Who Me?, A Thief?!-Oh Please!/ You Can’t Spoil My Joy!!!

Today was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect. It wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cool, it was just right; I wish the rest of the summer could stay that way everyday and night.

Early this morning my mother and I went and did some shopping. When we left Duane Reade we were carrying a total of four large shopping bags of items. I had two in the grips of my hands, and my mother had the other two in the grips of hers.

Instead of going back home right away, we decided to go straight to waldbaums so we wouldn’t have to come back out to make another trip. As we lugged our bags, we went and caught two buses which took and let us off at our destination.

My mother and I hadn’t planned on staying at waldbaums too long, just time enough to quickly pick up something not available at most supermarkets. We laid our bags down by the bread aisle, and then I went to get what I needed. Upon my arrival at a shelf I noticed a few sales and stayed slightly longer than we both planned.

I know that there is a first time for everything. However, in my thirty-seven years of life, I have never gone through any of this phony bullshit!

Within maybe a good twenty minutes, eyes were on me and my mother and our large shopping bags.

Two men came and stood nearby vigilantly observing us. They appeared to be members of management.

Now, the four bags that my mother and I had, never budged from the floor near the bread aisle-until I returned with a shopping cart-to gather some additional items from the store. And when I did grab my two bags the two men were watching me the whole entire time.

I entered another aisle and my mother followed me with her two large bags. The next thing we know this silly woman comes from out of nowhere behind us pushing another shopping cart our way, and telling me to put my bags inside. She also appeared to be a member of management.

“Put your bags in the cart”, she said. You’re putting groceries inside your bags to make it easier for you to carry. Give them to me and I’ll hold them for you. They’ve got to be heavy right?”

“I already have a cart”, I told her.

This bitch had caught me off guard because I didn’t want to believe that someone could actually be this stupid. But who am I kidding; you got people like that all over the place.

“Well, if you are going to take my bags aren’t you going to give me a ticket or something?” I said.

The woman ignored me.

I grabbed my two bags as my mother uttered “come on toy, let’s go”.

“She is acting like we are stealing”, I said as the bitch backed up with the cart she’d brought and left out the aisle.

When my mother and I made it to the register, one of the men who appeared as management approached us, asking “do you have a receipt that I could see?”

My mother pulled out two receipts showing proof of all our purchases we made from Duane Reade, and how much that was paid for the items, plus showed him how much money we had on us and he looked like a complete fool.

The man then tried to explain to me that we had items in our bags that their supermarket carried (oh what a lame excuse).

Then I explained to him how that woman blatantly insinuated that I had taken items from their store and stuffed them inside my bags.

“She didn’t see me do that”, I told him. “Because I didn’t”.

He listened remained quiet and walked away.

I know what was behind that bogus bullshit. The woman had tried to obtain my bags so that she could plant some random supermarket items inside of them to make it look as if I actually were there committing a theft.

I’ve shopped at numerous places all of my life and am well aware that workers and business owners are apt to be suspicious in general. And you have to be in this day and age.

It is necessary precaution, though this whole incident smelled very funny to me. And I am one who can sniff out some bullshit. My mother and I did nothing out of the ordinary. We barely even moved that much while we were there at waldbaums.

My family and I aren’t rich but we do come from money. We have never been without. I have family members from the south who own their own businesses. One has their own funeral home. My mother’s grandparents use to make their own products and sell them for a profit.

The good people in my family always worked for the things that they achieved-and just like me-we never had to take! We honestly earned everything because it was in our blood to succeed and do well.

This was an attempt to get me arrested, to ruin my credibility. And guess what? I don’t give a fuck!

I have never been arrested and I’ve never been to jail. But most of my foes have. And what is a person who steals? A thief, of course, and a thief is a liar, a person who can’t be trusted. I tell you, when you are on the right path you’ve got to be careful.

The wolves sometimes lie in wait eager for the opportunity to seize and attack. To chew you up and spit you out to rot lower than what they are.

It will never happen with me. I know how to hunt. And I know how to aim. And when I shoot, I shoot to kill. And I definitely will not miss.

Deja Vu/Who Are You?

To me having a deja vu is strange and then it is not so strange. It has happened to me a lot but at certain intervals. And when it occurs sometimes it gives me the feeling of a set back. Like the same thing happening again to put me back where I was at a time beforehand.

I’ve noticed my more frequent deja vus happen while I was at a sink or at a toilet boil.

