The Power Of Mind And Spirit

What I can honestly say I’ve noticed in my life is that everything that I ever wished for (truly desired) I have received. No matter how big or how small the request was that I wanted. Even when it didn’t seem possible for me to have the certain things that I wanted they would eventually come. The longest it would take for my desire to reach me was about a year but as I always continue to grow and change in spirit so does the things around me. And whatever I may not have received yet I know to expect sometime in the future.

Why I have made it so far in my life is because I’ve always stayed true to myself. Some are very often impacted by the thoughts and opinions of others so much that they let them have a major influence on their life. I have never let what went on in the world around me affect me. As far as I am concerned the certain things of this world do not apply to me, and I seriously mean that. I am my own individual. I don’t have to go along with anything simply because it is the so called “norm”.

Early on, I began to notice that whatever I had thought and felt attracted back to me through the powers of the universe. And it would even happen through people and certain instances. Now I am in no way saying that we are responsible for everything that happens around us because there are things that are just beyond our control that we don’t have anything to do with. We do, however, have a definite influence on how our lives can turn out.

I’ve seen a lot of negative situations through out my years here on the earth. I’ve even been through quite a few negative situations that I was not at all responsible for but I never put any energy into it. And that is the key. You should recognize the circumstance for what it is, learn from it then move on. Don’t carry it. Bad things happen all the time, is it discouraging? No. Not to me. In fact, it is motivating. It makes me more determined. Negativity is sickening, it turns me off. It makes me want to move ahead and not want to be in that particular situation again.

I have a very strong mind and feel that instead of surrendering you should walk away even stronger and more optimistic. I determine my own situations. I don’t let situations determine me. I look forward to the things that I want in life because I really want them and I get them. And sometimes if you don’t get something that you desire it may not be in your best interest.

The power of our lives is held in our own hands. Through the universe we can create a road to true satisfaction beyond our wildest dreams because we can make our dreams a reality. I will always be aware of the world around me and what is going on in it at the same time knowing that I will always come out on top. I have since the beginning detached myself from this place, living in my own true world that caters to me and what I choose to create. And when I look out of the windows to my house and see the turbulent storm outside that is our society I thank goodness for the permanent locks that are on my doors shielding me away.

I know as I continue to be positive because by nature I am a positive person that I will continue to be blessed. I see my life through natural feelings, thoughts, wishes and visions and the more I put out the more and continuously it will reflect back to me. This is the way of my life. And what I found out later on was that this method I’d been going by for years were a part of the natural laws of attraction, something at the time I had never heard of. So even in my nature again I have been guided to live by the truth.

Caul/Veil And My Spirituality

In my own true words:

I was born with second sight. When I was a little girl my mother always told me that I had a gift. And when I was a younger lady a spirit voice came to me while I was lying in my bed and said “you’re special”. And the spirit kept repeating those words for days after until I believed and accepted it.

To be born with a caul/veil is a very deep thing. It’s a very special gift that most people don’t fully understand if they understand at all. The life of a person born with a caul/veil can be very trying depending on how strong their powers or abilities are. For some they may have just a touch of something, some get the whole entire thing all at once and then there are the very powerful ones whose abilities get stronger as they age.

It’s not comfortable having to deal with the torture of evil spirits and being bombarded with the feelings and thoughts of people all around. You will always be ahead knowing what others will never know. Not to mention the casual spirits that I have to hear all day long every single day. These abilities should not always be considered a burden because they can save your life. So I’m never ungrateful even though the experiences get to be tough at times. Taking the good with the bad in this case is well worth it.

In my personal experience I know that I am rare, very unique and very special. I’ll never be an average person and I don’t want to be because this is all that I know. To be brutally honest I hate this world that we live in. I don’t want any part of it. I always hated it here ever since I was a young preteen. I look forward to the day of going to be united with my good ancestors but only when the time is right, meaning that I will be ready once I’m finished with this life.

Meanwhile I have to live out the dreams that I’ve had during my sleeps. Just like many others gifted with the caul/veil we have things that we must complete here on earth. For me, even as much as I already know it just gets better. Learning what continues to blow my mind.

