What Is Truth?

Hey liar! Do you know what truth is?

How long can you keep your lies going? Do you have a lifelong plan? Are you able to remember each and every one of your lies thoroughly and accurately?

If so, I’d like to examine your mind.

You may be the type to make up lies due to your own feelings of inadequacy. Or you just may be an habitual, compulsive, or pathological liar suffering from a form of mental illness.

Many sick people tell atrocious lies as they live within a fantasy world of illusion and delusion.

Is one person’s fact another person’s fiction? Or is it just that some people simply cannot face the truth?

We all have a tendency to perceive things differently yet some will use a situation to their own advantage.

Although they may know or come to realize their erroneous interpretations some keep on in their denial and refusal to accept and acknowledge the reality of what the truth exactly is.

Especially if or when the situation and circumstance is not going to turn out in their favor, making them to look or appear bad.

I was never the type to believe everything that I heard.

Some people tell so many lies that they do not know what the definition of truth means. Some people even believe in their own lies.

There is a vast difference between a person who tells a little innocent white tale and the guilty person who tells the very tall one.

Many people are deliberate liars.

Certain individuals have been telling lies since the beginning of time and they will continue on until the end of time.

These individuals lie out of envy and jealousy, out of hatred and revenge, out of spite and wickedness, out of ignorance and sickness.

Nevertheless, a true tale brings to a liar much shame, humiliation, embarrassment, and fear.

A destruction that can only result from a cowardice soul who is not strong enough to handle reality. Too weak to deal with defeat. Too scared to bow down to authority.

A liar is constantly bombarded by their insecurities and complexes.

A need to compensate for the things that they themselves actually lack but what they see and desire that is within others. Whether it be toward the approval of others or the imagined gain of a particular social stature.

To the smart and intellectual person of substance a liar is the true one who reflects their own negativity.

They make no one look foolish but themselves and those who believe and further perpetuate any of the falsities.

A person who is lied upon has nothing at all to worry or fret about.

The only thing for them to recognize is the blessing that comes along with not having a futile mind to struggle and fight with.

The sharp observer who has been the object of tall tales knows the true value of respect and learns the depth of who is genuinely not worthy of any esteem.

The liar on the other hand continues to cheat them self. And at the same time considers those who believe in them out to be stupid since they have gotten away with their deceptions by gaining their trust.

They then figure that they could tell their listeners anything. So who really loses out? Indeed not the one who is being lied upon!

Liars by malicious intent are displaying one of the most sincerest form of their own low caliber, and their own lack of self worth.Their inability to honestly rise and move forward for the better.

A liar will always go through life escaping through the tall tales of deceit.

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