The Therapeutic Benefits Of Expression

No one has to or is required to bare their soul to anyone for any reason whatsoever if they do not want to. Some individuals are very private people. Yet it is not good to keep specific things all bottled up inside.

Everything needs a release every now and then. And afterwards, the process of discharging out a thought or an emotion is indeed quite refreshing, rejuvenating to the spirit.

Whether we speak about the things that fill up within and around us to another person, or write them down, or even sing about them. Self expression and expression of any kind is vital and can be very therapeutic to the body as well as mind and spirit.

Too many people suffer from tension and stress and find relief through physical stimulation. Physical stimulation, however, is only a temporary method. Mental stimulation on the other hand provides long-term lasting effects and results.

I was never the type to get mentally stressed unless I was in the midst of what I considered to be annoyingly bad to my aura or environment. My spirit force always had a special talent when dealing with disturbance.

Natural energy fields that project positive light reflect then illuminate in concordance to the mind.

The power of the mind and the letting go of creativity, ideas, and feeling is exceptional if used for personal development and continuous growth.

We can acknowledge the negative things that are within life without it bothering or affecting us.

There is nothing wrong with expressing truth and perspective about what exists and what is actually going on. It is very healthy to get our thoughts and feelings out.

What is the purpose of pretending or being blind to reality.

Expressing hatred does not mean that one is hurt. Expressing a complaint does not mean that one cares. Expressing a fact and an opinion denotes awareness and individuality.

No one feels, thinks, or reacts for the same exact reasons. What is a burden or a thrill to one is not necessarily a burden or a thrill to another.

A lot of people are not genuinely honest about the certain things that go on inside their minds. Some are too afraid of how others may interpret or regard their statements and point of view.

Many are not on a particular level of reasoning and intellect. They are full of idles and false senses of what is important, exciting, and healthy.

If one perceives something in an over dramatic way and makes more out of an action, communication, circumstance, or situation other than what the instance really is then that unfortunate matter is totally on them.

I have often experienced misconception, exaggerations, ignorance, and even straight out lies and game-playing due to the small-mindedness among particular classes of low-grade people.

Half of the time whatever ridiculous or obnoxious conclusion that is formed and perpetuated by and within the minds of some individuals are just particular revelations that were too deep or difficult for them to accept or to comprehend.

All of us are not within an identical mode and place of life. We are not all of one another and are all not able to relate to each other in the many areas of our existence.

To each his or her own. And to each his or her own happiness and well-being.

Channeled Work/Intuitive Gifts

1412776_corridorI sometimes wonder what makes me write some of the subjects that I create.

“They need to be said”, They need to be spoken”, “They need to be told”, utters my intuitive voice. “Even if you did not intend to elaborate on that particular matter”.

The revelation is indeed so heavy to me. How something magical inspires me to write and convey special knowledge and experience for beneficial and constructive purposes that I do not fully know the extent of.

“You are helping a lot of people even if you do not expect to or even realize it”, my mother told me regarding my gift and utilization of automatic writing.

All that I can do is to continue on and believe in what spirit constantly directs me to do.

Writing is a joy that comes naturally and beautifully. The activity is therapeutic as well as pleasurable. I find a relaxation and spiritual contentment from the energies that manifests through communicating to my higher self.

I treasure the moments that are spent in solitude.

I often feel extremely, deeply. I absorb and soak up energy like a sponge. It does me a great service and pleasure to be by myself or in the atmosphere of only a chosen number of few.

I can tackle an outside crowd of busyness with confidence, strength, and ease. Nevertheless, I need plenty of the alone time that I just simply adore.

My own energy fields heighten tremendously as a result.

Whether I write, sit quietly, or within the company of others. My spiritual channels are constantly at work.

My mind is not only of my own but also of my subconscious state of well-being that speaks during the times of trance.

As a clairvoyant I naturally channel through divination in various forms and most of the time without any directed design.

I cannot stop or control what is made known unto me by supernatural influence and association, nor do I want to.

It is not at all healthy to shut down or to repress one’s innate inborn ability. If one was not meant to endure one would not be able to receive. I stay willing and open. I allow the forces to generate and to flow.

I take delight within the soft massaging sensations of a serene meditation.

When I write through spirit I connect with and to a ethereal plane. Messages of insight continue to spontaneously and fluently transmit through the instruments of my own hands.

The automatic information often comes into the form of distinct thoughts and original ideas.

I illuminate, become amazed, and am inspired at and by the knowledge that I’d rather not take the ultimate credit for since I am guided through the universal powers of nature.

Things consistently turn out so perfect within the materialization of input.

It is very interesting to learn more and more about one’s self and why? What and how? When and Where?

Questions to things that are already known through the recognition from personal experience.

Things that are already understood through the familiarity of a personal nature.

Yet still there is an adventurous and exciting mystery behind every missing piece of a brand new puzzle. Behind every unique design that has to be organized then completely put together for the ultimate dose of additional clarity.

