I was born a clairvoyant with very strong spiritual abilities and had people after me for thirty-years trying to ruin me and my life. I was aware of the “second-sight” and knowledge that I had since I was a young child.

What I didn’t understand is why certain people in particular were so intensely set on trying to destroy me in every way possible until I got a little older. Jealousy and sickness was behind their motivation. Witchcraft was put on me as a child to change my destiny and to repress and disguise who and what I really am.

Since I’m a person that no one can scare, manipulate, influence or control they didn’t want me to get anywhere in life.

In the past I’ve went to psychics only to find out that I was more knowledgeable and powerful than they were. I also noticed that certain people weren’t after them the way they were after me and that was because I am genuinely of a positive nature and character.

A lot of those readers were money hungry, energy-stealing liars out to use whatever level of power to their own advantages. So therefore they served no significant purpose and I didn’t see anything so special about them. A few were even in the police database.

Now the powerful good legitimate gifted ones like me were very few and very hard to come by. Yet we are sometimes underestimated or called fake while the true perpetrators continue on with their scams.

I spoke with a clairvoyant like myself who told me that her mother and sister didn’t believe in her. She said their skepticism was due to jealousy and that they’d rather consider her as schizophrenic than clairvoyant.

I’ve had that done to me in similar instances, certain people trying to downplay my abilities wanting me to believe that my powers are strong but nothing serious or that I don’t have the abilities to do any major spiritual work.

I don’t understand why anyone would come along and tell any of us spiritual beings what we are or not capable of doing when we’ve had supernatural experiences all of our lives and know ourselves better than anyone else. A lot of the time they wish that they had the special abilities for themselves or just don’t understand the way clairvoyant or psychic power works.

Many of the positive spiritual people will often be attacked whether it’s spiritually, verbally or physically by sick ignorant people.

I personally never cared if anyone believed in me or not because I am very secure within myself and the truth is always obvious as it will always eventually reveal itself.

However, it is another thing when certain others try to repress and destroy those in particular that are different, special and spiritual. Soothsayers, sensitives, spiritualists, mediums, psychics, clairvoyants whatever you want to call them all have various abilities at all different levels. And they are able to interact and connect with the universe and the spiritual realm.

These spiritually gifted people share vital purpose in life and the very good ones that stand out are very wise and accurate in what they know even if they don’t share it with the world.

As people with paranormal ability, there will always be those who doubt or try to discourage us that is just a part of life. The spiritual journey and enlightenment will never cease to fail. And the negativity from others will never stop the power.

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