The Therapeutic Benefits Of Expression

No one has to or is required to bare their soul to anyone for any reason whatsoever if they do not want to. Some individuals are very private people. Yet it is not good to keep specific things all bottled up inside.

Everything needs a release every now and then. And afterwards, the process of discharging out a thought or an emotion is indeed quite refreshing, rejuvenating to the spirit.

Whether we speak about the things that fill up within and around us to another person, or write them down, or even sing about them. Self expression and expression of any kind is vital and can be very therapeutic to the body as well as mind and spirit.

Too many people suffer from tension and stress and find relief through physical stimulation. Physical stimulation, however, is only a temporary method. Mental stimulation on the other hand provides long-term lasting effects and results.

I was never the type to get mentally stressed unless I was in the midst of what I considered to be annoyingly bad to my aura or environment. My spirit force always had a special talent when dealing with disturbance.

Natural energy fields that project positive light reflect then illuminate in concordance to the mind.

The power of the mind and the letting go of creativity, ideas, and feeling is exceptional if used for personal development and continuous growth.

We can acknowledge the negative things that are within life without it bothering or affecting us.

There is nothing wrong with expressing truth and perspective about what exists and what is actually going on. It is very healthy to get our thoughts and feelings out.

What is the purpose of pretending or being blind to reality.

Expressing hatred does not mean that one is hurt. Expressing a complaint does not mean that one cares. Expressing a fact and an opinion denotes awareness and individuality.

No one feels, thinks, or reacts for the same exact reasons. What is a burden or a thrill to one is not necessarily a burden or a thrill to another.

A lot of people are not genuinely honest about the certain things that go on inside their minds. Some are too afraid of how others may interpret or regard their statements and point of view.

Many are not on a particular level of reasoning and intellect. They are full of idles and false senses of what is important, exciting, and healthy.

If one perceives something in an over dramatic way and makes more out of an action, communication, circumstance, or situation other than what the instance really is then that unfortunate matter is totally on them.

I have often experienced misconception, exaggerations, ignorance, and even straight out lies and game-playing due to the small-mindedness among particular classes of low-grade people.

Half of the time whatever ridiculous or obnoxious conclusion that is formed and perpetuated by and within the minds of some individuals are just particular revelations that were too deep or difficult for them to accept or to comprehend.

All of us are not within an identical mode and place of life. We are not all of one another and are all not able to relate to each other in the many areas of our existence.

To each his or her own. And to each his or her own happiness and well-being.

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