Back Stab/Back Talk/I StabThem With Their Talk When Their Talk Is Crap!

I am special and unique, gifted and strong. I do not go along with the many illusions and manipulations of the world; I am no part of it. I never was and I never will be.

There are lots of individuals who smile in other peoples faces then talk behind their backs. It is a slight, and a technique that is also used to dishearten one. When people continuously talk and/or go around speaking very negatively about someone it is “generally” suppose to cause hurt and alter the person’s reputation.

I am and have always been the type to tell people things to their face. I have never been one to indulge in idle, pathetic, worthless gossip. Now yes indeed everybody talks, but there is a difference between constructive analytical discussion, curiosity along with observation and the ignorant bias judgments, irrational accusations, and false reports.

Sure everyone has an opinion and a method of how they see or view things; nevertheless it does not mean that they will discern the situation thoroughly or correctly. And everyone is not always justified in their findings.

Socially I do not personally associate with anyone. I am a very proud loner by nature, a thinker, a creator, a doer. I have an independent mind and a low tolerance for those who are influenced by certain “mentalities”.

Of course, one’s character is actually who they genuinely are and reputation is just what others perceive or think one to be. We as humans/individuals are always going to be talked about. Somebody in some form or fashion and in one way or another will always have something to say about us.

I have often been called cold. Cold because of what is perceived as my insensitivity towards other peoples feelings and because I have never been disturbed by extremely negative words that were spoken against me from jealous enemies and/or people who just did not like me. And I do not deny this because it rings true.

I have no problem with admitting to a truth but I will not confirm to a lie that does not pertain to me and my life by those who are narrow-minded, ignorant, or spiteful. No one will ever manipulate me or any of my circumstances with my permission. I don’t go along with “trickery” (misrepresentation) out of intimidation/fear.

In the past, just as well as now in the present, negative rumors/gossip or regular talk and lies-if and when they are said-are illusions and delusions made and maintained by those who are beneath me and who are inferior.

And many of the times perpetrators deliberately know that they conspire in the falsehoods. They all just want a reaction from their target to see if they can bring them down to a level that is lower than their own, and to destroy their confidence.

I have to admit that I get empowered by the nonsense. The psychological behavior of these individuals are educational weapons to analyze, learn from, and then use against them-but of course, they do not know that. They’re too busy and stupid applying energy into remaining stagnant instead of realizing what they are actually acknowledging about themselves. The mental predicament that they are in is laughable.

I live my life for myself and not for the acceptance or approval from others.

I am not defined by what is considered normal/conventional in the eyes of individuals and through the state of the world.

My existence itself is a complete validation of exactly who and what I am.

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