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I Am Right Where I Am Suppose To Be For Where I Am Headed

It is something how life has a way of working things out. When something is truly meant to be nothing and no one can actually stand or get into the way.

I was born to write. That is a part of who and what I am. And I have come to realize to a greater extent that my internet writings have been a fortunate platform for me to exercise my talent. An advantage that I’ve been given in the event of circumstances due to the many that wanted and tried to hold me back.

Not only is my blog writing a vehicle to share and express my connection to the universe, it is a look into my present and future.

A sincere road that leads to my further “arrival” a system to keep me active and up to date, abreast and ready when the time comes for advancement.

I am doing what I am supposed to do in life-spiritually and professionally. I should not and will not invest in anything other than what (all of the things that) I was called to do in life.

There is nothing wrong with taking other “worthy” employment opportunities to gain a little extra income but my heart is in my innate abilities-which are much greater than some beneath me job that I do not need and am over qualified for.

I do not want and refuse to exert my professional powers for the benefit of certain others. They do not deserve my expertise in the things that I am capable of doing. My talents, abilities and knowledge are for me to excel with.

What is around me makes my life “happen”, tells me to always hold on because we “have” you. We always did and we always will. Just look around you, don’t everything always work out?

And I have to admit that my answer is “yes”. Things always do work out.

Even though I am not surprised in the outcome of my victories, it is so deep to me how I have went through then survived a lot of strange and evil things.

Meanwhile, I’ve reached my blogging longevity. I’ve done a lot of writing.

I’ve been a professional writer from a very young age. And I have been blogging on the internet for seven years straight now. I will be soon coming up on my two hundredth post.

I first started blogging years ago on a site titled blogsource. However, the site eventually shut down and I found an even greater and better blogging site here on wordpress.

Luckily, I did not lose any of the posts that I wrote back then because I transferred each and every one of them straight to this blog and they can all be found in my archives section located further down on the right hand side of this blogsite.

I Am Indeed A Happy Blogger!

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