desperation and outcry.

    But what do I really know I am just a basket ball who bounces off a wall so I guess that makes me “Off the wall, right?”

    Now I come from a highly respectable, upstanding, well to do lineage from Virginia along with those who were and that are the owners of their very own businesses and who do not take any shit off of anyone, especially trash folk, and I am extremely proud of who I am related to and of the beauty and privilege that I extensively come from.

    My enemies do not know these people and have never met these people because they do not deal with garbage and they are the types that if you fuck with one of their very own then you have to fuck with all of the rest of them and that is just how I am too.

    But of course this is just all in my head because I am so deranged.

    So why is all of the focus on Willie Jr, Tina and their father and mother? What do they have to do with me and what the fuck do I care?! I don’t understand why they are criticizing them so harshly when they are just as much trash as they are and are indeed no better!

    This basketball head of mine has just hit a slam dunk! And I don’t think that I am so deranged after all but I don’t mind to get crazy!

    I don’t think that I’ll ever get crazy enough to be a prostitute/dyke and literally fuck both two of my own brothers and a nigger out in the snow then slit my wrist because another nigger did not want me like a bitch by the initials JAF did. That’s a family on 207st that I would consider crazy.

    And what about the mother of the guy that JAF fucked out in the snow and how he ended up dead down in his own basement by a gunshot wound to the head that the detectives as well as rumor had speculated was done by another family member who lived there in the home? And also how the mother who was married use to fuck Najee, the manager of the supermarket around the corner of 207st.

    I know a whole lot of shit! Real shit! My enemies don’t know who they are fucking with.

    And I got a bit little more, the guy who JAF fucked out in the snows light-skinned brother caught herpes from a woman who lived across the street from where he use to live and then caught HIV from the the bitch that lived directly across the street from me.

    I have plenty so don’t get me started!

    And instead of worrying about me not having sex and not wanting to be with a man and worried about how nice my mother use to dress with her tap shoes that she should have tapped low-life asses in the face with my enemies all need to be worried about all of the diseases including the AIDS that they are carrying around.

    Miss Patricia wasn’t crazy enough to catch what you all got!

    And they (my enemies) are scared that is why so many of them are running to God and are trying to be so religious but God can’t help any of them all because they all did their dirt jumping and bumping around with everybody and talking shit and doing evil to other good people and now they have to reap what they have sowed.

    So just go and die like dogs.

    I hope that they continue to waste away morbidly because they all have something that the doctors can’t cure so of course I understand the need for them to take all of their frustrations out on good people who are clean and healthy and the devil is just waiting for all of their souls to reach down to hell.

    I work in the health care field and personally know someone who works for the New York State Department Of Health And Hygiene and she said to me “You’ll be surprised who’s got what”.

    I told her that “I already know”. And then I told her that they don’t have any sense and she said to me, “When they are all going down in the ground we’ll still be talking with our sense”.

    Clue of the day:(Hardcastle/Owens or Muhammad/Anderson or Franks/I’ll keep all of the rest to myself I don’t want to be a party pooper)-George Owens aka Clark Hardcastle(

    George is Clark and they both are Taalib! He never was too bright even though he thinks that he’s the smartest thing in the universe yet never knew what he was actually talking about. He thinks that he’s so intelligent and that is so funny as he is nowhere as intelligent or bright as me or my mother. If he was so smart why did he sleep with a woman who had AIDs? We knew the woman had it back in the day before it had got out to everyone! We knew one day he was going to get his! Nigger use to call my home back in the nineties every Saturday and Thursday then hang up, what a sick fuck! We saw him on our ID caller plus we had *69 him (when the feature first came out he had no clue about it) and got his answering machine with his voice and name yet he still denied it and we weren’t the only one’s he had done it too. He’s such a big liar and not a very good one only the dumb ones he can fool! Stupid ass George also got arrested for tax evasion/fraud (

    My Epithet(

    An Occurrence(

  56. My life was good and now it’s bad I get mad because my life not same I see all peaple looking at me sum making funny face at me I feel like dieing I don’t trust my mom my friends I’m scared to look for a job or go to school they make me think I kill they get on my phone and hake it from the day I went next door for my Neighbors apartment and did a lot of Coke or crystal meth she gave me I don’t now what it was I fell asleep then wake up and wake up huging her then wint home because she was asleep and because her son was there getting her phone so I wint home because I had to go to work in the morning and that where my life was not the same I don’t not now what to do I want my life back I forgive me hurt me I even cry I feel like I’m alone no friend or family to help me I was thinking my step dad plane it to hurt me because a stupid car Nissan he want it and because he think I take his job or a other worker

  57. Hello MissLetoya I get great vibes from you as a reader and I would like your help on something. Most recently I have been having issues in my relationship with the love of my life. The father of my son. I’m not sure if he’s the one who’s tried to put me under a love spell or if he is the one under a spell versus he’s been drinking ever single day since three months ago. There’s much change in his behavior toward me, to be honest I know he’s stepped outside of our relationship. We are not together but he tells me he wants to be with me and I can’t seem to shake him. A long time ago there was a pair of my underwear missing that I couldn’t seem to find. I M wondering if that has anything to do with my attachment to him other then the fact that we share a child together. Please respond as I am great bed of answers I don’t want to waste my life away with a man who has me under a spell or if he’s under a spell himself.

    1. Just know, of course, that it is all totally your prerogative to do whatever you want to do within your life.

      You know, when people take other people’s underwear it is usually to do a ritual involving specs of bodily secretions whether it is vaginal or semen, and we all know about the “menstrual blood” in the food and drink.

      And these type of spells are done to bind and keep a lover tied down to and preoccupied with another supposedly forever, and to stop them from wandering and/or to be under the other person’s total control.

      Did it ever occur to you that someone else may have put a spell on the both of you with his having knowledge of it with his perception to make you two a stronger pair and it sort of backfired on him because his motives were actually shady.

      He feels inadequate to you and he indeed is-no disrespect to you!

      People unfairly do this when one partner is doing better off than the other and are unable to measure up within comparison to what would make the union compatible enough to be equally successful on more than one level.

  58. Hi Miss Latoya. Last year I was under severe voodoo/ black magic/witchcraft-whatever you want to call it – attack. At that time, As outlined in your blog,I experienced symptoms such as lack of energy, depression, tightening of the chest as if I was about to have a heart attack. Moreover, I noticed my relationships with people close to me turning sour without any explainable or valid reasons. Also my finances were getting depleted (e.g. car transmission breaks, AC breaks, etc.). During meditation sessions I felt that I am maliciously being attacked spiritually. So I sought help from an energy worker/healer who confirmed my feelings and helped me rid of the toxic energy and also aided me with healing to regain strength back.

    Soon after receiving help, I saw positive changes happening in my life again for a few months until recently things turned for the worst. Since march this year I have been plagued with insomnia (although I am always beat), ‘bad’ luck (every month I am involved in a car accident!!!), my career is suffering etc. I meditate and pray often for strength and protection. Some times when I meditate I get confronted with funny underbelly feelings that the same person is spiritually terrorizing me again! During meditations I have tried several times to ‘fight off’ the negativity, but the results (=peace) last for a brief period of time and then things get more intense. I suspect that the person who commissioned the black magic against me is aware that I am percipient of his attempts and wrongdoing.

    Ms. Latoya what can you advise me to do to stop this BS once and for all? I am starting to get weary and this negativity is taking its toll on my 5-year-old as well.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. What you need is a shield. Once you are protected by a spiritual shield the negativity that is removed will not be able to enter or return back unto you.

      You may continue to be attacked but the evil will not penetrate and you’ll be able to fight more proficiently. You just have to find a source of protection that is compatible with you and your aura because everyone and everyone’s situation is different.

    2. Would you be able to advice me what can of shield fit me best?
      Thank you for taking the time to reply and your advice.

    3. Yes, I would just have to look into your situation a little further through insight so that everything is grounded and conducted accurately, and so that when the session is performed it will be done sufficiently.

  59. I was wondering if u could see why I’m having so much trouble with this jelious person. Why is she so jelious. She has gone to great links to make my life awful.

  60. Hello misslatoya,

    I am really desperate right now!
    Since a few days I have the feeling I am being cursed. IT happened me once before but that one was easily to get rid of. But this time it’s different. I have no idea if it is a curse or if it is just something else, but I have a inside feeling that’s bothering me about it.

    I will tell what happened the past few days.
    IT all started with horrible Dreams about being raped and when I woke up I felt pain in my stomach, like someone punched me. This happened three nights in a row. The next night I could sleep easily. But the past few nights it’s impossible for me to get some sleep because it’s hard for me to breathe. And that’s only at night. At daylight it’s all normal.

    I also get attacked by several kinds of bugs and some things that look like orbs. They keep around me.

    If it is a curse I would really want to know what kind of curse and if it can harm me at some point.

    I hope someone can help me because I am desperate right now.

  61. Hello misslatoya, on 10/9/2014 my cousin and I went to see a spiritual reader who was on point with everything he said about me. He saw a man who I met 2 months later and told me this man has a woman in his life who has something on him and that I need to be careful. So I thought it was the man I was dating at the time so I quickly cut him off. Come To FIND OUT IT Was THE Man I Met 2 MONTHS Later Who Is THE same man I’m with now. Smh. In feb 2015 I got sick, and he knew what I had before I went to the doctor, I saw a text from his ex who stated ” no matter how many chicken heads you date I’m still your wife”. So I said hold up wait a minute. You married? He said no. So I went back to the reader who said there is a man who likes you, but has a woman who sprinkle something around his house and do not eat or drink anything that is open. Then he stood up and said I see a child, and court papers, there is something about court. Come to find out the Grandbaby who is not his biological grandchild but the ex girlfriend had a daughter who has been in his life and the little girl always called him daddy now that she is grown up, she had a baby and the grandchild only knows him as pop pop. He told me the grandchild was taken away from the mother and the grandmother who is his ex had to take custody of the grandchild so he agreed help take care of her too. So he ask me to come stay with him at his house in march 2015, yes i had my own place until 1yr later. and OMG THAT’S WHEN MY LIFE WENT UPSIDE DOWN. I got sick, we started to argue alot, he was distant, didn’t want to do nothing with me anymore, I lost my promotion on the job, my mind was foggy I couldn’t remember my task, I was always on antibiotics for toothaches, or uti infection. I almost didn’t graduate but I did but my GPA dropped from a 3.97 to 3.20. I was and still am depressed, I lost myself I am from NYC so I always keep myself up, always on the go with friends and family now I’m always in the house, don’t want to hangout with my friends and family because I’m worried about him cheating. Since 2014-present all 7 readers have said this woman is destroying my relationship she doesn’t want me with him because he isn’t communicating with her like he use to and he is not cheating but she pulling him away like he is cheating on me. I saw text messages and emails from her calling me a chicken head and how I got him twised and how she been knowing him for 24 years and how could let a chicken head come in between them. Etc… mind you, I have access to the court system and ran his name and info through the system and found out he is not married and there’s no records of him being married. They broke up over ten years ago. Before me he lived with 2 other females before me. So Why THIS Woman Hate ME THE most. It’s because his mother like me the first day she met me. Told him I was the one and how he needs to settle down and stop dating all these woman. when she was alive the mother didn’t like her at all. I met his mother in feb 2015 3 days later she went into a coma and never came out but while she was in the hospital one day he got a call from his oldest son not by the ex. They have no kids together. But received a call from him while she was standing there with him and told him he had to come to the hospital immediately. So I Was with him when he got call from his son and when he called her back telling her she had to leave the hospital because he was bringing me to the hospital. And ever since that day on i have been experiencing snakes on the lawn, him being very distant, I have no feelings for him when we have sex, I’m dry like I’m going through menopause when I’m not, his penis get cut every time we have sex. And all the readers are telling me to break the spell she has on him because it’s tearing us apart. Our happiness got short live from dec 2014 to Feb going into march of 2015. So misslatoya, do you think voodoo is the reason why my relationship is going down hill. I personally think when that grandchild come over she has something on her because we argue like hell before she come and after but never while she is there. I tried to cleanse the house with sage and omg his two kids are now living with us. And now I have more drama. I feel like I’m being pushed out of the house that I helped build. That’s another story. Please let me know if you think witchcraft is involved or am I bugging out. The reason why i keep seeing the readers is because I’m making sure I’m not going crazy but also afraid of tapping into the spiritual world. What should I do?

    1. My head spun just reading all of this shit! I’m surprised that I got through it all!

      This is all ridiculous! And indeed does sound like you are a chicken-head running around with it’s neck cut off!

      Why would you even waste time and keep yourself involved with this nonsense. Why would you even want this bullshit?

      Let that mother fucker go and get on with the life that you should have never let slip away.

    2. The reason why I reached out to you is because the topic is about voodoo. So my question to you was do you think a spell breaker was casted on my relationship?or are all the readers just making this up.?

    3. It is always good to go to more than one reader until you feel the most comfortable and reliable with what you are being told, however, after all of this time one of them should have went through and helped you by now. And it is not good to keep associating with too many different ones which will eventually have you being taken for a ride as you are being now.

      They are playing on your desperation.

      Leave those readers alone they are just patronizing you for your money anyone of them who had your best interest would have told you a long time ago to not be involved with this relationship from the get go the entire situation is toxic and not worth the energy. This is all bad for you.

      Only a sick person would entertain a desire for these circumstances.

      Voodoo or no voodoo (do you understand?) you seem to be missing the entire point you are more concerned about being with this man instead of just accepting that he is not right for you within your life, aside from the drama within the other factors. So if you do not wise up you’ll continue to get what you deserve as you are allowing this unnecessary event to go on.

      So to sum it all up voodoo being placed upon you or between the relationship by the other woman or anyone else is irrelevant because you should not be involved with this man in the first place, the readers should have told you that if they were sincerely trying to help but if you do not want to leave him then endure the craziness.

      Some people are the cause of their own problems.

      Move on; why not wait for that right person to come into your life along with peace and harmony, someone meant for you in concordance to your life.

  62. Hello Latoya,
    I need your help please, I believe I had been affected by black magic form jealous people, I would like to know if you can help me to remove it,please reply to my by email.
    Thank you


    1. They have no right to interfere with your future offspring and they got the nerve they’re the ones who need to stop multiplying as they continue to spread their tainted and morbid seeds all throughout and within the world as they are born to be and turn out to be nothing.

      My mother always said that those types of people were actually “hatched”.

      The way that their characteristics go and the way that they operate there needs to be much more of us and much less of them if not none of them at all-but hey life is not fair as we live in the world as it is right now under those particular circumstances. Thank goodness the universe is here to cater to what is fair and also to what is advantageous for those of us who are attributed and who know and believe.

      You have every right to desire and produce a happy and healthy child for the first time and how many other times that you desire if it is fit and meant for you.

      Yes, the spell can indeed be reversed and in the process you should seriously consider tearing all of their asses apart who were involved within performing the binding up, tampering and blockage of your reproductive organs.

      If you want I’ll literally tear them to shreds. They won’t know what hit them!

    2. Yes Kindu,

      I would not lie, mislead or exaggerate on what I convey. My spiritual retaliations have literally caused deaths within those who have given me a reason to go to that measure through the compliance of the universe.

      Sometimes I’d just want something really bad to happen to them (my enemies) without even being specific and their penalty would receive much worse, a far greater punishment-including a death.

      Heart attacks, strokes, evictions and loss of their homes property and jobs.

      I even had someone end up in a psychiatric facility heavily doped up with medication on account of my spiritual retributions and I was able to thoroughly see the results aside from visions as I had crossed paths with this person out on the street two years ago.

      Before that, a relative had actually seen the guy while he was on the psychiatric ward months before I had made contact with them out on the street. So it was two of us-my relative and I- who had bore witness to this event within that same time frame. The inflicted man raised his hand to waive to me all pitifully and zombie-like yet all I did was ignore him while I continued to chat on my cell phone in deep satisfaction.

      His demeanor was far from the one that displayed pomposity when he ran around with the rest of my enemies spreading lies about me and trying to bring me down with the aid of Brujeria.

      Afterwards his situation had gotten even worse and as other ailments began to take over his life he became immobile and was unable to walk.

      People have made many attempts on my life ever since childhood due to the gifts and special spiritual abilities/power that I possess. They knew what I was capable of doing and everyone who is aware of what I have knows not to fuck with me.

      Now I am a very mature and logical person so I do not abuse my advantages and I never intentionally set out to harm anyone on account of frivolousness. I am not a petty person.

      Kindu, I also want you to know that I did receive the private message that you sent to me and that I do understand you and where you are coming from. And you are very justified in what you seek, and yes I would help you out and give you what you want as your enemies all deserve what is and what will be coming to them.

    3. Hi Kindu,

      I have a very busy schedule and work constantly so I do not have the time to always respond back to everyone in a timely manner but I do see every correspondence on my android that I check frequently during my free in between time while I’m traveling on the go because I do not use my phone while I am working. And on my days off sometimes I am tired and need to rest when I am not taking care of other necessary business.

      I did however receive your second private message on the 6th of July. I also just received your inquiry yesterday on the 12th of July here on this blog that I am responding to right now and from yesterday till again this morning I have automatically received positive vibrations and messages from the universe that I am able to take on your case. Everything will work out for you and everything will work out within compliance.

      Spirit only moves me to aide within the people who are really worth it and who truly deserve it so consider yourself one of the lucky ones! What is around me (the spirituality and power/ability) is unique and aside from myself is only here to help those who are genuinely good and/or innocent when the time calls for it so I am not the one who makes the ultimate decision it is indeed when I get the “Okay” from my “divine higher ups”.

      Another thing, when you asked me about price, as a spiritual being undergoing this human experience I feel that it is absolutely unfair and disgusting that you, I or any other innocent soul/being should have to pay anyone to take something off of us or to make things right within our life on account of the actions and spiritual perpetration of another, isn’t that such an inconvenience?

      Nevertheless, I just charge for the spiritual equipment that I may need for whatever particular case and for my time and service and for your total it will be two hundred and fifty dollars.

      Two hundred for the items (and preparations) and fifty for my service that’s it, and no more, everything will be complete! I know exactly what you want done so be sure that this is what you really want because this is serious and there is no turning back I do not take any short cuts and I do not play any games once it’s done, it is done.

      Send me another private message when you are ready along with a photo of the target and I’ll get it done and over with. And let me know whatever else in particular you want just as mentioned about you getting back revelations of your enemies demises and so on.

      And remember that this is the internet nobody personally knows who you are by this name you could be anyone with a screen name, your partial real name or the like (you know what I am saying) so therefore you are safe. Keep your business to yourself and do not speak a word of this to anyone and just let what will be develop and prosper!

    4. This is in response to both this comment and to your private message sent to me on the 13 of July.

      I suggest that you do whatever you feel is within your heart, mind and soul. The decision is all yours; it is all up to you.

      If you are having serious doubts I suggest that you leave it alone. It may be your inner gut alerting you or warning you that this may not be the route for you to take. You may not be able to handle it, or for whatever other reason that there may be. We have to listen to our inner voices and gut feelings.

      The universe will sometimes handle with people within their own time. I agreed to take on your case because I got the okay from the universe to do so, that everything would work out within your favor, and the vibrations are still that way now as I speak.

      I strongly advise though-do not enter into this if you are uncomfortable with it. I will give you some controversial words of wisdom and truth, though.

      Some people do need to die so many of us good people have to go through so much unnecessary things on account of no-good malicious individuals. We hear so much killing going on yet many of the wrong ones are getting killed up. It is the right ones that need to be done away with but we live in a dangerous and crazy place full of mixed up and twisted beings along with extremely vile influential energies that don’t care who gets caught up into the madness just as long as the negativity is festered and in motion to carry out the plan of taking as many souls to damnation as possible.

      It is not always wrong or at the hands of dark energies for the universe to retrieve back an individual from the earthly plane. It is under the circumstance that it is done.

      There are no bad consequences when a situation is justified unless someone else takes it upon them self outside of the matter to get even on their own but that is with anything in life.

      In spite of that, as far as Karma is concerned the answer is no-it will not come back to get you-yet everyone has their own way and beliefs and what has pertained through out their own genuine experience.

      There are those who indulge within dark vibrations in order to accomplish many of their tasks of spiritual skill, however, what I am of and what is around me does not involve any type of darkness. I am surrounded by numerous forces of light types of phenomenal supernatural illumination that are able to blow out the forces of darkness so you just have to look at it from that perspective, and to not have any fear. There is no risk of danger within good energy just because it can be used to remove a human problem from the earth does not take away from the nature of its essence.

      And as far as where the energy would return to if your target has protection that all depends on how things are geared and how it will play out. With what I have around me (my deities and spiritual connections and etc…) that are in effect your target’s protection can be overpowered if the universe decides that it is to be so, and he can easily be conquered just like that!

      If anything were to go so not as exactly planned the energy would take a more appropriate retribution or just go back into the universe but it would not hit me or you. It would only go back to you Kindu if you were in the wrong, I am just the intermediate.

    5. Hello Miss latoya,
      I am so thankful to you for enlightening me.
      When i feel sad about what i went thru, then i suddenly want revenge. At the bottom of my heart i feel i should wait and see how god will punish them. But sometimes i get impatient.
      I will need more time to feel comfortable about it.
      If you don’t mind, may i send you my ex-bf and my cousin sister’s picture? If you could tell me why they are after me, and what are they up to? Kindly send me your email id please.

