Voodoo/Black Magic Removal And Reversal

I’ve had experience with different types of voodoo for exactly twenty-seven years now. And i can honestly say that the negative side such as black magic is a very sick thing. I have received my calling to share my powers, knowledge and special abilities of my caul with the certain people of the world who need and who are seeking out my help. In my early twenties i would just read and do spiritual work for those that i knew on a personal level. Now the time has come for me to reveal that i have been elevated and that i am indeed a priestess. I have been using my abilities for myself all of my life. I’ve been doing spiritual cleansing and white magic for a little over ten years now. And, since i am a very honest person i have done and reversed black magic on those who came after me. And without getting into the nasty details my results have been extremely satisfactory.

Since i have been on numerous occasions the victim of all types of voodoo such as Brujeria ( the tie-the bind ) , love spells and other spells to try to lower my self confidence, self esteem and to prevent success that i was born to have from coming into my life along with more wickedness, i know all about what voodoo feels like what it can and tries to accomplish and how to fight it. However, Everyone is not gifted and strong enough to conquer evil voodoo such as i have been able to do. And not everybody knows that they are a victim of witchcraft since it appears in one’s life as something occuring naturally. I’ve always had a very strong mind and strong will so that voodoo could not affect me or my actions, and the spiritual ability to detect exactly what it was, who was doing it, why, and where it was coming from, and then how to defeat it.

I have strong positive energy. And i have a tremendous group of strong positive spirits who work with me in my life and who serve while giving me the protection that i need. I will not at all have a problem with helping those who want to conquer those who are doing harm or trying to harm them spiritually. So i will not only be working with those in particular on a professional level but also on a personal level because i have a dedication for destroying those low life who are sick and demented. I know all about them, the way their minds work, and what they set out to do ( They think they are smart when indeed they are dumb ). And that is one of the keys to remember. In my personal experience, they have kept and keep on trying to attack me long after i had taken care of them because they can’t accept defeat.

The only silly thing now that they are constantly trying to attack now more than anything is my reputation, spreading nasty lies hoping that it will stick with their weak spells and weak-mindedness. I laugh at them harshly! I never cared what anyone thought of me, and especially any stupid lies that they retrieve. Obviously they do though! And that is what you have to think about and remember about those who are trying to harm you. What ever they are trying to conquer you with will indeed conquer them. They try to hurt others with things that would hurt them. So what they do is not a reflection on you it is a reflection on themselves, because what they want to take from you or do to you may not even matter to you, but it matters to them. You may be even capable of surviving a downfall that they could never imagine overcoming. These people do not conceive this train of thought.

Many people have come to me for help some real some false-believe me i can tell. I’m only here for those who are in serious need of help. I don’t play games and i don’t have time for any games. I get my work done and once it’s done it is final. If you are crossed up or think that you are crossed up or need some type of spiritual help in life i will give you a consultation, and i do charge a very reasonable fee for my spiritual work depending on what has to be done regarding anyone’s particular situation. Anyone may contact me, if you don’t want your information or email posted here worldwide on this blog you may of course go to one of my websites and correspond confidentially as you probably would like.