Messages From The Mind/The Thought Process/The Dream State

A lot of times dreams and thoughts are omens to a much broader picture that may not fully be apparent in our day to day life. They add pieces to the puzzles of many missing angles. And they make sense out of situations that are seemingly vague.

Sometimes a thought or a dream will tell the whole story, half the story or just inkling. Nevertheless, the information is worth the evaluation if there is a strong hunch and consistency.

The occurrences can be exciting, interesting, alluring and haunting. And sometimes it could be nothing, just the subconscious mind reflecting back on stimulation. Nevertheless, the instances are all educational.

There is a difference between regular thoughts and dreams, and the precognitive thoughts and dreams. And then there is the combination of the two/both as in turning a dream or thought into reality.

When we visualize our innermost deepest thoughts and desires with storyline we create a fantasy, a fantasy that many would consider to be unattainable. Which is why some of us tend to embellish what we know or think is beyond our reach.

Reality often confirms the impossibilities of bringing a fantasy into reality.

“That will never happen for me”, “it would be too good to be true”, some individuals relate to themselves.

Yet if you thoroughly analyze the situation, is it really that far fetched to have the highly elaborated details of ones fanciful come to life?

Could what we sometimes imagine actually translate into signs and clues as to what we are suppose to actually have? Leading the way to fateful pursuits that may eventually get us there?

I do believe so-because fate is also what one makes it. An individual is not always limited to what they are born into and are able to create their own fate as long as it corresponds with the alignment of the universe.

The circumstance is no different than someone overcoming a negative childhood to become one of the greatest success stories in their adulthood.

An earnest desire followed by distinct visualization can inadvertently draw up the patterns that result into reality.

Just like the ole saying “be careful what you wish for ‘because you just may get it”!

I have visualized and received. Nothing that has brought me great wealth yet I have experienced the extraordinary.

Sometimes what one needs is not precisely what one wants at that specific time. As periods of life go by stripping away what is paltry, we learn that the things that we may have wanted we really do not need.

I love to dream during the times when I am asleep, especially when I have the precognitive dreams.

In my own personal experience with my level of elevation, the dream state is often better than the waken state of reality.

At times my dreams are so beautiful, so satisfying and so serene that I wonder what is really the point of me waking up to come back into this worldly realm.

I have learned the answer to this mysterious question that I’d rather not share as it would be giving out too much information regarding what is only relevant to me and extremely private for myself.

Therefore, it is very appropriate to acknowledge that it is definitely not the time for me to leave the earth. My transition is not ready yet. And I can accept that as I know in do time the everlasting beauty that awaits me.

In my dreams I interpret and experience a lot. I have meaningful visits with my beloved departed ones as well as relations and revelations with the universe just as I do here on earth. The supernatural makes connections within all aspects of consciousness.

Dreams are very valuable to us. They share with us the unknown, and they serve many imperative/vital purposes.


2 thoughts on “Messages From The Mind/The Thought Process/The Dream State

  1. you are a very wise woman but you dont need me to tell you that-I like your dream state blog/post just wanted to give you credit when deserved-you are very interesting and very rare are people like you-its refreshing to see-thats all I wanted to say thanks for being yourself in a world of posers -originality is underated and not practiced enough-you seem a little scary lol almost didnt comment but wanted to anyway .

    • Thank You For Your Very Nice And Sincere Comments. I Am Glad That There Are Still Genuinely Intelligent People Still Out There. I Always Appreciate Connecting With People Who Are Real And On The Level. Thank You Again For Sharing Your Thoughts.

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