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New Life/New Beginning

I have a rare very unique deep powerful gift. And I have always been fascinated by the power I’ve seen in other gifted people. You can learn a lot about what is and what is possible through observing one another.

I am not defined by any “worldly” or “religious” laws. I am not defined by what anybody assumes about me. I am not defined by any lies that people tell on me. And I am not defined by the use of various witchcraft techniques during the past, present or future to alter my life. I am only defined by “truth”. The truth I live- which is my reality.

Spiritually, I “hear” things. “feel” things. “smell” things. “taste” things. “know” things. And “see” things. I am a child of the caul/veil an “old soul” strongly connected to the outside world. My “fuel” here on earth is brain, duty and power. I’m full of knowledge, task and energies.

Spirituality is my foundation. I am sustained by the supernatural forces around me. In tune and aligned with the universe, my time to ultimately “shine” has come. Interference caused by “battles with demonic people” in my past consequently resulted into reconstructive intervention for my future.

The universe, my ancestors, and my loas all have me with them. And I absolutely love it! It is a beautiful blessing, the only true life that I know. I am grounded, guided, loved, respected and ultimately protected. I have a spiritual shield around me, I have success around me, but most of all I have peace around me. There will always be opposition that will continue to end up in failure because my enemies “can’t touch me”. I’ve had a lot of luck within my life. And that luck always outweighed any negativity that was around me.

Everyday I feel the supernatural radar that is around me. I absorb and advance from day to day, week to week, and month to month and so on. Every stage is a step to a higher level. I’m on a clear steady powerful cycle of my life as a spiritual person. I’m affected to this extent because I love and accept myself. And naturally connect to the individual that I am.

There are advances in my spiritual devotions as well as I continue to evolve. I always do my own spiritual work. I don’t get or need help from anyone else. And it is better for me that way because it is purely my special energy charged for my own set purposes. Major things have come into my life due to the rituals that I’ve done. I recently got a new home and a new job and I actually visioned these things ahead of time along with more serious things that are to come.

I live a clean quiet determined life. My spirit doesn’t take kindly to certain individuals as they are not “spiritually healthy” for me to be around. I do get along with all types of people even though I’ve always been a loner. I like to be by myself, do things on my own, I’m very independent.

I am carefree but not careless. The world is not a safe or guaranteed place in any kind of way so I don’t take anything for granted. I always intend to go forward with better life, better things that I know I deserve.

I had a whole different life at childhood, a whole different life in my twenties and now I have a whole different life now. What separates the pattern in this time frame is that everything that was torn from me (being spiritually robbed/violated) has found its way back. “We are brought back together to never be apart”. And now we have a brand new life, a whole new beginning.

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