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Black Magic & Voodoo Witchcraft

Black MagicBlack Magic is on the rise as predicted by Mony Singh in the article he wrote for “India Post” in 1994. Black Magic is dangerous and can destroy one’s health and wellbeing, it can also kill or make the individual commit suicide in extreme cases. The innocent soul seldom finds out that he/she has become a victim of Black Magic.

If you think you have become a victim of black magic here are the indications that will help you understand your situation.

Initial stages of possible Black Magic or Spirit Activity

  • Your sleep is disturbed
  • Fatigue and lack of energy to live day-to-day life
  • You have Fear
  • Disinterest in life
  • Hopelessness
  • You are irritated for no reason
  • You get angry for no reason
  • Severe Depression
  • Dryness of mouth at night
  • Obesity in some cases
  • Sudden Chills and Goose Bumps
  • Tightness around body parts
  • You start forgetting things in the spur of the moment and experience memory loss
  • Your access to the dream world is blocked: No remembrance of dreams when you wake up
  • Your professional career suffers
  • Irrational behaviour of people towards you.
  • Blockages in the inflow of moneyThere are many symptoms and it all depends upon the state of consciousness the victim is at and the kind of Spirit World influence that is affecting the victim.

    Advance Stages of Black Magic/Spirit Activity

  • You dream of dead bodies and horrible looking people who want to kill you in your dream
  • You dream of snakes & dirty places
  • Waking up suddenly in fear with shortness of breath
  • Dreaming of falling from Heights
  • Dreaming of Snakes, Scorpions & Spiders
  • You see black dots or smoke flying all over
  • The stomach bloats like a pregnant women’s belly and the area right above the navel tightens up & when touched feels like a golf ball is in there
  • Tightness and heaviness specially in shoulders and chest
  • Extreme hunger in case entities have taken charge of your body
  • Constant headache
  • Your complexion darkens
  • Itching, burning and stinging pains in different parts of the bodyFinal Stages of Spirit Possession/Black Magic with very little recovery time left
  • Cancer of blood or other body parts
  • Shrinking and malfunctioning of kidneys
  • Excessive alcohol consumption resulting in liver damage
  • Substance Abuse
  • Heart Attacks resulting in sudden death
  • Medicines do not work baffling the medical practioner: resulting in doctors using stronger treatments
  • Suicidal attempts or thoughts of self destructionAdditional symptoms pertaining to women only
  • Bruise marks around thighs & vagina
  • Rape in dreams by spirits with an orgasm that is real
  • Irritation in the vagina with Leukorrhea/Leucorrhea
  • Complete stoppage of monthly periods, irregular periods, painful periods, Dark Blood
  • unable to conceive due to psychic blocks so as the woman stays barren all her life
  • blockages in fallopian tubes and/or unable to hold the pregnancy resulting in miscarriage
  • Unexplained convulsionsAdditional symptoms pertaining to Spiritual People
  • Your interest in the divine consciousness takes a nose dive, you lose interest in your prayers and meditations.
  • Body shakes like a pemdulum when one tries to meditate or pray
  • One gets attracted towards unholy desires like homosexuality, Non-vegetarian food, sex & other vices
  • Your kundalini shakti becomes inactive in case your kundalini was functioning earlier.In serious cases where demons, devils or evil entities have taken possession of the individual’s body, the individual can commit suicide or become a killer. Sudden violent behavior is quite visible in these individuals.

    The spirit activity increases 2-3 days before the Dark moon nights and the full moon nights. If you are a victim your condition will worsen around these periods. It will help you keep a log of the events around these periods. Please check the dates for the Full Moon Nights and the Dark Moon Nights that are listed at the end of this page.

    Voodoo Witchcraft
    (Very Cruel & Deadliest of all)Voodoo Witchcraft comes from the African continent & is extremely lethal. In the last few years it has spread into other parts of the world & is being mixed with other forms of Black magic to harm and kill people.

    The clothes, hair, nails and picture are used to make a doll that resembles the victim; the heart area of the doll is kept open for the final ritual. A ritual is performed and a heart is pulled out from a live animals body while it is vibrating and placed into the heart area of the doll, at this point the doll is infused with life connecting the doll with the victim with an invisible psychic chord. Once the doll and the victim are connected, 2-3 inch needles are pushed in the doll at specific acupuncture points to break the energy system of the victim. As the pins are pushed into the doll the victim feels as if a needle is being pierced into his body. The victim can be sitting thousands of miles away and will experience the attacks instantaneously. If the victim was made to eat or drink food and/or water that consists of “Masaan” (Ash of the Dead) infused with negatively charged energy by the black magician, the effects are life threatening and gives unlimited control over the victims Mind & Body. The prime focus of the black magician is to destroy the immune system of their victim. In case of a man: head & temple area, thumbs & big toes are targeted to break the immune system. In case of women, breasts and private parts are attacked to terrorize & harm the victim. The individual can be killed using this technique in as little as 28 days (one Moon cycle). If the individual is physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually strong it becomes very difficult for the attacker to kill the victim within a specific time period and the attacks can continue for years until the victim or the black magician dies. At present many forms of black magic are being used all over the world, the problem is rising at a horrifying rate and the governments are not interested in looking into the problem and making laws to punish the Black Magicians. In the past few years hushed up research has been done at the Stony Brook Medical College, New York. USA and they have concluded that Voodoo witchcraft can kill people. 90% of Vietnam is dominated by the practice of black magic; Parts of Asia including India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia are the areas where the science of black magic is spreading like wild fire. In the west: America, Mexico & parts of South America, England, Eastern Europe & Africa are some of the areas where Black Magic & Voodoo witchcraft is on the rise. Here are some of the effects one can experience on the physical level if one has become a victim of Voodoo Witchcraft: In Voodoo the effects are not gradual but start instantly and the intensity of these attacks increase to higher levels depending upon the weakness of the individual.

  • Waking up with a jerk and in fear within moments one falls into the first stage of sleep.
  • A Dark or Grey smoke is seen in front of the eyes when awake.
  • One’s complexion turns dark & as the time passes it turns to darker shades of black.
  • Stinging pains in different parts of the body.
  • Shooting stinging pain in the tongue and one wakes up with extreme pain with a blister on the tongue.
  • Burning of palms as if they have been put on fire
  • Lips and other body parts get swollen in the spur of the moment for no medical reasons.
  • Constant Fatigue/ Low Energy
  • Mood Swings & extremely negative thinking that can lead to suicides
  • Jerking/Twitching of muscles or body parts
  • feeling of ants crawling on the body or body parts vibrate
  • Heaviness/Tightness in the whole body or certain body parts
  • In serious cases where spirits have taken control of the house where the individual is residing: one can experience dripping plasma from the walls, unusual activity of the insects & other wierd phenomenon that is unexplainable & unrealistic. Some of the unusual activity is only visible to the victims.
  • Whether it is Black Magic or Voodoo witchcraft the effets are intensified on and around the Full Moon Nights and the Dark Moon nights As the attacks continue the victim is torn down on multiple levels; gets bed ridden and eventually dies of no apparent medical reason. The doctor’s cannot help him because the symptoms misguide the doctors into giving the individual stronger treatments with every passing day and one day the body gives-up. If any of the above symptoms match your situation, you should immediately get professional help. There are some specific mantras in the Rig Vedas that can start protecting you immediately. Here are some precautions that you can take from becoming a victim
  • Do not eat or drink any item from anyone unless the person shares that food item with you.
  • Sweets/Desserts that are filled with “Ash of the Dead” and charged with negative mantra are used to create an opening in your auric shield and that opening is used as a channel to control your body & mind.
  • Black Magic is done using your picture, clothes, hair, nails, blood, saliva, skin tissue & used menstrual pads
  • Women get affected with black magic more easily than men, in women the effects can be observed on the surface while in men it works as an undercurrent and is not visible.
  • Black magic can also be done by touching your body or looking straight into your eyes.
  • Anything that carries an aura can be charged with negative energies to create an opening in the auric field of the victim. Examples: Clothing, jewelry, piece of paper, stuffed animals or stuffed dolls e.t.c
  • Black magic can also be done using your name and your mother’s name hence do not give sensitive information to everyone
  • There is nothing irrational about black magic as it is an ancient science and can be mastered to hurt or heal people hence follow the rule of Trusting in God but staying on Guard Important:

    The spirit activity increases 2-3 days before the Dark moon nights and the full moon nights. If you are a victim your condition will worsen around these periods. It will help you keep a log of the events around these periods. Please check the dates for the Full Moon Nights and the Dark Moon Nights that are listed below.
    If any of the symptoms listed above match your situation, your life is at serious risk, you should seek immediate help.

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    I am a genuine clairvoyant born with the caul/veil. And I am a natural born writer. I was born with second sight and have many intuitive gifts. I taste, smell, hear, see, feel and know things. I have strong, intense empathic and telepathic ability. I communicate with the dead. My life itself is a constant supernatural event as I experience these occurrences altogether on a daily basis. Music: I like all types of music My hobbies: writing, reading, my spirituality Turn ons: the truth, knowledge, intelligence Turn offs: ignorance, liars Books: true crime novels, particularly st Martin’s true crime library series

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    1. Hey, my name is Robert. I feel the heaviest dead soul on me. Feels like I’m walking with a 1000 lbs. I eat more than a 500 lb man would weigh. I’m only 170 lbs. Anytime there’s money involved there’s always a big argument about it with anyone even my family. If someone owes me money they don’t want to pay me or get upset when they do. I can’t talk to any woman because they alway think I’m saying something else. Sometimes it gets so heavy I can waist 70 dollars on food. I have no ambition on being rich just have enough energy to try to make what I need to survive with my son. There was a plate under my bed, it was really weird. I can’t describe it. Sometimes I do things I don’t do or like. It pushes me to things I would never do, like smoking weed or doing things for people. I feel knifes all over my body and wake up with weird dreams. Sometimes it pushed me off to one side of the bed of how heavy I feel. I’m a really happy person, I don’t think negative and I feel like I’m prevent with twins. My Ex girlfriends mom took a picture away from here and sent it to Vietnam with 10,000 dollars. Ever since my life has been so difficult that everyone is always upset at me for no reason. Please help

      • Oh Roberto, it seems that literally you are really carrying a heavy load within all aspects of your situation. It seems like you are being “smothered” mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually through a form of evil negative energy brought on by black magic.

    2. Hello Latoya

      I’ve been in a relationship for a couple of years and my fiancé stopped being intimate with me. We haven’t had sex for about 3 yrs now. This forced me to go else where to find gratification but only to feel dissatisfaction with myself and my bond with the most high. When I ask her about it she has no answers about anything. This is blocking everything for me I can’t trust myself because of it. She’s a great person too just not to me. Not like she’s mean it’s kinda like I’m just there to her. Help me please.

      • I know that this is a big world and there are all kinds of people out there within the world and I by nature am one of the most unique, unconventional and very open-minded people here on the planet who thinks outside of the box, however, this story does not make any sense to me.

        Now, of course, there are women who do not desire, need or want to have sex anymore or who have never really wanted to at all to begin with-that is a very plausible claim. There are even some men within the world who are not interested that much in sex and who can go without intercourse for long periods of time and even abstain permanently contrary to the vast beliefs and characterization that most males are perceived by in regards to the preoccupation with sexual thought and behavior. And for the most part, it is also a viewpoint which is a true fact among the majority of men, but there are always exceptions.

        A lot of men get easily aroused and mentally distorted and quite ignorant to the female nature. A woman could be walking around completely naked (and would have the absolute right to) and have no sexual connotations, just as within particular matters of dress it is not an invitation for unwanted sexual attention. In certain situations a prostitute even has the right not to be raped or harassed, even though that she sells herself it is still her choice on whether or not she is willing to give it away.

        You have those sex crazed females out there too who intentionally do provoke sexual gestures, though.

        Anyhow, my point is if you were not interacting within any sexual relations (genital penetration) with your girlfriend for three years and had to satisfy your pleasure elsewhere and on other terms what was the whole point of you two remaining together? What sexual man stays in a relationship with a girl for as long as you say who won’t have sex with him?

        Men leave women who do have sex with them on a regular basis!

        I mean, like I said before, there are all types of people and those who also do indulge within open relationships. And, no, a couple does not have to engage in intercourse to have a successful or complete healthy union there are other deeper ways to connect yet you in particular do require a sexual need that you state she does not seem to want to fulfill and make known to you.

        Why not just had maintained a friendship with her if you feel she is just using you for her own whatever personal convenience?

        The rest of your story makes no sense to me either. You said the situation is blocking everything for you? Are you telling me that her “cock block” toward you has got you literally blocked to not trust within yourself, your manhood or your appeal. Did it bring down your self esteem?

        And I say and ask all of this not at all to be sarcastic or rude it just seems like a bullshit comment to get some personal information out of me. And I am not angry or annoyed; you see that I took out the time to respond back to you. This is just not a situation that needs help it all itself would seem explanatory and what does any of this have to do with any relation to the comment section of this post black magic, voodoo and witchcraft?

    3. Hi there how are you I experience most of these symptoms and my husband doesn’t want to look at me he just asked for a seperation he isn’t worried about the kids he just sleeps around doesn’t talk to me nothing it’s like I am dirt for him i really don’t know what to do plus he always sides with his family . He has such a big ego he doesn’t even fright for god he thinks he is the man and he is in control

      • Oh my gosh, is “Sammy” (the pathetic commenter) your husband!

        I am just kidding.

        On the serious tip though, I am doing fine. And I have never walked in your shoes as far as ever having had any sincere/real feelings for a man because I am Asexual (

        I’ve never sexually desired one, have never been honestly attracted to one, and I have never been within a romantic relationship with one even though there were many who have been interested in me at one time or another and I was turned off by it (when I was younger and didn’t think that I could afford going to a sperm bank I had considered going about using a man who had feelings for me just for “one thing and one thing only” and that was for conceiving a child, and then walking a way without ever looking back yet I had changed my mind and was glad that it did not work out especially since those particular guys who wanted to be with me were so undesirable and I did not have any respect for them whatsoever (I would never harshly use a man or anybody that I had true respect for so I did not want a child with any garbage type of person), so it may seem easy for me to say what I am about to say considering the fact that your emotions may be involved.

        People do get involved within relationships for many different reasons and for purposes that are not always genuine. It is not always about love, attraction or companionship all of the time. Sometimes people get involved or married for financial gain/security/stability and plenty of other selfish reasons and I don’t at all mean to come off like I am schooling you about lessons in life or anything of the such-as if you don’t know any better I am sure you already know these things in general-I am just expressing a point into the ulterior motives of some people and why they turn out to act the way that they do in some situations.

        You should never allow no man or anyone else for that matter to treat you with such treacherous disregard, you should put yourself and your children first and that all comes with self esteem and self respect. I know that some cultures are very strict with that man in charge woman subservient double standard “thing” and having their women feel obligated and oppressed into submission, and deeming them immoral for having different or liberated outlooks, and for opposing or going against traditional customs.

        Nevertheless, you are your own individual and you can rest assured that there is indeed a special place in hell for this man for his cruel mistreatment.

        I advise you to get out of the relationship as what you have described to me is not a healthy one to be in (Don’t you believe you deserve so much better?). On the other hand, if you feel your husband’s behavior is the result of him being under the influence of black magic, voodoo, or some form of witchcraft and you want him to go back to being the man that he once use to be you’d probably feel that there is a possible chance at saving the relationship.

        Or, he is just in fact the one responsible for trying to destroy you with these evil techniques himself, and that puts you within a compromising position weighing out the factors that may pertain to all of your circumstance.

        You need to think with your head and not so much with your heart in the end though it is your life and your decision and one that I cannot make for you I can only advise.

    4. Hi miss latoya.. I am really very worried about my life and well being.. I am 21 male, i had done live video call with a woman on facebook and i think she has done some black magic over me. From that day i am always tensed my throat constriction and also i feel like suicide please help me out!

      • Yeah Sammy,

        You’ve been “so called” suicidal for an entire month now. You need to cut out all of the bullshit! You keep repeating the same stupid shit. And you are not in your twenties, you are a thirty or forty-something year old hard-up jackass who profiles on dating sites!

        And, those bumps on your tongue and inside of your throat are probably a bad case of syphilis or herpes.

        Sammy on May 25, 2016 at 7:48 am said:
        Help me

        Reply ↓
        misslatoya on May 25, 2016 at 3:24 pm said:
        Yeah, you need help alright-Psychiatric help! Go get your head checked out. If you have nothing better to do than to behave like a constant ass then you must have deep rooted mental issues.


        In reply to misslatoya.
        hello miss latoya. i am really in trouble. me 20(male), i have been trapped in black magic by a woman on live video calling. i am really worried feels like something is in throat and pain while deep breathing and feel like suiciding. please help me out

        Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic

        2016/04/24 at 8:24 pm

        In reply to misslatoya.
        hello miss latoya. i am really in trouble. me 20(male), i have been trapped in black magic by a woman on live video calling. i am really worried feels like something is in throat and pain while deep breathing and feel like suiciding.

        Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic

        2016/04/24 at 8:20 pm

        Hey help me out please

        Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic

        2016/04/24 at 6:51 pm
        In reply to misslatoya.
        Hey please for god sake help me out. I am 20(male) and being trapped in black magic by live video calling with a woman online. I have contriction in throat after that since last week and have bumps on tongue and throat. Feels like suicide. Please help me out asap.

        Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic

        2016/04/21 at 8:11 pm

        Hey please for god sake help me out. I am 20(male) and being trapped in black magic by live video calling with a woman online. I have contriction in throat after that since last week and have bumps on tongue and throat. Feels like suicide. Please help me out asap.

        Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic

        2016/04/21 at 8:10 pm

        Please for god sake help me out. I am 20 male and i am being trapped in black magic by one woman online in live video calling. Please help me out. I can feel the symptoms. I am worried having bumps in tongue and throat and feeling of suicide.
        Please help me out asap.

        Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic
        2016/04/21 at 7:58 pm)

    5. Dear mislatoya could you help me my niece’s husband took her dead husbands ashes and did something or some ritual with them but he would not tell us what he did with them. Please let me know what he did he is a very devious man.

      • As a person born with extra sensory perception/clairvoyance one thing that I never did was divulge to just any or everybody all of the things that I intuitively knew and I have accurately read for people in the past but when I did it was always narrowed down to a very selected few.

        I never opened myself up on that level unless spirit moved me to for a significant purpose.

        I am a very honest and straightforward person and from my experience here on this earth everyone cannot accept or handle the truth, and many people do not have the “insight” or the mental capacity to grasp and to fully discern the messages within certain revelations, especially when it comes down to the depths of hidden knowledge.

        And every detail that is made known unto me through the gifts of second-sight is not necessarily meant to be told or shared, but to be used as a vital tool for awareness, guidance, protection and evolution.

        And whereas I am definitely qualified and able to serve as a source of help there are situations that I choose not to get involved in, having genuine abilities of this nature and letting it be known to the public through my experience is one thing yet offering out “too much” information into what I can receive about others personal lives and affairs is not a wise move.

        I’ve been a target enough already for years and those of us who have the “knowing power” have to sometimes know when to keep quiet.

        Silence Is Golden:(

    6. how do you get rid of voodoo or black magic or stop it? what if you find things that a buried near the house and you burn them? does black magic or voodoo work when your thousands of miles apart and what do they need from your personal belongings to do such evil acts?

      • It all depends on the situation and what type of negativity in particular that has been done or placed upon a person, place or thing and it also depends on the individual them self. Everyone is not the same and black magic and voodoo does not affect everyone within the same fashion.

        Sometimes it does not affect one at all.

        What may work on one person may not work within another and sometimes when people place negativity upon others it backfires and completely manifests a different outcome than what was initially intended. There are all kinds of aspects that can play into motion, and into the scene. Distinct remedies of a problem stem from the different roots in which they are caused by and the distinct techniques are the results under the different of circumstances.

        Yes, black magic can work from miles away and so can the removal of black magic from miles away it is not about the physical distance it is all about spiritual vibration and universal energy. Everything is made up of energy and that force is not bound by the limitations that are set upon this earthy plane as we within our human forms are. Where we need to use our feet and vehicles for transportation we have our “higher consciousness” in which that connects and allows us to communicate and journey to the distances that are not physically within our reach, and that are mysteriously unknown.

        Anything can be used to perform negativity, the usage of a person’s name, personal items, bodily secretions, photos and so on. Sometimes it is just a person’s touch onto something that is required. There are situations where no personal items are used just a candle and prayers of meditation that is directed upon the intended target to try to control one’s thoughts and actions if the person is weak-minded enough to be influenced within that mode.

        Like I said though everything all depends on the individual and the circumstances that are taken into account.

        • thank you miss latoya! i really appreciate your reply and godbless you. sometimes that’s what i say, i will laugh and laugh and think positive to keep all away. this world has a lot of haters, jealous people and people who don’t want to see you do good in life.

      • I like to know what to do to stop black magic, it’s symptoms in me, my family and my house of black magic, How I stop it?

    7. Hi,
      I need help my dad passed away last week wednesday 11 may 2016 . He got admitted on 6th may and he was fine walking he got addmitted . All the reports were percectly normal but still he passed away almost 20 – 25 doctors visited him gave best treatments none could find the source of his illnesss
      Finally his kidneys gave up and his heart stopped . All reports were normal , his stomach had bloated few months before , he was 58 , not a person who will leave this world n go. I think something is wrong with our family somwone is performing something on us . He had too much negativity about his illness but he wanted to get well but after giving best treatemwnts his cause pr disease pr what hapnd to him was unknown
      Please temme if its a sign of black magic
      I wanr to protect my family if anything like this happening

      • Sorry for your loss such a sudden unexpected instance. Death under mysterious circumstances is what your suggesting it seems yet five days is not always enough time to find a thorough diagnosis especially an underlying one and one that doctors may not know to specifically look out for right away.

        Some people can appear to be in the perfect of health and the perfect of shape while going through undetectable illnesses that fail to display any type of significant or immediate of symptoms until it is quite too late, and because of whatever unidentifiable ailment that was left to be untreated can unfortunately result into the silent sufferers extreme state of unanticipated sickness or unfortunate demise.

        Yes, there is definitely black magic causes that do inspire repercussions of this kind but what you also have to realize is-and this is absolutely no slight (insult, disrespect) against you or unto your family but there are a lot of things that happen to people and they tend to seek out help forgetting what they may have done in the past to another person or people in general then they want to claim innocent and go on for help when they start to experience hardship.

        Now I am definitely not placing any blame but I honestly do sense and feel that there is something that is not right within your family but what I am picking up at the instant moment is that some of it has more to do with enmity between someone who is the least expected, a particular lifestyle and a certain belief system or set of beliefs (I hope you comprehend what I am saying in the appropriate manner because we all express ourselves differently I am just being truthful and blunt I’d have to talk with you to get deeper into it and to tell you more I’m sure you wouldn’t want that information publicly on the internet)

        • Hi miss latoya
          Thanks for ur instant reply
          My dad was a doctor and my sister and her husband both are doctors and both were in constant check of his reports and his health issues
          He was feeling breathless before getting admitted and still all his reports were normal

          He was a very good man has saved many lives
          My sister has saved zillions of lives and also my mom is constantly praying to god because of her trust in god and not for demanding anything from him
          We have a series of incidences happening in our family out of which this is the greatest loss of all
          Rest all the incidences occured we thot time can heal but this is something striking and not acceptable

          So i seeked for help

    8. Hi Latoya,

      I was wondering if you can give me some insight on my situation. At the beginning of the year my husband, and i started great. After a while we started going down hill extremely bad. Every time we try finding jobs nothing comes out, and when we do find something it gets cancelled right before were about to step out the door. We havent had any chance of making any money everything either gets cancelled or something happens. When i was pregnant i always saw shadows, dead people in my house. Recently i have been extremely out of energy, i get frustrated and angry for no reason .! Can you please provide me some insight on all this?

      • Perfect example of a bogus address just not done within such an idiotic manner yet still obviously transparent, and done out of trivial spite after I have already warned against deliberate nonsense on my site that is done in vain (who gives a shit?!) especially since I do not have to approve these occasional stupid comments.

        The actions of an idle mind reflects on no other than in which where it resides. And going under the alias Selena Gomez, I guess I’ll be receiving bull-crap correspondence from someone going by the name Justin Bieber next!

    9. Hi Latoya,

      Can you help me she’d some light on a recent incident please? The other night I bathed my 18 month old daughter and forgot to let her water out the bath when i wss done. The next morning there was an upside down cockroach in the water. Can you please provide insight?

      • This is a very serious matter that you have brought to my attention. I had to dig long and hard, and I had to look deep down into my ” Magic Crystal Ball” for this one but I was able to finally get down to the bottom of the situation. So here it is:

        The next time you give the baby a bath you have to be extra careful to remember to let all of the water out so that the rest of the roaches that crawl around within your home don’t accidentally drown.

        Now I know that these creepy little critters are and can be rather bothersome and disgusting (it makes my skin crawl just thinking about it) but just be a little more considerate with your six legged fellow roommates and neighbors because you do not want karma to come back to “sting” or “bite” you for not being more cautious with their lives. It really “bugs” me how this could have come about.

    10. What can I do to seek help I see in every picture demos and also had a chicken thrown at my bathroom window while I was in there I found some stuff when I tool pictures that’s h ow I figured something wasn’t right plz help

      • Maria, I am not saying that your story is true and I am not saying that it isn’t but listen up, and this is a message for everybody.

