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Respect/Real Respect

Real respect is to hold esteem or high regard for someone or something. I find it interesting how individuals place value on what they define as modes of respect and disrespect.

When certain people speak to me and I ignore them they will sometimes interpret that as a sign of disrespect, especially if it was a greeting such as “hello”.

And I do admit that I do not have any regard for a lot of the people that I do not speak to or ignore. However, I will not go as far as to say that it should always have to do with it being a show of disrespect.

I have talked nicely to many people that I have absolutely no respect for. Just because someone is nice to you towards your face does not mean that they like or respect you.

And it was not a matter of me being a phony. It was about being courteous and polite.

After all, we do share a society together whether we all like it or not and we all can’t just go around behaving abruptly just for the hell of it.

There are times to be nasty and times not to be.

And most of the time I do not even care one way or the other. I don’t need the people that I dislike, loathe, and have no regard for. They have no great impact on my life. All of us cannot and will not get along and will never always come into agreement with one another.

Some one told me a long time ago “you talk to people who downgrade you”.

Was I supposed to feel bad about that? This particular person did not know me very well! He was no good, not too bright in the mind, and thought that he could make me feel stupid.

A lot or some of the people who don’t know me personally, automatically assume that if I walk around so carefree and confident as I normally do and/or communicate with other individuals in an environment where I may not be well liked by those who speak negatively about me-that I am unaware of it or that I am just foolish.

It is nothing more than a generalization because many would perceive things that way if they were in that same predicament. They probably would have felt uncomfortable or even bad about themselves.

I am well aware of all my surroundings. I did not socialize with these people and they were not around me in my personal/private life. These were certain individuals who I worked with or who I happened to live in the same neighborhood with at the time.

Everyone just isn’t as strong as I am when it comes to not worrying about what others say and think about them.

What anybody says or thinks has absolutely nothing to do with me. It is all about how I think and honestly feel about myself and the way that I respect myself.

I have a self esteem and strength of mind that supercedes any type of bullshit. It may even be a bit of conceit. Whatever it is it works very well for me!

There are people who have a lot of respect for me and there are people who do not-and either way it does not faze me at all. And I do not mean that in a negative light.

People respect people for many different reasons. I respect people by their character. Not for the type of occupation that they have because a job does not make a person. And not for the things that they do because everybody has their own motives. I am more concerned about where a person’s head is at.

Whether an individual has respect for me or not does not at all reflect my true value or worth.

Very few people in this world know me well enough-and the majority does not know me at all for that matter-to truly understand and respect me for who I really am anyway.

Everyone at least deserves to be treated with common courtesy and a respect for humanity.

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