Are you living life-or are you letting your life live you? Is life really what we make it or does life make us?

I know that I did not ask to come into this world. And nobody at all did me any favor by bringing me here.

Life as it is in this mode (in this society the way that it is governed) is a gift that I don’t care to accept. It seems to me more like a reproach than a gift (the so called gift of life).

What is the point of being born into a world that isn’t right? I wouldn’t want to spend days and nights inside of a dilapidated hotel if I went to take a vacation. So then why should I desire to spend my temporary time here on an earth that is in poor condition?

The state of the world is crazy. Our society is partially governed by money which is only a revolving door. What if there was no more such thing as the idea of money (paper of false value). Would our world just come to a complete stop, an abrupt end?

Money is just a plan to keep people and things strictly in order, and organized. However, if money no longer existed we’d still have to go on and no one would be without.

Everyone would be obligated to take part in keeping the world moving to and at a certain pace-and could collect reward in food, shelter, clothing and etc…

In reality though money is a legitimate factor and major concern in our society, much value is placed on this paper that causes stress to so many people. And many of us do not have enough of it to truly enjoy the ultimate treasures that life has to offer.

We are made to go about doing particular things in a lawfully worldly order (paying bills, rent and so on) before we are content enough to spend whatever is left over.

What about the natural beautiful things that money cannot buy?

I myself do not at all need people or friends to make me content. True happiness comes from within.

And money to me is just something that aids me in enhancing the comforts of my life here on earth.

Still, what about our character, the love that we have for ourselves, the love that we have for nature and the joy that we find in the things that are natural.

Some of us have to come to identify what living and life is to them as no one is the same and shares the same outlook.

I am here in the world physically yet existing on the pure and wholesome spiritual energy that sustains me. To me there is no other way.

I like my solitude. I love and respect my body. I love to take excellent care of myself. I enjoy a vegetarian lifestyle. I enjoy an asexual lifestyle (my natural non desire for sexual contact or a mate).

I love puppies and dogs, I love to take care of them and watch them grow. They make me happy, they give me fun and extra tranquility, they give additional meaning to my life. I naturally have and learn affection from them.

I delight and take great pleasures in my intelligence and talents, outings on days of good weather, good entertainment, delicious foods and drink. Grave communications, nice hot showers, and a harmonious night sleep in the security of my bed.

I live on my own terms. Settling for what I need and want. I even love being a Taurus, examining my zodiacal traits.

I love writing. I love having the gifts of the caul. I love the contact between my ancestors and loas and the voodoo religion. I love the benefits of positive voodoo and, hoodoo (root work).

I love my life. In it there is a beauty that I recognize, a beauty that is meant just for me. So life does not at all wear me because-I wear it well. My life has the exact fit, I found my correct size. And it looks very nice on me.

A style that indeed no one can duplicate.

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