Dirty, Rotten And Pitiful

There are these two guys who are severely disturbed. They are very sick in the mind.

One of them are light complexioned with hazel/green eyes. He is of Haitian descent and very undesirable.

He may think that because of his fair skin and colored eyes that he is a very good catch but indeed he is not. In my opinion he is very unattractive and unattractive in more ways than one.

He stinks with body odor, very bad hygiene. He’s had the crabs and a few other nasty sexually transmitted diseases.

The women that he messes with are just as low scale as he is and obviously hard-up. They got him really thinking that he is some type of hot shit when he isn’t anything at all. A particular woman of his crotch is just as funky as his.

The other one has brown skin with dark eyes. He is also a person of a Caribbean descent. And he also has his share of disease. He is ugly in appearance and he knows it. He is very self conscious about the way that he looks.

He is on drugs. And wishes that he wasn’t in the predicament that he is in when it concerns having to deal with certain women who are just as tore down as he is. He gets embarrassed by them.

With the issues that these two degenerates struggle at they still find the time to worry about me and my life.

They have been trying to invade my world for a good six and seven years now they definitely do not have a life, obviously unhappy, miserable.

They both got knocked down in their efforts yet fail to give up on the possible hope of seeing me fall in some way or another.

I do not know them personally. They both approached me in the past, both stupid in their actions. I ignored one at the time, and patronized the other while reading their motives and picking up on some of their character and situation.

They have another pathetic partner in crime by the name of mike hayward who is just as equally funky and undesirable with no smarts and no life.

They are all in cahoots together, the three of them embarking in vain and with certain others to bring me down. These degenerates were attracted to me but could not at all make me become attracted to them in an attempt to lure and deceive me through spells using negative energy.

Silly mind games that do not register with me, I guess those tactics work on the type of women that they are use to so they use extra effort with witchcraft for me. Oh what fools! They fear what they cannot trap and destroy.

Last night they tried to put thoughts in my head about them not really wanting to be with me to retaliate for my not budging in my interests of any kind and for the ways that I have put them down. Now what in the hell would I care in one way or another about how they regard or feel about me?

They are angry because I was not foolish to fall prey to their whims and not weak to be broken by evil.

Those degenerates are repugnant and worthless. I don’t have any time for imbecile nonsense that does not pertain to my productive world.

They are very low on their luck. All one has to do is pay them to do dirty work, especially if they are hungry or in need of that junkie fix.

I wrote about these same two main demonic souls that are after my spirit/energy on september 13, 2012 in this post titled “there is way much more to me than what is in a dream”

I believe that ignorance is and becomes a sickness when those in particular refuse to rise above their lack of knowledge or understanding regarding any specific subject matter that may be at hand-by not endeavoring to learn and explore more thoroughly.

When one acts out on something continuously and without purely thinking it all through, and weighing out all of the factors, they are headed for perpetual downfalls and disasters.

And while I do understand that some are not equip enough in the mind to always efficiently establish a keen comprehension of things, these types often tend to ignite much trouble.

As where some have the desire and aim to grow and move forward by further educating themselves through communication and experience, there will be those who will remain incessant, constantly relishing in their stagnancy.

When some do not recognize a particular logicality they can become highly irrational during certain situations.

And what can we do about individuals who have and exhibit this kind of personality and behavior? Sometimes absolutely nothing we just have to let their narrow mindedness run its course. Some people will never change. And the ignorance totally reflects upon them.

Jealousy and envy can and will spark up denial and make one not accept or believe what they do not want to acknowledge or hear as truth.

We all go through things in life. I have never had any real major problems or issues with individuals who were of substance. It has only been the ones of a lower class, lesser value, who make attempts to cause me turmoil.

It is sad but some people set out to harm other people like me because of what we know and what we possess.

Yes, I have always dreamed things that have inevitably come true for all of my life. It is an irreversible part of my nature, and one that is trying to constantly be tampered with by perpetrators.

There are these two guys in particular who continuously use witchcraft as a tool to scramble my brain and dreams (oh when will they learn that they can’t?).

These two guys who do not even know me personally but know of me and have approached me in the past are scared of the things that I know, dread the good things that are to come to me, and desire to drain me of all the natural good luck and positive “energies” that I encompass by destroying me.

I am very experienced in my paranormal abilities and many steps ahead of them, in fact. They think by interfering in my dreams by causing confusion through skewed foreshadows that I would not be able to figure out what is going on around me. It is not at all hard to figure out that they consider a person in their sleep to be a vulnerable target which is quite the contrary in my case.

While using oblique techniques to distract my dreams from the realities that they usually confer, these two guys manipulate the dream state, sometimes even making scenes of their own personal appearances themselves.

When the mirages in which they create prove to be non affective they then attempt to block out my dreams completely, thinking that I will not know anything at all.

The both of them are drug addicted (currently indulging in the usage and abuse of dope and cocaine and some other street drugs of choice or dependency) which explains why their brains are not functioning correctly aside from sheer stupidity.

Nevertheless, there is way more to psychic/clairvoyant/medium ability than what is in a dream and in me.

Everyone is their own individual, capable of whatever they were born with and also whatever else that may come to them later on in life and with age.

Certain people are not limited in what they are able to do and accomplish.

Empathy “to feel”, clairvoyance “to see and know”, clairaudience “to hear”, and telepathy “to communicate back an forth through the mind”, are just a few of my very strongest points of awareness and they are to not be underestimated as those in particular often interpret more than others would ever really imagine that they could.

My dreams are mine and for me alone. And absolutely no one can significantly alter them or take them away from me. When one is grounded and has developed a higher sense of self and a foundation around them which serves as a guidance and a protection-there is no room for interference.

The distractions merely become and serve as acknowledgements of warnings, lessons to evaluate and to use for one’s own advantage at the perpetrator’s expense.

When one is in tune and in balance, and aligned with their nature, the great universe will continually work on your behalf automatically placing shields and positivity and removing blockages and negativity.

I feel nothing but goodness, luck and happiness around me. And it feels beautiful and endearing.

I have no pity for those two guys (my perpetrators).

They are like leeches. They won’t back off of me because I am a female which is so ridiculous. In their evil, they seek to prove to themselves as males that they are more powerful than a “woman” (these two are also guys who beat up on their girlfriends to prove their manhood).

Between them and I there really is no comparison.

In reality they are fighting on their own, against themselves. My gender is irrelevant when it comes to spirit. I have a very strong spirit.

And authenticity is what makes one ultimately powerful. Vile strength comes from love. And I have nothing but pure love that lingers all around my spirit. Genuine hatred can also serve as a strength. I know how to level/balance both love and hate together as a whole.

Yet I still have love. And I am greatly loved.

So what it all balls down to for me is not a battle against those males and (myself) a female-even though I know that they do not look at it that way- but against good and the bad. And that type of evil definitely has no chance against someone like me.

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