      I have never meet a person like you online. So far all the people i meet didn’t bother to answer my questions. You are a very kind person. I feel very comfortable to share my problems with you. Thanks alot.


    6. Whether you feel sad or angry about the things that you were wrongly and unnecessarily put through your thoughts and feelings in regard to wanting revenge are very normal and justifiable, and it is nothing at all for you to feel guilty or ashamed about.

      It is very logical and understandable.

      And you deciding within your heart to wait for a higher power within it’s own time to take care of your enemies and work on your behalf and on the behalf of anyone else that these people may have wronged just shows that you are a person of good-nature who wants to go about doing things the right way as you see fit to how you see is right through your own morals or state of well-being and that is very commendable.

      You will be blessed.

      You’re just a person of upstanding character with positive intentions who wants to see the people get back what they deserve and believe me they will even though it probably doesn’t seem like it because it often seems as if the evil people get away with everything while the good people continue to be put through many different unwanted challenges but it just makes us even stronger and much wiser than we already are.

      We grow while the negative people remain stagnant and headed straight to their eventual doom. Believe me, those kind of people are not happy.

      If you never feel comfortable about seeking out help to do a ritual for your enemies demise with the help of the universes supernatural energies that is alright do not worry about it let the matter take care of itself naturally.

      I am sorry about your experiences with other people online and other spiritual advisers that you may have consulted. It is sad but most are not truly out to help or to relate to one’s situation and circumstances they are not very trustworthy and are just worried and primarily concerned about money and financially profiting/gain most of them don’t even have gifts of insight and if they do their powers are not really that strong or accurate because they are not grounded within depth of purpose and authenticity.

      And they are not on the correct side of the podium, meaning that on the outside they display a following of the light when indeed they are just followers of the darkness. Don’t trust too many people out there and don’t believe in many of these so called psychics they are not real they are just liars and manipulators. Don’t give out your money to nobody!

      I really hope for you the best and you can email me and I’ll see what I can find out for you.

  64. Hi whatever the situation and symptoms described above I can see in myself and with my mom..For example feeling burnt like smoke in my eyes when I wake up.Our sleep is disturbed. Mostly unable to sleep at night. Feels like hissing sound inside my brain as if electrical activities, feels ant scrolling inside your ear. Pinching with needle like activity in hand or bottom of leg. Sometimes paranormal activities while sleeping or alone some where.
    my professional and personal life is very much disturbed. Doesn’t know how to get ride of these thing. Need your advice..

    1. You have to go to someone who specializes or who is gifted in the removal of voodoo and black magic if you are unable to get rid of it yourself or if you need someone to help you get rid of it. Like I always say though be very careful because you cannot trust everybody out there who claims that they have the ability to help you in your situation.

      There are a lot of frauds who are just out for money and there are those who do have power who would just try to make your situation much worse and continue to also take your money at the same time.

      If you are a spiritual person who is “in tune” have genuine intentions and get into contact with a deity to rid you of all your burdens and to turn your life around into the bosom of peace and protection.

  65. Hey
    Im in need of some help. I was told my husband was under serious black magic. He is becoming distant. I am trying to figure out what to do. Can you help me?

    1. You know what to do. When you get sick you cook some soup and drink some tea take some over the counter medicine and get some rest.

      If symptoms persist and get beyond your control then you go to the doctor to get a diagnosis and to give you prescription strength medication or further tests after the necessary assessments are made.

      If you are not satisfied with the doctors services you may go and get a second or even a third opinion because doctors are not Gods and they definitely are not always right and can make mistakes.

      The same thing goes for when it comes down to spiritual matters you go and get a spiritual evaluation that includes help it is as simple as that!

  66. Hi LaToya, my name is Nora, and I’m curious if I’ve been a victim of black magic / witchcraft/ or sorcery. So recently I’ve traveled to Iraq to visit family , such as my cousins, uncles , aunts, and grandma. First off, let me begin by saying the whole entire family is shady as fuck, I literally do not know who’s good and who’s bad because half of the family would say someone’s good then the other half would be like no don’t get near them. One family who are my relatives , the father (let’s call him A) happens to be my uncle and A recently keeps going on about how there’s no god and all that bullshit and tries to convince me shit but I keep telling him that I’ve got my religion and he’s got his, anyway, I’ve been hearing from the other families that his family are magicians. Reasons being, they only offer me food, not my mother, or my grandma or anyone else (we all live in a huge house where every family lives separately) and their oldest son, let’s call him H, hasn’t said a word to me yet ever since I’ve arrived. My mother tries to tell me that they’re trying to inflict harm upon me because they’re always bringing me sweets and desserts, such as Jelly , pie, etc. And recently I’ve been feeling like there’s needles in my body. I’ve heard from most people that their daughter (let’s call her Z) is actually a sweetheart but some are saying she’s a huge shady bitch because she only offers ME food, and whenever she sees my grandma she runs away, and she doesn’t offer anyone else food but me, also, she always tries to maintain eye contact , and she’s very pretty to be honest that I can’t help but envy her. Do you think they’re trying to gain something out of me? What could they be hiding? The father has no religion (nothing wrong with that, but he always tries to make fun of mine but other than that he’s nice. I’ve been feeling a sore throat , random needle feelings in my body, and sometimes out of consciousness. Is this voodoo? Can I be sure they’re doing this on purpose and that they have something to do with it? Thanks!

    1. Listen to your own words written to me and tell me what does that tell you? Do you pick up the same thing that I see?

      From what I gathered they are trying to turn you into one of them. You are a completely different person without the chaos and it goes even deeper than that. When I say turn you into one of them I mean “steal your soul”, and once you go to the other side there is no coming back from that.

      Now they can put all of the shit that they want to within your food and work whatever kind of “magic” on you but if you have a strong sense of self and an idea of what is going on you can resist no matter how hard things may get and no matter what you may have to endure.

      Keep your peace of mind and keep your own true way of life do not be influenced by their ways or by their lifestyle, and don’t let their bouts with confusion rub off on you be able to be firm within making your own logical judgments. You have to walk your own roads and nobody else’s whether they are related to you or not.

      The shit in the food is to weaken you and to make you vulnerable to mind control and to make you more susceptible into losing your own true identity of character as to become within the same rank of individuals as they are. It is jealousy and bitterness. When you come down to their level and down to their internal places of vexation and start to act out in fashions of detest they will be satisfied, and your soul will be headed to the same place as theirs is.

      It is very similar to the mark of the beast where as those are already branded for their eternal destiny and destruction.

      They within your family have lost, and some even never had, and will never obtain the celestial position that you and your soul currently hold and maintain right now and the advantage shows within your aura and within the way that you naturally project yourself.

      And you can admire someone without being envious so don’t let that envy turn into jealousy be careful that they are not trying to work the spirit of insecurity upon you in order to make you doubt yourself to become an easy prey for them.

      Be strong in knowing your self and ardent within genuinely being who you are and they will never get you or get to you. And be on alert as you already have as to the techniques that they use in order to ensnare you. I know that is your biological family but keep your distance from the bad ones, don’t eat anything from them if you do not trust them, properly cleanse yourself from any of their negative residue and learn how to protect yourself from any other of future attacks.

  67. Hello I lived in Costa Rica sharing the same walk as this Jamaican lady and (I have nothing against anyone for any race or beliefs) but she was so mean to me and my mother hanging noses on the porch and one night my mother said she heard her chanting . I thought it was silly but since then it’s been 15 years or so my mother came down with a brain tumor soon after she’s alive but very disabled.i have tried to accomplish a lot of different things in my life and been in relationships with women and absolutely all have gone horribly wrong every aspect of my life since then I am living in a hell I can’t get out of . I became addicted to drugs better now but still fighting. I have no energy my whole body feels so heavy everything is exhausting it’s gotten to the point where I can’t see how it’s random and I’ve had thoughts of ending it but I can’t that’s not my nature .a few years ago I met the woman of my dreams everything I wanted and again turned into something horrible. Where can I go to get help . Are there rituals or ways to cure it and fix it ?
    Plus email me or respond with any info thanks

    1. There is good and bad within every race and it absolutely has nothing to do with prejudice, however, and for the most part, a great number of Haitian and West Indian (Jamaican) people are naturally sick-minded ( and as a black person of purely African American and Native American descent-Blackfoot and Cherokee Indian-also with some European bloodline) I am not at all afraid to say it, and they indulge within the occult whether it is through the practice of it or through the nature of their own religions.

      A lot of those Haitian and Jamaican people resemble monkeys, apes, gorillas and baboons.

      Voodoo, of course, did originate from Africa yet many afterwards have adopted this spirituality and supernatural activity within the other different cultures while adding there own distinct flavors as well as the familiar into the “taste of a numerous mix”.

      I’ve had problems all of my life with the Haitians and Jamaicans as many of them were able to pick up on the gifts and spiritual power that I was born with and had sought out to destroy me due to the fact that they could not control me for their own devious or underhanded purposes.

      They ruthlessly came after me as a child through certain undesirable family members who they already were able to entrap because they could see ahead of time what I would grow up to become, the positive influence that I would have, and the things that I would accomplish within the world.

      Extremely good people of strong character with that type of “unique energy” pose a great threat to all evildoers and demonic people who set out to govern and to do dirt. And those of us who possess too much particular knowledge pose a tremendous threat to them especially when one can use that information against them justifiably because knowledge is indeed a real source of power.

      Many of those races of people like to come into our country to take away from us and one of the most popular modes of their ways of doing so by cheating is the deed of stealing people’s houses away from them. They will find ways to try to move into your own home with the scheme to take unlawful or unscrupulous ownership through manipulation and coercion shortly before exchanging their target into a life of poverty or an untimely death by an unrecognizable murder that they often make look natural or coincidental, and they don’t even need voodoo or black magic to do those malicious things.

      Now anybody or any race or ethnic group of people are capable of carrying out negativity of this nature for whatever motive possible yet the Haitians and Jamaicans within this specific category are more prone and very well known for it (one tried to take my family’s home years ago, attempted to rape me, intended to kill off my mother, and then do away with the rest of my other two family members who had resided within the home at the time with the use of one of my aunts giving him a helping hand while all along he was just maneuvering her, disrespecting her, and talking about her behind her back.

      My mother and I were the one’s who took care of that man who was of a West Indian descent though. Along with a public physical ass-whipping by someone that we knew the universe also gave him his just do by inflicting a sentence upon him through the foul tortures of AIDS-he may be dead from the disease by now.

      I know other of these Caribbean folk who have succeeded then gotten away with the stealing and killing and driving people crazy and into poverty on the surface yet in the long run they won’t be so lucky when Karma comes back to eventually return their actions either within life or within death.

      There have always been other cultures who’d recognize the height of my abilities and capabilities before those who were within my “American black” community and those included Caucasian people (many who had helped me and who had given me the advantage to move forward in life when I was young on up), but it was the certain people from the islands who were able to detect the special gifts that I was born with as it still is that way till this day, and it will make the negative ones continuously mess with you.

      Now I am not at all comparing my situation to yours or drawing out any conclusion from my own personal experience as an example of pertaining to yours, or for it to relate to you within any way whatsoever I was just giving you a little insight into what goes on but what I am saying is that other cultures and just some people in general can sense things and when they are sick or evil within nature they will act upon that basis.

      That woman could indeed sense your energy an energy that she herself wanted to deprive you of an in the process has caused misfortune. When people in specific see others who have love, self respect, peace of mind, happiness, success and healthy lifestyles and relationships it infuriates them because they do not have these beautiful things going on within their own lives and/or if it does fortunately come around to their way they cannot properly appreciate or maintain it.

      All of the things that they see within you and your life they hate you for and that envy and jealousy inspires the most vile behavior within them whether it is verbally, physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically or spiritually.

      Your body feels heavy because of the weight of the negativity that has been placed upon you and you feel exhausted due to the energy that has been drained out from around your spirit. This was done to you out of spitefulness and out of a sense of gratification-to show you who is in control in her eyes as a manner of speaking-that lady got offended by the confident and well placed attitudes that she did not like from you and your mother and wanted to fix you. She was twisted and very insecure and used her abilities in a negative way to compensate for her bruised ego.

      I keep feeling that you were and that you are suppose to be very successful within your love life and personal relationships with women. Everything that used to go right within your life this woman wanted for it all to go the complete opposite. Aside from attacking someone directly out of revenge some will attack someone close to you in an attempt to hurt you and bring your world to a ruin they will have strikes and arrows shooting at you from all directions to make sure that their job gets done well or sufficiently, and your poor mother fell victim to this abomination.

      There is always a solution to fix a problem within voodoo, black magic and witchcraft-whatever you want to call it. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that nothing can ever be done about it if you aren’t one of the unjustifiable perpetrators. Unfortunately sometimes within certain situations or under certain circumstances the damage that was brought upon by the spells and ritual cannot be reversed although miracles do happen.

      There are definite ways to cure and fix these problems and to also keep them at bay and away permanently yet you may be attacked many more times it won’t matter because you will be protected and able to fight more proficiently.

      You just have to find the right source of help and the correct remedy for your problem. It is just that you cannot trust everybody. The good honest people like me who are spiritual seers and healers that could help you are definitely out there you just need to know where to look but we are not always easy to find. And you need to find the correct people to help you with your situation and sometimes it may take more than one spiritual person to work together on your behalf to combine the distinct spiritual powers that they possess in order to get you out of your circumstance. We can work alone or we can work in groups-we can also work in groups while we work separately- it all depends on what we are fighting against.

      To answer your question altogether though, “yes”, you can without a doubt be free from this bondage because what you have to remember more than anything else in life is that the darkness can never overpower the light!

      Don’t underestimate the power of genuine prayer and meditation of good people. People who randomly may come across your comment may feel compelled to take it upon themselves to speak spiritually on your behalf and can you imagine if it is more than one even hundreds, and if it is right divinity will intercede and the universe will act in accordance there are no limits to the possibilities if you know and believe.

  68. Iv been goin through difficult times since Iv come back from my home country. I cnt seem to stand my husband Iv lost my house n my job. N I started to like someone else n now my own people hate me. I don’t know what to do and how to find out what has been done to me I desperately need help my life is in such a mess

    1. Well, that is what evil voodoo or black magic does and attempts to do and that is to change your destiny for the worse and to ruin your life within the process, however, it is up to you to be stronger than the negativity since you are aware that these events that are taking place are indeed happening and occurring under unnatural circumstances.

      Evil voodoo and black magic tries to manipulate all aspects of a situation. It aims to change one’s personality, thoughts, desires, emotions, actions, lifestyle, relationships, career, financial affairs, the ways that people react to you and so on.

      Yet what you must realize is that if you have a strong mind and character that evil cannot and will not affect you in the ways that your enemies intend and want to, your own energy from within that the voodoo and black magic often tends to try to drain and to lower in an attempt to make one vulnerable or defenseless is a very same weapon that is able to be used against the negativity through to the universe if you know how to project that level of spiritual influence.

      Yes it can be a tough fight at times but if you are a natural born survivor who refuses to tolerate this unacceptable predicament that is brought on upon you by the shitty undesirables of the world you will win the battle along with the war.

      You know how to find out what was done to you as you have been “crossed up” for all things to go wrong within your life and for you to suffer. I’d beware of that someone else that you have started to like as that is suppose to be one of the pitfalls that endeavor to sink you in for one of the kills!

      Evil voodoo and black magic tries to draw an array of perils to you and tries to draw you into its malicious and devious perils along with it so be wise, be alert and be safe.

    2. Do white fasting is xtian fast and you will break the fast around every 6pm of your own local time.
      Use fruits to break or foods without salt ,sugar,pepper or milk for 7days God will break the jinx
      Use psalm 42 to pray

  69. I have been informed that i have been cursed but find it difficult to believe. I have also been told who has done this but im struggling to believe this person would harm me and want to destroy my life. Pls help

    1. Before you doubt do thoroughly investigate if you need to be convinced because a lot of the time there will be those who you may least expect that is trying to do you harm or who will do you harm. It is not always one who you would suspect as we can have enemies that are known to us just as well as the enemies who are unknown.

      The one who is the most closet to you can be your worst enemy completely in disguise pretending that they are in your corner and/or etc… Without you even realizing it if you are not “in tune” that is why many get blindsided.

      That is one of the reasons there are those of us in particular who are able to see through people and sense things about people that other people cannot sense. There are people who I have came across all throughout life as the most innocent and nice of people, and so on, to certain others yet I was able to pick up on them and see them for what they really were at the beginning which makes me a very good judge of character and when I did or would express my discernment sometimes it was not accepted or appreciated but these same people eventually did find out at a much later time as they had come to see things for themselves.

      Everyone does not want to hear that someone that they may believe in or trust is or has been genuinely treacherous and deceptive within nature even if they are not that way with them does not mean that they have not been that way and have done wrong to another. People do not always show their true side and they resent those who can see beyond their facades.

      There will always be those who will spot people right away, some who will finally come around to recognize, and then there will be the ones who will never get it.

      Like I said, if you are not sure for your own self do some indirect inspecting within a crafty fashion in order to trap that person, test them with things and watch their body language but don’t lead on to them until you are confident in your accusations so that when they deny their endeavors and deeds (as they usually do knowing darn well that they are guilty) you will be able to challenge them and stand your ground regardless of their efforts to escape culpability.

      And also remember that your source who gave you the information could actually be lying to you too due to their own ulterior motives-just weigh it all out and be open to the unexpected!

  70. I feel somebody has done some magic on me,because of which I am suffering from last 1 year.i feel pain in most of my body parts specially neck and shoulder, see different strange observations everyday.Please help me out .I oftenly had bad dreams. Please suggest. Jack

  71. Hi Latoya,
    I feel like I have been cursed for a long time. I feel lost like i have no drive in life although i am very creative i love to cook and make others happy but i am so sad. I was in an abusive relationship for about 7 years and have 2 children. I can not keep a job for long i always seem to have conflict with superiors. People hate me i miscarried not too long ago i was 3 months pregnant and I grew to hate my boyfriend literally hate him he made me feel smothered angry. I worked somewhere e recently some girl didnt like me and subsequently no one else did when all i ever do is respect everyone. I contribute to the house and it is evident that i am the black sheep. I am forced to believe im cursed

    1. Do not care or worry about how many people don’t like you. Whoever hates you it is indeed their own problem not yours, you don’t need them to survive. Do not let the ignorance and unsavory actions of others get you down or discourage you because they are unworthy of you believe more within yourself than within others and within any other evil or negativity that is directed towards you.

      And stop putting others before yourself, especially those who are ungrateful and undeserving. Don’t be anybody’s doormat.

      Don’t ever let anyone or anything ever make you doubt yourself if you know who you are, where you want to go and what you want to be in life, and what you are capable of doing.

      If you in particular are considered the so called “Black Sheep” or just see yourself in that way because of all of the difficulty that you have been experiencing it just signifies within your case that it is because you are in fact “The best one out of them all”.

      You will overcome and conquer because you are a warrior you just need to wake up and realize this that is why they want to ruin and break you. Don’t fall for that bullshit they can see what you cannot even see within yourself.

      Focus on your gifts and talents and what makes you happy and just love yourself and don’t be afraid to be proud. I promise you, you will prevail. And don’t forget about your children they are counting on you, be inspired by them and let them be inspired by you.

      And keep all negative people away from you and out of your life (your personal life and social circle). You cannot help who you live and work around but you can control who you hang around, only associate yourself with positive people who genuinely have your best interest or just keep to yourself and allow yourself to grow.

    1. The price of “Karma” will be nothing in return if the killing is justified and well deserved.

      The price of a “Killing Hurt” all depends on the necessary items that are needed for the purchases of certain spiritual items or supplies and for the precious time and energy that is spent on preparation and the conducting of the ritual just like any legitimate reasonable person who should be compensated for any occupation (And as within any form of spiritual work the one who is performing their spell should always take measures of precaution by having a protection around them whether it is before, during and after the ritual or just all the way around as a natural part of life.

      And here is a response that I gave to someone else asking me a similar question to yours some years back just in case it may be of some help to you within other areas. The entire correspondence that we had discussed can be found under the comment section of this post about Voodoo that I had wrote titled:(

      misslatoya on August 28, 2013 at 2:43 pm said:
      That egg with the rotten yolk, snakes coming out, and so on, is just a silly trick and a scam that phony psychics demonstrate falsely. I do not know why some people fall for that nonsense. It is no different than the pranks that magicians perform for entertainment.

      And no offense towards you, but it does not take anyone no $5000 to get or to have any type of voodoo removed, that is just plain ridiculous! Real healers are not purely after money that is not necessary for the job that they undertake. All that they need the money for-if they are truly legitimate-is for the items that are needed for the purchases of certain spiritual items or supplies, and for their precious time spent, just like any reasonable person who should be compensated for any occupation.

      And it is not wise to purchase spell kits off the internet. I would never believe in those things. Some are just phony scams to rip people off for money, and some are just evil and sneaky tactics to do others harm by placing negativity upon them.

      You need to be careful (to anyone in general needs to be careful) about falling prey to bullcrap. And just because people work witchcraft/black magic on you does not mean that it has to or that it is going to work! The mind and spirit for those in particular is much more stronger than anything if you are truly a good, strong, persevering person. Yet, generally, negativity can and sometimes does effect people externally as well as internal it all depends on the circumstances and the situation.

