A Never Ending Story/My Enemies Are Not Fooling Anyone But Themselves!

I am not and have never been anybody’s fool.

I have for a long time been a popular girl ever since I was very young all because I was extremely unique, smart, and untouchable.

I was always one to keep a low profile. A loner-yet at the same time I was outgoing and ambitious. Never in any way did I ever seek the attention of others. I didn’t care to be in the spotlight. I lived for myself, only concerned with the things of my own.

So therefore I figured I could exist quietly, enjoying the blessings of gifts and serenity. Oh boy, oh boy, was I wrong!

Since day one, there were people constantly trying to do things on the sneak tip, thinking that I would not know any better. And I understand that each and every person that I came into contact with was not aware that I had deep clairvoyant abilities, however, my knowing and avoiding negative and disastrous things and situations in life is what made me a target to begin with.

The fools who targeted me didn’t know that I also had sharp-witted and keen street smarts. Those particular fools were in the street but did not know the street. Just the kinds who were on their level were they able to sometimes read.

However, when it came to me, they were way off because I do not play any games and that is all that people like them know how to do.

“Why nothing ever happens to her?” a lot of undesirables often wondered and could not understand.

And I can give the answer.

I was an entirely “different kind” of person altogether. Of course there were those in particular who wanted to generalize me because they didn’t want to accept or believe that I was unique due to the fact that they needed to be the ones who knew-it-all.

They continuously found out later that they weren’t all what they thought they was cracked up to be. And that I truly was.

Lately, there have been certain people in particular contacting me (not everyone is corresponding with an ulterior motive-and I do know that, some are sincere) through my blogs, all taking turns trying to not make themselves obvious concerning voodoo/black magic, the term orisha/loa, caul/clairvoyant ability and meanings, and regarding negativity concerning the god of the bible.

These people who are and who are working against me cannot defeat me spiritually, intellectually, mentally or emotionally. And they are dumbfounded. They have never come across anyone of my stature. These people do not know and/or understand what I possess spiritually so they’ve decided to analyze my responses through the accusations or questions that they set before me.

My enemies actually want me to give them clues on how to go about destroying me through my own information regarding the paranormal abilities of my nature.

I have gone through many similar incidents all through out the years, and years ago, with individuals approaching me on account of others who know or know of me. And the shit is ridiculous, a complete unrelenting sickness on their parts.

Although I am aware whenever I am confronted, I for the most part sometimes remain cordial because truth shoots their efforts down every time. I will answer honestly and to the best of my knowledge through my gifts and experience but there comes a time to draw the line.

When I give them a little bit of rope they take more an more, and then go on not to realize that they have already hung themselves.

This in no way at all discourages me from enlightening anyone who may genuinely seek my guidance. In fact, it is very encouraging.

My enemies unwittingly show the great and intense progress that has been made for the truly good individuals of the world who were unjustly attacked through evil doers. A lot of their negativity has come to a halt. And they are not able to destroy a lot of people the way that they use to.

Knowledge is power! Yes indeed. And all true knowledge will continue and prevail!

My Strong And Unwavering Spirit/Love Is The Key

My life force is like the “energizer bunny”-I just automatically go on, an on, and on. My innate “batteries” are continuously charged through the witty (ingenious/brilliant) mechanisms of our astounding universe.

I am not at all deterred by any negativity that comes my way and up against me. I will certainly challenge and subdue-which in retrospect constantly leads to my further being inspired. I become intensely more durable within my purpose.

I do love myself. And I am very proud of myself, and the way that I can handle myself.

I love being spiritual. Understanding and experiencing the things that are deep and unidentifiable.

I am a very high-spirited human creature, full of intense positive spiritual energies as well as bubbliness.

I have always had a strong and endearing personality. And I have always been loved. And “love” is one of the most ultimate strengths.

Just let someone or something attempt to harm someone or something that you truly love-such as yourself, another individual, a pet or something that you believe in-and see what affect comes out of you.

I know with me there would be a fierce reaction upon a just cause.