Vision and discernment go both hand and hand. One hand always washes and compliments the other. And they both work well and at best when they interact with each other.

Living Life As A Spiritual Person

Automatic Writing

I Write What I Want To Write

Know Thy Self: Not What Others Say Or Claim You To Be

288061_flower_shadowsThere are people who will judge and classify others based purely on one or two incidents of any particular encounter.

A few specific moments and descriptions out of a person’s life does not summarize their entire life story or personality.

Many people do assume and speculate due to ignorance and misinterpretation of facial expression, body language, tone of expression, or suspicious behavior that is perceived by the senses from generalizations. Not from insight or true wisdom.

They then proceed on with treating and referring to the object of their opinion in accordance to what they consider them to be or to represent.

No doubt this circumstance is enough to piss anyone off. Especially if they are being belittled or underestimated incorrectly and unduly.

It does not really matter what others say or think. The problem lies when some people accept the untrue impressions that others may get from them through their own incompetence or irrationality.

Constantly debating with one’s self on account of the lack of acuity of another.

One man who was a stranger who spotted my mother and I at a train station when I was very young thought that just because she was not wearing any socks on her feet with her shoes that she was homeless and he tried to pick us up.

“Do you have any milk for the baby? He asked. This imbecile turned out to be a pimp. My mother just ignored him and kept on walking.

I have experienced this issue before. Mostly at an early age. When one is a child or a teen adults think and assume that they are able to pinpoint and figure out what exactly is behind or at the root of the child’s behavior.

Once, all I did was open up my mouth to talk and to say a few words and this grown man instantly uttered out “Oh, No”. He then went on to address a few more expressions of his opinion.

I do not remember each and everyone of his statements word for word because this incident took place so long ago so I do not want to lie or to add or take away anything from the story. However, he said something to the effect of me being timid and easy to fall for anything, or to be taken advantage of simply because I had a soft spoken voice.

This man who was a drug addict who had recently been shot five times made me angry and I told him off very badly right in front of another guy who was there present.

Afterward, the man who was too quick with his tongue suddenly had a change of heart. He then apologized, acknowledging his mistake. “I wish my daughter was like you”, he imparted to me.

In reality, it was his own child who was the one who was easy to get over on. Some people do not like to be alone when going through trying ordeals or unfortunate circumstances.

Two junkies (dopefiends) that I had known years ago claimed that just because I had a young and innocent looking face along with a sweet speaking clear voice meant that I would indeed appear to be the type who would fall for anything.

So what? If I looked all hard and worn out and spoke coarse and illiterate I would appear to be more of a person who was able to perceive or to not fall prey to a maneuver?

Oh, please! Give me some credit for never getting caught up into the pitfalls of society.

To me, that summary sounded ridiculous but that was their mentality. There are plenty of people who fall into this man’s category along with the certain others.

Another example is if one person has more body weight on them than that of another person then they will sometimes automatically assume that they can beat them up or get the best of them within a physical fight. This is not always the case. Size is not relevant in situations all of the time.

If people see a male and a female hanging around with one another constantly or for about two or three weeks straight there will be assumptions that they are in a relationship together. Sometimes that may be the case but not always.

My mother and I use to have male visitors who would be around us quite often in the distant past and there was nothing romantic or sexual going on even if some of the men were in fact interested.

I could go on and on about the silly notions that some people hold onto, believe in, and go by but I do not need to elaborate on the nonsense.

I fortunately have come across those who do possess logical perspectives and keen intellect.

People have and will continue to make judgments about people in general too quickly based on typical instances which inspire assumption.

It can either be infuriating or hilarious when accusations are made against us depending on what is being said or directed upon one.

Nevertheless, no one can define who we truly are as individuals. No one knows us better than we know ourselves. And no one can dictate and tell us who we genuinely are.

A lot of people put their own insecurities on others.

I never take what I know is not true to heart at the same time it is very important for one to stand up and take up for their self when it is necessary.

Some people become what others imagine them to be because they do not have a total grip on who they actually are. No one should ever let anyone make them lose their individuality.

Some people who constantly hear an insult or compliment tend to eventually believe in what they are being told, or what is being said and heard by them.

No one should ever depend on anyone in particular to build them up or to tear them down. Never rely on the bias assessments or narrow-minded opinions of those who definitely do not count.

The person who may be the closest to one does not always truly know, or know everything that there is to know about that person.

We can live with and around individuals for years who turn out to be strangers.

The Beauty And Blessings Of Authenticity: Attacks On Character For Being Unique

What People Think/What People Say

I’d Rather Be Hated For Who I Truly Am Than To Be Loved Or Respected For Who And What I Am Really Not

The Quality Of A Life Well-Born, Well Bred

778143_violets_and_laceThere are a lot of trash within the world. Way too many of them. I wish that they would just all disappear.