Some people believe in reincarnation. That we’ve had past lives here on earth in another lifetime. And my mother would tell me when I was a child “you’ve been here before”. And I knew what she meant. She was referring to the knowledge that I had at such a young age, and the level that my mind was on.

I personally do not believe in reincarnation in that sense. I believe I had a life force before I was conceived in my mother’s womb, one that resided in the spirit realm until I was ready to come into existence here on earth for the first time.

And I do without a doubt believe in life after death but not that we come back to earth in a new human body but that we just make a transition back into the spirit realm.

I have also experienced deja vu in my sleep, returning to a place that seemed familiar-yet not quite the same. And then waking up feeling the affects of a dream that I just can’t remember until it finally comes to make a connection.

What is uncanny and fulfilling, as it is a part of my alignment and balance with the universe, is me being here physically (in the flesh) but actually somewhere else in spirit. I literally see and recognize the invisible border that separates me from the rest of the world and I am elevated by it.

As a person born with paranormal abilities I am use to unusual things that are natural to me. And at the same time the things that I am the most familiar with often sometimes become new.


If You’re Suppose To Be Evil, Why Are You So Good?

About seven years ago, shortly before I got the evil “brujeria” (black magic) removed from my life, I saw a vision of a grave with two headstones. A few seconds later, I then saw a grey hearse. I definitely knew that there would be a death I just didn’t know who.

In the following days, after the main negative energies of brujeria were extracted from my body and while I was still in the process of being cleansed, I had an encounter with Loa baron samedi. He was calm, cool and collected as he strolled through a cemetery, slowly slapping his black walking stick against the palm of one of his hands.

Baron appeared to me in modern form, though at the time I didn’t know exactly who he was. I took him for what I only knew as “the grim reaper”. He had a smooth skeleton face, he was dressed in a black suit, he wore a black hat, and he had a solid frame. I knew he was literally coming to collect but I didn’t get the feeling that he was coming after me.

Days later, I constantly had visions of cemeteries. I saw a concrete ground split slightly-in the form of a cross-forcefully pushing upward, trying to fully break open. The sight terrified me at the time because I was seeing people all around inside my visions die horribly.

And my mind made me think that baron was coming for me even though I initially sensed that he wasn’t.

I kept picturing him. He had an air of authority. He was keeper of the grave. He even impressed me as I was attracted to his demeanor. I contemplated what it would be like to hook up with this Loa, little did I know, we were already connected.

A month later is when my grandmother had died. And her body was transported in a grey hearse and she was buried on top of my grandfather.

This Loa baron samedi who I am not threatened by genuinely has my respect. From the first instant I saw him I thought highly of him. I felt like he was family. That was the feeling that he gave to me, like I was a part of his brood. So there was no need for me to be intimidated. Baron was substance. He was something delightful, dangerous, and deadly.

Sometime at the beginning of this year, I came into contact with baron samedi again. Compared to his first visit the encounter was very brief yet evident.

In the following month or two a very disturbed enemy of mine passed away from a deadly disease (aids). He had passed his disease around to other people. And before he went he was ashamed to show his face around town as his decaying body was withering away. (And I had seen in a dream years ago the way this guy’s body was going to deteriorate upon his way out).

By sparing my life along with other loas, against those who have made numerous attempts to put me in the ground, baron occasionally comes by.

To update and show that he is always behind the scenes, and, for those who continue to do their dirt they will surely “get theirs”.

A lot of so called things in particular that are considered to be bad and evil have showed me nothing but goodness, peace and pleasure, and so called things in particular that are considered to be good have caused me nothing but negativity, aggravation and disgust.

There is a positive side and a negative side to everything in association with the happenings of life. Separated from the world the vision is made even clearer. Some fear what is right because they don’t have the courage to overcome what is wrong.

I love what I come from, where I’m at, and what is around me. It is a natural omen and sure unto me.

Good is often called evil “by real evil” since evil is the opposite of good. And when both are in opposition with one another neither is considered in the same light as the other.

The All Seeing Truth/Not Blinded By The Lies

My third eye is open. It is very clear and very active. I can see things and people for what and who they really are. And I can “see” and “feel” from many miles away. I have looked at pictures of people and spotted who was demonic.

There is nothing too big or too small for my spiritual antenna to “pick up” when the moment calls for it. Feeling, knowing, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting all go hand in hand for me.

Those of us who are “in tune” do know about the unknown and do have a lot of knowledge. I knew what life was all about at a very young age, about eleven or twelve. And even though that we are aware of so much, we don’t know every single thing as there is always something to be uncovered and discovered.