(Sometimes crying over something that you love-depending on what the circumstance is-is one of the most sincere and beautiful reflections of love’s strength)

Love is the root of being. When we are loved be it by anyone or anything we feel it. And the love is shown to us through demonstrations.

The results of passionate love bring about confidence and security and the ability to love others who are worthy of our feelings.

Cruelness does not make one strong. Although a lot of strong people tend to be cruel due to specific hatreds. Hatred is a strength that should not to be misused. I know how to balance hatred and love together as a whole.

However, the bottom line is that love creates strength. It makes us very strong when it is expressed to us in the correct way.

Love is immovable. And as I am stubbornly immobile-no one can take away any of my loves.

“Letters From The Valley”-From Me To You Shannon Lee Wolf/LaToya Will Always Continue To Exist!

Mere words cannot express the extreme hatred that I carry for shannon lee wolf. She made a very big mistake when she targeted me through her lies and jealousies. She did not know who she was messing with. And she definitely started something that I will finish naturally through the powers of the universe.

I knew that shannon lee wolf was trouble when she first came onto the scene with her false conception of “vital knowledge”. The only thing vital about shannon lee is her mental illness that needs “vital attention”. She needs to go and take care of that mental problem that she’s got.

There is no real depth to this woman. There is absolutely nothing special or unique about shannon lee wolf and it is so obvious. All that this bitch worries about is going “viral”. Her websites were nothing but vain attempts to gain recognition and exposure.

And of course, there will always be vulnerable and weak-minded people who will fall prey to the game. However, that is their problem-not mine.

I hope that shannon lee wolf is enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame. She is an insult to people with genuine purpose who are led purely by spirit to fulfill their missions. What spirit conveys to those who are “true messengers” will always maintain.

When one is anointed an endowed with special gifts and is backed up by what is preordained there is nothing that can stop the flow of operation. Any obstacle will automatically be moved out of the way in due time.

That is why I laugh at this silly bitch shannon lee wolf. She is no match for me. Bitch tried to challenge me and she did not even know me and she really claims to have “abilities of the caul?” oh please-do not insult my intelligence. If shannon lee wolf was really up to par she would have known better.

Caulbearers united is a major “caul for help”. More like a rehab for the lost and damaged, pathetic.

Authenticity will consistently have and leave their original mark. The truth of the matter is that I could never stand a liar, and liars who unjustly come up to attack me in an effort to glorify themselves falsely. And “spirit” doesn’t like it either. Spirit detests perpetrators. Especially the ones who try to interfere with what I have going on.

Last year a message came to me. “Out with the no good and in with the substance”. And shannon lee was one who needed to go away. She does not have the universes blessing.

Yes, she is still around on the internet running her game but she is not going anywhere with it. You see, she needs people to uphold her and cater to her. She cannot stand alone. Take those people away and what does she have? The exact same thing that she came onto the scene with-nothing!

So let’s let her have her fun serenading people with her need for attention and self validation. And let’s have fun watching the universe slowly devour her in her own worthlessness.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will proceed to use our grave and natural productive abilities the way that they were meant to be used, for the pleasing benefits that they have to offer and for the beauty that will always shine through.

This Is A Post I Wrote On My Other Blog Titled: Latoya-The Writer, The Clairvoyant/Medium. It Is Called “The Art Of Talent”.

Energy is a great motivator when it comes to achievement. When we set a goal it is usually brought on by desire, an intense desire that causes us to be inspired.

Creativity stimulates the mind to express the designs that come out through ones talent.

There are all types of ability that many individuals possess. Writing is one of mine. It is my passion, an uncontrollable urge that I cannot stop once I get started and my writing is automatic.

When you take great delight in something that you do whatever the pursuit may be, it becomes less of a chore and more of a sport.

Writing to me is fun, relaxing, and constructive all at the same time. I don’t ever have to plan ahead or contemplate subjects to compose. Ideas and input come frequently and spontaneously.

We are given gifts for a reason and our talents are to be used for ourselves and to the best of our ability.

As we grow we enhance. And when we explore we discover, and sometimes change.

