I speak from experience:

A lot of people have written me asking me information about the matters of being born with a caul/veil and voodoo and black magic because I know so much about it. These two subjects are my life experience. I am a very honest person, often brutally honest and I don’t hold my tongue.

There are certain people out there and I don’t know where they get the nerve from who assume things about people they absolutely know nothing about. Most of the time they are insecure attention-seeking individuals who want to steal the spotlight, and for what? There is room for everybody without trying to scope out other people’s formats in an attempt to prove that they’re the only authentic or original.

A while back, I received this email from a Shannon lee wolf. Now I don’t know her personally but after reading the email I got a very negative vibe and I was right about what I felt. As a person myself born with a caul and having genuine empathic abilities I can read and see through people right away. I am a very good judge of character. Now I’m not here to knock her but I damn sure didn’t at all trust her and I damn sure don’t agree with her about what she considers to be “star children among us”. But if you come after me I’m gonna go after you! This is nothing serious; however, I do know how to read between the lines. This is how it went:

Thank you misslatoya, for offering this place for caulbearers to share! And warmest greetings to all caulbearers who long to find a place to call “home”.

I believe that the time has come for caulbearers to unite with oneanother…to find a place where they can meet other caulbearers…to share with those who understand the troublesome things they see, hear, smell, and feel.

To share the pain and loneliness a caulbearer feels…to heal and find peace with themselves and their gifts. To become the beautiful beings they were always meant to be!

Please come and visit my website anytime! If you feel at home there, send me a membership request, and i will get back to you very shortly…

Don’t take this the wrong way,

However, I was born with a double veil. I’m a clairvoyant. I am fully educated about the caul. I have extremely strong spiritual abilities and work professionally and have family members who are naturally gifted as well and were voodoo priestess so obviously you misinterpreted something somewhere along the line. You came across one of my sites that I was just sharing a little information. I have blogged for years. And have other sites that you may not be aware of. Http://misslatoya.wordpress.com

Of course, everyone has their own experiences. I am a natural born writer. Writing comes natural to me so my spirit tends to express itself in that manner. I have no desire to try to save anyone or the world for that matter I never thought of anything of that nature. So I’m not literally trying to educate anyone I’m just expressing and naturally using my talents and if some choose to learn from that information then so be it.

— on thu, 11/4/10, trellix mailer <mailfrom@mysite.verizon.net> wrote:

From: trellix mailer <mailfrom@mysite.verizon.net>
Subject: a comment form was submitted
To: latoyalawrence
Date: thursday, november 4, 2010, 11:03 am
Fullname: jade edwards
Email: sokkohealing@gmail.com
Comments: my name is jade edwards and i was born a caulbearer…and the founder of the sok ko healing modality. I came across your web page which gives some details on the subject matter. I’m pleased that you’re trying to educate the public…however, there are a few typo’s which i’m sure you didn’t mean to do. The following is a link to a website i am a member of. I believe you will find it to be the most authentic and soon to be go to for caulbearers and family to meet and learn. While you’re there, please feel free to use the information so you can update and expand your page.
The site has been on line less than a month and has already achieved world-wide attention! Plus i highly encourage you to contact the sites owner…who is also a caulbearer. Her name is shannon lee wolf and she can be easily reached from the above website. Fyi…she is also in the process of inviting one or two individuals who provide services/support to people. If accepted…you would be providing services to caulbearers and or their families. I hope you take this email seriously and contact her. Or if you feel better communicating with me and then i contact her…that would be fine as well.
Bye for now,
Jade edwards – founder
Sok ko healing modality

These people come from out of nowhere trying to bother me and I got my own things minding my own business and had the nerve to ask me to join.

These sick people, of course, I declined on the cunning offer. I’m a leader not a follower.

Everyone indeed is their own unique individual and Shannon says that those born with a caul/veil are lonely, feel tormented and afflicted and have a tendency for alcoholism or drug abuse.

Now maybe I am just a very strong person but I have never ever had those feelings and there are people in the world who weren’t born with a caul/veil who go through feelings of abandonment and use destructive ways to cope with their life.

And everyone born with a caul/veil is not on the same page even though they may share certain abilities or experiences. I know this for a fact. You can be born with a caul/veil and still not be of one another because there are many spiritual dimensions, paths, beliefs and genealogical factors involved.

I’ve met people born with a caul/veil that I can’t stand and who are not on the spiritual level that I am on. And I’ve met those who weren’t born with the caul/veil who do have insight into things and who I can connect with. It all depends on the individual.

