My Beloved Ones


When the spirits spoke I knew to listen. When my ancestors called out for me I answered immediately. When my orisha came to get me I went without hesitation. It was automatic connection.

“We had you since you was a baby” said the voice of my powerful ancestors.

I remember the feeling that I had on my way to work one day when you all appeared to me in one of my enlightening visions. You all were so fierce and beautiful dressed in white as authentic voodoo priestesses.

Thank you for my inheritance.

The strong feeling came over me of how beautiful the religion of voodoo is.

I also remember another day coming home from work riding on a bus when a burst of happiness came over me from elegba. I felt so happy that I wanted to cry. And it’s rare for tears to fall from my face but I felt like it could have come upon me.

This is my celebration.


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