    1. (

      An asshole that I had to put to a stop with a direct summary and warning (so called named Andrea who personally knows Lizette Roubert tried to camouflage here on my blog). I have enemies that I do not personally know who come to my blog to spy and try to keep tabs for and along with their associates who I do know of. Sick people.

      Andrea on May 31, 2016 at 12:36 pm said:
      My name is Andrea. Im in need of help BAD. I dont know if someone has cursed me or what but something is not right. Seems every year around the same time bad things start happening. My husband has cheated and left me for a woman thats not remotely close to being his type. Its like hes being forced to hate me .. I lost my job and my home. I cant seem to move forward no matter how hard i try. Every year from March to October i suffer badly. Been that way for 2 years now. Everyone who once cared has just turned their backs. Its like people are being made to hate me. I dont get this or understand why. Im starting to not sleep at night feeling depressed. Eating has increased. Cry way more often then ever before. Please help me. Please

      Reply ↓
      misslatoya on May 31, 2016 at 2:43 pm said:

      Maybe a girl by the name of “Lizette” performed Brujeria on you (Does that ring a bell?). A big evil spell called “the tie/bind”. I had it done to me as a conspiracy among the certain degenerates within my old neighborhood (that neighborhood was full of trashy people who liked to gossip about others and who set out to bring down people who were of a better quality than what they were and who did not have any real dirt on them-a girl named Karen Pearson who lived on my block once sucked everybody’s dick on 207th street- just giving a little example of how sick these people are) in an attempt to make me look bad within the public eye and to block me within all aspects of my life-yet it did not work. I’ve always had different envious and jealous haters doing all kinds of evil and malicious deeds through numerous types of lies, voodoo, black magic and witchcraft.

      And when they do dirt they have the nerve to think that they are supposed to get away with it. Now isn’t that something? Well, they all fucked with the wrong one!

      I even have some doing it right now as I speak they’ve been trying for quite a while now, trying really hard for these last past two months of April and May, and it is so funny how they always think that they are doing it on the “sneak tip” (they forget or do not want to accept that I am far ahead of them within knowledge and within ability and that I know what they are going to do before they even know that they are going to do it themselves!)

      There is more than one of them in cahoots at the moment just like it was done in the past because as usual they aren’t shit by themselves they are all banded together doing their own separate works in vain. It is nowhere near as many as before, nevertheless.

      It is something how people use voodoo, black magic and witchcraft against other people who have things going on in life for themselves and who were meant to achieve greatness due to the mere fact that they themselves feel inadequate by their own unfortunate shortcomings, and by going through evil supernatural means through their resentment it gives them a sense of satisfaction along with accomplishment in trying to tear another person down because they do not innately have what it takes to ever bring themselves up.

      People only bother others when they are about something if one doesn’t have anything positive going on in their life then no one will bother them. When you are a “big zero” people will leave you alone!

      And people will call you crazy when you are extra smart and when you speak the truth and because you are not afraid to stand up against the many of crowds when you are standing alone. And they will try to make you loose your sanity in an attempt to make you lose your credibility. “Oh don’t listen to him or her”, they are crazy!

      The more knowledge one has that the majority doesn’t understand is the crazier that they’ll seem to become within the eyes of the ignorant and the spiritually “unconscious” in general anyhow so I’d take it as the ultimate compliment to be called crazy if it was to be said.

      You see, I was born to be very successful. I was born to have a lot of money and fame (I never wanted the fame yet I do not at all mind having the money, of course) so my enemies want to hold me back within my life. They do not want to see me get anywhere because they are not going anywhere and they were never meant to because of the type of people that they are.

      It is not just one thing that my enemies are envious and jealous of in regards to me it is a combination of things, attributes that they so desperately want to take away from me. They want me to become an individual within their own category or lower, they want to bring me down to nothing. I am too strong and too intelligent of an individual for them all, though!

      I also have never cared about what anybody ever said or thought of me, and I still don’t, in fact, I never will care so their lies are also within vain.

      They have made fools out of the ignorant people who were dumb enough to fall for their scheming lies to begin with without even knowing me (I am so glad that I was never a dummy and never naive) but only the trash kind of people listened to those things-and they definitely do not count- not anybody that was within my class of people wanted to hear that ridiculous shit!

      I can feel everything that they are attempting to make happen right now and I do not understand why they still choose to challenge me when they absolutely cannot defeat me. They never could even when they idiotically believed at one time that they would (they are just not on the level and too sick of a people to rationalize and understand logic. Common sense does not register with them).

      If anything, I am the one with all of the spiritual power to destroy them all and I will eventually altogether as it is a gradual process to make them suffer constantly without them even realizing that it is actually occurring head on. The universe has clever modes of returning evil and delivering retribution with much included “interest”.

      As my enemies constantly try to keep tabs on me always worried about what I am doing and what’s going on within my life so that they can try to interfere somehow because whenever they observe that their tactics are not working they just get inspired to try even harder.

      I also don’t understand why my enemies keep plotting and taking turns contacting me with specific comments to my blog (Oh yes, I do know! And I do not give a fuck! Keep on coming if you like, it shows me just how important that I still am to you all).

      In the end though, I am a fighter and a survivor and I truly am happy and proud of myself and no one can spoil my joy or success because no one can prevent what is set out through divinity and that higher power.

      They may be able to delay the process for a while yet in doing so they just create an extra addition of compensated blessings that come along for their intended target to look forward to, and an enormous celestial subtraction from within their already miserable lives.

      Those who perpetrate simultaneously dig their own graves.

      I do not have time for any games, Andrea, I fortunately have a good life that I do enjoy and I definitely have much better ways to spend my valuable and resourceful time.

      Reply ↓
      Andrea on May 31, 2016 at 2:50 pm said:

      Thank you for your advice. I dont know anyone name Lizette so no doesnt ring a bell but things are going downhill fast. Not sure what to do I’ve praying and im just so tired. I thought it was a girl name Latoya or Tawanda. Thinking of people who might have a reason

      Reply ↓
      misslatoya on May 31, 2016 at 6:34 pm said:

      Oh, what a silly and transparent bitch.

      You don’t know of any Lizette, yeah right, sure you don’t (And I am being derisively sarcastic when I say that).

      It wasn’t any advice that I gave to you and you know it, it was a message for all who it pertains to and I am quite sure that girl named LaToya or Towanda, or whoever else for that matter would have a very good and justifiable reason.

      See, I can play dumb and incognito too!

      Fuck you and fuck Lizette and anyone else that she knows who wants to idle on my blog. If you write back to me again I will ignore you just like I do with all other inconsequential folk.

  72. Hey, my name is Robert. I feel the heaviest dead soul on me. Feels like I’m walking with a 1000 lbs. I eat more than a 500 lb man would weigh. I’m only 170 lbs. Anytime there’s money involved there’s always a big argument about it with anyone even my family. If someone owes me money they don’t want to pay me or get upset when they do. I can’t talk to any woman because they alway think I’m saying something else. Sometimes it gets so heavy I can waist 70 dollars on food. I have no ambition on being rich just have enough energy to try to make what I need to survive with my son. There was a plate under my bed, it was really weird. I can’t describe it. Sometimes I do things I don’t do or like. It pushes me to things I would never do, like smoking weed or doing things for people. I feel knifes all over my body and wake up with weird dreams. Sometimes it pushed me off to one side of the bed of how heavy I feel. I’m a really happy person, I don’t think negative and I feel like I’m prevent with twins. My Ex girlfriends mom took a picture away from here and sent it to Vietnam with 10,000 dollars. Ever since my life has been so difficult that everyone is always upset at me for no reason. Please help

    1. Oh Roberto, it seems that literally you are really carrying a heavy load within all aspects of your situation. It seems like you are being “smothered” mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually through a form of evil negative energy brought on by black magic.

  73. Hello Latoya

    I’ve been in a relationship for a couple of years and my fiancé stopped being intimate with me. We haven’t had sex for about 3 yrs now. This forced me to go else where to find gratification but only to feel dissatisfaction with myself and my bond with the most high. When I ask her about it she has no answers about anything. This is blocking everything for me I can’t trust myself because of it. She’s a great person too just not to me. Not like she’s mean it’s kinda like I’m just there to her. Help me please.

    1. I know that this is a big world and there are all kinds of people out there within the world and I by nature am one of the most unique, unconventional and very open-minded people here on the planet who thinks outside of the box, however, this story does not make any sense to me.

      Now, of course, there are women who do not desire, need or want to have sex anymore or who have never really wanted to at all to begin with-that is a very plausible claim. There are even some men within the world who are not interested that much in sex and who can go without intercourse for long periods of time and even abstain permanently contrary to the vast beliefs and characterization that most males are perceived by in regards to the preoccupation with sexual thought and behavior. And for the most part, it is also a viewpoint which is a true fact among the majority of men, but there are always exceptions.

      A lot of men get easily aroused and mentally distorted and quite ignorant to the female nature. A woman could be walking around completely naked (and would have the absolute right to) and have no sexual connotations, just as within particular matters of dress it is not an invitation for unwanted sexual attention. In certain situations a prostitute even has the right not to be raped or harassed, even though that she sells herself it is still her choice on whether or not she is willing to give it away.

      You have those sex crazed females out there too who intentionally do provoke sexual gestures, though.

      Anyhow, my point is if you were not interacting within any sexual relations (genital penetration) with your girlfriend for three years and had to satisfy your pleasure elsewhere and on other terms what was the whole point of you two remaining together? What sexual man stays in a relationship with a girl for as long as you say who won’t have sex with him?

      Men leave women who do have sex with them on a regular basis!

      I mean, like I said before, there are all types of people and those who also do indulge within open relationships. And, no, a couple does not have to engage in intercourse to have a successful or complete healthy union there are other deeper ways to connect yet you in particular do require a sexual need that you state she does not seem to want to fulfill and make known to you.

      Why not just had maintained a friendship with her if you feel she is just using you for her own whatever personal convenience?

      The rest of your story makes no sense to me either. You said the situation is blocking everything for you? Are you telling me that her “cock block” toward you has got you literally blocked to not trust within yourself, your manhood or your appeal. Did it bring down your self esteem?

      And I say and ask all of this not at all to be sarcastic or rude it just seems like a bullshit comment to get some personal information out of me. And I am not angry or annoyed; you see that I took out the time to respond back to you. This is just not a situation that needs help it all itself would seem explanatory and what does any of this have to do with any relation to the comment section of this post black magic, voodoo and witchcraft?

  74. Hi there how are you I experience most of these symptoms and my husband doesn’t want to look at me he just asked for a seperation he isn’t worried about the kids he just sleeps around doesn’t talk to me nothing it’s like I am dirt for him i really don’t know what to do plus he always sides with his family . He has such a big ego he doesn’t even fright for god he thinks he is the man and he is in control

    1. Oh my gosh, is “Sammy” (the pathetic commenter) your husband!

      I am just kidding.

      On the serious tip though, I am doing fine. And I have never walked in your shoes as far as ever having had any sincere/real feelings for a man because I am Asexual (

      I’ve never sexually desired one, have never been honestly attracted to one, and I have never been within a romantic relationship with one even though there were many who have been interested in me at one time or another and I was turned off by it (when I was younger and didn’t think that I could afford going to a sperm bank I had considered going about using a man who had feelings for me just for “one thing and one thing only” and that was for conceiving a child, and then walking a way without ever looking back yet I had changed my mind and was glad that it did not work out especially since those particular guys who wanted to be with me were so undesirable and I did not have any respect for them whatsoever (I would never harshly use a man or anybody that I had true respect for so I did not want a child with any garbage type of person), so it may seem easy for me to say what I am about to say considering the fact that your emotions may be involved.

      People do get involved within relationships for many different reasons and for purposes that are not always genuine. It is not always about love, attraction or companionship all of the time. Sometimes people get involved or married for financial gain/security/stability and plenty of other selfish reasons and I don’t at all mean to come off like I am schooling you about lessons in life or anything of the such-as if you don’t know any better I am sure you already know these things in general-I am just expressing a point into the ulterior motives of some people and why they turn out to act the way that they do in some situations.

      You should never allow no man or anyone else for that matter to treat you with such treacherous disregard, you should put yourself and your children first and that all comes with self esteem and self respect. I know that some cultures are very strict with that man in charge woman subservient double standard “thing” and having their women feel obligated and oppressed into submission, and deeming them immoral for having different or liberated outlooks, and for opposing or going against traditional customs.

      Nevertheless, you are your own individual and you can rest assured that there is indeed a special place in hell for this man for his cruel mistreatment.

      I advise you to get out of the relationship as what you have described to me is not a healthy one to be in (Don’t you believe you deserve so much better?). On the other hand, if you feel your husband’s behavior is the result of him being under the influence of black magic, voodoo, or some form of witchcraft and you want him to go back to being the man that he once use to be you’d probably feel that there is a possible chance at saving the relationship.

      Or, he is just in fact the one responsible for trying to destroy you with these evil techniques himself, and that puts you within a compromising position weighing out the factors that may pertain to all of your circumstance.

      You need to think with your head and not so much with your heart in the end though it is your life and your decision and one that I cannot make for you I can only advise.

  75. Hi miss latoya.. I am really very worried about my life and well being.. I am 21 male, i had done live video call with a woman on facebook and i think she has done some black magic over me. From that day i am always tensed my throat constriction and also i feel like suicide please help me out!

    1. Yeah Sammy,

      You’ve been “so called” suicidal for an entire month now. You need to cut out all of the bullshit! You keep repeating the same stupid shit. And you are not in your twenties, you are a thirty or forty-something year old hard-up jackass who profiles on dating sites!

      And, those bumps on your tongue and inside of your throat are probably a bad case of syphilis or herpes.

      Sammy on May 25, 2016 at 7:48 am said:
      Help me.

      Reply ↓
      misslatoya on May 25, 2016 at 3:24 pm said:

      Yeah, you need help alright-Psychiatric help! Go get your head checked out. If you have nothing better to do than to behave like a constant ass then you must have deep rooted mental issues.


      In reply to misslatoya.
      hello miss latoya. i am really in trouble. me 20(male), i have been trapped in black magic by a woman on live video calling. i am really worried feels like something is in throat and pain while deep breathing and feel like suiciding. please help me out

      Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic

      2016/04/24 at 8:24 pm

      In reply to misslatoya.
      hello miss latoya. i am really in trouble. me 20(male), i have been trapped in black magic by a woman on live video calling. i am really worried feels like something is in throat and pain while deep breathing and feel like suiciding.

      Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic

      2016/04/24 at 8:20 pm

      Hey help me out please

      Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic

      2016/04/24 at 6:51 pm
      In reply to misslatoya.

      Hey please for god sake help me out. I am 20(male) and being trapped in black magic by live video calling with a woman online. I have contriction in throat after that since last week and have bumps on tongue and throat. Feels like suicide. Please help me out asap.

      Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic

      2016/04/21 at 8:11 pm

      Hey please for god sake help me out. I am 20(male) and being trapped in black magic by live video calling with a woman online. I have contriction in throat after that since last week and have bumps on tongue and throat. Feels like suicide. Please help me out asap.

      Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic

      2016/04/21 at 8:10 pm

      Please for god sake help me out. I am 20 male and i am being trapped in black magic by one woman online in live video calling. Please help me out. I can feel the symptoms. I am worried having bumps in tongue and throat and feeling of suicide.
      Please help me out asap.

      Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic
      2016/04/21 at 7:58 pm)

  76. Dear mislatoya could you help me my niece’s husband took her dead husbands ashes and did something or some ritual with them but he would not tell us what he did with them. Please let me know what he did he is a very devious man.

    1. As a person born with extra sensory perception/clairvoyance one thing that I never did was divulge to just any or everybody all of the things that I intuitively knew and I have accurately read for people in the past but when I did it was always narrowed down to a very selected few.

      I never opened myself up on that level unless spirit moved me to for a significant purpose.

      I am a very honest and straightforward person and from my experience here on this earth everyone cannot accept or handle the truth, and many people do not have the “insight” or the mental capacity to grasp and to fully discern the messages within certain revelations, especially when it comes down to the depths of hidden knowledge.

      And every detail that is made known unto me through the gifts of second-sight is not necessarily meant to be told or shared, but to be used as a vital tool for awareness, guidance, protection and evolution.

      And whereas I am definitely qualified and able to serve as a source of help there are situations that I choose not to get involved in, having genuine abilities of this nature and letting it be known to the public through my experience is one thing yet offering out “too much” information into what I can receive about others personal lives and affairs is not a wise move.

      I’ve been a target enough already for years and those of us who have the “knowing power” have to sometimes know when to keep quiet.

      Silence Is Golden:(

  77. how do you get rid of voodoo or black magic or stop it? what if you find things that a buried near the house and you burn them? does black magic or voodoo work when your thousands of miles apart and what do they need from your personal belongings to do such evil acts?

    1. It all depends on the situation and what type of negativity in particular that has been done or placed upon a person, place or thing and it also depends on the individual them self. Everyone is not the same and black magic and voodoo does not affect everyone within the same fashion.

      Sometimes it does not affect one at all.

      What may work on one person may not work within another and sometimes when people place negativity upon others it backfires and completely manifests a different outcome than what was initially intended. There are all kinds of aspects that can play into motion, and into the scene. Distinct remedies of a problem stem from the different roots in which they are caused by and the distinct techniques are the results under the different of circumstances.

      Yes, black magic can work from miles away and so can the removal of black magic from miles away it is not about the physical distance it is all about spiritual vibration and universal energy. Everything is made up of energy and that force is not bound by the limitations that are set upon this earthy plane as we within our human forms are. Where we need to use our feet and vehicles for transportation we have our “higher consciousness” in which that connects and allows us to communicate and journey to the distances that are not physically within our reach, and that are mysteriously unknown.

      Anything can be used to perform negativity, the usage of a person’s name, personal items, bodily secretions, photos and so on. Sometimes it is just a person’s touch onto something that is required. There are situations where no personal items are used just a candle and prayers of meditation that is directed upon the intended target to try to control one’s thoughts and actions if the person is weak-minded enough to be influenced within that mode.

      Like I said though everything all depends on the individual and the circumstances that are taken into account.

    2. thank you miss latoya! i really appreciate your reply and godbless you. sometimes that’s what i say, i will laugh and laugh and think positive to keep all away. this world has a lot of haters, jealous people and people who don’t want to see you do good in life.

    3. Good evening Miss Latoya,My name is Maria Obakeng Moralo,am a young South African lady,i believe am cursed i have been ill for the past few years its been on and off but now its worse.its been 3week nonestop,i can not go to work,visit friends and am starting to want to end my life.please please help me 😢

    4. Yes voodoo and black magic can make one very sick physically and mentally. The negativity and negative energy can literally mimic and make one appear to have diseases and/or ailments that one does not naturally or actually have and once the voodoo or black magic is removed thoroughly all of the symptoms and physical, mental, or psychological manifestations of the illness will often subside and eventually disappear altogether.

      Those nasty evil witchcraft spirits need to be extracted from you spiritually through a form of white magic. There are also natural vegetable, herbs, spices and fruits that you can drink and eat to cleanse, purify and to strengthen your mind body and spirit from negativity and negative energy.

      “Table salt” does actually work in driving out evil spirits from within the body, I know this for a fact as I’ve personally experienced this myself years ago within the past (I do not speak about what I do not know), though after a while the spirits will become immune to the substance and the salt will begin to have no affect.

      For those who have harmed others with voodoo or black magic and experience symptoms in return due to a backfire or through a reversal or through karma no matter what they do they will never get the negativity off of them and they deserve not to.

      In some cases unless they show genuine regret and remorse for their wrongdoings, and change their whole entire life around into living a holy lifestyle they’ll remain trapped.

      Most who indulge in this type of evil have a place reserved in hell anyway so one way or another they will all get theirs!

    5. I like to know what to do to stop black magic, it’s symptoms in me, my family and my house of black magic, How I stop it?

  78. Hi,
    I need help my dad passed away last week wednesday 11 may 2016 . He got admitted on 6th may and he was fine walking he got addmitted . All the reports were percectly normal but still he passed away almost 20 – 25 doctors visited him gave best treatments none could find the source of his illnesss
    Finally his kidneys gave up and his heart stopped . All reports were normal , his stomach had bloated few months before , he was 58 , not a person who will leave this world n go. I think something is wrong with our family somwone is performing something on us . He had too much negativity about his illness but he wanted to get well but after giving best treatemwnts his cause pr disease pr what hapnd to him was unknown
    Please temme if its a sign of black magic
    I wanr to protect my family if anything like this happening

    1. Sorry for your loss such a sudden unexpected instance. Death under mysterious circumstances is what your suggesting it seems yet five days is not always enough time to find a thorough diagnosis especially an underlying one and one that doctors may not know to specifically look out for right away.

      Some people can appear to be in the perfect of health and the perfect of shape while going through undetectable illnesses that fail to display any type of significant or immediate of symptoms until it is quite too late, and because of whatever unidentifiable ailment that was left to be untreated can unfortunately result into the silent sufferers extreme state of unanticipated sickness or unfortunate demise.

      Yes, there is definitely black magic causes that do inspire repercussions of this kind but what you also have to realize is-and this is absolutely no slight (insult, disrespect) against you or unto your family but there are a lot of things that happen to people and they tend to seek out help forgetting what they may have done in the past to another person or people in general then they want to claim innocent and go on for help when they start to experience hardship.