        Yes, it is true that demonic along with other paranormal activity can show up and also manifest through photos, and even humans here that are walking upon the earth can also be identified as demonic individuals and/or descendants through pictures just as well as in person if one has that ability to detect them within that fashion and I know this for a fact as I have experienced it myself on many occasions. The dead are even able to haunt and to bring negative energy through from the images within their own photos when they are evil and angry spirits.

        Now, anyone is welcome here on my blog to observe, or to seek out advice, share their stories and experiences, and reach out to one another for whatever reason whether they genuinely want to help or whether they just want to express their views. Of course, every here and there someone will come along to be an asshole to just be stupid, writing and making up a bunch of silly shit and some just want to discourage those from knowing the truth so that they can continue on with harming others with their evil activities which is all just a sad waste of conducting energy.

        Nothing has to be taken serious all of the time and humor is able to be found within all types of circumstances good and bad-to be able to laugh especially during going through the bad times keeps us healthy and it also shows our strength yet those who laugh at others tribulations unjustly are very weak-minded individuals-, however (and this is in regard to anybody), do not use this site as a place to disrespect and/or to mock those who have or who may be genuinely undergoing the sick and malicious evils of voodoo and black magic. Those in particular who do not believe have the right not to yet that does not take away from the reality that is indeed taking place here within the world.

        No, every single hardship in life is not caused or brought on by voodoo and black magic but a tremendous amount of people and things all over the world that has gone wrong and unexplainable is an absolute result from the affects of it and negative voodoo and black magic is a big problem that many for a long time now have come to realize, things have gotten a little better and are continuing to get much better now to some extent because of the vast awareness that a lot of evildoers thought was suppose to be their “little secret”.

        Those who are sincere do not let the ignorance of others deter (discourage) you from coming forward with your inquiries, tales or even just mere possibilities of what you think or feel no matter how eccentric or unbelievable that it may seem to certain others this is a huge world and there is always someone out there who may have gone through what you have or something similar you may even help someone else figure out what may be going on within their own life just remember whatever it is that you may inspire to share just keep it real. If you cannot speak the truth please do not speak at all!

    11. In my own true words by LaToya Lawrence- a little deep insight and honest knowledge and advice to those who may be in need and for whomever else that it may pertain to as I speak from firsthand experience and through the wisdom of second-sight:

      Witchcraft People (Black Magic/Brujeria)
      Posted on March 24, 2013 by misslatoya:(

      A very nice and dear viewer of my blog wrote to me. And I would not use this article to disclose what was written even though we had corresponded in public. I have respect for her and would never go to exploit her in any way whatsoever.

      Any way, what I had expressed to this viewer could not have been better well said than to add to this particular subject.

      Now as far as witchcraft people and the like go toward the good and those who are gifted, born of the caul:

      “They are sick and they set out to devour people like us with their lies and schemes.

      And in the process they steal from us. They try to take away all of our innate positive luck, energies, talents and mental capacity.

      They are jealous and envious of our kind.

      Many people fall for their schemes when we from the beginning knew what they were about.

      Sometimes the ignorant people listen to them then turn against us and that is how they get over.

      You know that it is sad but lies tend to spread faster than the truth and when the truth does eventually come out it is already sometimes too late because the damage has already been done.

      I have went through this all of my life.

      However, I learned that it was for a grave reason. I’ve known people like them for years, I’ve had people like them within my family.They are everywhere, so I know.

      I’ve been blessed and watched out for due to my spiritual aspects and prevailed over them.

      I am ahead of them because I have the gift of second-sight. I was given a message a while back to stop people like them, to get rid of them. And there is no one better for the job than I because I actually hate them and their kind with a great genuine passion.

      We can kill them by truth-which is something foreign to them-and by our own natural spiritual power (voodoo magic if we choose to/we can do both).

      I have these enemies still now trying to retaliate because spirit has me writing natural messages and insights of truth and it is bringing them all down.

      I am sure as a spiritual person you understand what I mean and where I am coming from. Things and the universe work out then proceed in a way that average people do not understand.

      People like us are here to make a change because we see, know, and understand what the rest of the world cannot.

      The garbage type of people cannot destroy us unless we allow them to. We are much wiser and stronger than they are.

      You just have to believe in yourself and within whatever may be around you (whatever faith or spirituality that you go with if any because I would never try to influence you about anything).

      We are here to destroy them and take back our world and what belongs to us.”

      By nature, I was born high class. Not rich, or having a large sum of money to frequently spend, but elegant and dignified although I still never did do without.

      Some people have a false definition of what being high class actually is. Anyone could acquire a lot of money if fortunately they were born into a wealthy family, received an inheritance, won the lottery, or whatever other circumstance that may serve as a relevant example.

      However, the possessions of financial wealth do not equate the possessions of a high class stature.

      Many people walk around in pretense. Playing the part or role of what they consider to be refined and tasteful.

      Most of them just put on an arrogant “uppity” air.

      True high class nature is a state of mind an inborn attitude, an innate demeanor. Any gross income that is rewarded is just an enhancement to aid to a better well deserved life.

      A well deserved life obtained through an honestly earned way of living.

      I, like many other good, talented, hardworking people in the world knew what they were able to accomplish and knew what they were meant to have within their lifetime. Whether we dreamed our destined futures big, or whether we dreamed them small.

      Nevertheless, there are the negatives that lurk, and the interferences that emerge from the darkness to devour.

      They are the evil witchcraft people. Those demented and demonic souls who endeavor to hold other people back through the use of their wicked devices.

      They try to harm and hurt yet they only bring pain to themselves. They are weak and wretched, full of heartaches and strains.

      One can never take away from a person what they are, or what they are able to achieve. No matter what the circumstance.

      The terms “you can’t turn a whore into a housewife”, or “you can take a person out of the street but you cannot take the street out of the person”, goes just the same for those who have been attacked by witchcraft.

      They will not automatically be turned into what they are not.

      People work witchcraft for many different reasons, however, the most common-and I know this from experience-is the sabotage and hindrance of the successes that are due to other deserving people.

      Many who cast spells or who have others to cast the spells for them believe that if they take away a person’s lot (luck/fate) that they will lose sight of their hopes and dreams only to trot down to a path of repetitive disappointment.

      Some people do give up then give in to the illusion of manipulative black magic; however, they are not always to blame.

      Some people are not even aware that they may have been crossed up. They may not understand the concept or intent that is behind the certain forms and mechanisms of black magic.

      Some even do not believe in the negative effects of witchcraft at all. They may just chalk up their situation to the notion of life not always being fair.

      For those who do know and believe in the dark forces that are conjured to be placed and violated upon one know that where there is a will there definitely is a way.

      They then fight their way through their ordeal by whatever means that is necessary.

      White magic is a much stronger tool.

      It is way more powerful and way more potent to use against black magic/witchcraft.

      Especially while at the same time reversing all of the black magic straight back to each of the senders.

      The universe works in wondrous ways. Not only just by karma, but by giving the negative witchcraft people an extra dose of their own well deserved medicine.

      I personally recognized on my own that no one’s use of wicked device could ever kill my spirit, or kill any of my dreams.

      Nor could the wickedness kill my peace and happiness.

      Anything that anyone is able to take away is not worth having to begin with. Therefore I would really not want it. So there leaves within itself no loss.

      In the like, anything that anyone is not able to take away has far great value. As it is equivalent to that particular one. Only set for that one, unwavering from that one. So there is much that is to be gained upon by that one.

      There have always been people in the world who have sought out to bring other people down. And witchcraft has always been an option that certain people have resorted to whether it was out of extreme hate, or out of extreme desperation.

      A low class mind is no match for a mind that is high.

      A high mind is not preoccupied with the disapproval or the criticism of others but with the satisfaction that is found upon within one’s self.

      A high mind is not preoccupied with the calamity of others or of the calamity that is wished upon from others but with the prosperity that is built upon by one’s own self.

      A high mind is not preoccupied with the burdens of a dislike that holds one back but with the triumphs of a hatred that prevents one from being held back.

      No matter how hard witchcraft people stalk other people. How hard they try to confuse other people. How hard they try to contaminate other people’s spirit. It is the high mind that will overcome and conquer.

      The Visions/The Messages/The Knowledge:(

    12. I was in a relationship with a woman and my life have taken downward turn and i am not the same and i always do good for that lady. My mind says it her because she was the only person around me.

    13. Brujeria
      Posted on January 29, 2012 by misslatoya
      My experiences with brujeria:(

      With all of the personal information that I have on this subject I could write a book about it. I spoke to a lady over the phone about six or seven years ago who was suppose to be a psychic. I mentioned the word “brujeria”.

      “Are you Puerto Rican?” she asked me. I said “no”

      “Well then how do you know about brujeria?” she said.

      Then I went on about the nganga (cauldron), the paleros (grave robbers), the kiyumba (corpse that is used) then she stopped me. “Alright, alright”, she uttered.

      I mean the ignorance in some people. I am an African American with Native American Indian descent. I am spiritual and know that magic (voodoo) first originated in Africa so why wasn’t I suppose to know? Anyway, I don’t know where to begin since this all started when I was at the age of seven so I’ll just make it more current and go back a little.

      There isn’t enough room in this post to explain every detail in particular-not that it would be necessary anyhow, nevertheless, I will share the main evils. And I must say that brujeria is some very sick shit!

      There is and has been a lot of jealousy around me from people that mostly started with family members many years ago. People are very jealous of my character. In the spring of 2003, this Hispanic girl who I never cared for, known since childhood, and who lived directly across the street from me sent her sister over to my house with a statue.

      My mother happened to answer the door and the girl was disappointed. Initially unaware of the girl’s intentions, my mother brought the statue that was placed inside of a gift bag up to me. See, their mother had asked to read a published book that I wrote and when the book was returned a month later they sent a “present” along with it.

      When I got out of the shower and saw and approached the white medium size bald-headed statue designed in the image of a baby angel I got a strong feeling. The statue that was made of porcelain didn’t at all look right to me, and it gave off a fragrance that I detected was the smell of evil.

      My mother handed it to me. I was leery but touched it anyway. As I sat at the edge of the bed wrapped in a towel I held the statue, staring at it curiously. Then suddenly an energy grabbed both my wrists and I heard the words repeat “tie, tie”.

      Exactly a week later, on a Tuesday I remember, I was again sitting on the edge of the bed watching television when something hastily dropped down from above me and hit me from the side of my jaw to between my neck and shoulder. It was a hard stroke that was not at all painful. Part of the ritual going into effect I assumed. And this was indeed part of a neighborhood conspiracy against me.

      The two sisters were nothing more than flunkies with a bunch of dirt on them. Lizette Roubert and Dorita were the biggest whores of Hollis avenue and their mother catching aids from her dead dope fiend lover (dorita’s father) just gave them more motive to go along with the program as they were miserable and bitter.

      Lizette had the nerve to come over and approach me with a phony conversation that following week as I sat on my stoop. Bitch thought that she was slick. She was looking up at my face trying to see if I had a knot up on there that was exaggerated by people who heard about my childhood injury of being thrown across the room as a baby by my drug addicted uncle. I read people immediately!

      As Lizette spoke idly I picked up on the scent coming from her body. It was the same fragrance that I smelled from the statue. And all that I kept picking up from her presence was the death card. The same vision kept flashing before my eyes of a skeleton riding a horse with dead people lying on the ground everywhere around him. And I could sense and feel that Lizette was heavily crossed up.

      In the summer of 2001, my mother and I were sitting in my room on the bed watching television when I heard a voice call my name. “Toya” it said.

      “Did you just call my name?” I asked my mother.

      “No”, she said. Then very suddenly something shot down and hit at the bed right where I was sitting and instantly I jumped up! The only thing I could remember was about maybe a week before this guy had brought a plastic bag of stones to me that must have been conjured. I didn’t keep them though, just like the statue I removed it from my house, but the damage had already been done because I came into contact with the articles.

      A girl of Caribbean descent who was very young at the time came over to my house with her friend, and rang my doorbell. The girl’s name was Danielle and the young bitch lived directly next door to me. She handed me a key that was conjured. I felt the malignant spirit go right through me. My enemies wanted me very badly-they ranged my doorbell again!!!

      They buried things in my front yard placed flowers over it then dug it back up before it backfired on them. They wanted me to get curious and dig it up they made the burial very obvious. None of them were very bright.

      Yes indeed, I was crossed up and I knew it because I am clairvoyant and could feel it. My extra sensory perception and the good spirits around me would always remind me and keep me up to date on everything that was going on. And I was very blessed with protection and strength because the brujeria was not able to affect my mind. And my enemies tried very hard to.

      They tried to confuse me. They tried to take away my strength and confidence. They tried to take away my gifts and spirituality. They tried to make me lose my mind. But I have a very strong spirit and much love and protection from the other side. So I beat all that bullshit!

      I did however go through a lot physically do to me being extremely sensitive spiritually. I had to deal with the “snake” which made my body jerk in a very zigzag side to side motion. My stomach would get butterflies and push in and out like a pregnant woman and sometimes it would stretch my stomach out so far that it would pull me. That started in the beginning then subsided.

      I had to deal with the “restless spirit”. Every morning around 3am or 5am I would wake up and couldn’t get back to sleep. When I stood up the negative energy would vibrate and shift down my body to my leg. And when I’d go to lay back down the energy would make its way back up my body to my head to keep me from sleeping.

      I felt heaviness over me. The evil had spreaded from numerous attacks over the years. It was so heavy over my eyes that things in my vision seemed kind of clogged and far away. I could feel the success that I was suppose to achieve at that particular time trying to squeeze through the blockages my enemies had set before me. I could feel how they were trying to turn and make my life into the disaster that they wanted it to be.

      My enemies were attempting to destroy my destiny. And even though it may have seemed like they were succeeding nothing could have been further from the truth. My faith in me and my purpose was way more powerful.

      I had experienced all of this garbage already when I was a child. My great-grandmother who thank goodness passed away two or three years ago took my mother and I to a botanica store and had us crossed up by a Haitian man. My mother had a mild nervous breakdown. I was harassed at school by a girl who turned everybody against me because I didn’t fear and want to join in with her crowd. She wrote my name all over the bathroom walls and threatened to beat me up if I entered the school yard.

      I walked my little ass right into the yard during recess while I heard others instigate “she better not come in here!” it was all over the school what was suppose to happen to me. I was a tough cookie even back then and did nobody lay a hand on me!

      I done come too far in life to let some devil brujeria shit destroy me. I would feel that shit up in my head, giving me a feeling of being somewhere else or in another world. But I was just a kid.

      Even during my teenage years they were after me. My enemies used brujeria to try to get inside of my head to give me low self esteem. They wanted me to be self conscious and have complexes. They wanted me to fall for the illusions which I definitely did not so they could play on it. They’d put negative men all whom were of Caribbean descent in my head trying to get me attracted to them. I was and will always be ahead of them!

      “Brujeria” the Spanish word for black magic/witchcraft was definitely used to bring me down. I wonder is it because I am so connected with spirit that it always did the complete opposite for me. My self esteem would always go even higher and I would always get much stronger, spiritually and mentally.

      When the time came for the brujeria to be removed I saw a multiple of visions. Lizette had just recently moved down south. I dreamed that she’d quickly make a return and surely she did about three months after the “shit” went back to her and the rest of my enemies. I also visioned that there would be a death shortly before she left to go back.

      While awake I received a vision of how the “tie-“bind” ritual was done. I saw the woods. I saw my motor vehicle non driver’s i.d. that had been missing from my house lying on leaves with animal blood over it from a chicken sacrifice.

      I saw the two main dead spirits that had violated me. One was a black man who appeared to me as a criminal. He was cursing at me but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. The other guy was a Mexican or of some kind of Hispanic descent, he looked like a madman. He was quiet and crazed.

      My grandmother suddenly became ill right after I got rid of the brujeria. And she died. One of my aunts who were a part of the conspiracy cried like a baby. The evil came back and got the close thing to her.

      (My grandmother had been partially paralyzed for years do to a stroke, and a while before my grandmother died my enemies used her home health aide to put black magic in our sugar. Everyone in the house was complaining about one of their legs hurting but me. I was the only one in the house who did not touch the sugar. One day I caught the bitch whose name was Delores Branch and I cursed her out like a dog and ran her out of our home).

      From then on, of course my enemies have tried to send the brujeria back into my life. They were unable to though. It will never return. No matter how hard they try. I can and have touched things and the black magic is of no effect. Some years back they had someone who worked at a dunkin donuts put it in my milkshake. I knew better, drank it anyway and was nauseous for two weeks straight. Other than that I was fine.

      Aside from tremendous financial success that I will eventually achieve one day, nothing has changed about me. If anything I am at a point in my life that is better now than it ever was as far as my personal self is concerned.

      It’s so weird how you sometimes have to endure crazy things in order to get you where you need to be in life.

      Lust Spell:(


      Natural Powers Of The Caul And Occult Is Nothing To Fool Around With:(

      Occult Powers:(

      Scream For Help!:(

      PaPa Legba:(

      A Never Ending Story:(

      What You Wish On Me:(

      The Real Story/The Real Deal:(

      The Magical Side Of Life:(

      • misslatoya can you help me or anyone for that matter? I’m dealing with some odd and strange events similar. I need to know what all you know; to protect me. I believe evil hoodoo or voodoo is being placed on me. S.O.S.

        • I know an extremely great deal about all types and forms of negative supernatural energies of Black Magic and Voodoo through firsthand experience from a very young age of myself having being attacked countless times, and through my own natural background of having being born with a caul, and etc…

          (Jealousy, envy, hatred, spite and revenge are the main reasons why people resort to the aides of supernatural conveniences.

          Whether one phrases the tactics as being derived from the origins of Voodoo, Santeria/Brujeria, Obeah, Witchcraft, Black Magic and so on (depending on one’s culture and/or practice) to create situations and circumstances that we accurately determine and describe to appear to us as being “fixed”, “crossed or crossed up”, hexed, jinxed, cursed and “blocked” because no matter how the terms are used the foundations are exactly the same, we have undoubtedly become the targets of vicious attacks carried out by those who attempt to harness malignant spiritual forces against us and within our lives.

          People who actually contract spirits to reign pure havoc among our presence.

          When “roots” are done or put on us the purposes are to bring about unnatural misfortune and/or disease. As the intent is for one and for what is all around one to become stagnant “roots” produce unnecessary blockages into one’s pathways, eliminating the ordained roads that are effectively suited for inevitable opportunity. In return, a person is unjustifiably restricted into mischievously altered lanes that they otherwise would have not selected due to the turnaround of their life literally being turned upside down, an abomination that proves to be quite burdensome and oppressive.)(

          And I was born with the very strong abilities to help myself along with those “in particular” that deserve to be helped if I choose to do so, and if or when “spirit moves me to”.

    14. Someone in my family feels like there is two people a girl and the mom chasing after him and telling him to hurt himself and kill himself. We have took him every where even to a whitch for she can cure him but nothing. The two ladys are telling him to hurt himself every other week , he hits his head in the wall REALLY hard and starts bleebing , he punches himself , he even trys to vit other people. The only thing that he feels protected by is La Santa Muerte , and his mom. Each time he goes crazy he screams and tells those 2 girls that the mom and La Santa Muerte , are stonger than them . if you have any way of helping or advising something please help we dont know what he has.

      • Hi: Please don’t take offense, but maybe you should take your family member to a psychiatrist or a doctor. Your family member may be suffering from a medical condition that is causing him to behave this way. My brother has similar symptoms. Not of someone chasing him but believing in “salvation.” It turned out he was schizophrenic. I’m not saying your family member is, but maybe he can find help that will prevent him from hurting himself.

    15. I’m having these systems why an I believe they got black magic on me I trust God I’m praying. What else can I do

    16. I’ve been dating this guy from Louisiana for 4yrs now. I found out some stuff and was ready to leave him and start dating again.He came over my house went to the bath room shut the door (which he never do) he stand in there for awhile. After he leave a few days I found a substance on my floor. Now I have fear to socialize I’m not myself no more I’m having anxiety I need help.

    17. My brother inlaw went down to clean around my husbands and his mums grave on Sunday and swore he seen snakes crawling all over her grave, then went to mow his daughter yard and a big black snake crawled infront of him, when myself and my sister inlaw went down that afternoon there was no snakes or any trace of them, what dose that mean, has someone cursed him, or his mum or my husband, my husband ex wife knows how to do black magic could she have place a spell

    18. How to get help? If you feel this is happening I’m so serious. I’m a woman I look like I’m pregnant with twins my life is crazy n I feel sick n all

      • Depending on the source and your personal relation to occult there are a few ways. If it is done with dark witchcraft the best way is to draw a circle around yourself and denounce the magic banishing it from yourself and creating a barrier. If the source is voodoo you can do the same or if you are more with the occult you can make an offering to papa lagba and ask that he break the connection that allows the curse to affect you. Best offering would be a key or some tobacco left in the doorframe of your bedroom before you go to bed

    19. For thanksgiving of 2015 my sisters and her dog came over. I gave up my room for my sister to sleep. A week after they left I went to sleep in my bed I was getting bit everywhere. All over. I called a pest control company they have been doing treatments since November 2015 and the bugs are still here. You can see them but you can feel them. I’m sleeping on my bathroom floor. I believe she left something here. Since they left my house I had no peace. I threw away most of my furniture. Whatever it is has transferred to my car. I had dream and a prophet told me in the dream that someone gave me something to eat so that I continue to suffer. I have had dreams where I told my sisters mom that the witchcraft will not touch me. I’m on edge I believe someone is doing something to me. Please help me I need answers please email me

    20. I’m 20 years old . I feel like my ex girlfriend has done witch craft on me . one night I was sleeping . She put something in my vagina I woked up not knowing what was it my vagina felt very wierd itchy and burning and she didn’t really care I told her too take me home and too go see a doctor but she would always change the subject saying it wasn’t Nothing or some Bullshit. and I don’t know what too do . Her mom used too give me soups , it made my stomach turn and made me throw up and every time I didn’t eat it her mom would get mad . I would have strange dreams that her mom had dolls and some wierd things , she was showing me staff that she would want me too see . I need help

    21. My husband told while coming back from his company in night, he found something on road. That is dead crow with cut in neck and lemon,coconut, kumkum and termeric. It seems like black magic. He was about put his leg on it without knowing this, since it was night. After seeing that he came in another way. but he is feeling back pain after that. what might be the problem?

    22. My mother had a dream that my mother in law was doing brujeria on me. She said in the dream it was my mother inlaw and someone else doing black magic on me. Help me I need answers.

      • Don’t worry about it get into the word of God take on the shield of faith that God equip you with it tells you about the full armor of God in Ephesians 6And in psalms it say The name of the Lord is a strong tower the godly run to him and are safe

    23. My husband is from Louisiana and been around voodoo all his life. I have worries because he swears he’s part animal, he growls..he has these tendencies at certain times that freak me out. When I asked about it he said when he was very young he remembered them doing some kind of spell on him for protection and since then he’s acted that way. He couldn’t tell me much BC he didn’t remember he was so young. He called her Big Momma and she was very big into voodoo and I’m really confused because I search it an I come up with mental disorders and he’s perfectly normal otherwise and not mentally unstable. Pleaseeee help

    24. hi my mom yestetday found a bunch of her hair in white peper with 3 red lines on was tied in her shawl.she is not feeling well at all nowadays plz can u tell me what does that mean plz.will be very thankful to u

    25. My mother in law had done something wrong to my wife and she is not talking to me and she is in her control and did abortion as well and I dnt know what is wrong with my mother in law I want her to be paralyze and she should not talk anymore in life so that my wife can be back to me ….if my mother in law dies then we will never have any problems ….she made my wifes mind that she should not talk to me can talk to any boys now I want my wife and I cant forget her I love her so much I am trying to die but i dnt something is stopping me and my mother in law wants me to be dead so that she can make my wife marry her brother son so please help me to stop all this things …

      I want my wife back from all bondages of her friends and friends and come back to me and be with me and I should protect her till I die ….

      Please help me

    26. I’m experiencing bloating of the stomach like a pregnant lady and the area around the navel tightens up and when touched feels like a golf ball .I am also experiencing irritation in the vagins area and leukorrhea what do i need to do ?

    27. If someone told you to give them a dirty underwear cut the seat out and burn the rest of the underwear to help me with female problem will this hurt me?

    28. I am curious if this is real. Years ago an old boyfriend said he took to New Orleans to learn black magic as a form of revenge to someone who had wronged him as a child. One night he opened my palm and whispered something while tracing something on my open palm. He then walked to the opposite side of the room and lit a match. Immediately, my palm felt a burning sensation and I had black soot on my palm. A few nights after I told him my arm hurt and he whispered something and said I would be okay. What was this?

    29. My boyfriend, well now ex, mother did brujeria on him to separate him from me. She placed a new girl in his eyes that she feels is perfect for him. I’m going insane. I’ve had feelings of being choked while in sleeping and only the Lord’s Prayer helped me out of it. A voice whispered in my ear telling me this is your karma. I tried to tell him to stop talking to that girl and he doesn’t listen. He thinks I’m being jealous of a friend. I’m getting sicker every day. I’m losing my will to live.

    30. I feel that witchcraft is being practice to me and my boyfriend I easily get angry at him. Most of the time I’m sad I have dreams of people dying or doll or nighmares that I can’t stand sometimes I feel I suffer from depression . Moving over my boyfriend had ex girlfriend it seemed she was obsessed with him she would tell him her mom knew how to do witchcraft idk if that was her intension if he left her and now saying she has a baby of him and that can’t be possible because it’s been more than a year he hasn’t seen her. She tries to ruin our lives. And what’s more weird about it is that woman underwear have appearing in my boyfriends room they are really dirty. And one of them is stained with period blood. He was also shocked to see them. He talked to his mom about it saying is somebody doing this purposely or what’s happening then the mom told him she thought they were mine but they weren’t I was like why would he have my underwear so I went to see them they didn’t looked like the ones I wear. We are just keeping questioning ourself what’s happening why are they appearing and with period blood?and there’s 4 the mom saw 2 more under his bed but when she wanted to look for them they were not there no more. Please get back too me I don’t know that to think what is its really something bad.

