Voodoo/Black Magic Removal And Reversal

I’ve had experience with different types of voodoo for exactly twenty-seven years now. And i can honestly say that the negative side such as black magic is a very sick thing. I have received my calling to share my powers, knowledge and special abilities of my caul with the certain people of the world who need and who are seeking out my help. In my early twenties i would just read and do spiritual work for those that i knew on a personal level. Now the time has come for me to reveal that i have been elevated and that i am indeed a priestess. I have been using my abilities for myself all of my life. I’ve been doing spiritual cleansing and white magic for a little over ten years now. And, since i am a very honest person i have done and reversed black magic on those who came after me. And without getting into the nasty details my results have been extremely satisfactory.

Since i have been on numerous occasions the victim of all types of voodoo such as Brujeria ( the tie-the bind ) , love spells and other spells to try to lower my self confidence, self esteem and to prevent success that i was born to have from coming into my life along with more wickedness, i know all about what voodoo feels like what it can and tries to accomplish and how to fight it. However, Everyone is not gifted and strong enough to conquer evil voodoo such as i have been able to do. And not everybody knows that they are a victim of witchcraft since it appears in one’s life as something occuring naturally. I’ve always had a very strong mind and strong will so that voodoo could not affect me or my actions, and the spiritual ability to detect exactly what it was, who was doing it, why, and where it was coming from, and then how to defeat it.

I have strong positive energy. And i have a tremendous group of strong positive spirits who work with me in my life and who serve while giving me the protection that i need. I will not at all have a problem with helping those who want to conquer those who are doing harm or trying to harm them spiritually. So i will not only be working with those in particular on a professional level but also on a personal level because i have a dedication for destroying those low life who are sick and demented. I know all about them, the way their minds work, and what they set out to do ( They think they are smart when indeed they are dumb ). And that is one of the keys to remember. In my personal experience, they have kept and keep on trying to attack me long after i had taken care of them because they can’t accept defeat.

The only silly thing now that they are constantly trying to attack now more than anything is my reputation, spreading nasty lies hoping that it will stick with their weak spells and weak-mindedness. I laugh at them harshly! I never cared what anyone thought of me, and especially any stupid lies that they retrieve. Obviously they do though! And that is what you have to think about and remember about those who are trying to harm you. What ever they are trying to conquer you with will indeed conquer them. They try to hurt others with things that would hurt them. So what they do is not a reflection on you it is a reflection on themselves, because what they want to take from you or do to you may not even matter to you, but it matters to them. You may be even capable of surviving a downfall that they could never imagine overcoming. These people do not conceive this train of thought.

Many people have come to me for help some real some false-believe me i can tell. I’m only here for those who are in serious need of help. I don’t play games and i don’t have time for any games. I get my work done and once it’s done it is final. If you are crossed up or think that you are crossed up or need some type of spiritual help in life i will give you a consultation, and i do charge a very reasonable fee for my spiritual work depending on what has to be done regarding anyone’s particular situation. Anyone may contact me, if you don’t want your information or email posted here worldwide on this blog you may of course go to one of my websites and correspond confidentially as you probably would like.



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  1. I need your help please .I have bod oo on me for 6 years.now from Haiti. .and also 4 years black Majic.everyhing keeps getting worse my life my health my private parts please help me

  2. Just want to warn everyone about Tonita Poyser. Behind the scenes this woman is a demon witch who thinks she’s powerful and thinks she has control over a lot of people. She and her Mother and family has done a lot of evil acts such as blood sacrifices, death curses etc to people in order to gain power, money etc. Her Mother Cecelia Bond is even worse!!!
    I know this to be true about them as I have experienced it firsthand with them.
    They act like they are Godly people going to church every Sunday, but they are not.
    For anyone who knows this woman, her mother and family, just be careful, cause you never know what they might have done to you. These people are very evil and dangerous.

    For anyone wondering what is this purpose of this post, I think it’s time we start to expose the evil ones who are doing evil, there are more good people on this planet and if we all come together and pray in God’s light to drive out the darkness, I believe surely one day we will be able to overcome all the evil people out there, and evil intentions towards humanity.

    These people who practice these evil acts don’t want people out there to know the real truth about them, and will try to make their victims look like they are the mad or bad ones. It is time to start exposing them for what they truly are!!!

    • First of all I just want to say that as a truly gifted and intelligent and knowledgeable woman with a strong and open mind I am well aware of certain low-minded and ill-intention people that may write to me for dishonorable results or silly set ups and it is not that I take every comment that I respond to as truth or as a cordial expression of similarity and sharing but I use certain topics and elaborate valuable input through my inner voice of spirit.

      So what I am saying is that I take the good out of bad situations or circumstance and use it as an advantage and to my own advantage. Special people are always ahead of those that are calculating.

      Now I don’t feel that everyone has an agenda when they contact me I just know that I am a target as many of us that are good, gifted, strong and that speak the truth are among people who’d like to see our downfall as that is evil’s mission, however, it doesn’t bother me.

      When I notice a tactic used that may be thought to “reel” me in spirit moves me to take that opportunity to exercise wisdom. And that is just my acknowledgement in general because I am not and have never been anyone’s fool!

      I commend anyone genuine for taking the initiative to write what is on their mind especially on a issue that has and that continues to wreak havoc on this entire world.

      When we expose evil for what it is and the evil doers for what they are it weakens what they do in secret because it is made known and brought out into a “conscious” reaction of conflict to activation.

      The more we expose the truth the more we destroy the negative energy that inevitably creates a positive change. And while we are doing that we also bring about and bring forth our purposes of what we are here to accomplish and fulfill more healthily and abundantly.

