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The Depth Of Jealousy/Lies, Deception, Corruption, And Destruction, Through The Jealous And The Envious.



I have always been a very intelligent, talented, confident, strong, and high-spirited person. I was raised by a good mother who was smart, loving, considerate, and who did everything within her power to make sure that I had all of the things that I needed in life.

When I went to school I passed all of my tests. And when I committed to a goal I worked hard and succeeded. I was very proud of myself and of the things that I could do.

If there were others in life who had made an accomplishment and who had done very well then I was genuinely happy for them, and wished them further advancement.

As I grew older I learned that not everyone shared my sincere and inspiring attitude toward positivity.

There were many people who were bitter, discontented and resentful over the achievements of other individuals-including me. And the reason for these grudges was envy, envy that expanded to jealousy.

At first, I didn’t understand the concept of envy. For all of my life I had never been envious or jealous of anyone.

Some believe that everybody has a little bit of envy and jealousy within them but I disagree.

I have been the object of envy and jealousy for many years ever since childhood. And most of the negativity started within my family.

382992-200Jealousy and envy are two of the most ugliest things in existence. These dangerous emotions often cause people to act out in the most irrational ways.

A lot of jealous people are insecure. Some suffer from low self esteem and feelings of inadequacy.

What they consider luck or what appears to come as an advantage to certain others is a misfortune that is unfair unto them.

Therefore these individuals become hurt and distressed, taunted by their own shortcomings, then lash out at the ones who possess what they desire.

They get furious when someone else is more successful than they are, especially if it is in something that they cannot obtain.

As retaliation these people downplay and berate the individuals whom they are jealous and envious of and attempt to sabotage their lives.

Some people classify envy and jealousy to be just about the same. However, there is a difference.

Envy is more so about the hate and resentment. Bitterness due to wanting what the other person has. Hating them for their qualities and achievements-wishing that they did not have them to begin with-and wishing that they could take them away from the person.

Jealousy on the other hand is about apprehension and suspicion. Fear of not being good enough and losing out to another person, intimidated by the other person’s characteristics, success, and possessions. And intentionally not wanting to accept the abilities, accomplishments, or credibility of someone else because of what they themselves may lack or do not understand.

Most jealous and envious people are miserable. That is why they gain satisfaction in trying so desperately to tear other people down. It eats them up inside to see others happy and getting the things that they want out of life.

Once they bring a person down to their level or lower there will be nothing more for them to be jealous or envious about. And that is a good reason to not feed into their pitiful and malicious behavior. It is always best to just keep away from people like them.

What is sad about these people in particular is that instead of wasting time and putting so much energy into attempting to bring other people down they should be working hard to try to build them selves up honestly even though they seem very unable to do so.

After all, when you really analyze the details it is a compliment in one of the worst and highest forms. They only target the people who have things going on for themselves.

623693-200Things that they wish they had going on for their own selves-things that they feel they should have had. These people feel they are the ones who are entitled. And who are we to be the ones to get all of the blessings, and why?

There are so many different forms of jealousy. One that is most familiar is when people lie and spread gossip.

With me personally, in my particular case people were always jealous of my character and knowledge.

I never had any type of dirt on me. I had a great future ahead, one that would bring me great opportunities, success and fulfillment.

I was always a very attractive girl and never had a reputation for running around with men because I was asexual and extremely independent.

And I never idly hung around people who were not worth my time. So certain people thought that I felt that I was much better than they were. And in reality I was a much better quality of person than these people.

Jealous and envious people will go to the ends of the earth and spend an entire lifetime trying to destroy what they cannot measure up to. The prosperity of other people is too much of a reminder of their own failed attempts to succeed.

I had always been an unusual person. I wasn’t average. And a lot of people did not understand me. I did not do the things that everybody else did, especially for a young female. I was too good to be true the perfect child with nothing to hide, just a special gift that I needed to learn about.

My great grandmother and one of my aunts were two no good women who went to an evil witchcraft worker that was located at a Botanica store and had black magic placed upon my mother and I.

For over twenty years my relatives conspired along with others to change and ruin my life through Santeria. They did “Brujeria” (the Spanish word for black magic), a spell called the tie and bind.

Since I was born with extra sensory perception I knew about everything that was going on around me, and I was not affected the way that an ordinary person would have been by the witchcraft. I was too strong mentally for the brujeria to manipulate my mind so when my enemies tried to put negative thoughts into my head I did not fall for the illusions.

They were endeavoring to block me in all aspects of my life and to make me look bad in the public eye. So they all made up vicious lies on me, attacking my character while at the same time attacking my spirit.

I am an extremely sensitive person spiritually so the brujeria affected me on a physical level, putting heavy strain and annoyances onto my body.

Negative voodoo and black magic of any kind is very evil and dangerous and is going around more than people would think. It is a very serious problem that is affecting many people of the world.

There are many innocent people being attacked on account of envy and jealousy.

I did not care about anyone trying to ruin my reputation as they had me harassed in school, on the street, and at my workplace. They knew what they were doing. And so did I. Why should I have fed into their illusions and delusions?

622867-200I had never done anything wrong. I just happened to be born a good person of substance.

These were very sick people. And it is very sad when one has sick people like that within their family who are against them and relentless in their efforts to cause them harm.

I had the brujeria removed. And I have the strong protection of my spirituality around me at all times. Nevertheless, this does not stop the jealous and envious people from carrying on with their evil witchcraft purposes.

No matter what and regardless of how much one escapes from the clutches of brujeria, voodoo, or whatever else that is cast upon them, as long as one continues to do well and live right they will always be a target.

Like I’ve mentioned before, envy and jealousy are irrational emotions and they cannot be reasoned with. Logic has no meaning to people suffering from this affliction. It is evident in their unscrupulous behavior.

As long as one is strong in mind and spirit determined and steadfast in purpose. And in tune with self and spirit, there is nothing and no one who can bring about destruction.










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