I was born with a double veil. And I am a clairvoyant with natural healings abilities and the power to make things happen.

Altar: my beautiful altar is dedicated to my head orisha, a vessel for my other orishas who are continually around me, a haven for my deceased relatives to come through, a definite source of protection for me and a place where my power is exercised.

Religion: I don’t pray to or serve the god of the bible. I was never genuinely connected to him ever in my entire life. Growing up I always knew there was something else that was more fulfilling what I would call something “greater”. And I was right. My third eye has showed me great knowledge. I was born with strong spiritual powers and automatically connected with supernatural things. My native religion that I connect with is voodoo. My spirituality sustains me, it is me.

I perform spells that actually do work. And my altar is genuinely a sacred space in my home that holds fierce power.

My ancestors: the certain women in my family who passed away ages ago have protected me from the day I was born, communicating with me every step of the way. The day we made our ultimate connection for me here on earth gave my life newer meaning. They’ve been guiding me to my destiny, teaching me my rites as a priestess.

Orishas: elegba came looking for me. I saw his beautiful spirit. He appeared to me in a reflection of a shadow of gold similar to sunlight shining over a field. Elegba is awesome he is so genuine. My personal experience with this orisha goes beyond words. He has been loving, extremely protective, instructive and nothing to fool around with. He treats me like I’m his baby girl, a true daughter. He has shown me generosity. Some times when his spirit is around me he turns on the light to the room where my altar is-and guess what? The light bulb in the fixture of the ceiling in the room has been dead and never replaced. Elegba lights up the room with his power!

Oshun is also very generous. She has been so sweet to me. Oshun is another special one who has went out of her way to protect me. She is very powerful, I’ve felt her power. She is voodoo! Oshun instructs me too. I listen to all my chosen orishas. They give me so much respect and I respect them. The oshun that I know is a beautiful down to earth motherly one who I can depend on. She has knowledge strength beauty emotion and a sense of humor.

Ogun is fierce. A great protector and I know that for a fact. He showed me that he is another one not to be fooled around with and I like that. He is so serious and extremely powerful. He won’t hesitate at all to shed some blood. He makes sure that trouble stands out of my way so that I may go forward to achieve certain things and progress.

Orunmila is like a grandfather to me laying down wisdom and showing me the future. I’ve known him to always be calm and quiet always keeping his ears and eyes open. Orunmila watches over things with a cool confidence making sure that everything is in order and going right and I love him for that.

To sum it up the orishas in my life talk with me they walk with me and they show me a many of things we have a genuine relationship that is built on love trust and spiritual power.

Ochosi is last but not least. I’ve noticed that he stays in the background of my life. Ochosi doesn’t interact with me the way the other orishas do. He does his part at a distance keeping a low profile but just as sufficient and protective.

Candle burning rituals is part of the essence of spiritual life. Incense burning, meditation, divination along with other methods also bring about enrichment.

I’ve elevated a beloved one in the spiritual world. And it’s a beautiful thing to be able to have that power. I, enjoy visiting the spirit world during times in my sleep.

Naturally I often get messages upon waking up day to day and night to night. Or when I’m just out and about or just leisure around whether I see it in a vision, hear it in my thoughts or feel it in my body. There is a whole lot that I know about that is going on in and beyond this sick world things that other people will never know about or understand.

The botanica shop is my supermarket. I get all of my spiritual food from there. All shops are not good to go to though. I have a favorite one though and I have been to many. You have to find a botanica shop that agrees with your spirit. My angels led me to the one best suited for me.

I am so happy and so much at peace on this spiritual journey of mine.

I can recall so many instances where my orishas and ancestors had my back, so many amazing situations that I’ve encountered, very incredible and unbelievable to the unbelieving. I’ll carry all of those experiences with me as constant encouragement and inspiration.

My spiritual family and I have a genuine relationship that is built on a fierce love and respect. I have inherited vile strength ever since the day I was born. I am absolutely unaffected by the bullshit of this world.

– thank you so much my beloved ones.