      Us good are here and in reality we do reign we just need our day and time to shine ultimately and it is here and coming.

      Those of us that are on the level and/or that have the insight would not have to wonder or automatically doubt or question an individual’s motives as to why they would publicly put out their messages as for many of us it is a necessity as we ourselves are naturally inspired and propelled by the “energy” to express ourselves and to speak out the much needed truths that need to be told. For many of us it is a calling, a gift, and a “power” that is handed upon us through the universe to utilize.

      When spirit speaks to us we have to listen and act upon it.

      Genuine power is within the truth. And the liars hate the truth and definitely do not want their true identities and true intentions to be out there at all. They are vicious deceivers and master manipulators who indeed turn everything negative around on us truly good people.

      Of course, they try to make us out to appear to be the bad ones, to be the liars, and then they call us the crazy ones in a vile and vain attempt to scare and to discredit us as we can see through them and discern them for who they truly are and into the notorious depths of how they operate.

      We don’t fear evil and we do not fear them, in fact, we are the intimidation/threats to them and they know it that is why they try so hard to destroy people like us but we that have knowledge know that it is impossible for the darkness to overpower the light. They prey on the fear of the ignorant or the uninformed that is why it is so very important for the proper information of what is going on to be known and as to their tactics of pattern.

      When we authentically walk in truth there is no need to fear anyone or anything as the truth is what has us maintaining and standing strong to begin with and when one has the knowledge on top of it we can indeed move mountains while no one will be able to ever move us because we are concrete. We just sit back and watch our enemies panic and wait for them to come up with their next batch of ludicrous schemes to worm their ways out of.

      Good people do need to come together yet they have to be wise enough in doing so because those that are evil do everything within their efforts to try to prevent that from happening through all types of manipulation against us in general. Many of them are so sick that they believe their own lies and they are sometimes convincing to those that are not able to read into them as well as we can and they just continue on to cause even more trouble and unnecessary confusion.

      It seems though now as so many of us have went through this with these kinds of people they all are not getting away with these things as they use to anymore and have gotten caught. The dirt that they have done to and upon us we as individuals were strong enough to handle and disperse (circulate/branch out/produce) yet they are genuinely cowardly people because they cannot handle and stand up to their defeats, consequences, and punishments and will do all that they can to resist and stall.

      As long as this imperfect world is within existence there will always be negativity along with evil people only once the world ends and that new paradise begins within all of our own celestial destinations according to our own fates when we make our transitions whether good or bad will there finally be a genuine end to all bad things and people.

      But of course, we as a people here on this earth for the time being are very capable of making great positive changes to a much better world and better ways of living but we as good people would really have to be determined and have that internal “fire” to continuously fight for what we want and make that happen by no means turning against each other within the process of eliminating the bad people in their destructive actions towards us and our designs. We all have to put our minds (knowledge/intelligence), talents, and uniqueness together and make some beautiful “Magic” for all the world to see.

      And P.S. And just for the record: most people within the church just masquerade and are true demons (demonic individuals with the mark of the beast) and many congregations are in disguise just temples and bodies of devil worship and evil supernatural practices.

    • Thank you Miss Latoya for discerning the truth, as we know when God wants to reveal something to us he opens our spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear properly.
      I can most assure you that the post is truthful and is not meant in any malicious way, apart from to expose the real truth.
      Why I decided to write that post, I don’t know, but as they say God moves in mysterious ways.
      As we know, once those people that commit these types of disgusting actions are exposed it starts to weaken them, and this is just what we need to show them that we are not afraid of them, that the good people out here are much stronger than them because we walk in the light.
      As I said before, there are more good people on this planet, the evil ones are just small fishes in the ocean, the more we pray, we will overcome them and their evil actions.

      All the best

    • I was always able to discern the truth and I have always spoken the truth and I understand that you as well as certain others believe in the God that is referred to within the bible and that is fine because everyone has the right to go with what they identify with and/or feel connected to.

      I have no problem with what you have faith in, however, I don’t, and I just wanted to make that clear. I always knew and believed that that God was real and existed but I never really believed that he was this good God that a lot of people think that he is and there is nothing than can or that will ever change my mind.

      I blame God for why the condition of the world is in the state that it is in because none of these evil, terrible, negative things of all kinds have to be going on (not just evil witchcraft but all bad things). And I’m tired of hearing about sin being the cause that is just nonsense as God is really the cause of sin as his expectations of what he created to be is not aligned and within agreement with all of us humans within human nature and it is not necessarily human nature to why people “so call” sin it is under the circumstances in which we have to live in this world with all of the different opinions, perspectives, lifestyles, rules, and so on why some of us have to do what we have to do to survive because there is so much ignorance and too many generalizations.

      And some may say how Adam and Eve sinned during the beginning as they were deceived by Satan yet if God didn’t want the two to eat from the tree of knowledge why did he put the tree in the garden to begin with? And what was so wrong with having and becoming knowledgeable? For their eyes to become open into the discernment that God wanted kept hidden through the facade of a preferred reality that also existed? Why was that such a sin?

      There is so much that I could get into and so much that I could debate about and I have every right to doubt and to question God because I did not ask to come here into this sick world and God did not at all do me any favors by me being here. If I hadn’t been born I would not have known anything about this life or about being here to begin with so It would not have been hurting me.

