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The Truth Always Comes Out/Shannon Lee Wolf Has Finally Been Found Out!

People are coming to realize just how much of a liar and con artist Shannon lee wolf really is (she is nothing but a fake and a phony). And it is about time! Everything that she is being accused of by those in particular is absolutely true.

She is a liar, a manipulator, an evil witchcraft worker and much more. I knew that she was taking people for their money and using them for their information to try to make them vulnerable (when she first came onto the scene she’d ask people for donations. Then she came up with this silly “Vermont peace barbecue sauce” that she wanted to sell-I wouldn’t eat that shit!). She uses people because she has no real true gifts of her own. She is just a pitiful piece of trash.

And she does indeed steal other people’s stories and writings only to try to make them her very own-she’s been stealing from me (my own personal knowledgeable writings and experiences) and my blog for the past two years and I’ve never belonged to any of her groups.

She just came out of the blue and attacked me unjustly a few years ago for being real-a genuine person born with the caul/veil who would not fall for her bullshit. And she did not even know me. I read what she was all about from the get go! You have to watch people like that.

In due time, and no matter how quick or long that it may take-the no good people do eventually “get theirs”. They will get every bit of what is ultimately coming to them!

Shannon lee wolf makes me so sick with her lies and how she always tries to play the victim. And she kills me with how she blames “fear” as the motivator when people “challenge” her authenticity.

Oh please, nobody is scared of that stupid bitch. She needs to stop being “afraid” and just face up to the truth about herself and who she really is!

Hear from Shannon Lee Wolf’s own words from which I copied from her facebook page:

  • The Curious Caul Smitty, you are right again! We can’t allow ourselves to get stuck in anger — it merely saps us of vital energy and keeps us from peace. When a stranger rises up against me, it stings, because I am so very sensitive to energies, but I get over it. Everything I feel is amplified, and when I am getting pummeled from multiple directions (which is often typical) and being ill and not feeling well, it gets to be too much for me. I often get to be the target of people’s worst fears and become a scapegoat for them. I’m accused of doing awful things that I would never do, and feel their personal terrors being forced on me. This time, it was a member of one of my groups. She accused me of using caul bearers as “lab rats”, “subjects” – experiments for clandestine projects I’m supposedly working on with Jade, on the sly. She said that she and other caul bearers deserve to know the truth, and that we have essentially been lying about what we do when we are not present in our groups, and she felt the need to “protect” caul bearers from being exploited by us as money making objects. That I take their stories and steal them to write about. It struck me deeply — I have devoted thousands of hours to the cause of caul bearers. To give them a safe, private, and supportive place to share stories and feelings that have been bottled up for lifetimes. No matter how crappy I feel, I give to them freely and have asked for nothing in return — not a single penny. I’ve given freely to educate the public about real caul bearers — that we are not fables from the past. We aren’t vampires and werewolves. We are real people with real gifts and real feelings. The last thing I would ever do is use and abuse the very people I am here to protect and nurture. If anyone chooses to point their fears in my direction, they belong elsewhere — I will not stand to be accused of abhorrent deeds, when I am the complete opposite of such people’s fears. Just because I’m a writer doesn’t make me a twisted abuser of trust, and it’s the worst thing I could ever be accused of — and she insisted that she was just asking a question and had no idea I would take it so hard. Wha? If I accused her of putting poison in her children’s food as an experiment — that I and other caul bearers deserved to know the truth, then others stepped in with their doubts about her, would she not feel offended, hurt, betrayed? Cornered by her comrades? People need to face their fears — own them, heal them. I’ve had enough of them being persistently put on me for the last 50 years, and I’ll take no more of it. Just Sayin’.

4 thoughts on “The Truth Always Comes Out/Shannon Lee Wolf Has Finally Been Found Out!