      Now I am definitely not placing any blame but I honestly do sense and feel that there is something that is not right within your family but what I am picking up at the instant moment is that some of it has more to do with enmity between someone who is the least expected, a particular lifestyle and a certain belief system or set of beliefs (I hope you comprehend what I am saying in the appropriate manner because we all express ourselves differently I am just being truthful and blunt I’d have to talk with you to get deeper into it and to tell you more I’m sure you wouldn’t want that information publicly on the internet)

    2. Hi miss latoya
      Thanks for ur instant reply
      My dad was a doctor and my sister and her husband both are doctors and both were in constant check of his reports and his health issues
      He was feeling breathless before getting admitted and still all his reports were normal

      He was a very good man has saved many lives
      My sister has saved zillions of lives and also my mom is constantly praying to god because of her trust in god and not for demanding anything from him
      We have a series of incidences happening in our family out of which this is the greatest loss of all
      Rest all the incidences occured we thot time can heal but this is something striking and not acceptable

      So i seeked for help

    3. Thank you. And like I said, there is enmity from someone, a gripe of some sort and something to do with a lifestyle and a certain belief.

  79. Hi Latoya,

    I was wondering if you can give me some insight on my situation. At the beginning of the year my husband, and i started great. After a while we started going down hill extremely bad. Every time we try finding jobs nothing comes out, and when we do find something it gets cancelled right before were about to step out the door. We havent had any chance of making any money everything either gets cancelled or something happens. When i was pregnant i always saw shadows, dead people in my house. Recently i have been extremely out of energy, i get frustrated and angry for no reason .! Can you please provide me some insight on all this?

    1. Perfect example of a bogus address just not done within such an idiotic manner yet still obviously transparent, and done out of trivial spite after I have already warned against deliberate nonsense on my site that is done in vain (who gives a shit?!) especially since I do not have to approve these occasional stupid comments.

      The actions of an idle mind reflects on no other than in which where it resides. And going under the alias Selena Gomez, I guess I’ll be receiving bull-crap correspondence from someone going by the name Justin Bieber next!

  80. Hi Latoya,

    Can you help me she’d some light on a recent incident please? The other night I bathed my 18 month old daughter and forgot to let her water out the bath when i wss done. The next morning there was an upside down cockroach in the water. Can you please provide insight?

    1. This is a very serious matter that you have brought to my attention. I had to dig long and hard, and I had to look deep down into my ” Magic Crystal Ball” for this one but I was able to finally get down to the bottom of the situation. So here it is:

      The next time you give the baby a bath you have to be extra careful to remember to let all of the water out so that the rest of the roaches that crawl around within your home don’t accidentally drown.

      Now I know that these creepy little critters are and can be rather bothersome and disgusting (it makes my skin crawl just thinking about it) but just be a little more considerate with your six legged fellow roommates and neighbors because you do not want karma to come back to “sting” or “bite” you for not being more cautious with their lives. It really “bugs” me how this could have come about.

  81. What can I do to seek help I see in every picture demos and also had a chicken thrown at my bathroom window while I was in there I found some stuff when I tool pictures that’s h ow I figured something wasn’t right plz help

    1. Maria, I am not saying that your story is true and I am not saying that it isn’t but listen up, and this is a message for everybody.

      Yes, it is true that demonic along with other paranormal activity can show up and also manifest through photos, and even humans here that are walking upon the earth can also be identified as demonic individuals and/or descendants through pictures just as well as in person if one has that ability to detect them within that fashion and I know this for a fact as I have experienced it myself on many occasions. The dead are even able to haunt and to bring negative energy through from the images within their own photos when they are evil and angry spirits.

      Now, anyone is welcome here on my blog to observe, or to seek out advice, share their stories and experiences, and reach out to one another for whatever reason whether they genuinely want to help or whether they just want to express their views. Of course, every here and there someone will come along to be an asshole to just be stupid, writing and making up a bunch of silly shit and some just want to discourage those from knowing the truth so that they can continue on with harming others with their evil activities which is all just a sad waste of conducting energy.

      Nothing has to be taken serious all of the time and humor is able to be found within all types of circumstances good and bad-to be able to laugh especially during going through the bad times keeps us healthy and it also shows our strength yet those who laugh at others tribulations unjustly are very weak-minded individuals-, however (and this is in regard to anybody), do not use this site as a place to disrespect and/or to mock those who have or who may be genuinely undergoing the sick and malicious evils of voodoo and black magic. Those in particular who do not believe have the right not to yet that does not take away from the reality that is indeed taking place here within the world.

      No, every single hardship in life is not caused or brought on by voodoo and black magic but a tremendous amount of people and things all over the world that has gone wrong and unexplainable is an absolute result from the affects of it and negative voodoo and black magic is a big problem that many for a long time now have come to realize, things have gotten a little better and are continuing to get much better now to some extent because of the vast awareness that a lot of evildoers thought was suppose to be their “little secret”.

      Those who are sincere do not let the ignorance of others deter (discourage) you from coming forward with your inquiries, tales or even just mere possibilities of what you think or feel no matter how eccentric or unbelievable that it may seem to certain others this is a huge world and there is always someone out there who may have gone through what you have or something similar you may even help someone else figure out what may be going on within their own life just remember whatever it is that you may inspire to share just keep it real. If you cannot speak the truth please do not speak at all!

  82. In my own true words by LaToya Lawrence- a little deep insight and honest knowledge and advice to those who may be in need and for whomever else that it may pertain to as I speak from firsthand experience and through the wisdom of second-sight:

    Witchcraft People (Black Magic/Brujeria)
    Posted on March 24, 2013 by misslatoya:(

    A very nice and dear viewer of my blog wrote to me. And I would not use this article to disclose what was written even though we had corresponded in public. I have respect for her and would never go to exploit her in any way whatsoever.

    Any way, what I had expressed to this viewer could not have been better well said than to add to this particular subject.

    Now as far as witchcraft people and the like go toward the good and those who are gifted, born of the caul:

    “They are sick and they set out to devour people like us with their lies and schemes.

    And in the process they steal from us. They try to take away all of our innate positive luck, energies, talents and mental capacity.

    They are jealous and envious of our kind.

    Many people fall for their schemes when we from the beginning knew what they were about.

    Sometimes the ignorant people listen to them then turn against us and that is how they get over.

    You know that it is sad but lies tend to spread faster than the truth and when the truth does eventually come out it is already sometimes too late because the damage has already been done.

    I have went through this all of my life.

    However, I learned that it was for a grave reason. I’ve known people like them for years, I’ve had people like them within my family.They are everywhere, so I know.

    I’ve been blessed and watched out for due to my spiritual aspects and prevailed over them.

    I am ahead of them because I have the gift of second-sight. I was given a message a while back to stop people like them, to get rid of them. And there is no one better for the job than I because I actually hate them and their kind with a great genuine passion.

    We can kill them by truth-which is something foreign to them-and by our own natural spiritual power (voodoo magic if we choose to/we can do both).

    I have these enemies still now trying to retaliate because spirit has me writing natural messages and insights of truth and it is bringing them all down.

    I am sure as a spiritual person you understand what I mean and where I am coming from. Things and the universe work out then proceed in a way that average people do not understand.

    People like us are here to make a change because we see, know, and understand what the rest of the world cannot.

    The garbage type of people cannot destroy us unless we allow them to. We are much wiser and stronger than they are.

    You just have to believe in yourself and within whatever may be around you (whatever faith or spirituality that you go with if any because I would never try to influence you about anything).

    We are here to destroy them and take back our world and what belongs to us.”

    By nature, I was born high class. Not rich, or having a large sum of money to frequently spend, but elegant and dignified although I still never did do without.

    Some people have a false definition of what being high class actually is. Anyone could acquire a lot of money if fortunately they were born into a wealthy family, received an inheritance, won the lottery, or whatever other circumstance that may serve as a relevant example.

    However, the possessions of financial wealth do not equate the possessions of a high class stature.

    Many people walk around in pretense. Playing the part or role of what they consider to be refined and tasteful.

    Most of them just put on an arrogant “uppity” air.

    True high class nature is a state of mind an inborn attitude, an innate demeanor. Any gross income that is rewarded is just an enhancement to aid to a better well deserved life.

    A well deserved life obtained through an honestly earned way of living.

    I, like many other good, talented, hardworking people in the world knew what they were able to accomplish and knew what they were meant to have within their lifetime. Whether we dreamed our destined futures big, or whether we dreamed them small.

    Nevertheless, there are the negatives that lurk, and the interferences that emerge from the darkness to devour.

    They are the evil witchcraft people. Those demented and demonic souls who endeavor to hold other people back through the use of their wicked devices.

    They try to harm and hurt yet they only bring pain to themselves. They are weak and wretched, full of heartaches and strains.

    One can never take away from a person what they are, or what they are able to achieve. No matter what the circumstance.

    The terms “you can’t turn a whore into a housewife”, or “you can take a person out of the street but you cannot take the street out of the person”, goes just the same for those who have been attacked by witchcraft.

    They will not automatically be turned into what they are not.

    People work witchcraft for many different reasons, however, the most common-and I know this from experience-is the sabotage and hindrance of the successes that are due to other deserving people.

    Many who cast spells or who have others to cast the spells for them believe that if they take away a person’s lot (luck/fate) that they will lose sight of their hopes and dreams only to trot down to a path of repetitive disappointment.

    Some people do give up then give in to the illusion of manipulative black magic; however, they are not always to blame.

    Some people are not even aware that they may have been crossed up. They may not understand the concept or intent that is behind the certain forms and mechanisms of black magic.

    Some even do not believe in the negative effects of witchcraft at all. They may just chalk up their situation to the notion of life not always being fair.

    For those who do know and believe in the dark forces that are conjured to be placed and violated upon one know that where there is a will there definitely is a way.

    They then fight their way through their ordeal by whatever means that is necessary.

    White magic is a much stronger tool.

    It is way more powerful and way more potent to use against black magic/witchcraft.

    Especially while at the same time reversing all of the black magic straight back to each of the senders.

    The universe works in wondrous ways. Not only just by karma, but by giving the negative witchcraft people an extra dose of their own well deserved medicine.

    I personally recognized on my own that no one’s use of wicked device could ever kill my spirit, or kill any of my dreams.

    Nor could the wickedness kill my peace and happiness.

    Anything that anyone is able to take away is not worth having to begin with. Therefore I would really not want it. So there leaves within itself no loss.

    In the like, anything that anyone is not able to take away has far great value. As it is equivalent to that particular one. Only set for that one, unwavering from that one. So there is much that is to be gained upon by that one.

    There have always been people in the world who have sought out to bring other people down. And witchcraft has always been an option that certain people have resorted to whether it was out of extreme hate, or out of extreme desperation.

    A low class mind is no match for a mind that is high.

    A high mind is not preoccupied with the disapproval or the criticism of others but with the satisfaction that is found upon within one’s self.

    A high mind is not preoccupied with the calamity of others or of the calamity that is wished upon from others but with the prosperity that is built upon by one’s own self.

    A high mind is not preoccupied with the burdens of a dislike that holds one back but with the triumphs of a hatred that prevents one from being held back.

    No matter how hard witchcraft people stalk other people. How hard they try to confuse other people. How hard they try to contaminate other people’s spirit. It is the high mind that will overcome and conquer.

    The Visions/The Messages/The Knowledge:(

  83. I was in a relationship with a woman and my life have taken downward turn and i am not the same and i always do good for that lady. My mind says it her because she was the only person around me.

  84. Brujeria
    Posted on January 29, 2012 by misslatoya
    My experiences with brujeria:(

    With all of the personal information that I have on this subject I could write a book about it. I spoke to a lady over the phone about six or seven years ago who was suppose to be a psychic. I mentioned the word “brujeria”.

    “Are you Puerto Rican?” she asked me. I said “no”

    “Well then how do you know about brujeria?” she said.

    Then I went on about the nganga (cauldron), the paleros (grave robbers), the kiyumba (corpse that is used) then she stopped me. “Alright, alright”, she uttered.

    I mean the ignorance in some people. I am an African American with Native American Indian descent. I am spiritual and know that magic (voodoo) first originated in Africa so why wasn’t I suppose to know? Anyway, I don’t know where to begin since this all started when I was at the age of seven so I’ll just make it more current and go back a little.

    There isn’t enough room in this post to explain every detail in particular-not that it would be necessary anyhow, nevertheless, I will share the main evils. And I must say that brujeria is some very sick shit!

    There is and has been a lot of jealousy around me from people that mostly started with family members many years ago. People are very jealous of my character. In the spring of 2003, this Hispanic girl who I never cared for, known since childhood, and who lived directly across the street from me sent her sister over to my house with a statue.

    My mother happened to answer the door and the girl was disappointed. Initially unaware of the girl’s intentions, my mother brought the statue that was placed inside of a gift bag up to me. See, their mother had asked to read a published book that I wrote and when the book was returned a month later they sent a “present” along with it.

    When I got out of the shower and saw and approached the white medium size bald-headed statue designed in the image of a baby angel I got a strong feeling. The statue that was made of porcelain didn’t at all look right to me, and it gave off a fragrance that I detected was the smell of evil.

    My mother handed it to me. I was leery but touched it anyway. As I sat at the edge of the bed wrapped in a towel I held the statue, staring at it curiously. Then suddenly an energy grabbed both my wrists and I heard the words repeat “tie, tie”.

    Exactly a week later, on a Tuesday I remember, I was again sitting on the edge of the bed watching television when something hastily dropped down from above me and hit me from the side of my jaw to between my neck and shoulder. It was a hard stroke that was not at all painful. Part of the ritual going into effect I assumed. And this was indeed part of a neighborhood conspiracy against me.

    The two sisters were nothing more than flunkies with a bunch of dirt on them. Lizette Roubert and Dorita were the biggest whores of Hollis avenue and their mother catching aids from her dead dope fiend lover (dorita’s father) just gave them more motive to go along with the program as they were miserable and bitter.

    Lizette had the nerve to come over and approach me with a phony conversation that following week as I sat on my stoop. Bitch thought that she was slick. She was looking up at my face trying to see if I had a knot up on there that was exaggerated by people who heard about my childhood injury of being thrown across the room as a baby by my drug addicted uncle. I read people immediately!

    As Lizette spoke idly I picked up on the scent coming from her body. It was the same fragrance that I smelled from the statue. And all that I kept picking up from her presence was the death card. The same vision kept flashing before my eyes of a skeleton riding a horse with dead people lying on the ground everywhere around him. And I could sense and feel that Lizette was heavily crossed up.

    In the summer of 2001, my mother and I were sitting in my room on the bed watching television when I heard a voice call my name. “Toya” it said.

    “Did you just call my name?” I asked my mother.

    “No”, she said. Then very suddenly something shot down and hit at the bed right where I was sitting and instantly I jumped up! The only thing I could remember was about maybe a week before this guy had brought a plastic bag of stones to me that must have been conjured. I didn’t keep them though, just like the statue I removed it from my house, but the damage had already been done because I came into contact with the articles.

    A girl of Caribbean descent who was very young at the time came over to my house with her friend, and rang my doorbell. The girl’s name was Danielle and the young bitch lived directly next door to me. She handed me a key that was conjured. I felt the malignant spirit go right through me. My enemies wanted me very badly-they ranged my doorbell again!!!

    They buried things in my front yard placed flowers over it then dug it back up before it backfired on them. They wanted me to get curious and dig it up they made the burial very obvious. None of them were very bright.

    Yes indeed, I was crossed up and I knew it because I am clairvoyant and could feel it. My extra sensory perception and the good spirits around me would always remind me and keep me up to date on everything that was going on. And I was very blessed with protection and strength because the brujeria was not able to affect my mind. And my enemies tried very hard to.

    They tried to confuse me. They tried to take away my strength and confidence. They tried to take away my gifts and spirituality. They tried to make me lose my mind. But I have a very strong spirit and much love and protection from the other side. So I beat all that bullshit!

    I did however go through a lot physically do to me being extremely sensitive spiritually. I had to deal with the “snake” which made my body jerk in a very zigzag side to side motion. My stomach would get butterflies and push in and out like a pregnant woman and sometimes it would stretch my stomach out so far that it would pull me. That started in the beginning then subsided.

    I had to deal with the “restless spirit”. Every morning around 3am or 5am I would wake up and couldn’t get back to sleep. When I stood up the negative energy would vibrate and shift down my body to my leg. And when I’d go to lay back down the energy would make its way back up my body to my head to keep me from sleeping.

    I felt heaviness over me. The evil had spreaded from numerous attacks over the years. It was so heavy over my eyes that things in my vision seemed kind of clogged and far away. I could feel the success that I was suppose to achieve at that particular time trying to squeeze through the blockages my enemies had set before me. I could feel how they were trying to turn and make my life into the disaster that they wanted it to be.

    My enemies were attempting to destroy my destiny. And even though it may have seemed like they were succeeding nothing could have been further from the truth. My faith in me and my purpose was way more powerful.

    I had experienced all of this garbage already when I was a child. My great-grandmother who thank goodness passed away two or three years ago took my mother and I to a botanica store and had us crossed up by a Haitian man. My mother had a mild nervous breakdown. I was harassed at school by a girl who turned everybody against me because I didn’t fear and want to join in with her crowd. She wrote my name all over the bathroom walls and threatened to beat me up if I entered the school yard.

    I walked my little ass right into the yard during recess while I heard others instigate “she better not come in here!” it was all over the school what was suppose to happen to me. I was a tough cookie even back then and did nobody lay a hand on me!

    I done come too far in life to let some devil brujeria shit destroy me. I would feel that shit up in my head, giving me a feeling of being somewhere else or in another world. But I was just a kid.

    Even during my teenage years they were after me. My enemies used brujeria to try to get inside of my head to give me low self esteem. They wanted me to be self conscious and have complexes. They wanted me to fall for the illusions which I definitely did not so they could play on it. They’d put negative men all whom were of Caribbean descent in my head trying to get me attracted to them. I was and will always be ahead of them!

    “Brujeria” the Spanish word for black magic/witchcraft was definitely used to bring me down. I wonder is it because I am so connected with spirit that it always did the complete opposite for me. My self esteem would always go even higher and I would always get much stronger, spiritually and mentally.

    When the time came for the brujeria to be removed I saw a multiple of visions. Lizette had just recently moved down south. I dreamed that she’d quickly make a return and surely she did about three months after the “shit” went back to her and the rest of my enemies. I also visioned that there would be a death shortly before she left to go back.

    While awake I received a vision of how the “tie-“bind” ritual was done. I saw the woods. I saw my motor vehicle non driver’s i.d. that had been missing from my house lying on leaves with animal blood over it from a chicken sacrifice.

    I saw the two main dead spirits that had violated me. One was a black man who appeared to me as a criminal. He was cursing at me but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. The other guy was a Mexican or of some kind of Hispanic descent, he looked like a madman. He was quiet and crazed.

    My grandmother suddenly became ill right after I got rid of the brujeria. And she died. One of my aunts who were a part of the conspiracy cried like a baby. The evil came back and got the close thing to her.

    (My grandmother had been partially paralyzed for years do to a stroke, and a while before my grandmother died my enemies used her home health aide to put black magic in our sugar. Everyone in the house was complaining about one of their legs hurting but me. I was the only one in the house who did not touch the sugar. One day I caught the bitch whose name was Delores Branch and I cursed her out like a dog and ran her out of our home).

    From then on, of course my enemies have tried to send the brujeria back into my life. They were unable to though. It will never return. No matter how hard they try. I can and have touched things and the black magic is of no effect. Some years back they had someone who worked at a dunkin donuts put it in my milkshake. I knew better, drank it anyway and was nauseous for two weeks straight. Other than that I was fine.

    Aside from tremendous financial success that I will eventually achieve one day, nothing has changed about me. If anything I am at a point in my life that is better now than it ever was as far as my personal self is concerned.

    It’s so weird how you sometimes have to endure crazy things in order to get you where you need to be in life.

    Lust Spell:(


    Natural Powers Of The Caul And Occult Is Nothing To Fool Around With:(

    Occult Powers:(

    Scream For Help!:(

    PaPa Legba:(

    A Never Ending Story:(

    What You Wish On Me:(

    The Real Story/The Real Deal:(

    The Magical Side Of Life:(

    1. misslatoya can you help me or anyone for that matter? I’m dealing with some odd and strange events similar. I need to know what all you know; to protect me. I believe evil hoodoo or voodoo is being placed on me. S.O.S.

    2. I know an extremely great deal about all types and forms of negative supernatural energies of Black Magic and Voodoo through firsthand experience from a very young age of myself having being attacked countless times, and through my own natural background of having being born with a caul, and etc…

      (Jealousy, envy, hatred, spite and revenge are the main reasons why people resort to the aides of supernatural conveniences.

      Whether one phrases the tactics as being derived from the origins of Voodoo, Santeria/Brujeria, Obeah, Witchcraft, Black Magic and so on (depending on one’s culture and/or practice) to create situations and circumstances that we accurately determine and describe to appear to us as being “fixed”, “crossed or crossed up”, hexed, jinxed, cursed and “blocked” because no matter how the terms are used the foundations are exactly the same, we have undoubtedly become the targets of vicious attacks carried out by those who attempt to harness malignant spiritual forces against us and within our lives.

      People who actually contract spirits to reign pure havoc among our presence.

