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I Am Blessed And I Have Better Things To Do With My Life

1068808_daisiesThis dumb bitch (Shannon Lee Wolf/Sharon Lassiter) and her stupid games.

“I am a wounded soul who is full of pain and who needs love and compassion”. That is the most hilarious load of bullshit that I have ever heard in my life.

I know that she is posting this nonsense on her facebook page for me to read. She has the mind of a child.

Obviously she wants me to fight back and forth with her, however, I do not have the idle time on my hands or the disturbed mentality to do so.

So I’ll let her continue on in her own true grief and pain that I know originated far along down the line somewhere within her childhood.

I will not even waste my time viewing her page as she continues to visit mine.

It is really deep and sad how sick this woman is along with the other people out in the world who are within her category.

One is never too old to learn the depth of how some people degenerate. Especially when they have been on drugs and alcohol for long periods of time.

That is why positive people in very fortunate circumstances should always count their blessings and be grateful for the sound mind and serene life that is bestowed upon them.

I do not at all feel sorry for people like Shannon Lee wolf.

People that are in her predicament deserve every bit of the hell and misery that they are living in and that they are living with.

She is just getting her payback (many anguishes) for the type of person that she is. The universe does not like ugly.

It just kills them (her and her kind/class of people) to know and see good positive people who are anointed and who are at peace.

She says I’m “crazy” when I read her blogs about me, and some of how she views herself. She comes to The Curious Caul, reads my posts then blogs some more about me — that I then read. I do think it’s funny, but more so, sad. She has mocked my father’s suicide, my dog’s passing away, and suggested I earn money as a prostitute. I have debilitating CFIDS/Fibro and other health problems, and am unable to work.But I do write, as I find it cathartic. How can I hate her when she is so very filled with pain? Sometimes I’m deeply hurt by her blogs about me. Sometimes I laugh them off. But mostly now, I feel compassion for a wounded soul who seeks love and understanding — like we all do. ♥
  • Alice Mcquoid Knittel She does that because she knows she can get away with her mean spirit. You are a very smart person and a special person she wishes she could be. Let her be jealous in her mean spirit and you keep reminding yourself how you would never be able to drop to her level and she could never come up to your level.
  • The Curious Caul Thank you for your kind and supportive words, Alice. We can only hope that she learns to truly value herself and come to a peaceful place in her life.
  • Martin van Staden I honestly think she is looking for your attention and that she wants you for herself but she doesn’t know, how to tell you.
  • The Curious Caul Thank you Martin, you are very kind.

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