      I was definitely born with a strong gift of second-sight and have been able to foretell things since childhood within intuition, visions and dreams. I also have the gift of telepathy and empathy and a link to the spiritual realm as I have communicated with and have felt many spirits and have had many deep spiritual encounters both positive and negative and I am seldom wrong when it comes to what I know and have seen It is just within the interpretation of certain things that may sometimes have to be distinguished depending on what it is.

      I have an outstanding comprehension so it is not that I don’t understand there is but so much that I can state and analyze within this one post but I am entitled to how I think and feel.

      So my point is that Individuals don’t have to like, agree, or even believe in God to be genuinely good people. There are Atheist out there that are good people and there have been those that have made some very reasonable and plausible suggestions as to what God is really about implying how evil he himself is through their own interpretations of the bible, what he allowed and allows to continue to go on and so on, and I personally agree with some of them.

      God gives life to any and everything and as he is suppose to be omniscient he already knows the trouble these people are and that they are going to cause yet still let’s them be born. I could never love and/or respect a God who gives life to trash and if it was so necessary for God to create these people why not put them all in there own separate zone and let them all be sick and ignorant together and kill up each other instead of causing havoc to the good who are trying to live decent and healthy lives according to their own unique natures and of their own learning and discoveries?

      It is unacceptable and inexcusable the way God is. Why does God let bad things happen to good people? Why does God let certain innocent children and animals suffer? Why doesn’t God fix the earth if he is so good, what is he waiting for, sitting on his high horse while all of this crazy shit is going on?

      I’ll never forgive God for all of the unnecessary things that I had to go through in life because of sick people if it weren’t for my Ancestors and Orishas I would have been in trouble. For all the garbage I had to go through since childhood on up I have said to myself “I see why they killed Jesus. He died like a dog and deserved every bit of that crucifixion”.

      I don’t at all, of course, expect everyone to agree as there are a number of reasons that I don’t like God, however, there are many all over the world that feel the way that I do-that God is not truly good or even the only divine source and it makes sense.

      It is said that life is not fair but it is God that is not fair.

      There are many of us that by nature have a very positive connection with other energies of the universe and those of that actually mean us well and that help and protect us. God claims to be the beginning and the end but that is not enough for me no one can say where God actually came from, how he himself came into existence, he is not male or female but a type of energy. I mean, how did he develop it is all so strange I mean he just appeared just like that?

      There is so much that we don’t know and cannot honestly speak on but from our experiences we know that there are indeed intermediaries that work on our behalf, and that through faith of the things we have experienced there is much more to life and to the stories that we have been told.

      I don’t believe everything just because it is said to be because there are too many contradictions but I go by my own reality and what has maintained me and that has brought me through. And there is always room for learning and growing as life is continuously a learning experience but some of us have old souls and are ahead of our time just learning what we already knew through confirmation.

      Many of us have experienced and went through things that others would not believe or say was impossible but when one’s third eye is open or one is open spiritually we know what has occurred and what is possible and able.

      I didn’t write any of this out of anger or spite or to be mean I am just acknowledging that we can differ within our thoughts and feelings and still be really true good people that steer toward the same positive goals of peace, happiness and harmony and the right to live the life that is the most befitting to us as our own individuals without the presence and interference of those that carry a demonic nature and ill intentions, jealousies, and other destructive motives of those kinds of people that are negative and unsettled.

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  4. Iam in serious need of help. Iam a very good person. I help those in need, and I have been experiencing the most horrible time in my life because of their doings and they have turned it all on me. That people should be afraid of me because I’m bad. When it is them that done this and when I tried to tell someone everyone thinks I’m crazy. I have gone through all of that, and it’s making me sick but I have been trying my best to keep positive. I’m trying, there were times I almost gave up, gave up on my life. I’m here and I’m seeking help. Cuz I can not do this on my own, I’m dealing with s man and a woman that I use to love and cherish and I’m just hurting, but I’m doing my best to keep on being strong. My babies need me, my son needs me! Please help me…

    • The people who do these things to you and others know exactly what they are doing because it is all a game. They will sometimes include to putting a negative energy around you to indeed make others react within irrational ways toward you and to intentionally influence them to think or feel that you are crazy, in general. It is just to prolong your state of negativity that they have inflicted upon you and to destroy. Don’t ever worry about what people say or think about you just worry about what you know to be the truth and take it from there because reality outweighs everything not the ignorance that is within others.

      Yet not everyone would think or believe that you are actually crazy-trust me. When people worked Voodoo on me everyone within my circle believed me, they backed me up, and I had a lot of spiritual people who wanted to help take it off of me and they did! So it all just depends on who you run into and the type of people that you are dealing with.

      A lot of us within the world know that Voodoo is real it has been around since the beginning of time and anyone who would say Voodoo and the like does not exist or does not act as a weapon among many is being a hypocrite and is being very contradictory, and what I mean by that is no one can say that God or any other divinity exits without Voodoo having it’s own existence.

      Voodoo is just a supernatural force and energy used for good or bad.

      And not that the bible is one hundred percent the accurate truth because it has been rewritten and adjusted by human being folk-and not that we all have to believe in or agree with everything that is stated within the bible but the book clearly does attest to the reality and existence of sorcery and the so-called penalties for it.

      In the eyes of the God of the bible white magic (positive supernatural forces) and black magic (negative supernatural forces) is all demonic and those of us who may indulge are doomed to a lifetime in hell.

      I absolutely know better than that for anything of force to be used as good from my own particular experience and what I am in connection with to be a call for destruction or as a disguise for demonic entrapment even though that may be the case for some depending on their circumstances, however, I am not here to encourage or discourage any belief system I just let experience, reality, and truth according to our own journey speak for itself.