      When “roots” are done or put on us the purposes are to bring about unnatural misfortune and/or disease. As the intent is for one and for what is all around one to become stagnant “roots” produce unnecessary blockages into one’s pathways, eliminating the ordained roads that are effectively suited for inevitable opportunity. In return, a person is unjustifiably restricted into mischievously altered lanes that they otherwise would have not selected due to the turnaround of their life literally being turned upside down, an abomination that proves to be quite burdensome and oppressive.)(

      And I was born with the very strong abilities to help myself along with those “in particular” that deserve to be helped if I choose to do so, and if or when “spirit moves me to”.

  85. Someone in my family feels like there is two people a girl and the mom chasing after him and telling him to hurt himself and kill himself. We have took him every where even to a whitch for she can cure him but nothing. The two ladys are telling him to hurt himself every other week , he hits his head in the wall REALLY hard and starts bleebing , he punches himself , he even trys to vit other people. The only thing that he feels protected by is La Santa Muerte , and his mom. Each time he goes crazy he screams and tells those 2 girls that the mom and La Santa Muerte , are stonger than them . if you have any way of helping or advising something please help we dont know what he has.

    1. Hi: Please don’t take offense, but maybe you should take your family member to a psychiatrist or a doctor. Your family member may be suffering from a medical condition that is causing him to behave this way. My brother has similar symptoms. Not of someone chasing him but believing in “salvation.” It turned out he was schizophrenic. I’m not saying your family member is, but maybe he can find help that will prevent him from hurting himself.

  86. I’m having these systems why an I believe they got black magic on me I trust God I’m praying. What else can I do

  87. I’ve been dating this guy from Louisiana for 4yrs now. I found out some stuff and was ready to leave him and start dating again.He came over my house went to the bath room shut the door (which he never do) he stand in there for awhile. After he leave a few days I found a substance on my floor. Now I have fear to socialize I’m not myself no more I’m having anxiety I need help.

  88. My brother inlaw went down to clean around my husbands and his mums grave on Sunday and swore he seen snakes crawling all over her grave, then went to mow his daughter yard and a big black snake crawled infront of him, when myself and my sister inlaw went down that afternoon there was no snakes or any trace of them, what dose that mean, has someone cursed him, or his mum or my husband, my husband ex wife knows how to do black magic could she have place a spell

  89. How to get help? If you feel this is happening I’m so serious. I’m a woman I look like I’m pregnant with twins my life is crazy n I feel sick n all

    1. Depending on the source and your personal relation to occult there are a few ways. If it is done with dark witchcraft the best way is to draw a circle around yourself and denounce the magic banishing it from yourself and creating a barrier. If the source is voodoo you can do the same or if you are more with the occult you can make an offering to papa lagba and ask that he break the connection that allows the curse to affect you. Best offering would be a key or some tobacco left in the doorframe of your bedroom before you go to bed

  90. For thanksgiving of 2015 my sisters and her dog came over. I gave up my room for my sister to sleep. A week after they left I went to sleep in my bed I was getting bit everywhere. All over. I called a pest control company they have been doing treatments since November 2015 and the bugs are still here. You can see them but you can feel them. I’m sleeping on my bathroom floor. I believe she left something here. Since they left my house I had no peace. I threw away most of my furniture. Whatever it is has transferred to my car. I had dream and a prophet told me in the dream that someone gave me something to eat so that I continue to suffer. I have had dreams where I told my sisters mom that the witchcraft will not touch me. I’m on edge I believe someone is doing something to me. Please help me I need answers please email me

    1. Hi this is natoshia my mother passed away back in 1997 my life hasnt been right ever since i have been struggling im a mother of 5 im 27 years of age still struggling im always getting kicked out never have a stable place for me and my kids i really think someone put voodoo on me cause this just keep going il have a place for a year than il be moving or going to a shelter with my kids im really lost no one n my family wants to help me they always talk down on me i need a answer please

    2. You make take my response as being judgmental depending on your mentality, however, I am just stating the facts. Voodoo is not the culprit here you are in the predicament that you are in due to your lifestyle and the bad choices that you have made.

    3. My name is Andrea. Im in need of help BAD. I dont know if someone has cursed me or what but something is not right. Seems every year around the same time bad things start happening. My husband has cheated and left me for a woman thats not remotely close to being his type. Its like hes being forced to hate me .. I lost my job and my home. I cant seem to move forward no matter how hard i try. Every year from March to October i suffer badly. Been that way for 2 years now. Everyone who once cared has just turned their backs. Its like people are being made to hate me. I dont get this or understand why. Im starting to not sleep at night feeling depressed. Eating has increased. Cry way more often then ever before. Please help me. Please

    4. Maybe a girl by the name of “Lizette” performed Brujeria on you (Does that ring a bell?). A big evil spell called “the tie/bind”. I had it done to me as a conspiracy among the certain degenerates within my old neighborhood (that neighborhood was full of trashy people who liked to gossip about others and who set out to bring down people who were of a better quality than what they were and who did not have any real dirt on them-a girl named Karen Pearson who lived on my block once sucked everybody’s dick on 207th street- just giving a little example of how sick these people are) in an attempt to make me look bad within the public eye and to block me within all aspects of my life-yet it did not work. I’ve always had different envious and jealous haters doing all kinds of evil and malicious deeds through numerous types of lies, voodoo, black magic and witchcraft.

      And when they do dirt they have the nerve to think that they are supposed to get away with it. Now isn’t that something? Well, they all fucked with the wrong one!

      I even have some doing it right now as I speak they’ve been trying for quite a while now, trying really hard for these last past two months of April and May, and it is so funny how they always think that they are doing it on the “sneak tip” (they forget or do not want to accept that I am far ahead of them within knowledge and within ability and that I know what they are going to do before they even know that they are going to do it themselves!)

      There is more than one of them in cahoots at the moment just like it was done in the past because as usual they aren’t shit by themselves they are all banded together doing their own separate works in vain. It is nowhere near as many as before, nevertheless.

      It is something how people use voodoo, black magic and witchcraft against other people who have things going on in life for themselves and who were meant to achieve greatness due to the mere fact that they themselves feel inadequate by their own unfortunate shortcomings, and by going through evil supernatural means through their resentment it gives them a sense of satisfaction along with accomplishment in trying to tear another person down because they do not innately have what it takes to ever bring themselves up.

      People only bother others when they are about something if one doesn’t have anything positive going on in their life then no one will bother them. When you are a “big zero” people will leave you alone!

      And people will call you crazy when you are extra smart and when you speak the truth and because you are not afraid to stand up against the many of crowds when you are standing alone. And they will try to make you loose your sanity in an attempt to make you lose your credibility. “Oh don’t listen to him or her”, they are crazy!

      The more knowledge one has that the majority doesn’t understand is the crazier that they’ll seem to become within the eyes of the ignorant and the spiritually “unconscious” in general anyhow so I’d take it as the ultimate compliment to be called crazy if it was to be said.

      You see, I was born to be very successful. I was born to have a lot of money and fame (I never wanted the fame yet I do not at all mind having the money, of course) so my enemies want to hold me back within my life. They do not want to see me get anywhere because they are not going anywhere and they were never meant to because of the type of people that they are.

      It is not just one thing that my enemies are envious and jealous of in regards to me it is a combination of things, attributes that they so desperately want to take away from me. They want me to become an individual within their own category or lower, they want to bring me down to nothing. I am too strong and too intelligent of an individual for them all, though!

      I also have never cared about what anybody ever said or thought of me, and I still don’t, in fact, I never will care so their lies are also within vain.

      They have made fools out of the ignorant people who were dumb enough to fall for their scheming lies to begin with without even knowing me (I am so glad that I was never a dummy and never naive) but only the trash kind of people listened to those things-and they definitely do not count- not anybody that was within my class of people wanted to hear that ridiculous shit!

      I can feel everything that they are attempting to make happen right now and I do not understand why they still choose to challenge me when they absolutely cannot defeat me. They never could even when they idiotically believed at one time that they would (they are just not on the level and too sick of a people to rationalize and understand logic. Common sense does not register with them).

      If anything, I am the one with all of the spiritual power to destroy them all and I will eventually altogether as it is a gradual process to make them suffer constantly without them even realizing that it is actually occurring head on. The universe has clever modes of returning evil and delivering retribution with much included “interest”.

      As my enemies constantly try to keep tabs on me always worried about what I am doing and what’s going on within my life so that they can try to interfere somehow because whenever they observe that their tactics are not working they just get inspired to try even harder.

      I also don’t understand why my enemies keep plotting and taking turns contacting me with specific comments to my blog (Oh yes, I do know! And I do not give a fuck! Keep on coming if you like, it shows me just how important that I still am to you all).

      In the end though, I am a fighter and a survivor and I truly am happy and proud of myself and no one can spoil my joy or success because no one can prevent what is set out through divinity and that higher power.

      They may be able to delay the process for a while yet in doing so they just create an extra addition of compensated blessings that come along for their intended target to look forward to, and an enormous celestial subtraction from within their already miserable lives.

      Those who perpetrate simultaneously dig their own graves.

      I do not have time for any games, Andrea, I fortunately have a good life that I do enjoy and I definitely have much better ways to spend my valuable and resourceful time.

    5. Thank you for your advice. I dont know anyone name Lizette so no doesnt ring a bell but things are going downhill fast. Not sure what to do I’ve praying and im just so tired. I thought it was a girl name Latoya or Tawanda. Thinking of people who might have a reason

    6. Oh, what a silly and transparent bitch.

      You don’t know of any Lizette, yeah right, sure you don’t (And I am being derisively sarcastic when I say that).

      It wasn’t any advice that I gave to you and you know it, it was a message for all who it pertains to and I am quite sure that girl named LaToya or Towanda, or whoever else for that matter would have a very good and justifiable reason.

      See, I can play dumb and incognito too!

      Fuck you and fuck Lizette and anyone else that she knows who wants to idle on my blog. If you write back to me again I will ignore you just like I do with all other inconsequential folk.

    7. Dear Lavone ,could be bird mite ,not visible ,check it out,i know a lady who bought a house with bird mite ,then had to sell it because it was so bad,you may have to move out thanks Annette

  91. I’m 20 years old . I feel like my ex girlfriend has done witch craft on me . one night I was sleeping . She put something in my vagina I woked up not knowing what was it my vagina felt very wierd itchy and burning and she didn’t really care I told her too take me home and too go see a doctor but she would always change the subject saying it wasn’t Nothing or some Bullshit. and I don’t know what too do . Her mom used too give me soups , it made my stomach turn and made me throw up and every time I didn’t eat it her mom would get mad . I would have strange dreams that her mom had dolls and some wierd things , she was showing me staff that she would want me too see . I need help

  92. My husband told while coming back from his company in night, he found something on road. That is dead crow with cut in neck and lemon,coconut, kumkum and termeric. It seems like black magic. He was about put his leg on it without knowing this, since it was night. After seeing that he came in another way. but he is feeling back pain after that. what might be the problem?

  93. My mother had a dream that my mother in law was doing brujeria on me. She said in the dream it was my mother inlaw and someone else doing black magic on me. Help me I need answers.

    1. Don’t worry about it get into the word of God take on the shield of faith that God equip you with it tells you about the full armor of God in Ephesians 6And in psalms it say The name of the Lord is a strong tower the godly run to him and are safe

  94. My husband is from Louisiana and been around voodoo all his life. I have worries because he swears he’s part animal, he growls..he has these tendencies at certain times that freak me out. When I asked about it he said when he was very young he remembered them doing some kind of spell on him for protection and since then he’s acted that way. He couldn’t tell me much BC he didn’t remember he was so young. He called her Big Momma and she was very big into voodoo and I’m really confused because I search it an I come up with mental disorders and he’s perfectly normal otherwise and not mentally unstable. Pleaseeee help

  95. hi my mom yestetday found a bunch of her hair in white peper with 3 red lines on was tied in her shawl.she is not feeling well at all nowadays plz can u tell me what does that mean plz.will be very thankful to u

  96. My mother in law had done something wrong to my wife and she is not talking to me and she is in her control and did abortion as well and I dnt know what is wrong with my mother in law I want her to be paralyze and she should not talk anymore in life so that my wife can be back to me ….if my mother in law dies then we will never have any problems ….she made my wifes mind that she should not talk to me can talk to any boys now I want my wife and I cant forget her I love her so much I am trying to die but i dnt something is stopping me and my mother in law wants me to be dead so that she can make my wife marry her brother son so please help me to stop all this things …

    I want my wife back from all bondages of her friends and friends and come back to me and be with me and I should protect her till I die ….

    Please help me

  97. I’m experiencing bloating of the stomach like a pregnant lady and the area around the navel tightens up and when touched feels like a golf ball .I am also experiencing irritation in the vagins area and leukorrhea what do i need to do ?

  98. If someone told you to give them a dirty underwear cut the seat out and burn the rest of the underwear to help me with female problem will this hurt me?

  99. I am curious if this is real. Years ago an old boyfriend said he took to New Orleans to learn black magic as a form of revenge to someone who had wronged him as a child. One night he opened my palm and whispered something while tracing something on my open palm. He then walked to the opposite side of the room and lit a match. Immediately, my palm felt a burning sensation and I had black soot on my palm. A few nights after I told him my arm hurt and he whispered something and said I would be okay. What was this?

  100. My boyfriend, well now ex, mother did brujeria on him to separate him from me. She placed a new girl in his eyes that she feels is perfect for him. I’m going insane. I’ve had feelings of being choked while in sleeping and only the Lord’s Prayer helped me out of it. A voice whispered in my ear telling me this is your karma. I tried to tell him to stop talking to that girl and he doesn’t listen. He thinks I’m being jealous of a friend. I’m getting sicker every day. I’m losing my will to live.

  101. I feel that witchcraft is being practice to me and my boyfriend I easily get angry at him. Most of the time I’m sad I have dreams of people dying or doll or nighmares that I can’t stand sometimes I feel I suffer from depression . Moving over my boyfriend had ex girlfriend it seemed she was obsessed with him she would tell him her mom knew how to do witchcraft idk if that was her intension if he left her and now saying she has a baby of him and that can’t be possible because it’s been more than a year he hasn’t seen her. She tries to ruin our lives. And what’s more weird about it is that woman underwear have appearing in my boyfriends room they are really dirty. And one of them is stained with period blood. He was also shocked to see them. He talked to his mom about it saying is somebody doing this purposely or what’s happening then the mom told him she thought they were mine but they weren’t I was like why would he have my underwear so I went to see them they didn’t looked like the ones I wear. We are just keeping questioning ourself what’s happening why are they appearing and with period blood?and there’s 4 the mom saw 2 more under his bed but when she wanted to look for them they were not there no more. Please get back too me I don’t know that to think what is its really something bad.

  102. Mislatoya,

    I can relate to you on so many levels, interesting reading the posts. I get attacked everyday, it’s the world we live in. For me it started about 12 years ago family/friend jealousy and I was very young. But now I’ve learnt how to ask for spiritual protection.
    It’s true you can’t just get cleared and hope it never comes back because it will. Magician stop at nothing until you defeat them, and I’ve defeated many.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. It was nice of you to share your experience as it is very helpful and beneficial and I really do appreciate that. It helps others and those in particular to learn, and it also shows confirmation as to what is possible and as to what is actually going on within the world. A lot of us are and/or have been affected and we need to have awareness and offer our possible solutions, especially when we share a common thread in which connects us together.

    1. You should be very careful in consulting a voodoo doctor if you choose to, you cannot trust everyone. If possible, get a reading from a Yoruba priestess or a Babalawo, or a Curandera or Santero whatever your preference feel them out and then use your best judgment, however, always be cautious.

    2. I need a voodoo Dr as well asap. While traveling in new Orleans 4 years ago I was in Marie laveaus house of voodoo and accidentally touched something on her shrine. A very serious sign was above her shrine stated do not touch or u will be cursed. However, by accident needless to say I’ve had hell in my life ever since. It’s just me Jen and my 6 yr old son the things I experience and I believe my son feels it also as its gotten stronger its hell!! Can anyone offer any suggestions or help please

  103. Hello, now a days a spirit is doing sex with me, i can clearly feel it. I calculated my past life , then found some symptom of black magic and spirit around me. Sometimes i feel that these spirits are helping me, but my life was not good from last 15 years and according to hindu i was affected by saturn . Any expert advice on all this?

    1. No spirit that tries to have sex with you is trying to help you in anyway whatsoever. You need a deep spiritual cleansing and you need to be aligned and in balance with the universe.

  104. Mechanisms Used Through The Use Of Black Magic/Witchcraft To Control One
    Posted on March 26, 2013 by misslatoya

    In my own true words:

    There are all types of people in the world. All have their own different kinds of personality, attitudes, and demeanor.

    As many people are unique and distinct within their own specific ways most people tend to be the same in the many of other ordinary ways when it comes down to socialization.

    From an early age we as people are trained on how to interact with other people, how to cope with the cohabitation of the world and with society.

    We are taught the basics of how to greet and to treat other people, how to respect and to be courteous toward other people, how to share with and how to accept from other people then how to mingle and to become engaged with other people.

    However, what happens when one naturally does not want to behave or conduct themselves in the modes that are deemed standard or appropriate?

    Every human individual cannot adapt to being trained or conveniently cultivated into something that they are not just to suit, or to meet the needs and demands of a swayed world and society.

    A world and society that predominantly caters to familiarity to what primarily is within the general standpoint.

    I know that I cannot and will not properly adjust to the things that are foreign to me without a bit of conflict and protest. I stand up for what I believe in and what I do not agree with at no matter what the cost may be.

    If I were to give in to the specific moral or social requirements that innately are not of and within me then I would be giving up my true identity.

    I am not an individual to compromise myself or any of my own set of rules and standards just to please or pacify anyone else.

    Who has the authority to dictate to me how I should go about living or conducting my affairs within the certain orderly fashions?

    A lot of people who refuse to go along with the programs that are designed by government or religious law are usually reprimanded and condemned, blatantly considered as an outcast.

    Attacks are deliberated then made upon their character some even suggesting that these particular people were not raised or brought up correctly due to their parental guardians or environment, any and everything to disguise what is really at the root of the problem, the matter at hand, which is nothing more than the loss of control the inability to cause fear in one, the inability to influence, the inability to bribe, the inability to manipulate, the inability to coerce.

    Too many people may have gotten offended or may have gotten their feelings hurt by some one who behaved too standoffish, spoke too much of their opinions, or who spoke too much of the truth.

    There are numerous reasons behind what can get certain people up in arms and ready to underhandedly retaliate.

    Nevertheless, when people fail at the psychological techniques of game playing by toying with another person’s mind they resort to the filthy and despicable.

    When they do not succeed in trying to play on a person’s insecurities, or in trying to initiate a person into having insecurities, they then try to divert and tarnish by unnatural force.

    A great deal of the world and society are under the influence and are being affected by evil black magic/witchcraft without even realizing it. Black magic is a negative form of magic that is derived from types of voodoo and witchcraft.

    There is the positive side as well as the negative side within all aspects of life and the supernatural is no exception.

    Not all voodoo or hoodoo (rootwork) is bad or negative. White magic/white witchcraft is done for positive and for good purposes.

    As a person born of the caul/veil I innately possessed occult power that I had naturally utilized through my own Yoruba spirituality. I am an authentic and original voodoo priestess who does not follow the many general standardized traditional modes of worship.

    I have that old time unique and potent power that I inherited through my beautiful family lineage of gifted priestesses. Which from an early age partly accounted for the evil black magic/brujeria that had constantly been done unto me.

    I am protected as I venerate my ancestors and orishas yet there are many people out in the world who are very vulnerable and susceptible to such harsh and vile attacks.

    Many things that appear normal and that appear to be a natural part of life are actually just indeed the interference of universal spirits, forces, and energies.

    Supernatural influences that affect then maintain people’s circumstances, their situations, their minds, and their actions.

    I have noticed a lot of things that go on that do not make any kind of sense, things that in my opinion give no reasonable explanation for certain behavior and circumstance.

    However, those who may be of the same mentality or who may be involved in the same predicament will make agreeable rationalizations with one another, agreements that only make complete sense amongst their own type of crowd.

    A sad fact, but a true one, is that most will go after the intelligent and productive people of the world who are strong, honest, and upstanding, because they have the power or ability to positively influence and make a significant change within the world and society.

    I too often do not hear of people using evil black magic to apprehend and destroy the child molesters, rapists, and murderers of the world. However, they are quick to want to cause destruction to some innocent soul that they are jealous, envious, or intimidated by.

    Our world and societies have many unresolved issues and discoveries that need to be dealt with and dug into.

    Corruption is everywhere and the government also has a deviant hand in greed when it comes to control through the use of evil black magic/witchcraft.

    Conjure is put into the things that we eat and drink, on our accessories, by our personal touch and belongings, through our names and dates of birth. And, so on.

    As more and more people in particular are aware of how much of an intrusion that evil black magic is on the quality of life there should be a severe intolerance for these malicious burdens and blockages.

    Positivity is indeed stronger than any form of negative deprivation.

    Nevertheless, it takes a strong action just as well as a powerful reflective thought or meditation to attract a serious alternation.

    Various measures contribute to the victorious defeat of those who connive through the cowardice mechanisms of evil black magic/witchcraft.

    Whatever action that is spiritually appointed to one should always be done out wholeheartedly and sufficiently.

    Any designated mission that is carried on with zeal and consistency guarantees the absolute win of each and every triumph that will never be overturned.

