Puppy Passion/A Spirited Puppy Who I Was Meant To Recruit


I am extremely crazy about puppies. They are some of the most adorable creatures that exist on the planet.

I do not at all understand how and why certain people in the world go around abusing and mistreating them.

There is no logical explanation except for them being mentally ill and/or deranged. A lot of people are sick minded. Low and degenerate.

Doing the most despicable things.

For all of my life I have been an animal lover. I had a set of the most cute “teddy bear” hamsters when I was about ten years of age.

One hamster was a pretty light tan color and the other was a pretty light brown and white.

I had both a male and a female. And they would always fight one another for the possession of the wheel that was hooked onto the inside of their cage.

Eventually I had to purchase another wheel to place inside of the cage.

As I thought I had solved the problem between my two competitive pets, I was wrong.

The male hamster would get out of one of the wheels that he rode just to go and push out the female from the one that she rode in.

He would continue on back an forth doing the same routine constantly.

His name was Toby.

I named both my hamsters Tiffany and Toby.

Tiffany could never get any peace.

Toby was always bothering and fighting her when she went to eat, play on the wheel, and while she went to rest.

He’d even chase her around the cage from time to time.

Things got to be a bit more serious as I had began to see Tiffany bleed. Toby would bite her hands and feet.

I immediately separated them apart from one another.

I placed Tiffany inside of a cage by herself and from then on she was much more content and at peace.

The only reason that I could come up with at the time-for Toby’s negative behavior-and still rationalize now til this day is that Toby may have wanted and tried to mate with Tiffany but she continued to instinctively refuse his rodent advances.


I have had quite a few puppies that I shared my home and life with through out the years.

However, the most recent puppy that I had was the most unique and strangest of them all. She was mysterious in her own specific way. Yet at the same time she was very bright, funny, and affectionate.

And I did come to love her a lot within the short time that we spent together.

I adopted the two month old light tan and white mixed Labrador Retriever that had the prettiest dark brown eyes from North Shore Animal League in the month of September 2011.

When I first brought the puppy that I named Lailah home I noticed that she was already paper trained.

I was impressed.

I never had a young pup who would automatically relieve them self on newspaper without me constantly having to make an effort to train them.

Not only was I amazed by Lailah’s intelligence to have already learned where to appropriately poop-and what to properly poop upon-I was also astonished, delighted, and tickled by her gracious and prompt attitude.

When I or my mother would go to clean up behind her she would always run up to us, wagging her tail.

She’d then lick one of us and give us a little nip on the skin with her teeth-as to happily say “thank you”.

If one of us were late in picking up her dirty newspaper that was stained with feces or urine she’d summon to us by barking.

I could not believe how much sense this new puppy of mine had.

How can I say that though when I know I had a dog before who was extremely keen, and have come across other exceptionally intelligent canines who would amaze one with excitement.

It is not at all hard for me to imagine the stories and experiences that many people could tell about their most special and treasured pets.

Aside from the positive advantages that came along with adopting Lailah there was a few negative aspects as well.

Lailah appeared to have an unnatural fear.

She would not go to eat at her bowl unless no one was close by around her.

If Lailah heard someone’s footsteps she would instantly run away to her rest area then quickly make a u-turn run back towards the direction where the person left from.

Whenever I tried to walk her on a leash she’d refuse and pull back fiercely.

Lailah would not budge while she was on a leash and collar.

She also would never leave the second floor of the house. She never walked down the stairs. I had to carry her up and down the steps.

Otherwise she was a very normal puppy.


Lailah was very greedy and loved to eat just like most other canines. She loved to bark, bite, play, and chew onto things just like the rest of them do.

There was just something not right within her spirit that she needed to overcome and eventually she seemed to be making progress.

Every day when I would come home from work I could here Lailah upstairs whining in anticipation to greet me.

And when we’d meet one another inside of my bedroom she’d charge at me with expressions of love, jumps, and licks.

Lailah slept in bed with me every night even though she had her own pillow bed. I was unable to keep her off of my bed.

I had gained her trust.

Lailah had gotten use to her surroundings and to the three people living their within our home.

She surprised me one day when the doorbell rang and she barked. I was so proud of her.

Lailah had totally reacted on her own. By her own natural instincts.

I know that gradually she would have come more out of the acute negativity that was plaguing her due to the love and encouraging environment that I had provided for her well being.

However, Lailah did not get the opportunity to conquer and develop into the true canine that she had the potential to grow up to become.

Due to certain circumstances I had to relocate to a new home and neighborhood and unfortunately my lanlord did not allow pets.

I reside in a nice and comfortable apartment building right now.

One day I will move into another house or find an apartment that I can afford that will allow puppies and dogs.

I returned Lailah back to North Shore Animal League by the time she was eight months old. It was a sad departure.

I will never forget her.

The adoption shelter claimed that they were a no kill safe environment for animals and that they would not euthanize Lailah.

Nevertheless, she had to be evaluated before they were able to accept her back there at the facility. And she was not responsive to their efforts.

Lailah still would not walk on a leash. She was terribly frightened while in the shelter’s care.

Lailah had found a sense of comfort and familiarity at home with my family and I. The animal shelter-even with all of their experience could not understand what she was going through-but I did.

There was not anything that I could do about the situation. I had to sign Lailah back over to North Shore Animal League and get on with my life.

A few months after I moved into my new apartment I had a precognitive dream about the complicated puppy that I was meant to help.

I dreamed that Lailah was sharing a space within the spiritual realm where my other dog of seventeen years peacefully resides.

I know that there are many people in the world who do not believe in spiritual visions and things of this nature but for those who do the experience is real and meaningful.

I get visits from both of my pets now and again.

At least I know now that Lailah is free in any and every way possible from all of the fears that were effecting her character and growth (her sweet and innocent soul).

Lailah is definitely in a much better and safer place.

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