      No one has to give up and no one has to hurt or suffer because of these sick people that is why many of us spiritual people of the light are around we are making great change within the universe and within this battle, we are winning! It is going to be alright if you believe and eventually it will all come to an end.

      Meanwhile, protect yourself in all means possible do not be a victim be the victor!

    • Hello I have been going through some mental/physical stress for some time now ..it all started about 4 years ago I was so HAPPY it was amazing to me I didn’t know what to do with myself..lol Then I told someone very close to me about my happiness and they ask for a picture of me ..I always being kind hearted gave this person the picture.. not long later this I went to bed one night and awoke in a start something like a fear I had never felt before was standing at the foot of my bed.. and I haven’t been the same person since..Im not an angel far from it but I’m soft hearted and always wish the best life can give others.. I don’t wanna hurt anyone yet this person has a deep hatred for me and they were always perfect in my eyes..i would have taken food out of my own mouth if they were hungry..i just wanna be happy again with no self doubt ..I HATE FEELING this way..I deserve to be happy after all the crap I have been through..can you help me truly? I poured sea salt at the doorway to my bed room and the next day I awoke to see an old black stump standing outside the door..What was that? Why wont they leave me alone =( if you can help please get in contact with me..

    • It is sad that too often we as certain individuals are unable to share our thoughts, feelings, desires, accomplishments and etc… Especially when it is of a very positive nature as it is a very natural thing to relate. There are many of us that are not apt to carelessly or intentionally/deliberately tell our business just for the hell of it without significant purpose or forethought yet just mention things out of a pure inclined method of ordinary expression.

      If we get a head ache, feel tired, want something to eat, we may often convey these sensations to another, of course, by just innocently relaying the words: “My head hurts”, “I am exhausted or I am sleepy, or I need some rest, and “I’m hungry”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those acknowledgements, however, we sometimes harmlessly give out too much information to the individuals who are wired up with the wrong type of ill-nature and sick minded mentality.

      When we reveal our goals, aspirations, accomplishments, how good and well our lives are going and indeed how happy that we are and are feeling there are many negative people out there that definitely do not want to hear about that at all, chiefly when they themselves are not experiencing these wonderful and pleasurable circumstances and outlooks. They’d rather hear about us having difficulties and problems and when they don’t they will intend to cause trouble for us so that it brings to them a satisfaction.

      That is the reason a lot of people will lie about their good situations by pretending that they are doing bad or poorly within life so that others will not attempt to set out to tarnish what they fortunately have around them and/or that they have advantageously built around them, believing that if these particular other people think that they are not so well off that they would leave them alone and not bother to try to interfere with a success that they are not aware of.

      I’ve been told years ago to watch what I say because of how jealous and envious people were so eager to attempt to perpetually cause blockages along my pathways, I was told to keep more of my business to myself. As often as we speak we do not always immediately take into consideration how our words can cause and inspire resentment and discontentment within those that are envious and/or jealous of our happenings.

      Aside from within other daily life at times even here on my blog my enemies keep tabs on me and when I have expressed my genuine happiness on my site I would feel them trying to work negative energy toward my way to smother and to block me from feeling those beautiful natural sensations. And when I mention my jobs and the success that I have and have had on them forget about it, they definitely be desiring to put a stop to it as they have never wanted me to have any means of employment they’d rather me to have been an unintelligent incompetent individual and a bum out in the street because they felt that I and my family had too much to begin with yet what business is it of theirs?

      What I and my other family members that were successful have was achieved and earned honestly.

      Almost every job that I’ve had for over a decade my enemies have tried to interfere within not to mention my other natural talents and abilities in regard to my natural destiny but I am a fighter by nature and never let them win so I know all about others wishing bad on us for and after revealing our words of bliss.

      I talk about many things as a writer and as a freedom of natural expression and as my spiritual connection to the universe inspired by spirit and my goodness that I share should serve as an inspiration that no matter how much others try to pull us down we can inevitably rise above and prevail within our own distinctive fashion that is specifically designed for us.

      So do be careful who you talk to and what you tell and share with others only confide in whom you know that you can absolutely trust if you have to confide anything at all. You can also be protected so that no matter what anyone tries to do that it will not ever touch you again but that it will boomerang back to them many times worse but you say that you do not want to hurt anyone back in retaliation-you are so different from me!

      Who ever comes after me I definitely go back after them with a fierce vengeance and I do it many times when they are at the least expected.

      Yes, many times those who work evil against you want you to fear so they put a negative energy around you to try to scare you and make you afraid it is a manipulative form of control and to weaken you.

      There are different solutions for different situations and different individuals and I understand your circumstance completely but you must know that ultimate unbreakable consistent protection comes with genuineness and that means and includes a solid foundation built upon a particular mentality and spirituality that will exude within your lifestyle and not one that is geared for everyone but that is geared within your own distinctive state of being and that is within accordance and concordance with the universe in it’s relation to your innate sphere of dimension.

      You would have to be prepared and ready for that I in particular have been connected to that revelation from birth and childhood on up and have had an awareness that brought me into development. I don’t know if so many others are within this type of celestial path because it was never taught to me much like everything else it has come naturally but it is very important to know what we as spiritual beings or beings of the light are aligned and in balance with in order to maintain sufficiently.

    • Thank You so much for replying to my message ..I wish I had gotten advice so good in the past and I wouldn’t have to deal with the negative energy now that tries to vex me so .. As the old saying goes ..”Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”.. lots of truth in those simple words wish I had taken them more to heart.. Bless You..

