Proud To Be Asexual/The Liberating Truth About My Asexuality

1037736-200I was a very cute little girl growing up. And young males were always attracted to me. Always bothering me.

Whereas I found the behavior of the opposite sex quite annoying most females would have enjoyed the attention.

When I was coming up in the 1980’s many of the children living around me within my neighborhood were having sex at a very early age.

One of the youngest girls that I knew of at the time was about the age of eight. The boy whom she had had sexual relations with was at the age of either ten, or eleven.

They both lived on the same street that I was living on. Neither one of their parents were good examples of what a mother or father should have been.

Anything of a sexual nature was the last thing that had ever crossed into my mind. I was a very content child, enjoying my life, playing with my barbie dolls, and loving the puppy that I had.

I had a very good mother who took care of me and who had gave me her undivided love and attention. I never went out looking for love, affection, or attention. I did not have to. I was a very secure young person.

If I did lack the love and attention that every child should have, and that every child deserves from their parent. I definitely would not have searched for it by spreading my legs to any young or old man who had acquired to come along. That would have just been totally absurd in my opinion.

As I was getting older and reaching into my late teenage years I had still found the amorous behavior of the males to be annoying. All that I knew was that I was not at the least bit attracted or interested in any one of them and just wished that they would all go away and leave me alone.

I had known ever since the age of fifteen that I was asexual. And I was very proud and in no way ashamed. To me being asexual was just as normal and natural as breathing. I did not know anything else.

I did not have any desire to have intercourse with a guy. I did not even want to kiss one.


There were people around me at the time who had never heard of the term “asexual”. When I’d tell certain people that I wasn’t interested in males they’d immediately speculate or assume that something negative had to have happened within my life.

That maybe I had experienced a bad relationship. Or had seen other people experience bad romantic relationships. Neither one of the conclusions that were drawn were anywhere near the truth.

Another huge misconception that certain people had about me was thinking that they could “change” or “repair” me. Repair what? There was nothing about me that was wrong or broken. If anything, I was very well put together, and perfect.

I could not understand why people would make such a big deal when it came to their romantic encounters, the attractions that they had for other people, and the way that they were just ready to jump into relationships with people that they had crushes on.

While many around me were coupled off I always remained happily single. I use to get so sick and tired of hearing what was going on with this one and that one’s boyfriend or girlfriend. I did not want to listen to that crap. I was not involved in all of that crazy and ridiculous drama. So why should I have gotten myself into the middle of it?

I could have cared less about who was cheating on who. And what so and so went an did, and why. I mean please, these people needed to get a real life. I know that I had one. A life that was not full of a bunch of ignorant nonsense.

As an asexual person myself I do not ,however, represent the attitudes that every or all asexuals have. I would never generalize anyone because we are all very different and have our own unique personalities, preferences, and views.

Nevertheless, us asexuals all do have a common trait. We lack a sexual interest and attraction to other people, regardless of what the sex is of the other person. Asexuality is not a form of lesbianism, homosexuality or bisexuality. Asexual means “without” sexuality.

I personally never understood why a woman would want to let a man stick his genitals up inside of her. It is the most undesirable and unnatural thing for me to process.


I know that most heterosexual and sexually active people would consider my attitude and way of thinking to be strange and insane, especially since sexual intercourse was naturally designed for a man and a woman by their God.

Religion does not at all in any way play a part in my asexuality. In fact, I am into my Yoruban (African) ancestral and orisha worship-but that is another story.

My spirituality itself does innately support what and who I am though. My asexuality is one of the biggest parts of my identity. An identity that my spirituality and I embrace wholeheartedly. The foundation of my spirituality is based on truth, knowledge, love, and respect.

If one does not truly love, respect, and know them self there is no strength nor purpose deeply rooted within them.

I am liberated through my asexuality and my spirituality. The two most beautiful things about my life. I believe in self expression and honesty. In one being true, and true to one self.

Asexual people range in a wide variety because each individual has their own experience. And what some people consider and identify as being asexual also ranges widely.

Even though most asexuals do not seek out sexual relationships many of them are looking for companionship.

Intimacy is not always about intercourse. Some asexuals just want to have a close, loving, and sexless relationship that focuses on a romantic friendship. Doing everything that a girlfriend and boyfriend would do except have sex. Sharing one another’s interest. Having children together, and so on.

Some asexual people will have sexual intercourse with their/or a partner if they want to please them or if they want to have children. It all depends on the situation and circumstances.

There are some asexuals who claimed that they have had sexual interests and had been in sexual relationships at one time in their life.

