My third eye is open. It is very clear and very active. I can see things and people for what and who they really are. And I can “see” and “feel” from many miles away. I have looked at pictures of people and spotted who was demonic.

There is nothing too big or too small for my spiritual antenna to “pick up” when the moment calls for it. Feeling, knowing, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting all go hand in hand for me.

Those of us who are “in tune” do know about the unknown and do have a lot of knowledge. I knew what life was all about at a very young age, about eleven or twelve. And even though that we are aware of so much, we don’t know every single thing as there is always something to be uncovered and discovered.

We have our own different origins, belief systems and experiences so therefore we may not come in agreement regarding all or certain terms of what is fact, which definitely does not make a “claim” false or non existent.

Can anyone actually “dictate” to you what you comprehend and what you’ve experienced? Absolutely not, what is truth to one is foreign to another yet both is real but not to each other.

“God” is a subject that is controversial to some when held into question. Though he does exist, many do not believe in him or what he is supposed to represent. And the bible teaches that anyone who does not follow him and serves something “other” is being deceived by Satan himself who is suppose to be a liar.

Now I am not going to get heavy into this but I do “know” of that to indeed not be true. And I can back it up for myself even if I could not prove it to anyone else who would not agree. I don’t want to persuade no one about anything. I am here to take what I “recognize” is genuinely for me, and in accordance apply it to my life.

Very frequently, there are these public candle lit vigils and makeshift memorials that are dedicated to people who are murdered and killed. The “vigils” which are meant for the gathering of friends, family and those alike, to offer prayers on the behalf of the deceased and their relatives, and to call on god to receive the deceased into the eternal kingdom of heaven.

Although it may look pretty-the mixture of balloons, flowers, teddy bears and other articles-it is a very demonic event, especially when the individuals have died violently.

“Clean” mourning ceremonies should be regarded and held in a sacred manner, such as in a home or a particular church or temple. There are definite ways to elevate a departed soul that has crossed over into the spirit realm, but the act has to be done properly.

“He or she is with god/Jesus now”, I’ve heard so many repeat after completing their task of outside in the open public devotions. “Yes”, I will agree “they are with god”. However, who is to say that actually means this is good, and that they are in a good right place?

What those in particular have actually done is “assisted”, “bounded”, and “sealed in” an open invitation into hell for the targeted souls.

I remember some years ago, a member from a very famous rap group who came from around my old neighborhood, was shot and killed. As usual, there were people who made a display memorial outside in the open, in his honor, on a side street against a gate with candles and other articles of choice.

As a highly sensitive spiritual person passing by the scene, I felt nothing but intense negative energy. Malignant spirits were hanging all around in that spot.

Another highly public makeshift memorial event (which took place a decade ago) that also happened to be displayed alongside a gate, involved the murder of two young girls, who till this day are still given candle lit vigils upon an anniversary date.

And while lots of people believe these girls who died between the ages of twelve and thirteen, are dwelling in “a beautiful place of peace” with their lord. I guarantee for a “fact” they are not. I know firsthand.

These girls are evil spirits roaming around and getting energized every time a ritual is carried out in remembrance to them. And, their lord is right along with them as he is energized and glorified every time he indirectly perpetuates tragedy for his own “eternal” benefit.

There are a very many of secrets, cover ups, lies, manipulations and conspiracies. And some that even include affiliates of the government who are involved, as they too are instruments of evil forces.

Some everyday people know exactly what is really going on and pretend that they don’t if you are not one of them. Some actually are in the dark, not aware by the operation and activity of spiritual dimensions. Some have their own divine sustained path outlined through whatever was appointed for them. And you have a lot of others who are caught in between.

This world is bigger than all of us and sometimes way beyond our control. There is so much more that could also be said and deliberated on, and a lot is kept behind closed doors. And, sometimes that is for the best depending on the circumstance and the repercussion that may follow.

There are explanations of ”great” purpose as to why I and those in particular are able to see, feel, hear and amongst other things, know into what is hidden.

The truth always finds a way to identify itself, even if it doesn’t sit right by those who’ve been blinded by lies and deception. It isn’t a matter about who does not believe though. It is believed only to those who “matter”.

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