    31. Mislatoya,

      I can relate to you on so many levels, interesting reading the posts. I get attacked everyday, it’s the world we live in. For me it started about 12 years ago family/friend jealousy and I was very young. But now I’ve learnt how to ask for spiritual protection.
      It’s true you can’t just get cleared and hope it never comes back because it will. Magician stop at nothing until you defeat them, and I’ve defeated many.

      • Thank you for your feedback. It was nice of you to share your experience as it is very helpful and beneficial and I really do appreciate that. It helps others and those in particular to learn, and it also shows confirmation as to what is possible and as to what is actually going on within the world. A lot of us are and/or have been affected and we need to have awareness and offer our possible solutions, especially when we share a common thread in which connects us together.

      • You should be very careful in consulting a voodoo doctor if you choose to, you cannot trust everyone. If possible, get a reading from a Yoruba priestess or a Babalawo, or a Curandera or Santero whatever your preference feel them out and then use your best judgment, however, always be cautious.

      • I need a voodoo Dr as well asap. While traveling in new Orleans 4 years ago I was in Marie laveaus house of voodoo and accidentally touched something on her shrine. A very serious sign was above her shrine stated do not touch or u will be cursed. However, by accident needless to say I’ve had hell in my life ever since. It’s just me Jen and my 6 yr old son the things I experience and I believe my son feels it also as its gotten stronger its hell!! Can anyone offer any suggestions or help please

    32. Hello, now a days a spirit is doing sex with me, i can clearly feel it. I calculated my past life , then found some symptom of black magic and spirit around me. Sometimes i feel that these spirits are helping me, but my life was not good from last 15 years and according to hindu i was affected by saturn . Any expert advice on all this?

      • No spirit that tries to have sex with you is trying to help you in anyway whatsoever. You need a deep spiritual cleansing and you need to be aligned and in balance with the universe.

    33. Mechanisms Used Through The Use Of Black Magic/Witchcraft To Control One
      Posted on March 26, 2013 by misslatoya

      In my own true words:

      There are all types of people in the world. All have their own different kinds of personality, attitudes, and demeanor.

      As many people are unique and distinct within their own specific ways most people tend to be the same in the many of other ordinary ways when it comes down to socialization.

      From an early age we as people are trained on how to interact with other people, how to cope with the cohabitation of the world and with society.

      We are taught the basics of how to greet and to treat other people, how to respect and to be courteous toward other people, how to share with and how to accept from other people then how to mingle and to become engaged with other people.

      However, what happens when one naturally does not want to behave or conduct themselves in the modes that are deemed standard or appropriate?

      Every human individual cannot adapt to being trained or conveniently cultivated into something that they are not just to suit, or to meet the needs and demands of a swayed world and society.

      A world and society that predominantly caters to familiarity to what primarily is within the general standpoint.

      I know that I cannot and will not properly adjust to the things that are foreign to me without a bit of conflict and protest. I stand up for what I believe in and what I do not agree with at no matter what the cost may be.

      If I were to give in to the specific moral or social requirements that innately are not of and within me then I would be giving up my true identity.

      I am not an individual to compromise myself or any of my own set of rules and standards just to please or pacify anyone else.

      Who has the authority to dictate to me how I should go about living or conducting my affairs within the certain orderly fashions?

      A lot of people who refuse to go along with the programs that are designed by government or religious law are usually reprimanded and condemned, blatantly considered as an outcast.

      Attacks are deliberated then made upon their character some even suggesting that these particular people were not raised or brought up correctly due to their parental guardians or environment, any and everything to disguise what is really at the root of the problem, the matter at hand, which is nothing more than the loss of control the inability to cause fear in one, the inability to influence, the inability to bribe, the inability to manipulate, the inability to coerce.

      Too many people may have gotten offended or may have gotten their feelings hurt by some one who behaved too standoffish, spoke too much of their opinions, or who spoke too much of the truth.

      There are numerous reasons behind what can get certain people up in arms and ready to underhandedly retaliate.

      Nevertheless, when people fail at the psychological techniques of game playing by toying with another person’s mind they resort to the filthy and despicable.

      When they do not succeed in trying to play on a person’s insecurities, or in trying to initiate a person into having insecurities, they then try to divert and tarnish by unnatural force.

      A great deal of the world and society are under the influence and are being affected by evil black magic/witchcraft without even realizing it. Black magic is a negative form of magic that is derived from types of voodoo and witchcraft.

      There is the positive side as well as the negative side within all aspects of life and the supernatural is no exception.

      Not all voodoo or hoodoo (rootwork) is bad or negative. White magic/white witchcraft is done for positive and for good purposes.

      As a person born of the caul/veil I innately possessed occult power that I had naturally utilized through my own Yoruba spirituality. I am an authentic and original voodoo priestess who does not follow the many general standardized traditional modes of worship.

      I have that old time unique and potent power that I inherited through my beautiful family lineage of gifted priestesses. Which from an early age partly accounted for the evil black magic/brujeria that had constantly been done unto me.

      I am protected as I venerate my ancestors and orishas yet there are many people out in the world who are very vulnerable and susceptible to such harsh and vile attacks.

      Many things that appear normal and that appear to be a natural part of life are actually just indeed the interference of universal spirits, forces, and energies.

      Supernatural influences that affect then maintain people’s circumstances, their situations, their minds, and their actions.

      I have noticed a lot of things that go on that do not make any kind of sense, things that in my opinion give no reasonable explanation for certain behavior and circumstance.

      However, those who may be of the same mentality or who may be involved in the same predicament will make agreeable rationalizations with one another, agreements that only make complete sense amongst their own type of crowd.

      A sad fact, but a true one, is that most will go after the intelligent and productive people of the world who are strong, honest, and upstanding, because they have the power or ability to positively influence and make a significant change within the world and society.

      I too often do not hear of people using evil black magic to apprehend and destroy the child molesters, rapists, and murderers of the world. However, they are quick to want to cause destruction to some innocent soul that they are jealous, envious, or intimidated by.

      Our world and societies have many unresolved issues and discoveries that need to be dealt with and dug into.

      Corruption is everywhere and the government also has a deviant hand in greed when it comes to control through the use of evil black magic/witchcraft.

      Conjure is put into the things that we eat and drink, on our accessories, by our personal touch and belongings, through our names and dates of birth. And, so on.

      As more and more people in particular are aware of how much of an intrusion that evil black magic is on the quality of life there should be a severe intolerance for these malicious burdens and blockages.

      Positivity is indeed stronger than any form of negative deprivation.

      Nevertheless, it takes a strong action just as well as a powerful reflective thought or meditation to attract a serious alternation.

      Various measures contribute to the victorious defeat of those who connive through the cowardice mechanisms of evil black magic/witchcraft.

      Whatever action that is spiritually appointed to one should always be done out wholeheartedly and sufficiently.

      Any designated mission that is carried on with zeal and consistency guarantees the absolute win of each and every triumph that will never be overturned.

    34. I think my uncle’s wife and others might have been cursed me and my family by this! I am 23 years old and I don’t know myself anymore I think I might have lost my soul also I have no memory, even of the day before I don’t know what to do people had always been jealous of me when I was younger so I think they did this evil thing to me please help me

      • Hello, its mainly bad eye what you have … the way you have described about jealousy ..i would consider you to refresh your self.. by staying positive, keeping in mind you have something better then the others, visit the ocean mostly sit there and think positive.. stare at the waves.. keep low and away from people who envy you for a few weeks… everything will be ok then

    35. Hi , i believe im a victim of voodoo magic. Female i am, my body parts (genitalia, heart, and brain) have been attacked an painful. i hear their voices, smell the bretah, and feel forces trying nto push me. i do not know these people. i dont know what they have that i own, maybe a bloody pad, or some clothing ive thrown away before. or probably looked into my eyes, I hear them say “im feeling good” mantra and the man’s breath stinks bad. forces me to breath his breath, i think they have cursed me at age 20 (im 19) that i would die. Im a virgin and within 4 days i have felt physical pain . I believe they have been attached to me for some years. When i breath theyre trying to take my breath away, i also feel my body trying to be controlled. i have prayed to god, connected with jesus asked for forgiveness and have felt them struggle under me. i just need advice on how to fight it.

    36. Hi, I need advice. I Had an ex who practices voodo. I have been experiencing headaches. Interrupted sleep, dreams of being killed blocked dreams and dreams of Dirty places, waking up itching,long period or none unsure if its my birth control or what? I have a few brusies on my thighs and have for some time my leg goes numb often. Im depressed not myself. Can’t seem to get ahead. I’m even afraid it may have been used to concieve my child. I’m scared don’t know if I should even have her around him. Help me please is this what i think it is? Is what he says true? Does he have voodo on me?

    37. i am an ex back slid Christian Im finding cockroaches upside down in my room here and their in the house. But its been ongoing since 2013. I dreamt about tons of black critters ranging from snakes, scorpions , cockroaches ,bugs, soiders, and unknown small critters. Ever since then my father shows in my life a lot. Even when I am trying to make it on my own. He seems to convince people he is my hero. (ewww) he comes from a background of incest. My grandma is both my aunt and grandma. My grandpa is both my 2nd cousin and grandpa. My father then is my 3rd cousin and father. This goes deeper. My mother knows a witxh that has a dressing store and she is very powerful i seen how her alpearance changed and i see richness from evildoing right thru her! I wont say her name or store. But i beleieve it was to that specific witch that my mom went to inorder to find out that my father was still cheating on her after 5years of infidelity. We live where we do now so to get away from that…but go figure it still went on. I believe its not going on now for sure because my mom probably cast a spell on my father because she maneuvers him to her desire. Its sad in a way because my father needs to ask permissikn when he can use the guitar. (for example) he would use it when cheating on her. Well baxk to my story my mom began to unexplainably have this OBSESSION with who i was becoming then that i was hitting puberty. I was in the praise and wirship team and after a year or so i began to honeslty be VERY POPULAR in my church and even in the streets…unknown peoole would know me !! But I ALWAYS gave MY GOD the praise and the glory and my psrents eould get UPSET thatvI wouldnt lift them in up in praise. Over the years it went from ill call myslef “sassy” you sing so beautiful! to no wonder youbsing so beautiful youvget it from your mom…” when at homr i had specifically told my mom that i would never gove her the praise and thr glory ESPECIALLY since she would physically and verbally abuse me. She went as farvas to smesr my reputation in church to the piloint where i was asked to resign. I now correlate the negative black complaint she has against me and he she says that she will never sing like me…i can go on and on its been 20something yrs of abuse and crazy making to the point where now counselors are debating whether to label me psychotic because i think she is out to get me or drop it and call it a misunderstanding. Its bad roght now. My husband is getting to the point of considering me. But really i notice how my mother has triangulatedband conquered and divided me and my husband she would even ask him out to dinner “joking” while behind his back she was always slandering his name to everyone. Bottom point i SEE THINGS HAPPENING i cany be that mom I once was ! I am blocked i am misinterpreted. Considered a fake and someone to watch out for oh my and i keep seeing pennies and cock roaches i read cockroaches a re a sign of poverty!!! Go figure im ALWAYS broke!!! Jobs are mean to me theybjust talk tonmy psrents and theirbentire demeanor changes towards me! Bad.y father always tries to twll me that i need him thatvi cant make life without him. He is always used to twll my partner when we were lving together that I am the prettiest daughter thatbi remind him of my mom. One time i woke up in the moddle of the noght and i saw demonic eyes staring st me and it was my mother!!!! Just staring at me i felt a woosh of fear and coldness. Ilthey always tell me thatmost of the times satan succeeds in breaking relatiknhsips up and that anger didnt allow my cousin to marry and its lije these are her curses over my life she says she is the only that can handle me so etimesbibquestion myslef if she is bi. And sometumes i question myslef if my father sees me more than just abdailughter go figure customers refer to me as his wife and i say ohhh never thats just my father

      • Hi RQ,

        I empathize with u, I have experienced most of what you’ve been going through. Please let me know if you got the necessary help. I’d like to connect with you.

        God Bless

    38. The only Black magic voodoo going on here is the complete butchering of the English language. Every one wants to point something out as a cause for their problems because it makes life easier. When i was 15 years old I could spell better and word things better than 90% of these posts. These are all little naive kids or typical Americans with bad schooling. Maybe start learning how to read and write and expanding your vocabularies before you try to address your “spiritual” problems that may or may not be all in your head. haha some food for thought. This comment section is gold for revealing how uneducated the majority of people are. I have most of these symptoms but thats just life people, its not easy, as you get older u feel more and more pain. Im sorry to say but this is proof of brainwashed religious people who arent even educated properly and go through life following a god because it makes things easier.

      • What a ignorant fuck! Seems more like the one who is genuinely “bitter”, “naive”, “uneducated” and “unable to cope with the realities of life”. The comment is so transparent. There will always be stupid assholes who try to retaliate or downplay when they are inadequate and are defeated at their own game.

        While I do agree that the majority of people in the world are ignorant in general I definitely am not one of them. And If any of that bullshit is pertaining to me I will give you a definite run for your money!!!

        I, LaToya, am highly knowledgeable and educated and would literally massacre you with my intellect and spirituality but I highly doubt that you would be worth my time!

    39. Hi,
      I suspect my family is cursed by someone and we are facing a lot of struggles.
      Can you please tell me how to come out of the curse?

    40. I have been tired, depressed, and not myself. I loved keeping my house clean, I loved going to church every Sunday, I loved cooking, I lived washing dishes n washing clothes. I loved being active and now all I want to do is lay around and do nothing. Im sad and feel like I dont car, I dont like being around people when i did. This is not my normal self.

    41. Hi, I was not not sure what was happening it’s been going on for about 2 months at first it was as if a spirit was around me but things have gotten way worse and fast, I also have a 8 month old baby that is exp. This as well sometimes it is if I’m being stung by a bee there’s many things that happen but it’s gotten to the point where me and my child’s hair is breaking of all around the face frame, also we have been having teeth issues and constant sickness. He keeps getting ear infections now I seen the letter x everywhere and numbers outlines of animals and faces sometimes it feels like a chemical burn on my skin. When I get this feeling my son always points it seem like it’s something to do when the lights are turned on. I’m not sure but there’s something going on and it’s hurting me and my children can anyone please tell me how to stop this. Please help a concerned mom.

      • Dear misslatoya, i had all of the above symptoms of severe magick done to me, my family behaved like demons, i have seen Lucifer with my own eyes. God and prayers do no-thing to him. I am an indigo child and somehow managed to survive all of this. I am just asking YOU to use your intuition and tell me how do i get rid of all of that. Thank YOU.

        • I do know how to get rid of all of that garbage from your life and how to block it too, however, that does not mean that you will never be attacked again but you will be protected and not going through what you have been prior.

          As gifted people and good people in general we are always going to toss back and forth with evil/negativity that is just the way the world is right now, it is a spiritual battle.

          It takes more than just someone like me helping you though, you have to help yourself. Your mind and lifestyle has a lot to do with everything how you take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.

          You have to first question what and who you actually do believe in and if that is really of you, or is it just something that you have adopted because it is mainstream or what is just accepted. I cannot tell you what god/deity and spirituality to follow because I do not want it to seem like I am trying to brainwash or manipulate you because I definitely am not but obviously who you’ve mentioned in your comment is not working out for you.

          You need a strong spiritual foundation along with confidence and knowledge within yourself and of your gifts if you truly have them as an Indigo then meditate and get into connection with the universe so that you can truly be guided to who you need to be celestially unified with in order to conquer all evils that may be surrounding and hassling you.

    42. I m feeling second stage of blak magic done on me , 5 month before me & my one friend disided to start bissnes in partnership , i had done the cource of confectinary chocolates making, my frnd intrested in it , i wait for ligal documentation for bissiness , and he wants my recipies & ideas gor bissness after some time i fill he just fulling me , and starts sepret bissnes ,without my permition , but as he is my friend i forgive him , but stoping to give ideas for my bissness , from that time i filling some symptoms of this denger , in 5 month two times i go for suicide on railway track , but return , i had denghrus dreems , i fill something moving in my stomoc, rather that we mate everday , he looks in eyes very straight ,& headach stars , my mony forgoted for no reson , my comlexion get darker wich i noticed earlier , pleas please please show me the way …i m feeling stress ,i cant sleep

    43. For the past two years my hair has stop growing at all and i’m just hungry all the time I have gain so much weight and two people I know believe in stuff like this and they are Very jelious of me regardless of how nice I have been to them I not longer deal with them but i’ve never been this big or hair would not grow back at all!! I use to walk now I just dont have or feel like. Thats not normal for me

    44. I have Singh Boyfriend every time we met he never forget to touch my head it’s like he whispering something while touching my head..the first
      Time he does this to me was suddenly me head ache a bit then every time we see each other he always touch/massage many even if he is cheating on me I can’t leave him I love him so much even if I want to break up with this sign that he do black magic to me!

        • thats utter crap…… people when they meet the singh specially they pray for better happiness when they touch the head… lol nice bullshit reply u giving .. am a reader my self n i know all this

    45. Well it all started when I met my wife for some reason my mother never like her we had been experiencing parnomal stuff in our apartment so my mom took us one day to a Mexican herb place and she told me lets get your cards read so I was like OK then after that she bought a candle with Santa murete on it and said lit it not soon after that my wife got sick has cancer there is always something wrong and the Dr don’t seem to understand y someone so young has all these type of problems and about a year ago I was in a rollover accident with the company I was at for 2 years after that I lost my job lost my house my stomach looks like I’m 7 months pregnant battling substance abuse me n my wife are having problems fighting I suspect she is cheating on me its like a gut nagging feeling and I have never thought that about here my kids are different its so much I can I say I just need help or tobget sent in the right direction please for my family that I don’t want to lose thank you

    46. I suffer from black magic, it all happed when i met this guy and i got to know him for a long time i was having problems at home so i moved out. he was there for me everyday with anything i needed, i found out he had two kids and i was shoked but i couldnt leave him then he told me he isnt with the woman and she moved out and he wanted to take me to meet his mum. after a couple of months i found out he has another baby to the same woman and that he is still married to her, i was so upset my head went so bad and i know his wife moved out just after i moved out of home and she took the three sons with her. His mum seemed to like me and i made big mistake i ate food and drank from ther house abd all of a sudden she just turned agaisnt me his mum and his wife did black magic on me. my ex cheated on me so many times he kept going back and sleeping with her aswel and i loved him so much i kept letting him off now im 7months pregnant to him with his first daughter and his wife cant take it i hate all of them they did black magic on me i cant eat properly i cant get up out of bed somedays and i never go outside i hate it ive got nothing they ruined my life and ill always hate them for this and i read namaz nothings working i dont know wat to do

    47. Over 15years ago back in 1994 I was working for colonial Williamsburg foundation in the auto movtive shop , I was feeling unnatural my belly feeling funny didn’t know what was going on with my self my belly was big , felt like something was messing with me , was getting short of breath my hairs would stick out straight belly so one day I went to k mart store as I was walking towards the store this lady was coming out the store and handed me her card , so waited a few days and called her and set up and appointment to see her , but when I got there found out someone put roots on me and my wife , it took nine years and 33,000 to get some of the most powerful roots off of me , filling jars half full of water , taking the jar to her when time after it has been sitting in a old shoe , then I will bring the jars the days she say come over , I have seen with my two eyes the works , and what had Revealed was scary

    48. Hello
      I am suffering with strange problem that every body come to know what I am thinking even a stranger also.Is it a black magic on me .If then who might have done it on me .How can I come out of it.
      Give me the solution.
      With regards

        • This is happening to me. But everyone can read my thoughts. And I can hear them. I am not sure if it’s really them at times. It could be demons through them. But this is very real. Help.

    49. my mom was cleaning out the kitchen cabinet and she found a small bag tied 2 times with a strand of my hair and some green looking type of ashes. the green looking substance is in dust form and clumped into rocks. i am not sure what this is all about. is this black magic, i am really scared.

    50. Hi suddenly i am having pain on my shoulder n arms it really hurts at night i feel so weak pl tell me if theres medical problems or something else.

    51. my hair falls out I get in my arms and my legs and I forget things even I get back pains sometimes I have trouble walking and trying and I see dead people walking around.The doctor does not find anything at all he thinks I’ m not all there. I not have any money , I have $100 only pay the dr bills that’s all I have. If you can help me in any thing I would like that . Thank you Maria 😊

      • No charge for what I say here. Just ignore whatever that is happening. It is not real. Take your mind to someplace outside the door in the room you are in. Take your mind to someplace else. All troubles will go away, promise.

      • Voodoo, black magic, and the like are a very real and serious thing. And if indeed this is what you are going through a medical doctor will not detect it and many will be ignorant in their diagnosis as describing your problems as being related to other things when indeed you do know better. And I am sure there will be some who would be quick to label you as crazy-go with what you know and pay the personal opinions of others regarding you no mind at all.

    52. Something terrible might be happening in my house and I need to know if this is all in my head or if somethings really going down.. Can someone please help?

      • Well
        I guess its only in your head
        Well life gets hard on us sometimes and if it wont then its not a life worth living i guess
        Just take it easy
        May GOD bless you

      • It is definitely not necessarily all in one’s head. One should always weigh out all matters of concern, have an open and strong reasonable mind. If something is not right look into it and take it from there. Demonic forces and energies are a definite trigger and a definite factor that is and has been taking place in the lives of many. Do not be oblivious or misled by liars or assholes who endeavor to persuade due to either their own ignorance or due to their own negative motives!

    53. Hi I was just laying there and I couldn’t move couldn’t talk nothing scream u was scared like a demon was on top of me… I’m so scared someone help me.. And after. That I threw up and feel like shit help!!!!

      • Hey,
        Calm down
        The same thing happened to me 2 years ago
        Nothing to worry about as its a very common phenomenon
        Science defines this phenomenon as Sleeping Paralysis
        And almost every person experience it for atleast once in their lifetime
        Hope i helped

      • Yes, that is true, there is a such thing as sleep paralysis I have experienced it many times in life myself, however, it is not always a “scientific” explanation or physical or psychological incident as it is definitely also caused by certain spiritual disturbances and interference ( demonic forces, voodoo, black magic etc… ) in certain instances. Some people I notice (commentors) are intentionally trying and attempting to mislead and deter others who are actually going through and experiencing the affects/effects of supernatural accounts from knowing the truth.

        If they can keep you in the dark they think that they will be able to keep doing it ( evil/dirt ) while getting away with it. It is okay to weigh out all outlooks/views/expressions/opinions/experiences but always remember to think for yourself and to use your own competent ( It is completely okay to think outside the box-With me “there is no box”! I am totally free and unique in thoughts and action ) judgment. Don’t ever allow yourself to be cunningly manipulated or brainwashed when you know what is really and actually happening and going on!

      • Omg the same thing happens to me all the time what you can do is go to a church and get a spray bottle and fill it up witj holy water make sure u spray ur body everynight before bed i swear this really works it protects you from demonic spirits


    55. I live with my boyfriend’s grandparents, and today after cleaning out her room his grandma found an unlabeled small plastic blue bottle with an unknown substance inside. It looked powdery like crushed up pills but not completely fine enough to be pills. It was under her bed and she just recently got her bed within the last year, so it was placed there within that time because she didn’t see it before. She has no idea what it is and does not ever remember having anything like this. She thinks maybe her daughter in law did something because she has a history of witchcraft, and is Navajo. She hates her daughter in law and the D-I-L is honestly an evil person who has a history of being sexually abused and has been known to hit her children on multiple occasions.

    56. ma ex otok me to a supposed santaria ceramony in orlando fl. i loved him felt obbsessed which was weird i just don’t do that anyway they sum high priest took some of my blood hair and shirt plus a pic. of me and told me my aura plus energy was almost overpowering i thought this was good religion but now i see horrible dead people who play jokes on me torment me for help constantly try talking and bothering me ive been helsinki hostage raped robbed overdosed on drugs woke up in hospital im sick no motivation for life just crazy plus have all dreams od falling off empire state building can’t remember ana other dreams and i always used to remember this just appened two weeks ago and its been nothing but bad since please anyone someone help me. i want whatever going on to stop these bruses appered on my inside thighs and my pussy has some weird discharge but dr says im clean no std what the hell is happeing to me im scared all the time now and these dead people are always around bugging me

    57. Hi, I think I have been cursed/hexed? I have been single and unable to get and keep a man since 2009, after I broke up with an ex who cheated on me. I am good looking but men won’t look at me like they used to and it seems to have gotten worse over the past 2-3 years. Now it seems like I can’t even keep friends and/or build relationships with other females. It seems like nobody likes me and look at me like they see something I don’t see when I look in the mirror. Another thing, the only men I seem to attract are bisexual men. I feel very disconnected to people and life and I don’t know why. I think something is seriously wrong. Please help me figure this out and fix it. Thank you.

