Healthy And Productive Mind

Staying completely sane in an insane world takes certainty of mind and certainty of spirit.

Knowledge of self and focus of what one is about.

I had never got caught up into the nonsense and chaos of commonality. Things that are too familiar to society have no place within my life.

I cannot go along with anything or anyone simply because it is classified as the norm or justified as the appropriate thing to do.

The acceptable mode and way of life.

What is normal anyway? It seems to me nowadays that sickness rules. One has to be crazy just to get by in life.

Behaving in the most foolish of ways. Conducting in the most silliest of acts.

If I were to compromise any of my approaches through common sense, the rational and logical procedures that compliment the state of a productive and well suited existence, what would I know, where would I go, and what would I become?

A nut, of course, just like the rest of the those individuals that are grotesquely contaminating the world.

When one is heavily endowed with intellect. Heavily encompassed with zeal. Open to exploration, challenge, and discovery, there is no room or time for the things that are trivial and stagnant.

Who wants to be held back in ignorance or fallen away with the rubbish?

Drastically gone to waste.

I rise above people who run down the drain. I step over those who lay down into the ditches of dirt that are dug.

Rolling within and without so much filth.

I could not afford to self destruct. I would not know how to. Sacrifice a soul to burn in a hell that is created by the intrusiveness of others?

I know the beauty of projecting radiance.

How unhealthy it is to be under and around people who try to undermine one just to put a damper onto vitality.

I live in the here and now. Thoroughly prepared by the past so that I could be ready for the future.

Nobody will pull me out of my habitat or transform me into their world.

I do not understand the foreign language yet I do know the devious intention. Not at all fooled by the disguise.

Camouflages are to never be concealed through my ever foreseeing eyes.

I won’t fall into the traps. The holes are not big enough to swallow me up in. I won’t get caught up into the ropes. The nets are not strong enough to hold me. I won’t be snatched up into the grips. The hands are not fast enough to catch me.

I am and will continue to remain safe. How could I not be? I am forever stuck in the reality of my healthy and productive mind.

Truth In Any Aspect Sets One Free

The Epiphanies Of The Extraordinary

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