From my own personal experience the definite signs of being born with the caul/veil are a wonderful experience if you are truly connected with your inner spirit. I’ve always been secure since my childhood because I was loved. Whether you are born with a caul or not as a child if you get the love and assurance that will instill and continue to encourage your own self-acceptance in life.

People born with the caul/veil are very perceptive and intuitive and often see, hear, know and feel things that others will before they themselves consider knowing or doing it. They have wisdom and special creative talents (one of my power outlets often comes from me writing through to the universe).

They are clairvoyant. They have the ability to see visions, have dreams and to hear things that are prophetic. They can taste and feel what is not within normal range or normal contact such as with spirits, foods or energies. (I’ve bit down on energy before and the best way that I could describe it is like a thick buzzing mass of electrical current) and they are able to communicate with the dead and with others through telepathy.

Those born with the caul/veil also have a strong connection to the spirit world (I’ve spotted a lot of demons here on earth along with a lot of other things). They have hidden knowledge and know the truth about life.

In my past I’ve been read by three authentic Yoruba priestesses and one babalawo and I can honestly say that they were right on point. They could see what I was born with and what I was destined for. They gave me confirmation in many things. I investigate as I experience and learn. I’ve also in my past been read by a curandero and she was pretty accurate.

There are many psychics out there and so-called psychics. A true reader of any kind will know private details about you and your life. I’ve dreamed and picked up on so many personal details about people around me that I had found out to be all so true. It doesn’t even have to be people that I personally know. It could be famous people; it could be the president of the United States.

Another factor about those born with the caul/veil is that they shouldn’t speak so much about what they have and about what they know to everybody. Some things should just be kept to just a selected few if any. Some will be condemned as having mental illness by ignorant ones who do not understand or who do not believe and some may become the victims of evil people who fear them.

Now pertaining to voodoo and black magic, negative voodoo manipulates and will try to play with your mind then work on your emotions. Some people write to me with exaggerated outrageous stories of the signs and symptoms they claim to experience that don’t even make any sense.

Yes voodoo/black magic definitely is real, it does work and it can be life threatening and ruin a person’s world. Voodoo/black magic can affect your mind, health, career, relationships and spirituality. People put it in your food. They take your personal items (hair, sweat, semen, vaginal secretion, fingernails clothing etc…) and sacrifice animal blood over it, bury it or conjure with it.

In most rituals they use pictures and your name to have spirits “sniff” you out then come harass you. This happens a lot in love rituals. They make you constantly think of a person.

Mind control:

One of the most common rituals is putting confusion into a person’s mind. Attackers try to make you think the opposite of what is the truth.

For instance, if you are attractive they will want you to think that you are ugly. If you are smart then they will want you to think that you are dumb, silly things. They will even put feelings and thoughts into your head to be at a particular place where you would normally have no desire to go. And they often give you the feeling to crave and do things for their own personal thrill. It’s all to control and destroy a person.

In more serious cases attackers set out to make people commit suicide through the use of voodoo/black magic mind control. And some people tend to fall for the tricks not realizing they’re just a part of a game. Black magic will try to make you mistake illusion for your own true thoughts and feelings when indeed they are not. It takes a strong knowledge of self and a strong mind to conquer voodoo/black magic.


Those under the influence of voodoo/black magic may feel like their life has come to a standstill. Even in their minds. Attackers try to impede intelligence as well as social advancement. They don’t want your mind to grasp knowledge; they don’t want you to be able to catch on to things. Attackers want to make you incompetent and lose confidence in yourself. They want to feel above you and if there is something they can do that you can’t they won’t feel so intimidated.

They want you to fail in your relationships. When they see you very happy and harmonious with a lover, a relative, a friend or even a pet it drives them crazy. They want you to suffer, argue and be miserable like them.

Voodoo/black magic is controlling a great deal of the world.

Some definite signs are:

Headaches, perpetual negative thoughts or voices in the mind, the feeling of things crawling on the inside of your skin along with a throbbing burning sensation, closing up of the throat, constant pain, pressure and stiffness in certain or all parts of the body, continuous excessive menstrual bleeding not associated with the normal cycle, arousal of the genitals, rape and orgasm during sleep (waking up upon stimulation), irrational behavior from others.

19 thoughts on “The Truth About The Caul And The Truth About Voodoo/Signs And Symptoms

  1. Hello. I am looking for some information regarding caulbearers…. do you know if their children inherit any of their abilities?

