Quality Or Quantity?/Quality Wins With Me All Of The Time! (I Responded To Your Message On This Post Asshole!)

There are things in particular which are inside and outside of this world that distinctly stand out from the rest. And greatly compared to a lot of other things they are clearly considered the “best”.

Many things come a dime a dozen, including people. There is always an excess of what is worthless or of lesser value.

Just because something or someone is outnumbered does not mean that they are outdone.

I wouldn’t worry or place too much emphasis on what travels in packs and what is predictably common or expected of and by those who are average and/or limited.

I get tired of the same ole ignorant boring stagnant shit that a lot of individuals live, love and connect with. Some of their delights are my absolute disgusts.

I live by my rules and desires, happy and healthily. And because that is what it is all about, being “healthy” and not so called “normal”.

Quality and value is found in the highest minority, things that are hard to come by and things that do not come around too often.

Quality is durable. It is made of fine materials and lasts longer. Quantity is flimsy and cheap, quick to decay.

There is always a large quantity of waste to go around. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

If I came up against a crowd of mediocre folk who gathered up against me I would not at all fear or give out any serious regard.

I’d be more worried about the one who stood alone distinguished, and of substance.

I am surrounded by a solidity that I can trust and depend on. A particular sized army that is petit to the ordinary yet ultimately humongous to and of its own kind.

I’ll continue to choose what is unusual and valuable. And naturally associate myself with the things that are of a high grade.

Quantity can never overshadow the magnitude of what is delivered in quality.


Someone left this stupid comment under this post saying:

The best way to get better at anything and to be successful is to face
the weaknesses we all possess. Everyone has weaknesses and in order
to be better, think clear, act appropriately, and succeed, you have to
identify the areas you need to improve on and then take action to turn
your weaknesses into strengths.

I, miss latoya did not approve this comment because it is absolute nonsense and it is not relevant to anything that I have talked about on my blog.

I do not have any weaknesses. I never did. I am full of strengths and have always been successful. And no one can ever break me. I am and have always been exceptional and I don’t give a fuck who doesn’t like it.

Everyone is an individual and there are too many people in the world to generalize. What the problem is with you is that you cannot deal with the fact of a very strong, highly intelligent, sufficient woman who’s weakness is not and has never been a man.

You need to wake up and get a reality check, if you are weak in certain areas that is your problem. Do not place your insecurities on others.

I am a real woman who does not need to improve on anything. And I will not change for anyone or anything. Your opinion is bullshit and is definitely of no value to me.

There are just certain people in life who are not worth anything and should not exist. The world would be a better place. There are people who are better than other people and genuine people of quality such as myself have great purpose and no one can lessen that.

Everyone is not on the level mentally. Fortunately I am an individual who is on a high level and am able to identify things with clarity. You do not know what you are talking about.

I do not belong in the average category and no one can manipulate or brainwash my strong and extremely capable mind.

I know how to read between the lines. What your off the wall comment was really about is trying to persuade me to be weak and passive and yield to the control of ignorance in order to succeed in the things that are beneath me and in accordance with this sick narrow-minded society.

Sorry mother fucker, I will continue to be successful in my own correct ways-by truly being myself, nobody’s robot. I do not need or want the acceptance of quantity (low minded and insufficient folk who think they are what is happening when indeed they are not). They only wish they had the blessings of all of my winning qualities!

Your jealousy and disappointment is very flattering. It shows just how inferior your kind really is.

I’ll never give in to what you want me to be (a female who has to go along with the program in order to get what I am suppose to have and get where I am suppose to be in life-bullshit! I am already there and will get further the same way that I’ve been doing).

Just because you cannot come up to my level does not mean that I will go down to yours.

You keep your bitches weak and submissive do not try to tamper with me! The voodoo to “alter my naturally strong and wise personality” does not, never has, and never will work on me! And this message goes out to all who it applies to-you assholes know who you are. Go and fuck yourselves!

-sincerely miss latoya