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Negativity/Negative Energy

The day before yesterday I could feel the anger that was coming from two enemies of mine. One was a male and the other was a female. Shortly after, I felt the jealousy that they still entertained for me.

The female especially, exuded the most jealousy, resentful toward me for the positive ways in which I have conducted my life and in the things that I have accomplished. She lived a “very nasty” past and was not capable of being anything other than somebody’s flunky.

There are some individuals who in life are dealt a bad or unfortunate hand do to certain circumstances yet they endeavor to overcome and work their way out of it through determination and strength.

There was no excuse for this female’s wrong or deliberate turns.

She grew up on the spoiled side, no harsh realities to deal with, no grave experiences to gain any depth or insight from.

She made her own bed to lie in so why get mad at me for innately choosing the most suitable path that complimented my life? She was born to be who she was-and accepted that route without question and resistance!

The male was more so resentful toward me for the strength of my character and mind. You see, I rejected and humiliated him years ago and he has not gotten over it. He cannot live it down.

I was not the type of female that he was use to-or even deserved for that matter!

He had dealt with low scale women all of his life, skanks who did not compare to me. I did not want him or a relationship with him as I am and have always been asexual. And if I were ever going to have a relationship with any male he definitely would not have stood a chance.

I have high standards. A person has to stimulate my mind in any respect. I believe in growth, development and achievement to the better quality of one’s life, the fulfillment of love, peace and true happiness within oneself and their surroundings.

This particular male had set out to fabricate stories about me and did not succeed because I never catered to idle bullshit with no merit. I do not feed into traps of deception that are created purely to cause entanglement.

I am a free bird flying above the highest ground never to be bound by the lowest of dirt.

Yesterday morning, when I awoke from my sleep most of the negativity that I had felt from these two pathetic individuals was gone. My empathic abilities had done its job and my positive energies were in affect dispelling all evil vibrations.

The lingering negative energy was a reminder of what was intended for me, their vain attempts to block me from succeeding in all aspects of my life-which is nothing new.

As a spiritual person, I will always come under attack yet I will never succumb to it.

Aside from having my own unique special spiritual ability (strong energies/power) within which allows me to strike back, I have faith.

I believe in the things that I know are yet to come. I believe in what is. And I know that in which I am surrounded by has the faith in me to see things through.

I anticipate with confidence. Not bound by the ropes of any worry or fear. I look forward to what I expect.

For what is to be-already went to proceed.

Real faith is a very powerful tool. One should not underestimate the tenacity of the mind and spirit.

When something is consistent in nature it builds trust, loyalty, and/or presume.

However, to abruptly take things for granted can lead to one’s chilling disappointment.

In dealing with what is reliable we learn to depend.

And we should always appreciate what we can depend on with honor and grace so that we may continue to receive the most ultimate things that the universe has to offer.

When someone tells me that I cannot, faith tells me that I can. And I do, because I really knew that I could!

When someone says that it is not possible, faith tells me that it is. And I see, because I really knew that I would!

When someone wants me to not believe in what I know, faith tells me not to listen. And I hear, because I really knew that I should!

Faith knocks down the doors that are closed. Faith opens up the windows that are shut. And faith will fly us directly into the sky that is limited.

Without faith there is nothing. And for those who do not believe will receive nothing.

So I don’t believe that I have faith. I have faith in what I believe and what I believe-gives me the faith to continue to achieve.