    58. What does it mean when you go through a string of bad luck. My husband has lost important things 3 times since we started doing well as a couple. We just moved into an apartment together. We just got a new car and yesterday he got 2 tickets on the same block. Just last night, someone broke into the car and stole everything he needs for his new job, including his IDs again. Also, our son has recently had asthma attacks more often. He was just hospitalized last week. Not sure if this is all related. Please help me and my family

    59. I think i may be a victim. Everything in my life has went wrong. I lost my job my car and my marriage. I have weird dreams. Also i jump up out of my sleep often thinking snakes are in my bed. I feel suicidal and depressed. Please help me

    60. Hi this sounds all crazy but while in the Caribbean I had this crazy dream. I was in a dark place walking around but I knew where to step and what not too step on . I felt more like I was searching for something or someone. Then I could see this lady who was one of the housekeepers at the resort I was at . She had this little girl who was like a rabid zombie tied to a chain like a dog. I approached the two and the little zombie girl bit my pinky and index fingers off. I remember thinking about how mad I was about it like I couldn’t believe this little thing bit me. Then I backed away and left. This is just weird to me and I keep thinking about it . Plus I usually don’t dream much or remember them like this . What do u make of it?

      • Please don’t make much of any dreams. Dreams are the result of your nerves clashing into each other during deep sleep period. When these nerves clash the memories attached to the nerves cling to create a scene you will be surprised when you wake up, as totally unrelated scenes tie up together because of these clashes. Ignore and proceed further. Take a coffee before sleeping some nights.

        • Black magic’s are very serious problem some black magic’s are very powerful then other how to protect from black magic’s When you sleep light a candle or lamp next to you to burn for the whole times you sleep and wear a religious amulet or symbol or pic around the neck all the times and record and play religious praying from internet continually while sleeping and awake and read religious book and continue praying before go to sleep the method I wrote above would reduce the effect of the black magics and continue do researching on the internet on how to protect yourself from black magic’s and you have to do a lots of researching on the internet whenever possible because black magic’s and curses is very serious problem it can destroy your life and turn everyone against you if you continue do research on the internet you might come across a very helpful advice or method to prevent black magic’s people can use black magic’s dreams and other black magic’s methods to control people around you like your relatives or friends so they would fight you and say bad things about you if your under black magic’s curses explain and write to people around you like your friends and relatives and explain them how the black magic’s work and how it can affect them like I have done here so they would understands you instead of fighting you Beware of black magic’s dreams they are meant to cause problems between you and your friends and relatives example in your dream your friend is doing black magic’s and making you angry in a very convincing ways and in your friend dreams your doing black magic’s in a very convincing way and doing things to make him angry and you would think your friend doing black magic’s against you and your friend would think you’re doing black magic’s against you you and your friend both would fight but the black magic’s is done by a different person to cause problems among you and your friends and relatives other example is in order to cause problems between husband and wife the husband would have dreams his wife cheating with other people and husband would believe the dreams and get angry with his wife and the person who doing the black magic’s would probably spread rumours the wife is cheating so the husband would believe I’m writing this so black magic’s would not cause problems among people I’m a victim of black magic’s and curses for long times and it turned everyone against me and made me do things I would not do and made people angry and based on my experience and what I read from internet I know how the black magic’s work the black magic’s dreams are meant to cause problems or misdirect you or trick you using powerful black magic’s sprites black magician can make you dream any dreams he want and take anyone form in your dreams it can be your relatives or friends or any people and the good people do good black magic’s to protect people and make you dreams to help you or warn you but the bad people can some time pretend to be good people in your dreams to trick you and people can use black magic’s to make you think of negatives things you don’t think example you started to think your friend is a bad person or thinking of calling him names and think he is doing bad things against you so people can use black magic’s to plant thoughts on your mind so you would say things you would not say or do things you would not do so it would cause problems for you and your friends please write your experience with the black magic’s and how its caused problems to you and how you were able to prevent black magic’s and how you think the black magic’s you encounter work write it on the internet and in the comment sections on the internet and like I have done here it would help other people who is suffering from black magic’s and please copy this and paste on other internet pages like I have done here and send it your friends and let your friends know about it it would definitely help

          • Very good input and very truthful knowledge. You have used this platform in a very smart and beneficial way to those in particular who are uninformed and/or to those in particular who may need more confirmation.

            I applaud you Joe!!!

      • Dreams are and can be a result of many different things and a lot of the time the results are of the subconscious but at the same time there are genuine “precognitive” dreams and they absolutely do have true meaning where messages and direction/guidance are involved. Pay close attention to your dreams! And remember that evil people can also interfere in dreams through spiritual manipulation.

        If you are a person who has precognitive dreams coffee or tea is a bad thing because the caffeine can prevent the dreams from coming through. So stay away from the beverage prior to or at all if possible.

    61. I have had these things happening to me for almost two years now. Originally, I am from England, but have been living in Kenya since I married my husband. I live with his whole family which consists of his father, mother, two brothers and their wives and their three children. It was already a nightmare living in such a large family, especially when you are a newlywed, but I didn’t know what was to come. One of my husbands sister in laws is from Tanzania. The whole family hold british passports apart from her, and when I came to the house, she tried everything in her power to put me off living there and tried to make me go back home and break my marriage. In 2014, I used to zone out from myself and do things which I never used to remember, which would of course turn the whole family against me, as I would do things like drink a lot of alcohol (without even remembering) also I don’t even drink that much as a person. My husband would find tobacco packets in my bags and pockets, which I didn’t remember putting there, and I have never smoked or had any form of tobacco in my life as far as i can remember. Once in September 2014, things got so bad that I felt like I had been sleeping for a week, when in fact something had taken over my body and was speaking to family members. My husband told me he knew it wasn’t me as it had red eyes and was speaking in a different voice, telling them that it had been sent to kill me and finish me off and was twisting my body parts around. I don’t remember any of this, apart from waking up feeling very sore and numb all over. This has happened many times, and I have been taken to spiritual healers here in Kenya who have healed me, but this keeps coming back. All of these healers have indicated that it is my husbands sister in law who keeps doing this as she is jealous of me and doesn’t want me in the house. They have all indicated to my in laws that they should allow their sons to move out into their own homes, even if it means that the houses are right next door – but I need to away from this woman. None of the family believe that my sister in law is responsible for this as the healers have said that her parents in Tanzania have put a blinding spell on them all.

      I never believed in any of this until I started going through it myself. Now I am stuck here in Kenya with a evil pregnant woman trying to kill me in these malicious ways. I am constantly feeling negative, even had suicidal thoughts and my relationship with my husband is deteriorating. Nothing is being done about her, and I can feel myself breaking down each day. It would be nice to have other peoples opinions on this matter and anyone else if they are going through the same.

      • Hi can you help or offer advice please, I strongly believe in god but at the moment I think someone is using a voodoo doll to hurt me I have pains all over needle marks all over in my head my back my side you name it. I feeling as if am gonna fall over when I stand up I have terrible headaches. How can I break the spell of this voodoo doll

    62. I had a dream about me standing on a canyon and jumped and woke up a split second before I hit the canyon floor

    63. I had this dream sunday night ive been very unsettled by it it was in a very dark dirty place all i no i was running for my life and as the man was chasing me he was putting voodoo on me from when i woke up at 3am ive not settled it has truly messed with me and this aint the first time from when ive had them i tired all the time feel like doing nothing what so ever

    64. Hi this may sound weird the other day i was in a store parking lot and a guy grom india approached me and told me things about about my life that are true and i was shocked how could he know all these things? What really aurprised me was that he told me someone had done black magic to me and also told me who this person Was . Im very confused he said someone gave me ashes from a dead person.. Ive been having all these symptoma im scared

      • Please help. I think someone has done black magic on my husband.
        Last month before he went home to his parents for vacation he was fine..When I saw him after one month he has changed. He is not intimate with me although we used to be very intimate and is very irritable and has sudden outbursts of anger. One time he even hit me and his mother collapsed while he broke glasses and was shouting at the top of his voice. every night he walks the street, going from place to place not staying long anywhere. He told him he feels like he cannot find peace anywhere and he feels trapped. he has no desire to work and feels depressed. he rarely expresses any emotions. when the anger takes over, his face completely changes. his eyes become very dark and i can feel the anger. our marriage is on the rocks here and i dont know what to do. please help. last night he told me he feels like jumping out the window. i dont want to lose my baby. please help

      • They killed my mom but I don’t wanna hurt her she’s my nephews mom. I’m so hurt my heart can’t take it. My mom was tough but she meant well

    65. Sir, Whatever explained has been experienced by me for past 2 and a half years. Now strong itching along with something crawling below skin during nights is terrible, no sleep, bad dreams, pin needle like pains, etc i am totally confused if it is black magic or health problem. Taken all medical test but all negative result. Please help. Expecting your reply. With warm regards, Saraswathy

    66. Hi I having prblm with my bf I was living with he his parents don’t like me they go to a madrasmandir n take him away they make my family hate him I want him back as my husband plz help me

      • I read your effects of Voodoo and I believe I am a victom, several yrs ago my immune system went down and I was attacked by all kinds of diseases, I continued to pray, fast, use the word of God, because it was unexplained and doctors didn’t know why I couldn’t get better but I am doing better, I pleaded the Blood of Jesus over me and ask God for protection. Do you have any suggestion for me to see some one that you know, so I can really be free from this attack? I live in Gaineseville, GA and I am a Pastor of a church, now all this happen when I lived in Savannag, GA were I started out Pastoring and my finances is want come up, please help

    67. What does it mean when you fined a bunch of needles stabbed at the crouch area mainly the pinnes a males underwear … please somebody anybody do u know what this means…..?

    68. Hi, I really need your help. I believe black magic is being used on me. I am experiencing symptoms of the initial stage of black magic and lately been sick and under the care of a doctor. I graduated from nursing school over a year ago and yet to get a job. I can’t get any money to help my family or do anything positive . Please, please help me!!!! I’m tired of this.

      • Hi, I have some Brazilians doing Black Magic to me, my life since I moved to northern California they are like the devil. All the symptoms above in this article they are doing to me. I am wondering when some one will pass a law to put these people in jail. They are worse than terrorists.

    69. I am a victim of black magic nd jst fed up of all this many times I jst feel toh dir due to small reasons all tha symptoms above really match to the things happening to me plz suggest what should I do

      • in my opinion we all should register our case with the police, someone need to do something, those people cannot continue ruin the lives of families. My case started 8 month ago, and i am tired and sick of those Brazilians doing black magic here in Northern California. We have to pray every day, maybe God can help us stop them. They are evil, I am deeply sad that they are doing it to me, making my life miserable. They put people to follow you everywhere you go, make faces, cut of in front of you when you are driving on the streets. I cannot sleep well, they disturb your sleep night. I feel shock while I am trying to sleep. They keeping telling me that they won’t stop until they kill me. Everything started when I was staying with a friend in San Francisco and I started seeing my friend not sleeping well, putting extra chair behind the doors,looking like she was scared. But she never told me anything that was going on with her. She invited me to go to the Center Spirit Golden Gate. Until today I am trying to find out why they are to kill me with the black magic. All my friends from SF now don’t talk to me. I am guessing those people invented histories about me to tell them. I met one of my friend to ask her why she doesn’t want to talk to me, she said I cannot say anything, please do not talk to me anymore. Can someone here help me? Black Magic is evil, is the worse thing that someone should do to a human life.

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      • This reply is for YOU and everyone else experiencing a hard time and you are absolutely convinced that it is voodoo or witchcraft that has gotten a hold of you. Below are the steps that must be taken to eliminate ALL of the negative around you and in you that is bringing you misery. Before you read what does things are PLEASE remember what you MUST NOT DO. DO NOT GO TO ANYONE WHO PRACTICES VOODOO OR WITCHCRAFT FOR HELP. These people are covered and are surrounded with negative energy which will transfer to you if you seek them.

        Evil spirits LOVE negativity and stick around when you are depressed and feeling defeated so fight with everything that you have by doing everything listed below and YOU WILL BE VICTORIOUS.

        Things you must do:

        1.Keep your heart pure with love and compassion for all, including animals.

        2.Forgive everyone who has done you wrong.

        3. Keep your body and your home clean.

        4. Chant and pray everyday right before sunrise for 40 days straight. Specific chants provided below.

        5.Ask God to forgive you for all that you have done wrong in your life and mean it.

        6. Burn sage incense daily for a month for about 10 minutes a day.

        7. LISTEN and repeat the I AM from the link listed below daily for 40 days. You just have to repeat the I AM part of chapter one.

        8. Drink only bottled water for ALL of the days of your life, 8 glasses a day if you can to rid of impurities and toxins in your body. The negative can not live where there is goodness and purity.

        9. Take 2 garlic capsules daily with a glass of bottled water..Garlic is a natural antibiotic and very powerful in fighting almost anything that ails you physically and will help to drive some of the negative energy away. Do not take more then 2 daily thinking that it will work faster, if you do it might make you sick.

        11. Do all of the above and try not to tell anyone about it because the less people know your defense the better. You may never know who is behind the VooDoo. They don’t need to know what you are doing to defend yourself.

      • PLEASE remember what you MUST NOT DO. DO NOT GO TO ANYONE WHO PRACTICES VOODOO OR WITCHCRAFT FOR HELP. These people are covered and are surrounded with negative energy which will transfer to you if you seek them.

        Evil spirits LOVE negativity and stick around when you are depressed and feeling defeated so fight with everything that you have by doing everything listed below and YOU WILL BE VICTORIOUS. This is very true for most but not all

        Things you must do:

        1.Keep your heart pure with love and compassion for all, including animals. True love and purity is natural and comes from within. One does not have to have compassion for all.

        2.Forgive everyone who has done you wrong. One does not have to have forgiveness for all who have done wrong to them. To each his or her own.In fact, hatred and/or revenge toward enemies can bring about retaliation through the universe through the laws of attraction and it is very gratifying.

        3. Keep your body and your home clean. Body and home should always be kept clean regardless, however, there are those in particular who do spells to make people’s body spiritually and physically unclean along with their homes that bring about unnatural problems with dust, dirt, insects, water stains and etc… Neither of which exactly makes these people genuinely unclean or nasty people-it is just an unnatural occurrence caused by negativity ( black magic/Voodoo )
        4. Chant and pray everyday right before sunrise for 40 days straight. Specific chants provided below. Chanting repetitively is not necessary and depending on what one chants itself is demonic. Instead true natural continuous positive reflection conveyed through day to day thoughts are enough to bring about change when they are earnest, heartfelt and unwavering-because that will also bring about actions and guidance through the wisdom of the universe if you are on your right path or are trying to find your right path. If you are truly a good person just keep believing and striving and you will “magnetize”!

        5.Ask God to forgive you for all that you have done wrong in your life and mean it.

        “God” is a personal choice. Forgiveness from him for what? God of the bible is not everyone’s truth! He is surely not mine and I am doing just fine!!!

        6. Burn sage incense daily for a month for about 10 minutes a day.
        You do not have to burn no particular shit if you do not want to. Burn any incense or herb “of choice” if it is something that you feel comfortable with and to bring about positive energies/vibrations and drive away negativity.
        7. LISTEN and repeat the I AM from the link listed below daily for 40 days. You just have to repeat the I AM part of chapter one. You ain’t gotta listen and repeat shit for the recognition and publicity of someone else’s bullshit!

        8. Drink only bottled water for ALL of the days of your life, 8 glasses a day if you can to rid of impurities and toxins in your body. The negative can not live where there is goodness and purity. Yes, genuine spring water is very good, healthy and much better for consumption.

        9. Take 2 garlic capsules daily with a glass of bottled water..Garlic is a natural antibiotic and very powerful in fighting almost anything that ails you physically and will help to drive some of the negative energy away. Do not take more then 2 daily thinking that it will work faster, if you do it might make you sick. I’ve been taking garlic tablets for years as a tactic of white magic and as a part of my overall health regimen ( I have been a vegetarian for over twenty years I know all about various supplements to fight all type of things naturally ) and it is true it does drive away evil spirits. You can also boil garlic cloves ( drink the boiled water ) and cook raw garlic with your food.

        All garlic supplements are not in pure form. It is the “allicin” allium sativum which is the antibacterial affect.

        11. Do all of the above and try not to tell anyone about it because the less people know your defense the better. You may never know who is behind the VooDoo. They don’t need to know what you are doing to defend yourself. Keeping your business to yourself is always the better and beneficial way to prevail yet some have ways of finding out certain things through spiritual means though that does not necessarily mean that they are always able to interfere-everything depends on circumstance and situation.

    72. Is odor can be a part of this sittuation
      I chopped down a tree in the back of my yard when I live there for about 2 years as soon as I finished chopped down the tree immediately I smell an odor like poop and a lot of large flies with green and black colors fill up the part of the tree that I chopped, from there I have complain from my job about bad odor, is this possible that I am a victim

    73. Hey,
      I was told by my mother that before 20 years or so, we had a neighbour who used to place strange things on our door steps. For eg. Half cut lemon smeared with red powder. My mom died before 4 years with foams in her mouth (pulmonary idimea). She said she had dreams like “walking on the wall n falling down. N waking up when she was about to reach the ground”. And me and my mom were not on good terms. There has been no peace in our family. I have been not very good at studies. I have also dreamed about falling from buildings. I often come across dreams like l am killing people. Or on a battlefied and getting killed. Also my mouth is dry when I wake up in the morning. And even the girl I love, We are not having a very good relation. Has it something to do with black magic ? Or its just me having dumb thoughts ? Plz help me out. Thanks.

    74. I keep having these terrible dreams about this woman putting voodoo on me!! I can barely sleep at night, my stomaching is bloated & I hardly ever have energy now. What’s going on, btw I’ve had this dream twice about the same woman doing it

    75. I have had a sprit I call brian hes been with me for years he has a probblem he keeps hurting me l Ike spitting on my feet hands makes them itch an it tends to get me really pist.
      Please if you can help oli sleep but csnt sleep he pulls my sleep out of me when I do sleep. An has others do this too. He needs to go where he should be hes been my friend an hes been evil.

    76. Yes I’m experiencing icthing all over and burning on the left foot coughing and choking on spray to the throat it taste like deet or bug spray and oven. Cleaner. I no the name of the person doing it but don’t know were to get help with it

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    78. All the above in this article describes me to the fullest extent. I feel curse by my family mother and etc friends. My mom has 3-to three friends that are in witchcraft and that scares me oh my gosh I just don’t know what to do,!#! . But I feel bad when the fullest moon is here or when they come in my present. I feel there emotions a lot ad I feel bad as if I’m sick or I get this real bad headache and my body tremble. What to do?

      • Latonya Fisher on November 6, 2014 at 2:26 pm said:
        Latoya is your last name Fane ad do you have a aunty name LaTonya Longzetta,Trina if so get with me please

        Reply ↓
        misslatoya on November 12, 2014 at 9:38 am said:
        No, my last name is Lawrence just as my blog is titled. And I have no aunt by the name you’ve mentioned. “Let’s not play silly games!”

        All these types of people do is play the most obvious stupid trifles.

      • It all depends on the circumstances. The effects of Black Magic done on a person can appear gradually or suddenly depending on the situation and the individual, how the spell was conducted, the cooperation of particular dimensions and realms of the universe along with the other elements and factors that may be involved.

        In some cases a person may not be affected by Black Magic at all, however, they can feel the evil (negative energy) around them and discern every intention that is suppose to manifest and may have to fight back through the warnings granted by divine spiritual shields and numerous intangible elevating protections.

    79. I feel like something was done to me by another women I want to get rid of her as soon as possible all because of her ex boyfriend that is my boyfriend now cost and colling tx asking him out I cry almost everyday can’t sleep well she’s killing me slowly I know she play with magic things she’s Colombian I’m a poor woman that lost all in a bad diverse that live pay check by pay check please help me I already try to end my life once thank you

    80. Someone put witch craft on me and my family and i know who they are. They are my neighbors. One of them went around telling everyone that my husband like them. And the other try to make my husband to go by them but husband ignored them and left. He know that they are witches. My husband know this because he hanged around alot of white witches that tells him what the bad witches do. So now they wont leave me alone. They come to my job they walk around the area were im at. They throw spells at me. They do some type of hand spells and it will look like they flicked it at me. They hate me and my kids and want my husband. I had a dream that they wanted my husband. Please can you tell me more about this witchcraft they do. Like the one with the hand spells.

    81. Hi my name is jenny I need your help im not sure what to think or do I feel like my fiance mother is doing something to me for we won’t be together forever or something like that or other person I can think about is my fiance babymama for the past 3 weeks we havent been able to sleep good, we fight so much for no reason and my daughter has been really fussy lately wich thts not her normally and we both work and always end up broke by the end of the week wich is so weird to me idk someone please help wat can I do

    82. I literally CANNOT believe the symptoms and other situations that I read. There so many ways to treat and RID YOURSELF of all spoken about in this thread. The first thing to do is BELIEVE. If you BELIEVE SO STRONGLY that you may be effected by such actions then BELIEVE that you are STRONGER and more POWERFUL. This is the first step!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The second thing is to meditate, pray etc. STILLNESS in thought ie. prayer meditation will allow you to listen to your soul speak and if you are gifted it will open up truths and provide answers to what is really happening to you. Since I was a child I have always been speaking a seeing things and this made me very closed off…………….until I researched my family history. When I did, I began to feel like I was being attacked by the unknown. It may very well be true but what YOU DONT want to do is give your power away to anything nor anyone. I DONT CARE if your hair is taken, candles are lit etc. YOU have the power WITHIN to DESTROY anything that may cause or want to cause harm to you or your loved ones. I choose not to cause harm to those who have sought to do harm to me in order to protect my loved ones and my self but here is the skinny of it all. I have experienced all of the above but only because “I” fed the power of what/who was trying to attack me. I have done it all to try and help myself and they have temporarily worked but the final stamp on getting it done is knowing “YOU CANNOT BE TOUCHED” and REALLY knowing it! I mean like having a walk and smile like what is he/she on lol or a grace/swag like you are floating. Everyones weakness is doubt and fear. Remember we ARE created in his LIKENESS and if you know anything about the bible then you SHOULD KNOW self doubt and FEAR is and can be your greatest demise. Take it from someone with a gift that is not fun at times.

      • Hi cookie, what you said was very reassuring. I too am a very strong believer of the bible and pray every day as I also feel that I am a victim of black magic .Some people act so negatively towards me for no reason and my sleep has been effected pretty bad, I try at all times to think positively about myself and others , I have good days when I am not feeling so sensitive and visa versa. I am now in the process of self healing as I too feel that we all have it in us to get rid of these evil things being done to us. The lord is good.

        • oh my god, I thought I was the only one these things are happening to, from 2012 I have been going through. I now have needles sticking me in my head my stomach my back, I even have the needle marks to show. people are hostile towards me for no reason. my sleep is interrupted my complexion is darkened I have pain all over my body because of these needles my legs and my arm burn me all the time. head constant…………….help would be nice but I am holding the faith I believe in god I read my bible waiting for my deliverance in jesus name pray for me or give some advice on what I can to to help my self

        • Hello Dawn, discovering the remedy is one thing but the repercussions on those whom put people through even the idea of wicked works….. I TRULY FEEL SORRY FOR. Yes, the wicked and the ways do exist but what is amazing remains true, trust in the Lord. I just feel sorry sorry for these people. DON’T FEAR THE PEOPLE THAT CAN DO YOU HARM, FEAR THE ONES THAT, GIVE IT TO GOD, UNCOVER, FIX AND FORGIVE IT. Unfortunately I had to undo and fix my situation via the arts but I wouldn’t dare reverse it. I know my GOD and My lane. Be well!

      • Thx Cookie.Actually I feel much better than last time.I just had a feeling that I’ve been poked with needles this I prayed and meditated.But I still see torn faces of the dead in my head…and my parents still don’t know.

      I AM A STRONG PERSON WITH the armor of God. And WITH the BLOOD OF JESUS AROUND AROUND ME .. PRAYING. . PRAYING. . TELLING MYSELF ,,I am ok and I GOT THIS, you Jealous Bitch. … rebuke. Any evil I spit 3Times. . Garlic. .. I have Faith in you Lord. .. please pertect me and my family.. surround us with the blood of Jesus. Amen.
      Jealousy is a mother fuck . .. I have kids that depend on me, , and I can’t I don’t want too UNDERSTAND WHY? ??IT JUST A FUCKEN SHAME .. ESPECIALLY KNOWING I DID NOTHING TO THIS PERSON. .. TO DESERVE THIS … MY KIDS NEED ME BITCH… LEAVE ME ALONE … AND ALL THAT FOLLOW OR SENT BY HER … STOP!!!!

      • U or doing a very good jab, keep it up, i been to the u.s in 2007 an i cant reach back their , o has my family an cant””’ take care of them becausei cant get a good work, right now am not working , i think wish caft is an me

    84. My two brothers are married to wicked people whom I feel they have place witchcraft on me’ and my mother I don’t trust’ I stayed at her home and woke up with my hair cut’ on one side ‘. And the way she looks at me ‘ not as a mother who loves her only daughter ‘ instead she calls her granddaughter her daughter’ but???? I don’t care’ as long as I pray to god and Jesus and they are w me fighting against these wicked people ‘ they will reap what they sole’ worst on judgement day

    85. Uh, hi. I recently found a shaman online who can get rid of black magic as well as perform exorcisms… The problem is, I would have to see him in person, and the bible prohibits people from seeing sorcerers and such, and I had a dream from the spirits that have been harassing me that doing magick will reduce my life by 20 years, or something like that. I really want to get rid of these things though, but think there might be some truth to it. I’m not sure what to do.

    86. Please, help me. I’m near going crazy.For ten years I’ve living a nightmare with impossible events going on my life; I know whom is doing it and why; even a “work” of umbanda he put at my door; my house (he tricked the old owner to get the key)was a horror movie. I tried everything: “umbanda”, Catholic priests, etc.. Now he directed his atacks on me. For two years I had my arms full of marks of needles apearing out of thin air in front of my eyes and my husband”s. Then, it was the needles AND the wip. My skin grew in red marks like if someone was wipping me. One day, I was waiting my husband to buy an ice cream and felt myself surrounded by a circle like if there was wind. It was so malignant that, when my husband came to me I was trembling and white; several days after, I had an accident and broke my spine. Reading your lists, I saw I present all from the first and two from the left. Nowadays, my life is not worth living: my job, my personal life is a mess. There is nothing to me. I tried everything I could.