Then you have the ones who are like me who have never had any sexual interest, feelings, or attraction for the opposite sex.

I did consider wanting to have a child at one time. During my teenage years I didn’t really want to have a baby in my adult years. However, I said if I did, I would go to a sperm bank if I could afford to-or I would just find a man who was interested in me and just use him for his sperm then I’d go about my business.

When I actually did become an adult I changed my mind about having children. I decided that I was ready and would attempt to conceive a child. Nevertheless, it did not work out as I had planned, and the outcome definitely turned out for the best.

I could not afford the sperm bank at that particular time in my life. And the males that were around me were not worth anything. They were not attractive mentally or physically. They were undesirable. So I definitely did not want or need a child running around here on this earth that would constantly remind me of anyone of them.

Now I am thirty seven years of age and again i’ve changed my mind. I absolutely do not want any children. I am very happy the way that I am. I did not need a child or two to make my life complete or anything that would refer to that category.


The thought of children, having my own daughters, was a natural female desire. After all, when us female babies come into the world we’re already born with the billions of eggs that are supplied to us for reproduction purpose.

And that is also why we ovulate to prepare us for a possible conception. Then we bleed (get our menstrual cycles) to dispense of an unfertilized egg so we can again be ready to prepare for another possible pregnancy.

So there is no need for me to explain any of my reasons. For a woman to want to have a child is completely natural. Far more natural than so called copulation.

If I wanted to have a baby out of wedlock and without a man in the child’s life-that would have been my prerogative. And I have no apologies.

As an asexual human being living on the planet life for me is grand. I would not have my life arranged in any other way.

The only thing truly missing right now within my life is a couple of pets. I’ve always loved and had a puppy or dog living with me at one point or another. I am working on getting three puppies to share my home with for the future. And they will all be my three babies.

The Depth Of Jealousy/Lies, Deception, Corruption, And Destruction, Through The Jealous And The Envious.



I have always been a very intelligent, talented, confident, strong, and high-spirited person. I was raised by a good mother who was smart, loving, considerate, and who did everything within her power to make sure that I had all of the things that I needed in life.

When I went to school I passed all of my tests. And when I committed to a goal I worked hard and succeeded. I was very proud of myself and of the things that I could do.

If there were others in life who had made an accomplishment and who had done very well then I was genuinely happy for them, and wished them further advancement.

As I grew older I learned that not everyone shared my sincere and inspiring attitude toward positivity.

There were many people who were bitter, discontented and resentful over the achievements of other individuals-including me. And the reason for these grudges was envy, envy that expanded to jealousy.

At first, I didn’t understand the concept of envy. For all of my life I had never been envious or jealous of anyone.

Some believe that everybody has a little bit of envy and jealousy within them but I disagree.

I have been the object of envy and jealousy for many years ever since childhood. And most of the negativity started within my family.

382992-200Jealousy and envy are two of the most ugliest things in existence. These dangerous emotions often cause people to act out in the most irrational ways.

A lot of jealous people are insecure. Some suffer from low self esteem and feelings of inadequacy.

What they consider luck or what appears to come as an advantage to certain others is a misfortune that is unfair unto them.

Therefore these individuals become hurt and distressed, taunted by their own shortcomings, then lash out at the ones who possess what they desire.

They get furious when someone else is more successful than they are, especially if it is in something that they cannot obtain.

As retaliation these people downplay and berate the individuals whom they are jealous and envious of and attempt to sabotage their lives.

Some people classify envy and jealousy to be just about the same. However, there is a difference.

Envy is more so about the hate and resentment. Bitterness due to wanting what the other person has. Hating them for their qualities and achievements-wishing that they did not have them to begin with-and wishing that they could take them away from the person.

Jealousy on the other hand is about apprehension and suspicion. Fear of not being good enough and losing out to another person, intimidated by the other person’s characteristics, success, and possessions. And intentionally not wanting to accept the abilities, accomplishments, or credibility of someone else because of what they themselves may lack or do not understand.

Most jealous and envious people are miserable. That is why they gain satisfaction in trying so desperately to tear other people down. It eats them up inside to see others happy and getting the things that they want out of life.

Once they bring a person down to their level or lower there will be nothing more for them to be jealous or envious about. And that is a good reason to not feed into their pitiful and malicious behavior. It is always best to just keep away from people like them.

What is sad about these people in particular is that instead of wasting time and putting so much energy into attempting to bring other people down they should be working hard to try to build them selves up honestly even though they seem very unable to do so.

After all, when you really analyze the details it is a compliment in one of the worst and highest forms. They only target the people who have things going on for themselves.