  105. I think my uncle’s wife and others might have been cursed me and my family by this! I am 23 years old and I don’t know myself anymore I think I might have lost my soul also I have no memory, even of the day before I don’t know what to do people had always been jealous of me when I was younger so I think they did this evil thing to me please help me

    1. Hello, its mainly bad eye what you have … the way you have described about jealousy ..i would consider you to refresh your self.. by staying positive, keeping in mind you have something better then the others, visit the ocean mostly sit there and think positive.. stare at the waves.. keep low and away from people who envy you for a few weeks… everything will be ok then

  106. Hi , i believe im a victim of voodoo magic. Female i am, my body parts (genitalia, heart, and brain) have been attacked an painful. i hear their voices, smell the bretah, and feel forces trying nto push me. i do not know these people. i dont know what they have that i own, maybe a bloody pad, or some clothing ive thrown away before. or probably looked into my eyes, I hear them say “im feeling good” mantra and the man’s breath stinks bad. forces me to breath his breath, i think they have cursed me at age 20 (im 19) that i would die. Im a virgin and within 4 days i have felt physical pain . I believe they have been attached to me for some years. When i breath theyre trying to take my breath away, i also feel my body trying to be controlled. i have prayed to god, connected with jesus asked for forgiveness and have felt them struggle under me. i just need advice on how to fight it.

    1. i know someone similar to you,have you received help thanks Annette

  107. Hi, I need advice. I Had an ex who practices voodo. I have been experiencing headaches. Interrupted sleep, dreams of being killed blocked dreams and dreams of Dirty places, waking up itching,long period or none unsure if its my birth control or what? I have a few brusies on my thighs and have for some time my leg goes numb often. Im depressed not myself. Can’t seem to get ahead. I’m even afraid it may have been used to concieve my child. I’m scared don’t know if I should even have her around him. Help me please is this what i think it is? Is what he says true? Does he have voodo on me?

  108. i am an ex back slid Christian Im finding cockroaches upside down in my room here and their in the house. But its been ongoing since 2013. I dreamt about tons of black critters ranging from snakes, scorpions , cockroaches ,bugs, soiders, and unknown small critters. Ever since then my father shows in my life a lot. Even when I am trying to make it on my own. He seems to convince people he is my hero. (ewww) he comes from a background of incest. My grandma is both my aunt and grandma. My grandpa is both my 2nd cousin and grandpa. My father then is my 3rd cousin and father. This goes deeper. My mother knows a witxh that has a dressing store and she is very powerful i seen how her alpearance changed and i see richness from evildoing right thru her! I wont say her name or store. But i beleieve it was to that specific witch that my mom went to inorder to find out that my father was still cheating on her after 5years of infidelity. We live where we do now so to get away from that…but go figure it still went on. I believe its not going on now for sure because my mom probably cast a spell on my father because she maneuvers him to her desire. Its sad in a way because my father needs to ask permissikn when he can use the guitar. (for example) he would use it when cheating on her. Well baxk to my story my mom began to unexplainably have this OBSESSION with who i was becoming then that i was hitting puberty. I was in the praise and wirship team and after a year or so i began to honeslty be VERY POPULAR in my church and even in the streets…unknown peoole would know me !! But I ALWAYS gave MY GOD the praise and the glory and my psrents eould get UPSET thatvI wouldnt lift them in up in praise. Over the years it went from ill call myslef “sassy” you sing so beautiful! to no wonder youbsing so beautiful youvget it from your mom…” when at homr i had specifically told my mom that i would never gove her the praise and thr glory ESPECIALLY since she would physically and verbally abuse me. She went as farvas to smesr my reputation in church to the piloint where i was asked to resign. I now correlate the negative black complaint she has against me and he she says that she will never sing like me…i can go on and on its been 20something yrs of abuse and crazy making to the point where now counselors are debating whether to label me psychotic because i think she is out to get me or drop it and call it a misunderstanding. Its bad roght now. My husband is getting to the point of considering me. But really i notice how my mother has triangulatedband conquered and divided me and my husband she would even ask him out to dinner “joking” while behind his back she was always slandering his name to everyone. Bottom point i SEE THINGS HAPPENING i cany be that mom I once was ! I am blocked i am misinterpreted. Considered a fake and someone to watch out for oh my and i keep seeing pennies and cock roaches i read cockroaches a re a sign of poverty!!! Go figure im ALWAYS broke!!! Jobs are mean to me theybjust talk tonmy psrents and theirbentire demeanor changes towards me! Bad.y father always tries to twll me that i need him thatvi cant make life without him. He is always used to twll my partner when we were lving together that I am the prettiest daughter thatbi remind him of my mom. One time i woke up in the moddle of the noght and i saw demonic eyes staring st me and it was my mother!!!! Just staring at me i felt a woosh of fear and coldness. Ilthey always tell me thatmost of the times satan succeeds in breaking relatiknhsips up and that anger didnt allow my cousin to marry and its lije these are her curses over my life she says she is the only that can handle me so etimesbibquestion myslef if she is bi. And sometumes i question myslef if my father sees me more than just abdailughter go figure customers refer to me as his wife and i say ohhh never thats just my father

    1. Hi RQ,

      I empathize with u, I have experienced most of what you’ve been going through. Please let me know if you got the necessary help. I’d like to connect with you.

      God Bless

  109. The only Black magic voodoo going on here is the complete butchering of the English language. Every one wants to point something out as a cause for their problems because it makes life easier. When i was 15 years old I could spell better and word things better than 90% of these posts. These are all little naive kids or typical Americans with bad schooling. Maybe start learning how to read and write and expanding your vocabularies before you try to address your “spiritual” problems that may or may not be all in your head. haha some food for thought. This comment section is gold for revealing how uneducated the majority of people are. I have most of these symptoms but thats just life people, its not easy, as you get older u feel more and more pain. Im sorry to say but this is proof of brainwashed religious people who arent even educated properly and go through life following a god because it makes things easier.

    1. What a ignorant fuck! Seems more like the one who is genuinely “bitter”, “naive”, “uneducated” and “unable to cope with the realities of life”. The comment is so transparent. There will always be stupid assholes who try to retaliate or downplay when they are inadequate and are defeated at their own game.

      While I do agree that the majority of people in the world are ignorant in general I definitely am not one of them. And If any of that bullshit is pertaining to me I will give you a definite run for your money!!!

      I, LaToya, am highly knowledgeable and educated and would literally massacre you with my intellect and spirituality but I highly doubt that you would be worth my time!

  110. Hi,
    I suspect my family is cursed by someone and we are facing a lot of struggles.
    Can you please tell me how to come out of the curse?

  111. I have been tired, depressed, and not myself. I loved keeping my house clean, I loved going to church every Sunday, I loved cooking, I lived washing dishes n washing clothes. I loved being active and now all I want to do is lay around and do nothing. Im sad and feel like I dont car, I dont like being around people when i did. This is not my normal self.

  112. Hi, I was not not sure what was happening it’s been going on for about 2 months at first it was as if a spirit was around me but things have gotten way worse and fast, I also have a 8 month old baby that is exp. This as well sometimes it is if I’m being stung by a bee there’s many things that happen but it’s gotten to the point where me and my child’s hair is breaking of all around the face frame, also we have been having teeth issues and constant sickness. He keeps getting ear infections now I seen the letter x everywhere and numbers outlines of animals and faces sometimes it feels like a chemical burn on my skin. When I get this feeling my son always points it seem like it’s something to do when the lights are turned on. I’m not sure but there’s something going on and it’s hurting me and my children can anyone please tell me how to stop this. Please help a concerned mom.

    1. Dear misslatoya, i had all of the above symptoms of severe magick done to me, my family behaved like demons, i have seen Lucifer with my own eyes. God and prayers do no-thing to him. I am an indigo child and somehow managed to survive all of this. I am just asking YOU to use your intuition and tell me how do i get rid of all of that. Thank YOU.

    2. I do know how to get rid of all of that garbage from your life and how to block it too, however, that does not mean that you will never be attacked again but you will be protected and not going through what you have been prior.

      As gifted people and good people in general we are always going to toss back and forth with evil/negativity that is just the way the world is right now, it is a spiritual battle.

      It takes more than just someone like me helping you though, you have to help yourself. Your mind and lifestyle has a lot to do with everything how you take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.

      You have to first question what and who you actually do believe in and if that is really of you, or is it just something that you have adopted because it is mainstream or what is just accepted. I cannot tell you what god/deity and spirituality to follow because I do not want it to seem like I am trying to brainwash or manipulate you because I definitely am not but obviously who you’ve mentioned in your comment is not working out for you.

      You need a strong spiritual foundation along with confidence and knowledge within yourself and of your gifts if you truly have them as an Indigo then meditate and get into connection with the universe so that you can truly be guided to who you need to be celestially unified with in order to conquer all evils that may be surrounding and hassling you.

  113. I m feeling second stage of blak magic done on me , 5 month before me & my one friend disided to start bissnes in partnership , i had done the cource of confectinary chocolates making, my frnd intrested in it , i wait for ligal documentation for bissiness , and he wants my recipies & ideas gor bissness after some time i fill he just fulling me , and starts sepret bissnes ,without my permition , but as he is my friend i forgive him , but stoping to give ideas for my bissness , from that time i filling some symptoms of this denger , in 5 month two times i go for suicide on railway track , but return , i had denghrus dreems , i fill something moving in my stomoc, rather that we mate everday , he looks in eyes very straight ,& headach stars , my mony forgoted for no reson , my comlexion get darker wich i noticed earlier , pleas please please show me the way …i m feeling stress ,i cant sleep

  114. For the past two years my hair has stop growing at all and i’m just hungry all the time I have gain so much weight and two people I know believe in stuff like this and they are Very jelious of me regardless of how nice I have been to them I not longer deal with them but i’ve never been this big or hair would not grow back at all!! I use to walk now I just dont have or feel like. Thats not normal for me

  115. I have Singh Boyfriend every time we met he never forget to touch my head it’s like he whispering something while touching my head..the first
    Time he does this to me was suddenly me head ache a bit then every time we see each other he always touch/massage many even if he is cheating on me I can’t leave him I love him so much even if I want to break up with this sign that he do black magic to me!

    1. thats utter crap…… people when they meet the singh specially they pray for better happiness when they touch the head… lol nice bullshit reply u giving .. am a reader my self n i know all this

  116. Well it all started when I met my wife for some reason my mother never like her we had been experiencing parnomal stuff in our apartment so my mom took us one day to a Mexican herb place and she told me lets get your cards read so I was like OK then after that she bought a candle with Santa murete on it and said lit it not soon after that my wife got sick has cancer there is always something wrong and the Dr don’t seem to understand y someone so young has all these type of problems and about a year ago I was in a rollover accident with the company I was at for 2 years after that I lost my job lost my house my stomach looks like I’m 7 months pregnant battling substance abuse me n my wife are having problems fighting I suspect she is cheating on me its like a gut nagging feeling and I have never thought that about here my kids are different its so much I can I say I just need help or tobget sent in the right direction please for my family that I don’t want to lose thank you

  117. I suffer from black magic, it all happed when i met this guy and i got to know him for a long time i was having problems at home so i moved out. he was there for me everyday with anything i needed, i found out he had two kids and i was shoked but i couldnt leave him then he told me he isnt with the woman and she moved out and he wanted to take me to meet his mum. after a couple of months i found out he has another baby to the same woman and that he is still married to her, i was so upset my head went so bad and i know his wife moved out just after i moved out of home and she took the three sons with her. His mum seemed to like me and i made big mistake i ate food and drank from ther house abd all of a sudden she just turned agaisnt me his mum and his wife did black magic on me. my ex cheated on me so many times he kept going back and sleeping with her aswel and i loved him so much i kept letting him off now im 7months pregnant to him with his first daughter and his wife cant take it i hate all of them they did black magic on me i cant eat properly i cant get up out of bed somedays and i never go outside i hate it ive got nothing they ruined my life and ill always hate them for this and i read namaz nothings working i dont know wat to do

  118. Over 15years ago back in 1994 I was working for colonial Williamsburg foundation in the auto movtive shop , I was feeling unnatural my belly feeling funny didn’t know what was going on with my self my belly was big , felt like something was messing with me , was getting short of breath my hairs would stick out straight belly so one day I went to k mart store as I was walking towards the store this lady was coming out the store and handed me her card , so waited a few days and called her and set up and appointment to see her , but when I got there found out someone put roots on me and my wife , it took nine years and 33,000 to get some of the most powerful roots off of me , filling jars half full of water , taking the jar to her when time after it has been sitting in a old shoe , then I will bring the jars the days she say come over , I have seen with my two eyes the works , and what had Revealed was scary

  119. Have faith in God. Do Hanuman prayers and ask for protection. am also victim of blackmagic. but am fighting everyday

  120. Hello
    I am suffering with strange problem that every body come to know what I am thinking even a stranger also.Is it a black magic on me .If then who might have done it on me .How can I come out of it.
    Give me the solution.
    With regards

    1. There are spells where certain people are able to peek into your thoughts and some of the spells are just head games used in an attempt to drive you crazy.

    2. This is happening to me. But everyone can read my thoughts. And I can hear them. I am not sure if it’s really them at times. It could be demons through them. But this is very real. Help.

  121. my mom was cleaning out the kitchen cabinet and she found a small bag tied 2 times with a strand of my hair and some green looking type of ashes. the green looking substance is in dust form and clumped into rocks. i am not sure what this is all about. is this black magic, i am really scared.

    1. No reason to get scared. Undo, untwine, or unleash whatever you saw, and immerse it in any river water. Shrap will go away.

  122. Hi suddenly i am having pain on my shoulder n arms it really hurts at night i feel so weak pl tell me if theres medical problems or something else.

  123. my hair falls out I get in my arms and my legs and I forget things even I get back pains sometimes I have trouble walking and trying and I see dead people walking around.The doctor does not find anything at all he thinks I’ m not all there. I not have any money , I have $100 only pay the dr bills that’s all I have. If you can help me in any thing I would like that . Thank you Maria 😊

    1. No charge for what I say here. Just ignore whatever that is happening. It is not real. Take your mind to someplace outside the door in the room you are in. Take your mind to someplace else. All troubles will go away, promise.

    2. Voodoo, black magic, and the like are a very real and serious thing. And if indeed this is what you are going through a medical doctor will not detect it and many will be ignorant in their diagnosis as describing your problems as being related to other things when indeed you do know better. And I am sure there will be some who would be quick to label you as crazy-go with what you know and pay the personal opinions of others regarding you no mind at all.

  124. Something terrible might be happening in my house and I need to know if this is all in my head or if somethings really going down.. Can someone please help?

    1. Well
      I guess its only in your head
      Well life gets hard on us sometimes and if it wont then its not a life worth living i guess
      Just take it easy
      May GOD bless you

    2. It is definitely not necessarily all in one’s head. One should always weigh out all matters of concern, have an open and strong reasonable mind. If something is not right look into it and take it from there. Demonic forces and energies are a definite trigger and a definite factor that is and has been taking place in the lives of many. Do not be oblivious or misled by liars or assholes who endeavor to persuade due to either their own ignorance or due to their own negative motives!

  125. Hi I was just laying there and I couldn’t move couldn’t talk nothing scream u was scared like a demon was on top of me… I’m so scared someone help me.. And after. That I threw up and feel like shit help!!!!

    1. Hey,
      Calm down
      The same thing happened to me 2 years ago
      Nothing to worry about as its a very common phenomenon
      Science defines this phenomenon as Sleeping Paralysis
      And almost every person experience it for atleast once in their lifetime
      Hope i helped

    2. Yes, that is true, there is a such thing as sleep paralysis I have experienced it many times in life myself, however, it is not always a “scientific” explanation or physical or psychological incident as it is definitely also caused by certain spiritual disturbances and interference ( demonic forces, voodoo, black magic etc… ) in certain instances. Some people I notice (commentors) are intentionally trying and attempting to mislead and deter others who are actually going through and experiencing the affects/effects of supernatural accounts from knowing the truth.

      If they can keep you in the dark they think that they will be able to keep doing it ( evil/dirt ) while getting away with it. It is okay to weigh out all outlooks/views/expressions/opinions/experiences but always remember to think for yourself and to use your own competent ( It is completely okay to think outside the box-With me “there is no box”! I am totally free and unique in thoughts and action ) judgment. Don’t ever allow yourself to be cunningly manipulated or brainwashed when you know what is really and actually happening and going on!

    3. Omg the same thing happens to me all the time what you can do is go to a church and get a spray bottle and fill it up witj holy water make sure u spray ur body everynight before bed i swear this really works it protects you from demonic spirits


  127. I live with my boyfriend’s grandparents, and today after cleaning out her room his grandma found an unlabeled small plastic blue bottle with an unknown substance inside. It looked powdery like crushed up pills but not completely fine enough to be pills. It was under her bed and she just recently got her bed within the last year, so it was placed there within that time because she didn’t see it before. She has no idea what it is and does not ever remember having anything like this. She thinks maybe her daughter in law did something because she has a history of witchcraft, and is Navajo. She hates her daughter in law and the D-I-L is honestly an evil person who has a history of being sexually abused and has been known to hit her children on multiple occasions.

  128. ma ex otok me to a supposed santaria ceramony in orlando fl. i loved him felt obbsessed which was weird i just don’t do that anyway they sum high priest took some of my blood hair and shirt plus a pic. of me and told me my aura plus energy was almost overpowering i thought this was good religion but now i see horrible dead people who play jokes on me torment me for help constantly try talking and bothering me ive been helsinki hostage raped robbed overdosed on drugs woke up in hospital im sick no motivation for life just crazy plus have all dreams od falling off empire state building can’t remember ana other dreams and i always used to remember this just appened two weeks ago and its been nothing but bad since please anyone someone help me. i want whatever going on to stop these bruses appered on my inside thighs and my pussy has some weird discharge but dr says im clean no std what the hell is happeing to me im scared all the time now and these dead people are always around bugging me

  129. Hi, I think I have been cursed/hexed? I have been single and unable to get and keep a man since 2009, after I broke up with an ex who cheated on me. I am good looking but men won’t look at me like they used to and it seems to have gotten worse over the past 2-3 years. Now it seems like I can’t even keep friends and/or build relationships with other females. It seems like nobody likes me and look at me like they see something I don’t see when I look in the mirror. Another thing, the only men I seem to attract are bisexual men. I feel very disconnected to people and life and I don’t know why. I think something is seriously wrong. Please help me figure this out and fix it. Thank you.

  130. What does it mean when you go through a string of bad luck. My husband has lost important things 3 times since we started doing well as a couple. We just moved into an apartment together. We just got a new car and yesterday he got 2 tickets on the same block. Just last night, someone broke into the car and stole everything he needs for his new job, including his IDs again. Also, our son has recently had asthma attacks more often. He was just hospitalized last week. Not sure if this is all related. Please help me and my family

  131. I think i may be a victim. Everything in my life has went wrong. I lost my job my car and my marriage. I have weird dreams. Also i jump up out of my sleep often thinking snakes are in my bed. I feel suicidal and depressed. Please help me

  132. Hi this sounds all crazy but while in the Caribbean I had this crazy dream. I was in a dark place walking around but I knew where to step and what not too step on . I felt more like I was searching for something or someone. Then I could see this lady who was one of the housekeepers at the resort I was at . She had this little girl who was like a rabid zombie tied to a chain like a dog. I approached the two and the little zombie girl bit my pinky and index fingers off. I remember thinking about how mad I was about it like I couldn’t believe this little thing bit me. Then I backed away and left. This is just weird to me and I keep thinking about it . Plus I usually don’t dream much or remember them like this . What do u make of it?

    1. Please don’t make much of any dreams. Dreams are the result of your nerves clashing into each other during deep sleep period. When these nerves clash the memories attached to the nerves cling to create a scene you will be surprised when you wake up, as totally unrelated scenes tie up together because of these clashes. Ignore and proceed further. Take a coffee before sleeping some nights.

    2. Black magic’s are very serious problem some black magic’s are very powerful then other how to protect from black magic’s When you sleep light a candle or lamp next to you to burn for the whole times you sleep and wear a religious amulet or symbol or pic around the neck all the times and record and play religious praying from internet continually while sleeping and awake and read religious book and continue praying before go to sleep the method I wrote above would reduce the effect of the black magics and continue do researching on the internet on how to protect yourself from black magic’s and you have to do a lots of researching on the internet whenever possible because black magic’s and curses is very serious problem it can destroy your life and turn everyone against you if you continue do research on the internet you might come across a very helpful advice or method to prevent black magic’s people can use black magic’s dreams and other black magic’s methods to control people around you like your relatives or friends so they would fight you and say bad things about you if your under black magic’s curses explain and write to people around you like your friends and relatives and explain them how the black magic’s work and how it can affect them like I have done here so they would understands you instead of fighting you Beware of black magic’s dreams they are meant to cause problems between you and your friends and relatives example in your dream your friend is doing black magic’s and making you angry in a very convincing ways and in your friend dreams your doing black magic’s in a very convincing way and doing things to make him angry and you would think your friend doing black magic’s against you and your friend would think you’re doing black magic’s against you you and your friend both would fight but the black magic’s is done by a different person to cause problems among you and your friends and relatives other example is in order to cause problems between husband and wife the husband would have dreams his wife cheating with other people and husband would believe the dreams and get angry with his wife and the person who doing the black magic’s would probably spread rumours the wife is cheating so the husband would believe I’m writing this so black magic’s would not cause problems among people I’m a victim of black magic’s and curses for long times and it turned everyone against me and made me do things I would not do and made people angry and based on my experience and what I read from internet I know how the black magic’s work the black magic’s dreams are meant to cause problems or misdirect you or trick you using powerful black magic’s sprites black magician can make you dream any dreams he want and take anyone form in your dreams it can be your relatives or friends or any people and the good people do good black magic’s to protect people and make you dreams to help you or warn you but the bad people can some time pretend to be good people in your dreams to trick you and people can use black magic’s to make you think of negatives things you don’t think example you started to think your friend is a bad person or thinking of calling him names and think he is doing bad things against you so people can use black magic’s to plant thoughts on your mind so you would say things you would not say or do things you would not do so it would cause problems for you and your friends please write your experience with the black magic’s and how its caused problems to you and how you were able to prevent black magic’s and how you think the black magic’s you encounter work write it on the internet and in the comment sections on the internet and like I have done here it would help other people who is suffering from black magic’s and please copy this and paste on other internet pages like I have done here and send it your friends and let your friends know about it it would definitely help

    3. Very good input and very truthful knowledge. You have used this platform in a very smart and beneficial way to those in particular who are uninformed and/or to those in particular who may need more confirmation.