    87. hi, my name is rafia, i have read your article and it has very useful information.
      i want to share about my personal life, that i have been suffering in terms of my relations and profession and money also. we are 5 siblings of our parents and we all fight with each other forever and do not talk to each other and we usually have fights that end up in beating and our mother feels good when she see us failing in our professional lives and see us fighting with each other and does not want her kids to get married and she has a lust for money and CREATES RIFT AMONG US. i need HELP to resolve this issue . how to handle all this stuff and what to do with my mother? though everyone in the home is earning except me but we are always in financial constraints and money does not stay longer. ill healths , no marriages, fights, beating, stone walling forever, educational setbacks. my father died 4.5 years ago.

      • hi i read from you, fro; my own experience and a believer in the teachings of the christ i think u dont have to forget that you will be judge all alone at the judgement day. maybe you should move out go far away somewhere else far from all the problems, u know? like craig david WALKING AWAY…… maybe you should try that. go and get you a family a job a life away. the world is a big and beautiful place…. god be with you in jesus name.

      • U guys r suffering from Black magic from close relative, so please read Darood ” Allahumma Salle alllah sayyidna wa moulana muhammaddin wa barik wa sallim” read it a hour a day at same place at same time it will cured you.

    88. hi my name is minet michel and i was spiritually attack by some ignorant fools, i started to listen at voices without seeing any body i was so deranged by those voices until i found out that the voices behind the attack were the victims of their own black magic. before they keep talking all day long and i was replying until i turn my fate to the christ and decided not to reply to them. they keep lying and saying things that can confuse you. in fact their objective was to make me walk in the streets while talking all alone. so now they keep talking and i dont give a fuck. my problem is i want to know what kind of black magic is that? and are they ways i can do not to listen at those voices anymore? your help will be geatful, as for me i am okay right now…. thanks.

      • I am so glad that you’re okay and were stronger than your enemies and conquered. Every thing that you’ve mentioned and described is absolutely legitimate. Black Magic is definitely used to put false and manipulative thoughts inside the head (a form of mind control) in an effort to cause insanity or confusion, or both.

        You were wise enough to recognize what was going on and I applaud you on that. Some of the motives and types of spells are to directly “weaken the senses”. There is no one specific name or category as certain spells are and can be used in combination with one another and other spells. Nevertheless, most of the times it is considered a “confusion spell”. A tactic to cause strife and confusion. To put confusion inside the mind by weakening your senses.

        Also be aware, or do not forget that some of us as well as yourself may have the gift of Clairaudience-where one is able to hear spirits (even things going on within the spirit realm) and the thoughts of others and sounds and energy vibrations and so on that we may or may not always interpret right away. Just keep that in mind and meditate and use good judgement regarding what the voices of truth are compared to the lies that want to steer you away.

        Keep resisting negativity and praying to who you believe in and you will continue to gain direction and be fine.

    89. My friend was pregnant when voodoo was done on her, now her child is suffering the consequences. Please email, as we are desperate to help her child.

    90. Since nine months, I have been experiencing spirit haunting. On 4th October 2013 I felt somebody touched my waist, when I was about to sleep at night. There was nobody when I turned around. I was scared to death. When ever I go to sleep ( day or night ) I hear sound from the back of my head, disturbing and irritating me and also some sound like pat pat pat near my ear and pillow. something like a mouse moving, vibrating under the pillow and underneath the bed. I feel something (like a mouse) moving on my hands, legs, and also something like a flies on the forehead, cheeks, eyes. This happens wherever I go e.g. Hyderabad, Udupi, Mysore, etc. Sometimes I also sense some foul smell passing for a second.

      Please let me know whether black magic is spelled on me or any spirit/soul is after me and how to get rid of it. I am unable to get rid of this even after consulting so many experts and following their advices.

    91. I am having a real and bad situation. I know everything that is going on. I need help. I can explain everything. But who I am and the people who are watching me make things complicated. Please email me back and I can explain and give insight to everything. Its in regards to voodoo and Wicca upon what some people have done to me. I need real help.

    92. hi my friend is experiencing a situation where her mom underwear was stolen then was told that her daughter would be visiting soon when their was not any plans made yet; also she keeps having dreams of the lady creating harms to her and her mother.. she wants answers?
      please email me as soon as possible she will be departing to vacation soon.

    93. Hi my name is Kevin and I just recently found out my ex girlfriend put a curse on me . I lost all my contacts , reputation and business and the worst it’s ever been. I am completely depressed and am finding it next to impossible to keep pushing through life. What can I do?

      • Hi Kevin,

        I have had a simulair problem there was a certain woman who really liked me and told several people that she was going to marry me. However i did not have a relationship with her and was not interested. It took me several years to figure out that she put a curse on me. i lost almost everything in 3 years i was working in sales for a large multinational and was very happy there but for some weird reason i just left the company. I also experienced a near death situation where i got hit by a truck on the freeway. But the worst part is i started hating women who havent done anything. I was so depressed i even thought about commiting suicide. Eventually i went to see a religous healer (muslim) and bassically what he told me is that the purpose of the curse was to block everything in my life so that i could never have a wife. Ever since i went to see this man things have changed for the better i started believing that the curse was the root of the problem which gave me something to work with.Iim still struggeling (financially) but at least now i can get out of bed and do something about it. My advice to you is don’t wait too long with adressing the issue, take it seriously. I have noticed that there are several ways to beat this but the most important one is DO NOT BE AFRAID!!. Being afraid is the worst thing you can do to yourself it makes you extremley vulnerable to the entities that are causing you harm. You should stay as possitive as possible. Smile at people that pass you on the street, be very nice to the cassier at the supermarket keep in touch with your friends (even if they don’t believe) its these type of things that feeds your soul of and keeps your mind fit. Exercisse also helps keep you positive. Don’t think too much about what you have lost i have lost over éuro 90K. Dwelling on this gets me down this is what you need to avoid. Also don’t spend too much time being angry at your ex-girlfriend this is bad energy that can be destructive for you. I have actually heard a story of a girl that forgave the one that cursed her and went to church apparently the witch that made the curse suffered an hart attack shortly after and the girl was cured. I am religous and praying to god has helped me in ways you would not believe everytime i feel down something just seems to lift me up again it comes out of nowhere so i pray and ask for gods help. The weird thing is if i stop praying life seems to get harder which to me means i have not rid myself of the curse yet. This is a very hard situation to deal with and i think its even harder for atheists but surely not impossible to deal with.


      • What will always work on this stuff and anything else in this life that we battle, is Jesus Christ. I am saying this in all seriousness, because we do not battle against flesh and blood our battleis with principalities and hosts of wickedness in heavenly places. Jesus many times would make the demons tremble just at the sound of his name. Please i urge you to pray, Jesus Christ is light and no darkness can dwell in him. Pray to accept Jesus and he will come into your heart and no demons can harm you. But you must know that the demons hate you even more when your with Jesus, but keep in mind no evils can touch you. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Believe me going to another person to put a “protection” on you will not will only get worse, and if your not with Jesus right now the demons have access to you, and to harm you. Please I urge you to accept Jesus Christ as your saviour while there still is time, I will be praying for you.

    94. I live in Louisiana. Who should I contact ASAP? I’ve been seriously ill over a year with nearly all the matching symptoms listed above. PEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!! I am a single parent of 3 young children that need me…

    95. Buy hissop herb boil it and drink it use hissop oil to bath in an read psalm. 51 everyday. Am also suffering from voodoo
      spell but with the help of Jesus i shall overcome and stay clear of ur flat mate

    96. Please help me. My own grandmother is doing things to me. I remember being younger and finding “potions” in her closet labeled anger, love, and separation. I made her mad and since, shes been in my dreams almost every night, doing horrible things to me. I woke up screaming out of a nightmare last night telling her to leave me alone. I’ve been having burning sensations in my hands, feet and legs. I get headaches for no reason, when I’m around her, I get a nervous feeling that doesn’t go away. My chest has been tightening with no explaination.

      • Trust GOD..fasting and praying in the name of JESUS will defeat any evil act..1 John 4:4 “… greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world…”

      • Actually,first pray to God to protect u,then if u still have ur dreams,use it,and when u wake up,APOLOGISE to her!I had it once but,I researched my family tree and found out that it’s one of my ancestor….whom I’ve done nothing?mysterious,but after apologising,it left me…
        Still trying to find out why.just after I finished typing it burned my back…cuz I have not finish my breakfast lol…

    97. I think I have been voodooed my forehead and area around my mouth including all of my back hands neck butt ankles are just dark and I was born a very light in complexion as a baby.

      Sometimes I feel a bad heavy energy around me and a sense of fear. Like some is behind me or some sort of bad aura is on my shoulders. At times I sleep with a Bible but have dreams that are so real like someone or people are trying so strangle me. I open my eyes at night but cnt see anything is like I have gone blind and numb to a level of feeling paralysed. Something when sleeping with a Bible I get this attacks and starts praying. Then voices that are attacking me will say “we also pray so you wasting your time followed by laughs. And yes sometimes I feel like I just had sex waking up wet or something. My tummy does bload looking like I am pregnant. Friends and family would even touch my belly to see what the heck is up.

      My career is non existing in 2012 Dec I was involved in so many unexplained situations with my boss that I had to leave or face disciplinary hearings over petty things. Before my relationship with my boss was great but ended in a bitter taste.

      I have a chronic disease I don’t know how but it happened. Every thing I do is like there is a blokage nothing ever seems to go right.

      At my mom’s house we is the same I can’t even sleep in my own bed without being attacked. Everything in the house is falling apart.

      This is really not a pleasant life. Please help.

      Ooh! and there are times my flatmate pops up in my dreams in a bad way. Recently I dreamt of her like she was burning some herbs or something – in my sleep that is how real it seems. She has this tendies of knocking on my door softly and when I open the door she stands a bit of a distance away. Sometimes looking like she knocked and quickly popped in her room and out again.

      Im so not happy please advice.

    98. How you Doing My Name Is Omar Knowles Born: Aug 12,1984. That’s 08/12/1984. & I Live In 209-51 112 Ave & Queens Villiage BIG Red Brick House Middle Of Block. I Have Been (Cursed). As Well as There are a Few Negative People who Live With me As Well Into Witchcraft, Voodoo, & Spells. Which are Khalil Knowles, ( & Wife Shaqwana Yaw. As Well As My Mothers BF: (RAYMOND SCRETCHEN). Very (BAD). Negative People Also Have Something Against Me As Well As Put a (Curse). On Me. Would Like too Get All The Negative Energy in Which they Carry Toward & Away From Me (FOR-Good). If Possible. I Mean Hear These Weird Loud Hedious Sounds, Noises & (BANGS). Coming From There Kids Sons. Jaden & Josh: ( ( As Well as From Everyone In The House Seems Like The Noises Are Towards My Movements, Mind, Thoughts Breathing, & Emotions, Its Just Follows & Sticks With Me & Plays With My (Aura). In Everything That I Do 24/7. In Or Out My House & Wherever I Go. Been Very Annoying Towards Me For about 3 too 6 Years Now As Well as Other Weird & Very Bad Stuff Happening Just In My Life Period. (Just WANT MY LIFE BACK). Used Too Be So Happy With Lots Of (ENERGY). LOL In Everyway Possible & How I Used too Be Since I Was Lil As Well Just From BIRTH. WISH. Too Just Be (Permanently). BROKEN From Any EVIL (Curse, Hex, Voodoo, Witchcraft). Or Spell Place On Me From Anyone Or Any Family Member In My House Or Ex-Girlfriends From The Past Or From Anyone In General. Just Desire For Very Much Peace & Quiet All Through the House From the Basment too The Attic & For all My Hopes, Dreams, Wishes & Greatest Desires to Come Very True as Well as Great $$INCOME$$ Thank You So Much.

      Im an Entrepreneur/Model. & I DESIRE Good-LIFE, FORTUNE, LOTS Of Good $$Income$$, From My Business Or Otherwise. JUST too be Happy with Whatever Im Doing In My DAILY-LIFE. & too Have Space, Quiet, Peace Of Mind, as well as too Feel Comfortable In Or out My House. Or Just with Life (PERIOD). Too Have all My Hopes, Dreams, $$(GOALS)$$, & Desires come Very True One Of These Days. & For The (REST OF My LIFE).

      (Too Have a Happy-LIFE. & Good Year).

      Feel My Brother Khalil Knowles: (Khalil Knowles). & His Wife Shaqwana Yaw. Are Really Evil In All Sorts Of Ways Them Into Voodoo & Witchcraft Just Makes It Worst.

      Would Just Like too PERMANENTLY Ask For a (BANISH). Spell From Them & Full Protection. Over My Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit , Thoughts, Emotions, Movements, Breathing, My Furture, Goals Or Success, From Any Kind Of Evil Voodoo, Witchcraft, Hex, Or Mind-Control Or Whatever Else They Have Against Or Put On Me. as well as From RAYMOND Scretchen. into Voodoo & Spells as Well. Would like To Reverse & (BANISH). Them & There Evil Wicked Ways From Me In Everyway Possible. Way. Too Send (REVERSE). & RID.This Spell Back too Original (Spell-Caster). Forever. (Permanently). If Possible. Too Heal This House From Any Kind Of Witchcraft, Sounds, Spells, Weird Noises, Or Anything Else (WEIRD). They Live & Stay In The (Upper Level). Attic As Well.

      (READY To Get Back Myself & How I Used Too Be %101) In Every

      Possible Way In Or Out My House.

      I Stay In Basement.

      Thank you Once Again.

      Omar Knowles:

    99. Dear,
      I am in severe attack of this black magic,I feel every moment. I hate this thing because it so cowardish. I think im a victim of voodoo cause most of the initial stages you listed above has happened to me. Pls kindly help me to get out off this.

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    101. im so scared i have all the symtoms!” every one of them,,its my girl doing this!, i find baskets and little containers hidden with candles and incense all over !!like 14 in a two month time,,,i dismember and distroy them,,,she stays quiet ,,but now shes exploding and cooking but she wont eat with me nor take a bite,,when i tell her to eat with me she vomits up thefood everytime,,,

    102. Thank you so much for posting this. I am under a black magic curse, in the later stages and desperately need help. I am begging you to please get in touch with me, so I will know what to do so I can be normal again. I am beyond hopeless and for some reason I feel a connection with you and I am hoping to hear from you. Again thank you for your time.

        • Please help me Misslatoya. I am under attack from people in the Philippines. They are performing Voodoo on me only because I am a client of a person who they are targeting. They are attacking all of her clients. I can feel every human and animal sacrifice being performed. Please Respond.

      • Learn these three mantras.n 1 chandi raksha mantram,om hrim chamunda brakuti,atahase bhima darshane,raksha raksha chorebhya,vayurbebhya,agnibhaya,swapadebhya,dustajanebhya,sarvebhya,sarvebhya sarvopadrabhebhya chandi hrim hrim taha taha, n 2 hanuman mantra, om hraam hrim hram hraim hraum hrah hum phat swaha,ohm aim hrim srim hanumate ramadutaya lankapuri vidwanshanaya anjanagarba sanbhutaya sakini dakini vidwanshanaya,kila kila bhu bhu karine vibhusanaya hanumatdevaya,om aim hrim srim hram hrim hrum hum phat swaha,be strictly vegetarian and avoid sex completely,n 3 mahamrityunjaya mantra om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushti vardhanam,urvaa rukamiva bhandanat,mrityor mukshiya maAmritat.recite each mantras 108 times time and time again,these mantras are unique an very powerful to defeat any black mágic go and recite them constantly

    103. I don’t know if this is the right website for me to look at to see if something is wrong with me but since the beginning of the year till now,we are in December I have been experiencing craziness I may have been through too many things I can’t explain! From car accidents to not being able to sleep, waking up every other hour in the middle of the night the house being cold in the waking up in sweat! my life has been out of control I have been getting goosebumps recently but on my right side. I have also been dreaming and I’m not a dreamer! I dream of people trying to hurt me or a friend who died! How can I be sure that no one has try to do harm upon me

      • hello i am not trying to attack anyone, the word of god is true, and i am not worrying about anyone hurting me, your spiritual forces, are weak, god is the only one with power, and hes the only one that has a heaven and a hell to put us in, remember, your to fighting against me your fighting the blood of jesus, i have never seen anyone, won against the blood of jesus, that battle belongs to god, so let your spiritual forces know that there are fighting god, and when my father god gets tired he will erase you all from the face of this earth, i love you no harm met, its just the word of god god bless you

    104. I’m a victim of a black magic curse. The older Dominican lady cut my hair and used it. I went to a couple readers and they told me she did some heavy stuff to me. I was told she buried me, meaning using grave dirt as well. It has stopped my money flow, i cannot get a job, none of my men treat me good, they come in and out of my life with confusion towards me, wont give me any money for anything, any of my friends or family that try to help me get affected very bad as well. I have been cut and hit by spirits and even held down to the point I cannot move, demons showing up themselves to me. scaring me shitless, giants flies entering my home, if i kill one, about 3 more appear. It has been a miserable experience for me. Everyone that gets in contact with me gets affected really bad. I was taught to do certain things to help me but its like it doesn’t work no matter how much I try. I’m so tired of this. I know I must do a ritual to get this off but i have no money to pay these people to help me. I am in desperate need of help and cannot get it anywhere.

    105. Where can one who is the victim of black should go to seek genuine help for the removal of the deadly curse casted upon him/her. Can anybody suggest me some sources who can truly help me out. Because the symptoms that are listed match my case a lot

      • You shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to have Black Magic removed. And, the negativity can indeed make one feel like they are losing their minds as well as actually leading them to the breaking point.

        You have to find a spiritual foundation that you truly and sincerely connect and identify with and take it from there. And if you need some further help along the way spirit will lead you to the right person.


        • I am also under a voodoo doll spell of my Muslim neighbors for years.The Power of Prayer and Holy MASS has kept me going all these years.I have now received a message to use the Holy Cross.Therefore, morning and night I place the Holy Cross on my forehead and pray “MOST HOLY CROSS HAVE MERCY ON ME”In addition i also pray “VICTORY THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS” in rosary form.This is helping me to keep these evil/satanic powers at bay.

      • *Eat small peaces of poke/ham (PIG based food) these have a breaking effect on Black
        Magic, remember it’s only effective as long as it’s applied regular.

        *Place small salt mounts in as many corners of your house as possible, (blessed better).

        *Get holy water from a church and put in the water you drink. daily.

        *Put holy water inside a bottle/plastic spray can and spray all around the house.

        *Put holy water inside the steam iron and iron your clothes.

        *Place statues of Archangel Michael & St.Bernard, Sacred Heart, Mother Mary etc.
        in as many places in the house as possible. (Have them blessed, better)

        *Wear medals of the above saints on a chain around your neck. (Have them blessed, better)

        *Light incense or white sage inside house with windows closed at least 3 times a week.

        *Say the St.Michael prayer

        daily, as many times as possible.

        Hope this helps.
        Kind Regards.

    106. Hello,

      I’m 17 and I think I’ve been cursed. A girl who doesn’t like me touched my back (I didn’t know it was her until I turned around) and almost immediately after I felt a tightness in my lower back. I didn’t realize that I may have been cursed until I explained my situation to my friend who said I should pray. I’m not familiar with any of this and at this point I’m really scared. Should I ask her nicely to take it off (if that can be done) please somebody help me.😥

      • Black Magic can definitely be done by just a touch to you, or through something that you have touched. Do not fear, and do not ask her to take it off. I doubt that she would want to anyhow. And yes, it is able to be gotten rid of. Before I could give you any specific advice by telling you the different things that you can do it is important for you to strongly have some type of spiritual foundation-whatever that may be or mean to you-and believe and focus all of your positive energy in resisting and conquering the negativity.

        I, just like many others who’ve been attacked have our own specific measures that we take, beliefs, perseverance, energy, and etc. And sometimes one has to go against what is normally (in general/typical) taught to us in mainstream society due to the many lies, cover ups, half truths, and camouflages that are imposed and dictated.

        You have a head start because you know what was done to you, so you are aware, and you have the opportunity to control it before it possibly goes any further depending on your circumstance. Black Magic can be frightening just like evil spirits that taunt and terrorize but that is a natural reaction to good rejecting evil. In reality though, and I know this from experience that (evil spirits/negative energies) they are really more afraid of you.

        It is a form of manipulation. It only tries to scare you to prevent you from recognizing that you are the one who really holds the power.

    107. Soumik…you’re sick and u definitely need prayer!
      I’m a 30 year old female I have watched my family suffer over the years…now I have seen and heard things…watched my children run from things…+ saw things that made my kids ill…definitely real and not from the movies!
      + my children can see and hear them too!
      Voodoo/hex/spells/blackmagic exists…not to help us but to take away innocent lives so evil people can gain in life!

      • Charlene, your comment is so very true. You definitely know what you are speaking of and I can back you up one hundred percent. Thanks for sharing your truth, experience, and knowledge.

    108. You disgusting lady, you’ve got one heck of a twisted mind! Excuse me for pointing this out but Non-Vegetarian food, Homosexuality, seriously? A Non-Vegetarian diet is one’s own personal choice! Homosexuality, Miss Medieval, people are born so, no one in their right minds would want to live a life that most of the times only offers you misery & a deep sense of hopelessness (& I for one can testify, I DO NOT think I’m possessed by ‘Queer Spirits’! & Last of all how dare you malign the name of a religion that over 10,000 years old! Your perception of Voodoo is void, nothing beyond what your run of the mill Hollywood Movie portrays. You’re nothing but one of those phonies, weak minded people like to believe. God! I will pray for your TWISTED Mind & Soul & let’s hope the spirits of Loa take lightly to your insulting views on Voodoo.

      • If you are looking for an argument you will definitely not get one from me. I don’t care what you say, think, or believe I did not write the article, however, there is a lot of truth to the many signs and symptoms depending on the individual. Your ignorance and negativity does not faze me at all.

        Voodoo is not a perception for me it is a reality, I know the negative as well as the positive aspects due to experience and due to my own natural way of life, I am a spiritual person by birth (And I am in no way crossed up by any type Black Magic and I give high praise to the beauty that is around me).

        I have a very pure, content, and peaceful life with more nice good things to come because I am a very loved and good person.

        Your comment has absolutely nothing to do with me (I don’t even know what you are talking about), you have deep issues within your own self that need to be resolved. And you are a definite fool speaking of me in regards to the loas/orishas, they’ve always loved, respected, and worked with me just as I do with them-I’ve always had good luck, protections, and many blessings.

        Evil Voodoo has never been able to affect me mentally, personally, or spiritually (It has just done so in the physical aspect as I am very sensitive to energies spiritually) no matter how hard the negative energy tried to in the past, good Voodoo is very beautiful, and being born with a caul has the most exceptional advantages.

        It is only weak-minded people like you who will never know or have the privilege of discovering and understanding the depths of truth or hidden knowledge, it is obviously not meant for you. Take your anger and nonsense elsewhere!

        Your words I would never take to heart, that is solely your problem. There are a lot of people in the world that I’m very sure is just like you so who cares?! Where there is positivity and insight there will always be negativity and lack of insight.

        I am truly happy inside, I do not worry or think about your type-more power to you!

        • I am Yoruba and I too am tired of ignorant people who believe everything they see in the movies or other media. I had a IFA divination and was told that I was a unwanted pregnancy and that cursed my life. But I know with sacrifices to the Dieties
          (angels) and the help from my ancestors I will be fine. I know that Ifa wishes me blessings. Ase

    109. It makes me sad that i don’t see that no one has pointed out an issue with this article that I’ve seen.
      “…attracted towards unholy desires like homosexuality…”
      I’m sorry, but have you actually met any “homosexuals”? It is part of who they are, a gay man thinking gay thoughts does not cause him mental discomfort to any stretch of the imagination to the point that someone would assume he was being cursed by black magic. Maybe if you are straight,
      the spirit or black magic curse w/e you call it works against you to sexually fantasize about that which is completely undesirable. Therefor, if a straight person is forced to fantasize about homosexual thoughts, it causes great mental discomfort. However, this rule does not apply to all as not all are naturally inclined to be attracted to the opposite sex. Wrong can be relative. In other words, what might be wrong or not in the nature of one may not hold true for another. Stated in other terms, while a heterosexual having obsessive thoughts about homosexuality can make the person genuinely feel disgusted and wrong, this same exact feeling of it being wrong will not hold true for someone gay. And, vise versa. For a number of gay people, certainly thinking heterosexual thoughts would make one feel disgusted to the point of discomfort and wrongness.

      And to add to that note, I am a gay man, coming to this site looking for info because i too believe that someone might have put a curse on me. I also have some of the symptoms like bloating like pregnant and feeling of hardness at the top of stomach. When it first happened, i felt possessed. I even went to church the weekend of the occurrence, and during the service i felt so uncontrolled of my own emotions and body i had to leave the service and broke down hysterically crying. I’ve also felt the ants that crawl all over you, yet there’s nothing there. And other symptoms too much to mention. Maybe I am not cursed, maybe i just have other mental issues. But i have felt strongly so for a year now that i have been, i just don’t have the evidence. And, this might be of a shock to those reading it, but to those who suffer from homosexual fantasies, for me it is heterosexual fantasies, but they are not healthy(for me i mean, don’t get all up in arms taking it personal saying i’m saying heterosexuality is wrong because that’s not what i’m saying) and they cause me a great mental discomfort. Pointed stated, homosexuality is not unholy. And if you’re a christian and you want to quote to me don’t waste your breath. I already know those quotes and have my own opinion thank you and also probably won’t waste me time to read or reply to such a comment.