623693-200Things that they wish they had going on for their own selves-things that they feel they should have had. These people feel they are the ones who are entitled. And who are we to be the ones to get all of the blessings, and why?

There are so many different forms of jealousy. One that is most familiar is when people lie and spread gossip.

With me personally, in my particular case people were always jealous of my character and knowledge.

I never had any type of dirt on me. I had a great future ahead, one that would bring me great opportunities, success and fulfillment.

I was always a very attractive girl and never had a reputation for running around with men because I was asexual and extremely independent.

And I never idly hung around people who were not worth my time. So certain people thought that I felt that I was much better than they were. And in reality I was a much better quality of person than these people.

Jealous and envious people will go to the ends of the earth and spend an entire lifetime trying to destroy what they cannot measure up to. The prosperity of other people is too much of a reminder of their own failed attempts to succeed.

I had always been an unusual person. I wasn’t average. And a lot of people did not understand me. I did not do the things that everybody else did, especially for a young female. I was too good to be true the perfect child with nothing to hide, just a special gift that I needed to learn about.

My great grandmother and one of my aunts were two no good women who went to an evil witchcraft worker that was located at a Botanica store and had black magic placed upon my mother and I.

For over twenty years my relatives conspired along with others to change and ruin my life through Santeria. They did “Brujeria” (the Spanish word for black magic), a spell called the tie and bind.

Since I was born with extra sensory perception I knew about everything that was going on around me, and I was not affected the way that an ordinary person would have been by the witchcraft. I was too strong mentally for the brujeria to manipulate my mind so when my enemies tried to put negative thoughts into my head I did not fall for the illusions.

They were endeavoring to block me in all aspects of my life and to make me look bad in the public eye. So they all made up vicious lies on me, attacking my character while at the same time attacking my spirit.

I am an extremely sensitive person spiritually so the brujeria affected me on a physical level, putting heavy strain and annoyances onto my body.

Negative voodoo and black magic of any kind is very evil and dangerous and is going around more than people would think. It is a very serious problem that is affecting many people of the world.

There are many innocent people being attacked on account of envy and jealousy.

I did not care about anyone trying to ruin my reputation as they had me harassed in school, on the street, and at my workplace. They knew what they were doing. And so did I. Why should I have fed into their illusions and delusions?

622867-200I had never done anything wrong. I just happened to be born a good person of substance.

These were very sick people. And it is very sad when one has sick people like that within their family who are against them and relentless in their efforts to cause them harm.

I had the brujeria removed. And I have the strong protection of my spirituality around me at all times. Nevertheless, this does not stop the jealous and envious people from carrying on with their evil witchcraft purposes.

No matter what and regardless of how much one escapes from the clutches of brujeria, voodoo, or whatever else that is cast upon them, as long as one continues to do well and live right they will always be a target.

Like I’ve mentioned before, envy and jealousy are irrational emotions and they cannot be reasoned with. Logic has no meaning to people suffering from this affliction. It is evident in their unscrupulous behavior.

As long as one is strong in mind and spirit determined and steadfast in purpose. And in tune with self and spirit, there is nothing and no one who can bring about destruction.










Gifted And Blessed/Experiencing The Nature Of Being Special And Unique


I do not believe in fear. And being afraid to express one’s self.

I was born with a caul (veil), a thin membrane that will sometimes envelop a newborn baby’s entire face at birth.

The caul itself is a message. A sure sign that denotes psychic or clairvoyant ability.

I recognized a lot of the special abilities that I had early on in life. My clairvoyant gifts were strong, accurate, and necessary. They had brought me a very long way here in life.

I’ve always had a strong spirit. I did not care or worry about what people said or thought. Some people would rather have wanted to consider me to be crazy than to accept or acknowledge that I actually had a gift.

Ignorance is a burden that will always cause confusion. Especially when there are those around who are jealous, and limited within the things that exist and in the things that are possible.

As a child growing up in society I did not feel that I belonged here in the world. And I still do not til this day.


I think that it is deep for a person to have to live in a place where they really do not want to be. A place that they cannot relate to. A place that they do not feel connected to.

The world to me is more of a penitentiary than a suitable place to live.

A world that is governed with bias rules and regulations. A world that conforms to a particular style of life and in which shows a favoritism for certain types of people.

And, I do not at all mean regarding race.

I am speaking in general. About the way of life. How things are operated and catered toward those who share commonality.

We have psychologist who judge people by their mindset and behavior. Deciding on what is considered as acceptable and normal behavior according to research. Many people tend to estimate and form opinions based on experience and study.

As soon as something or someone appears to be what is out of the ordinary, people are ready to draw conclusions or experiment on what is not familiar to them.


