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My Blog/My Masterpiece/My Magic

Whoever invented blogging was a genius. Many individuals blog and people blog for many different reasons. My blog is a home and studio, a place of comfort and work. As a creative person who loves to write it is an obligation. An obligation to myself to carry out what I was born and meant to do.

Many of us are artists with a burning desire that we have absolutely no control over, that inner voice, our gifts that manifest and bring us into action. I don’t decide what posts to write, plans are already made in advance with me just laying out the framework.

There were plenty of times where a day, week, or month earlier an idea would come to mind. Or I would just wake up in the morning, or just be prompted sometime during the day to come to my computer and write. And I wouldn’t even have all of the input yet knew exactly what I wanted to say.

Confidence in my ability though would see me through. And once I start typing those first set of keys, my mind would just be flowing out with tuns of information relevant to me or the situations around me. And this has been my routine, and it continues to get deeper and stronger.

I have been blogging for six years straight and I have over one hundred sixty posts. I don’t write for the approval of others. I am not here to please or to disturb anyone. I am only here for the truth, the truth of my existence and well-being. I never had any fear of expressing my certain personal views, interests and experiences out in the open.

Never cared whether or not I’d be judged or misunderstood by those in particular. As long as I know and speak the truth to the best of my ability and am genuinely secure within myself there is no need for outside interference as a distraction by any means. Some people can lie to themselves but they cannot run from who they are.

As we share our public blogs even if we don’t intend to, we do serve as a help to many others. Many of us are helped by one another, encouraged by one another, enlightened by one another in the privacy of our own homes and spaces. There is always something for us to learn and contribute in one way or another.

Criticism should result in determination. Unless it is for good enough reason, no one should at all be discouraged when somebody does not like your blog or what you’re about or what you represent. To each his or her own, there is something for everyone to benefit from depending on preference.

There is magic in a lot of us, magic that we sometimes don’t even recognize. And it appears, and persuades, and produces our capabilities that inspire many things. Then, there is passion, passion that motivates and drives us to fulfill every one of our natural talents and desires. With courage and intense effort we are limitless in accomplishment.