I know that the day will come when eventually they will all be no more.

The trashy type of people spoil and ruin everything with their obnoxious, undesirable, and revolting behavior and auras.

These particular individuals have an inadequate and sick mentality.

They tend to put a damper on a beautiful day, a wonderful mood, and the productive quality of life in general.

The majority of them are exactly like a dark cloud that comes to hover over as a great dread and gloom.

These kinds of people are definitely nothing at all for anyone to genuinely be brought down by mentally, spiritually, or emotionally.

However, they can be very aggravating and completely irritating to the soul who is at peace and harmony within them self and within their surroundings.

I remember as a young child first coming into contact with the trash, observing the depth of their degenerateness. I unfortunately had certain members of the family who fell into this category of disgrace.

Then, when I went to school, they were there also.

My pure and innocent bright soul wondered “what were they?” “Where did they all come from?”  “Why are they here in the world?”

When I would look at them and their appearance-their physical features, mannerisms, their tones of voice and the way that they would express themselves-I’d say to myself how could a God give life to something like them?

Something had to be wrong somewhere.

I still feel that way til this day just even stronger in and about my thoughts and facts regarding the trash.

Anyone or anything that could or would create these people into existence absolutely raised a great big red flag of warning and caution to the senses that I was definitely able to accurately perceive.

People who are of a garbage nature obviously have no class and are very jealous and envious of those who are naturally of a better stature character-wise.

Of course, money or material possession plays no part whatsoever in the determination of what is and what is not considered trash.

There are many poor and middle class people who are accurately and innately defined as substance. And many rich people who are undoubtedly the innermost epitome of what trash exactly describes and classifies as.

Garbage type of people are not limited to a specific group of people. They do come in all races.

As an African american female with much knowledge and honesty I can and will say this though, and that is that there are plenty of black people who are not worth anything to themselves or to anyone else.

They are extremely ignorant, envious and jealous, and continue to try to tear their own race down. And they make things, situations, and circumstances bad for the ones who are about something good or constructive.

All African american people are not to blame for the destructiveness of their communities and family structure.

Many have just been objects or victims of certain other people within the west Indian culture and conspires to pollute and dilute the purity, heritage, and vitality of our original innate beauty and existence.

I know this from true experience myself.

They set out to destroy by taking the special things that belong to us. The things that are of a spiritual and intellectual value, the things that are celestially sacred.

The conspiracies of the particular Caribbean people include using us African american people as guinea pigs, bribing us with money, turning us against one another-even against our own relatives.

They do also conspire against other races of people yet much of the black or African american race tend to not stick together as a unit or as a people harmoniously so therefore many of the Caribbean cultures as well as certain other cultures consider us to be stupid and uncivilized.

There is indeed prejudice and bias within all walks of life with all types of people but I must admit I never judged anybody solely on race, or on race at all for that matter.

I am so sick and tired of hearing certain black people who blame caucasian people in general for the things of the past, incidents that may have happened ages ago way before their time, and for their own inability to succeed in this crazy society.

It has been a lot of white people who have done nothing but help and encourage me during the times that I was growing up, and even now. They were nice and gave me a platform to aspire from as well as an environment to succeed and be healthy in.

It has been my own so-called race of people who sadly continued to want to hold me back in life and in the things that I was capable of doing.

I could always get along with anyone of any race that my spirit took to yet some of the west Indians and Haitians that I have come across were troublesome.

Not everyone can be influenced, persuaded, or coerced.

These people know who to go after (those with low self-esteem, the weak-minded, etc…)  and for the ones who are not able to be snatched up into the games and mechanisms of control they are placed and plagued upon by the battles that are struggled with through the tactics of evil black magic.

Absurdly, the garbage will endeavor to claim or to convert a person of substance into their own insane world of disorder.

The day that I ever become a stupid, irresponsible, immature person with no self-love and self-respect who lacked purpose by indulging in worthless gossip, excessive drug and alcohol use, nasty promiscuous sexual activity, and the constant re-population of rampant baby trash is the day that hell will freeze over.

Which absolutely means never! It is not within my celestial plan or nature.

Garbage contributes nothing that is truly substantial to society and to the world that we all live in.

All that the trash like to do is to party hard.

They are not in tune with the matters that concern our spiritual or material warfare other than the rumors and innuendoes that are spread and assumed by people who remain in the headline news.

These people are not on the level when it comes to the depth of life. They are not even on the level when it comes to the minor things that regard life, circumstances, and their situations.

If some of them can afford to they waste money on frivolity by dressing up in particular styles of weave, jewelry, and apparel only to impress other people out of their own insecurity and low self-worth.

They profile and show off in fancy vehicles.

They over compensate by trying to be more than what they actually are. Some of them even believe that they are more than what they are even though deep down inside they do recognize their inferiority.

I have witnessed these acts of ostentation and pretentious conduct for many years now.

