The Wonderful World Of Writing

I really love and enjoy the talent and hobby of writing.

It is one of the most beautiful artistic crafts that can be done with the mind and hands.

As writing comes naturally to me, I find myself more and more frequently filled with the urge to utilize my skills.

My creativity has always motivated me to express myself in unique designs. Whether it is on a piece of paper or on a computer, my words have power, a great force of the universe which I have no control over.

The life in me is the life that is in my writing. Day by day the gift speaks to me. It comes to me in a voice of pure serenity, passionately allowing me the opportunity to fully come into my own.

While I receive the things that are do to me I am highly assertive in taking advantage of what is mine.

The strong energy that is around me right now continues to invite me into being the true writer that I am. And I am deeply stimulated.

Never in my life have I been so provoked to let out this journalistic side of me. I feel it in my body, my mind, and spirit.

This is not the same as when I was a child creating fancy horror stories or as a young adult publishing fiction and non fiction books.

This is about me genuinely being ready to accept and connect with the transition from preparation to functionality, the transformation into a life of fortunate succession.

Writing is one of the fun things that bring out the best in me because it expresses who I am.

It is a part of what makes up my life.

My ability to focus and produce, to share and to teach, to provoke and inspire, and it is all done without intention.

By me just simply doing what I love. What I was inevitably born to do has come as a very substantial and beneficial service to certain others.

In part of my life’s journey I am being used as an instrument (a messenger) for those in particular whose ears are meant to hear the words.

Writing is not just a talent for people to possess. It is also a health remedy. Writing has therapeutic properties that helps heal and makes us better (also feel better).

When some people write it allows them to get things off of their chest, a way to vent, and give it back to the universe for evaluation. Some individuals keep their feelings bottled up inside and need a way to get out their thoughts.

Writing gives us a way to keep a track of our daily lives by recording events and activities that we can look back on.

Don’t forget books. Somebody had to write them. And they contain many words and stories for one to excite and get lost in.

Various books are very entertaining, educational, and resourceful. They have great impact on our lives.

The world of a writer is indeed a wonderful life to live in, especially when you have a platform to grow and excel from.

Individuals who write are intellectuals; we are deep thinkers and great producers. We love to explore and create. It is in our nature to be constructive.

There is so much more to writing than just putting pen to the paper. There has to be structure, intent/purpose, and vision.

Everyone has their own unique style, and should not be criticized for having different approaches when it comes to their literature. Everybody can’t be standard; some of us naturally think and create outside of the box. Some of us are even born outside of the box.

The field of writing is definitely not for everybody. Some find it too hard, complicated and/or boring. For those of us individuals who like to indulge though, it is an ecstasy to be met with over and over again.