Art is a reflection and expression of what we see, live, learn and know. Vision makes the art come alive through provoking the imagination. Vision lets the skill decide how to describe what is conceived. And aptitude brings the final result out into existence.

True talent is indeed an art. And an art that is to be mastered through gratified consistency.

We Should Spread The Joys Of Constructive Development Instead Of Spreading Bullshit.

– Sincerely Miss LaToya

Shannon Lee Wolf Got Caught Again And She Is Still A Liar!

I hate people who continue to lie just to cover their tracks, yet they only lie to themselves as it is a sickness. Here shannon lee wolf goes again posting lies on her facebook page:

“well apparently all on my list but one were by the original author…and this author discovered that this other person had plagiarized their work, and who had claimed that it was their own material”.

I do not understand what the purpose of her lying about me trying to claim someone else’s work. But I never did understand the mentality of trash. She got caught up in her own bullshit like many perpetrators do and will not own up to it because she felt stupid.

She cannot fool everybody. And she could not put one over on me. I see right through her, I see her for what she really is. People like her will always exist, not knowledgeable enough or equip in the mind and with much dirt in their past. (This is simply just a war against good and evil and I won so get over it shannon!)

So to compensate they go after authentic people to attack with their inferiority complex. But then a lot of the trash always think and try to be more than what they are. So I’ll just let the bitch live in her fantasy world with plenty of others that are in her same category.

Here is shannon lee wolf’s facebook notice. I check on her because the bitch visits my site from time to time and I have it on record from mail live.com and statcounter details so she can continue to lie about that too if she wants to but as always I have proof to back up my “real” shit!

Why does shannon still follow my blog? Why does (those in particular) trash continue to keep tabs on me? Because they look for an opportunity to try to destroy me because I am a good honest person who hates them, know what they are all about, and I will not stand for it.

I do not care how many ignorant people that they can manipulate and make fall for their lies and deceptions. They cannot trap me and that makes me a threat. People who listen to them are not worth anything. People of value will always know and see the truth.

And this is nothing to take lightly. As this is an example of how the trash operate. They seek to tarnish people like me and when they can’t they move in for the kill. I am so glad that I have a gift or else I would be in serious trouble so I am safe. But all they do is lie and many of them do believe in their own lies. They cannot and will not ever accept the truth.

This makes me so proud that the perpetrators are all going down with one another. You see she admits that the truth “stings”. Nothing that they do ever touches me-and never will. None of them have the power to hurt me in any way. They are a bunch of nobodies and mean absolutely nothing to me.

Note: and just for the record. I am tired of what shannon considers as myth as she was not even born with a caul. She claims that she was born with a caul because her boyfriend johnny blade told her that she was and that the caul slid off her face during her mother’s labor delivery (Now that is so funny. The saddest thing that I ever heard) so I guess shannon’s caul is still up her mother’s chute, or maybe the doctor pulled it out and threw it away-all a bunch of bullshit! What she considers misinformation can be contradicted by a fellow caulbearer who wrote a book attesting the “so called” particular myths as facts and I truly believe her because it is the truth. Shannon lee wolf’s mouth is definitely no prayer book! I want to see her prove what is not myth. Does she know every caulbearer in the whole entire world? Those who were born way before her? The answer is evident, “no”.

Shannon lee wolf’s message to clear up her shenanigans-the trouble that she herself started through her own lies and stupidity, I surely hate this demonic bitch:

Shannon Lee Wolf Says:  https://www.facebook.com/CaulBearersUnitedLiftingTheVeil

Okay…time to clear the air dear ones.

So. Some of you are already aware of Michael’s — well — dislike of me. Seems he’s found a good friend on the web who had taken a dislikin’ to me like a year ago as well…and they have their war engines in full throttle — can you hear the rumble?

