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The Power Of Expression Through Writing, Literature, And Etc…

th_yourlovedI love to write. It is a natural and automatic talent that I was born to do. I will never stop enjoying this personal hobby and occupational profession.

It is very important for individuals to have a stable platform whereas they can express themselves and at the same time create.

As far as mainstream, society likes to dictate what is and what is not appropriate content and material to publish. And also what is much more appealing and popular to targeted audiences.

When I write it comes from within, a source of power. I do not concern myself with who would or would not accept or approve of my subject matter. I leave that up to choice. If no one read my work I’d still write, though I was not meant to be a writer for nothing.

A lot of people have held down certain jobs in order to pay their bills, buy their clothing and necessities, to have spending money, to occupy their time, and so on. I know because I’ve done the exact same thing. These jobs give you work experience and help to build and enhance particular skills yet the occupation may not be what one really wants to acquire in life.

Many people are filled with dreams, aspirations, and determinations to follow their natural passion. And while it is good to have something to fall back on one should never give up on what they truly desire.

I’ve been writing ever since the tender age of ten. And I had the opportunity to get my stories published by a mainstream book publisher back then. So I always knew that my talent was going to go far.

There have been quite a few who have tried to discourage me from continuing to write, even going as far as trying to work black magic as a means of bullying me in order to get me to stop from publishing my original content on the web (my blog here) this past summer.

They’d prefer me to work at some beneath me low paying job where I would never get ahead at because there would be corrupt employers there to intentionally keep me held down and held back. However, that is impossible because I am too smart for that, and I do not have to settle.

Or they’d just prefer me to be a bum out on the street.

Certain types of people don’t like to see individuals who have too much knowledge succeed and get ahead if they come across from the “right side of the tracks” and cannot be controlled and/ or maneuvered by anyone for any reason.

Regardless, of how many who tried. And regardless of how many will continue to try, it will never matter. There is nothing that any of my enemies can do about it. I have my own thing, my own actual writing career that has progressed the way that it was supposed to. And I will be carried on for the rest of my life by the fierce blessings of my destiny.

Writing and journalism is a very great accomplishment to attain, especially when the creative content is real and unique.

I can do just about anything that I want to do in life but I choose my first love and that is to write. And what better is there to get paid for something that you actually love to do. Not only do I write, I conduct other artistic and business arrangements related to my career.

I built on my own. And I will continue to succeed on my own (and on my own terms).

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