The Real Story/The Real Deal

I like many others in the world have been the object of extreme and malicious jealousy. A lot of people get over by telling lies. Whether they tell lies on other people or just lie in an attempt to advance themselves by whatever means.

I remember a few years ago a particular incident at work (sears). I had just arrived at my job, and as I entered into the employee entrance the assistant store manager was in the process of insulting one of the team leaders who was later demoted from his position. They both turned to glance at me while I went to hang up my jacket upon entering, and then turned back to one another.

“You ain’t shit”, our assistant store manager told the short and ugly guy who’s name was Jeremy, and who was of a Caribbean descent. “Do you know what people around here are saying about you?”

“I don’t care what people say”, Jeremy said in return.

“You’re not strong”, the manager said. “You’re a faggot”. “I’m going to tell you what they are saying”.

At that last comment I was making my way on through the hall just around the corner to begin my scheduled tasks. I didn’t get to hear the rest. And I didn’t really care to.

Later sometime during that same day, I had gone to put some flattened boxes inside the store baler. Jeremy had the nerve to tell me that he “cannot place and crush the boxes for me. That I have to pick up behind myself by not leaving anything around for him or someone else to do”.

Now come again, what shit was he smoking?! I had been working there at sears way before he came along and was one of the most top and valued workers there and how ironic since the talk going on around the store was that he wasn’t a good employee. “I wish I could get paid for doing nothing like Jeremy”, I personally overheard a co-worker say in reference to his performance on the job.

Jeremy didn’t get too much respect around the workplace.

I definitely knew that something was up with the ridiculous remark that he made and he was with another fellow employee when he conveyed the nonsense to me.

“I’ve been working here long before you”, I told Jeremy then walked away.

Soon after the confrontation my own team leader came to me regarding not properly handling one of the responsibilities that concerned my operation between the boxes and the baler. Jeremy had intentionally approached my manager with the lie that he himself had approached me with-but in more negatively deceptive terms.

It even seemed as if my manager was going to take Jeremy’s word for it until an employee who worked on my team stood up for me. “She crushes her boxes”, my fellow co-worker assured.

“So just forget about it”, our manager had told us.

Jeremy’s motives were clearly obvious to me. He was embarrassed and humiliated by what I had walked in on earlier in the day between him and the assistant store manager. He took it all out on me. I was the scapegoat because I had witnessed him getting verbally beat down and disrespected.

And the sad thing was that I didn’t even care about what had gone on. I did not go around and spread what I saw and heard to anyone. That told me a lot regarding Jeremy’s character, a person who takes their insecurities out on someone else because they are more sufficient.

Jealous people and liars are well-known for the “big trouble” that they tend to generate and stir up.

The old saying: “there are three sides to a story-your side, my side, and the truth”.

To the jealous liar the lie is the truth, the only way for them to get by. They become so accustomed to deception that they become master manipulators. Many gain an evil satisfaction from their deliberate actions, especially if they continuously get away with what they do.

I have for the majority of the time been a human lie detector, fiercely spotting the connivers and the spiteful which often inspires further resentment and retaliation on their parts.

(I once went for a job interview at tiffany’s jewelry store in Manhattan in the year of 2007. I had already had a part time job but wanted to make some extra money. I was interviewed by a manager by the name of Daniel. He was of West Indian descent. He explained to me that the position that I had applied for was not difficult at all-and such and such-and I’m like saying to myself well alright then give me the darn job already and stop bullshitting around.

I could tell that he was not on the up and up. So after wasting my time he told me to go wait in the lobby for a second interview with a lady by the name of Joanna. I waited for I don’t know how long-an obvious set up in the making. When I finally got face to face with Joanna we sat across from one another for my interview and she was very nervous. So I just went along with her questions, knowing I was not going to get the job. There was something else that I was supposed to get.

When the phony interview ended Joanna walked me over to the elevator and advised me to take it down to the basement. “I know how to get out of here”, I told her.

“No. You came in here off the street but you have to go down to the basement then walk all the way around to make it out of the building”, Joanna informed to me as she was extremely nervous. She was even much more nervous than before.

She bullshitted around looking at the decoration of flowers that were by the elevator doors asking me if I thought they looked like geraniums. Oh what a very stupid, dumb bitch, I had thought to myself. This woman must have had a lot of dirt on her to go along with trying to lure me to my death. I played along with her. So I got on the elevator and got off on the first floor right where I first came in at.

The next morning when I got on a bus to go to my regular job, there was some talk. “She was told to go to the basement and gets off at the first floor”, a young male voice said. Then he went on to say something about a gift and being a target)

When one is sharply on cue and fearless, and know too much about what goes on, some will try to make that person lose their mind so that it can be said that they don’t know what they are talking about.

I notice certain people get labeled as crazy when they are able to discern and/or call out other individual’s motives and those alike-especially when it is not understood how they gathered up all of their uncanny information. “Perception” is a gift indeed. Liars and deceivers are intimidated by those who challenge them, and then proceed to take them down.

A lot of people’s lives have been altered or destroyed due to petty and malicious lies that have been concocted and told by negative individuals.

I observed and learned at a very young age how degenerates operate. I have for years been attacked and continuously lied on in many instances and I never got destroyed because I am a fighter, a survivor-and I am someone who is more vicious than any of my enemies could ever imagine. And that is a good thing since I am a very positive person. Positivity is always much stronger than negativity in any circumstance.

Part of my viciousness is the flame that burns with determination, the torch that refuses to blow out. The passionate bomb that is always ready to explode and conquer without regret.

No matter what, one should never get caught up in the confusion set forth by others. A lie is just simply what it is “a lie”. A lie does not define truth no matter how many others may believe in the deception.

When you genuinely know and are strong in who and what you are-no one can ever take that away.

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