What Is Truth?

Truth is information that excludes what is false, anything which is not a fact.

And one person’s fact can be another person’s fiction depending on what level of knowledge and experience they may have.

Some individuals do not want to hear truth because they cannot handle the truth.

Reality can be hard for some to deal with if what they are facing causes them pain or disadvantage. To many individuals, the truth does hurt and may often turn out to be unbearable as each individual is different.

To me, truth is what sustains me. I am it and it is me. That is just the way that my life is programmed. Honesty and sincerity is a part of my foundation as it serves as a refuge and protection.

Truth is a place where I can run to, find security in, and relax without dismay whenever I am under attack or misunderstanding.

The truth actually does set one free in times of trouble and panic due to the fact of conscience, mentality, and disposition.

Attitudes and perspectives play a large role in the reactions to approach what is justifiable-meaning that truth has the ability to be looked at through distinct ways.

Very few individuals will constantly see things in the exact same light, even though they can be involved in a situation together both experiencing circumstances with one another.

While the ones at hand may be physically together their minds could be further apart-one comprehending something that the other is not even contemplating. And as a result if not worked out thoroughly with the resources of mediation and considerate communication, relationships or acquaintances are bound to lead into confusion and resentment.

What about lies? Some individuals believe their own lies. Do lies become the truth? Yes, to the weak-minded ones who allow the devious to get the best of them by being insecure and tearing down their spirit with taunts of malicious untruths.

Everybody tells lies, many will argue. Yes, that is also true. Yet there is a vast difference between “white lies” and full blown intentional, pathological, habitual, and compulsive lies.

There are plenty of genuine upstanding truly loyal people in the world who have their dignity and integrity and who will not compromise their standards for anyone or anything regardless of consequences.

There is no harm in telling a white lie to save one’s life or because you do not want to be bothered and so on.

When certain people lie (plain out just big deceitful lies) and get caught up in their deception they may run away and hide, deny, or make up excuses. Some will even go as far as to cling on to their dishonesty, steadfastly swearing by them as veritable.

Individuals need to accurately discern and decide for themselves what truth is and what the truth means to them in their lives and how they are affected by it.

And in doing so, while assimilating every aspect, one has to be careful that in finding the factors wherein about truth-they don’t get caught up in a bind of ultimately lying to themselves.