      I applaud you Joe!!!

    4. Dreams are and can be a result of many different things and a lot of the time the results are of the subconscious but at the same time there are genuine “precognitive” dreams and they absolutely do have true meaning where messages and direction/guidance are involved. Pay close attention to your dreams! And remember that evil people can also interfere in dreams through spiritual manipulation.

      If you are a person who has precognitive dreams coffee or tea is a bad thing because the caffeine can prevent the dreams from coming through. So stay away from the beverage prior to or at all if possible.

  133. I have had these things happening to me for almost two years now. Originally, I am from England, but have been living in Kenya since I married my husband. I live with his whole family which consists of his father, mother, two brothers and their wives and their three children. It was already a nightmare living in such a large family, especially when you are a newlywed, but I didn’t know what was to come. One of my husbands sister in laws is from Tanzania. The whole family hold british passports apart from her, and when I came to the house, she tried everything in her power to put me off living there and tried to make me go back home and break my marriage. In 2014, I used to zone out from myself and do things which I never used to remember, which would of course turn the whole family against me, as I would do things like drink a lot of alcohol (without even remembering) also I don’t even drink that much as a person. My husband would find tobacco packets in my bags and pockets, which I didn’t remember putting there, and I have never smoked or had any form of tobacco in my life as far as i can remember. Once in September 2014, things got so bad that I felt like I had been sleeping for a week, when in fact something had taken over my body and was speaking to family members. My husband told me he knew it wasn’t me as it had red eyes and was speaking in a different voice, telling them that it had been sent to kill me and finish me off and was twisting my body parts around. I don’t remember any of this, apart from waking up feeling very sore and numb all over. This has happened many times, and I have been taken to spiritual healers here in Kenya who have healed me, but this keeps coming back. All of these healers have indicated that it is my husbands sister in law who keeps doing this as she is jealous of me and doesn’t want me in the house. They have all indicated to my in laws that they should allow their sons to move out into their own homes, even if it means that the houses are right next door – but I need to away from this woman. None of the family believe that my sister in law is responsible for this as the healers have said that her parents in Tanzania have put a blinding spell on them all.

    I never believed in any of this until I started going through it myself. Now I am stuck here in Kenya with a evil pregnant woman trying to kill me in these malicious ways. I am constantly feeling negative, even had suicidal thoughts and my relationship with my husband is deteriorating. Nothing is being done about her, and I can feel myself breaking down each day. It would be nice to have other peoples opinions on this matter and anyone else if they are going through the same.

    1. Hi can you help or offer advice please, I strongly believe in god but at the moment I think someone is using a voodoo doll to hurt me I have pains all over needle marks all over in my head my back my side you name it. I feeling as if am gonna fall over when I stand up I have terrible headaches. How can I break the spell of this voodoo doll

  134. I had a dream about me standing on a canyon and jumped and woke up a split second before I hit the canyon floor

  135. I had this dream sunday night ive been very unsettled by it it was in a very dark dirty place all i no i was running for my life and as the man was chasing me he was putting voodoo on me from when i woke up at 3am ive not settled it has truly messed with me and this aint the first time from when ive had them i tired all the time feel like doing nothing what so ever

  136. Hi this may sound weird the other day i was in a store parking lot and a guy grom india approached me and told me things about about my life that are true and i was shocked how could he know all these things? What really aurprised me was that he told me someone had done black magic to me and also told me who this person Was . Im very confused he said someone gave me ashes from a dead person.. Ive been having all these symptoma im scared

    1. Please help. I think someone has done black magic on my husband.
      Last month before he went home to his parents for vacation he was fine..When I saw him after one month he has changed. He is not intimate with me although we used to be very intimate and is very irritable and has sudden outbursts of anger. One time he even hit me and his mother collapsed while he broke glasses and was shouting at the top of his voice. every night he walks the street, going from place to place not staying long anywhere. He told him he feels like he cannot find peace anywhere and he feels trapped. he has no desire to work and feels depressed. he rarely expresses any emotions. when the anger takes over, his face completely changes. his eyes become very dark and i can feel the anger. our marriage is on the rocks here and i dont know what to do. please help. last night he told me he feels like jumping out the window. i dont want to lose my baby. please help

    2. my skin is turning black what can I do to get my complexion back I have tried everything need help

    3. They killed my mom but I don’t wanna hurt her she’s my nephews mom. I’m so hurt my heart can’t take it. My mom was tough but she meant well

  137. Sir, Whatever explained has been experienced by me for past 2 and a half years. Now strong itching along with something crawling below skin during nights is terrible, no sleep, bad dreams, pin needle like pains, etc i am totally confused if it is black magic or health problem. Taken all medical test but all negative result. Please help. Expecting your reply. With warm regards, Saraswathy

  138. Hi I having prblm with my bf I was living with he his parents don’t like me they go to a madrasmandir n take him away they make my family hate him I want him back as my husband plz help me

    1. I read your effects of Voodoo and I believe I am a victom, several yrs ago my immune system went down and I was attacked by all kinds of diseases, I continued to pray, fast, use the word of God, because it was unexplained and doctors didn’t know why I couldn’t get better but I am doing better, I pleaded the Blood of Jesus over me and ask God for protection. Do you have any suggestion for me to see some one that you know, so I can really be free from this attack? I live in Gaineseville, GA and I am a Pastor of a church, now all this happen when I lived in Savannag, GA were I started out Pastoring and my finances is want come up, please help

  139. What does it mean when you fined a bunch of needles stabbed at the crouch area mainly the pinnes a males underwear … please somebody anybody do u know what this means…..?

  140. Hi, I really need your help. I believe black magic is being used on me. I am experiencing symptoms of the initial stage of black magic and lately been sick and under the care of a doctor. I graduated from nursing school over a year ago and yet to get a job. I can’t get any money to help my family or do anything positive . Please, please help me!!!! I’m tired of this.

    1. Hi, I have some Brazilians doing Black Magic to me, my life since I moved to northern California they are like the devil. All the symptoms above in this article they are doing to me. I am wondering when some one will pass a law to put these people in jail. They are worse than terrorists.

  141. I am a victim of black magic nd jst fed up of all this many times I jst feel toh dir due to small reasons all tha symptoms above really match to the things happening to me plz suggest what should I do

    1. in my opinion we all should register our case with the police, someone need to do something, those people cannot continue ruin the lives of families. My case started 8 month ago, and i am tired and sick of those Brazilians doing black magic here in Northern California. We have to pray every day, maybe God can help us stop them. They are evil, I am deeply sad that they are doing it to me, making my life miserable. They put people to follow you everywhere you go, make faces, cut of in front of you when you are driving on the streets. I cannot sleep well, they disturb your sleep night. I feel shock while I am trying to sleep. They keeping telling me that they won’t stop until they kill me. Everything started when I was staying with a friend in San Francisco and I started seeing my friend not sleeping well, putting extra chair behind the doors,looking like she was scared. But she never told me anything that was going on with her. She invited me to go to the Center Spirit Golden Gate. Until today I am trying to find out why they are to kill me with the black magic. All my friends from SF now don’t talk to me. I am guessing those people invented histories about me to tell them. I met one of my friend to ask her why she doesn’t want to talk to me, she said I cannot say anything, please do not talk to me anymore. Can someone here help me? Black Magic is evil, is the worse thing that someone should do to a human life.


    1. This reply is for YOU and everyone else experiencing a hard time and you are absolutely convinced that it is voodoo or witchcraft that has gotten a hold of you. Below are the steps that must be taken to eliminate ALL of the negative around you and in you that is bringing you misery. Before you read what does things are PLEASE remember what you MUST NOT DO. DO NOT GO TO ANYONE WHO PRACTICES VOODOO OR WITCHCRAFT FOR HELP. These people are covered and are surrounded with negative energy which will transfer to you if you seek them.

      Evil spirits LOVE negativity and stick around when you are depressed and feeling defeated so fight with everything that you have by doing everything listed below and YOU WILL BE VICTORIOUS.

      Things you must do:

      1.Keep your heart pure with love and compassion for all, including animals.

      2.Forgive everyone who has done you wrong.

      3. Keep your body and your home clean.

      4. Chant and pray everyday right before sunrise for 40 days straight. Specific chants provided below.

      5.Ask God to forgive you for all that you have done wrong in your life and mean it.

      6. Burn sage incense daily for a month for about 10 minutes a day.

      7. LISTEN and repeat the I AM from the link listed below daily for 40 days. You just have to repeat the I AM part of chapter one.

      8. Drink only bottled water for ALL of the days of your life, 8 glasses a day if you can to rid of impurities and toxins in your body. The negative can not live where there is goodness and purity.

      9. Take 2 garlic capsules daily with a glass of bottled water..Garlic is a natural antibiotic and very powerful in fighting almost anything that ails you physically and will help to drive some of the negative energy away. Do not take more then 2 daily thinking that it will work faster, if you do it might make you sick.

      11. Do all of the above and try not to tell anyone about it because the less people know your defense the better. You may never know who is behind the VooDoo. They don’t need to know what you are doing to defend yourself.

    2. PLEASE remember what you MUST NOT DO. DO NOT GO TO ANYONE WHO PRACTICES VOODOO OR WITCHCRAFT FOR HELP. These people are covered and are surrounded with negative energy which will transfer to you if you seek them.

      Evil spirits LOVE negativity and stick around when you are depressed and feeling defeated so fight with everything that you have by doing everything listed below and YOU WILL BE VICTORIOUS. This is very true for most but not all

      Things you must do:

      1.Keep your heart pure with love and compassion for all, including animals. True love and purity is natural and comes from within. One does not have to have compassion for all.

      2.Forgive everyone who has done you wrong. One does not have to have forgiveness for all who have done wrong to them. To each his or her own.In fact, hatred and/or revenge toward enemies can bring about retaliation through the universe through the laws of attraction and it is very gratifying.

      3. Keep your body and your home clean. Body and home should always be kept clean regardless, however, there are those in particular who do spells to make people’s body spiritually and physically unclean along with their homes that bring about unnatural problems with dust, dirt, insects, water stains and etc… Neither of which exactly makes these people genuinely unclean or nasty people-it is just an unnatural occurrence caused by negativity ( black magic/Voodoo )
      4. Chant and pray everyday right before sunrise for 40 days straight. Specific chants provided below. Chanting repetitively is not necessary and depending on what one chants itself is demonic. Instead true natural continuous positive reflection conveyed through day to day thoughts are enough to bring about change when they are earnest, heartfelt and unwavering-because that will also bring about actions and guidance through the wisdom of the universe if you are on your right path or are trying to find your right path. If you are truly a good person just keep believing and striving and you will “magnetize”!

      5.Ask God to forgive you for all that you have done wrong in your life and mean it.

      “God” is a personal choice. Forgiveness from him for what? God of the bible is not everyone’s truth! He is surely not mine and I am doing just fine!!!

      6. Burn sage incense daily for a month for about 10 minutes a day.
      You do not have to burn no particular shit if you do not want to. Burn any incense or herb “of choice” if it is something that you feel comfortable with and to bring about positive energies/vibrations and drive away negativity.
      7. LISTEN and repeat the I AM from the link listed below daily for 40 days. You just have to repeat the I AM part of chapter one. You ain’t gotta listen and repeat shit for the recognition and publicity of someone else’s bullshit!

      8. Drink only bottled water for ALL of the days of your life, 8 glasses a day if you can to rid of impurities and toxins in your body. The negative can not live where there is goodness and purity. Yes, genuine spring water is very good, healthy and much better for consumption.

      9. Take 2 garlic capsules daily with a glass of bottled water..Garlic is a natural antibiotic and very powerful in fighting almost anything that ails you physically and will help to drive some of the negative energy away. Do not take more then 2 daily thinking that it will work faster, if you do it might make you sick. I’ve been taking garlic tablets for years as a tactic of white magic and as a part of my overall health regimen ( I have been a vegetarian for over twenty years I know all about various supplements to fight all type of things naturally ) and it is true it does drive away evil spirits. You can also boil garlic cloves ( drink the boiled water ) and cook raw garlic with your food.

      All garlic supplements are not in pure form. It is the “allicin” allium sativum which is the antibacterial affect.

      11. Do all of the above and try not to tell anyone about it because the less people know your defense the better. You may never know who is behind the VooDoo. They don’t need to know what you are doing to defend yourself. Keeping your business to yourself is always the better and beneficial way to prevail yet some have ways of finding out certain things through spiritual means though that does not necessarily mean that they are always able to interfere-everything depends on circumstance and situation.

  143. Is odor can be a part of this sittuation
    I chopped down a tree in the back of my yard when I live there for about 2 years as soon as I finished chopped down the tree immediately I smell an odor like poop and a lot of large flies with green and black colors fill up the part of the tree that I chopped, from there I have complain from my job about bad odor, is this possible that I am a victim

  144. Hey,
    I was told by my mother that before 20 years or so, we had a neighbour who used to place strange things on our door steps. For eg. Half cut lemon smeared with red powder. My mom died before 4 years with foams in her mouth (pulmonary idimea). She said she had dreams like “walking on the wall n falling down. N waking up when she was about to reach the ground”. And me and my mom were not on good terms. There has been no peace in our family. I have been not very good at studies. I have also dreamed about falling from buildings. I often come across dreams like l am killing people. Or on a battlefied and getting killed. Also my mouth is dry when I wake up in the morning. And even the girl I love, We are not having a very good relation. Has it something to do with black magic ? Or its just me having dumb thoughts ? Plz help me out. Thanks.

  145. I keep having these terrible dreams about this woman putting voodoo on me!! I can barely sleep at night, my stomaching is bloated & I hardly ever have energy now. What’s going on, btw I’ve had this dream twice about the same woman doing it

  146. I have had a sprit I call brian hes been with me for years he has a probblem he keeps hurting me l Ike spitting on my feet hands makes them itch an it tends to get me really pist.
    Please if you can help oli sleep but csnt sleep he pulls my sleep out of me when I do sleep. An has others do this too. He needs to go where he should be hes been my friend an hes been evil.

  147. Yes I’m experiencing icthing all over and burning on the left foot coughing and choking on spray to the throat it taste like deet or bug spray and oven. Cleaner. I no the name of the person doing it but don’t know were to get help with it

  148. All the above in this article describes me to the fullest extent. I feel curse by my family mother and etc friends. My mom has 3-to three friends that are in witchcraft and that scares me oh my gosh I just don’t know what to do,!#! . But I feel bad when the fullest moon is here or when they come in my present. I feel there emotions a lot ad I feel bad as if I’m sick or I get this real bad headache and my body tremble. What to do?

    1. Latonya Fisher on November 6, 2014 at 2:26 pm said:
      Latoya is your last name Fane ad do you have a aunty name LaTonya Longzetta,Trina if so get with me please

      Reply ↓
      misslatoya on November 12, 2014 at 9:38 am said:
      No, my last name is Lawrence just as my blog is titled. And I have no aunt by the name you’ve mentioned. “Let’s not play silly games!”

      All these types of people do is play the most obvious stupid trifles.

    1. It all depends on the circumstances. The effects of Black Magic done on a person can appear gradually or suddenly depending on the situation and the individual, how the spell was conducted, the cooperation of particular dimensions and realms of the universe along with the other elements and factors that may be involved.

      In some cases a person may not be affected by Black Magic at all, however, they can feel the evil (negative energy) around them and discern every intention that is suppose to manifest and may have to fight back through the warnings granted by divine spiritual shields and numerous intangible elevating protections.

  149. I feel like something was done to me by another women I want to get rid of her as soon as possible all because of her ex boyfriend that is my boyfriend now cost and colling tx asking him out I cry almost everyday can’t sleep well she’s killing me slowly I know she play with magic things she’s Colombian I’m a poor woman that lost all in a bad diverse that live pay check by pay check please help me I already try to end my life once thank you

    1. Hello i feel i am a victom of black magic i have plenty of the symptoms and ive suspected this for a while now.can u please help me?

  150. Someone put witch craft on me and my family and i know who they are. They are my neighbors. One of them went around telling everyone that my husband like them. And the other try to make my husband to go by them but husband ignored them and left. He know that they are witches. My husband know this because he hanged around alot of white witches that tells him what the bad witches do. So now they wont leave me alone. They come to my job they walk around the area were im at. They throw spells at me. They do some type of hand spells and it will look like they flicked it at me. They hate me and my kids and want my husband. I had a dream that they wanted my husband. Please can you tell me more about this witchcraft they do. Like the one with the hand spells.

  151. Hi my name is jenny I need your help im not sure what to think or do I feel like my fiance mother is doing something to me for we won’t be together forever or something like that or other person I can think about is my fiance babymama for the past 3 weeks we havent been able to sleep good, we fight so much for no reason and my daughter has been really fussy lately wich thts not her normally and we both work and always end up broke by the end of the week wich is so weird to me idk someone please help wat can I do

  152. I literally CANNOT believe the symptoms and other situations that I read. There so many ways to treat and RID YOURSELF of all spoken about in this thread. The first thing to do is BELIEVE. If you BELIEVE SO STRONGLY that you may be effected by such actions then BELIEVE that you are STRONGER and more POWERFUL. This is the first step!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The second thing is to meditate, pray etc. STILLNESS in thought ie. prayer meditation will allow you to listen to your soul speak and if you are gifted it will open up truths and provide answers to what is really happening to you. Since I was a child I have always been speaking a seeing things and this made me very closed off…………….until I researched my family history. When I did, I began to feel like I was being attacked by the unknown. It may very well be true but what YOU DONT want to do is give your power away to anything nor anyone. I DONT CARE if your hair is taken, candles are lit etc. YOU have the power WITHIN to DESTROY anything that may cause or want to cause harm to you or your loved ones. I choose not to cause harm to those who have sought to do harm to me in order to protect my loved ones and my self but here is the skinny of it all. I have experienced all of the above but only because “I” fed the power of what/who was trying to attack me. I have done it all to try and help myself and they have temporarily worked but the final stamp on getting it done is knowing “YOU CANNOT BE TOUCHED” and REALLY knowing it! I mean like having a walk and smile like what is he/she on lol or a grace/swag like you are floating. Everyones weakness is doubt and fear. Remember we ARE created in his LIKENESS and if you know anything about the bible then you SHOULD KNOW self doubt and FEAR is and can be your greatest demise. Take it from someone with a gift that is not fun at times.

    1. Hi cookie, what you said was very reassuring. I too am a very strong believer of the bible and pray every day as I also feel that I am a victim of black magic .Some people act so negatively towards me for no reason and my sleep has been effected pretty bad, I try at all times to think positively about myself and others , I have good days when I am not feeling so sensitive and visa versa. I am now in the process of self healing as I too feel that we all have it in us to get rid of these evil things being done to us. The lord is good.

    2. oh my god, I thought I was the only one these things are happening to, from 2012 I have been going through. I now have needles sticking me in my head my stomach my back, I even have the needle marks to show. people are hostile towards me for no reason. my sleep is interrupted my complexion is darkened I have pain all over my body because of these needles my legs and my arm burn me all the time. head constant…………….help would be nice but I am holding the faith I believe in god I read my bible waiting for my deliverance in jesus name pray for me or give some advice on what I can to to help my self

    3. Hello Dawn, discovering the remedy is one thing but the repercussions on those whom put people through even the idea of wicked works….. I TRULY FEEL SORRY FOR. Yes, the wicked and the ways do exist but what is amazing remains true, trust in the Lord. I just feel sorry sorry for these people. DON’T FEAR THE PEOPLE THAT CAN DO YOU HARM, FEAR THE ONES THAT, GIVE IT TO GOD, UNCOVER, FIX AND FORGIVE IT. Unfortunately I had to undo and fix my situation via the arts but I wouldn’t dare reverse it. I know my GOD and My lane. Be well!

    4. Thx Cookie.Actually I feel much better than last time.I just had a feeling that I’ve been poked with needles this I prayed and meditated.But I still see torn faces of the dead in my head…and my parents still don’t know.

    I AM A STRONG PERSON WITH the armor of God. And WITH the BLOOD OF JESUS AROUND AROUND ME .. PRAYING. . PRAYING. . TELLING MYSELF ,,I am ok and I GOT THIS, you Jealous Bitch. … rebuke. Any evil I spit 3Times. . Garlic. .. I have Faith in you Lord. .. please pertect me and my family.. surround us with the blood of Jesus. Amen.
    Jealousy is a mother fuck . .. I have kids that depend on me, , and I can’t I don’t want too UNDERSTAND WHY? ??IT JUST A FUCKEN SHAME .. ESPECIALLY KNOWING I DID NOTHING TO THIS PERSON. .. TO DESERVE THIS … MY KIDS NEED ME BITCH… LEAVE ME ALONE … AND ALL THAT FOLLOW OR SENT BY HER … STOP!!!!

