My Powers/My Spirit

A very strong positive energy came over me in regards to creating my certain websites. My spirit has led me to express my nature in all of its aspect. The time has come for the powers to completely take over.

This site is dedicated to me and my spiritual connection. I was born with a gift as well as certain others and I am able to communicate with the dead.

Each person is an individual and each person has their own type of unique experience. People with gifts can learn from one another.


About misslatoya

I am a genuine clairvoyant born with the caul/veil. And I am a natural born writer. I was born with second sight and have many intuitive gifts. I taste, smell, hear, see, feel and know things. I have strong, intense empathic and telepathic ability. I communicate with the dead. My life itself is a constant supernatural event as I experience these occurrences altogether on a daily basis. Music: I like all types of music My hobbies: writing, reading, my spirituality Turn ons: the truth, knowledge, intelligence Turn offs: ignorance, liars Books: true crime novels, particularly st Martin’s true crime library series

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