There are people in the world who have a habit of not being able to mind their own business. Always worried about what someone else is, or is not doing.

I’ve had that problem quite a lot through out the years. People inquisitive as to why I was living my life the way that I did, not associating with anyone and not falling prey to the pitfalls of this society. They made speculations that were just as equivalent to their mediocre mentality.

Nobody likes to hear the truth when they are looking for something to be negative. Finding out that they could be wrong in their assumptions is humiliating to them. Then they feel silly.

Reality is sometimes too painful for some to deal with. So they look for an escape.

Some people escape through drugs and alcohol. And some escape through illusions and delusions that are associated with mental illness by lying to themselves and about their circumstances. These people are habitual, compulsive, and pathological liars.

I’ve come into contact with many personality types within my young lifetime.

I have a very perceptive nature. And always knew that there had to be way much more to life than what was on this material side. Something much more meaningful and fulfilling. Missing pieces to the puzzle that I needed to put together within my life.

Here and there. And little by little things would start to unveil. Then after a certain point in time bigger things began to unravel. Bringing further insight and clarity that later brought to me true freedom.

The freedom to know who I really was. The freedom to completely be myself. The freedom to genuinely live my life the way that I was supposed to.

I truly know the meaning of existing in the world yet not being anything of it. I love not having to live under any biblical law or influence that does not pertain to my lifestyle. Just living In what comes natural to me under the correct guidance.


Spirituality is my foundation. It is what sustains me. I love the peace and quietness of meditation. The serenity and solitude of being alone.

I love living in a sphere that is full of truth, knowledge, and consistency. An extension of my true habitat and a peek into my eternal destiny.

People who are born with certain spiritual gifts often experience the extraordinary. Their minds think ahead. Their eyes see beyond. And their mouths speak of things that are to come.

Strong and positive energies surround me through out my day to day life. They contribute to my survival here on this earth.

By nature I am influenced by spirit. Vehemently inspired to use my gifts and to fulfill out my purpose.

My actions are automatic. As in the way that I write. I do not plan ahead. The plan leads me.

Through experience I have learned to trust in the things that I cannot explain. I am only challenged so that spirit can reveal to me the further things that I am able to accomplish.

And as I continue to trust in the things that I cannot explain, I still know and understand everything that is around me, and why.

My energy is who I am.

A fiery light that burns. Radiating with the natural powers of the occult. And shining brightly amongst the powers that be and that protect me.


Second Sight/Living With Real Paranormal Abilities



file0002042584422Some people will not believe or believe in certain things until or unless they experience it for themselves.

And when some people experience the certain things that they have heard of, the encounter does not always happen in the manner in which they had imagined.

Film and cinema often give people a false or exaggerated sense of what “special powers” or “special abilities” are defined by.

The movie industry also sensationalizes how spiritual energy and occult power work to a degree that inspires delusion.

And they sometimes give a distorted view of the degrees of a supernatural occurrence.

I was born with a caul which is also referred to as a “veil”, the membrane that sometimes envelops the face of a newborn child at birth.

I inherited the gifts of clairvoyance, extra sensory perception.

These special abilities run all through out all parts of both sides of my family, but more strongly and in depth, on my mother’s side of the family.

1266549-200My father’s grandmother had ESP. It was said that no one around her could do anything without her knowing about it. And I do believe that because I am the exact same way.

I know everything that goes on around me and way much more.

My father-a mistake that should have never happened-was nothing more than an undesirable piece of trash just like the majority of his family.

However, the greatness of my mother’s mother’s side of the family more than makes up for the unfortunate circumstance and the insult that was bestowed upon me.

I thank my lucky stars that I did not take after my father or any one of his worthless relatives. I did not inherit any of their garbage ways and degenerate traits.

Through my own personal experiences I do know what is supernaturally possible. And I know as to what extent.

The ranges and intensity of paranormal happenings are mind blowing to the unexpected.

635112-200Many people are skeptical when it comes to the subject of psychic or occult phenomena. There are people who are even sarcastic in their way of thought.

Wondering why, if certain people are so much psychic and clairvoyant then why did they not know this or that?

How come they did not see that coming?

If they were able to foretell the future they should predict the lottery.

What a lot of people in doubt do not understand and recognize is that psychic or clairvoyant ability does not always work in that fashion, in fact, most of the time it does not.

If so, all of us with second sight would be extremely rich billionaires just at the bow of our heads, and at the wink or blink of an eye.

Life does not permit those with the gifts of sight to call out anything by their own will for them to automatically obtain or gain.