What really kills me though is how these type of people try to cause fear into one. They always want someone to be scared and afraid of them with their loud talk and boasts of violence just to intimidate and to prove that they are rough and tough.

Usually, and in reality, they are the most cowardly kind of people that there is that is within existence. Especially the way that they take advantage of others in order to get what they want.

They do not have the courage, dignity, or ability to acquire or to accomplish anything that is worthwhile.

They do not know the meaning or the fulfillment of working hard, or working at all to gain the rewarding achievements of and on their own.

The trash have no life.

In return, and in the process of their constant degeneration, their negative energies linger around idly, vigilantly seeking to drain and to suck out the lights of positive vibrant lives and their life-forces.

Jealousy And Envy: Knowledge, Creativity, And Gifts

Gossip And Rumors

Quality And Substance

Natural Capacity

189256_tarot_reading_1Even though some will not admit to it there are psychics who are not very strong or powerful in their abilities who do black magic in order to steal away the energy and spirituality of another soul who is more powerful or advanced than they are.

Jealousy and hatred is the great motivator usually since the more spiritually endowed person is situated on the opposite side of the celestial podium.

The ordeal is the never-ceasing battle between good and evil, the fight between correct moral and religious law and appropriateness.

By nature there is a dividing, a spiritual warfare that is not recognized by those who in which the situation does not primarily concern or pertain to, an awareness, an ahead unforeseen dilemma to claim territory.

I have corresponded with many spiritual advisers in person and over the telephone in the distant past. Some have been legitimate and accurate and some have been not.

It is not very common in this day and age to find very good or genuine readers that are sprouting with authentic power.

This is a huge world so, of course, there are a good number of ones who are indeed out there.

It is just that they are sometimes hard to find or hard to come by, especially the ones that can be trusted.

There are a lot of perpetrators who only endeavor to do more harm rather than to help.

I have been fortunate enough during my younger years as I had sought out guidance and confirmation through the gathering of further insight and analysis into the journey of my own personal paranormal experience.

I spoke with a psychic who had acknowledged and verified to me the details of my birth. How I was born with a double veil that had extended all the way down to the nape of my neck and how I had a little over one hundred percent of the gifts that come along with being born of the caul.

The woman had also revealed to me that there were people who were trying to block my gifts of sight through the brujeria that was being done upon me at the time.

This lady was so very on point with everything that she said and I had nothing but respect for her. She did not want to take advantage of my situation she was just truly concerned and honest.

I have encountered quite a few more highly gifted male and female readers who are very special and vital in purpose within their own rights of existence.

I have also come across those readers who wanted to get inside of my head to make me doubt so that they could attempt to take away my power and spirituality by causing a drainage and repression of energy through evil black magic.

It takes a strong will to not be maneuvered by the deceptive spiritual tactics that are used to influence the mind.

However, when one is confident and firm within the knowledge of one’s own personal self and state of well-being this mechanism or form of black magic can and will easily be defeated.

I understand that the many things that I have undergone have not been situated in vain. They were all incidents for me to evaluate then learn from for specific validation.

There are readers and spiritual advisers out there who do nothing but lie and try to steer one straight into their own destruction.

They assume that they are able to overthrow one due to their own misconceptions and erroneous interpretations.

Those who are beneath the radar often think that they are above the range until they get hit with the unexpected blows of reality.

It is important to never let anyone discourage or undermine the true individuals that we are by any means.

It is important to also never let anyone or anything rob us of our true identity, capacity, and destiny.

Still till this day I experience those particular brain dead individuals who continue to try to interfere with my fate through negative spiritual and material means.

No one is perfect yet even in our adventurous turns we are redirected and then carried back down to the natural paths of safety and freedom.



Miss LaToya: I Am The Unconventional Legitimate Priestess

802258_jarsAs a person born of the caul/veil I innately possess occult power that I naturally utilized through my own yoruba spirituality.

I am an authentic and original voodoo priestess who does not follow the many general standardized traditional modes of worship.

I have that old time unique and potent power that I inherited through my beautiful family lineage of gifted priestesses.

From an early age my state of giftedness partly accounted for the evil black magic/brujeria that was constantly being unduly directed unto me.

I was and I still am protected as I venerate my ancestors and orishas.

There is a great difference between having natural inherited power and a power that is gathered through blood sacrifice and ritual.

Whatever I do is pure and clean.

I do not and never have shed the blood of any animal in order to bring about any major significant life changing event or minor circumstance like many other priest or priestesses have done.

I never had to.

That is just pure evil and I do not care what anyone has to say about that.

I am able to bless or curse without doing any act that I consider very sick and unclean.

It burns me up to see live animals especially a goat being viciously cut through the throat or anywhere else. Then have their blood splattered and used for a stupid spell or ritual.

Can one imagine the pain that that poor animal has to go through all for nothing. Just for the spiritual acquires or fortune of another. Another person’s gain, another person’s greed.