It’s funny, really all of this silliness, but I figured I might as well let you all in on the gory detai

ls of my “witchcraft” and “recruiting” techniques — and the events that led up to this other person’s sharpening of her sward, and the sound of her shrill battle cry.On my website, I had listed links to the caul websites that had verbatim text in them, so as to demonstrate the disinformation that had gone viral — mostly by the same original author.Well apparently all on my list but one were by the original author…and this author discovered that this other person had plagiarized their work, and who had claimed that it was their own material. So, the author demanded that it be removed, or they would shut their website down. (They had done the same thing to me for using the word “Caulbearer”, as they claimed to own it.)So, when I realized that this site had removed its content, in a tongue and cheek way, I noted it on my site. This turned out to be an error on my part, as this person did not find it the least bit amusing, and let me know, strong and clear. I publicly apologized to them, and removed the tongue in cheek remark. But, I was too late. The war had begun. This person had flown into a fiery and vengeful rage!They called me every name in the book on their public forum, announcing my jealousy of them, my use of witchcraft to control my forum members, and all sorts of other evils.So, our dear Mike has so delighted in his discovery of this true ally, he is apparently lost in a state of glee! He has stumbled upon the den of a being who matches his vibrations, and expounds the dirty Truth about Shannon Lee Wolf! (Again, I jest…but I’ll admit that it does sting a little — I mean I am only human.)Well, there it is. Just to clear the air, so that we can all direct our focus on peace, love and kindness — as it should be. ♥
And Now Here Is Shannon Lee Wolf’s Crazy Words About “Supposedly” Being Born With A Caul:
But, oh, man. I think sometimes I’m like that girl you met who refused to admit that she was a caul bearer, and that she has any power at all. Having been misunderstood and put down my whole childhood, I have always felt invisible and powerless. And always held onto the simple biblical rule, “The truth shall set you free.” What a combination that must feel like to other people sometimes! Plus, I never knew I was a caul bearer til Jade told me that I was. My mother told the story of how my brother was born with the caul, but she never said anything about me. But Jade could see that it was removed in the birth canal. It explains a lot, but I sometimes don’t feel “official”. But it doesn’t really matter anyway. I am a catalyst and protector for caul bearers, and feel as if I belong here.
This Is How It All Began, Here Are The Links To My Posts About Shannon Lee Wolf:

Major Ignorance Regarding My “Symptoms Of Voodoo Black Magic” Post

Isn’t it sad when people jump to conclusions when they do not take out time to research all of the facts?

It really shows their stupidity. People really should know what they are talking about before they go on to make accusations.

Please, anyone, before you come at me with some notion that is formed in your mind it would be very wise to ask me first. That is what you are suppose to do if you are provoked by something that I wrote and do not understand exactly where I am coming from thank you.

This is a comment that I received today along with my response:

vodounola.org x

Toby on September 18, 2012 at 10:42 am said:

I’m curious, LaToya… If you feel so strongly against Voodoo (whether it’s the religion, or Hoodoo practices that you are referring to), why you chose the sacred symbol (ve-ve) for Papa Legba as your symbol on this post. Papa Legba is a Voodoo Spirit (called “lwa”), and is the guardian of the crossroads. I’ve been a Voodoo priest for 11 years in Traditional Haitian Voodoo. I am here to say, yes – there is negativity in Voodoo, but all spiritual practices have their negatives.

1) the symptoms that you mention COULD be signs of Black Magic, but they could also be signs that you’re a Manic Depressive, you have bad hygiene, you make poor diet choices, etc. Just because you are experiencing these symptoms doesn’t mean you are a victim of people doing work on you. Which leads me to my next point….

2) looking through many of the posts, I noticed that a number of people used the phrase “I’m a victim” or “i’ve been a victim”. In this new world, it seems people are constantly on the lookout for new ways to be victim, like we need to be victims or something. If my body hurts and aches for a week straight, does it mean I’m a “victim” of black magic? Nah. It MORE THAN LIKELY just means I have the flu. You know, the Influenza virus that’s been around for millions of years…

People do cracky things to other people. It happens. However, the more you put it out to the universe that you’re a “victim” the more victimized you become. You have generated a self-fulfilling prophecy. We’re not always going to be victims. It’s best sometimes to just be you, and understand that life doesn’t always hand us lemonade, but a bucket of really sour lemons.

misslatoya on September 18, 2012 at 11:12 am said:

No offense, but you have deeply misunderstood many things that you have read. And I highly doubt that you’ve read each and every post. I have over one hundred seventy posts on this blog.