Messages and visions and the like happen spontaneously as well as deliberately for some.

597793-200One of my gifts includes automatic writing in more than one form. I do not have to think about what I want to write beforehand, the information just comes out to me by any means at any time.

When I communicate with spirits it is constant and continuously. The interaction is not planned. I do not shut it off an on.

It is just the same as when I receive and feel information about others and things. It is continuously and constant.

The energy remains with and around me at all times yet it chooses when and what to reveal at a given time.

Then there are the revelations that do not always pop up within an instant because there may be other significant factors that lie beneath the surface of interpretation.

Even when I speak to the spirits or energies I may not always get an answer right away. Or the answer may not reveal itself by obvious means. Certain things are complex.

People have their own different powers and at their own different levels. And every psychic and clairvoyant does not use their powers in the same exact way.

I have unique gifts that are rare and a spirituality that I was born into due to my natural abilities of the occult.

618207-200The things that I know and do, I did not learn from anyone. And not too many-if any-are really aware of what I innately possess or the depth of it.

I do know, however. And I live, learn, grow, and make use of my abilities every day of my life. I hear things. I smell things. I taste things, I see things. I feel things. I am telepathic and empathic.

And I communicate with the dead.

I burn candles and I do other things that are associated with my spiritual work and worship/veneration to my beloved ancestors and orishas.

To some people having the gifts and powers of second sight and the occult is a burden. To me it is a blessing, an anointment to be cherished.

Having the ability to “know things” can save one’s life. And it is not all about what we know-but in the way of how to discern.


A True Story Of One Born With The Caul/Living “The Life” Of My Spirituality As A Child Of The Caul

At a very young age my mother always told me that I was gifted and special. I was very intellectually and spiritually advanced for a child. I entered the Charles R. Drew day care center when I was just two and a half years of age. I first learned to read and write by the time I was three since my mother already had been teaching me through books and literature.

I knew and realized that I differed greatly when it came into comparison with other children. I was friendly and outgoing yet at the same time very quiet and a bit of a loner-which was sometimes mistaken as being shy.

I was always loved and praised for my brightness and personality by my mother. And praised and acknowledged for my school work by my teachers.

I grew up very secure and confident but never arrogant or big headed. Certain people who’d hung around me perceived me as more of a humble type person.

I’d see visions through my third eye, dream things that would come true, and I would know things before they’d happen. And while I was so young at the time I just thought these natural occurrences were abilities that everyone had. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized much different.

I was able to sense things about people that other people couldn’t sense. And I could accurately read people, and feel their motives and emotions. I was very wise and wise in ways that quite a few did not appreciate which caused animosity and jealousy, and resentment not just among strangers or acquaintances but also amongst certain family members.

I’ve always had this special connection with the universe, the spirit world, and particular animals (especially puppies and dogs). I had many dogs throughout my lifetime; however there was one very beloved one that remained with me for seventeen years. “Brandie” was part German Shepherd and Collie-extremely intuitive and exceptionally bright-she was rare and one of the best things to ever happen to me. There are animals that are gifted too.

There was always a lot of luck around me. I didn’t do the same things that everybody else did. I had a very strong mind and I never got into any trouble. Mostly everything that I wanted and desired would come to me and others didn’t think that that was fair.

A lot of people fear what they do not understand. And there are some in particular who envy and/or hate the certain attributes that a person may possess. This type of negativity often inspires malicious acts upon intended targets by those who endeavor to cause destruction. And no one knows this better than I do.

file000393697672At the age when I was just seven, my great grandmother (my mother’s father’s mother) took my mother and I to a Botanica store, had my mother read by a Haitian man then had us both “crossed up” through black magic/Brujeria. She wasn’t alone in her mission to try to destroy and bring my mother and me down. This old bag had a group of followers along with her, most who were in her same category-junkies (dope fiends and alcoholics). One of my aunts later joined in with the conspiracy. It was a big thing, and a very not normal situation.

I am a thirty seven year old female of African American and Native American descent with a little bit of European bloodline. I come from a family of strong gifted women (my mother’s mother’s side of the family). Extra Sensory Perception runs throughout both sides of the family, including my father’s side, which I hate to mention since his family was not anything to be proud of due to them being undesirables.

I am the only one to carry on the legacy of my anointed ancestors who reigned as powerful priestesses and who reveled in the beauty of their African Voodoo religion. They’ve protected me all throughout my life, watching over me since the day of my birth up until now, for always and forever.

Some years ago my head orisha Elegba came looking for me. I saw and felt his spirit as he was genuine and of substance. Born with a caul, which is also referred to as a “veil”, over my face I was automatically initiated into the priesthood as I naturally possessed occult powers.

