My Powers/My Spirit

A very strong positive energy came over me in regards to creating my certain websites. My spirit has led me to express my nature in all of its aspect. The time has come for the powers to completely take over.

This site is dedicated to me and my spiritual connection. I was born with a gift as well as certain others and I am able to communicate with the dead.

Each person is an individual and each person has their own type of unique experience. People with gifts can learn from one another.

Homage To Me, My Ancestors And Loas

Indeed yes, this is a place I can call home, another way to connect with the universe on a spiritual level. I absolutely love having a very unique gift and expressing the freedom and power to truly be my genuine self.

My clairvoyant abilities come from having been born with a caul. My African ancestral roots led me on a path of true knowledge, happiness and fulfillment.

First and foremost I have to thank my incredible female ancestors for making it their duty to guide and protect me all throughout my life. And it was all done out of pure extreme love and I have nothing but extreme love and respect for you all. I love you all so very much.

You are some of the most strongest and powerful women that I have ever encountered and I am so proud to have inherited those genes. My particular male ancestors are just as incredible because you all are genuine men who don’t take any mess.

And what a deep blessing it is to have elegba guarding my life, showing me real love and satisfaction, and thank you so much oshun and ogun for welcoming me, protecting me and guiding me with your genuine love, all of you along with orunmila for revealing to me hidden knowledge.

My spiritual family has been with me from the beginning and you will all be with me forever more. No one can violate our family circle.

My Beloved Ones

When the spirits spoke I knew to listen. When my ancestors called out for me I answered immediately. When my orisha came to get me I went without hesitation. It was automatic connection.

“We had you since you was a baby” said the voice of my powerful ancestors.

I remember the feeling that I had on my way to work one day when you all appeared to me in one of my enlightening visions. You all were so fierce and beautiful dressed in white as authentic voodoo priestesses.

Thank you for my inheritance.

The strong feeling came over me of how beautiful the religion of voodoo is.

I also remember another day coming home from work riding on a bus when a burst of happiness came over me from elegba. I felt so happy that I wanted to cry. And it’s rare for tears to fall from my face but I felt like it could have come upon me.

This is my celebration.