Number one, I do not and never have considered myself a “victim” of black magic. I am nobody’s victim. Victim can be used in more than one term. When I used it I simply meant I was attacked by people through witchcraft- and that is a definite fact. I experienced this. I am gifted. I know. I’ve had black magic removed.

I do not care if you claim to be a priest; I was born with a caul. I am legitimate, not someone who joined a faith. I was born into one and I am very proud of it. This is my culture. And I know darn well who elegba is. He is my head orisha.

Second, I never said that I was against voodoo. I do voodoo. Voodoo is beautiful. There is good and bad in everything in life. I am against anything that is used unjustly by negative people.

I do not and have never suffered from any mental illness; I have great hygiene, and a very healthy well balanced diet. I have been a vegetarian for over twenty years. And I’ve never had all of the symptoms listed in the post. Those are just a number of things that affect many people who are crossed up.

Your comment was very ignorant and irresponsible because you do not know me and obviously you are not articulate and keen enough to comprehend.

And as far as the universe is concerned, I am in connection with the universe. I am aligned and in balance. I am very happy and at peace. I get everything that I want. I know way more about spirituality than you do-trust me. And I know real babalawos. So please do not perpetrate with your nonsense. You need to think before you speculate and make ignorant assumptions because you’ve just made an ass out of yourself.

I posted the “symptoms of voodoo black magic” for people in particular to be aware of what is going on in the world by no good, evil, jealous and malicious people who seek out to destroy.

And I am glad that the knowledge is out there so that people will fight back and bind up that shit through the great powers of the universe.

Check out three of my posts as an example:




Sincerely LaToya

Update: This Was The Latest Response In Regards To My Comment-

amarble on September 24, 2012 at 7:45 pm said:

Hi there. No offense, but Elegba and Legba are two different spirits. Orisha does not equal lwa.

I wish you very well, but if you truly do love voodoo and respect its practice, you might want to be more careful about loosely equivocating the word “voodoo” with “black magic” even in casual contexts. I know that you didn’t mean it that way, but most people who approach this stuff with their own preconceptions won’t read things as carefully as they should. Just something to keep in mind. :)

What Is Truth?

Truth is information that excludes what is false, anything which is not a fact.

And one person’s fact can be another person’s fiction depending on what level of knowledge and experience they may have.

Some individuals do not want to hear truth because they cannot handle the truth.

Reality can be hard for some to deal with if what they are facing causes them pain or disadvantage. To many individuals, the truth does hurt and may often turn out to be unbearable as each individual is different.

To me, truth is what sustains me. I am it and it is me. That is just the way that my life is programmed. Honesty and sincerity is a part of my foundation as it serves as a refuge and protection.

Truth is a place where I can run to, find security in, and relax without dismay whenever I am under attack or misunderstanding.

The truth actually does set one free in times of trouble and panic due to the fact of conscience, mentality, and disposition.

Attitudes and perspectives play a large role in the reactions to approach what is justifiable-meaning that truth has the ability to be looked at through distinct ways.

Very few individuals will constantly see things in the exact same light, even though they can be involved in a situation together both experiencing circumstances with one another.

While the ones at hand may be physically together their minds could be further apart-one comprehending something that the other is not even contemplating. And as a result if not worked out thoroughly with the resources of mediation and considerate communication, relationships or acquaintances are bound to lead into confusion and resentment.

What about lies? Some individuals believe their own lies. Do lies become the truth? Yes, to the weak-minded ones who allow the devious to get the best of them by being insecure and tearing down their spirit with taunts of malicious untruths.

Everybody tells lies, many will argue. Yes, that is also true. Yet there is a vast difference between “white lies” and full blown intentional, pathological, habitual, and compulsive lies.

There are plenty of genuine upstanding truly loyal people in the world who have their dignity and integrity and who will not compromise their standards for anyone or anything regardless of consequences.

