“Letters From The Valley”-From Me To You Shannon Lee Wolf/LaToya Will Always Continue To Exist!

Mere words cannot express the extreme hatred that I carry for shannon lee wolf. She made a very big mistake when she targeted me through her lies and jealousies. She did not know who she was messing with. And she definitely started something that I will finish naturally through the powers of the universe.

I knew that shannon lee wolf was trouble when she first came onto the scene with her false conception of “vital knowledge”. The only thing vital about shannon lee is her mental illness that needs “vital attention”. She needs to go and take care of that mental problem that she’s got.

There is no real depth to this woman. There is absolutely nothing special or unique about shannon lee wolf and it is so obvious. All that this bitch worries about is going “viral”. Her websites were nothing but vain attempts to gain recognition and exposure.

And of course, there will always be vulnerable and weak-minded people who will fall prey to the game. However, that is their problem-not mine.

I hope that shannon lee wolf is enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame. She is an insult to people with genuine purpose who are led purely by spirit to fulfill their missions. What spirit conveys to those who are “true messengers” will always maintain.

When one is anointed an endowed with special gifts and is backed up by what is preordained there is nothing that can stop the flow of operation. Any obstacle will automatically be moved out of the way in due time.

That is why I laugh at this silly bitch shannon lee wolf. She is no match for me. Bitch tried to challenge me and she did not even know me and she really claims to have “abilities of the caul?” oh please-do not insult my intelligence. If shannon lee wolf was really up to par she would have known better.

Caulbearers united is a major “caul for help”. More like a rehab for the lost and damaged, pathetic.

Authenticity will consistently have and leave their original mark. The truth of the matter is that I could never stand a liar, and liars who unjustly come up to attack me in an effort to glorify themselves falsely. And “spirit” doesn’t like it either. Spirit detests perpetrators. Especially the ones who try to interfere with what I have going on.

Last year a message came to me. “Out with the no good and in with the substance”. And shannon lee was one who needed to go away. She does not have the universes blessing.

Yes, she is still around on the internet running her game but she is not going anywhere with it. You see, she needs people to uphold her and cater to her. She cannot stand alone. Take those people away and what does she have? The exact same thing that she came onto the scene with-nothing!

So let’s let her have her fun serenading people with her need for attention and self validation. And let’s have fun watching the universe slowly devour her in her own worthlessness.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will proceed to use our grave and natural productive abilities the way that they were meant to be used, for the pleasing benefits that they have to offer and for the beauty that will always shine through.

This Is A Post I Wrote On My Other Blog Titled: Latoya-The Writer, The Clairvoyant/Medium. It Is Called “The Art Of Talent”.

Energy is a great motivator when it comes to achievement. When we set a goal it is usually brought on by desire, an intense desire that causes us to be inspired.

Creativity stimulates the mind to express the designs that come out through ones talent.

There are all types of ability that many individuals possess. Writing is one of mine. It is my passion, an uncontrollable urge that I cannot stop once I get started and my writing is automatic.

When you take great delight in something that you do whatever the pursuit may be, it becomes less of a chore and more of a sport.

Writing to me is fun, relaxing, and constructive all at the same time. I don’t ever have to plan ahead or contemplate subjects to compose. Ideas and input come frequently and spontaneously.

We are given gifts for a reason and our talents are to be used for ourselves and to the best of our ability.

As we grow we enhance. And when we explore we discover, and sometimes change.

Art is a reflection and expression of what we see, live, learn and know. Vision makes the art come alive through provoking the imagination. Vision lets the skill decide how to describe what is conceived. And aptitude brings the final result out into existence.

True talent is indeed an art. And an art that is to be mastered through gratified consistency.

We Should Spread The Joys Of Constructive Development Instead Of Spreading Bullshit.

– Sincerely Miss LaToya

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