We have our own different origins, belief systems and experiences so therefore we may not come in agreement regarding all or certain terms of what is fact, which definitely does not make a “claim” false or non existent.

Can anyone actually “dictate” to you what you comprehend and what you’ve experienced? Absolutely not, what is truth to one is foreign to another yet both is real but not to each other.

“God” is a subject that is controversial to some when held into question. Though he does exist, many do not believe in him or what he is supposed to represent. And the bible teaches that anyone who does not follow him and serves something “other” is being deceived by Satan himself who is suppose to be a liar.

Now I am not going to get heavy into this but I do “know” of that to indeed not be true. And I can back it up for myself even if I could not prove it to anyone else who would not agree. I don’t want to persuade no one about anything. I am here to take what I “recognize” is genuinely for me, and in accordance apply it to my life.

Very frequently, there are these public candle lit vigils and makeshift memorials that are dedicated to people who are murdered and killed. The “vigils” which are meant for the gathering of friends, family and those alike, to offer prayers on the behalf of the deceased and their relatives, and to call on god to receive the deceased into the eternal kingdom of heaven.

Although it may look pretty-the mixture of balloons, flowers, teddy bears and other articles-it is a very demonic event, especially when the individuals have died violently.

“Clean” mourning ceremonies should be regarded and held in a sacred manner, such as in a home or a particular church or temple. There are definite ways to elevate a departed soul that has crossed over into the spirit realm, but the act has to be done properly.

“He or she is with god/Jesus now”, I’ve heard so many repeat after completing their task of outside in the open public devotions. “Yes”, I will agree “they are with god”. However, who is to say that actually means this is good, and that they are in a good right place?

What those in particular have actually done is “assisted”, “bounded”, and “sealed in” an open invitation into hell for the targeted souls.

I remember some years ago, a member from a very famous rap group who came from around my old neighborhood, was shot and killed. As usual, there were people who made a display memorial outside in the open, in his honor, on a side street against a gate with candles and other articles of choice.

As a highly sensitive spiritual person passing by the scene, I felt nothing but intense negative energy. Malignant spirits were hanging all around in that spot.

Another highly public makeshift memorial event (which took place a decade ago) that also happened to be displayed alongside a gate, involved the murder of two young girls, who till this day are still given candle lit vigils upon an anniversary date.

And while lots of people believe these girls who died between the ages of twelve and thirteen, are dwelling in “a beautiful place of peace” with their lord. I guarantee for a “fact” they are not. I know firsthand.

These girls are evil spirits roaming around and getting energized every time a ritual is carried out in remembrance to them. And, their lord is right along with them as he is energized and glorified every time he indirectly perpetuates tragedy for his own “eternal” benefit.

There are a very many of secrets, cover ups, lies, manipulations and conspiracies. And some that even include affiliates of the government who are involved, as they too are instruments of evil forces.

Some everyday people know exactly what is really going on and pretend that they don’t if you are not one of them. Some actually are in the dark, not aware by the operation and activity of spiritual dimensions. Some have their own divine sustained path outlined through whatever was appointed for them. And you have a lot of others who are caught in between.

This world is bigger than all of us and sometimes way beyond our control. There is so much more that could also be said and deliberated on, and a lot is kept behind closed doors. And, sometimes that is for the best depending on the circumstance and the repercussion that may follow.

There are explanations of ”great” purpose as to why I and those in particular are able to see, feel, hear and amongst other things, know into what is hidden.

The truth always finds a way to identify itself, even if it doesn’t sit right by those who’ve been blinded by lies and deception. It isn’t a matter about who does not believe though. It is believed only to those who “matter”.

My Blog/My Masterpiece/My Magic

Whoever invented blogging was a genius. Many individuals blog and people blog for many different reasons. My blog is a home and studio, a place of comfort and work. As a creative person who loves to write it is an obligation. An obligation to myself to carry out what I was born and meant to do.

Many of us are artists with a burning desire that we have absolutely no control over, that inner voice, our gifts that manifest and bring us into action. I don’t decide what posts to write, plans are already made in advance with me just laying out the framework.

There were plenty of times where a day, week, or month earlier an idea would come to mind. Or I would just wake up in the morning, or just be prompted sometime during the day to come to my computer and write. And I wouldn’t even have all of the input yet knew exactly what I wanted to say.

Confidence in my ability though would see me through. And once I start typing those first set of keys, my mind would just be flowing out with tuns of information relevant to me or the situations around me. And this has been my routine, and it continues to get deeper and stronger.

