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Mayhem Madness

As a genuine person myself, I love and am more interested in things that are real. I like to get down to the bottom of the truth of things in all forms.

One of my favorite hobbies is reading good books. And my number one favorite types of books are true crime novels, “st martin’s true crime library series” in particular. Those books literally do keep you up all night long! They are so good, so shocking, so interesting! I just love them.

Some of my favorite television series also include true crime. For years I’ve enjoyed watching forensic files, the investigators, body of evidence, snapped, Dominick Dunne’s power privilege and justice and more recently the new true crime series “final witness” that airs every Wednesday night at 10p.m.

Every day there are crazy terrible things going on and happening in our society, and there are a lot of things taking place that we don’t even hear about on the news.

When I first got up early this morning and turned on my computer I came across the headline about the “movie theater massacre” in aurora, Colorado on my homepage. As I read the news article I could feel the enormity of this tragedy. And it stuck with me. My mind kept visualizing the horrific experience that these people had to go through.

It was deep enough reading about the vicious and monstrous acts of non fictional characters in the gruesome books that I read, and now a sudden unnecessary vile deliberate attack, and not just that, but in the horrific way that it was carried out.

Like I said before, negative things go on every day yet there are certain incidents that hit where others do not. And this one struck me. That was pure evil done at the hands of a very disturbed individual.

All day long “the movie theater massacre” has kept my attention. I’ve watched and listened to all of the news reports and just continued to think about how deep that ordeal was.