I met a Yoruba priestess fourteen years ago who had informed to me that I had to get into the priesthood or that I would have setbacks in life. She could see that I was a clairvoyant medium who was born to be a messenger. Since then I had also been read by two other Yoruba priestesses, a Curandera, and a Babalawo.

I must admit that they were all legitimate and on the money when it came to what they revealed. I even worked with other psychics who helped me to remove most of the Brujeria (the tie/the bind) until I was fully prepared to do on my own. I certainly always had the abilities; I just had to break through the blocks.

Many believe that Yoruba, Santeria, and the like are evil, demonic or satanic. I can assure that it all is not. And I will attest to this. There is a negative and positive side to everything in life. People choose what roads they want to take and everyone is not being deceived.

No one ever coerced me into becoming involved with my orisha/ancestral spirituality. I was naturally drawn to it because I am of it and it is of me and I went to seek further guidance. This was part of my calling. Elegba, Ogun, Oshun, Orunmila, Ochosi and i go way back. And they have been nothing but loving, very kind and fiercely protective of me.

I’ve never been on drugs. I am asexual, I never ran around having sex, I’ve been a vegetarian for over twenty years. I do not deal with negative people. And I am not relaying this to sound judgmental; I am stating these facts as a definite example of orisha/ancestor worship as a positive thing for those who are inclined.

My ancestors and orishas are all about love and respect. If they were so satanic and demonic I’m very sure I would not be in the predicament that I am in. Satan does not care to help, encourage, or demand preservation. Evil’s main concern is to conquer, deceive and destroy.

There are many “so called” Christians whose life has never been as clean as mine. So I will not tolerate any ignorance regarding my “veneration” from anyone. Like I have mentioned before there is negativity and positivity in any walk of life.

I have been through many trials and tribulations due to the malevolent acts of others yet I wasn’t affected by it. I was just made even stronger and wiser.

I am surrounded by an undeniable freedom and peace. I am shielded through my spiritual connection to the universe. And I am blessed with the gifts bestowed down to me from the caul.

file0001152412322These were always my own original words of wisdom and discovery that came from my own true heart, mind, spirit, and soul. And this knowledge can be enlightening and beneficial to many:

As a spiritual person it is important to know where you come from, to know where you stand, and to know where you are going. Once that is carefully and accurately established then there is foundation.

With observation comes experience. With experience comes learning. With learning comes growth. And once each stage reaches development we can began to teach. Wisdom can be gained at any age depending on a persons mind and what they may have went through in life.

There are many books that one can read and there are many sources of inspiration available for our evaluation but nothing can compare to what we actually accumulate through our own personal happenings.

After we have experienced certain things for ourselves we may be able to understand some one else better or relate a different perspective. You don’t always have to go through the same thing as another to understand them or to relate. The enlightenment gained, however, gives a bigger and better picture to see and grasp at.

In dealing with truth, there is trust. In dealing with trust, there is confidence. In dealing with confidence, there is strength. And when all is met with one another then sealed together, there are limitless passageways to get through in dealing with life.


Sustained By The Universe/The Truth In Knowledge Is Power:(



Nurturing A Beloved Pet/My Puppy Loves And My Doggy Days


I fell in love with canines the very first day my grandmother brought home a pure breed German Shepherd puppy.Til this day I still remember. It was thirty years ago. And I was six or seven years old.

The first moment I laid eyes on the male pup I was excited and happy. I named the puppy Brownie because of his pretty brown colored coat. I brought him straight up to my bedroom and sat him down onto the floor. He was so cute and little and he pooped right in the middle of the bedroom floor. After that Brownie and I were inseparable.

The puppy and I instantly became attached to one another. I fed him, walked him, played with him, and I had him doing tricks.

I taught Brownie how to jump through my hula hoop and I learned just how intelligent and talented my baby shepherd was.


Weeks went by and I watched how Brownie began to constantly grow and develop. I learned a lot from observing my pet’s behavior.

My grandmother had brought the animal into our home because she had intended for it to grow up to become an attack dog. So she didn’t approve of the way that I was raising Brownie. I gave him care, love and affection. And I was teaching him how to instinctively respond to people and the things going on around him.

My grandmother wanted Brownie to stay chained up outside in our backyard all day and night without any communication from others so that he would turn out to be mean and vicious and protect the home.

In my opinion, my grandmother had a few “screws loose”. I don’t feel that one has to mistreat or neglect a dog in order for it to learn to protect you. If you give them good care they will naturally love and protect you.

