“Hustling Is Where The Heart Is”: Shannon Lee Wolf

file000276744592Due To Sharon Lassiter’s ( Shannon Lee Wolf ) Problems That All Came Out During Her Court Case She Needs To Find Continuous Ways To Hustle People:

Moreover, there is some indication in these records that Lasitter’s problems
were largely situational, caused by stress, an “unhealthy lifestyle pattern”
family and work problems, and “abusive situations”

(“[Lasitter] and boyfriend are currently out of work and are at risk of [being] evicted
from their [apartment] adding to [their] stress.”).

The record reflects that Lasitter suffered a great deal of loss in the years prior to her alleged
disability onset date: she divorced her husband and had a falling out with her mother in 2005, and her
father committed suicide in 2007.  Also, in approximately 2010, her dog died; she was having
credit problems; she lost her job; and she lost her apartment.

The Rest Of This Court Case File In Detail Can Be Found In The Prior Post Titled “Vital” Information On Shannon Lee Wolf A.K.A Sharon Lassiter

Here Is A Link To Her Site To Legally Squat Inside Of Other People’s Homes (Dated Back From 2011) Since Her Life Is In Such A Major Jeopardy


-Where the Heart Is- House/Property-Sitting Service
Meet Jade and Shannon…

We will keep your Vermont home fires burning …

You’ll never have to worry what happened when you were out… We have impeccable references.  And because we have been in the Home Share Now program, we have had  thorough background checks.

We are an educated, responsible couple in our forties who wish to lovingly care for your home and indoor/outdoor furry or feathered pets while you are away.  We are looking for homes that will be left long term — 4 months or longer.  We are excellent grounds keepers, and experienced home/pet-sitters who currently live in the Middlesex area, but are happy to relocate within forty-five minutes of Montpelier.

We are non-smokers.  Jade is a massage therapist with many other skills to offer; I am a writer and we are working on a novel together…my second, his first.  (See Dover Graye) We are both previous pet owners, and love animals!   We have experience with working a variety of wood stoves.

I am a Vermonter, having moved to the state as a young girl; I moved away for many years before returning home.  Jade is a transplant from Kansas/Missouri where he spent his youth farming and tending livestock at his uncle’s ranch.  Yes, he was a cowboy!

We are clean, quiet and respectful tenants with outstanding references.  Our health problems keep us shy of full-time work and of affording a home of our own; but not of being capable of maintaining your lovely Vermont dwelling year round.

At -Where the Heart is- We Cover:

-Pet Care (No charge for up to two pets, unless you’d feel more comfortable paying us)

-Egg Collecting

-Lawn Care


-Relaying Phone Messages or the Appearance of Unexpected Visitors

-Relaying Any Suspicious Activity Around Your Home

-Mail Collecting

-Special Requests

Home is Where the Heart Is!


We are currently looking to fill October, 2011 and beyond.

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