The positive side of voodoo:

Like I’ve said before voodoo is a very beautiful thing. It is a vital part of my African roots that I am proud of. There is a good side and a bad side to everything in life. You have to choose what road that you want to take. I personally use the natural power I have for voodoo in a very good and beneficial way (white magic) but I have no problem with getting down and dirty when I have to.

I have my statues situated on my altar as a representation of what I serve and who I worship. Whatever is needed and asked for by my orishas, ancestors and spirit guides are always added on at any given time. Candles and incense are required along with other things that I won’t disclose (a wise root worker never tells their secrets) for my beautiful ceremonial devotions. And what is so deep about this lifestyle of mine is that nobody got me into it. This was all inherited. My ancestors made the connection after many years of preparing me for survival along with my spirit guides then elegba came looking for me to bring me on home. I am so free! I feel so free, and at peace!

No one on this earth can destroy me because my family will destroy them through me. This I definitely know.

The orishas are not mean and cruel for no reason. As long as you live accordingly to your nature whatever that may be to an individual they will be there to make your life better. (Being true to oneself is the key) they allow me to truly be myself regardless of anything else- in fact, they promote it! This is what has pertained to my life, my orishas provide very well for me. They know what is so very important in my life and no one but them can take that away.

The negative side of voodoo:

I’ve been a victim of black magic for twenty-nine years. And what I mean by victim is that I am constantly under attack by sick unhappy jealous envious people who want to, and ignorantly keep trying to destroy me. That is why spiritual people need to maintain vital protection to sustain them. My enemies trespassed in my house and came upon my powerful altar. They had the nerve to try to use satanic measures to destroy my protection every morning around 3am this past summer and failed miserably. The orishas laughed at them. My ancestors said: ” we had you since you was a baby”. That is all that need be say.

A feeling of violation comes over you when witchcraft is being worked. Each individual is different. Most people don’t know if someone crossed them or is trying to cross them up. A spiritual person knows. I saw the voodoo spirits that were put on me. I could hear them. I could feel them. I could taste them. And I knew each and everything that they were sent to do to me. I’m extremely sensitive spiritually. When I had the majority of them removed they were extracted from me which of course drained me physically. It was a very sick experience.

The dangerous side of voodoo:

Real voodoo should be taken seriously it is not a game. Dealing with the dead can be uncertain you can’t trust just any spirit. Some come through with ulterior motives just looking for the opportunity to do harm. It is best to deal with those who you knew on earth before they crossed over if possible. If not work with someone experienced that you can trust because if you don’t know what you’re doing voodoo can and will backfire.

I’ve been fortunate not having to go through any of that but know about it through wisdom.

My Golden Girl

I have a pretty labrador/ golden retriever that I adopted from north shore animal league back in September of this year. She is a nice cream color. I named her lailah. She was eight weeks old at the time and so very smart. Already she was paper trained and knew what it meant to give a kiss. She shows gratitude when we clean up behind her and feed her. She is very feisty, gives much attitude and I just love her!

Lailah is four months now. She jumps into my bed to sleep with me every night even though she has her own pillow bed.

Twenty-six years ago I adopted a shepherd/collie from north shore and she was amazing, a very special dog with psychic ability. I was told by a family member that I would never get another dog like her within my lifetime, that I may get something close to what she was. And I know that no dog will ever compare to Brandie or take her place and they don’t have to because she’s still around in the spirit realm we have visits in my dreams.

Lailah does come close. When I got Brandie she was seven weeks and I had seen her potential which proved me right later on down the road. Shortly after I brought lailah home I detected she was a spiritual puppy. She confirmed it the day after yesterday morning in front of us all as she fiercely stared, barked and sniffed at an apparition. I’ve been blessed again with a pup designed just for me.

Most dogs are special and those who have a little something extra should be treasured

I feed lailah the best. I give her Purina one/puppychow/beneful/one step beyond. I give her a little table food from time to time but not so much that she will stop eating her puppy food. And a few months ago I went on the pedigree website printed out a form for recently adopting a new puppy. They sent me two coupons. One for a twenty-pound bag of food and one for four cans of food. A whole month’s supply of free puppy food sure came in handy!