  5. I have going through a hard time in my relationship, about a week ago it got so severe I got seriously hurt. I would like a consultation I’m scared and worried it’s weird bc I am an educated women in the social services field and I would turn my back instantly if someone hurts me ; however I know in my heart this isn’t him and what occurred wasn’t natural. I’ve always been connected spiritually to the universe. Since I was child I always knew events would occur my instincts were never wrong. It’s a blessing and a curse bc so many times I feel crazy. Please help me.

  6. I have been having problems with insects of all kinds in my home. My partner looses his temper quickly with me and that’s not like him. We have had our children removed from our home by cps. We can’t find jobs. I stay depressed. Help me please! I have never believed in such things as majic of any kind, but I was told it sounds like roots. Please help me!

    • It absolutely does sound like roots as it will cause unusual and unexplainable activity within the home along with unnatural and unreasonable occurrences in regard to people and circumstances.

  7. I need some who my girl friend got a spell out on her by the family of her ex boy friend and after being in love with me she couldn’t help but to go back to him. His family is into brujarias black magic in Mex. I need help to release her from that spell she’s back with him and I love her and want to protect her and get that black spell lifeted please tell me what I need to do to help her please.

  8. Hi there been trying to get a hold of you but can’t figure how I need help to take away this voodoo that was put on me I been going through this for about 4years and just found out by reading your blog I have all the things that is says I need help bad it’s getting worse by the day please email me back please I pray read the Bible and still the same help me I now know who did it to me she is a Puerto Rican evil lady people are scared of her I use to go out with her daughter and she has been doing this to me for along time now

  9. misslatoya
    plz help me
    my mother & my sister hearing someone voice..sometime they say it is my cousin voisin voice,sometime say that it is my uncle voice.they don’t sleep because of that.they are obliged to do that what they hear.so what can i do at this situation.i want to know that who is it doing black magic & why.plz give me ur contact number….

  10. Hello I tried to send you a message through your links but it seems like neither one is working I really need your help.

  11. My boyfriend has an ex who just won’t go away. He believes she has put something on him. He has been losing his hair and been getting sick alot lately. He wants nothing to do with her but at times cannot get her out of his mind. It’s getting to the point where it’s affecting our relationship and we need to do some asap. I was told to cook him some alligator meat and that should break whatever spell she has on him. Please let me know what we should do. We are in desperate need of your help.

    • Having your mind constantly occupied by anyone or anything that you do not want inside of there is very annoying.

      Voodoo or black magic mind manipulation can be fought if the mind is strong enough, though.

      If the girl is on your boyfriend’s mind but he has no absolute desire to be with her then he is stronger than the spell he can fight it thoroughly because he is aware that it is an unnatural occurrence.

      Now as far as physically, the hair falling out and feeling ill, those are other areas being attacked as the spell has caused other reactions within the body due to it backfiring in a specific way and also because of it being a violation to the overall health and well-being.

      From what I pick up from this situation you need to bind this girl up, reverse it to teach her a lesson (if you choose to/and you can make whatever happen to her that you want to) and block her, and “spiritually cleanse” your boyfriend. You can do this on your own if you have the “power and means”. I do not want to tell you here in public because you need to do what you need to do within privacy and for no one to be able to counteract before, during and after while you proceed.

      I definitely know how to do and preform that and have successfully done so under the most evil of circumstances even within my own personal experience with those who have tried to manipulate my mind as well through repulsive love spells and spells to affect my surroundings, and so on. So I would not offer you a solution if it were not possible or could not be done.

      The “alligator meat” I have never heard of but somethings may have worked out for some people whereas others may need something else or to try another route.

  12. Been with my son father 4years and we not getting along feel it in my gut someone has a spell on us he is always angre n always thinks negative please help

  13. Most all of the examples I have read on your page I experience. My husband also has a lot of these experiences. This has been going on for a very long time and I feel that this could be something that could have started from my childhood but I don’t know exactly when this was put on me. Please help

  14. Hi my hear was taken from me by a female at my job, i have felt all types of shit from said female, i feel the doll and when she does shit to it i feel violated daily by her and her family its been three years if i cant get help im going take matters in my own hands im sick of this shit.

  15. I have a very good friend who has a dark curse all around her i have a very strong intune with the spirtultual side of my self and notice the dissarangement of people’s souls and behaverors but my friend is all about love and helping people and caring but she’s all ways getting the most unnessassery behavior from people she’s very classy and kind but every one talks to her terrably even her own children for no reason i have watched over and over the evil she has been getting she is lost lonley and suicidal witch i put my self in her shoes and i see her pain confussion and desprite help every one around looks at her as thoe shes crazy but i see there evil ness tords her for no reason please help my friend she needs to have her life back please

  16. i woke up and i see my hair has been cut of 2 places …and everytime i come back from having coffee from a friend everythings gose bad what the hell is that????

  17. Lately I have been getting this feet smell. I wash daily take showers baths and all. But people say they smell me. I get muscle jerkings in my legs back many different places. I’m conduced and scared. Please get back to me

  18. my boyfriend has been so funny toward me he told me he wants it over and I been having so much bad dreams he has change so don’t know what else to do

  19. my boyfriend has been so funny toward me he told me he wants it over and I been having so much bad dreams he has change so much toward me I need help Cuz I love him and I don’t know what else to do

  20. I have been hurt all my life by a Haitian man who is supposed to be my “step father” I think he did voodoo on me my life is full of nothing I can’t get a job been on over 20 interviews never got called back I can’t finish school I try so hard I know what I have to do but some how I can’t, he bribes me with money And all that seems to always happen in my life is men with money want to take care of me. I Need help i think I’m depressed nobody wants to help me. I don’t know what to do anymore

    • Sounds like an intimidated insecure egotistical asshole who wants you to be dependent upon a male ( and I say specifically “male” because every male is not a authentically defined “man” ).