      • I honestly want to tell you that you’ve imparted a very well thought out and significant comment. Your perspectives are well worth reading and I agree with you one hundred percent and where you are coming from. Even if I did not agree with you what you have spoken about is definitely relevant in more than one aspect. Great share! And it is thought provoking. I applaud you for speaking your mind.

    110. Hi, Can any body help me please. I have been correctly effected by blackmail and voodoo craft. Some one had made a doll and made cust on all chakkra areas of that doll, My body was and mind was closed for 8 years when i finally went to this man, snatched the doll and threw it in water.
      Now i feel as my entire body is pinned and tied together . all chakras are dead and body is tied.. can not even walk or exercise. please suggest by email reply.. ALSO LOOKS AS IF MY LEFT BODY IS TIED WITH THREADS

    111. Exactly the same thing is happening to my sister but we went beach and the guru did the prayers and took it out but never kill it has yet and all that is happening to her.

      I’m scared of the dangerous diwali time coming.

    112. I have all of the 1st symptoms. And its been like this for a wile now is there any way to brake a black magic spell or chase of the demon or spirit that causes thees happenings pleas reply…..ASAP

    113. My hair falling out.My period stopped for 7 years.I am tired all the time.Can’t get hold to money.scared at night before I go to bed.always by myself.over eatting

    114. ihav many symptoms and its bothering me physically and mentally and idont think im cursed iknow the person doin the cursing told me they would but iwas young and now 7 yrs later irealize for thepas 7 yrs my life has been hell please help me

    115. Anyone reading those articles can say they have or had at least one or two of those symptoms. God is in control and his Son is our savior. The power of PRAYERS is the answer. “A spiritual lady told me to go to a Catholic Church because i was jinked to remove it”. I did what she said but at the end of everything, I talked to my Lord and Savior and Jesus Christ. At the end of it all, anyone will say “Lord have Mercy”. A person who is weak in prayer and who don’t attend church may believe. However, their are some desperate people who’ll try to control or hurt another person in believing those mystical things and forget about carma. Most importantly, they forget Jesus is in control giving us all and free will. knowledge will Dam , innocence will save. All I’m saying, and I would never call this article an untruth non unreal because knowledge is power also it’s what you believe. This is one person opinion. God is Love. Thanks for the knowledge…I love you …

      • Nice try, but it will not work! Sorry to disappoint you in your effort to falsely discredit me in my knowledge, wisdom, power, and the rest of the nonsense that I know you’re up to so I am going to stop you straight dead in your tracks right now because I never ever claimed to have written this particular article from “” and it is very obvious at the beginning of the article with the mention of “According to Mony Singh”. So you purely just wasted your time and energy.

        I posted this Black Magic article as a reference years ago just as other bloggers have on their websites. I am not the only one, but I bet you did not go and try to accuse them of being fraudulent. You are so full of shit! I posted it, however, because I know that the statements are totally true from my over thirty years of personal experience with voodoo and black magic and from my gifts of the caul.

        I am a genuine 100% clairvoyant, honey, so you better think twice before even daring to doubt me, and back off! You in know way can tell me all of the things that I know, that I have been through, and that I have experienced so please do not make me laugh harshly at you and your stupidity.

        I have no time for bullshit games. You and/or nobody else can ruin me or downplay my abilities. Latoya is one of the real ones who cannot in anyway be tarnished by trash (the garbage type of people) who are angry because they are not able to dig up any dirt on her (Because there is none! And that is what all you perpetrators are mad about!).

        I am here to stay and will always keep fighting against no good, jealous, miserable, deceitful people who will never triumph!

        Thank you for your comment, it was flattering because I do know who, why, and what motivated you. “I tell you, jealousy sure is a bitch!” However, I am extremely use to it people have always been jealous and envious of me for my entire life and those in particular will continue to be. They cause hurt to no one but themselves as they stress and strain themselves in their own hell and torment.

        • Here is some more phony bullshit! I was honest with this person yet I didn’t give them the answers that they wanted (the answers that this person was really looking for)! I just let them hang their selves with their own bullshit. I know the bitch who keeps sending them (she is just mad because she is destroyed and has been exposed as a true liar and poser!) with their imbecile comments!

          Angela Bowers on August 26, 2013 at 5:54 am said:

          Dear Miss Latoya, Iam a 46 year old mother of 2 who works very hard to support my family. I never knew much about witchcraft and voodoo until I became employed by a federal gov’t agency! When I was hired, I went to work ready to tackle anything! The problem worsened a few years later when I lacked the energy to perform duties at work. I slept all the time, couldn’t cook or clean home. Just sleep. I still experience pains, and twitching in my body parts. My eyes have been itching. My finances have taken a beating. My trees, and flowers in my yard have been dying. I’d been vomitting at one point. I’ve been losing my hair, and the coworkers have been tormenting me at my home and work for years. I come home and here their constant complaints and pain. i’ve purchased just about every curse removal spell on the web with no relief. I’ve been seeing this lady who lives locally, and she has provided some relief. She advised my to pay $4000 to free me. I then payed the amount for her to free me in March of this year. A few months later I was vomitting again and bedwetting. My finances a still in shambles, and I continue to feel the pains in my body. I visited the lady again a week ago. I took her a egg wrapped in my white cloth in a paper bag. We said a prayer and thereafter she cracked the egg in paper towels, and ther were several snakes in eggs! What did I spend $4000 on. She then told me I needed to pay her an additional $5000 to get the main snake from inside me. I feel like a prisoner in my own home or wherever I go! Please help me!

          Reply ↓
          misslatoya on August 28, 2013 at 2:43 pm said:
          That egg with the rotten yolk, snakes coming out, and so on, is just a silly trick and a scam that phony psychics demonstrate falsely. I do not know why some people fall for that nonsense. It is no different than the pranks that magicians perform for entertainment.

          And no offense towards you, but it does not take anyone no $5000 to get or to have any type of voodoo removed, that is just plain ridiculous! Real healers are not purely after money that is not necessary for the job that they undertake. All that they need the money for-if they are truly legitimate-is for the items that are needed for the purchases of certain spiritual items or supplies, and for their precious time spent, just like any reasonable person who should be compensated for any occupation.

          And it is not wise to purchase spell kits off the internet. I would never believe in those things. Some are just phony scams to rip people off for money, and some are just evil and sneaky tactics to do others harm by placing negativity upon them.

          You need to be careful (to anyone in general needs to be careful) about falling prey to bullcrap. And just because people work witchcraft/black magic on you does not mean that it has to or that it is going to work! The mind and spirit for those in particular is much more stronger than anything if you are truly a good, strong, persevering person. Yet, generally, negativity can and sometimes does effect people externally as well as internal it all depends on the circumstances and the situation.

          Reply ↓
          Angela Bowers on August 28, 2013 at 5:38 pm said:
          Miss Latoya,
          Please tell me what should I do?

          Reply ↓
          misslatoya on August 30, 2013 at 2:37 pm said:
          Fight Back!

          Reply ↓
          Angela Bowers on August 30, 2013 at 4:34 pm said:
          Ok fight back! Who do you recommend that i talk to about this issue? My enemies put this on me. Now i need help to remove. Thank you.

          Reply ↓
          misslatoya on September 1, 2013 at 6:46 amsaid:
          If you are unable to do it yourself or need assistance go find someone whom you feel comfortable with. Good Luck.

    116. My Name is Ricardo… today my girlfriend was reading through some Black Magic research. Out of nowhere she noted to me that most of the Symptoms on this Site are very related to whats going on in my life this past month or so. I read through this site myself and noticed I have All symptoms of being Attacked by Black Magic. What do I do? Im 90% sure I know who it is becuz of previous things of seen him do and I have a friend that saw this Other friend of mine having his hands over my head saying weird things. My dog disapeared tha day before that. I thought his mom threw it out becuz she didnt like my dog. Weird things have accured to me since then and I didnt even know it. I get Physic Attacks and feel alot of Negative Energy, have Dark Patches of skin in between my bottom lip and chin. My family and friends have slowly drifted away from me, im depressed highly nd have Suicidal Thoughts Constantly. When im about to fall asleep I suddenly wake up jerking my legs panting in fear. My Asthma has been getting worse in last 3 weeks. I know for a fact im being attacked by Black Magic. I Need Help What do I do?

    117. My name is May. I am a christian. For many years, I was ignorant of curses. Recently, I found out that black magic has been put on me using my hair. I have many symptoms as described above: I have fear, my complexion darkens, dream of dirty toilet & dead relative, my stomach bloated like a pregnant woman, I have chronic kidney failure and so on.
      Now my condition is improving : I don’t have extreme hunger anymore, my memory is getting better and I am more conscious of myself.

      • There are different ways to prevent, defeat, and to get rid of black magic and further maintain and protect yourself depending on your particular circumstances and situation. You’d have to be more specific.

    118. someone may be do black magic on my sister because some day before someone kill a pigeon and put it into our tank and after that my sister behavior change . plz help me out as soon as possible

      • This is not a sarcastic or snide remark but what kind of question is that? You very well know that you can seek out a spiritual advisor that is located within your area somewhere. All, of course, are not going to be honest or legitimate. You have to feel them out. If you are one to not indulge into psychics, clairvoyants, priestesses, or babalawos find a spiritual influence that leans more toward your preference.

        If you’re into God go to a church and speak to a monsignor (my so called godmother had suggested one from the church that I was christened at a long time ago. He came into my home and blessed my house, however, I found the monsignor’s bearing highly ineffective-not within himself-just to my personal situation because he was not for me (he was not the correct source of help or service for me). I needed certain assistance that was more compatible and appropriate to my own true spirituality, condition, nature, and state of well-being. I did not mention this to him though.

        I told the monsignor that I did not trust God. He told me that there was no other way but God and that I was going through a trial.

        I definitely did not agree. “On the left hand side of the podium” he was right because that is what God had planned. “On the right hand side of the podium” he was wrong because what I do know and believe in-and what is around me-had my genuine path planned out.

        I found the greatest way for me that had already been with me and following me yet I needed further connection/communication and I have experienced my life more fulfilling and abundantly (spiritually and in other aspects). I’m just really content and at peace.

        There are always going to be spiritual attacks. This is a sick, evil world but there are solid protections and ways to maintain an easy-going survival. One has to find and stick with what they identify with.

      • To all who sincerely want help, what Latoya says in this post is true. I know, it happened to me, and I’m a Christian; a true believer. What the Lord told me to do is fast. To properly fight witchcraft, you must fast and pray. It says it in the Bible. This works if you are a Christian. If you are not a Christian, you need to become one.

        • Listen Rebecca/Cynthia or whoever you want to be or come disguised as (some of you are so hilarious with the pretending it is ridiculous).

          I do not have time for bull-crap. I know that will not stop the perpetrators in particular though. However, I am always aware and here for those who come without an ulterior motive, and who really need certain help or guidance.

          If you want to mislead or preach about your “so called God or religion” do not do it here. Everyone has the absolute right to go with whatever it is that they believe in and that works the best for them and their own well-being.

          And what you wrote here in your comment Rebecca/Cynthia:

          ” Don’t even bother with going to church to talk to anyone, they don’t have a clue what to do. I found out, through experience, that a lot of people who pastor and run churches are not even Christians. It’s just a hustle for them to make easy money off of people who never ever read the bible, that if they did they would know that they are not preaching the word of God.. And one of the first things the Holy Spirit told me when I first was born again was, “Not Catholic”, meaning Catholicism is not true Christianity. Whenever you read the old testament, you’ll understand why Catholism is not Christianity.”

          This does not only apply to one religion or thing it applies to all and any. There are real and phony people and organizations everywhere within all areas of the many spectrums.

          Anyway, I remember you, here is the last correspondence:


          Submitted on 2013/05/29 at 2:43 pm | In reply to Cynthia.

          “Voodoo” did originate in Africa. You need to get your facts straight! And do not misconstrue any of my words or anything that I say or relate. Learn to interpret and discern correctly. There is negativity and positivity every where and many different people and nationalities practice all over the world (there is nothing that you or anyone can tell or explain to me that I do not already know). Positive voodoo is a very beautiful thing and some are born with the natural propensity to utilize those skills.

          Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic

          Select comment Cynthia
          Submitted on 2013/05/29 at 1:08 pm

          Witchcraft is not from Africa. It exist in every culture and nation throughout civilizations and centuries. God talks about in the Bible. I personally have seen several white, black, Indian, Hispanic, etc. people who are witches, both male female, in the spiritual realm. You can call witchcraft by many different names, and call it black or white, but it is all the same. I have been with these evil people all my life, and I ready to see them get what is coming to them. The thing that really is disturbing to me is that ther are many little children who have been coaxed into being witches.

          • Am going through a hard and stress time right now, i would love some help to overcome these issues. I live in London where i work as a bus driver about a year ago i start behaving aggressively for no reason, having problem sleeping at nights at present my legs and the rest of my body are burning as if some one has scrape my skin off and put vinegar on it. Its unbearable i go to the doctor and do yes they say am short vitamin d i have taken some but still the feeling is still there, i have a wife and two young kids to support so please help me….

              • This is not to offend anyone, however, I just have to speak the truth and state the facts. “The Blood Of Jesus” cliche may work for those in particular who actually can account due to their genuine faith and/or experience. I am sure that this is the way for many yet it is not the answer for all, and I say this to not discourage one from any other particular path that they may receive a “calling” or “tendency” in regards to.

                The Bible and Christianity did nothing for me as I was never truly drawn to it, and it definitely was not my remedy for conquering Black Magic, if anything it was the force behind it! My Orisha/Ancestor lineage, and spirituality, and connections is what always protected me and got me through with flying colors. And still now till this day, I am forever experiencing the amazing and beautiful affects, and good way of life and living.

                So the point that I am making is to go with what one believes in, what is genuinely right, and what genuinely works for them. Yes, there are demonic representations that deceive and those mostly are the ones that impose on free will instead of allowing one to develop and to be one’s self and truly living the way that one wants to (at the same time naturally being lead into the right directions) and that have the most huge and narrow-minded/hippocratic/conventional followings.

                “In Response To The Comments Below From The Same Person Again”-Her message will reach those that it is meant for even if it is not accepted by those who they are directed to (including myself) in particular as well as in general.


                Submitted on 2013/12/05 at 11:00 pm | In reply to misslatoya.


                Select comment LAVONDA

                Submitted on 2013/12/05 at 10:01 pm | In reply to karma.


                Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic

                Select comment LAVONDA

                Submitted on 2013/12/05 at 9:58 pm | In reply to aMIT.




    119. Hey mslatoya,

      so what are the mantras to recite to protect oneself from the effects of these people. My father just died a few weeks ago actually on the 15th of May from prostate cancer and I believe it could have a psychic undertone. This is becasue a very wicked aunt of mine had warned him in 2006 that he would regret his actions over a simple family meeting that was held and my father stood up to contribute that it is necessary for them all to Love one another and she took it personally that he spoke to her that she is not a loving person. A year after this my youngest sister dies and two years after that my father started having prostate problems which was diagnosed in europe when he flew down to be benign and was given medications for benign prostate enlargement. He continued to take this medications and then suddenly he started getting pains in his legs until he could no longer walk at which point he was flown down again to europe in November last year where he was told that he has advanced metastatic cancer and that his days were numbered. Despite all our attempts to fight it with alternative medicine my dear father left us weeks ago as he could not stand the pain and his body could not withstand the effects of the pain killers (Morphines) he was getting. I have a mantra I consistently chant with me and has provided me protection so far. It is an ancient name for God. Union with this mantra can provide one the power to choose what happens within your sphere of protection. I am in battle mode now because being from African descent I woud go back to arrange my dad’s funeral with potentially this person there or her agents. I just wanted to know what other mantras you know that one could use for protection and how to recite them. Please you could respond directly to my email address

    120. Witchcraft is not from Africa. It exist in every culture and nation throughout civilizations and centuries. God talks about in the Bible. I personally have seen several white, black, Indian, Hispanic, etc. people who are witches, both male female, in the spiritual realm. You can call witchcraft by many different names, and call it black or white, but it is all the same. I have been with these evil people all my life, and I ready to see them get what is coming to them. The thing that really is disturbing to me is that ther are many little children who have been coaxed into being witches.

      • “Voodoo” did originate in Africa. You need to get your facts straight! And do not misconstrue any of my words or anything that I say or relate. Learn to interpret and discern correctly. There is negativity and positivity every where and many different people and nationalities practice all over the world (there is nothing that you or anyone can tell or explain to me that I do not already know). Positive voodoo is a very beautiful thing and some are born with the natural propensity to utilize those skills.


          • Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however, I go by facts and experience, and there is a such thing as good Voodoo. And God does not have the strongest power he is only undefeatable to those who are of him or who are in the dark as to who and what he really is, the bible is not 100% the truth.

            I’ve been won against God and his tactics, and the so called blood of Jesus because I am not of him-Thank Goodness!!! There is so much that I can back up yet some things are just better left unsaid and not really necessary for those who would never come to realize or to understand the certain mysteries of life, and it is really not meant for everyone to realize or to understand anyhow.

            Particular spiritual forces that are not in accordance with God are far from weak and far from negative just as those that are of them, if anything it is just the opposite. No one has ever been able to harm or to alter me-I am truly blessed.

            I am definitely not going to fight back and forth with miss Lavonda she has every right to defend what she believes.

            Nevertheless, her words and beliefs have absolutely nothing to do with what actually exists when it comes down to the truth about reality. Ignorance is bliss as well as a trap to many who fall prey to bondage, manipulation, stupidity, ludicrous weaknesses, fear (intimidation), and false knowledge.

            I have constant, multiple comments from this person. What is the purpose? Seems more like a mental instability!

            I am not going to accept any more of these outcries.


              • Lavonda is sick, jealous, and demonic. An absolute degenerate bitch! People like her intentionally do nothing but try to manipulate while twisting and turning things around to their own conniving attempts.

                “Stop steering God’s people in the wrong direction?” What a crock of total bullshit! I have always expressed for anyone to see (and it is evident) that I do not care what anyone believes in or whoever they choose to follow, and I never try or ever have tried to influence anyone’s pathway. I’ve always persuaded those in particular to follow their own heart, mind, spirit, and knowledge, and whatever they truly believe in. It is people like Lavonda who do things like that believing that their personal religions or spirituality is the only correct way. People like her and their actions are the oldest tricks in the book, they are so predictable and so transparent-putting on others what they themselves set out and effort to do. It is nothing but a defense mechanism and pure deceit by making false accusations against others who are far more good, cleaner, and more honest than others.

                I was born with a veil, have always lived my life right, I have always been very lucky and very blessed, and have always been able to see into things that are unknown-along with many other extraordinary things, and have always been able to read into people.

                Before Miss Lavonda dares to talk about what anyone is going to need she better check herself because if anyone is in serious spiritual trouble or who’s soul will be it definitely is not and will never be me-I know where I have been, where I am going, and where I am at now, and it has always been a very special, beautiful, enlightening, and meaningful journey aside from the inevitable demonic energies and people who endeavor to constantly snare up those who are not of them and that are too strong to break, and which will one day come to an abrupt end. Yes, that is the truth-Demonic natures and innate affiliations (although some are not even aware or even recognize themselves as demons since they are blinded by ignorance and misinformation/and some do not even consider themselves demonic due to the fact of what is true or right being called wrong, and wrong constantly being called right in particular regards) will all be devoured as they currently pre dig and bury themselves in graves that are sealed straight to a permanent hell.



                  • You are the one who is fucked up! There is absolutely nothing wrong with me or my mind, if anything I have exceptional sense and much accurate knowledge and wisdom, I am very intelligent and sane.

                    Yes, by nature I am an unconventional human being and I am very proud to be, I am real and am not afraid to show it by being myself. There is nothing wrong with being rare and unique.

                    People like you cannot deal with and/or accept the truth about specific things, situations, and circumstances, and I really do not care about you or anything that you have to say or anything that you think and believe. And I am really tired of your silly and pathetic bullshit tactics.

                    For someone who claims on such “empty words” you sure keep coming to my blog so very often. You are so sure preoccupied with me, when I do not give a damn about you. Your actions definitely contradict your words. If I am so much of what you say-Stay The Fuck Away From My Site!!! What do you keep coming back for? You are one dumb, stupid bitch! Do yourself a favor and go get a life!

                    Believe me, keep making a fool of yourself by continuing to write by making imbecile comments because you will be doing it alone. You cannot push my buttons, I have a life but you have nothing but idle time that I do not have to waste on.

                    The only reason I approved and responded to the last few of your correspondence is due to the fact that I wanted to see just how much of an ass that you would actually make out of yourself- and your stinking ass is big enough for everyone to smell and spew out all over the states.

                    P.S. I just bet you’ll have to try to top my words as you always have to have the last word, actually thinking that you will get some sort of rise out of me, however, I only patronized you-even though my words in return were totally in truth. Write your heart out “Lavonda” you will be writing in vain, as sick as you are you just keep writing even when you are being ignored!

                    • May I ask why did you allow this person’s opinion or lack of knowledge to get under your skin? Some people are not worth responding to. Not criticizing you… Was just wondering. My great- great-great grandmother use to say “you can lead a horse to water, yet you can not make it drink from it”. I found your article to be interesting , some what insightful. But there are Rules to all things of life. What I find intriguing is that with all the articles that I have read most people do not mention the price one pays. Whatever one do it Does come back to you ten folds. Wither it’s good or bad. You send out good energy, good energy comes back. You send out bad, well let’s just say the price of doing so sometimes can cost a person’s soul or someone dear to you.
                      If you believe you are cursed, then you are. If you believe you are protected, covered by the blood of Jesus, then you are. It truly all determines what a person chooses to believe Cherrie.Stop giving power to things that are negative and focus on the power of positive. Good things come to those, who believe good things will come. And there are things call reversal spells as well.

                      • Great comment! You imparted so much common sense and wisdom, and you indeed are right in what you say. Love your knowledge and very nice of you to take out the time to share and show your support.

    121. HI i do believe in Black Magic ever since i new about it. iv been attacked with black magic from age 8 from my step mother i found out when i was 16 years old and iv been not only attacked by my step mother but by meany others as well and now im 19 turning 20 i think it as gotten worse.
      Because everything i try to do with my life always comes to a dead end and this is when i start to panic and start thing a lot of bad thoughts. not to long ago maybe a month ago i was in my room and something was coming into me mt whole body felt numb and cold and putting thoughts in my head to kill and some how i defeated that was the worst feeling i ever felt i was shaking after the attack ever since then that hasn’t happen. also 1 year ago i had a panic attack and started thinking that the world was going to end then 3 months later try committing suicide.
      I know that more people are trying to hurt me with voodoo. but im scared to death now because i wanna be okay i hate to think theirs bad people out there. i also know why am being under-black magic is because every-time i met someone Like men we start a relationship and all of a sudden they just stop talking to me out of not where. No reasons for it.
      i know about black-magic because i was raised into.
      my step father does black magic not to harm but for good to others but the rules is he cant take black magic because im family.and he also knows a lot from percent and future.
      im in need of help i don’t know what to do i just want to be happy and not have to live in fear…
      can you please help ASAP!!!


    122. Hello.. I am in that stage were I cant do anything, i am just helpless because the person performing such witchcraft is none other than my own Mother (in company with her elder sister). However, she says one thing in a moment and then, she contradicts herself with time. Everyone is jealous about my Joint-Family (Big loving family which is rarely seen in these days). My mother wants me to listen only her, worship only herself. She says many negative things about my father and other family members. She learnt Rekhi and now she is using reversed Rekhi on us. My brother has same symptoms. Through my observance I can conclude that her soul is governed by someone else. Someone who really want to take revenge in their Ego and Pride. I am scared because this thing has already cost a life in our family (with no medical reasons).

      Whenever I sleep, I get all those scary dreams of me falling from a great height; snakes biting me; i am lost in middle of an ocean and there’s no way; I am in between a Forest with no one around; Many of the times chanting Durga Kavach and Hanuman Chalisa helps me in getting my mind back. I usually put it on my phone and hear it through headset whole night.

      Everyday I am swollen. All blood reports and normal. Anti-inflammatory’s stopped working on my body. Sudden appearance of red rashes and then itching start, followed by swelling.

      The time when I stayed away from my home country was the only time I was in proper shape. Now that I am back, my situation has been worst in last few months. There are lot of positive points that protect me. But this is since 1999 and now its been 14 yrs. I dont want this to be life-long.

      Please Help Me. I will really appreciate if you tell me what I am supposed to do to stop this. That way I can save my family and myself from such evil thing.

      • There is something in food, because sometimes, the moment I eat it I feel puky. But cant avoid it as its in home. My vocal cord is damaged due to soar throat. Swelling and fatigue. Lack of concentration and interest. You mentioned some remedy in Rig veda. Can you give me its details?

    123. hello, I have been suffering from hairloss, depression and hopelessness since the two years. My hormone levels and other lab tests are all normal. Could it be black magic?

    124. Miss latoya, since you know so much it would mean a lot to me if u could answer me this one question. Can witchcraft cause all sorts of orbs and colors to come out in my camera ? When I ask for them it responds by flying across my screen and coming out in pics? I’m so curious as to if witchcraft can cause this or if its only a spirit thing?