How would that priest or priestess like to be cut up and pierced to death while they are still conscious?

If there was no other way, i’d just have to accept a situation before I let some animal suffer maliciously on account of my happiness or contentment.

And I do not want to hear the excuse that animals are killed everyday for the purpose of people in society who eat red meat and poultry because that is an entirely different story altogether and there are many people who are vegans and vegetarians.

The orishas that I work with are very real. They have been with me for years.

I have seen them, communicated with them, felt their power. Never once have they ever inspired me to perform a blood sacrifice.

With us it is about pure extreme love and relationship and I deal with some of the most dangerous orishas by nature.

They honestly love and respect the person that I truly am and I in return genuinely feel the same benevolence and high esteem in regards to them and what they all represent.

There is an authentic connection between all of my good ancestors and the particular orishas who are around me and who are within my life.

I have many of the same characteristics that they do and share the absolute same mentality. Yet I am my own individual who is allowed to express her own distinction.

Since I am a person who is pure and clean in mind and spirit that is how my power will continue to flow on through. And that is how my orishas work with me.

They treat me with partiality then intercede on my behalf concerning whatever the matter may be and on whatever may be of or in my best interest.

My capacity and abilities are inborn.

They grow, develop, and manifest naturally through the aids and alignments of the universe.

When one loves, respects, and takes hold of them self with the utmost of care mentally, spiritually, and physically spirit is fed to remain ultimately forceful. Full of light and loves.

One will not want to defile their own nature. It would be a completely foreign motion. And a condition that would set off insult, anger, and opposition.

I am a very bubbly, high spirited, animated person innately.

I am very down to earth, kind, and laid back. I am also very vicious, vengeful, and serious.

All of my natural persona make up the energies that I possess.

Just as much as I can passionately love something that is dear to me or around me is just the same amount of passion that can go into anything that I hate.

When I do veneration or spiritual invokes my natural energies reflect then unite with the forces and special powers that be.

As we are in conjunction with one another through the creation of balance within our universe we produce a manifestation.

There are many ways to please the orishas besides the use of blood sacrifices of innocent animals.

The things that I personally offer to my ancestors and orishas are greatly appreciated because they are the things that come straight from my heart.

I am responsible and I can definitely be trusted.

I give of myself everything that they ask for, and the things that they ask for actually goes into accordance within my own state of being and above.

I have never failed them once and they have never failed me.

I have come to know the orishas very much in a way that I never hear and have never heard anyone else speak of them.

Some people need to evaluate who or what they are really and truly serving or worshipping.

Some people consider ancestor and orisha association a form of devil worship. However, in reality, and I indeed know for a fact since I have firsthand experience, that it is not.

Healthy And Productive Mind

Staying completely sane in an insane world takes certainty of mind and certainty of spirit.

Knowledge of self and focus of what one is about.

I had never got caught up into the nonsense and chaos of commonality. Things that are too familiar to society have no place within my life.

I cannot go along with anything or anyone simply because it is classified as the norm or justified as the appropriate thing to do.

The acceptable mode and way of life.

What is normal anyway? It seems to me nowadays that sickness rules. One has to be crazy just to get by in life.

Behaving in the most foolish of ways. Conducting in the most silliest of acts.

If I were to compromise any of my approaches through common sense, the rational and logical procedures that compliment the state of a productive and well suited existence, what would I know, where would I go, and what would I become?

A nut, of course, just like the rest of the those individuals that are grotesquely contaminating the world.

When one is heavily endowed with intellect. Heavily encompassed with zeal. Open to exploration, challenge, and discovery, there is no room or time for the things that are trivial and stagnant.

Who wants to be held back in ignorance or fallen away with the rubbish?

Drastically gone to waste.

I rise above people who run down the drain. I step over those who lay down into the ditches of dirt that are dug.

Rolling within and without so much filth.

I could not afford to self destruct. I would not know how to. Sacrifice a soul to burn in a hell that is created by the intrusiveness of others?

I know the beauty of projecting radiance.

How unhealthy it is to be under and around people who try to undermine one just to put a damper onto vitality.

I live in the here and now. Thoroughly prepared by the past so that I could be ready for the future.

Nobody will pull me out of my habitat or transform me into their world.

I do not understand the foreign language yet I do know the devious intention. Not at all fooled by the disguise.

Camouflages are to never be concealed through my ever foreseeing eyes.

I won’t fall into the traps. The holes are not big enough to swallow me up in. I won’t get caught up into the ropes. The nets are not strong enough to hold me. I won’t be snatched up into the grips. The hands are not fast enough to catch me.

I am and will continue to remain safe. How could I not be? I am forever stuck in the reality of my healthy and productive mind.

Truth In Any Aspect Sets One Free

The Epiphanies Of The Extraordinary

Tall Tales: Lies And Liars

What Is Truth?