      Yes, there are people who will go through supernatural means to change your destiny and to endeavor to take away your success and independence to make you subservient to a male. Do not settle for it, fight your ass off to overturn it and survive! Never give up, if anything get angry-get furious! Giving up should never be an option. Let that fury and justified entitlement be your goal, flame, and weapon to defeat and achieve what you know that you deserve! Go for it! If you need help or inspiration just let me know!

  21. Hello I think my kids father wife has voodoo on him because she cheated on him with one of his close friends last year in august and he left her but he ended up going to to her like three months later after he was telling everybody that he wasn’t going back to her and than his mom ended up passing away in January unexpectedly than they ended up getting married last month(july) I just want to know if she really have voodoo on him.

  22. Hello,
    My name is Madysen. I’m 26 years old, and I may be just paranoid, but I think I may be a victim of voodoo or black magic in some way. About 4-5 weeks ago I noticed that a chunk of my hair had been cut short in the left side of my head behind my ear but above toward the top but still underneath the top where my roots are……if that makes any sense at all. Anyway, I was looking for an AT&T bill for my roommate and while I was looking I found a plastic zip lock bag with a lock of blonde hair that matched my color exactly. It was also the same length of the hair that had been cut. Now, I do trim my own bangs, but I have never cut my hair in such an odd place before. I was reading up on the symptoms of being a victom of voodoo/black magic and I have to say I was terrified. I am experiencing every symptom with the accept ion of maybe two or three things. If you could email me and maybe school me in more detail what goes on and how I can start the process of removing it and/or protecting myself I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

    Mady Dumaine

  23. Please help me and my kids. I have a very bad body and mouth odor that smells like road kill. The doctors can’t do anything for me please help me my kids need me.

  24. im desperately seeking your help!!! You are speaking about a life I am trying to save.. I can’t find a live contact for you


  26. Hello, I’m reaching out to you because I believe my boyfriend of 8 years has been given food, from a Dominican woman, that has been spelled. I’m sure you receive a lot of stories like this but I truly believe he has been spelled to leave me for this woman. I’ve known this man since I was 14. We’ve grown up together and I know him better than I know myself. In the past month of meeting this woman and eating her food, he’s denied me and cheated on me. This is absolutely not him at all. For lack of better phrasing, this man has worshipped me and vowed to spend his life with me. He’s completely broken by what he’s done to me. He says he still loves me but doesn’t know why he did this. I’m almost certain this is a spell.
    Please if you can offer any type of assistance, I’d be eternally grateful.

  27. i need your help i was with a man for 4 years who has done nothing but try and destroy me and my life everyway possible i have seen and no that he has excepted a demon and is trying to write my life destiny for me with no good intentions my life works against me in every aspect and he gets out of jail in 2 weeks im scared and despreatly trying to figure out what i can and am going to do to save myself and my life im 23 and already been in living hell for to long waiting for it to stop but it hasent and is only getting worse ..i am pretty sure he has done a blackbagic love spell on me and it wont let me be with another man relationship wise but has men overly attracted to me in a dangerous way that they have trouble controlling..im in a bad situation seriously and am reaching out for ne kind of help plz email me i need your help

  28. Pingback: "My Voice" Weblog By Miss LaToya Lawrence

  29. PLEASE HELP ME.. I have been with him for 10 years and his mom did black magic on him and blocked him away from me.. He don’t answer my calls.. He don’t talk to me at all.. I need him. I beg u

  30. Hello ma name is joy, I read all ur articles and I have a strong feeling have been bewitched. Have experienced like jecking in ma sleep as if someone is sleeping with me, I feel like ma sleep is been disturbed ,I dream of snakes and feel it, I get irritated and angry for no reason,pls help me I need to know wat to do

    • If you feel that you’ve been crossed up get that shit removed. See if you can find someone that you can trust if you are unable to remove the evil yourself. Be very careful in seeking out help though because there are many evil and phony people out in the world who will try to take advantage of you money-wise and/or spiritual-wise.

      There are not too many trustworthy people out there who mean you well (speaking in general) in regards to this situation. They are out there but very hard to come by so be cautious, you do not want anybody to make matters worse.

  31. Hi I’m in need of your help . I believe my boyfriend has black magic on me .Due to the fact I’ve been going through a lot of those symptoms .Lately I can’t even sleep.He has said before in a laughing manner .That he do go the santa maria people.

  32. Plz help me out from 2 apells 1) voddo 2) siplee on my white shirt got touched by one person on pretext of selection from varrious shirts .i mwithout work since 2004/5 .only sleep .also having thyroid &male oegan is shirinked .nopeace in home no money to go for cure plz help in the name of GOD.plz i minnocent plz help

  33. Me and my ex started having alot of problems when he started to work at a different location and met someone. We were constantly fighting and he started coming home late. To make a long story short I found out that person did voodoo to him to cause all this and our break up. We were together for almost 9 yrs and have 3 kids and were all devastated, can u please help me remove whatever they’ve done to him and find a way for him to come back to our family. Ever since he left with that girl nothing but bad things has happen to me and his family. Please help me

  34. hello mam,
    for the last six months my mother is suffering from severe pain in her body parts….specially in her hands and legs . pain increases in night after 7pm . we consulted many doctors but all in vein and day by day her condition is becoming worse is this a case of black magic or wodoo witchcraft plzzzz kindly help me i suspect some family members in this
    thank you

  35. how to protect yourself from negative energies evil spirits evil eye and black magic ?