There is no harm in telling a white lie to save one’s life or because you do not want to be bothered and so on.

When certain people lie (plain out just big deceitful lies) and get caught up in their deception they may run away and hide, deny, or make up excuses. Some will even go as far as to cling on to their dishonesty, steadfastly swearing by them as veritable.

Individuals need to accurately discern and decide for themselves what truth is and what the truth means to them in their lives and how they are affected by it.

And in doing so, while assimilating every aspect, one has to be careful that in finding the factors wherein about truth-they don’t get caught up in a bind of ultimately lying to themselves.

When You Become Targeted By The Crafty Ways Of A Liar

Hello everyone. As most who read my blog already know, I am a clairvoyant who was born with the caul “veil”. And people like myself are very sensitive spiritually as psychic ability opens us up into awareness to every and all things of the universe and the energies in which surrounds us and the atmosphere.

Having true knowledge, wisdom, and particular insights, I have always been ahead of my time and a target for jealous and resentful people who despise me for stating the facts, whatever the subject may be that is at hand.

It is very wise to question and thoroughly analyze what is brought to us in this society especially when experience contradicts what is supposedly set forth as truth.

When you challenge people who consider themselves as authority figures simply because of their job titles and/or social status they often tend to retaliate against you and set out to ruin your credibility.

They are very insecure and need to gather others in an attempt to validate themselves and to aid them in taking down their target by devious, malevolent strategies.

When people in particular who maintain to hold upon individuals with a certain level of knowledge and information, to keep them under influence and order, and someone else comes along distributing examples to investigate they automatically lose their powers of persuasion.

For two days straight I’ve had a very negative feeling in the pit of my stomach due to a lady by the name of Helena Fortissima (an anesthesiologist who resigned from her position) who is trying her best in vain to destroy my credibility and the genuineness of my knowledge.

Helena is making a terrible fool of herself, however she cannot see it. She is a very disturbed individual. This woman does not know what she has gotten herself into. Trying to take down me-a caulbearer-helena definitely needs to check herself.

Before I go into further detail I just want to acknowledge that this is a personal attack against me by those who look for any small opportunity with no legitimate basis, then manipulate the situation by turning and twisting things around to completely outright lying just to serve their conspired purpose.

I was never even worried about this nonsense, never gave this a second thought. I never do in a silly situation regarding trash.

Nevertheless, I woke up again this morning feeling Helena’s negativity and fixation on me and my spirit led me to write this post. Urging me to clue people on, the ones who are in the dark about the crafty ways of sick-minded liars who are offended by the truth and can’t deal with the dirt of their past.

It all started with the directory website blog catalog. I signed up just to get my blog listed because a lot of people find my blog in different places and enjoy reading about what I present because I am straight up and I speak the truth.

At blog catalog, people are invited to take part in discussions by writing articles. I wasn’t at all interested in participating in any of the discussions I just wrote a few articles to maintain an active membership.

The day before yesterday I just so happened to write a brief article on diseases that can be caught through sexual contact and Helena Fortissima (a member of the site who does not know me personally) caught a hold of it, dragged it out of context and is making a campaign out of it by addressing to the online world that I am sending out dangerous misinformation.

And my article was not even about diseases itself but about certain people’s behavior when they catch them and how the diseases can and will affect their bodies along down the line at a later time in life, and how they should take and be more responsible for their actions.

I mentioned “shingles”, the virus involving the chicken pox syndrome. And she insists on proving that I am declaring that people in general get it through sexual contact which I did not.

What I said and I do know this for a fact- and I can back it up-and I don’t care what anyone else would have to say about it, is that the shingle virus is able to be spread by sexual contact. I know people personally who this happened to. And this is not hearsay.

People who have dealt with me on a friendship level in the past when I socialized more often confided in me because they felt comfortable with me and I was open-minded and easy to talk to.

And I am going to leave it like that because I am sick and tired of Helena’s shit. I don’t have any time for it. My life is centered around more important valuable things that are going on in life.

