Illumination: Self Love, Self Respect, Self Enlightenment

1235759-200I love myself dearly, madly. I always have, I always will. There is nothing that anyone can do to change that. Self love and self-worth is an esteem that comes from within. No one is able to give it, and no one is able to take it away when the regard is truly genuine.

I have never battled with or suffered from a low self-esteem which is a good thing.

However, not everybody is secure enough within themselves and they act out in particular ways as a result of their own feelings of discontentment.

There is a difference between depression, disgruntlement, or dissatisfaction over longing for a better circumstance and craving for something in which that someone does not have.

Life can be difficult and unfair at times especially at attaining the certain desires that one deserves, earns, and/or in retrieving the specific things that may have been stolen from one.

No one is in the exact same mood every single day.

There is happiness, sadness, indifference, ambivalence, anger, regret, guilt and so on. Whatever energy or emotion that may be negatively or positively plaguing any individual that is affected by a moment, an instance, and a change and also depending on a person’s own innate personality or character traits and flaws.

These mixtures of feelings are a natural part of life here on earth.

Yet not everybody takes the hopeless approach by giving up or giving in to despair. Many people have a very healthy and inspiring attitude toward a trial or during a challenge.

They are motivated to go forward. They learn then gain from their experience and they take that passion to use constructively.

Others on the other hand are not so optimistic; some are full of doubts or irrational fears. They lack the confidence and the initiative that it takes to become successful in whatever venture that they may choose and that they may want to undertake.

It is a fact though that many people do have shortcomings and will never be able to grow, evolve, or to measure up to the certain standards. These types of people are the exact same kind of individuals who will try to bring people of advantage down to their level, or lower below.

Low self-esteem to many is equal to a misery. And misery indeed does love to have company. The self loathing, self-hatred is so debilitating that it causes a vile and morbid jealousy. An extreme malignant stimulation to react in accordance to envious provokes.

It sounds so absurd to me, truly ridiculous, but there are low-grade people now in the current who are actually upset with me for not having been able to reduce my high self-esteem.

The specific things that they see within and without of me is something that many of them wish that they had.

My wonderful and natural attributes what they all resent me for.

If my personal disposition was a little kinder in regards to their state of existence then the hunger to see me fall and fail would not be so intense. Nevertheless, I have to be authentic.

I cannot and I will not put on any airs. I am real to the core and I refuse to let up on being true to the tides even if it is, or appears to be a bit harsh.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with recognizing or acknowledging one’s own ability and capability. We are supposed to take notice of our strengths and fiercely believe in ourselves. If we did not hold onto that faith we would not have accomplished half of the things that we have, and then continuously strive for more or to just maintain whatever it is that we already have.

Those who have a false or exaggerated opinion of their own self importance are just vain and pompous individuals with no depth or genuine purpose. There is usually no radiant talent behind what is merely done for show. One who needs to constantly “prove” or “parade” is just very insecure.

There is nothing more meaningful and fulfilling than when “spirit” places one into the forefront an instrument to draw out and play to those who are particularly “tuned in”.

When I was a little girl I was always very blunt and outspoken. I knew I was and would be a professional writer. I never in a million years thought though that I would be celestially inspired to shamelessly express information, messages, and creativity so openly through my literature.

It just goes to reveal that one never knows the adventurous turns that may be routed through out a dynamic spiritual journey or mission.

I truly enjoy what I do. I never get embarrassed or feel self conscious about any of my ventures. I just feel love, excitement and proudness for the beauty that has continued to blossom and surround me over my courageous years of exploration and development.

The confidence is innate, contagious. I spread it to those who I also love and who I am absolutely proud of.

There are some people who are so low in the opinions of themselves for no apparent reason. They just need someone who can see the glorious light that shines upon and within them. The passions that burn yet that is buried underneath the evils of blockages.

The smothers of darkness that proceed to hold one back from breathing out their striking forces of mind-blowing wind.

All that one really has to do is to ignore the blinders that opposition places over, and focus straight into true sight. There in that particular view reality will be seen. Shadows of obstruction or hindrance will began to fade to clear away all of the lies and smudges of deceit.

As soon as one rediscovers then accepts what is no longer hidden from the shades that had lurked, sheer brightness will sheen, glistening with new life, new direction, and a brand new clarification of a tremendous design.

And nothing and no one will ever be able to cloud this type of luminous visibility.