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Deja Vu/Who Are You?

To me having a deja vu is strange and then it is not so strange. It has happened to me a lot but at certain intervals. And when it occurs sometimes it gives me the feeling of a set back. Like the same thing happening again to put me back where I was at a time beforehand.

I’ve noticed my more frequent deja vus happen while I was at a sink or at a toilet boil.

Some people believe in reincarnation. That we’ve had past lives here on earth in another lifetime. And my mother would tell me when I was a child “you’ve been here before”. And I knew what she meant. She was referring to the knowledge that I had at such a young age, and the level that my mind was on.

I personally do not believe in reincarnation in that sense. I believe I had a life force before I was conceived in my mother’s womb, one that resided in the spirit realm until I was ready to come into existence here on earth for the first time.

And I do without a doubt believe in life after death but not that we come back to earth in a new human body but that we just make a transition back into the spirit realm.

I have also experienced deja vu in my sleep, returning to a place that seemed familiar-yet not quite the same. And then waking up feeling the affects of a dream that I just can’t remember until it finally comes to make a connection.

What is uncanny and fulfilling, as it is a part of my alignment and balance with the universe, is me being here physically (in the flesh) but actually somewhere else in spirit. I literally see and recognize the invisible border that separates me from the rest of the world and I am elevated by it.

As a person born with paranormal abilities I am use to unusual things that are natural to me. And at the same time the things that I am the most familiar with often sometimes become new.


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If You’re Suppose To Be Evil, Why Are You So Good?

About seven years ago, shortly before I got the evil “brujeria” (black magic) removed from my life, I saw a vision of a grave with two headstones. A few seconds later, I then saw a grey hearse. I definitely knew that there would be a death I just didn’t know who.

In the following days, after the main negative energies of brujeria were extracted from my body and while I was still in the process of being cleansed, I had an encounter with Loa baron samedi. He was calm, cool and collected as he strolled through a cemetery, slowly slapping his black walking stick against the palm of one of his hands.

Baron appeared to me in modern form, though at the time I didn’t know exactly who he was. I took him for what I only knew as “the grim reaper”. He had a smooth skeleton face, he was dressed in a black suit, he wore a black hat, and he had a solid frame. I knew he was literally coming to collect but I didn’t get the feeling that he was coming after me.

Days later, I constantly had visions of cemeteries. I saw a concrete ground split slightly-in the form of a cross-forcefully pushing upward, trying to fully break open. The sight terrified me at the time because I was seeing people all around inside my visions die horribly.

And my mind made me think that baron was coming for me even though I initially sensed that he wasn’t.

I kept picturing him. He had an air of authority. He was keeper of the grave. He even impressed me as I was attracted to his demeanor. I contemplated what it would be like to hook up with this Loa, little did I know, we were already connected.

A month later is when my grandmother had died. And her body was transported in a grey hearse and she was buried on top of my grandfather.

This Loa baron samedi who I am not threatened by genuinely has my respect. From the first instant I saw him I thought highly of him. I felt like he was family. That was the feeling that he gave to me, like I was a part of his brood. So there was no need for me to be intimidated. Baron was substance. He was something delightful, dangerous, and deadly.

Sometime at the beginning of this year, I came into contact with baron samedi again. Compared to his first visit the encounter was very brief yet evident.

In the following month or two a very disturbed enemy of mine passed away from a deadly disease (aids). He had passed his disease around to other people. And before he went he was ashamed to show his face around town as his decaying body was withering away. (And I had seen in a dream years ago the way this guy’s body was going to deteriorate upon his way out).

By sparing my life along with other loas, against those who have made numerous attempts to put me in the ground, baron occasionally comes by.

To update and show that he is always behind the scenes, and, for those who continue to do their dirt they will surely “get theirs”.

A lot of so called things in particular that are considered to be bad and evil have showed me nothing but goodness, peace and pleasure, and so called things in particular that are considered to be good have caused me nothing but negativity, aggravation and disgust.

There is a positive side and a negative side to everything in association with the happenings of life. Separated from the world the vision is made even clearer. Some fear what is right because they don’t have the courage to overcome what is wrong.

I love what I come from, where I’m at, and what is around me. It is a natural omen and sure unto me.

Good is often called evil “by real evil” since evil is the opposite of good. And when both are in opposition with one another neither is considered in the same light as the other.