    1. Yes, of course they do! Yet there is no guarantee that a person that is born with a veil will automatically pass their gifts down to one or every child/offspring, however, gifts/talents/ability are definitely bestowals that run through out the generations and that may sometimes skip a generation.

      For the most part though, and to answer your question more directly and honestly, again yes, children do ordinarily inherit the powers of the caul from their parent or even another relative whether they fit within the immediate family or the distant family relative.

      As I was born with the caul/veil I do know this for a fact and it has ran along all through out my lineage as I have this supernatural attribute that dominates as it coincidentally and fortunately is on both sides of my family within more than one of the generations.

      And, although guys are also born with veils it is a gift that is mostly and frequently past down to women/females.

  2. I believe I am a caulbreader because I went through the same things to. But I believe one day people will reconize us caulbreaders for who we really are, and all this hatered will stop. I believe that we are the most safisicated class in the human race and when that day come all us caulbreaders will meet eachother and when that day comes it would be the rise of the caulbreaders

    1. The correct spelling is “sophisticated”, nevertheless your words were so well and so beautifully said. Wise words spoken and there is so much truth that is within wisdom.

      You made a few more spelling errors- “recognize”, “caulbearers” and “hatred”, and “each other” are two separate words.

      And the use of the word “to” which should have been “too” as in also or in addition.

      We all make little mistakes with typing in a wrong letter, overlooking or just thinking ahead as we write (we even forget sometimes) , however, your misspellings were a little repetitive so I just wanted to give you a heads up!

  3. I am requesting info. on being born with a veil or as I have recently learned the correct name is the caul. my mother told me years ago that I was born with one, I never paid it much attention until I got older and notice things that are highly unusual. will you please assist me on this matter thanks and blessings.

  4. Ive just found out I’ve been having voodoo magic put on me and pretty much know how they’re doing it. I need help to fight they’re evil away and get free out they’re hooks and regain my positive life and vibe and stop living a nightmare, Im pretty upset and am likely to lose my cool and whoop some ass but i thought this situation could be more delicate than i first thought. My whooping them wont free me spiritually Please help me i feel like I’m in way over my head this witch has her hooks in me

    1. You tickled me (made me laugh) because I truly understand about wanting to whip anybody’s ass who would work or even attempt to try to work evil voodoo magic towards or against me because I was always an ass-kicker ever since childhood! And I never lost a fight because I was never one to start one.

      You are purely justified in your feelings and even if you acted upon them, however, it may not always be the wise thing to do in this day and age as you may get into serious trouble by going to jail for garbage people who aren’t even worth it-then you would really be wanting to kill up a few!

      If you desire you could send me a private message regarding more in detail of your situation and I could give you relevant feedback and solutions or if you choose have other commenters on this site possibly share their experiences with you and offer suggestions or advice to use for your better judgement depending on your situation.

      In the meanwhile, I wish you good luck!

  5. Hi Miss Latoya,

    I did list your site among those with verbatim text to caulbearer.org on my site. I was also sited by caulbearers.org for using the word “caulbearer”, which they claim to own, but do not.

    I apologize for erroneously assuming that you removed the plagerized text, as clearly caulbearers.org removed it.

    I have removed your site address from my verbatim list, so the hits you’ve been getting from there should stop. None of the hits were from me, as I don’t see you as a threat of any kind, and truly wish you well on your ventures.


    1. misslatoya Says:
      December 24, 2011 at 2:19 am eTalk Is Cheap. I Knew That She Was Going To Write To Me And Apologize, I Could See It In My Mind And Feel It In My Body All Toward The End Of Last Week. The Only Thing That She Is Sorry About Is That I Had Proof To Show That She Lied On Me. I Can Sense Things About People That Other People Can’t Sense.

      And She Don’t Know That I Caught Her Post On Her Site Where She First Put That I Declined On Her Membership Offer Only After She Listed My Site Then She Quickly Changed It Because That Wasn’t True.

      And As Far As Me Not Being A Threat That Is Also Very Untrue. On The 11th And 12th Of December 2011 On Both Sunday And Monday All Day Long For Two Days Straight I Felt This Woman Shannon Lee Wolf Very Intensely Along With This Other Guy That I Know Of.

      It Was Heightened Negative Energy And Every Detail Had Came To Me Of What Was Going On. I Burned A Candle And Just Shortly After I Got Verification That She Was Indeed Involved And One Day Later My Energy Blocked Her Out Completely.

      Even Now, After I Received This Comment From Her All I Felt Was Negativity From This Woman In The Pit Of My Stomach. Vile Negativity. All I Get Is Bad Vibes From Shannon Lee Wolf.

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