    125. Hi i would like to know about the meaning of it

      I bury my guy photo upside down what does it mean?
      Thank you and more power..

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    128. Hi,my name is Preet mohit kapoor,a woman has done black magic on my father in law,please help me,he is in lot of stress and not ready to understand his condition,please help my family!
      Preet mohit kapoor

    129. Black magic affects us in the everyday life more than we are sometimes willing to admit. A person can fall a victim to a black magic spell and not know it for a long time. It is important to know common symptoms of such a spell so that you can remove the spell by using black magic protection. Physical symptoms of a black magic spell include breathlessness, rapid heart beat, body aches, and sudden loss of weight. Mental symptoms include depression, suicidal thoughts, difficulty to concentrate and focus attention on one subject, nightmares, and indifference to life.To Know More Visit Here :

      • I had the full symptoms I was almost to die, but in the end I cured it with reading the Quran.
        Collect all your powers to read it, you will need to do some effort because the devil do not want you to read it.

        Thanks to God.

    130. I’m curious, LaToya… If you feel so strongly against Voodoo (whether it’s the religion, or Hoodoo practices that you are referring to), why you chose the sacred symbol (ve-ve) for Papa Legba as your symbol on this post. Papa Legba is a Voodoo Spirit (called “lwa”), and is the guardian of the crossroads. I’ve been a Voodoo priest for 11 years in Traditional Haitian Voodoo. I am here to say, yes – there is negativity in Voodoo, but all spiritual practices have their negatives.

      1) the symptoms that you mention COULD be signs of Black Magic, but they could also be signs that you’re a Manic Depressive, you have bad hygiene, you make poor diet choices, etc. Just because you are experiencing these symptoms doesn’t mean you are a victim of people doing work on you. Which leads me to my next point….

      2) looking through many of the posts, I noticed that a number of people used the phrase “I’m a victim” or “i’ve been a victim”. In this new world, it seems people are constantly on the lookout for new ways to be victim, like we need to be victims or something. If my body hurts and aches for a week straight, does it mean I’m a “victim” of black magic? Nah. It MORE THAN LIKELY just means I have the flu. You know, the Influenza virus that’s been around for millions of years…

      People do cracky things to other people. It happens. However, the more you put it out to the universe that you’re a “victim” the more victimized you become. You have generated a self-fulfilling prophecy. We’re not always going to be victims. It’s best sometimes to just be you, and understand that life doesn’t always hand us lemonade, but a bucket of really sour lemons.

      • No Offense, But You Have Deeply Misunderstood Many Things That You Have Read. And I Highly Doubt That You’ve Read Each And Every Post. I Have Over One Hundred Seventy Posts On This Blog.

        Number One, I Do Not And Never Have Considered Myself A “Victim” Of Black Magic. I Am Nobody’s Victim. Victim Can Be Used In More Than One Term. When I Used It I Simply Meant I Was Attacked By People Through Witchcraft And That Is A Definite Fact. I Experienced This. I Am Gifted. I Know. I’ve Had Black Magic Removed.

        I Do Not Care If You Claim To Be A Priest, I Was Born With A Caul. I Am Legitimate, Not Someone Who Joined A Faith. I Was Born Into One And I Am Very Proud Of It. This Is My Culture. And I Know Darn Well Who Elegba Is. He Is My Head Orisha.

        Second, I Never Said That I Was Against Voodoo. I Do Voodoo. Voodoo Is Beautiful. There Is Good And Bad In Everything In Life. I Am Against Anything That Is Used Unjustly By Negative People.

        I Do Not And Have Never Suffered From Any Mental Illness, I Have Great Hygiene, And A Very Healthy Well Balanced Diet. I Have Been A Vegetarian For Over Twenty Years. And I’ve Never Had All Of The Symptoms Listed In The Post. Those Are Just A Number Of Things That Affect Many People That Are Crossed Up.

        Your Comment Was Very Ignorant And Irresponsible Because You Do Not Know Me And Obviously You Are Not Articulate And Keen Enough To Comprehend.

        And As Far As The Universe Is Concerned. I Am In Connection With The Universe. I Am Aligned And In Balance. I Am Very Happy And At Peace. I Get Everything That I Want. I Know Way More About Spirituality Than You Do-Trust Me. And I Know Real Babalawos. So Please Do Not Perpetrate With Your Nonsense. You Need To Think Before You Speculate And Make Ignorant Assumptions Because You’ve Just Made An Ass Out Of Yourself.

        I Posted The “Symptoms Of Voodoo Black Magic” For People In Particular To Be Aware Of What Is Going On In The World By No Good, Evil, Jealous And Malicious People Who Seek Out To Destroy.

        And I Am Glad That The Knowledge Is Out There So That People Will Fight Back And Bind Up That Shit Through The Great Powers Of the Universe.

        Check Out Three Of My Posts As An Example:
        Sincerely LaToya

        • I am being attacked by people through witchcraft as well but I am not willing to play with voodoo or anything of the sort so I’m pretty much stuck in it .😦 I also can’t find someone to help me. Its not everyday you’d come across someone who can or is willing anyway. I’m glad you found your way out of it. as for me, im staying friendly and calm towards my attackers being, that I know who they are and hope one day kindness will prevail.

      • One Of The Proper And One Of The Most Sufficient Ways You Get Rid Of It Is Through “RootWork”. And I Know Because I Am A RootWorker. RootWork Is My Culture. It Is In My Heritage. True African American “Folk Magic” Hoodoo. A Mixture Of African, Native American And European. I Also Do Voodoo. I Have My Religion And My Magical Practices.

        So If You Find Someone That You Are Comfortable With And That You Can Trust, Go And Take Care Of Your Problem.

      • i have read and seen that a lot of victims that have been requesting help from the after math of black magic whether invoked or feed with out the consent or knowledge of the victim. I am one them for over 18 years. I need need, please advise me if you can on ho to whom to reach out for help


      • Believe Me, You Are Stronger Than That Evil. And If You Truly Believe You Will Indeed Get Rid Of It Without A Doubt. Never Give Black Magic The Power To Overcome You.

    132. according to information given by you i am on the advanced stage of black magic. I am so stuck in life but without any reason. I have lost all interest in life and myself. My life has become a hell. I don’t know the reason of my miseries. I am on the verge of death.
      If really don’t know whether black magic exists or not, but i sincerely plead to to people please do not do black magic on others because it hurts a lot both mentally and physically.

      • Black Magic Definitely Does Exist. It Is Very Real. And There Are Many People In The World Who Are Affected by It In Various Form. There Are All Types Of Situations That People Are In Due To The Damaging Manifestation Of Black Magic. And Certain People Do It To Intentionally Hurt Others Whether It Is Out Of Jealousy, Envy, Hatred And Etc… They Will Never Stop Doing It Because They Are Driven And Sick-Minded.

    133. I forgot to say, I have been a Victim since January 2011. I told my mom in July 2011 a few Months after. I was only 18. 19 now.

    134. I have sent a Comment before on January 4 2012. A few Months ago, Saying I’m Half Healed. Lakshmi my Hindu Goddess has Saved me.:/ Well, a few days ago something happend, I started feeling Uninterested in life. I don’t feel like going out now. I use to like going out and being outside. I don’t feel like going to College anymore. Email me on Please!!!

      • I Remember Your Comment. And When I First Read What You Said About You Being Half Healed By Your Goddess It Made Me Happy Because I Can Truly Relate To That. Things Like That Are Real And So Beautiful. I Was Very Happy For You. The Thing Is Though, Even When You Get Better Or Heal You Must Keep Those Blessings And Protections Up By Continuing A Loyal Lasting Relationship With Your “Diety”.

        And There Are Times Where You May Need Help By Other Corresponding Dieties To Take Care Of Certain Other Areas Of Your Life And Situations.

        And You Are Absolutely Right, Sharan, Black Magic Can And Does Cause Malignant Diseases Of All Kinds. And Black Magic Can Definitely Kill And Cause Tragic Deaths.

        Your Sudden Uninterest In The Things That You Like To Do Is A Definite Sign Of Black Magic. I Know Details About Various Ways That Evil Is Done. And Here Is An Example: Years Ago A Fellow Reader Gave Me A Bracelet To Wear. And I Don’t Even Like Jewelry. She Was No Good. Before She Gave It To Me I Heard Her Whisper, Charging It With Prayers “Send Her Soul Straight To Hell”.

        Now I Knew That I Was Much Stronger Than Her Because She Was Average And Evil. And We Must Confront Evil And Then Destroy It! Knowing What She Thought She Had In Store For Me I Put The Bracelet On My Ankle And Took It Home ( I’m Not Suggesting That Anyone Does This. It Is Very Important Not To Accept Any Evil Conjure ). But There Was Something I Had To Teach This Woman.

        I Felt A Spirit Enter Into Me And Three Days Later I Began To Feel Negative. The Negativity Tried To Make Me Feel Depressed And Tried To Give Me The Desires To Commit Suicide. These Weren’t My Actual Feelings But A “Manipulation”, Which Is What Black Magic Does And Tries To Do. As Soon As I Removed The Bracelet From My Body The Negative Feeling Left-Just Like That!

        The Reader, However, Received A Nasty Backfire. She Began Having Financial Problems And Lost Her Home.

      • Well, I think you are a very Smart person.:) I am a Victim. Trust me it is Horrible.:) Worst than Cancer. Black Magic can cause Cancer if left Untreated. Never think of doing it to someone even if they have done something to you. Keep that in mind.

    135. oh and cops portal more. taxi said calling cops on me 2 days ago no reason. yelling fit outside of store.
      and cops breaking my leg when happend was for no reason, i was not charged with a crime, they handcuffed me and threw me to the ground and broke my leg.

    136. what happened to me:
      bitch wanted my man.
      my ex left.
      i lost my job.
      i smashed everything in my apartment.
      uncontrollable screaming fits.
      cold sweats.
      unable to get a job, every day at employment centre, no response from employers (never happened b4).uenable to even go near ex or text him or anything to work things out.
      unable to function at all.

      crashed my car into a pole.
      since november i remember little.
      i called him and screamed at him.
      i put out things he gave me on the street.

      **none of this felt in my control i felt possessed**

      he found out about the car crash.
      calls it suicide attempt.

      and it continued.

      i left my house the other night.
      picked up my cops who threw me on the ground and broke my leg.
      the next day my ex called the cops on me they broke into my house.

      he visited me at the hospital.
      when i got out i went to his house.
      he called the cops.
      the cops told him to be humane and listen to me.
      we spoke for hours.
      he said i have “deep psychological issues” and will not get back together.
      nothing resolved.

      i have been asking him to help me.
      please help me.
      for a month.
      he says with what.
      he does not help me.
      he now blocked me from FB.
      he says if contact him again he get restraining order.

      **i see it from his view, i look insane, but none of this was my design and i felt completely out of my own control, is how i think is black magick.

      i am now physically immobile because broken leg.
      i cannot find him.

      do u think this is what hapenned.
      it feels curse is gone b/c he is gone.
      time reversal psychic knowledge change needed.
      what i do to get back?
      he is my destiny.


        • There Are Certain Types Of Fears. The Good Fear Comes To Let Us Know And Alert Us About Dangers And Evils So That We Will Be Aware. It Does Not Mean That We Are Scared, It Is There To Protect Us And Save Us From Harm.

          Bad Fear, Is When Or If, We Let Something Prevent Us From Continuing On With Anything In Our Life-By Something That Endeavors To Stop Or Destroy Us. It Is A Whole Different Situation If The Problem Is Out Of Our Control. But It Does Not Mean That You Have To Stop Fighting Until You Come To A Solution.

          So That Is Exactly The Truth. Instead Of Allowing The Bad Fear To Take Over, People Should Be More Concerned About Exposing Black Magic. And Talking About It, Writing About It, Having Knowledge About It, And So On-Because It Definitely Does Lesson The Evil Affects To A Great Deal And Extent. And People Need To Know And Understand That.

          That Is Why There Are People Like Me Who Exist. I Am One Who Won’t Tolerate It. I Know What All Kinds And Types Of Black Magic Are And What They Attempt To Do And Accomplish. People Who Are Instruments Of It Will Always Exist And Look For The Opportunity To Do Us Great Harm. But People Like Us Are Way Stronger Than They Are. And They Absolutely Cannot Destroy Us Unless We Let Them. Just Firmly Believe.

    137. I’m cursed flat out i have all your symptoms and more
      for not joining a witches coven
      they put one spell on me and i could see auras and smell them
      and stuff and astral travel

      when i told them i didn’t wanna be a witch and to break it
      i got a curse in my Email and they f***ked me over
      and left me like this

      • If You Know What You’re Doing. And You Know How To Protect Yourself, Especially If You Have A Shield Around You And If You Are Justified In What You Are Doing (Hurting Someone Who You Feel Deserves It) No It Will Not Come Back To Hurt You. I Know This For A Fact. Some Believe In The Karma Rule That What You Send Out You Will Get In Return Ten Times Worse In Black Magic, And That May Be The Case For Some But If You Have Natural Power And Genuine Solid Protection You Won’t Have Anything To Worry About.

        Now If Someone Attacked You Spiritually And You Want To Retaliate You Have Every Right To Without Having To Worry About Any Consequences, However, You Still Need A Protection Around You To Be On The Safe Side.

        Black Magic Can Backfire On A Person Who Does Not Know What They’re Doing And Depending On The Type Of Work That They Are Doing.

    138. Could you please help me. My family, my sister’s family and my parents have a lot of health issues that cannot be explained by doctors. Every year it seems as if our luck and opportunities for better things in life are taken away from us. Money seems to disappear. When ever we have an opportunity to get money something happens and the money is gone. We are all struggling financially. Our children is also affected with no luck and no opportunities. Please help us

    139. If you know who is targetting you then you do have to cut that person off. They will also put on a good act to trick you into letting them back into your life. Don’t fall for it. Remove all items from the house that you may have received from them,–no matter the material value. Bury it, put it in the garbage, destroy it or alter it so another doesn’t use it. Do not consume food items that they have prepared.

      The full moon symptoms are real. If you have these symptoms then you need to take sea salt, epsom salt or if you have nothing else then table salt baths regulary. In fact everyone in the family should be taking them because often female, and sometimes male, black magic practitioners are jealous of ‘relationships’, especially good ones that they perceive that others have and they don’t have.

      You should also drink herbal teas to clean out your liver, in moderation, on a regular basis. Real black magic gets right into your blood and liver and so you need to use herbs that will help cleanse these (in moderation). Even children should have a teaspoon or watered down drink of this. Attacks are often at the family level, especially when you have love in your relationships. This is what angers these black magic peeps in the first place. They cannot stand anyone to be happy.

      Sage and smudge your house.

      Pray to whatever higher being that you believe in.

      Do not be showy in your life or brag as this si what attracts these sick people.

      Become more concious and spirtual yourself.

      • Does anyone know any way to cleanse black magic poison out of your body? I won’t go into any details, but I’ve ingested it, and I feel spiritual/aura cracks inside my head and neck and I need to get this stuff out of my system.

    140. Black magic / Jadu Tona is the negative use of energies and power by jealous and malicious human beings of Kalyuga, whose main objective is to harm or deprive others from something, or influence them to do something wrong or negative. It is the evil side of the celestial cycle or negative energies.

      Black Magic can be used to harm or hurt another person by performing certain acts even at a far away place the effect of this technique can be experienced thousands of miles away. With increase of jealousy, frustration, greed, selfishness, negativity and inability to accept other’s happiness & growth, the use of Black magic has become the most common way to take out one’s vindictiveness and get an evil kind of satisfaction from the turmoil of others. This problem has intensified a lot in the last few years, and many are suffering all over the world, totally unaware of the attacks made by no other than their closest friends, acquaintances and relatives. Many prosperous and happy families are ruined by Black magic. To Know More Visit Here :

    141. Hello,I have bad nightmares where my boyfriend wakes me up and he will say someone was standing at the foot of the bed.I talk or chant in a different language in these dreams thats what wakes him up im terrorised by these dreams too.It makes me not want to go to sleep.
      I used to be baptist but Im not anything now nor do i have any faith while im typing this i hear noises like the air clicking on and off but it only does that when im trying to get help its like it wants me to be scared.Im a stong person and i love my life but ive been to the crazy house twice because of the t.v. talking to me or hearing a message in the raido.I know you probably think im nuts.See i went to mexico and thats where my kids daddys family from and i was mean to his family like smart mouth childish things and they put it on me im scared im going to die.i lost my voice for three days.ive been to mex 17 times they have my children.i keep white sage and smudge my house but i dont know what else to do and i let a man poke my finger and get my blood in mex.

    142. Hi, I really need your assistance. I have someone that is trying to send me to an early death beacause she wants my mate. she has had famliy members to work blackmagic for her against me and to gain control over my mate. Can this be reversed or stopped? Please help.

    143. My ex Mallak is a Wiccan/Pagan and I witnessed him curse someone. Nothing happened so I didn’t think much of it but now me and him aren’t talking and he hates my guts. Let’s just say I wouldn’t put it past him to curse me or something and now I have this vocal infection preventing me from singing (which is the reason I am still living). I have already thought about suicide a couple of times. Death just seems easier than dealing with suffering for the rest of my life and they are evil people and probably laughing at the fact that I’m suffering. I bet he would go to my funeral and laugh. I’ve experienced many of the signs and symptoms shown and I hate to think he would do something like that to me but I just had to make sure I’m not crazy. It would make alot more sense if black magick is involved because I don’t know what has happened to me.

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    145. hi i think you are spritual healer . can you help me because i am constant victim of black magic . my uncle is doing black magic over and over for the past many year . i need professional help form you . how its possible i can get your help

    146. Hi. i have problem that my husband has divorced me before 5 months back. i think my in laws people has done black magic on him. I have small son of 3 yrs. I am poor person cant take care of me n my son n presently staying with my parents who are also poor. I went to many people but they ask money from me where they will do my work. But i cant afford. Please tell me hoe can i get my hubby back.

    147. Hi, what I’ve noticed is that all of you are talking about removal of the effects of black magic, ……
      but nobody is talking about eliminating of the the person who is doing the black magic upon other persons ( the source of the problem ). In my opinion when the source of black magic or voodoo or any other evil is eliminated, then it is easier to remove and purified yourself without any disturbing situations.
      During the removal the black magic practitioner is trying stop the proces and ad more problems/obstacles etc. to discourage you.

      So, to you all, I want to have a mantra or a prayer where we can eliminate the source of the problem forever. This is what people need and not a lot of things that let them suffer and suffer any longer.

      I hope to get an appropiate answer asap for everybody whom are victims.

      Thanks to you all in advance.


    148. Hi I’m being attacked by someone at my old church (New Creation Ministry) The have made a voodoo doll of me and are trying to do harm to me. This guys name is Brian Gilbert. I have been praying that this guy goes to jail. He tried to break in my house and rape me then he is spreading rumors saying I’m talking to myself and hearing voices which is a lie. I belive JeSus Christ Power is stronger then voodoo and other satanic rituals. I have been fasting and praying but this demon working through him is evil, cunning and wicked. This guy goes to church every Sunday. I’m praying for the maximum sentence and my story to be exposed his brother Anthony Gilbert is a cop and he has arrogantly stated “NO one would believe me because his brother is a cop.” I don’t believe in voodoo but I believe demons are coming against me and I’m in a spiritual battle. Please pray this wicked family is exposed.

    149. Dear Sir,

      My wife suddly askd me for Divorce, I refused to give her divorce and she went to court and we separated, we married for over 12 years with three kids, and within three months she got married with different man, and some people had told me that she been black magic by that man, and from that 2009/august/02 Iam sick, hopelss and can’t sleep at night, always dreaming bad things,weaknees in body,too much problem with my boss at work,and during divorce, i signed a paper, with out looking that, and now iam pay every month my kids money, and she not giveing the money to my kids,and she took all my money as well,please u can help me on this issue, i dont need her any more, i want this money back, and stoping pay her money to her?

      please help

    150. “Necro Rooms”

      Closely Examine the actions of those involved in witchcraft/Voodoo used to hurt people. It is an illegal behavior. I’m looking for federal government response. An indepedant commission. My brother Telvis “Ted,” Grandberry was voodooed to he died, by my mother’s sisters and our ex-next door neighbor Charlotte Sharon. Please, please, examine our disaster. Following the facts where ever they lead; without fear or favor. The government is not tough enough on Necro room involvement. I still remain hopeful.

      The Prince of Captivity
      Calm $ Conservative

    151. My cousin she had a hatred for two people and she cursed them.I told her to stop going to New Orleans and meeting up with voodoo priestess and doing black majic on her own to hurt these ladys so like she wouldnt stop.My cousin had a baby by the rapper juvenile so she be on the news when her son he killed her.It is weird because she was like my cousin but I was scared of her when I hung with her and I saw her doing this crazy mojo to two people not messing with her.I am still in shock but I believe the spirits punished her for like real. We come from the islands and people dont want to believe this for real but trust me it is so like real. To all you who use it to hurt someone just know you get it back ten times if you curse somebody not done nothing to you. My cousin is dead now and nobody can say why her son killed all them. She wanted this one girl to suffer and her son to kill her but now my cousin her son he shot her and it makes our whole family cry so much we grieve all the time.Do not mess around with this.It don’t be a joke.It is for real and it not to be played with.

    152. I have a serong feeling that my son’s father girlfriend has something on my and my son’s father. He and i are no longer together he’s still with her but, he always seem to still want to be with me he just don’t know how to leave her. I am the type of person who always keep a good job but since he’s be with this girl i can’t get a job i don’t have any money i’m always depredded and tiered. Nothing seems to be going my way i’m always having bad luck.

      • My health had gone very bad and I was going to commit suicide because of black magic, in the end I collected all my powers to read the Quran, then they are gone (the demons), Now I feel blessing and guidance and peace.

        • Good For You! Particular People Have Their Own Spiritual Belief Systems That Does Work On Their Behalf And I Am So Glad That You Conquered That Evil. I Wish You Continued Success In Your Life!

    153. hello,i am feeling some of these symptons and feel that i need your help i have tried medicine for my health and depression and my career has gone upside down bad to worse my family has broken up due to her extended family, they also use blackmagic i dont no if they are doing this to me.

    154. Hi

      I am definetly suffering with the first part of the symptoms can you give me advice on how to get rid of it. I think my enemy stole my clothing and pictures.

    155. i need to contact you.. i have read some of these stories & i feel that your educated about this & all symptoms that you have indicates my problem. i know me & my ex have a deep connection i have felt it & seen it. i truely believe we are meant to be together & another woman came into the picture & believe has done something to him because every 6 months he starts to thinks with his heart & i can feel his true love, he starts to think about leaving her but something stops him, after those 6 months he becomes this different man. i have tried to move on but i always get distracted by his thoughts 7 its like he feels it or he thinks the same thing because he trys to contact me. we live in different cities 5 hours away. please help. iam a single mother of his son

    156. dear sir, i have ancient manuscripts of perfect black magic.the books seems to be over 200 years old.those books are in sanskrit, modi [ancient marathi script] & prakrut.if you are interested please e-mail me.

    157. I am from Jamaica. My life is at a stand still, my mother was the same way. It all started when my dad broke up with my older brother mom she was still in love with him so when my brother came to spend the summer with my dad his mom asked him to get my mom name and bring it back to her. His mom then took my mom name and buried it in a Cemetary in Jamaica. This lady wanted my dad back so bad that she was willing to do anything but the love my mom and dad had for each other was so strong that voodoo was not enough to pull them apart. This lady tried everything, and because she buried my mom name in the grave yard she not only put her life at a stand still she put all of her kids life also at a stand still so we all are struggling to make ends meet. Everwhere we go to get this voodoo remove we need money to get it remove but, because we are all broke we have been unable to do so. My mom have not seen her two son she left in Jamaica for 19 years because she have been unable to go back there because she have been in the same position all these years broke, my mom had another daughter the same day she came to the united states that never met her brothers in Jamaica and who have never met her because of this woman and to make matters worst because this lady couldn’t get my dad back she killed him in 2007 using voodoo saying if she can’t have him nobody will, my brothers and I have suffered so much because of this woman and I’ve came to the point where I am just tired to struggling living day by day it is so hard that I don’t know what to do I’m depress, I get mad for no reason, I wake up sometimes with scatches on my back,I have problems sleeping their are so much going on that I am at the point if giving up please help.

    158. JR there are thousands of testimonies of people being cured from black magic can be cured in many ways.vegan dieta,mantra sadhana,yoga ,fasting and sat karmas (inner cleaning techniques)can cure any thing but nothing will cure you unless you keep strict spiritual discipline during the process of healing the black magic.actualy the most severe cases of black magic can be solved easily if you follow these rules,performing mantra sadhana with pranayam devotion and sincerity and eating satvic vegan food,remaining spiritual.the problem is when the victime of black magic doesnt know that is under black magic,cause then he is lost and have no understanding of his cruel and unfair situation,this person woulnt know that mantras can relieve you from that suffering and usualy this people die of nervous mental disease,they can start having stress attacks then schizophrenia and finaly die.but if the person for example knows that is black magic and start reciting mahamrityunjaya mantra sadhana the stress attacks will end,this mantra is such powerfull,and the fears and phobias ghosts and evil spirits will be vanished.isnt it amazing?believe it or not this mantras have shakti within them and protect you.if you are a victime of black magic and you are innocent. the divine help will come and help you such is the power invocation of a mantra.