Hey liar! Do you know what truth is?

How long can you keep your lies going? Do you have a lifelong plan? Are you able to remember each and every one of your lies thoroughly and accurately?

If so, I’d like to examine your mind.

You may be the type to make up lies due to your own feelings of inadequacy. Or you just may be an habitual, compulsive, or pathological liar suffering from a form of mental illness.

Many sick people tell atrocious lies as they live within a fantasy world of illusion and delusion.

Is one person’s fact another person’s fiction? Or is it just that some people simply cannot face the truth?

We all have a tendency to perceive things differently yet some will use a situation to their own advantage.

Although they may know or come to realize their erroneous interpretations some keep on in their denial and refusal to accept and acknowledge the reality of what the truth exactly is.

Especially if or when the situation and circumstance is not going to turn out in their favor, making them to look or appear bad.

I was never the type to believe everything that I heard.

Some people tell so many lies that they do not know what the definition of truth means. Some people even believe in their own lies.

There is a vast difference between a person who tells a little innocent white tale and the guilty person who tells the very tall one.

Many people are deliberate liars.

Certain individuals have been telling lies since the beginning of time and they will continue on until the end of time.

These individuals lie out of envy and jealousy, out of hatred and revenge, out of spite and wickedness, out of ignorance and sickness.

Nevertheless, a true tale brings to a liar much shame, humiliation, embarrassment, and fear.

A destruction that can only result from a cowardice soul who is not strong enough to handle reality. Too weak to deal with defeat. Too scared to bow down to authority.

A liar is constantly bombarded by their insecurities and complexes.

A need to compensate for the things that they themselves actually lack but what they see and desire that is within others. Whether it be toward the approval of others or the imagined gain of a particular social stature.

To the smart and intellectual person of substance a liar is the true one who reflects their own negativity.

They make no one look foolish but themselves and those who believe and further perpetuate any of the falsities.

A person who is lied upon has nothing at all to worry or fret about.

The only thing for them to recognize is the blessing that comes along with not having a futile mind to struggle and fight with.

The sharp observer who has been the object of tall tales knows the true value of respect and learns the depth of who is genuinely not worthy of any esteem.

The liar on the other hand continues to cheat them self. And at the same time considers those who believe in them out to be stupid since they have gotten away with their deceptions by gaining their trust.

They then figure that they could tell their listeners anything. So who really loses out? Indeed not the one who is being lied upon!

Liars by malicious intent are displaying one of the most sincerest form of their own low caliber, and their own lack of self worth.Their inability to honestly rise and move forward for the better.

A liar will always go through life escaping through the tall tales of deceit.

A Few Responses To My Mother And Daughter Relationship Post


Tulan on Fri, 04/05/2013 – 18:18.

I was without a father, also, but I always longed for a dad. All my friends had dads and I missed having one, although my mother and I had a great relationship.I felt like I missed out.

LaToya on Fri, 04/05/2013 – 23:44.

Thanks for sharing your story. It is always nice to observe and hear another person’s personal perspective. I did know my father and I had met his family yet I felt absolutely no type of connection to them as they were not at all my class of people to want to be around. And I am glad that he was not in my life. I did not miss out on anything as far as he was concerned. I am very sure though that many females have loved having their fathers around. To each his or her own. Sorry that you did not get the chance to experience what you felt you missed out on.


oreiro on April 07th, 2013 @ 03:51 pm

Very good. Very strong.
Like it.
and I can agree with you (Ihave got a doughter), but I am also divorced when she was 2yrs and tobe honest – girls need fathers.

It’s my opinion, you’ve got your own and that’s good. I don’t know you, but I see what you write here and I can say – you wrote absolutely true things – your Mum has done a good job in upbringing you and you will do the same with yours children!!!
….(but it doesn’t mean that doughters don’t need fathers…)

LaToyaLawrence on April 07th, 2013 @ 04:04 pm

I agree with you completely. There are daughters that do indeed need a father figure within their lives. We are all different. I have no disagreements with what you said.


itdawn69 on April 07th, 2013 @ 04:34 pm

The bond between a mother and daughter is great. However, I have to say that a strong father figure in a daughter’s life makes a difference. I have seen little girls grow up with no father and find that they do not know what a good relationship between a man and woman looks like. How can she choose a good husband or boyfriend? This is my opinion but a child girl or boy needs to have two parents so that they can see how love grows and how men and women should inter act with each other. My daughter was raised with two parents and her views on relationships and even sex are different from her friends who did not have a two parent home. I am not saying a child can not develop and mature ok in a single parent home but it is hard for one person to be both mother and father to a child. Children do not come with manuals so we just have to work with what we have and hope that our children turn out good.

LaToyaLawrence on April 09th, 2013 @ 11:52 am

Like I said we are all indeed different. I have grown up with males and females. I know who my father was and I still do.