I have been blogging for six years straight and I have over one hundred sixty posts. I don’t write for the approval of others. I am not here to please or to disturb anyone. I am only here for the truth, the truth of my existence and well-being. I never had any fear of expressing my certain personal views, interests and experiences out in the open.

Never cared whether or not I’d be judged or misunderstood by those in particular. As long as I know and speak the truth to the best of my ability and am genuinely secure within myself there is no need for outside interference as a distraction by any means. Some people can lie to themselves but they cannot run from who they are.

As we share our public blogs even if we don’t intend to, we do serve as a help to many others. Many of us are helped by one another, encouraged by one another, enlightened by one another in the privacy of our own homes and spaces. There is always something for us to learn and contribute in one way or another.

Criticism should result in determination. Unless it is for good enough reason, no one should at all be discouraged when somebody does not like your blog or what you’re about or what you represent. To each his or her own, there is something for everyone to benefit from depending on preference.

There is magic in a lot of us, magic that we sometimes don’t even recognize. And it appears, and persuades, and produces our capabilities that inspire many things. Then, there is passion, passion that motivates and drives us to fulfill every one of our natural talents and desires. With courage and intense effort we are limitless in accomplishment.

Mayhem Madness

As a genuine person myself, I love and am more interested in things that are real. I like to get down to the bottom of the truth of things in all forms.

One of my favorite hobbies is reading good books. And my number one favorite types of books are true crime novels, “st martin’s true crime library series” in particular. Those books literally do keep you up all night long! They are so good, so shocking, so interesting! I just love them.

Some of my favorite television series also include true crime. For years I’ve enjoyed watching forensic files, the investigators, body of evidence, snapped, Dominick Dunne’s power privilege and justice and more recently the new true crime series “final witness” that airs every Wednesday night at 10p.m.

Every day there are crazy terrible things going on and happening in our society, and there are a lot of things taking place that we don’t even hear about on the news.

When I first got up early this morning and turned on my computer I came across the headline about the “movie theater massacre” in aurora, Colorado on my homepage. As I read the news article I could feel the enormity of this tragedy. And it stuck with me. My mind kept visualizing the horrific experience that these people had to go through.

It was deep enough reading about the vicious and monstrous acts of non fictional characters in the gruesome books that I read, and now a sudden unnecessary vile deliberate attack, and not just that, but in the horrific way that it was carried out.

Like I said before, negative things go on every day yet there are certain incidents that hit where others do not. And this one struck me. That was pure evil done at the hands of a very disturbed individual.

All day long “the movie theater massacre” has kept my attention. I’ve watched and listened to all of the news reports and just continued to think about how deep that ordeal was.


Destined Unto The Loas/I Am A Warrior In The Midst

By nature, I am a fighter, a survivor and a conqueror. When I was seven years old in the second grade, I was one of the children who were honored in the auditorium of my elementary school as being one of the most exceptional readers and I received a pen as a reward of acknowledgement.

When I was nine, and in the fourth grade, I use to do book reports, and I would always get high marks on every one of my reports. There was this time when one of my book reports was just “a little too good and well written” that my white Jewish teacher didn’t want to believe or accept that I actually wrote it myself. And I was pissed off by that at the time. “This is not you”, she said. As if I was incapable of writing something of that magnitude.

This fourth grade teacher of mine had the nerve to make me take my book report home for my mother to sign it before she marked and accepted it as my very own genuine accomplishment. After I brought her my mother’s signature, verification that I did indeed write my report on my own without the assistance of anyone else, her bias toward me changed.

And that same year she gave me the lead role in the school play “potpourri”. And quite a few certificates I received from her for spelling tests, and a science project.

When I was about eleven, I had the opportunity to get a book published by a mainstream publisher. I use to write a lot of horror stories back then. I took these special tests that high school students couldn’t pass and I got skipped to the seventh grade. It seemed like I had a great promising future ahead of me (and in reality I really did), however, there were obstacles amongst it all.

Too many “green eyed” monsters were around me. And they were working behind the scenes. You see, I was very young, with no skeletons in the closet. There was no dirt on me. I was clean and innocent when I was beginning but, not naive. Did I eventually get discouraged or contaminated along down the line of underhanded schemes to taint me? Hell no!

I stood my ground. Vigilantly observing, and learning, and growing. And here I am today at thirty-seven years of age still going through the same shit! But now it is totally on my terms. I am running the show. I am in control of my destiny and how things will eventually turn out.

When I published a book in the year 2001, witchcraft was worked on me to interfere with the natural flow of success that was supposed to come along with it.

