A True Tale Of Voodoo And Revenge

514167_candleMy jealous and miserable great grandmother (Amanda Byars) was one of the biggest liars and trouble makers that I had ever come across in my life.

She wasn’t very bright, she was very envious, and she had done a lot of dirt within her life that she could not handle.

Plagued by numerous regrets and resentments she took out her pains and frustrations on those who had not made the same disastrous mistakes and errors that she had undoubtedly made.

Although I could not believe every story or word that she would convey to me one particular tale that she had told struck my thoughts enough to have had an impact and strong ring of truth to it.

I believed the story then. And I believe the story now. It speaks true.

Years ago, long before Amanda passed away, she mentioned to me a tale that had taken place down way back in the south.

My great grandmother had originally come from North, Carolina.

Now I do not remember exactly what part of the south that this incident had actually occurred because it was so long ago when I first heard about the story.

However, the rest of the details are still fresh within my mind.

There was a young teenage girl who had gotten pregnant. She then decided to go through the procedure of having an abortion.

Just as a lot of other young people do the teenage girl trusted and confided in a friend of whom she thought that she could trust.

The friend later went around town telling everyone about the circumstances regarding the girl’s situation and the termination of her pregnancy.

Word had eventually got back to the poor teenage girl (and back to her angry mother as well who’d already had previous knowledge of her daughter’s prior condition) who was undeservedly the victim of neighborhood folks harsh judgements, rumors, and perpetual gossip.

After some time had passed. And after things had blown over a little bit the fifteen year old girl’s mother had invited her daughter’s friend over for dinner one evening.

The woman had a very special meal planned for the young lady who had spread her daughter’s personal business and secrets all over the town, causing the child much grief, heartache, and dread.

This mother loved her daughter very much.

The woman was infuriated at the ordeal and what her young baby had to go through on account of that big mouth trouble maker who could not keep her mouth shut.

The mother went and took a trip out into the woods in search for a snake to kill.

After puncturing then drawing up blood from the snake the woman prepared some ingredients for a very nasty voodoo trick (ritual).

The unsuspecting young friend of the fifteen year old girl had come over and enjoyed her venomous dinner, unaware of the dangers that cryptically lurked behind their evening engagement.

After more time passed, the friend had taken quite ill medically.

One day something had came up and got caught into the tunnel of her throat. The girl had got choked then gagged on some matter that she could not properly cough out.

The girl’s own mother had to come to her aid with strong firm pats to the back of the neck. Which did fortunately release and bring forth what had suddenly caused a blockage.

Small size oval-shape objects expelled from the young girl’s throat then right straight down out of her mouth.

The girl’s mother curiously cracked open each of the small size objects to find tiny baby snakes curled up inside and ready to slither.

These objects definitely turned out to be snake eggs.

From then on, the young girl who had ate that ominous meal cooked by the mother of the friend that she thoughtlessly or spitefully betrayed, had never been the same.

She stayed sick with constant illness until the day when she finally died.

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6 thoughts on “A True Tale Of Voodoo And Revenge

  1. Dear Miss Latoya, Iam a 46 year old mother of 2 who works very hard to support my family. I never knew much about witchcraft and voodoo until I became employed by a federal gov’t agency! When I was hired, I went to work ready to tackle anything! The problem worsened a few years later when I lacked the energy to perform duties at work. I slept all the time, couldn’t cook or clean home. Just sleep. I still experience pains, and twitching in my body parts. My eyes have been itching. My finances have taken a beating. My trees, and flowers in my yard have been dying. I’d been vomitting at one point. I’ve been losing my hair, and the coworkers have been tormenting me at my home and work for years. I come home and here their constant complaints and pain. i’ve purchased just about every curse removal spell on the web with no relief. I’ve been seeing this lady who lives locally, and she has provided some relief. She advised my to pay $4000 to free me. I then payed the amount for her to free me in March of this year. A few months later I was vomitting again and bedwetting. My finances a still in shambles, and I continue to feel the pains in my body. I visited the lady again a week ago. I took her a egg wrapped in my white cloth in a paper bag. We said a prayer and thereafter she cracked the egg in paper towels, and ther were several snakes in eggs! What did I spend $4000 on. She then told me I needed to pay her an additional $5000 to get the main snake from inside me. I feel like a prisoner in my own home or wherever I go! Please help me!

    • That egg with the rotten yolk, snakes coming out, and so on, is just a silly trick and a scam that phony psychics demonstrate falsely. I do not know why some people fall for that nonsense. It is no different than the pranks that magicians perform for entertainment.

      And no offense towards you, but it does not take anyone no $5000 to get or to have any type of voodoo removed, that is just plain ridiculous! Real healers are not purely after money that is not necessary for the job that they undertake. All that they need the money for-if they are truly legitimate-is for the items that are needed for the purchases of certain spiritual items or supplies, and for their precious time spent, just like any reasonable person who should be compensated for any occupation.

      And it is not wise to purchase spell kits off the internet. I would never believe in those things. Some are just phony scams to rip people off for money, and some are just evil and sneaky tactics to do others harm by placing negativity upon them.

      You need to be careful (to anyone in general needs to be careful) about falling prey to bullcrap. And just because people work witchcraft/black magic on you does not mean that it has to or that it is going to work! The mind and spirit for those in particular is much more stronger than anything if you are truly a good, strong, persevering person. Yet, generally, negativity can and sometimes does effect people externally as well as internal it all depends on the circumstances and the situation.

    • Ok fight back! Who do you recommend that i talk to about this issue? My enemies put this on me. Now i need help to remove. Thank you.

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