However, I did not ever have a need for him. And love comes naturally. There is no set standard within how a man and a woman love one another.

I personally was born Asexual so I never had any sexual attraction or desire for any man. And I am very proud of that.

If I ever had any children no father will be involved because that is my prerogative. What comes out of my body belongs to me. I would go to a sperm bank.

And society in my opinion is not a good example of the male and female roles as it is often bias. I am more into what is natural than as to what is generalized.

To me the union between a man and a woman is unnatural and undesirable. And that has absolutely nothing to do with me not growing up around a father figure.

There have been plenty of men who were interested in me who were shocked to see that I was not the average female.

I have an entirely different mentality and I always knew a whole lot about different types of men and people because I am very intelligent and I was born with a caul/veil (the gift of second-sight).

No one has ever been able to put anything over on me.

I knew things that women who regularly dealt with men did not know about them.

There have been fathers of other young females and uncles of other young females who have told me that they wish that their female relatives were like me because many of them were getting dogged out and messed over by men.

A father even told me that he wished he had of brought his daughter over to talk to me before he found out that she had went and got pregnant at the age of eighteen.

He informed that he would have made her get an abortion if his wife had not kept the pregnancy hidden from him to a more later time.

There are many stories that I can tell.

However, to each his or her own, but this is a huge world and society and I definitely know for a fact that particular females do not at all need any male influence within the home to be productive and knowledgeable within the certain areas of life. And I am very firm on that because I am living proof!

There are certain things that men just do not understand when it comes to a female-I’m speaking from personal experience.

Some females who are too emotional and insecure make it bad for other women who are just the opposite.

All women do not get sexually attached to men through sex. All women do not get hurt if men mess around with other women, some do not even care.

Words like bitch and whore are not offensive to me yet many women do get offended by those words and men think that they can hurt a woman by saying those things.

Many women are brainwashed by the male influence. I could go on but I do not need to write a novel.

People will and are going to think what they want to think.

I am just very glad that I am very open-minded and that I am not limited and do not let anyone persuade my judgement in life.

No one can tell me anything that contradicts what I have experienced and what I know through insight, wisdom, and perception.

The Mother And Daughter Relationship

1157462-1024x768In my opinion the mother and daughter relationship is one of the best relationships that are in existence.

If I had ever had any children I would have wanted nothing other than two daughters. No marriage. Just myself, my career, my daughters, and a few female canine companions.

I happily grew up in a home without a father.

In fact, as a very young child I never knew that there was a such thing as a father. And when I did come to realize the parental role of a male influence I definitely did not desire to have one.

My mother spoiled me with so much love and affection. I never wanted for anything.

I had never ran around to have sex with anyone. I had never used or experimented with drugs or alcohol. And I had never gotten into any trouble with the law.

I grew up to become a very strong, confident, and independent woman with much self love and very much self respect.

Whether or not my mother always understood me or not I could always go to her to talk to her about anything.

In the like, my mother had always shared any and everything with me also. We just had that type of open and honest communication between us.

A lot of people within the neighborhood that I grew up in as a child were very envious of the relationship that my mother and I had.

We were always together most of the time.

My mother had never ever put a man before me. She always had my back no matter what.

My mother never doubted or underestimated my potential.

If anything she was certain about all of my abilities and would compliment me with proud bouts of  healthy positivity along with assiduous encouragement.

I have never been hurt, abused, or damaged in life. And I give much of that credit to my mother in that field.


My mother had taken very good care of me. I was well provided for and very well protected.

Society has often knocked single parent family upbringing.

Contributing many problem factors to children and young teens as a result of growing up in a so called broken home.

Well as far as I am concerned the stable environment that my mother raised me up in could not have been any more solidly put together.

Aside from the other few negative family members that I had to live with, and their foolish ways, and their mixed up minds, our lives were and are completely intact.

If  all single parent homes were supervised or established under an inappropriate mode why did I turn out so perfectly well with no personal hang ups and no societal drawbacks?

The only troubles or obstacles that I was continually plagued by were those that were of or caused by jealous and miserable people.

In which these are universal difficulties to overcome not situations that are reflected to single parent circumstances.

I have observed and have personally known quite a few individuals who had come from two parent family homes. Many who were nothing but disappointments or embarrassments to their unsuspecting mothers and fathers.

A married union does not necessarily equate correctness within the home.

It is the individual character that matters in particular cases. The love, the knowledge, the dedication, and the sufficiency of a capable person.

Everyone is not marriage material and everyone is not father or mother material.

However I do know this.

And that is that I would not in the most be all of the healthy and productive female that I am if I had not had the privilege of growing up with just a mother in a single parent home.

I learned true freedom, security, and leadership.

Other than the innate qualities that I was born with and that I naturally had inherited on my own.

I was enhanced, and better equip for and throughout the journey of my life as a female due to the initial liberation that began from being a daughter.

A daughter who breathed true contentment with no restrictions on a personal territory.

