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I didn’t want to post this publicly. Your email didn’t appear accurate so I did an email verification check and it wasn’t. So there was no other way for me to contact you. To be discreet I’m not mentioning the name you gave me.

To answer your question, a Yoruba priestess that I’ve known for thirteen years told me a long time ago that her first husband who passed away was born with a caul/veil and that he had two holes on each side of his head by his ears. And another person born with a caul told me they had the same exact marking.

Now, I’ve also heard someone before mention that the holes by the ears have nothing to do with being born with a caul/veil but you can’t believe everything that you hear. It has to mean something, especially if other caulbearers experienced it.

When I was a young teenager I first noticed a pinkish-red diamond-shape red mark on my left wrist. It appears very clearly when my wrist is wet from hot water. It is still there till this day and I had always wondered what it meant. It is so perfect in its diamond shape.

Then I just so happened to come across a person who wrote about having two pink or red heart-shaped markings on their right wrist. And the markings indeed do have to do with a caul/veil birth. So see, in your search for truth and answers things will eventually come to the light. “In the middle of this post I just went and found what I was talking about on yahoo answers and copied it for your convenience” you may have come across it already:

What does it mean to be born with a white Caul on my head?

When I was born, (this is based on what my mother and grandmother told me,) I had a white caul, (a thin membrane) on the front part of my head and down to my nose. The caul as i was told, also had some pinkish red to it. I was also born…dead. I was practically blue and wasn’t breathing with no heartbeat. I was very nearly called a stillborn, when my doctor gave me CPR and brought me to life. I have heard this is also called a veil. But i also have a sort of psychic sense about me and always have. If someone could give me a little history on this, perhaps others who had them, and what was done to them, or happened to them. And what the Caul means, I would greatly appreciate it. For addtional detail, I also have two red birthmarks on my right wrist in the shape of two hearts. and I am 16yrs old. Don’t know if this helps….
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It means you have the gift of second sight ! The Caul was once considered to have magical powers and was venerated as being being a magical talisman against sorcery and witchcraft, the veil or “Caul of an Innocent” was also said to protect sailors at sea from being drowned and at one time such cauls fetched large amounts of money.Many famous people are said to have been born with a caul, Alexander the Great, Jesus Christ and Lord Byron are but to name a few. In times past children born with a caul were known as Caulbearers, a Caulbearer was said to be able to locate water, lost treasures and communicate with animals.As to your birthmark of two hearts on your right wrist this was once believed that you were touched by a higher force which has marked you out for a specific reason, children with birthmarks on the right side of the body were said to be old souls who had been “touched by God”, for a greater reason.


The Book of Veneficus.
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Thank you very much. I appreciate you also including my birthmark rather than just the caul. Thanks again for your informative answer.

Hello, April
Welcome to our World…the following is a new website which is focused on uniting Caulbearers and family members of Caulbearers from all over the World. As a Caulbearer myself…I welcome and invite you!Caulbearers United – Lifting the Veil 
Now what other information that I gathered from what I came across was that this claim can be verified from a book titled “the book of veneficus”. I never heard of it and haven’t had a chance to read it yet.
Now as for shannon lee wolf. Yes I am well aware that she wrote a book titled dover graye and I think she wrote another book. And as you can see from above she and jade were hunting down everyone!
They ask for pictures because shannon uses them for witchcraft purposes, whether to send negativity or to try to control people. She is a liar, a manipulator-just a very negative person. I know because I can read the bitch! She had the nerve to come after me! And you say that she wasn’t even really born with a caul! Thank you so much for that information.
I never believed in her. I never believed she meant any good. She has selfish ulterior motives. Nobody with true intentions goes around trying to intensely “recruit” others. You are supposed to let those in particular observe for themselves then if they choose to “seek you out”.
And shannon is very sick the way she claims to be the only one to have accurate information regarding the caul. Only true people born with a caul/veil know what is possible from their own unique personal experiences. And no individual’s life and experience will be the same.
You Gave Me An Incorrect Or Non Existent Address