We all have our different own way and style of expressing ourselves. I can’t help who will want to misrepresent what I write and how I word it.

An intelligent and wise person will weigh out matters with logical and reasonable thought process. And I am glad to be one of those level headed individuals with integrity and class.

Here I Have Provided A Link To Helena’s Irrational Debate And A Copy Of My Article: When Do Opinions And Misinformation Become Dangerous

I Tested The Link Above And It Did Not Load The Page So Here Is The Address:


Update: Saturday September 8, 2012- (Helena spilled out her guts in her blog post today. I copied and pasted it underneath my article along with her blog address. I read that bitch right. I knew that she wasn’t shit)

The Sad Truths About Herpes And Other Diseases:

In this day and age as everybody should already know venereal diseases are spread rampant. And so many people have caught them due to their reckless behavior.

Some individuals still have the attitude that if they were to catch an infection all that they’d have to do is to go to the doctor and get treated.

The hard facts is that these days the most common and most spread diseases are permanent or have long life term medical conditions and consequences to the body and internal organs.

I know plenty of people who have and who have died from aids. And I know three people personally who live with herpes (and shingles).

Before I go into detail about aids and herpes, I will mention about the individuals that I know who have been infected with gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Not to sound judgmental, however, these two females in particular would hop around from man to man till one day they hopped into something fatal.

One woman’s unborn baby died inside of her months before she was able to give birth, and the other woman constantly went through a series of consecutive miscarriages and stillbirths during numerous relationships with different men due to what resulted into pelvic inflammatory disease.

I’ve observed it over and over again how those in particular suffer for their negative careless behavior. Common sense would tell these people that if they were going to indulge and live dangerously to take some precaution instead of later drowning in their sorrows and corrupting and inflaming other innocent people.

The mentality that many individuals who are infected with aids and herpes have is to intentionally give their disease to another person.

Some are angry, bitter, embarrassed, hurt and do not want to be alone and would not feel so bad if others were riding in the same boat as they are.

One lady in particular married a man knowing that she had herpes. She thought that she could buy him with the money that she possessed. Another lady was walking around with the shingles clearly obvious on her face just below her mouth near her chin. And she pretended not to know what the permanent eruption was. She admitted that it didn’t bother her to sleep around with other women’s husbands or boyfriends.

The third lady had a history of drug use and was going through a nasty ordeal with a younger guy who’d just married her for the land that she’d inherited.

These people use these permanent and deadly diseases as weapons and advantages, ways to keep a hold on to someone or to get back at someone for something.

What happen to the days when people caught venereal infections that taught them lessons to learn by? That taught them how to change? And that taught them how precious their bodies and lives were?

Aids and herpes are viruses that don’t go away. And the situations and predicaments that certain individuals put others in do not always go as planned. Very negative drawbacks came from what those women did and I will not go into detail as it is not necessary.

Venereal diseases are nothing to play around with if they can be helped.

I have never had one and I don’t ever want one. And I could never imagine putting myself in the predicament of catching one. I know that a lot of it has to do with the lifestyle that one leads and I am and have always been asexual so I have never desired to spread myself around or at all for that matter. Therefore I do not understand the lust and needs for the sexual intimacy that some cannot restrain from.

There is a time and a place for any and everything, and of course, my article does not at all represent the majority of the world- but it does represent a good chosen number.

It is here. It is what is going on. And it is what is happening around us. And it is taking place more than what some people would think.

The bottom line is that some individuals are just as poisonous and deadly as a disease, if not worse. And just as you never know who may be carrying whatever ailment-you never know what ailment may be “carrying that person”.

