Living “The Life”/Spiritually Inclined


My home is blessed and my life is pure.

I love what I do and I truly enjoy being who I am. I am so delighted when spirit moves me to write, one of the most empowering expressions of my dynamic energy.

I’m right where I’m supposed to be spiritually as I have this human experience here on earth.

I constantly have my family around me-my “spiritual connection”-guiding and protecting, loving and adorning.

I often feel like a princess, engrossed in the royalties of a lavish richness. The great wealth and stature of abundant refuge my own personal sphere where I am free and able to evolve within my nature, my privilege, my very own birthright, my highest potential.

I live in a society where I’m sure many would tell me that my ways and circumstances are not possible or realistic yet I’ve been living in the preternatural “mode/condition” for my entire life.

Of course there are people who will always come up with some kind of explanation or analysis as to how and why something that would otherwise appear unexplainable or highly unlikely could come into effect, whether the matter regarded an action or a situation.

Individuals like these are plainly ignorant and in denial. I consider myself exceptionally blessed to be one of the “chosen ones” to indulge in such a beautiful and worthy experience.

I go throughout my life as a fierce warrior who is ready for battle, success, and triumph!

My ancestors and orishas proudly lead the way, greatly appeased by my spectacular performances, gleaming with much praise and satisfaction from their young and precious baby-which is no other than me!

They have richly and royally glorified me. And I absolutely without a doubt ultimately glorify them-because we are indeed a very fierce and effective team!

Much love and respect to all of what is around me (my spiritual connection/ancestors, orishas and spirit guides) and I cannot express that enough. And I write this with much excitement and passion. I am so happy and so very proud.

“My elegba”-you are the greatest, you are the best, you are the shit! And you know that I surely say that with all due respect, my love and refuge.

Thank you for giving me my times to rest and refresh, my times to inspire and to be inspired.

Thank you for giving me the time of my life. Thank you for giving me “the life”, the “ultimate” within the nature of my existence.

Elegba, oshun, ogun, orunmila, ochosi and my excellent ancestors who’ve always had my back and who continue to do so-this is the life that you have all made go right, the parts of my life that no one could ever touch.

The orishas laugh at those who think that I’ve been put out of commission when I “take a missing”. Spirit orders and allows me my “vacation period” of relaxation and rejuvenation. And a stage during which I have to attend other duties.

Let all those in the dark continue to be dismayed and mislead by their own lack of sight and understandings.

The spiritually inclined who are on the correct side of the path will never fail to interpret the journey of our predestined lives that are set by what we desire and require.

How could one forget one’s self? Turning away from whom and what they really are. I am not ashamed of anything regarding myself. And I am not afraid to express what I’m about or what concerns me.

Freedom is a very powerful thing. Liberation is a privilege to take advantage of, yet many do not indulge in the opportunity out of fear, the fear to truly be themselves.

Some, who are different and unique in their behavior, appearance or preference and so on, would rather fit in with the general population than to endure the ridicule and rejection that many individuals face.

So instead of having the courage to reveal who they truly are they compromise themselves to gain acceptance.

In my opinion that is a very empty way to live and to conduct one’s life. It is also very sad.

To me, generality is boring. I find myself more interesting in being unique as I am like no other. I find delight and excitement in what I like even if nobody else does.

When one downplays what they are genuinely about they sell themselves short.

I wouldn’t want to be anything other than me, pretending just to satisfy and to get the approval of others.

People who stoop to that level do not deserve the blessings that come along with having true individuality.


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