    Yantras are basically the magic chart which has sacred geometric designs representative of their Gods possessing sacred sound vibration, which helps an individual to face and sail through their problems smoothly. As per Vedic Astrology, Vedic Yantras consists of much power and energy within those sacred geometric designs.
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    Hanuman Yantra – To Protect You and Strengthen Your Will

    Why Hanuman Yantra?

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    Speciality of Hanuman Yantra
    Are you suffering from the ill effects of Saturn? Seek the blessings of Hanuman to get rid of your problems. He willliberate you from the malefic effects of Saturn; you will be blessed with the qualities of courage and confidence to outsmart your fellow beings. He will thwart the efforts of your enemies and your success flag will fly high!

    The energy release from the Yantra will strengthen your immune system to fight against health disorders and bless you with a long life. Your dedicated prayers to the Yantra will make you courageous and confident; you will become power packed to assault all the impediments that stand in the way of your achievements. Shield yourself against all the dangers of life!

    Hanuman Yantra stimulates the lives of:
    People who fear their enemies
    People who struggle to achieve success in their endeavors
    People who suffer from severe health ailments
    People who yearn for a hitch free life
    People who desire to acquire the qualities of courage and confidence
    People who need to reverse negative energies from Saturn
    People who seek to turn around impossible situations

    To Know More Or Order Online Visit Here : http://ramallahspiritualhealer.blogspot.in/2012/10/how-to-protect-yourself-from-negative.html

  36. Hello my name is elizabeth, ever since me and my boyfriend got together his mom has been doing brujeria on us to brake us up. I never cared until now, my boyfriend some times gets mad for no reason. Stars fighting with me or sometimes can even stand being close to me. What can I do to send back what she’s doing back to her?

    • There Are Certain Things That Are Not Appropriate Or Wise To Reveal Out In Public Regarding Retaliation. And Everyone’s Situation Is Different. If You Feel Comfortable You May Contact Me In Private And I’ll Tell You Exactly What You Can Do.

  37. Hello mam. My boyfriend walked out on me in March , was totally inlove with me, as soon as he told he mother I was pregnant, I had a miscarriage next day n he left me. I was totally devasted, he ignored n just left me. His mum spoke very rudely to me n told me to leave her son alone n I mus go to hospital n said other nasty things. I went to 4 priest to help all said the same thing. His mother used black magic to block him from me, in his food n drinks. But nobody helped me with the situation. I want my ex back and I want that women to pay for what she did to me! I was lied to by these priest, I gv money to help, but all gimmicks n scams. So you say u can reverse a black magic spell. That’s what I want? If her black magic worked so why isn’t my prayers working ! Pleeeeeeeeeeease bring him back n unblock his mind so he can see the light. And break his mother into pieces for literally n physically destroying life including killing my unborn baby. Help me pleeeaaassss!

    • I Don’t Play No Games Because I Don’t Have Time For It. So I Am Going To Tell You Straight Up-I Don’t Work With “God”-The So Called God Of The Bible And I Don’t Work With The Devil (They Are Both One). There Is A In Between And It Definitely Does Work, It Has Been With Me And Working With Me For Years. Your Prayers Are Not Working Because God Ain’t Shit. If I Have Offended You Then I Am Sorry, I Am Just Telling You The Truth.

      There Are Those Who Will Lie To You To Take Your Money With No True Intentions To Help, That Is How Some People Are. You Have To Be Cautious And Feel People Out. You Can’t Trust Too Many Of Those In The Church Either. I Am Upfront, I Work With My Spirits, Spirituality, The Powerful Loas, And The Universe-And We All Get Things Done Sufficiently.

      I Am Also Choosy About Who I Decide To Do Work For So It Goes Both Ways. I Don’t Help People Who Are In The Wrong And I Don’t Be Bothered With Bullshit. Only Serious Inquiries That Are Worth The Time. I Remove Negativity, Block Negativity, Reverse Negativity (Revenge/Retaliation), Place Positivity And Protection, Place Luck And Success. So If Any Of What I Said So Far Makes You Uncomfortable You Make Look Elsewhere.

  38. Miss Latoya can you help me. A man I recently began seeing is being hit my dark dominican work from his ex. What we had abruptly stopped after I gave him a cleansing bath but did not have a chance to give him the sweet bath. Immediately after the bath he says he wants time for himself and to not b intimate with me. To say I was floored would be an understatement. Its been 3 days..no calls no texts. No replies to my 2 calls or texts. I know the work has evrrything to do with it. My friends who r santeras..well..one says forget him. One says pray. He is also much much younger than me. Can you please give me your insight. Thank you so much.

  39. hi latoya.

    can u please tell me how i remove the black magic if it is not too late. i looking for consult about this. please respond email.

    thank u.

  40. i had been suffering from somekind of blackmagic and my life is like hell . i had been suffering since 18 years when i got married. i hope you could be able to help me in some way. i shall be to explain in detail about my condition if you could help me .


    rinki sikka
    Yamuna nagar, India

  41. hi there this is again a victim of black magic or african boodo who wrote to you before. about Ghezawi’s family, visualising everything i do
    one of the sons kareem is in facebook is a writer and has a very clear picture in his web please be aware and check. the visualising has not finish since 1 year and 6 months
    any help?

