My Strong And Unwavering Spirit/Love Is The Key


My life force is like the “energizer bunny”-I just automatically go on, an on, and on. My innate “batteries” are continuously charged through the witty (ingenious/brilliant) mechanisms of our astounding universe.

I am not at all deterred by any negativity that comes my way and up against me. I will certainly challenge and subdue-which in retrospect constantly leads to my further being inspired. I become intensely more durable within my purpose.

I do love myself. And I am very proud of myself, and the way that I can handle myself.

I love being spiritual. Understanding and experiencing the things that are deep and unidentifiable.

I am a very high-spirited human creature, full of intense positive spiritual energies as well as bubbliness.

I have always had a strong and endearing personality. And I have always been loved. And “love” is one of the most ultimate strengths.

Just let someone or something attempt to harm someone or something that you truly love-such as yourself, another individual, a pet or something that you believe in-and see what affect comes out of you.

I know with me there would be a fierce reaction upon a just cause.

(Sometimes crying over something that you love-depending on what the circumstance is-is one of the most sincere and beautiful reflections of love’s strength)

Love is the root of being. When we are loved be it by anyone or anything we feel it. And the love is shown to us through demonstrations.

The results of passionate love bring about confidence and security and the ability to love others who are worthy of our feelings.

Cruelness does not make one strong. Although a lot of strong people tend to be cruel due to specific hatreds. Hatred is a strength that should not to be misused. I know how to balance hatred and love together as a whole.

However, the bottom line is that love creates strength. It makes us very strong when it is expressed to us in the correct way.

Love is immovable. And as I am stubbornly immobile-no one can take away any of my loves.


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