Hi Miss Toya I ran into your blogs long time ago in serch of any info on being born with a caul or veiL.I myself was born with a veil in 1980 april 29, I was wondering Well had a question about the two holes on each side of my head right by the ears above the ear pin size holes. An I also wanted to comment on your post about Shannon Lee Wolf an Her Boyfriend soko They also saw a post I made an they emailed me about there caul bearers site I signed up for it an they kept sending me emails like u have too add a pic its all in the eyes she was like this controlin type.An it did not feel right I deleted myself from the site an I still got crazy emails from them her him whatever. He was born with one she wasint she is a author of a caul bearer book . But thats what I wanted to tell u Plese get back when u can sis.

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  1. On April 24, 1999; I was born. All odds were against me. I was born dead, with a Caul across my face. Doctors were able to save my life and I was in intensive care for a month. I never knew my father or mother really and if I did ever meet them I was a baby. When I was two I was put in an orphanage because my parents disappeared; I look at them as dead now because I can’t stand the thought of having parents who may be out there somewhere. I got adopted when I was five years old by a couple who are now my family. They also adopted two more children after me, an older brother by two years and a small baby sister. When I was growing up I was a handful, but over time I simmered down. When I was eight years old I started to have night terrors along with blackouts that left me in a stilled state where I was awake but couldn’t move or speak and my hearing and senses would get intensified and screams were over my ears as images flooded my eyes and this was for what felt like an hour but it was really a couple minutes, I still have night terrors till this day, but I am used to them now. The blackouts didn’t occur a lot when I was growing up but I started to get random voices and images during day or night and later on I would see the object or voice and the scene would play in front of me. My mind and body almost have a trigger when it happens because I am too out of it to stop the situation or do anything. The scenes still happen constantly and I’ve labelled it precognition through reasearch, but still don’t know why this happens or what it really is. When I was about thirteen I found I could push thoughts and images into others minds without trying. I used to test it with my friends and younger sister to see if I could control it and I could, but it can get annoying to me sometimes. If I use the telepathic impressions I call it on someone and I want them to do something, i can look them in the eye and think my thought and it happens. I hate that part because I don’t want to force anyone to do anything. If I get stressed out or annoyed it’s like I can’t control any part of myself. There are times when I get so upset I feel myself going into a blind rage and I have been stopping it before I get pushed over the edge. When I was a baby and growing up later on I had problems digesting foods and certain drinks. I can’t eat fully cooked meat, I eat it rare as possible, because my body can’t digest cooked meat. I crave the meat and sometimes I crave blood, but I don’t talk about that because it freaks me out and I don’t want to think of myself as not being that far off from normal. I have talked to my parents, but my dad really only listens and actually cares. My mom thinks it’s all in my head, which makes me so angry that she says that. If you have any input or know what is up with me please comment or something because I feel alone in this. When I looked through all my adoption papers I found a picture of me at birth with a thing covering part of my face and know having some sort of idea of what it is a Caul. I feel some closure being given answers of how and maybe why I am like I am. Thank you for letting me vent and all. Please comment on what you think and how I should deal with the changes in myself because I don’t know how to cope.

  2. I am a caul bearer also I have the red diamond shape right in the middle of my forehead ,lately pieces about the world been coming together am I the only person on this subject.

    • No, you’re not the only one. It’s rare but you are not alone. I understand and am on the subject and there are special unique ones (truly born of the caul) who are within the minority when it comes to the actual truth regarding the “hidden knowledge” that unfolds unto us.

  3. I too have a birthmark on the inside of my wrist a small pinkish spot and I was born with a strawberry mark on my forehead-it since disappeared but the spot on my wrist is still there-thank you for this post and I agree with Miss La Toya there seems to be something to it with caulbearers.

    • There definitely is something to it when it comes to particular distinguishing signs and marks, we just have to pay attention and take notice. Even if we do not always find the answers right away it will come to us eventually in one form or another. Thank you too for being such a good person. You don’t have to call me “Miss Latoya”. LaToya is good.(You are great!-smile)

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