    1. U or doing a very good jab, keep it up, i been to the u.s in 2007 an i cant reach back their , o has my family an cant””’ take care of them becausei cant get a good work, right now am not working , i think wish caft is an me

  154. My two brothers are married to wicked people whom I feel they have place witchcraft on me’ and my mother I don’t trust’ I stayed at her home and woke up with my hair cut’ on one side ‘. And the way she looks at me ‘ not as a mother who loves her only daughter ‘ instead she calls her granddaughter her daughter’ but???? I don’t care’ as long as I pray to god and Jesus and they are w me fighting against these wicked people ‘ they will reap what they sole’ worst on judgement day

  155. Uh, hi. I recently found a shaman online who can get rid of black magic as well as perform exorcisms… The problem is, I would have to see him in person, and the bible prohibits people from seeing sorcerers and such, and I had a dream from the spirits that have been harassing me that doing magick will reduce my life by 20 years, or something like that. I really want to get rid of these things though, but think there might be some truth to it. I’m not sure what to do.

  156. Please, help me. I’m near going crazy.For ten years I’ve living a nightmare with impossible events going on my life; I know whom is doing it and why; even a “work” of umbanda he put at my door; my house (he tricked the old owner to get the key)was a horror movie. I tried everything: “umbanda”, Catholic priests, etc.. Now he directed his atacks on me. For two years I had my arms full of marks of needles apearing out of thin air in front of my eyes and my husband”s. Then, it was the needles AND the wip. My skin grew in red marks like if someone was wipping me. One day, I was waiting my husband to buy an ice cream and felt myself surrounded by a circle like if there was wind. It was so malignant that, when my husband came to me I was trembling and white; several days after, I had an accident and broke my spine. Reading your lists, I saw I present all from the first and two from the left. Nowadays, my life is not worth living: my job, my personal life is a mess. There is nothing to me. I tried everything I could.

  157. hi, my name is rafia, i have read your article and it has very useful information.
    i want to share about my personal life, that i have been suffering in terms of my relations and profession and money also. we are 5 siblings of our parents and we all fight with each other forever and do not talk to each other and we usually have fights that end up in beating and our mother feels good when she see us failing in our professional lives and see us fighting with each other and does not want her kids to get married and she has a lust for money and CREATES RIFT AMONG US. i need HELP to resolve this issue . how to handle all this stuff and what to do with my mother? though everyone in the home is earning except me but we are always in financial constraints and money does not stay longer. ill healths , no marriages, fights, beating, stone walling forever, educational setbacks. my father died 4.5 years ago.

    1. hi i read from you, fro; my own experience and a believer in the teachings of the christ i think u dont have to forget that you will be judge all alone at the judgement day. maybe you should move out go far away somewhere else far from all the problems, u know? like craig david WALKING AWAY…… maybe you should try that. go and get you a family a job a life away. the world is a big and beautiful place…. god be with you in jesus name.

    2. U guys r suffering from Black magic from close relative, so please read Darood ” Allahumma Salle alllah sayyidna wa moulana muhammaddin wa barik wa sallim” read it a hour a day at same place at same time it will cured you.

  158. hi my name is minet michel and i was spiritually attack by some ignorant fools, i started to listen at voices without seeing any body i was so deranged by those voices until i found out that the voices behind the attack were the victims of their own black magic. before they keep talking all day long and i was replying until i turn my fate to the christ and decided not to reply to them. they keep lying and saying things that can confuse you. in fact their objective was to make me walk in the streets while talking all alone. so now they keep talking and i dont give a fuck. my problem is i want to know what kind of black magic is that? and are they ways i can do not to listen at those voices anymore? your help will be geatful, as for me i am okay right now…. thanks.

    1. I am so glad that you’re okay and were stronger than your enemies and conquered. Every thing that you’ve mentioned and described is absolutely legitimate. Black Magic is definitely used to put false and manipulative thoughts inside the head (a form of mind control) in an effort to cause insanity or confusion, or both.

      You were wise enough to recognize what was going on and I applaud you on that. Some of the motives and types of spells are to directly “weaken the senses”. There is no one specific name or category as certain spells are and can be used in combination with one another and other spells. Nevertheless, most of the times it is considered a “confusion spell”. A tactic to cause strife and confusion. To put confusion inside the mind by weakening your senses.

      Also be aware, or do not forget that some of us as well as yourself may have the gift of Clairaudience-where one is able to hear spirits (even things going on within the spirit realm) and the thoughts of others and sounds and energy vibrations and so on that we may or may not always interpret right away. Just keep that in mind and meditate and use good judgement regarding what the voices of truth are compared to the lies that want to steer you away.

      Keep resisting negativity and praying to who you believe in and you will continue to gain direction and be fine.

    2. Hi my name is Keith , I am going through the same thing, how did you undo it, I really want it to end.

  159. My friend was pregnant when voodoo was done on her, now her child is suffering the consequences. Please email, as we are desperate to help her child.

  160. Since nine months, I have been experiencing spirit haunting. On 4th October 2013 I felt somebody touched my waist, when I was about to sleep at night. There was nobody when I turned around. I was scared to death. When ever I go to sleep ( day or night ) I hear sound from the back of my head, disturbing and irritating me and also some sound like pat pat pat near my ear and pillow. something like a mouse moving, vibrating under the pillow and underneath the bed. I feel something (like a mouse) moving on my hands, legs, and also something like a flies on the forehead, cheeks, eyes. This happens wherever I go e.g. Hyderabad, Udupi, Mysore, etc. Sometimes I also sense some foul smell passing for a second.

    Please let me know whether black magic is spelled on me or any spirit/soul is after me and how to get rid of it. I am unable to get rid of this even after consulting so many experts and following their advices.

  161. I am having a real and bad situation. I know everything that is going on. I need help. I can explain everything. But who I am and the people who are watching me make things complicated. Please email me back and I can explain and give insight to everything. Its in regards to voodoo and Wicca upon what some people have done to me. I need real help.

  162. hi my friend is experiencing a situation where her mom underwear was stolen then was told that her daughter would be visiting soon when their was not any plans made yet; also she keeps having dreams of the lady creating harms to her and her mother.. she wants answers?
    please email me as soon as possible she will be departing to vacation soon.

    1. Do what I am doing read on it and found answers to the most complicated questtions

  163. Hi my name is Kevin and I just recently found out my ex girlfriend put a curse on me . I lost all my contacts , reputation and business and the worst it’s ever been. I am completely depressed and am finding it next to impossible to keep pushing through life. What can I do?

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I have had a simulair problem there was a certain woman who really liked me and told several people that she was going to marry me. However i did not have a relationship with her and was not interested. It took me several years to figure out that she put a curse on me. i lost almost everything in 3 years i was working in sales for a large multinational and was very happy there but for some weird reason i just left the company. I also experienced a near death situation where i got hit by a truck on the freeway. But the worst part is i started hating women who havent done anything. I was so depressed i even thought about commiting suicide. Eventually i went to see a religous healer (muslim) and bassically what he told me is that the purpose of the curse was to block everything in my life so that i could never have a wife. Ever since i went to see this man things have changed for the better i started believing that the curse was the root of the problem which gave me something to work with.Iim still struggeling (financially) but at least now i can get out of bed and do something about it. My advice to you is don’t wait too long with adressing the issue, take it seriously. I have noticed that there are several ways to beat this but the most important one is DO NOT BE AFRAID!!. Being afraid is the worst thing you can do to yourself it makes you extremley vulnerable to the entities that are causing you harm. You should stay as possitive as possible. Smile at people that pass you on the street, be very nice to the cassier at the supermarket keep in touch with your friends (even if they don’t believe) its these type of things that feeds your soul of and keeps your mind fit. Exercisse also helps keep you positive. Don’t think too much about what you have lost i have lost over éuro 90K. Dwelling on this gets me down this is what you need to avoid. Also don’t spend too much time being angry at your ex-girlfriend this is bad energy that can be destructive for you. I have actually heard a story of a girl that forgave the one that cursed her and went to church apparently the witch that made the curse suffered an hart attack shortly after and the girl was cured. I am religous and praying to god has helped me in ways you would not believe everytime i feel down something just seems to lift me up again it comes out of nowhere so i pray and ask for gods help. The weird thing is if i stop praying life seems to get harder which to me means i have not rid myself of the curse yet. This is a very hard situation to deal with and i think its even harder for atheists but surely not impossible to deal with.


    2. What will always work on this stuff and anything else in this life that we battle, is Jesus Christ. I am saying this in all seriousness, because we do not battle against flesh and blood our battleis with principalities and hosts of wickedness in heavenly places. Jesus many times would make the demons tremble just at the sound of his name. Please i urge you to pray, Jesus Christ is light and no darkness can dwell in him. Pray to accept Jesus and he will come into your heart and no demons can harm you. But you must know that the demons hate you even more when your with Jesus, but keep in mind no evils can touch you. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Believe me going to another person to put a “protection” on you will not will only get worse, and if your not with Jesus right now the demons have access to you, and to harm you. Please I urge you to accept Jesus Christ as your saviour while there still is time, I will be praying for you.

  164. I live in Louisiana. Who should I contact ASAP? I’ve been seriously ill over a year with nearly all the matching symptoms listed above. PEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!! I am a single parent of 3 young children that need me…

  165. Buy hissop herb boil it and drink it use hissop oil to bath in an read psalm. 51 everyday. Am also suffering from voodoo
    spell but with the help of Jesus i shall overcome and stay clear of ur flat mate

  166. Please help me. My own grandmother is doing things to me. I remember being younger and finding “potions” in her closet labeled anger, love, and separation. I made her mad and since, shes been in my dreams almost every night, doing horrible things to me. I woke up screaming out of a nightmare last night telling her to leave me alone. I’ve been having burning sensations in my hands, feet and legs. I get headaches for no reason, when I’m around her, I get a nervous feeling that doesn’t go away. My chest has been tightening with no explaination.

    1. Trust GOD..fasting and praying in the name of JESUS will defeat any evil act..1 John 4:4 “… greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world…”

    2. Actually,first pray to God to protect u,then if u still have ur dreams,use it,and when u wake up,APOLOGISE to her!I had it once but,I researched my family tree and found out that it’s one of my ancestor….whom I’ve done nothing?mysterious,but after apologising,it left me…
      Still trying to find out why.just after I finished typing it burned my back…cuz I have not finish my breakfast lol…

  167. I think I have been voodooed my forehead and area around my mouth including all of my back hands neck butt ankles are just dark and I was born a very light in complexion as a baby.

    Sometimes I feel a bad heavy energy around me and a sense of fear. Like some is behind me or some sort of bad aura is on my shoulders. At times I sleep with a Bible but have dreams that are so real like someone or people are trying so strangle me. I open my eyes at night but cnt see anything is like I have gone blind and numb to a level of feeling paralysed. Something when sleeping with a Bible I get this attacks and starts praying. Then voices that are attacking me will say “we also pray so you wasting your time followed by laughs. And yes sometimes I feel like I just had sex waking up wet or something. My tummy does bload looking like I am pregnant. Friends and family would even touch my belly to see what the heck is up.

    My career is non existing in 2012 Dec I was involved in so many unexplained situations with my boss that I had to leave or face disciplinary hearings over petty things. Before my relationship with my boss was great but ended in a bitter taste.

    I have a chronic disease I don’t know how but it happened. Every thing I do is like there is a blokage nothing ever seems to go right.

    At my mom’s house we is the same I can’t even sleep in my own bed without being attacked. Everything in the house is falling apart.

    This is really not a pleasant life. Please help.

    Ooh! and there are times my flatmate pops up in my dreams in a bad way. Recently I dreamt of her like she was burning some herbs or something – in my sleep that is how real it seems. She has this tendies of knocking on my door softly and when I open the door she stands a bit of a distance away. Sometimes looking like she knocked and quickly popped in her room and out again.

    Im so not happy please advice.

  168. How you Doing My Name Is Omar Knowles Born: Aug 12,1984. That’s 08/12/1984. & I Live In 209-51 112 Ave & Queens Villiage BIG Red Brick House Middle Of Block. I Have Been (Cursed). As Well as There are a Few Negative People who Live With me As Well Into Witchcraft, Voodoo, & Spells. Which are Khalil Knowles, ( & Wife Shaqwana Yaw. As Well As My Mothers BF: (RAYMOND SCRETCHEN). Very (BAD). Negative People Also Have Something Against Me As Well As Put a (Curse). On Me. Would Like too Get All The Negative Energy in Which they Carry Toward & Away From Me (FOR-Good). If Possible. I Mean Hear These Weird Loud Hedious Sounds, Noises & (BANGS). Coming From There Kids Sons. Jaden & Josh: ( ( As Well as From Everyone In The House Seems Like The Noises Are Towards My Movements, Mind, Thoughts Breathing, & Emotions, Its Just Follows & Sticks With Me & Plays With My (Aura). In Everything That I Do 24/7. In Or Out My House & Wherever I Go. Been Very Annoying Towards Me For about 3 too 6 Years Now As Well as Other Weird & Very Bad Stuff Happening Just In My Life Period. (Just WANT MY LIFE BACK). Used Too Be So Happy With Lots Of (ENERGY). LOL In Everyway Possible & How I Used too Be Since I Was Lil As Well Just From BIRTH. WISH. Too Just Be (Permanently). BROKEN From Any EVIL (Curse, Hex, Voodoo, Witchcraft). Or Spell Place On Me From Anyone Or Any Family Member In My House Or Ex-Girlfriends From The Past Or From Anyone In General. Just Desire For Very Much Peace & Quiet All Through the House From the Basment too The Attic & For all My Hopes, Dreams, Wishes & Greatest Desires to Come Very True as Well as Great $$INCOME$$ Thank You So Much.

    Im an Entrepreneur/Model. & I DESIRE Good-LIFE, FORTUNE, LOTS Of Good $$Income$$, From My Business Or Otherwise. JUST too be Happy with Whatever Im Doing In My DAILY-LIFE. & too Have Space, Quiet, Peace Of Mind, as well as too Feel Comfortable In Or out My House. Or Just with Life (PERIOD). Too Have all My Hopes, Dreams, $$(GOALS)$$, & Desires come Very True One Of These Days. & For The (REST OF My LIFE).

    (Too Have a Happy-LIFE. & Good Year).

    Feel My Brother Khalil Knowles: (Khalil Knowles). & His Wife Shaqwana Yaw. Are Really Evil In All Sorts Of Ways Them Into Voodoo & Witchcraft Just Makes It Worst.

    Would Just Like too PERMANENTLY Ask For a (BANISH). Spell From Them & Full Protection. Over My Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit , Thoughts, Emotions, Movements, Breathing, My Furture, Goals Or Success, From Any Kind Of Evil Voodoo, Witchcraft, Hex, Or Mind-Control Or Whatever Else They Have Against Or Put On Me. as well as From RAYMOND Scretchen. into Voodoo & Spells as Well. Would like To Reverse & (BANISH). Them & There Evil Wicked Ways From Me In Everyway Possible. Way. Too Send (REVERSE). & RID.This Spell Back too Original (Spell-Caster). Forever. (Permanently). If Possible. Too Heal This House From Any Kind Of Witchcraft, Sounds, Spells, Weird Noises, Or Anything Else (WEIRD). They Live & Stay In The (Upper Level). Attic As Well.

    (READY To Get Back Myself & How I Used Too Be %101) In Every

    Possible Way In Or Out My House.

    I Stay In Basement.

    Thank you Once Again.

    Omar Knowles:

  169. Dear,
    I am in severe attack of this black magic,I feel every moment. I hate this thing because it so cowardish. I think im a victim of voodoo cause most of the initial stages you listed above has happened to me. Pls kindly help me to get out off this.

  170. im so scared i have all the symtoms!” every one of them,,its my girl doing this!, i find baskets and little containers hidden with candles and incense all over !!like 14 in a two month time,,,i dismember and distroy them,,,she stays quiet ,,but now shes exploding and cooking but she wont eat with me nor take a bite,,when i tell her to eat with me she vomits up thefood everytime,,,

  171. Thank you so much for posting this. I am under a black magic curse, in the later stages and desperately need help. I am begging you to please get in touch with me, so I will know what to do so I can be normal again. I am beyond hopeless and for some reason I feel a connection with you and I am hoping to hear from you. Again thank you for your time.

    1. Please help me Misslatoya. I am under attack from people in the Philippines. They are performing Voodoo on me only because I am a client of a person who they are targeting. They are attacking all of her clients. I can feel every human and animal sacrifice being performed. Please Respond.

    2. Learn these three mantras.n 1 chandi raksha mantram,om hrim chamunda brakuti,atahase bhima darshane,raksha raksha chorebhya,vayurbebhya,agnibhaya,swapadebhya,dustajanebhya,sarvebhya,sarvebhya sarvopadrabhebhya chandi hrim hrim taha taha, n 2 hanuman mantra, om hraam hrim hram hraim hraum hrah hum phat swaha,ohm aim hrim srim hanumate ramadutaya lankapuri vidwanshanaya anjanagarba sanbhutaya sakini dakini vidwanshanaya,kila kila bhu bhu karine vibhusanaya hanumatdevaya,om aim hrim srim hram hrim hrum hum phat swaha,be strictly vegetarian and avoid sex completely,n 3 mahamrityunjaya mantra om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushti vardhanam,urvaa rukamiva bhandanat,mrityor mukshiya maAmritat.recite each mantras 108 times time and time again,these mantras are unique an very powerful to defeat any black mágic go and recite them constantly

  172. I don’t know if this is the right website for me to look at to see if something is wrong with me but since the beginning of the year till now,we are in December I have been experiencing craziness I may have been through too many things I can’t explain! From car accidents to not being able to sleep, waking up every other hour in the middle of the night the house being cold in the waking up in sweat! my life has been out of control I have been getting goosebumps recently but on my right side. I have also been dreaming and I’m not a dreamer! I dream of people trying to hurt me or a friend who died! How can I be sure that no one has try to do harm upon me

    1. hello i am not trying to attack anyone, the word of god is true, and i am not worrying about anyone hurting me, your spiritual forces, are weak, god is the only one with power, and hes the only one that has a heaven and a hell to put us in, remember, your to fighting against me your fighting the blood of jesus, i have never seen anyone, won against the blood of jesus, that battle belongs to god, so let your spiritual forces know that there are fighting god, and when my father god gets tired he will erase you all from the face of this earth, i love you no harm met, its just the word of god god bless you

  173. I’m a victim of a black magic curse. The older Dominican lady cut my hair and used it. I went to a couple readers and they told me she did some heavy stuff to me. I was told she buried me, meaning using grave dirt as well. It has stopped my money flow, i cannot get a job, none of my men treat me good, they come in and out of my life with confusion towards me, wont give me any money for anything, any of my friends or family that try to help me get affected very bad as well. I have been cut and hit by spirits and even held down to the point I cannot move, demons showing up themselves to me. scaring me shitless, giants flies entering my home, if i kill one, about 3 more appear. It has been a miserable experience for me. Everyone that gets in contact with me gets affected really bad. I was taught to do certain things to help me but its like it doesn’t work no matter how much I try. I’m so tired of this. I know I must do a ritual to get this off but i have no money to pay these people to help me. I am in desperate need of help and cannot get it anywhere.

  174. Where can one who is the victim of black should go to seek genuine help for the removal of the deadly curse casted upon him/her. Can anybody suggest me some sources who can truly help me out. Because the symptoms that are listed match my case a lot

    1. You shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to have Black Magic removed. And, the negativity can indeed make one feel like they are losing their minds as well as actually leading them to the breaking point.

      You have to find a spiritual foundation that you truly and sincerely connect and identify with and take it from there. And if you need some further help along the way spirit will lead you to the right person.


    3. I am also under a voodoo doll spell of my Muslim neighbors for years.The Power of Prayer and Holy MASS has kept me going all these years.I have now received a message to use the Holy Cross.Therefore, morning and night I place the Holy Cross on my forehead and pray “MOST HOLY CROSS HAVE MERCY ON ME”In addition i also pray “VICTORY THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS” in rosary form.This is helping me to keep these evil/satanic powers at bay.

    4. Your Problem is you are worshiping a Cross. It is an IDOL. Pray to god alone and you will be helped.

    5. *Eat small peaces of poke/ham (PIG based food) these have a breaking effect on Black
      Magic, remember it’s only effective as long as it’s applied regular.

      *Place small salt mounts in as many corners of your house as possible, (blessed better).

      *Get holy water from a church and put in the water you drink. daily.

      *Put holy water inside a bottle/plastic spray can and spray all around the house.

      *Put holy water inside the steam iron and iron your clothes.

      *Place statues of Archangel Michael & St.Bernard, Sacred Heart, Mother Mary etc.
      in as many places in the house as possible. (Have them blessed, better)

      *Wear medals of the above saints on a chain around your neck. (Have them blessed, better)

      *Light incense or white sage inside house with windows closed at least 3 times a week.

      *Say the St.Michael prayer

      daily, as many times as possible.

      Hope this helps.
      Kind Regards.