I refused to give in to what I considered to be absurd. I explained to my grandmother that I felt her way was wrong. And that I would continue to train and treat the puppy in the correct manner in which I saw fit.


All of the care, attention and affection I gave to Brownie had come natural to me. I was a child. And I had much more common sense than what my grandmother did at the time.

Nevertheless, my grandmother failed to accept the logic regarding the situation and not so long after our disagreement, I returned home one evening to find out that Brownie was nowhere to be found. I searched the backyard and allover the inside of my house and discovered that my mean old grandmother had given my precious puppy away.

I ran up to my bed and cried as much as a little girl could cry for the puppy I didn’t think I’d ever see again.

Later that particular evening, it just so happened that I accompanied my mother to a store two blocks away from our home and I spotted Brownie right there outside the market tied to a rail.

The person who had my puppy was inside of the store making a purchase. And as I waited outside for my mother to return, my intuition told me that that was indeed Brownie, but I still wasn’t completely sure.


Then we made eye contact and he kept staring at me and reaching toward my direction. When my mother came out of the store I told her that I was tempted to snatch Brownie back up. But we just left and went about our way.

Two to three years later I got another pet. My mother took me to get this one. We went and adopted a six to seven week old German shepherd and Collie mixed breed from North Shore Animal League. And she was gorgeous. This time no one was ever going to take my puppy away from me.

My mother came up with a name for the new puppy. She named her Brandie. And Brandie also had a very pretty coat. She was three different colors-black mixed in with tan and white.

Brandie remained with me for seventeen years before she was put to sleep. The years that we spent together were the most beautiful years of my life. We had the most special and unique bond and love for one another.

Strangers and acquaintances alike could see the love that my dog had for me. It showed in her eyes and in her body language.

Brandie was very loyal, exceptionally intelligent, protective, obedient, playful and sensitive. And when I say sensitive I mean that in more ways than one. She was extremely intuitive, she had a sixth sense, she was gifted.


I know because I myself was born with a caul (veil) and possess the abilities of clairvoyance. There were on numerous accounts where Brandie expressed and displayed her “magic”. My dog and I were made for each other. We called Brandie a “human dog”. And she was treated just like a member of the family.

During the time I was growing up there were other puppies that were brought into the home. I had quite a lot. Most of them were given to me by neighbors. One of them I had gotten from going back to North Shore Animal league. However, none of them lingered around as long as Brandie did. I’d end up eventually giving them away to someone else.

All puppies and dogs have there own different qualities and personalities. They are all not compatible with certain people and certain other animals. Some are annoying, difficult and destructive.

With all canines it takes patience, understanding and determination. I was lucky to have found my right match. She had all of the perfect traits that I could ask for. And we complimented one another. Dogs do take after and start to favor their owners after a while of being together.

An animal knows when he or she is truly loved and cared for and they never forget how they were treated. They have feelings just as humans do and they deserve the same amount of respect. They do just as much for us as we do for them.

Puppies and dogs are very therapeutic to have around. They are exciting and fun. They cheer us up, they make us laugh, they give us comfort, they keep us company, they make us happy and they keep us healthy. They are our furry friends-true friends.

I cannot imagine my childhood growing up without a puppy or dog. Aside from other things life just would not have been the same.

I am so glad that I had Brandie in my life. And that I had the opportunity to home my other canines as well.

Puppy Passion/A Spirited Puppy Who I Was Meant To Recruit


I am extremely crazy about puppies. They are some of the most adorable creatures that exist on the planet.

I do not at all understand how and why certain people in the world go around abusing and mistreating them.

There is no logical explanation except for them being mentally ill and/or deranged. A lot of people are sick minded. Low and degenerate.

Doing the most despicable things.

For all of my life I have been an animal lover. I had a set of the most cute “teddy bear” hamsters when I was about ten years of age.

One hamster was a pretty light tan color and the other was a pretty light brown and white.

I had both a male and a female. And they would always fight one another for the possession of the wheel that was hooked onto the inside of their cage.

Eventually I had to purchase another wheel to place inside of the cage.

As I thought I had solved the problem between my two competitive pets, I was wrong.

The male hamster would get out of one of the wheels that he rode just to go and push out the female from the one that she rode in.

He would continue on back an forth doing the same routine constantly.

His name was Toby.

I named both my hamsters Tiffany and Toby.

Tiffany could never get any peace.

Toby was always bothering and fighting her when she went to eat, play on the wheel, and while she went to rest.

He’d even chase her around the cage from time to time.

Things got to be a bit more serious as I had began to see Tiffany bleed. Toby would bite her hands and feet.

