Miss LaToya: I Am The Unconventional Legitimate Priestess


802258_jarsAs a person born of the caul/veil I innately possess occult power that I naturally utilized through my own yoruba spirituality.

I am an authentic and original voodoo priestess who does not follow the many general standardized traditional modes of worship.

I have that old time unique and potent power that I inherited through my beautiful family lineage of gifted priestesses.

From an early age my state of giftedness partly accounted for the evil black magic/brujeria that was constantly being unduly directed unto me.

I was and I still am protected as I venerate my ancestors and orishas.

There is a great difference between having natural inherited power and a power that is gathered through blood sacrifice and ritual.

Whatever I do is pure and clean.

I do not and never have shed the blood of any animal in order to bring about any major significant life changing event or minor circumstance like many other priest or priestesses have done.

I never had to.

That is just pure evil and I do not care what anyone has to say about that.

I am able to bless or curse without doing any act that I consider very sick and unclean.

It burns me up to see live animals especially a goat being viciously cut through the throat or anywhere else. Then have their blood splattered and used for a stupid spell or ritual.

Can one imagine the pain that that poor animal has to go through all for nothing. Just for the spiritual acquires or fortune of another. Another person’s gain, another person’s greed.

How would that priest or priestess like to be cut up and pierced to death while they are still conscious?

If there was no other way, i’d just have to accept a situation before I let some animal suffer maliciously on account of my happiness or contentment.

And I do not want to hear the excuse that animals are killed everyday for the purpose of people in society who eat red meat and poultry because that is an entirely different story altogether and there are many people who are vegans and vegetarians.

The orishas that I work with are very real. They have been with me for years.

I have seen them, communicated with them, felt their power. Never once have they ever inspired me to perform a blood sacrifice.

With us it is about pure extreme love and relationship and I deal with some of the most dangerous orishas by nature.

They honestly love and respect the person that I truly am and I in return genuinely feel the same benevolence and high esteem in regards to them and what they all represent.

There is an authentic connection between all of my good ancestors and the particular orishas who are around me and who are within my life.

I have many of the same characteristics that they do and share the absolute same mentality. Yet I am my own individual who is allowed to express her own distinction.

Since I am a person who is pure and clean in mind and spirit that is how my power will continue to flow on through. And that is how my orishas work with me.

They treat me with partiality then intercede on my behalf concerning whatever the matter may be and on whatever may be of or in my best interest.

My capacity and abilities are inborn.

They grow, develop, and manifest naturally through the aids and alignments of the universe.

When one loves, respects, and takes hold of them self with the utmost of care mentally, spiritually, and physically spirit is fed to remain ultimately forceful. Full of light and loves.

One will not want to defile their own nature. It would be a completely foreign motion. And a condition that would set off insult, anger, and opposition.

I am a very bubbly, high spirited, animated person innately.

I am very down to earth, kind, and laid back. I am also very vicious, vengeful, and serious.

All of my natural persona make up the energies that I possess.

Just as much as I can passionately love something that is dear to me or around me is just the same amount of passion that can go into anything that I hate.

When I do veneration or spiritual invokes my natural energies reflect then unite with the forces and special powers that be.

As we are in conjunction with one another through the creation of balance within our universe we produce a manifestation.

There are many ways to please the orishas besides the use of blood sacrifices of innocent animals.

The things that I personally offer to my ancestors and orishas are greatly appreciated because they are the things that come straight from my heart.

I am responsible and I can definitely be trusted.

I give of myself everything that they ask for, and the things that they ask for actually goes into accordance within my own state of being and above.

I have never failed them once and they have never failed me.

I have come to know the orishas very much in a way that I never hear and have never heard anyone else speak of them.

Some people need to evaluate who or what they are really and truly serving or worshipping.

Some people consider ancestor and orisha association a form of devil worship. However, in reality, and I indeed know for a fact since I have firsthand experience, that it is not.


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