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Something Majestic
Last night, I dreamed that I was being apprehended on foot by the police. I had no idea what I’d done wrong, or why they were after me, but I had a vague sense that I was about to be “found out.” Even though I knew there wasn’t much point in running, I wasn’t going to let them catch me if I could help it. When I finally woke up, I was exhausted, nearly out of breath. Spartacus was awake already, still in bed, and as we lay there talking about the dream, he said, clearly interpreting the dream at face value, “That means you’ve done something wrong and you’re trying to get away with it.” Ironically speaking, though, he’s right.
How in God’s name did I end up with the life I have today? I should have been dead a long time ago. Thirty years back, I was a 19 year old shell of a girl I once knew–an annihilated spirit, worn out from years of seeking approval for who I was–hell bent on self-destruction, medicating my crappy self esteem with drugs and sex, wrecking my body, consorting with criminals, stealing from my parents, corrupting my younger brothers, wreaking havoc within our family, asphyxiating from shame and remorse in the quicksand of despair that I alone had created. There are years of my life that I have no recollection of; perhaps it’s better that way. The way it all went down is surreal: standing naked in the middle of my room, admitting all the terrible things I’d done to my father, crying together as he embraced me; escaping from the psych hospital after a week because I was afraid I might really be crazy; voluntarily signing myself into an ultra-confrontational family treatment center which lied to me, holding me against my will when I tried to leave; the nightmarish manipulation of my family and me during those 14 months, the constant and insidious brainwashing; the unbearable social isolation; the food and sleep deprivation; the exercise sessions, used as group punishment, conducted in a windowless space with the heat turned all the way up in mid-summer; the countless dreams of escaping from that building, of being able to take a shit without someone watching me, of no longer being humiliated or led around by the belt loop at the hands of an authority figure half my age, of simply being able to taste birthday cake again; the endless repetition of David Bowie lyrics in my head while sitting for hours at a time on hard blue plastic chairs so that I wouldn’t forget who I was; the eventual reformation which occurred the day I finally caved in; the assimilation into recovery from an addiction I never had in the first place, becoming part of a system I hated because I could see no other way out, the regret over which I’ve never fully forgiven myself for, wondering whose last shreds of dignity or integrity I might have destroyed because I had none left of my own.
What exactly have I been running from all these years? I’m a fucking physician, for Chrissakes! I’ve legitimately worked my way to the top of the educational and professional ladders, but I still don’t feel integrated. There’s always been a part of me that I’ve felt necessary to conceal in order to get where I wanted to go. I’m finished hiding. I don’t have anything to apologize for. I’m who I am today because of all the shit I’ve been through in my life, not in spite of it. Every single trial and tribulation I’ve endured has been transformative in some way, and though I haven’t always recognized that in the midst of a crisis, somehow I’ve managed to flourish from this amplitude of misadventures. I’m really not a complicated person. It’s taken me decades to recover my original personality, the one Straight, Inc. tried so hard to deconstruct and obliterate, but even when I was Robot Me, my true self clung tenaciously to whatever sparks of Old Me it could find, and held them for safekeeping. It’s taken me a good 20-something years to get here, but I’m back, braving my own personal renaissance, the sparkling clarity from which is surging out in torrents. I am in tears. I am intact.
nd that just got more and more so over the years!”

I’ve loved my life, even when I hated it. That’s probably why I’m still alive today, the mother of gorgeously kind and talented 22 year old twin sons, the ex-wife of the father of my children, who I consider my good friend, the wife of my beloved Spartacus, who opens his heart anew to me every day, the daughter-sister-friend-artist-cook-physician-writer who’s always been known as Helena, because something in that girl refused to surrender, something infinitely sustaining, something so fragile it couldn’t break, something majestic.

This Is A Photo Of Helena When She Was About Twenty-Six Or Twenty Seven-What An Ugly Bitch:

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Why do you blog?
I started blogging after resigning from my current position as an anesthesiologist in a small community hospital. The corruption of the physician-staffing corporation I was working for, along with the hospital’s administration, had finally crystallized and I realized that I was being viewed less as a physician, and more as part of a machine. Many of my blogs are inspired by things that have happened or observations I’ve made throughout my life, and most of them are somehow intertwined with the world of medicine. I’m blogging as a wake up call to physicians, healthcare workers, and the general public alike. Let’s start defining ourselves in terms of who we are, through embracing our unique interests, our individual contributions to society, and our humanness. It’s a helluva lot more interesting than defining ourselves by what we do for a living.

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I am a former wild child of the 80s…that’s enough