In the year 2006, I got a job at jcpenny and was continuously harassed by envious sickos though I was too strong for their nonsense to affect me. So they concocted a plan to set me up to get me fired. You see, I was very successful on the job, kept to myself and I was making good money.

In the year of 2007, I got a job at Bloomingdale’s. I did very well there too, and making good money. I just ignored the ignorant insecure assholes in particular that were there. You see again, every where I went to work there were people who knew of me through other lying, jealous envious people and, they didn’t want me to have anything.

I was a whole different class of person than all of them were. And in their world it was out with the substance and in with the trash. The universe is making a significant difference now though, and is continuing to begin its cycle of change.

The universe is cleaning up. No longer will it be the wrong bringing the right down to where they are suppose to be while they climb up to places that they definitely do not belong.

And, I am one of the proud instruments that the universe is using to thoroughly complete this change, as one who never gave up and always knew that positivity would undoubtedly prevail over any weak negativity.

Positive forces, energies and activities of the mind and spirit have a very powerful impact on the very world that surrounds us, and when that intense power connects with our universe we can accomplish almost anything.

I stayed at Bloomingdale’s seasonally for three years before I finally quit. The person there wouldn’t give me a permanent job there, not because I didn’t qualify but because it was a good-paying job (the underhanded interference from the low-life kind who had influence over somebody there). My manager had already acknowledged to me before he gave me the job that I was over qualified for the position.

It didn’t matter because in between time I had got a second permanent job working at sears, which gave out lousy pay. I worked at sears for four years. I got a raise the first year, got a certificate for excellent work the third year, and got the highest review in the store during the fourth year there, and another raise was suppose to be included following this rating.

Instead, of me being promoted, a fellow co worker, who was a smoking blunt-head with a low i.q., and didn’t know how to literally spell “b-e-n-e-f-i-t r-a-t-e”, was put as manager over me. He had got a low review rating yet given an undeserved position.

Edward was known for being a liar, and he was known for not being too bright.

And he was one who had come there to work as a spy (my enemies keep tabs on me) later after I was employed there. He lived right around the corner from me at the time.

I knew the store was really on its way to going down then. This manager, Edward Mclamb, began to hire incompetent people in his category. As I already knew that he would, people that he knew or who he was related to, who didn’t really want to work but, who just wanted a free ride.

This one particular unattractive whorish-skank named Shaniqua Capers was hired by him. And the bitch thought that she was going to intimidate me. She didn’t know who she was fucking with, however, I just left it alone because females like her are easy to see through, and easy for guys to manipulate and get over on. Somebody “souped” her up, they played with her head, I knew what was going on.

When the fifth year came in, which was this year; I quit sears with no regret whatsoever. It was one of the best things that I did. I wasn’t going anywhere with that job. Not especially since I am a smart attractive woman still with no dirt on her.

I was also genuinely sick and tired of that job anyway. I worked more than I was getting paid and it definitely wasn’t worth it. I quit my job on absolute faith!

Two weeks later, I got a job at Macy’s. Ridiculously there was more stupid shit. I was delayed from starting work right away just for another set up! So when I finally went to begin work my manager turned out to be a dope fiend, and my trainer was a complete asshole who was trying to discourage me.

I was supposed to have another position there in the first place. Then the manager acknowledged to me that she wouldn’t have any work available for me any time soon from then on, and that I was on call. So naturally I resigned and told my manager that she was a “dope fiend” and that she could go and “fuck herself!”

Obviously as anyone should be able to see, the jealousy and envy around me does not want me to have any money or success (I was once set up to get murdered at a place I’d went to for a job interview). Nevertheless, I already do, I always have, and I always will.

Earlier this year, the universe brought to my attention the direction my “new life/new beginning” would be taking me with the aide of the loas who are always around me and who are actively involved in my everyday life. I moved into a new home, got brand new furniture, and love the environment of the new neighborhood that I am in.

This is my “rest period” my spirit guides have informed to me, time for yourself from the things that you have been through in your life.

Time to sit back and relax, time to enjoy what you have accomplished, time to prepare for the beautiful things in store for you that no one will be able to take away, and most of all, time to be in a safe place while the universe resets the planet with the new recycling energies of disposal and prosperity.

I honestly have to admit that I am taking advantage of this privilege as I am totally at peace, to do otherwise would be a set back for me and an offense to the very ones who are instructing and protecting me.

When we learn to naturally (instinctively) listen to the universe in its unique form of messages we can ultimately distinguish which road is best for us during our travel, and what measures to take for our infinite battle and survival.