  1. I am the one who told off sharon and said the lab rat thing- she blocked me from her profile after i withdrew from all their sites-she asked me where did i get this idea and I replied i am a caulbearer She then personally messaged me for days and made a comment about how she knew i was a spoiled brat from the first time i posted on the site and money ruled me.I had to laugh because a caulbearer she is not! I was a poor child from a big poor family and had to work for everything I have and she then posted all kinds of crazy stuff about me and apparantly still what a messed up pathetic woman she is. She asked me how I knew things the whole time I was on her page and even took some of my postings and reposted them on her site claiming they were hers. I hadnt seen that posting off of her site before and had to laugh and tell you thanks for your blog because its been months since I left and shes still panicking and trying to prove shes not what I said and still writing about me and I wouldnt have seen it otherwise.I was right on the money and am glad I said what I said.I would rather gouge my eyes out than eat that ridiculous barbecue sauce. The gimmicks people come up with when they are desperate and want nothing more than to make money when all their other hustles are failing really make me ill. thanks for your time i just had to comment .:)

    1. I Am Really So Very Proud Of You For Standing Up For Yourself And Fighting Back. We Can And Should Never Let The Wrongdoers Take From Us And Destroy What Belongs To Us And What We Are About. We Are Here For A Reason, A Great Purpose. To Make A Very Positive Change And Good Life For Ourselves. Our Gifts Are For Ourselves. We Are Special And Deserve To Be Happy Without The Interference Of “Perpetrators And Wannabees” It Is Our Birthright.

      We Have The Knowledge, Experience, And Power To Make Things Right. And If You Pay Close Attention It Is Happening Around Us Right Now (The Universe Is Cleaning Up). Of Course There Will Always Be Negativity And Negative People In This Life And Around Us But We Can Control It To A Great Extent By Using Our Powers In The Ways That We Are Able And Meant To.

      Yes, Shannon Lee Wolf Is Quite A Character. And You Do Have To Laugh At People Like Her. She Is So Hilarious That It Is Sad. She Is So Transparent. She Is Going Down Like Quicksand! Thank Goodness. And I Am Enjoying It. I Just Love It When The Good Prevail. I Am Tired Of People Like Her, They Will Never Have What It Takes To Stand Up Against People Like Us.

      I Really Appreciated Your Comment. You Are The True Winner. Shannon Lee Wolf Will Never Have Any Luck.

    2. I just wanted to leave an update-Shannon Lee Wolf is Sharon Lasitter. Funny fact: she filed a social security claim which she fought in court and lost.In it she claimed she suffers from confusion and is afraid to go outside without another person.I wonder who writes her books? Maybe its the confusion acting up when she claims other peoples stuff is her own-all info is public record and available on a google search-Yes she sure seems qualified to run sites for other caulbearers and give them advice especially because she is a caulbearer whose caul fell off in the birth canal or was it the womb? lol Maybe it was the confusion talking again-I guess we really cant hold her to anything.How she really cant be taken seriously either or go to the store by herself-How sad.

    3. Thank you so much for the update. You have some great information. Good going! It is even more obvious the depth of how deeply disturbed this Sharon is. She is finished.

      That is the plan with people like her. They are sick and they set out to devour people like us with their lies and schemes. And in the process they steal from us. They try to take away all of our innate positive luck, energies, talents and mental capacity.

      They are jealous and envious of our kind. Many people fall for their schemes when we from the beginning knew what they were about. Sometimes the ignorant people listen to them then turn against us and that is how they get over. You know that it is sad but lies tend to spread faster than the truth and when the truth does eventually come out it is already sometimes too late because the damage has already been done.

      I have went through this all of my life. However, I learned that it was for a grave reason. I’ve known people like Sharon for years, I’ve had people like her within my family.They are everywhere, so I know.

      I’ve been blessed and watched out for due to my spiritual aspects and prevailed over them. I am ahead of them because I have the gift of second-sight. I was given a message a while back to stop people like them. To get rid of them. And there is no one better for the job than I because I actually hate them and their kind with a great genuine passion.We can kill them by truth-which is something foreign to them-and by our own natural spiritual power (voodoo magic if we choose to/we can do both).

      I have these enemies still now trying to retaliate because spirit has me writing natural messages and insights of truth and it is bringing them all down. I am sure as a spiritual person you understand what I mean and where I am coming from. Things and the universe work out then proceed in a way that average people do not understand. People like us are here to make a change because we see, know, and understand what the rest of the world cannot.

      The garbage type of people cannot destroy us unless we allow them to. We are much wiser and stronger than they are. You just have to believe in yourself and within whatever may be around you (whatever faith or spirituality that you go with if any because I would never try to influence you about anything). We are here to destroy them and take back our world and what belongs to us.

      Have Peace And Continue To Be Happy. I Have More Writing At Has Me Working Overtime! But I Enjoy It. Keep In Touch. I Love You My Fellow Caulbearer.

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