  42. Black magic / Jadu Tona is the negative use of energies and power by jealous and malicious human beings of Kalyuga, whose main objective is to harm or deprive others from something, or influence them to do something wrong or negative. It is the evil side of the celestial cycle or negative energies.

    Black Magic can be used to harm or hurt another person by performing certain acts even at a far away place the effect of this technique can be experienced thousands of miles away. With increase of jealousy, frustration, greed, selfishness, negativity and inability to accept other’s happiness & growth, the use of Black magic has become the most common way to take out one’s vindictiveness and get an evil kind of satisfaction from the turmoil of others. This problem has intensified a lot in the last few years, and many are suffering all over the world, totally unaware of the attacks made by no other than their closest friends, acquaintances and relatives. Many prosperous and happy families are ruined by Black magic.

    Symptoms of Black Magic
    Black magic puts a block on a person’s wisdom and intelligence and all efforts to solve the problem go fruitless. One feels a mental block, gets disturbed sleep with bad dreams, and negative thoughts. There is heaviness and weight on the heart and constriction in the throat. At times, there could suddenly be blue marks on thighs without getting hurt, or faster & erratic heartbeat and breathing without any physical exertion. There are quarrels in the family without any reason. One might feel the presence of somebody in the house. One feels one is not getting one’s due and can achieve much more. One feels suffocated & restless in all circumstances, and is never at peace. One remains depressed, with lack of enthusiasm or desire to live & rise in life.To Know More Visit Here : http://rakshakavach.blogspot.com/2011/05/raksha-kavach-for-protection-cure-of.html

  43. please help hello i think my x or her mother put a spell on me,when i try to leave her alone itz like she know den she callz me and i get the shakez when i dint answr the phone , my family dont like her cause i lost everything messing wit her job ,car, everything ,im deeply in love wit her all my dreamz when i go to sleep are about her and her family nothing else,my body jerks and shakes in my sleep often i never felt like this towards no one ,everytime she callz me for sex i get over excited to go have sex wit her,she not even my type i usually date ,i know her or her mom did something to me i cant focus on myself,to get motivated anymore, im having problems with my kidneys the doctors cant find nothing, ive been in so much pain and when she callz i put myself onthe back burner to go hav sex wit her ,all her sisterz ,her momz man and her x husband cant leave none of the femalez alone in that family and the mom iz from down south,geechie ,and travelz to new orleans often any help u can giv me thanks and thanks for ur time

  44. I believei hav voodoo done me cause all of sudden i got sick with my kidneys an my other oragans..somtimes my whole body would hurt…im a beautiful woman an for some reasson i meet men an i wouldnt hear from them no more.i cant get no realationhips….im always so angry an depressed..i went to a healer an he told me i do have voodoo done on me were thier trying to kill me…tell me how can i reverse this…

  45. so can anyone help to get rid of boodoo, i can hear the voices of a hole family asking me for money and reading every single thought i have
    anyone knows someone good to stop this

  46. i have been renting a room in london 67 hartland road in queens park and the family i was living with has practised some bodoo with my clothes and hair in order to get money out of me. this family with surname Ghezawi is from Libia, since i have leaved their place in may they can read my mind and i hear their voices bulling me and asking me to give them money. None of them are working and they think i am rich because i do buy food and sometimes i use cabs to go to work
    they are accusing me of being a thief and they do not leave me alone.
    everything i see they see and everything i think they read, they know all my data, bank accounts, income, passwords and mails everything i do or read
    they are seeing the mail i am writting at the moment as i write
    i have been in some mediums and i know about their business, they do steal and kill people, they have done it before, the house they live in , (they do rent rooms) is being stolen the same way, through bulling people, i have been told by a medium that they visualised the owners of the place they leave now, an old couple and provocated a heart attack on them in order to get their house. the mother of this family is english called Donna 45 and is full of envy she wants everything i have, i have been in my country recently and she said she wants to kill my family because she liked my parents house.Donna is leaving with 3 of her sons (22, 19 and 9 Kareem, Siddique and Asa) in the address mentioned before, her husband is called Salam from Libia they are telling me at the moment that i will loose everything if i do not give them money.
    i want to jail them but this story it is difficult to prove, eventhough police is aware i can not mention black magic issue because they wont believe me
    please let me know if you know about someone who can help me to stop this. i have tried lots of things and i told all my friends family and colleges, not many people believe me,
    i have been with two mediums who could not stop the visualization, i have been told to put black magic on them in order to stop this but i do refuse. if you know how to help me please let me know
    thank you

  47. there’s a family member doin it to me i guess because of jealousy,im always hungry for no reason,my skinned darkened and i’ve had fallen dreams basically all the symptoms of black magic i really would like help please!

  48. Please contact us asap we have been the victim of blackmagic we need help on the removal of it is affecting our lives tremendously.

  49. please help me,i have a bad spell cast on me. I got a voo-doo spell cast on me,please show me how i can get rid of it. Nov.4 2009. PLEASE HURRY.

  50. Shazia take this from me,as a fellow muslim doing black magic on someone makes you a kaffir..if you take revenge using black magic you no longer will be considered muslim. Go to a mulana and get dhaam done. And the person who did it on you, will automatically get 3 times back so u dont need to make urself get gunnah for this.

  51. hi i am writing to you that i have got a person doing black magic on me and it is my own husband and he is doing to kill me so how do i removed this black magic on me so can you please tell me how to get this black magic off me

  52. mam i m shazia i n n trouble my relatives are doing black magic n taveez n arabic to us i m from india i m muslim they want to ruin us i m not getting success n not improving n life mam i want to take revenge and do black magic on them tell me whjat to do i m very religious

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