I immediately separated them apart from one another.

I placed Tiffany inside of a cage by herself and from then on she was much more content and at peace.

The only reason that I could come up with at the time-for Toby’s negative behavior-and still rationalize now til this day is that Toby may have wanted and tried to mate with Tiffany but she continued to instinctively refuse his rodent advances.


I have had quite a few puppies that I shared my home and life with through out the years.

However, the most recent puppy that I had was the most unique and strangest of them all. She was mysterious in her own specific way. Yet at the same time she was very bright, funny, and affectionate.

And I did come to love her a lot within the short time that we spent together.

I adopted the two month old light tan and white mixed Labrador Retriever that had the prettiest dark brown eyes from North Shore Animal League in the month of September 2011.

When I first brought the puppy that I named Lailah home I noticed that she was already paper trained.

I was impressed.

I never had a young pup who would automatically relieve them self on newspaper without me constantly having to make an effort to train them.

Not only was I amazed by Lailah’s intelligence to have already learned where to appropriately poop-and what to properly poop upon-I was also astonished, delighted, and tickled by her gracious and prompt attitude.

When I or my mother would go to clean up behind her she would always run up to us, wagging her tail.

She’d then lick one of us and give us a little nip on the skin with her teeth-as to happily say “thank you”.

If one of us were late in picking up her dirty newspaper that was stained with feces or urine she’d summon to us by barking.

I could not believe how much sense this new puppy of mine had.

How can I say that though when I know I had a dog before who was extremely keen, and have come across other exceptionally intelligent canines who would amaze one with excitement.

It is not at all hard for me to imagine the stories and experiences that many people could tell about their most special and treasured pets.

Aside from the positive advantages that came along with adopting Lailah there was a few negative aspects as well.

Lailah appeared to have an unnatural fear.

She would not go to eat at her bowl unless no one was close by around her.

If Lailah heard someone’s footsteps she would instantly run away to her rest area then quickly make a u-turn run back towards the direction where the person left from.

Whenever I tried to walk her on a leash she’d refuse and pull back fiercely.

Lailah would not budge while she was on a leash and collar.

She also would never leave the second floor of the house. She never walked down the stairs. I had to carry her up and down the steps.

Otherwise she was a very normal puppy.


Lailah was very greedy and loved to eat just like most other canines. She loved to bark, bite, play, and chew onto things just like the rest of them do.

There was just something not right within her spirit that she needed to overcome and eventually she seemed to be making progress.

Every day when I would come home from work I could here Lailah upstairs whining in anticipation to greet me.

And when we’d meet one another inside of my bedroom she’d charge at me with expressions of love, jumps, and licks.

Lailah slept in bed with me every night even though she had her own pillow bed. I was unable to keep her off of my bed.

I had gained her trust.

Lailah had gotten use to her surroundings and to the three people living their within our home.

She surprised me one day when the doorbell rang and she barked. I was so proud of her.

Lailah had totally reacted on her own. By her own natural instincts.

I know that gradually she would have come more out of the acute negativity that was plaguing her due to the love and encouraging environment that I had provided for her well being.

However, Lailah did not get the opportunity to conquer and develop into the true canine that she had the potential to grow up to become.

Due to certain circumstances I had to relocate to a new home and neighborhood and unfortunately my lanlord did not allow pets.

I reside in a nice and comfortable apartment building right now.

One day I will move into another house or find an apartment that I can afford that will allow puppies and dogs.

I returned Lailah back to North Shore Animal League by the time she was eight months old. It was a sad departure.

I will never forget her.

The adoption shelter claimed that they were a no kill safe environment for animals and that they would not euthanize Lailah.

Nevertheless, she had to be evaluated before they were able to accept her back there at the facility. And she was not responsive to their efforts.

Lailah still would not walk on a leash. She was terribly frightened while in the shelter’s care.

Lailah had found a sense of comfort and familiarity at home with my family and I. The animal shelter-even with all of their experience could not understand what she was going through-but I did.

There was not anything that I could do about the situation. I had to sign Lailah back over to North Shore Animal League and get on with my life.

A few months after I moved into my new apartment I had a precognitive dream about the complicated puppy that I was meant to help.

I dreamed that Lailah was sharing a space within the spiritual realm where my other dog of seventeen years peacefully resides.

I know that there are many people in the world who do not believe in spiritual visions and things of this nature but for those who do the experience is real and meaningful.

I get visits from both of my pets now and again.

At least I know now that Lailah is free in any and every way possible from all of the fears that were effecting her character and growth (her sweet and innocent soul).

Lailah is definitely in a much better and safer place.