A woman who chooses the demands of her own.

Not accompanied by the biases and influences of the world. Not apologetic toward the world.

And not apologetic toward the reigns and the ruins that are instinctively behind the world.

I am a bambino. A girl. A lady. A woman.

A child of another woman who knows the incomparable beauty of the relationship between a daughter and her mother.


I Am Blessed And I Have Better Things To Do With My Life

1068808_daisiesThis dumb bitch (Shannon Lee Wolf/Sharon Lassiter) and her stupid games.

“I am a wounded soul who is full of pain and who needs love and compassion”. That is the most hilarious load of bullshit that I have ever heard in my life.

I know that she is posting this nonsense on her facebook page for me to read. She has the mind of a child.

Obviously she wants me to fight back and forth with her, however, I do not have the idle time on my hands or the disturbed mentality to do so.

So I’ll let her continue on in her own true grief and pain that I know originated far along down the line somewhere within her childhood.

I will not even waste my time viewing her page as she continues to visit mine.

It is really deep and sad how sick this woman is along with the other people out in the world who are within her category.

One is never too old to learn the depth of how some people degenerate. Especially when they have been on drugs and alcohol for long periods of time.

That is why positive people in very fortunate circumstances should always count their blessings and be grateful for the sound mind and serene life that is bestowed upon them.

I do not at all feel sorry for people like Shannon Lee wolf.

People that are in her predicament deserve every bit of the hell and misery that they are living in and that they are living with.

She is just getting her payback (many anguishes) for the type of person that she is. The universe does not like ugly.

It just kills them (her and her kind/class of people) to know and see good positive people who are anointed and who are at peace.

She says I’m “crazy” when I read her blogs about me, and some of how she views herself. She comes to The Curious Caul, reads my posts then blogs some more about me — that I then read. I do think it’s funny, but more so, sad. She has mocked my father’s suicide, my dog’s passing away, and suggested I earn money as a prostitute. I have debilitating CFIDS/Fibro and other health problems, and am unable to work.But I do write, as I find it cathartic. How can I hate her when she is so very filled with pain? Sometimes I’m deeply hurt by her blogs about me. Sometimes I laugh them off. But mostly now, I feel compassion for a wounded soul who seeks love and understanding — like we all do. ♥
  • Alice Mcquoid Knittel She does that because she knows she can get away with her mean spirit. You are a very smart person and a special person she wishes she could be. Let her be jealous in her mean spirit and you keep reminding yourself how you would never be able to drop to her level and she could never come up to your level.
  • The Curious Caul Thank you for your kind and supportive words, Alice. We can only hope that she learns to truly value herself and come to a peaceful place in her life.
  • Martin van Staden I honestly think she is looking for your attention and that she wants you for herself but she doesn’t know, how to tell you.
  • The Curious Caul Thank you Martin, you are very kind.


134218_lobbyCaulbearers United Scam/Caught Red-Handed

Shannon Lee Wolf or shall I say Sharon is going crazy.

She has repeatedly visited my site. She had also alerted a few other of her associates (her partners in crime).

The bitch is in a panic yet she is playing the circumstances off.

Sharon attempts in vain to manipulate the situation that she is in. Putting up a public front and display. Sharon is not a strong and unique person.

She is just a phony weak liar.

Sharon/Shannon is not fooling anyone over here. (I am way ahead of you bitch!)

Sharon’s shit is all hanging out there.

The lengths that she will go through to cover up her tracks just to make her lies appear even the more legitimate.

As usual she has to use her facebook page as a means of  support (a crutch).

A place to build up her false sense of purpose and credibility. And to “prove” to those who are gullible enough to believe in her, or to those who are just pretending to believe in all of the bullshit that she is portraying.

While I have a real and productive life to live and enjoy with plenty of security along down the line Sharon has to continue on with her cons.

I just wish she’d stop following my blog and stop worrying about me and what I write about. She needs to mind her own business and get a life of her own. No one over here cares about her or her existence. She serves no true value or importance.

Instead of putting on airs of being content and laughing things off knowing damn well that she hasn’t got a pot to piss in she needs to be out looking for a job instead of looking for ways to hustle over the internet.

Fifty year old bitch has nothing to show for anything but a funky fat ass. Who and what does she plan to live off of for the rest of her life?

Oh I know, Sharon is the co founder of “Vermont Peace Barbecue Sauce” the first sauce made by caulbearers!!!!!

Sharon needs not to pretend to laugh at anyone or anything because she is a mockery within herself.

If I were able to delete this sick bitch from my site’s subscription I would, unfortunately that option is currently not available.

Anyway, here is the latest in her transparent ploys.

The Curious Caul
Surreal how some people will launch cyber hate attacks on you from the dark shadows of anonymity, and always on the safety of their own turf. A self propelled whirling blackness they create — shadow boxing at it’s worst. 😛

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