    159. The most Indian healers and guru’s are thiefs.
      They use internet to offer ritual items or tantric items to costumers.
      This is not okay because they are fraud!
      Why they are fraud ?
      Let me tell you this:
      They buy items on the local market for about 200 Rupees the piece, well that’s a few dollar lets say 4 dollar they put in online in their online spiritual shop for between 100 and 200 dollars the piece.
      There are a lot Indians from out of Indian who were brought up with this supernatural tales and so.
      That they will buy these items that knowledge is by these fake gurus and healers.
      Also there is a guy In India Who is taking advantage of people with problems.
      This guy Ravi Singh so called Balck magic healer is offering his service online to everyone who want’s it or not.
      He scammed a lot of people also by not sending the paid items.
      This guy is a real big scam he is spamming world wide and is also replying on blog with solutions and after wards he scammes the most NRI’s ( not recidential Indians )
      Google and you see : Ravi Singh fraud black magic healer.
      Also a notice if there is something like a real guru or healer who is offering solutions against poverty, Then why he is not helping his own country because India is a land full of beggars , scammers , thiefs and a hand full of honest people.
      If you visit India you will see this text on the most carnumberplates: out of the 100 there are 80 not reliable still is my India very sacred.
      So the Indians self now it.
      But this is a waning for everybody else.
      Watch out for fake gurus And so called black magic healer Ravi Singh fraud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      He thinks peolpe are crazy he is advertising on free sites , blogs and so.
      Are you crazy to pay him for that?

      This fraud did post above.
      This are his sites contact :

      Please Contact Us ( 91 ) 9892745771
      Thank You………

    160. Has anyone ever had their blackmagic cured from someone? There seems to be very little feed back, even from websites that advertise they are able to help.

    161. I need your help and support to get my wife and children back asap. In short my story!!

      I have taken my wife and children to Mumbai on 19th July 2009 and the same evening her family put complained a case against me at the Oshiwara Police Station with the charges of 307 attempt to Murder. I have been cleared from the charges by the order of Mumbai Commissioner of Police. I have not spoken or seen my wife and children since then. I feel that my wife and children are kept under house arrest and they are being supported by the POLICE. Please help me to get reunited with my family.

      God bless.

    162. simple complete black magic destroyer sadhana;put in a clean room an image of your spiritual god.light in vajrasana facing east.remain some minutes in silence asking for protection to god.then begin with durga mantra 12 times,om hreem dum durgaye namaha,nest recitation 32 durga names,om durga durgartisamani durgapadvinivarini durgamacchedini durgasadhini durganashini durgatoddharini durganihantri durgamapahaa durgadaityalokadavanala durgamaa durgamalokaa durgamatmaswaropini durgamargaprada durgamavidya durgaamashritaa durgamajñanasamsthana durgamaadhyanavasini durgamohaa durgamagaa durgamarthaswarupini durgamaasurasanhantri durgamaayudhadharini durgamangi durgamataa durgammya durgameswari durgabhima durgabhama durgabha namavalimimam yastu durgaya mama manavah ,pathet sarva, bhayan mukto, bhavisyati na samshayah.whoever recites the garland of the thirty two names of the reliever of difficulties will surely be freed of every tipe of fear recite them at least 20 times.then mahamrityunjaya mantra;om hroum om joom om sah om bhooh om bhuvah om swah om trayambakam yajaamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam urvarukamiva bandhanaat mrityormuksheeya maAmritat,om swah om bhuvah om bhooh om sah om joom om hroum om.(the phonetic pronunciation is in english)recite mahamrityunjaya 108 times,then shanti mantra: asatomaa sadgamayaa tamaso maa jiotir gamaya mrityormaa amritam gamaya om shanti shanti shantihi this is a powerfull mantra sadhana against any black magic you can chant this mantra while doing anything in your life just live for some months uttering mentaly; om shri hanumate namaha bhuta pisacha nikata nahim avai mahabira jaba nama sunavai (this is the specific prayer of the hanuman chalisa against black magic)recite it 108 times.4 days before new moon and full moon recite this mantra right after the 32 durga names;akarshay mahadevi ram mam priyam hey tripure devdeveshi tubhyam dasyami yanchitam.108 times,this mantra pacify moon evil effects.good practice

    163. to all the people who is under black magic,learn to recite the short yet very powerful prayer of 32 durga names ,you can learn this prayer on youtube.just writte `”paramahansa satyananda his chantings pictures and books”then click on the video and listen to this short yet powerful prayer learn to memorice it and recite it.this 32 names they are a nuclear bomb for inner balance and blissful protection from mother durga.on one of the comments of the video. they are exposed the names so you can learn them.then you should learn mahamrityunjaya mantra too,which is another powerful short mantra kavach armour from shiva, this mantra is considered with the gayatri mantra the heart of vedas.its a very powerful tool against all kind of ghost ,bhutas pisachas, bad forces and the best healer mantra.once that you have memorice this two simple prayers and start reciting them ,youl recover your health and youl feel blessed,spend as much time as you can reciting these two mantras.and for the final total elimination of the black magic, add to your mantra sadhana the devi kavacham or the hanuman chalisa.I GRANT YOU NO BLACK MAGIC CAN SURVIVE TO THIS THREE PRAYERS MANTRA SADHANA.WARNING!!! RECITING MANTRAS WITH OUT CONCENTRATION IS LIKE PRAYING TO THE WALLS SO LEARN TO CONNECT WITH GOD IS YOUR TASK.

    164. the most secure way to solve a hard case of black magic is to fast seven days doing satkarmas or inner cleaning enemas vomit induction and throat cleansing every day and praying to god or reciting a raksha mantra,while during this seven days.After the fast keep strict vegetarian dieta for 4 months ,absolute mental and physical celibacy during the four months,no alcohol or salt or any stimulant product,remaining completely the end of the four months any kind of black magic would be killed.

    165. My husband is dizzy and has been throwing up for the last few days…he has no fever at all but has lost his hearing. He started taking antibiotics today, but I can’t help but feel either his mother or his obsessive ex-wife are behind the strange symptoms. Both evil sociopaths and open to the occult- his mother could easily be a witch. His symptoms “coincidentally” started on the same day that his wicked mom emailed asking him to please come see her – we haven’t seen the witch since 2007. We they can not reach us they go into this all out panic and assault. They are JOKES, but evil to the core.

    166. All people who do black magic are destined for hell…my own grandmother went to hell coz a preist told us about that and she practiced withcraft…Trust me, all those affected pls pray to your respective Gods…for me as a Hindu , I worship Durga..Her name only is enough to shoo away the demonical forces….So I am not afraid of anything….

    167. hi,i no that black magic is true cause i witness alot but now my boyfriend mom has black magic on to keep us apart n i don’t no n how to help or what to do to have back the love of my life whatever she is doing is so strong all i do is pray everyday to have him back..please if anybody can just tell me how ti help get my boyfriend back just let me please…help!!!help!!!!

    168. hey blog

      I was just going through with the sites nd really feel bad people who are suffering from bad effects in thier life I personally dont know weather black magic exist or not but i can say that we are human beings n we all have god n devil inside and once u start believing in god (budha nature) you will be able answer all your queries.always remember one thing when sun rises darkness evades and luckily we all posses the power of sun.Never say your why me always have the determination to say choose me.. dont worry everything in this world works on two things good or bad..Develop your mind strongly so that you will be able to dominate bad energies through good…transformation is required.nothing else …Dont think about those people who are involved in bad activities coz they will definately get effects of their bad karmaas (deeds.

    169. I know my mother-in-law put a curse on me I see it through my kids they are not normal and everywhere I’ve been they can not seem to help me.can you please help.

    170. hi….i have suffered from black magic.i ate some sweet in my girlfriends house & then it happened with me.i was fully in control with her.she ruined my business,my life
      sexual life,my thinking everthing.there was a time when i thought to do sucide..i lost my skin was getting black..i lost my realatives..
      but after 1 year because of wifes well wishes i overcome out of this..thanks to her.
      my request to all men dont eat any thing when u are having sexual relation with any other women except ur wife.

    171. hi,
      you know what i m a victim of black magic b/c since i have got married something is rong with me but as i came in canada to see my hubbby ,,,,,,,every thing has changed now you know what one day i went to doctor n she said you have a heart problem n after so many tests i found out that i have a biiiiiiiig hole in my heart n they r surprised that i never felt any problem but every thing is getting worst but i know i can get rid of this problem …………i cant tell you about my symptoms day i felt that some very horrible sharp pan in my back bone n these days i m afraid………..but i believe in god n GOD WILL take the revenge …………

    172. If you want real freedom, your fix is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior! My family has fought this witchcraft for 18 years. Turn your life over to Jesus Christ and get a Bible and read it everyday. He will teach you how to cover yourself from all the wiles of Satan. I also recommend getting the books written by Rebecca Brown. She has written a series of books with real witches as far up as the bride of Satan. Real eye openers and through Jesus she teaches you how to combat this real problem and WIN. God Bless You All!

    173. i beleive i suffer with black magic i am from trinidad where there is alot of evil i get angry fast and feel like killing myself or someone i have no progress in my life my house always has arguying i see shadows at times i feel depress i always think negative to ppl i need help

    174. Hai sir
      I m arslan from pakistan. I m muslim. I feel fear from dreams and my thoughts are very negative for my friend i have problem to sleep. I have a lot of unnesseary tensions in my mind. I want to ask that am i victim of black magic
      Your quick response will be appriciated

    175. I believe I have been a victim of black magic I just got so many problems and i’m unable to pass my nursing board exams and having finanical problems as well. Please help me what can I do.

    176. Hi,
      I would like to know if my life and my families lives have been plagued with voodoo or black magic? Because even though I am the only one who suffers from it more in my family and my life had been bad ever since I was born. Thins like me almost losing my life 4 times, my car mysteriously caught on fire with other cars but it had 65,000 miles on it and was working perfectly fine, I parked my car and mysteriously, it was broken into, also my parents just gave me another car recently but they said that it was working fine before they gave it to me and when I get it it stops working,I was raped by my boyfriend but his eyes looked like he had the devil in him.I have very demonic dreams, sleepless nights, weight gain, depression, loneliness, people seem to be negative or not like me for no reason when they dont know me, cannot have kids, always struggling in my career, relationships(women always seem to steal my man away), or the men use me or abuse me ever since I was 17 years old, feels like something is stopping me when I try to better myself,scared to go to sleep because of the bad dreams I have.And it goes on and on.It gets worse from there but I think you understand.Sometimes I cry because I am so lonely. My friends who used to be close to me are no longer close to me anymore.My own mother doesnt even call me.

    177. My husband married me for his green card & has been do blackmagic on me since I married him. He moved out early this year & still is doing blackmagic on me & it’s stronger & I am loosing all of the court cases. He didn’t get his green card as yet & I am not successful in anything I do. I was told he is trying to kill me. He stole everything I had. I had to turn to welfare for help. Please help me.

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    179. I was born with the veil on my head Latoya as yourself, I read your story and likewise my father’s mother and his sister, her aunt placed black magic on me since childhood, I think that it’s on my brother and father as well, were his first born’s and also I have lost twins ectopic pregnancy 4-5 months in gestation, the babies were still living, emergency surgery was done, and the babies were taken alive so that I can live, I was bleeding internally n didn’t know about pregnancy, until I collasped on my floor in apartment. My grandma (father’s mom) never showed her face, said she would come, none came, stated when I got home that I would never bear children to me over the phone, her n my aunt told the guy that I was pregnant for that I was burning a case of candles to work magic n keep his love, n I struggle in relationships, never last, never happy, never finishing things in my career. most symptoms stomach, weight gain, menstrual, breasts, soles of feet inching n swelling doctors can’t explain, not even about pregnancy n not dying being so far, I recovered miraculously without needing blood transfusion. so much of the symptoms that u described I have been fighting for years, she is the one that made me also go to a witchdoctor where he inserted something in me and made me do crazy things that I didn’t understand y, like putting smoke sticks around my vagina bc she said that’s d only way that I would remove what another woman did to me for some man that she said that I must have dated. I never understood any of this n am really scared of this bc I know weird unexplainable things happen to me. Why did they do this and is this bc of my gift. She also dabbles in witchcraft (palm reading, cards, whatever have u also her daughter my aunt, she hates me as well n has tried to kill me, offering pieces of clothing n just about all that u named.

    180. Hi.. i found what u stated as the symptoms are quite similar with what i am facing. However, i couldn’t make sure myself tat the facts i am dealing is just my superstitious or the symptoms of what u stated.

      SO, could you please kindly reply me by my via email whether my suspects are correct or not.I would like to reply detail with email.

      Thanks ALOT .


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    182. Pingback: Have you ever been in a haunted house or mansion ? - GupShup Forums

    183. I think my would be and me to have been a victim of black magic. Pas few days we had lot of msunderstanding only because there was some black magic .. as i belive because he started belving all negative about me. Please help me to know if this is black magic .I have had a nervous problem since then, Please help how should i know if this is black magic done by his parents or not.

    184. I really need help, i believe i’m one of the victim of black magic. And have tried everything can you please help me find a solution. I’m always under stress, can’t sleep every night without waking up with anxiety. I always have bad dreams. I have really bad back problems. I feel I’m being invaded with my personal thoughts. please help me…


    185. Hi,

      I have a very important question, please respond back to this question by email, i will be very grateful.
      My boyfriend has been effected by black magic done by his family, because of this he has left me. Kindly suggest some remedies to remove black magic done on him by his mom and help me to recover my lost love at the earliest.

    186. I really need help, i believe i’m one of the victim of black magic in my home town (philippines) I’m right now living at North carolina. I believe it’s made by family friends because of jealousness. I have this problem for almost 9 years. Thanks God i’m still alive. I’m always strees, can’t sleep evernight. I always have bad dreams. My whole body is painful, i feel stubbing. And i’m having a skin problem always itching. I always feel like im sick. My back its always hurting and my kidney. Please help me…


    187. i dont know..if its magic..some1 called himself ravi (hindu name)when actually his muslim name is shakeel ahmed..told me n my guy he can solidify our relationship forever as we had threat from my mother inlaw(she would not let us live together)..this bad guy told us to burn a paper with vaginal semenal fluid and(some mantras written in urdu)..sprinkle the ashes in different corner of the room. now its been 3 yrs we have split, n there is no single morning when i cant help thinkin bout my has no colors, no career,only crying whole day..miserable.i have gone dumb!

    188. I know my matriarchial history has been cursed, I believe from our beauty and New Orleans background; however, I was born with a caul and my blood is rh neg, my great great grandma was an Indian shaman so I feel safe. My biggest fear is that If I feel threatened I will cast neg energy on others so I have to keep myself in check. Cause when I tap in to that stuff i become close to evil. But I am also scared cause I have left my body 3 times in my 33 yrs and I understand spirits can enter then. When I leave my body i only have control once i am out, but i can’t leave on my own. i think im rambling so just give ur opinion.

    189. I think im a victim of voodoo cause most of the initial stages you listed above has happened to me. It’s like I feel something is holding me back in life and I can’t progress. My life has been going down and I cant stop it. I never dream, cant sleep,have kidney problems. My body always aches, and Im mostly never happy. Please help me im confused and need some type of answers to the things that have been happening to me in my life.

    190. Hi! Thanks for the blog.

      Im also a victim of blackmagic or voodoo.. i dnt knw which one it is… but i know for sure..

      if theres any other information you have for me.. can you please let me know?


    191. I have been a major victom of black majic, I use to know a freind who does black magic on people. He has 40 years of black magic experience. He has books that are 100 years old. He tied 7 nots on sheeps intestines and put it in the sun to dry, right infront of me. He is the devils son. He goes to grave yerds and burrys things, he writes on metal plates and puts it on fire. My god it’s too many to list. I am no longer friends with him he is the son of a devil. Now he has turned everything he has got on me. I feel every symptom you explained for the past two years. Please help me. What should I do, I am majorly suffering and depressed, can barely get out of bed in the mornings.

    192. i really know one of my friend effected by this black magic .She was totally forgetting all and was not aware of what she was doing .She was just leaving with out understanding . Horrible really i curse those who do black magic .Please do take severe action of killing those people who does this .

    193. Yes , I do agree Black Magic Exists . I am also suffering by this from since 15 Years .Still now i am not able to settle down in my life ,i am unmarried . Whatever prposal comes also and agree me also i was not ready to move and marry them .why ? i have no reasons but i was rejecting all .Even now same happening .I am very fair beautiful attractive educated and working , even at this age of 30 ‘s also they agree me . But due to black magic i am not able to take decission .When i was studying my engineering only before 2 days of full moon day or amavasya immediately i used to get fever . This i experienced continously for 5 to 6 Years , and i was not aware of black magic at that time .I thought its my weakness ..but now i am clear . I am now so much feel like who has done this bm to me ? god should turn back to them only ,i curse them .I don’t know remedies to remove this,please do suggest me for that .

    194. Help,
      I beleieve that iam a victim of black magic.What can I do ti get peace in mt life, I know it’s comming from family members. My life has been effected in ways that I can explain, every parter I had was taken away from me. Please me.

    195. I believe that I am a victim of voodoo/black magic. Where can I go to get healed/cured? I have been to many Doctor’s and they can’t find anything wrong. I have a majority of the symptoms and several of the items that you listed are occuring in my life on a regular basis. I am not sure what stage I am in although it does feel like it’s the end. Please help me before it is too late. Please email me any and all information. I live in Georgia and I am a single mother of one who wants to be here for my child.

      I thank you in advance.

      – Victim

        • I Am A Spiritual Person So I Was Never Affected The Way That Most People In General Are. I’ve Never Had All Of The Symptoms Listed In This Post. Those Are Just A Number Of Symptoms That Affect Many Different People Who Are Crossed Up Or Who Are Being Attacked.

          My Problems Were Resolved A Very Long Time Ago. However, My Problems Started When I Was Seven Years Of Age By Jealous Family Members And Jealous People On The Outside.

          Voodoo/Black Magic Has Never Been Able To Affect My Mind. It Does Not Work On Me.

          I Am Extremely Sensitive Spiritually So I Feel A Lot Of Things Physically That Try To Take Over But It Never Lasts. It Goes Straight Back To The Sender In Some Form Or Fashion.I Have A Very Special Ability And I Know How To Protect Myself And Counteract It.

          I Have Enemies All Of The Time Trying To Cross Me Up And Work Many Evils Against Me And Towards My Way, But They’re Just Wasting Their Time. They Cannot Touch Me.

          The Only Way That Black Magic Had Affected My Life In The Past Is By Those In Particular Who Tried To Block My Career Opportunities And Tried To Ruin My Reputation Because They Were Always Jealous Of My Character And Didn’t Like My Attitude (I Never Cared What Anybody Thought Anyhow So It Did Not Faze Me), But In Reality Nobody Can Destroy Me, Otherwise I’ve Been Just Fine.

          Explain To Me More About What Is Going On With You In Detail And We’ll See What Can Be Done About It If You Are Interested, Okay?

          • I have read a bit of your posts, you ask people to tell you more about their situation, cant you see anything at all if your connected to the spirit world?, i not doubting you im just asking.

            • Your answer is here in full along with comments that prove you wrong:

              No offense taken, and if you doubted me or not it would not make any difference to me. Another person’s doubt does not remove any truths (in other words it does not take anything away from me or anyone else in particular).

              Your comment came just in time as it gave me inspiration for this post since your words express what had come to me supernaturally just days before through the energies that interact with me as a clairvoyant. I concurrently (everyday/every other day/on and on receive messages/information (about various matters/whatever that is going on) through my “spiritual antenna”.

              Just because I am quiet about something or unaffected by it absolutely does not at all mean that I am not aware of it!

              First of all, your comment doesn’t make any sense-it is completely false. I never always ask people to tell me more about their situation (I do not need to). If anything I may tell someone to be more specific in what they’re asking or referring to (in their address) and so on, and that is completely plausible and has absolutely nothing to do with what I know, see, feel or hear.

              Communication is very important and I am a very thorough person. Some people are not good at expressing themselves, some people say one thing and mean another, some people are just air heads and some are just assholes.

              And, some of those commenters are phony and full of shit but I will answer if “spirit” moves me to because someone real will come along who may need the information so I always respond honestly, I don’t play games-I have no time for it!

              In day to day life I sometimes just have to go along with the program and have to sometimes ask questions to things that I already know, everyone is not on the same wavelength and I do not like having to go down to someone else’s level in order to pacify a situation but that is how life is whether one likes it or not at times we have to make allowances.

              You are referring to just one comment yet still it has nothing to do with divination. And many of us spiritual people pick up on and gather extra/further information and messages through touch, voice tone, words/literature, there are many different levels of psychic intuition all wrapped up into one.

              What I honestly feel and sense is that what was written (the comment in which you responded to) in the comment was not appreciated. You see, I have a lot of enemies who had underestimated me and have taken many harsh blows of disappointment primarily because of the fact that they had made too many false assumptions and too many false generalizations about me and who and what I actually am and represent (and they are very scared now).

              I instantly can read people correctly yet they cannot properly read me unless they are absolutely intelligent people of substance.

              I have a lot of knowledge, and I know and always have known way much more than what I tend to lead on. I especially have always known the intentions and deeds of my enemies they just don’t want to quit because they are deeply disturbed and cannot accept truth (they are still working their negativity/voodoo trying to cause blockages and trying to cause insanity-neither of which will happen).

              Just take that bitch Shannon Lee Wolf for instance (who still comes to my blog from time to time), who always tried to downplay me with her ludicrous and laughable lies and accusations of “ego” then recruited some of her flunkies to try to intimidate me-“Oh get serious!

              M.W. | 29/07 2014 19:18

              Nobody actually takes her seriously do they? Its so obvious that she is bi-polar, ranting and raving one minute then all blissed out on herself the next. Shannon Lee Wolf has no worries, because shes a true caul bearer and she never brags on herself, she only cares about others.
              What was really strange is the lie they made up about me being a security guard as I have never ever worked in security in my life. I do have a certificate in security and fireguard yet never actually had a job within the field. There is nothing wrong with people who actually do that job yet the lies that they have made up and tend to make up get more and more silly and desperate.

              I have many self comments yet I cannot list them all and do not desire to but here is the comment you responded to along with others (comments are copied in the 0rder of the dates) which clearly answer for themselves and you already know this so do me a favor and just let the bullshit rest.

              • i never doubted you, as a jew we believe some genuine people exist but are told to assume that even if they are genuine G-d in the torah warned us that he banished these unseen beings, they cant communicate but with those but do not believe in the living G-d and instead believe in them, but the torah is clear that there are other g-ds and one must not put them over g-d or be tricked into it,

                my ancestors Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, the 12 tribes of Jacob aka Israel all where aware of shamanism and the unseen, that G-d banished these g-ds and their legions on the sixth day into a spirit world unlike the one we go to directly as men or the one we live in now, they where left un finished able to shape shift, breed, live and die, the older ones rule over many mischievous demons or submit to the will of g-d so they live thousands of years, fairies etc etc all the same shape shifters, G-d spared them only because they offered to serve him as testers to prove they are more worthy then man kind., but who ever believes in them are cursed, there are amulets i tibet made by monks and gurus requiring chanting and even sacrificing animals to bond with these demons, they hold monthly de possession sessions, its a all time high superstitious world Thailand, Tibet etc

                But, i aint doubting you, just asking if your are SURE what you encountered is not a jinn, genea or demon (all the same) since angels only do what G-d tells them like robots and have no free will as we and those banished creatures?

                The Shabbat i the book of genesis is a eternal commandment and testimony to the world who the final judge and ruler ad creator is, we sanctify it to rest with him, our father and shabbat means saturday in hebrew and not friday or sunday as in a sun god mithra or rome.

                in any case, i love to meet or get to know people who have connected with or obtained keys to the unseen , but most likely they did something to obtain those powers, which are mostly illusion like our life when it passes., i take it people offended you in the past here, im not, i hope its true which makes it even more hurtful to anyone lying if its not, we are protected from all these deities but not from our own family members and community doing harm to one another, so no matter what sometimes hoodooo or something has to take place or we live in years of misery too.

                • You’re wrong, I have not been offended yet I am turned off by ignorance. I am nowhere near anything like the average person. I do not get hurt by what people think or say or whatever else certain folks may want to assume and generalize by their false perceptions, nevertheless, people will believe what they want to believe and that is their own problem not mine.

                  Anyhow, I think that you’re very knowledgeable in what you believe and you are correct some people are deceived by demons and the like. However, I guarantee that what I possess (spiritual abilities) are very natural genuine gifts that I was born with and I absolutely did not have to do anything to obtain them. And my gifts get even stronger with age. It is all completely natural. The bible and the story of God is definitely not 100% the truth and I know this for a fact.

                  And again, I hope you do not take anything that I write the wrong way. If you met me in person and had a talk with me perhaps you’d take whatever that you may have misinterpreted in a different light depending on your mentality.

                  You are of a different culture with you’re own points of view and beliefs and whether you believe it or not I’ve had Jewish associates both religious and non religious and I am familiar with some of their modes of faith and we got along just great. We do not all have to agree but I do see truths that do make sense in what you have said and I do not doubt you either.

                  What is true and right for you is as real and the same as what goes for me within my reality. There is a whole lot that I could go into and would like to (you have good insight) but I feel that talking it over “verbally” gives a better approach and advantage for communication and clarification and feedback compared to just corresponding through writing.

                  P.S. It was so nice of you to take out the time to explain where you were coming from but don’t get me wrong I do not take bullshit personal I just do not have time for it (just speaking in general).

    196. Hi, it seems you know alot on this topic. I have a very important question, please respond back to this question by email, i will be very grateful.
      my husband has been effected by black magic by his family, because of this he left me , i went to get black magic removal done on him to get him back to normal but his family found out by hacking into my email, now i heard they have done my black magic on him. my question is, now that they have done more will my husband be cured still or no?

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